Black mom and san hislut

Black mom and san hislut
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Sharing Cindy Chapter 3 Things progressed with Cindy for the next few months. I let her know how much it turned me on to expose her to David. I wanted to do more and I began to talk about other ways to show her off.

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I could tell she was nervous, but that it also excited her. I would point out every time a guy was checking her out and even began to grab her ass or tits around my friends. They all were in awe of her and couldn't believe how lucky I was to be with such a hot girl.

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The next thing we did was to have her flash strangers. Back then, since we both still lived with our parents, we used to cruise around and party in my car. Once she got a little buzz going, she would loosen up and would be open to suggestions of flashing.

We started with just people walking down the street. One of the best was a boy who was riding his bike in the evening. We pulled up along side of him and Cindy pulled her top up over her tits.

She aimed them at him and bounced them up and down. His eyes got very wide and he almost wrecked. He slowed and so did I, stopping right next to him. She continued to play with her nipples and even licked one of them. I swear he probably still has that smile on his face to this day.

We also decided that this was a fun new past time and decided to step it up.

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I told her how hot it would be to flash truckers on the highway. We headed out to the highway and it wasn't long until I saw the first truck. The first few she would flash her tits and then I would speed up and leave them behind. I guess word got out on the CB what we were doing as each new trucker was already looking over and waiting.


We pulled alongside a younger guy and he really was appreciative. She was getting very tuned on and when he asked for more, she unsnapped her shorts and slid them down her legs. His smile got very wide and it seemed to turn her on more.

She started to rub her pussy through her panties and he kept getting more excited. This must have really been turning her on because soon she slid her panties off and was sitting there naked, rubbing herself for him. The more excited he got, the hornier she became. Soon she had both feet up on the dash and had a couple of fingers buried deep within herself. She would lift her hips up so that her pussy was level with the window.

I couldn't believe it. She brought herself to a nice orgasm as he watched. We both looked at each other and we knew how turned on this made us.

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We pulled away from the truck and went looking for the next one. I caught up to a smaller delivery type truck and she looked over and saw it was a guy with a little longer hair. She loves that look and told me she thought he was cute. I asked her if she wanted him to see her and she said "Oh Yeah." It wasn't long before she had uncovered once again and began to really play to him.

She wasted no time in getting her pussy on display and began to really finger herself. Occasionally I would reach over and play with her nipples. She did something I had never seen before, she pulled her wet dripping fingers out and put them into her mouth.

She licked all of her juices off before putting them back in. "Oh my God", she said. "He's puling out his dick!" I glanced over and could see him raising his hips up so she could see his dick above the bottom of the window.

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I have never heard her moan so deep before. I could tell she really enjoyed it. The next thing I know she is rubbing her clit a mile a minute and is cumming again for this guy.

Just then I noticed his truck swaying a little and got nervous that he would side swipe us. I sped up and got off of the next exit. He tried to follow and this made me a little nervous, but I knew the back roads and soon lost him. I pulled off into a county park and we jumped in the back and fucked like bunnies.

It was definitely a huge turn on for both of us.

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I got to show her off and she got some much appreciated attention. We talked a little bit about it and she got turned on all over again as she relived it. She hopped back onto me and we were still fucking as it got dark.

We began to think of new ways to show her off. We would go on special shopping trips trying to find things that best highlighted her assets.

We found tight tank tops that were semi transparent and little terry cloth shorts that hugged her butt. These shorts had drawstrings on the sides that would allow you to basically tighten them up and it would scrunch the sides of the shorts down to only a couple of inches.

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One of the best finds was a top that actually laced all the way up the front. At the store I had her try on one size smaller than normal and we found that it made it necessary for there to be a couple of inch gap all the way down the front.

It not only showed the sides of both breasts, but let everyone know that she was braless.


Not that her hard nipples didn't already do that. I also managed to get her to buy a couple of thin sundresses. She wasn't too sure about them at first, but once she saw just how easily her body was seen when the light was behind her, she loved them.

This became a staple of hers for several years and they definitely let to one of our all time favorite adventures that will be told in a later chapter. Now that we found this common passion, I was determined to keep pushing the envelope more and more.

I loved having the hot girlfriend everyone wanted to fuck, but I wanted more. I wanted someone to see her actually fucking. I began to put my plan into action.