Female cops storm the place cause they want cock in their mouth

Female cops storm the place cause they want cock in their mouth
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CHAPTER 1 Sean and I walked slowly back from the forges. We'd spent the entire day working with iron, making arrowheads and spear points. All we had to do now was attach them to the wooden shafts. He had his arms around his assistants—they'd played with each other all the way home, kissing and touching, expressing their love for each other.

We had begun the walk together, but he had a few more distractions than I did and now he was more than a hundred feet behind me. I was just about to exit the woods when I noticed something I thought was funny—not "ha ha" funny—"wrong" funny.

I turned to Sean holding up my left hand to say "stop" and my right hand to my lips for quiet. "What's wrong, David?" It was Misa, one of the assistant/live-in lovers. I led them back into the tall grass. I whispered, "Take a look. Then tell me what's wrong." The women knelt forward for not more than ten seconds before returning. "Where is everyone?" "My question, exactly.

We need to find out what's going on. Can we sneak up on the village?" "We can," she replied, "but it would be best if you stay here.

Please do not be insulted, but you are clumsy in the woods." She turned and both women melted away as silently as ghosts. They returned about a half hour later.

"We could not see any of the tribeswomen, but we did see several men carrying funny rifles." When I asked further I determined they were talking about AK-47's.

This was obviously a huge problem—one that would require care and planning. The four of us returned hurriedly to the forges. We decided to make as many arrows and spears as we had heads for. The women had their bows and could do a lot of damage if they had to.


They weren't in Hosi's class, but they were no slouches either. The good thing about the forges was that few of the tribe and even fewer of the men knew their location. They were deep in the mountains hidden in a small glen.

Only the smoke would give away the location, and even then only when there was little wind—an extremely rare event. We reached there just as the sun was setting. We made several hundred arrows by the light of the glowing embers and more than fifty spears, connecting the iron heads to the shafts with thin, but strong plant fibers and sealing with a thin layer of beeswax.

We carried all our weapons down the path, hiding them in the bushes and weeds. I also carried a long rope, woven from a number of strong vines. It was almost fifty feet long. Finally, I brought two short pieces of iron bar, each about two feet long—leftovers from the manufacture of the spear heads. We reviewed my plan as we stole barefooted through the dark jungle illuminated only by the cloud-covered quarter moon.

We snuck along the bank of the river until we were near the palace. That's when we first noticed a guard pacing around the building. I took note of the time.

He made one transit on an average of seventy-five seconds. We waited until he was around the corner before running to the side of the building. The women—stronger than either of us—lifted me by my waist until they each had a foot in their hands.

One colossal boost lifted me onto the thatched roof. I used my iron bars to dig into the thatch and hold myself in place as they ran back into hiding. They were there less than ten seconds when the guard turned the corner. I scrunched down into the thatch, my khaki clothing blending in well with my surroundings. He had turned the far corner again before I began making my way across the roof.

Stopping at the skylight in our bedroom, I quickly tied the rope to one of the beams and lowered myself slowly to the floor. I tiptoed to Hosi's bed and was just about to place my hand over her mouth when she whispered, "I knew you'd come.

Be careful—there's a guard outside the door." I cut the rope holding her hands behind her back and kissed her gently. "What happened," I whispered back, "How'd they get past the patrol?" "It was Jacob. He led them into a trap—an ambush. They were outnumbered and caught completely by surprise." Surprisingly, what Hosi had said made a lot of sense. Jacob had practically begged to accompany me on the last trip to the city. I saw him on a pay phone when I exited one of the stores.

He told me he wanted to let his mother know he was OK. Now he had betrayed all of us. "Where are all the tribeswomen and the men?" "Most are tied up in the throne room, others in the dining hall and the hospital. I think the men are in our old house. All are under guard. They could probably escape or beat the guards but they won't because they know that I'll be killed first if they do." "Well, I think we need to do something about that, don't you?" I showed her the iron bars as I moved behind the doors.

When I was ready she screamed. The door flew open and two heavily armed guards ran into the room. I smashed a bar across the rear guard's head and the other's on the backswing. To make sure I hit each of them again and again until I was sure they were dead. I dragged them to a corner as Hosi took their weapons and ammunition. I closed the door and we climbed back to the roof.

We sidled carefully to our children's room. I lowered Hosi to the floor. I followed and she took her place behind the door. I woke Kela and whispered to her—this was her chance to be a warrior. She nodded and I joined Hosi. When I signaled Kela she screamed "Mama…Mama." The guard opened the door, but did not enter.

Kela screamed again and he took two steps into the room. They were the last steps he'd ever take. Hosi took out her frustrations on his skull, dropping him in an instant.

We closed the door and talked for a moment, planning ahead. Hosi thought she had seen between twelve and fifteen attackers. Three were already down and I was sure we could take down the guard outside with ease. Hosi climbed to the roof and waved to Sean.

She pantomimed shooting a bow. The next time the guard walked past he was struck fatally with two arrows, fired from the nearby shadows by Sean's assistants. They dragged the body away as Hosi dropped the rope for them. A minute later there were five of us in the children's room. Hosi took one of the bows and a handful of arrows. One of the assistants had the other bow, the other several spears. I had an AK-47, but I was praying I wouldn't have to use it.

Silent weapons would be much more effective now. We tiptoed down the hallway toward the dining hall. It was smaller than the throne room so it figured there would be fewer guards. My watch showed the time at 3:47. The hallways were dark. We couldn't be seen when we peeked around the corner.

There were several lanterns lit in the hall. We could see the tribeswomen seated on the floor, their hands tied behind their backs. There were three guards spread out in the hall although two of them looked to be half asleep. We pulled back for Hosi's orders. "Misa, you take the closest guard. He's only about ten yards away. Wait for my first shot.

I'll take the one who's awake first then I'll take the other while you take your shot." She strung one arrow, as did Misa; Hosi placed another in my hand, signaling that I was to stay behind her.

She sent Misa to the other side of the hall where she'd have a clear shot. Hosi leaned against the wall as she drew the bowstring back.

She nodded to Misa who nodded, showing she, too, was ready. Hosi released her shot. The only sign was a slight "woosh" through the air. A second later a second "woosh" as Misa released her shot, almost at the same instant as Hosi's second. All three guards were dead in less than two seconds. The women looked up, but did not speak. They knew the importance of remaining silent. They were cut free in minutes. One went to retrieve Sean and our children. We all exited through the rear doors, melting into the jungle.

We now had almost two hundred warriors, but only a handful of weapons. Our next stop was the hospital. We snuck up to the building, setting another ambush. Sometimes the simplest tactics are the most effective, and this was one of those times. Ten warriors with spears went to the rear.

Hosi and several others went to the front and sides where there were lots of windows. There were two guards inside along with perhaps a hundred Amazons. Hosi pulled back to instruct her troops. Again, it was the archers who were in the forefront with the spear carriers in reserve.

Hosi identified the targets and nocked her arrow in the string. She once again took the farther target, leaving the closer one to her lesser companion. This time they shot simultaneously and again their aim was true. The warriors were released and we moved on to the next targets. The only sounds had been the startled "Ugghs" as the arrows struck home, shattering each man's heart and the dropping of their weapons to the floor.

Hosi ordered the village searched. Almost a hundred bows and their arrows were found in one of the houses. Now we had an army, but we still had to be careful. We had taken out eight of their group, but even a half dozen men with assault rifles could do a lot of damage, even kill half the tribe. Our next stop was Hosi's old house. I had many happy memories there. We peeked in the rear window; I was reminded of the time we had eavesdropped behind Reta's house, learning of her plot to kill the queen and take over the tribe.

This time we looked in to see all the men—all except Jacob…the rat! I couldn't wait until I ran into him. There were three which seemed like a lot until I looked at Scott and Kevin. Both had been beaten. Rini almost gasped, but her warrior training and discipline prevailed.

I could see the hatred in her eyes. She'd skin these men alive given the chance. Now we had plenty of bows and arrows. Hosi called her troops together. There were two windows and an open doorway, but one of the guards sat in a chair just inside the door, hidden behind the fireplace.

It would be almost impossible to get to him unless&hellip. I could see the wheels turning in Hosi's head. She dispatched three warriors, all with spears. They snuck down three houses, keeping low then they turned left and crossed the narrow lane.

Behind the facing houses they retraced their steps until they were behind my old house just across the street. Now they spread out, one on each side and one headed through the house for the doorway. I heard a brief whistle, more a bird call than anything else. Hosi and Rini took their aim from the rear window and fired just as Hosi yelled, "Now!" The spear women leaped forward and threw. One struck the guard in the chest, the others in his abdomen.

Hosi's aim was true, but Rini was off, her arrow striking only the guard's shoulder. In a second she was through the window and on top of the hapless guard. She punched him repeatedly, paying back the injuries they had given, until Hosi stopped her. He was bound and gagged while Rini ran to Scott. She cradled his head in her arms, pulling him to her breasts. She leaned down to her stricken lover, kissing him repeatedly. It was now approaching 5:00 a.m.

and time was drawing short. We had to act while we had the advantage of surprise and darkness. Hosi left a contingent of warriors to guard and tend to the men's wounds.

She sent one hundred to scour the village in search of any of the intruders that we had missed. Another hundred accompanied us back to the palace where the majority of the tribe was held. Hosi split her forces. Twenty were sent to the rear. They were to check the back of the palace for any stray guards, although we thought they would stay with their prisoners until daylight, at least.

My biggest question was, "WHY?" What was this all about? All I could think about was that there was money—serious money—at the root of all this. But how…what? As a geologist I knew that there were no significant quantities of precious gems or minerals in the area so that clearly wasn't it. It appeared that few if any of the tribeswomen had been injured or killed.

How did that figure into this? We were sneaking past the baths when I told Hosi I was staying for a while. "Kind of a funny time for a bath, David." "No, I need some time to think. Besides, you won't need me at the palace. I'll just be in the way. I'm trying to figure out what this whole thing is all about." Hosi kissed me and left a small contingent of warriors to safeguard me. I recognized all of them—they were all fierce competent fighters.

I sat on a limestone bench, dropping my feet into the cool water. I cleared my head of all other thoughts. I knew that Hosi would be safe and my children were probably at the forges by now, well out of the conflict.

I tried to put all the pieces together—ambush in the jungle, but nobody actually hurt or killed, invasion with automatic weapons, but nobody hurt or killed, tribe kept tied up under guard, but again nobody hurt. Why would they want to do this? Why would they want all the women in prime condition?

OH NO! It hit me like a brick. I could think of only one reason for this and there would be a ton of money involved. Plus, unless I was mistaken we would soon have a lot more visitors. And now I knew where. I pulled my feet from the bath and walked out into the night. "Any word yet from Hosi?" They shook their heads. We were joined by those who had searched the village and started our walk to the palace.

I stopped them for a second, told them of my concerns, and asked a contingent to head to the falls. That area had to be secured. It wasn't the only way to get all the tribeswomen out of here, but it was the fastest and safest. We were almost a hundred yards from the palace when I heard shouting and several shots.

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I prayed Hosi would be OK. We ran to the site and met an invader running in our direction. He met more arrows and spears than I cared to count. I ran to the palace searching for Hosi. I found her—thank God—supervising the release of the prisoners. Four guards lay dead on the floor and three Amazon prisoners were being treated for bullet wounds.

Fortunately, all appeared to be superficial. CHAPTER 2 I pulled Hosi aside and held her. "Thank God you're safe. I think I know what this is all about. These men came here to collect you as slaves. That's why nobody was injured or killed. We can confirm it with that one you captured. If I'm right there will be one boat missing and we'll have lots more company in the morning." Hosi detailed a group to continue releasing the prisoners while we walked quickly to her old house.

The men were there relaxing. Rini was treating Scott under Dennis's orders. The captured attacker was ignored. "Let me deal with him, Hosi. I think a man will be more effective." She nodded her consent as we walked in the door.

I walked into the man and removed his gag. "Let me explain something to you. You are going to die, but how will be determined by what you tell me in the next minute. I can put a bullet in your brain or I can take you down to the Amazon, cut your arms, and watch while the piranha devour you alive.

That's what we did with the last one who was condemned to death. I'll give you a few seconds to think." I stood and returned to Hosi. We stood silently while the men looked on. Less than thirty seconds later I returned. "OK…all your friends are dead. The village is back under our control. Only a handful of women were injured. My wife, the Queen, killed five of your men by herself, so don't think that she'll have any mercy for you.

Now…tell me why you are here. I already have an idea, but I want you to confirm it." "Slaves, Senhor. We were going to sell the women and children to be slaves. There is a big market in the Middle East and Japan. Please don't feed me to the fish." "How were you going to get the women out of here?" "Tomorrow…three big boats…more men. Jacob went to show them the way." I patted him on the head and put a bullet into his brain.

I turned to Hosi and explained what he had said. "We need to put warriors along the river bank with bows and spears. I suggest the men also go with your warriors. Between the two groups we will need to kill all their men. Later we can sink the boats, but we need to make sure there are no survivors. Even one could mean the end of everything we've worked for." Hosi agreed with me and called the tribe together in the plaza.

"We need to be ready. We will soon have new invaders. They will come by boat so here is what I want you to do&hellip." I strung a second rope from the tree by the falls. Within the next hour hundreds of warriors went down, spreading themselves along the bank for more than half a mile.

All the men also went, even Scott and Kevin with their injuries. We rested while a few sentries kept watch. I didn't think they would surprise us—the noise of the engines would alert us long before their arrival. Hosi rested her head in my lap and I rested mine on her hip. We fell asleep quickly. It was some hours later when I woke to the sound of distant engines. I woke Hosi; she was alert immediately. She whistled—that same bird call I had heard last night. I could see the warriors stretching and preparing themselves for the conflict ahead.

All the men checked their rifles and spare magazines. Kevin smiled at me as I checked my pistol. I gave him a thumb's up and then we knelt, hidden by the vines and tall grass along the river bank. Our inflatable led three large motorized barges. They could hold the entire tribe in them easily.

Jacob was at the helm with two others, both armed. Each of the barges had an additional six armed men. Hosi waited until the boats were almost at the falls before giving the preliminary signal—the first bird call whistle. I could see all the archers put arrow to the bowstring. At the second whistle the army stood as one and loosed their arrows.

More archers above the falls rushed forward from hiding and shot. The men fired their rifles. The slavers dropped like flies.

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The two men in the inflatable were targeted first, however Jacob was left alone by design. Three men jumped into the bottom of the barges. They were assailed by spears and arrows from above.

At the end of our line two women jumped into the river pulling a thin cord. They were the best swimmers in the tribe. When they reached the other side they pulled a heavy rope across the river, tying it securely to a large tree. Now the barges were stuck. The swimmers went back into the water, swimming to the last barge.

They pulled themselves up and snuck along the rear deck. They gave a signal that showed there were no live attackers in the barge bottom. They crept to the small cabin, yanked open the door and ran in, overwhelming the unarmed pilot in seconds. They used their daggers to kill him quickly. They ran along the barge side where they were met by several dozen others equipped with their bows and arrows.

They jumped to the middle barge. This one did contain several of the enemy. Again they dispatched the pilot so they could move to both sides of the barge and get the enemies in a cross fire.

There looked to be about fifteen on each side and another four in the center. They rose quickly and fired killing two and seriously wounding the third. One of our warriors jumped down easily and killed him with her knife.

They jumped to the first barge and again killed the pilot. Slowly they walked up the barge's sides toward the inflatable. When Jacob saw the dozen arrows aimed at his heart he raised his hands and surrendered. He would have been better off if he had tried to fire. Then he would have been cut down quickly. Now he was going to suffer. I pulled the inflatable into the hidden boat house; the barges were tied off to the bank.

Planks ran from the shore to them. I walked up onto the nearest, noticing that there were well over a hundred ring-bolts welded to the floor.

I climbed down, looked around and went back up. I walked into the cabin and then down to the engine room. There I found what I wanted—the cooling system for the engines ran on raw river water. There was a big intake port and another for the exhaust. These could be cut in order to sink the barge. The men's bodies were brought down and securely fastened to the rings that were intended for the Amazons.

All the bodies were placed into the first barge. Jacob was also brought here and tied down spread-eagle. I leaned down to speak to him, "Jacob, if it was up to me I'd flay you—skin you alive, but don't worry--Hosi has something special for you." I patted his cheek as he screamed. One of the Amazons came up and gagged him. We were totally unfamiliar with these barges so it took us quite a while to turn them around in the narrow river. When we reached the Amazon we let two barges drift down river.

The third, the one with all the slavers was anchored in the middle of the river. Sean and I went down to the engine room with two axes. We chopped at the water pipes until the water flowed freely onto the deck.

By the time we were done the water was already well over our ankles. We climbed up and into the barge. We stopped next to Jacob, "So long, asshole. Enjoy your swim. Say 'Hi' to the nice fishies. All this blood should make them really hungry." We retired to the inflatable while we watched as the barge slowly slipped beneath the water. It was the end to a long and difficult time for all of us. I could see the strain on Hosi's face.

We returned to the falls. Wearily, we climbed the rope and returned to the palace. Everything was as it had been before the invasion. Our children were back home; Kela was running about with Scott's daughter, Sama.

Our infant son lay in his tiny bed. The guards were all in place; they bowed when Hosi entered. She was about to mount her throne, but I stopped her. "Not now…not yet…I have something much more important to do with you right now." Hosi smiled weakly, the strain of the past days wearing on her. She was a truly kind and considerate woman, a wonderful lover and wife. I led her by the hand to the baths. I stripped her and myself and proceeded to wash her wonderful, but exhausted body.

I dried her and led her still naked back to the palace where I laid her on the bed. I crawled between her legs and inhaled deeply. Hosi's scent was nothing less than incredible; I loved her musky flavor. I placed my mouth over her cunt and sucked, causing Hosi to groan in ecstasy.

I stuck my tongue into her tunnel as I watched Hosi writhe over the bed. I was about to suck her hard button into my mouth when she sat up and stopped me. "What's the matter? Don't you want to cum?" "Of course, I do, darling, but what about you? Don't I get a chance to take care of you?" "No—not tonight; you've been under tremendous stress the past few days. You need this…badly. You may be the Queen, but tonight you need to follow my orders, and I'm ordering you to lie back and enjoy everything I'm doing for you." "Yes sir…you are the boss," then she chuckled, "for tonight, anyway." "OK, I admit you are the boss, but you know how much I love you and I need to help you feel better.

I feel kind of guilty about Jacob." Hosi sat up quickly, grasping me firmly by the chin. "I never want to hear you say anything like that again, David. You didn't encourage him to come here…WE did.

Any time we do something like that we know we're taking a chance, just like the tribe took a chance capturing you and Dr. Sullivan. Luckily, it all worked out OK, but who was responsible for that?

Who developed the plan to free me and our children? Who risked his life to do that? Who killed the first two guards making the whole idea possible?" "You know it was just a chance of fate that I wasn't in the village that day and I was lucky to see that something was amiss when we returned from the forges." "Perhaps, but bring me that rope and tie my hands behind my back like they were." I got the rope and tied her back up as tightly as she had been when I rescued her.

"Even if you were here we would have still gotten away." She strained the muscles in her arms and back and a minute later the rope parted.

I couldn't believe that anyone could be so strong. "Probably eight out of ten tribeswomen could do that. Unfortunately, quite a few would have been killed. Your actions made it possible for us to save ourselves without losing any of the tribe. Now, as you said, I am the Queen and I am making a royal proclamation—You are responsible for saving at least fifty lives and you will be declared a hero of the tribe tomorrow. You should feel pride of your accomplishment, not shame or guilt.

I will make that official tomorrow. Now, if you still wish, I will accept your services." I looked at her for a second and began to giggle. It was contagious. She joined me in less than a minute and we began laughing like crazy.

She pulled me up onto the bed, kissed me madly, and turned on top of my body to position the delicious pussy over my mouth. I could take the hint—she wanted to be pleasured, but she was going to take care of me, too. I couldn't argue with her logic. Licking her labia brought forth several lengthy moans, even as Hosi lowered her mouth over my hard cock.

Her tongue was heavenly on my organ—her mouth was warm and moist as she sucked me deep into her throat. It would have been so nice—so relaxing—to lie there and allow Hosi to service me, but I owed her even more than she owed me.

I attacked her pussy with renewed zeal. I pushed my tongue into her tunnel, savoring the taste, the muskiness of her juices as well as the velvet softness of her flesh. Even holding her hips with all my strength was useless. She writhed uncontrollably under my touch. I moved my mouth to her clit.

It was hard, incredibly so, and extremely hot. My teeth were only a few millimeters apart when I sucked her clit between them. Her reaction was intense as she drove herself forcefully into my mouth. I sucked and nibbled for more than a minute until she shuddered and shook in a tremendous orgasmic spasm; it lasted for almost a minute before I relented. So commanding was her experience that she completely forgot about my penis in her mouth.

She laid her head on my thigh as she recovered, my man-meat hanging loosely on her tongue until she found the strength to quickly bring me to an incredible orgasm. She sucked me strongly, rubbed my balls between her slender, but powerful, fingers as I blew repeatedly into her throat and stomach. She cleaned my cock, spun around swiftly, and nestled beside me, her head on my chest.

I pulled up our blanket and we fell mercifully to a deep sleep. CHAPTER 3 The sun was shining brightly when we woke. I took a quick look at Hosi and laughed. She had a drop of semen dried on her chin. I kissed her as I wiped it from her face. We rose, ate a leisurely breakfast, and left the palace stark naked for the baths and the communal toilets.

We were back in the palace dried and dressed when Hosi turned to me, "David, I know I told you that you would never have to kneel before me, but when we go outside I want you to kneel. Will you do that for me…please?" She took my hand and led me toward the plaza. I was shocked to see the entire tribe gathered there. Hosi led me to a cushion and bade me to kneel before she turned to address the tribe, "We have just come through what was undoubtedly the greatest ordeal that our tribe has ever faced.

It was brought about by a man who betrayed our trust in him. It would be easy to blame all men—any man—but we know better, don't we? Recently, we had a situation where the tribe was endangered by one of our own who killed our beloved queen and tried to take over the tribe by killing me and enslaving my mate. There are good…and bad…among both women and men. Fortunately, we have the very best of both. "I know I don't have to describe the many good deeds of Dennis or Scott, or of Kevin.

Sean has worked tirelessly to bring us a new and stronger metal—iron—to use in our weapons and tools. Adam and the others have helped build fences for our livestock and expand our chicken coops. All our men have contributed mightily to the tribe and, let us not forget all the successful mating that has occurred although I see that many of you enjoy the practicing a bit too much." I heard the open laughter ripple through the tribe, but I still had no idea where all this was going.

"Now, I want to ask you…how many of you could have broken the ropes that tied your wrists?" I was astonished that almost all the tribeswomen raised their hands. "See, David," she said turning to me, "I told you." Returning to the tribe she continued, "There is no doubt that we could have rushed and overpowered the guards, but…at what cost?

How many of our tribe would have perished…fifty…a hundred…more? I have spoken at length with Misa. She told me that she and her sister were occupied with Sean and that only David recognized immediately that there was a problem. She told me that David developed the plan to free me at risk of his own life. I know that he singlehandedly killed the first two guards—the action that enabled me—and you—to free ourselves.

I credit my mate, Dr. David Schneider, with saving at least one hundred lives. Therefore, I have decided to name my son, the first boy ever born to a Queen of our tribe, Davy in his honor. Additionally, I proclaim him to be a hero of the tribe. What say you?" I knelt there all this time, never realizing what an orator Hosi could be. Now I was even more amazed as I listened to the tribe chant—"David…David…David," until Hosi silenced them.

She produced a small crown woven of vines and flowers which she placed on my head. "David, you have shown yourself to be an excellent mate and your dedication to the welfare of the tribe is unquestionable. I am proud to proclaim you a hero of the tribe. Rise, my hero!" I stood, totally in shock of what had just happened, until Hosi took me into her arms and kissed me, pulling me closely to her body.

We kissed unashamedly until we were interrupted by a messenger from the patrol. "My Queen…strangers again approach our lands. Harry told me they were…uh…what do you call men who hunt illegally?" "You mean…poachers," I asked. "Yes, that is the word he used. I remember now." I turned to Hosi, "This could be very dangerous.

These men will be killers. The others were just loggers, hard men, but not killers. I will go at once and I will need twenty-five of your best archers." I ran into the palace to prepare and when I returned the archers were ready. Hosi took me aside, kissed me briefly and begged me to be careful. I promised I would be and left at a trot. I had taken to training with the warriors and it showed.

I could run at a much better pace now, but I would never be their equal. An hour later I was breathing hard when we ran into Harry and his team.

He explained where they were and how they were making their way through the jungle. He told me there was a small clearing less than a half mile from their current position. I laid my plans. I expected them to be aggressive and if they were they would die quickly, but I didn't want any who surrendered peacefully to be killed.

I had an idea that we might be able to use some more men. I dropped my weapons and took my cross from my pocket. Everyone looked at me as if I was crazy, but, once again, it was all part of my plan. I reviewed my signals again and repeated my instructions even though I knew it was all unnecessary. These women were the best soldiers I had ever seen.

They knew how to follow orders. I stepped to the edge of the clearing and spoke loudly once I saw them approach. In Portuguese I began, "May the peace of the Lord be with you and protect you always, my brothers." They looked dumfounded for almost a minute before one of them asked the leader, "What'd he say, boss?

What the fuck is he doin' out here in the fuckin' jungle?" "Never mind, you imbecile. Let me handle this." "Ah, I see you speak English," I replied cheerfully, "Are you Americans?" "No, we're Brits, but that's enough questions from you. What're you doing way out here miles from civilization?" "As you can see I am a missionary.

There are several of us here. We live and work with the savages here, teaching them about our Lord and Savior. I am here to tell you that you must turn back. Ahead is a private wildlife sanctuary belonging to our church." "Oh, man, boss, a wildlife sanctuary…just what we need." I reached behind my back and made a fist. It was the sign to make ready. The leader began to draw his pistol and as he did the remaining members of his troupe lowered their rifles—all except one who dropped his rifle to the ground.

I stood perfectly still as his revolver cleared the holster. As it approached horizontal more than two dozen arrows rent the air driving the men to their deaths. However, using incredible judgment the one who dropped his rifle was spared—not a single arrow struck him even though he was tightly packed between two others. He took one look at the Amazons and turned, running into the jungle. Two—twin sisters—dropped their bows and bounded after him. It was no contest; they caught him within fifty yards, returning him to me in less than a minute.

I told the twins to bind his wrists as they had to me so long ago. He sat, obviously extremely agitated and afraid. I knelt and spoke to him softly in Portuguese. "Relax, no harm will come to you. Would you like some water?" He nodded and I produced a canteen, given to me by one of the warriors.

Lita, one of his twin captors gently held it to his mouth.

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I could see that he was merely a youth, probably no more than eighteen. I continued, "You have been bound to prevent you from injuring one of us, but do not be afraid.

I was once also bound as you are now. Why did you drop your rifle?" He was hesitant at first, but as he began to speak the words flowed out of him like water.

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"I am not one of them. I am only a servant. My family is very poor. My parents sold me to them to be their servant. I'm more a slave, though. They beat me just for fun. I am glad they are dead…even if I have to die, too. I do not know why I tried to run. I cannot go back. There are more there…the leader and two others.


" "You are not going to die, but it seems that you have no place to go so I will offer you the opportunity to join us. These twin sisters seem to fancy you. I think I will ask our Queen to give you to them. No…you won't be their servant or their slave. I am sure this is all very confusing to you, but it will become clear soon enough. Do you know any English?" "A little, Senhor. I study in school, like all students, but I no use it so I forget." "That's OK.

It will come back to you quickly. Now, up with you." I split the team into three groups—one to remove the bodies from the area. I detailed fifteen warriors for that work after telling them to remove all the arrows so they could be used again. The second group of two I returned to the village with Harry to inform the Queen.

The rest of us back tracked the trail to remove all the traps they had set. The young man, Paulo by name, would lead us in this effort. We trekked for almost two hours before coming to their base.

There were a number of cages filled with animals. We released all of the herd animals first, allowing them to escape quickly into the bush. Then we came to the two jaguars held securely in strong steel cages. I gave the tribeswomen their instructions—spears up and forward…bows cocked with arrows as I climbed onto the cages and released them one at a time.

Rather than attack they each ran quickly into the jungle going in opposite directions. Jaguars are primarily solitary animals except when they mate. Finally, I released the snakes, being most careful with these; the small ones were all venomous and the big ones could constrict me or any one of us to death in minutes.

Fortunately, they were more interested in escape than a meal. I checked the camp, taking anything I thought might be of value to us. I resolved to return later to salvage all the steel. I was sure that Sean could come up with a way for us to use it, maybe for knives or short swords. We returned slowly to the village.

When we were near the passage to the valley I explained to Paulo that he had to be blindfolded. "Don't worry. You should know by now that we're not going to kill you. We could have done that back at the ambush. Now, follow the lead of your handlers. We have to cross a narrow stone ledge. They will guide you and once in the valley we will be able to remove your blindfold and maybe even your bindings." He nodded and stood while Lita applied her scarf to his eyes.

She and her sister led him forward. We turned him around several times to confuse his sense of direction before leading him through the portal.


I could see Lita and her sister talking gently to him as they led him slowly across the ledge. He breathed a sigh of relief once he was across. We stepped carefully down the stone steps and five minutes later I gave the instructions to remove his blindfold and bindings.

We walked easily toward the village, the stunned Paulo holding hands with his two gorgeous "captors." I instructed Paulo to kneel before the Queen. I was just about to speak when Hosi grabbed me lifted me up and pulled me into a deep kiss.

"I'm so glad you are safe. Your messengers told me what you did. Are you crazy…going out there without any weapons?" "It seemed the best idea at the time and it worked. Besides, aren't I the big hero?" "Oh…you!

I swear I should give you …!" "OK, I know it was dangerous, but they were dangerous men. We could have just ambushed and killed them, but then we wouldn't have a new male to join us. Come and meet him. His name is Paulo." He was kneeling as instructed with a twin on each side. Hosi spoke to him kindly and sent him on his way to the baths and toilet before his first night with the insatiable twins.

I had fucked Lita back when I was working for the Queen. I had a great idea what lay in store for our new friend. CHAPTER 4 I sought out Lita and Lina the following morning.

As expected they were fresh as the morning dew. Paulo, however, was sleeping in. Lita explained: "We first took Paulo to the toilets. He was funny…very shy about voiding in front of others, but we cured him of that, didn't we Lina?" "Oh, yes, we stripped him—he tried to fight us, but we are much stronger than he is-- and carried him in.

We made him sit between us as we did our business. I held his penis and Lita wiped him when we were done. Why are men so shy about this? It is only a normal bodily function, after all." I laughed and asked them to continue. "Then we went to the baths. That was better; we washed each other…very, very thoroughly. We liked his penis, didn't we, Lita?" "Oh yes…he, he…and it liked us, too.

It was as hard as my dagger and as thick as our spears. We dried ourselves and walked home hand in hand. We ate a light meal and went right to bed, placing Paulo between us. We kissed and touched each other for almost an hour. I think he was afraid to…you know…so we led him," they giggled, "…the first time.

Lita rolled him onto his back and took his penis into her mouth. I was afraid he would shoot his seed in her mouth, but she stopped in time. Tell him, Lita." "It has been a long time since I had a hard penis in my mouth. I think yours was the last, but you are now…oh, what is the term? Out of reach? Untouchable? Well, you are the Queen's mate; you belong to our Queen. I loved the hard flesh in my mouth and the soft skin was wonderful.

I sensed he was getting close to shooting so I stopped. When his breathing became regular again I sat on his penis. I loved watching it disappear slowly into me. Paulo has a very nice penis…almost as nice as yours. I began to rock and he shot into me almost immediately. Lina and I kissed him for a while and then I let her have a turn. She was able to ride him for quite some time before he shot into her. We did it again and again until both of us had an orgasm—is that the right word?" I nodded, a smile on my face, "So…how many times?" "Three for each of us…six for him.

We think that is why he is still asleep." "I'm glad it went so well. Just don't kill him…OK?" My favorite twins laughed until they shook. They walked back into their house, woke Paulo and went back to work. I chuckled all the way back to the palace. I was looking forward to seeing how he would help improve life in the village.

I was surprised to find Adam and a group of warriors waiting in the plaza. "David," he said, "do you think we could see the Queen this morning? I have an idea. I've discussed it with&hellip." He pointed to the group who only smiled, "and they think it's a good idea." "C'mon in and let's see.

I don't think she is too busy this morning." I led them into the throne room where Hosi was waiting for me. I grinned wildly as I showed her my "thumb's up" for Paulo's first night. When she gave me a questioning look I held up six fingers. She returned my smile. When I reached her side she whispered into my ear, "That will be us in another 24 days. That's when Dennis says we can make love again.

Until then you will have to make do with my tongue and my hand." Breaking away from her, I introduced Adam. He had been mostly quiet during his months in the village.

He was trained as an accountant, a skill we had no use for, but he was a good man and was conscientious in his sexual responsibilities to the tribe. So far he had willingly fucked almost eighty women in addition to satisfying his regular lover.

He stepped up cautiously, "My Queen I have an idea I would like to explain to you. I have reviewed it with Dennis and he agrees it has merit. We currently derive all our drinking water from the river, but that means we are susceptible to anything that happens upstream like dead animals or mudslides, or…well, just about anything that can affect the health of the tribe.

I would like to trace the origin of the river to see if there is some way we can improve on that. The water has to come from somewhere.

If we can find the source we may be able to do something to protect our drinking water supply. I…we…would like your approval to search." He stepped back and bowed. Hosi looked to me for advice. "I think it's a good idea." Hosi gave her approval and Adam left with a smile on his face and a spring in his step. Adam disappeared for almost a month.

In that time Hosi received Dennis's OK to resume sex with me. It was almost three months since our son had been born. You'd think I'd be counting the days, but I was so involved with projects in the village that&hellip. Hosi gave no clues until I came home one afternoon covered in sweat and stone dust from rebuilding a wall that had crumbled after more than four hundred years of service.

There was a note on our bed—"Meet me in the baths. I hope you have saved some energy. You will need it." "Oh, great," I thought, the big day—one I've awaited for months--has to be one where I've spent the entire day hefting hundred-plus pound blocks of granite.

If I had to go six times like Paulo I'd certainly be dead. I stripped out of my filthy clothes and took off at a trot for the baths. Luckily, they were only a block away. Hosi was there with our children. Kela jumped up and down when she saw her daddy, splashing everyone within ten feet. She loved the water and could already swim across our community pool.

She often terrified her mother by swimming underwater, disappearing beneath the cool dark water for many seconds before surfacing God only knows where. I loved her dearly, but she was a real handful. Hosi took one look at me and laughed. I was covered in rock dust and whitewash, looking more like a Halloween ghost than her husband and lover. She gave Davy to one of her guards and walked to me. "Poor baby; you look exhausted. Just wait until later.

I don't think you'll be getting much sleep tonight." All the tribeswomen laughed hysterically. There were few secrets in the village and our sex life was usually an open book. What else would one expect when every step, every breath was observed by as many as twenty guards? We had doors in the palace, but we rarely used them. Now the entire tribe would know how much and how often we loved each other.

I didn't care; one look at the woman I loved and everyone else disappeared. She came to me, extended her hand and led me to the bath. A guard handed her the soap as she eased me into the cool water. Hosi sat behind me, kissing my cheek and neck as she reached around me to wash the filth from my body. I leaned back, cushioning my body against her swollen breasts. I envied Davy and longed for the day when I could once again suckle at my wife's breast.

I turned my head to kiss Hosi; it was quick and relatively chaste. "Tonight, huh? Good choice; I hope I can stay awake." I was being serious, but everyone within earshot began to laugh.

"Don't you worry, darling," Hosi whispered, "I think I can keep you awake." Now there was more than laughter—there was howling in the baths and soon it spread to the streets and lanes.

Hosi finished washing me and pulled me up. She dried me carefully, paying an awful lot of attention to my now turgid cock. I was turning red with embarrassment and it only got worse when Hosi led me away by my erection. We walked past the grinning guards—did everyone know what Hosi had planned? She led me to our bedroom, pushed me onto the bed and jumped on top of me. "I love you, David and now I'm going to prove it to you." "Hosi, you prove it to me every day—the way you hold me, the way you kiss me, the way you care for our children…everything you do." "Perhaps…but I need to prove this to you—I need you…need you inside me to make me feel complete." Hosi rubbed her breasts into my chest and sighed, "You know…I still love the feeling of your hair on my skin.

It makes me want you so much." She continued as I placed my hands along the sides of her glorious orbs. Her rubbing left droplets of milk on my chest. "How long," I wondered, "before Davy wants his next meal?" "If you're wondering about Davy let me tell you he's spending the night elsewhere…with a friend who is still producing milk and Kela is at what Scott called a sleep-over with Sama.

She told me they would be up all night, but they'll be sound asleep by now. You're stuck with me all night, but you're not going to sleep…not yet, anyway." She rubbed her slit against my cock.

No matter how tired I might be it could always be counted on to respond. "Oh my, you're not as tired as you think.

You feel like a rock down there—a rock I'm planning to use over and over tonight. Seriously, David, I have missed you so much." "Then stop talking and put me into you. I've missed you, too…more than I can tell you." Hosi smiled for a few seconds and then my cock disappeared into her hot wet hole.

I could never understand how she could stay so tight after having Kela. Now, after having two children, she was still as tight as a virgin. Maybe it was her warrior training or just great genes, but her appearance hadn't changed at all.

I'd bet that she didn't gain even a pound after her two pregnancies. Hosi rose up slowly, savoring the sensation of having me in her, of having me stretch her vaginal walls. I could see the rapture in her eyes as she dropped down onto my cock again. She moved so slowly, looking into my eyes the entire time. She moved her nipple to my mouth, encouraging me to suckle. "Go ahead, darling. I'll have plenty tomorrow for Davy.

I know you've wanted this for a long time. Suckle me—drink my hot delicious milk." I lifted my head and wrapped my lips around her hard nipple and suckled like her baby—in many respects I was. She was stronger than me by far. She could mold me to her will. If she wanted to she could take me over her knee and spank me like a child. She was the Queen—she could make all the decisions and the women of the tribe would support her. Why didn't she do all these things?

My only answer was that she really did love me.

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I was really beat, but I couldn't resist Hosi—I began to move, driving my hard hot cock deep into her. Soon we had established our rhythm as Hosi drove her clit into me with my every thrust. She closed her eyes and arched her back. She held still for just a moment before grunting loudly and driving herself forward with unbelievable force. She fell gently onto my chest. Kissing my neck she whispered, "That was incredible. I can't believe how much I've missed that." "Why are you whispering?" I replied, "Doesn't the entire village know what's going on?

It certainly seemed that way at the baths." "Oh, dear! I hope you're not angry with me. I was so happy that we could make love again I told everyone I met." She was on the verge of crying. I pulled her into a long deep kiss, my tongue searching for and finding hers.

I broke the kiss after a minute, "No, Hosi I'm not angry. I learned a long time ago that there's no privacy around here. How many times have the guards run in when one of us is screaming in ecstasy? No, Hosi I love you too much to let a little thing like that bother me." I let her know for sure by thrusting up deep into her pussy. Apparently there were some advantages to being tired—I hadn't cum despite all of Hosi's actions on my cock. She leaned up and grinned, "I thought you were tired." I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled.

I drove into her again and she moved up and kissed me. She held my head--her fingers in my hair—as she began her own movements. Hosi was both strong and flexible and it showed as she bent my cock into positions I never even imagined existed.

Every bend of my cock created friction that was going to ultimately drive me absolutely crazy with desire and the need to cum. On and on she drove, grinding her clit into me. I was mesmerized by the sight of her swollen breasts swaying in rhythm with her motions. I thrust up every time she rolled forward, driving myself as deeply into her body as humanly possible. I may have been exhausted, but I surely wasn't dead. My cock reacted, more slowly than usual maybe, but it was making up for lost time now.

I could feel a tiny rumble deep within my balls. It built in intensity with every thrust. After several minutes I was right at the edge; I needed to get over—it was driving me mad with lust.

Hosi must have sensed it because she suddenly shifted into overdrive. She still ground her clit into me with force and energy, but now she was doing it faster—much faster than I thought possible. I could see that she was getting close; could I hold back for her? After pushing myself to cum—being desperate to reach orgasm—now I tried to throttle down, to control my reactions for my lover.

I still met her every thrust, but with slightly less energy and force. I held myself right on the edge until I saw Hosi tense, shudder, and shake in orgasmic bliss. My orgasm was anything but bliss—I exploded in her, savagely drowning her pussy and womb in my seed.

I wrapped my arms around Hosi, holding her close and kissing her repeatedly—her cheek, her neck, her hair. The next thing I knew the light was shining through the skylight and Hosi was looking down at me, a smile on her face. "I guess you really were tired. C'mon, we both need to bathe then we'll eat and relax." I had a pretty good idea what Hosi meant by "relax" and I was all for it. I rose and began to dress, but Hosi stopped me.

"I want everyone to see your seed on your organ and legs. I want everyone to know that we were able to make love again." "I would have thought everyone knew already. You know how news spreads here in the village." I dropped my shorts and followed her—both of us naked—for the short stroll to the baths. We passed many of the tribeswomen on the way and they all noticed the dried semen on my shriveled cock and Hosi's thighs.

All smiled happily, but said nothing. Some of the men were also there and their reaction was the same, although they patted me on the back. I didn't know what the big deal was—everyone who could was fucking themselves silly every day of the week.

We finally reached the baths where everyone was naked. I slipped slowly into the cool river water as I noticed Paulo sitting on the other side of the bath. I slid my arm around Hosi and kissed her as I waved Paulo closer. "How are you doing, Paulo? I'll bet you never imagined what's happened over the past weeks." "No, Senhor, I was a virgin when I came here. I had a girlfriend when I was sold to those men, but after that I had no hope…none at all.

I am very happy to be here." "How are the twins treating you? I know them well and Hosi knows them even better. They are her close friends." "They are after me all day and night. I love it, but it is tiring and they tell me I must also…uh, do it with others in the tribe." "Yes, Paulo," Hosi replied, "all the men have a group of tribeswomen they must satisfy. Even David was under the Queen's orders to mate with others.

I hated to know David was with other women, but our duty to the tribe comes first. If you see Dennis in the hospital he will explain everything to you. Some of us are on birth control, but we need to grow the tribe and you can be an important part of that." We chatted with Paulo and several tribeswomen for almost a half hour while Hosi washed me and I returned the favor.

I was somewhat refreshed when we exited and dried ourselves.

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We walked with our arms around each other back to the palace. Davy was there anxiously awaiting his next meal. Hosi accommodated him by taking him to her nipple, the same nipple she had used to nourish me last evening. We sat naked—Hosi, Kela, and me—for our breakfast which consisted of excellent scrambled eggs.

I added salt and ketchup which I had bought months ago on a visit to the city. Kevin had planted a huge patch of tomatoes which we were all enjoying immensely. Soon we were going to make our own ketchup, but not being a cook it was a job I'd leave to others. Hosi gave the children to the guards once we were done and we returned to our room. "Time to 'relax,' eh." Hosi laughed, but picked me up and tossed me on the bed. I often pitied the poor tribeswomen who maintained the palace.

We were in and out of bed so often it hardly paid to ever make it, yet as soon as we left it was remade with clean sheets washed in the river and dried over a nearby fence. Being Queen was a tough job, but it had its advantages. We were both naked so when Hosi jumped on me there was nothing between us but skin. I rubbed my hands up and down her wonderful body. I spent a lot of time on her ass—so smooth yet so incredibly muscular and powerful. I looked up into her eyes and mouthed, "I love you so much…more than life itself." A tear came to her eye, "Please don't talk like that, David.

You have no idea how much I worried about you when you went after those poachers…and then to go out there with no weapons. I thought I would faint when Harry told me about that. Now I have you here with me…I never want to let you go…never! Now I want you to lie still.

Consider that a royal proclamation. I'm doing all the work." I raised my hand meekly, just like when I was a dweeby kid in elementary school, "Is it OK if I play with your breasts and maybe kiss you a bit?

After all, I wouldn't want to get into trouble." "I'll go you one better—open that mouth and latch on to my nipple. My friend is taking care of Davy again today so there will be plenty for you. I think you're going to need it. You only came once last night and I only came twice. I hope to double that today. I'm taking a holiday—no work—only you." Hosi leaned forward dropping her leaking nipple into my waiting mouth as she reached between my legs for my hard cock.

She rubbed it into her slit several times before changing the angle slightly allowing me to slide effortlessly into her warmth. Hosi moved slowly and when I tried to respond she held her finger up to stop me. I got the message—lie still and suck on my tit. That's what I did—for a few seconds anyway then I couldn't help myself.

I rocked with Hosi, keeping time with her motions. She gave me a stern look so I shrugged my shoulders and whispered, "I'm only human, you know. I can never resist you, especially at a time like this." She gave me another stern look but she couldn't hold it.

In seconds we were laughing like a couple of idiots. All attempts at reserve were shattered. Our lovemaking became frenetic and totally out of control. Several guards walked in to give Hosi a message—they were ignored until, after several minutes, we tensed simultaneously and with one final exertion thrust hard into each other and came and came and came.

We collapsed onto the bed covered in sweat. Only then did Hosi realize that we weren't alone. "This had better be important," she said threateningly. "We think it is. Adam and his party have returned. They have found the source of the river and more important…some kind of well coming out of the mountain." "Don't yell at them," I told Hosi, "This could be the answer to all our prayers—an artesian well." "What is this, David? I don't understand." "Let's go out and hear what they have to say." We rose hurriedly, cum dripping down our legs, dressed and walked quickly to the throne room." Adam was grinning when we approached, "Um, sorry to disturb you my Queen…you lucky dog, David." I gave him a playful punch, but I really wanted to hear what he had to say.

"We followed the river upstream for seven days when we found a tributary. We left that alone and followed the main river up into the mountain. We followed it all the way to a huge glacier. It must be more than a hundred feet thick. Water ran off from underneath at a tremendous rate. We knew we couldn't do anything with the glacier so we returned downstream until we reached that tributary again.

We followed it up the mountain for two days until we found the source. The water came up right out of the mountain. Is that what you call an artesian well?" "It sounds like it, but I'll have to see it to be sure, I replied.

I turned to Hosi to explain, "What they found was a glacier. Think of a mountain of ice—solid water. Remember when we were in New York? We had ice in many of our drinks? Well, this is a natural event.

It gets very cold up high in the mountains and instead of rain they will get snow. That is solid water falling from the sky. It is so cold that the snow never melts into regular water. Over hundreds of years the snow builds up and compacts into ice just like we had in our drinks only millions of times larger. The ice is called a glacier. It's really heavy so it slides down the mountain, but it moves very slowly. I've seen glaciers crush huge boulders like I would crush an egg.

I don't think we can do anything with the glacial water, but an artesian well is something else. "Sometimes water gets underground and moves through the rock. Limestone like we have in the baths is one of the best. It has very tiny holes in it, so small that they can't be seen. The stone filters everything out of the water so it's usually totally pure.

If it's close enough we can run a pipe from there to the village. We'd have an unending supply of pure clean water." Hosi smiled. I knew she would trust my judgment. We allowed Adam to rest for a few days before we left for the mountains.

He had taken the long way there, but now we were able to take a much shorter and direct route. I used my GPS to take the coordinates of the village. I noted the geological features as we walked, stopping to use my rock hammer and pick several times. When we reached the source I saw it was indeed an artesian well.

The GPS told me it was about fifteen miles as the crow flies to the village and it was downhill all the way. I patted Adam on the back and hugged all the women on the team. We returned to the village and met with Scott. He told us we could buy huge spools of PVC pipe. Each spool would hold more than a mile of pipe. We could run it down the hill to the village. He described how we could collect the water at the source and build a fountain in the plaza where it could be distributed.

Now the issue was how to buy the piping.

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It took us months to buy and transport the pipe to the valley. Moving it up to the mountain was a breeze—one Amazon every twenty feet made moving it child's play. Scott coordinated the construction of a stone pool lined with the same primitive concrete that we used in the irrigation channels in the plaza with overflow diverted directly into the river.

At the source a catch basin was constructed. Wherever possible the piping was dug underground. Where that couldn't be done the exposed pipe was buried under rocks that were concreted in place. The entire tribe was on hand when the water began to flow. The mood was much like it had been when Scott erected his water wheel several years before.

Nobody was happier than Dennis. This could mean an end to treating the villagers for dysentery and cholera. Dysentery was an annoyance, but cholera could wipe out half the tribe before he was able to get it under control.

I held Hosi's hand as the fresh pure water began to flow from the pipe. We had built the fountain so the pipe was almost four feet higher than the catch basin. Watching the arc flow was fascinating—a testimony to the determination that had been the symbol of Hosi's reign.

It showed how much could be accomplished even out here in the wild jungle. I was wrapped up in the ceremony until Hosi leaned into me, her soft breast brushing against my arm. "I'm pregnant again," she whispered, "I told you I wanted another ten." I kissed her briefly and looked up into the clouds. My eyes wandered over the verdant valley, the happy people, and back to my wife.

I couldn't wait to get her alone so I could show her once again how much I loved her. What a life—what a wonderful life!