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The Prophecy Ch. 6 This is the continuation of the previous chapter, please read the previous chapters to fill in any blanks. I appreciate the feedback and apologize for previous and any future grammatical errors. This story contains fantasy/magic within it and has more interesting magical twists to come.

Please note that all characters in this story are 18 years or older. If you're not interested in the realm of seduction, fantasy, action, and adventure then you found the wrong story. I apologize for how long it took to post this story. I will continue to write this story and create many more in the future. "This bullshit is getting boring really fast." The cheerleader stood dumbfounded as he left her in the hall to her own thoughts.

She was part of a number of people trying to get more information about the "mystery woman" in the car that had picked him up the other day. At first it was funny hearing some of the theories that came up, but after the first dozen or so it got annoying fast. What's worse is that the stories just kept getting worse by the second. One person or group thought he had inherited a fortune. Another thought he was part of a gang. The most ridiculous one was that he had gotten a "suga momma." If Serina had heard that one he was sure he'd hear her laughing her heart out till he died.

That last one made him want to smack his head repeatedly into a locker. Today was supposed to be a rest day, it was Friday after all, and here was on the verge of an aneurism from hell. The only thing keeping him from taking a swan dive off the building was the pleasant memory of the previous night. That and the fact that he wasn't sure if it would kill him but just put him in a sever amount of pain. Quirks of healing fast and having a tough body, makes suicide via "sudden drop with a short stop" practically impossible.

What made things worse was the fact that people who weren't asking him about Serina, or whispering about it when they thought he couldn't hear, where talking about Xavier. Apparently he was back and his jaw isn't as busted as people thought. Now the guy wanted revenge and seemed to be waiting for the perfect chance to bash his skull in.

A lot of people were guessing between after school or over the weekend and shuttering at the thought of what might happen to "poor Luke." Luke almost thought it was funny, considering the past week he had been fighting things that would have thought Xavier looked like a good appetizer.

Then again, it was another thing to add to his plate of annoying with a sprinkle of frustration. Luke spent most of the day dealing with the nonsense that started from the rumors as well as multiple people warning him about his "imminent death." The whole time he kept trying to ignore them and not think about "The Lion." (God was he using a lot of mental air quotes today.) Everyone thought he was nervous about Xavier, he found it damn near laughable when they told him he was so dead.

He kept trying to forget about everything that happened yesterday and focus on school. Sometimes it was easier than others, most of his classes he spent finishing homework that was due the next week.

He figured playing catch up didn't much give him rest time so he might as well work a bit ahead. He asked for the assignments before the class started and just dove into the work. Most the teachers seemed impressed…others more annoyed. The work gave him something to focus on and helped him avoid thinking about…problems. When he was left alone to his thoughts the prophecy ran through his mind in small fragments and what came in more vividly was the image of the Lion during their fight.

The shadow face behind the raging flames painted quite the vivid picture in his head. Mix that with a foretelling of almost impending doom…well…makes trying to enjoy the simple things at school more than a little difficult.

Luke was able to override the memories by thinking of the bone shattering night he had with his mother and sister. He was able to smile thinking about the pair of them riding him like crazy for round two through four. After it all he wanted to talk about their relationship, Xander's words poking in his mind helped influence that awkward conversation. They thought he was sweet, really stupid but sweet. They flat out told him that he could have a girlfriend and they were allowed to see other people to.

They were very insistent that he find a girlfriend for himself. "A handsome young man that is amazing in bed isn't something to waste on his mother." "Besides if I tried to keep you to myself you'd wreck me. Catching up in Math and English was easier than he thought. PE was the real killer. He couldn't fake his shoulder again, since it was perfectly healed. What was difficult was trying to keep his…well enhanced body under control. He doubted it would look right if he could suddenly run the whole track and not miss a beat.

What made it more difficult was that the track was just the warm up and he had to act as tired as everyone.

He wasn't too sure he pulled it off, his body wasn't as coated in sweat as everyone else's. He was really having a hard time trying to play dodge ball without…well dodging.

He had to keep up his act through the whole thing which is a lot hard than anyone suspects. Lunch was made light by his sister joining him and making him forget things for a time. Minus the rumors starting to blow up even more than before. Now he apparently was fighting Xavier for Serina to be his "suga mama." When his sister joined him for lunch it was a nice refresh of what occurred last night and made him smile from ear to ear.

They laughed and joked like brother and sister hiding playful banter with double meaning most people could only assume at. It was a nice distraction but thoughts of the Lion still played at the edge of his mind.

It was also made more acquired that Luke had to explain that there was no "sugga momma" and that a client from work was nice enough to give him a ride from school. He wasn't entirely sure she bought it but she didn't press for more information either.

Biology was his second to last class of the day and he felt ready for the day to be over and he was ready to relax. That was until he found out today was the last day for group studies on their projects.

Yoshi didn't look like she was in a much better mood than he was. After slinging all the magic around he didn't even bother turning on his Mind Radio. He was different levels of tired that didn't seem to reach his new muscles.

He just sighed leaning against his chair feeling like every part of him was made of iron yet he felt like he could run for the Olympics if he wanted to. It was a very odd clash off feelings when you're tired but you could push a car on a moment's notice.

Yoshi looked like she had already done her couple mile dashes around the school today. Her usual French braid was barely a braid with her black strands of hair slipping out at random spots. She looked like she hadn't slept all night with bags under her eyes that reminded him of his mother after pulling an overnight double shift.

Her fuller cheeks looked flushed on her natural circular face as she seemed to be on permanent fast forward to mark more notes for her homework. As her face seemed to be lacking sleep the rest of her seemed less organized. Her button up shirt was buttoned up wrong and part of it stuck out of her black skirt and that was in less better condition. She looked like he normally does after a training session or one of Morty's jobs.

He sighed and leaned against his chair. He tried to carry humor with his voice but it just came out drained, "You look like you took over one of my jobs at work." "It feels like I haven't stopped working." "I thought that was my line considering I'm the slacker of the two of us?" He put some mild sarcasm and for the first time he saw a smile on her face followed by a sighing laugh. Luke tried to not look surprised, he doubted he did a good job.

Some stray hair was brushed behind her ears, "You don't seem that bad." "Can I get a recording of that so I can play it back for my sister? She calls me a jackass almost daily." Well that was until recently, he was promoted to just "ass" lately. But he caught more of a laugh from Yoshiko and they both smiled at each other.

"The daily life of the ever busy huh?" She gave a slight nod, "Job getting to you?" Luke wondered if that was the first question she has asked him that didn't involve an evil sneer somewhere, at least a question he didn't have to pull from her mind. He was almost taken back but just decided to go with the flow.

He ran his hands over his face, trying to wipe away the stress from his features. It didn't do much, "Getting harder by the day, apparently people seem to think I can handle a lot more work than I'm ready for." "Is my mom your boss to?" Luke paused blinking at her, "Yoshi…did you just crack a joke?" A shade of new red teased at her cheeks, "Is it that surprising?" "Well since normally you talk to me in an attitude of something you scrap of your shoe&hellip.yes." He smiled at her and she smiled back as the blush rose in her cheek.

Luke noticed something else about her as well, how much she was sweating. "Sorry if I'm being forward but I need to check." He reached forward resting the back of his hand on her forehead. The instant his hand touched two things happened: First he felt how much her head was burning up.

Second she jerked her body away as if he was about to attack her. "Holy hell you are burning up? Why are you at school if you are that sick?" It took Yoshiko a moment too long to gather herself together. Luke wondered what she thought he was doing, "My…my mother believes that I need to focus on my work and improve myself…she say's I'm not working hard enough." When Luke's jaw fell open he swore he was going to start doing more impressions of cartoons.

He wasn't wrong as he tried to find the right words to say but it came out jumbled like his voice became a damaged record. Finally he smacked his head to get some sort of thought process working, "What the hell is she talking about? You're a straight A student and probably the most sought after for any clubs, and with the way you run I'm sure that more than one coach wants you on his team. If she thinks you aren't working hard then maybe she should get her head examined for all the bullshit that's in there." She only stared at him for the longest time.

He was beginning to wonder if he went too far. It's not like he knew what was going on in her family. And, from what he has heard, some Asian families are pretty strict. Then again with as bad she looked and as hard as she worked…needless to say he felt his opinion was justified. If she was at all upset he had no idea how to back pedal that last paragraph that decided to snap out of his hole. Right about now he was holding his breath behind tight lips and clinched teeth.

Then she started giggling and turning shades of red he didn't think she wore. Her laughing seemed to be contagious and he started joining her. Soon they were bursting with laughter and making a scene that neither one of them seemed to care about. He found himself finally getting the break he needed. The laughter was pure bliss and not caused by a recent near death experience or mixing emotions about incest.

A strange sense of normal complaining about parents, which was made stranger considering that his mother rode his bones the night before. Yet there he was roasting her mother in all her…well bitchy glory. He wanted to think of something else to say but the laughter just kept barreling out of him making his words sound nothing but a jumbled mess.

As their laughter died down she found her words a lot easier than he did, "No one has ever talked about my mother that way…ever." Luke had to work his brain and hit the reset button for his speech a few times before he could actually form a complete sentence, "Sounds like she has earned it and then some from my count.

But then again I might be prejudice cause I wanna make a beautiful girl smile." That caused her to blush and smile more, "I'm not beautiful, I look like I just got ran over." "No no no," Luke corrected, "I look like I got ran over. You look like you need to go home and get a lot of R&R with a dash of medicine and a lot of hot beverages running down your throat." Yoshiko seemed to panic at that, "No I can't, we have to much work to do and still have to make it to next class an…" Luke seemed to be booming with confidence, or he just didn't care for her rambling while she was sick.

He placed a finger to her lips and smiled, "There is a reason I'm coming over later and it's a good thing we have the same class together.

I'll take some notes and give em to ya when I come over." He paused only to remove his finger and found her still blushing or perhaps she was slightly dark (hard to tell when someone is sick). "So if you don't get out of here I'm gonna start yelling bloody mary." She raised a brow at him, "I appreciate it but I doubt you would." His smile became wolfish reaching from ear to ear before his voice boomed, "BLOODY MARY!" Her hand clapped quickly over his mouth.

He would have enjoyed the soft slender fingers if they weren't covered in sweat. He smiled behind it at her before she gave an exasperated sigh and left saying she was sick. Luke just leaned back in his chair feeling like a victor especially when she smiled at him before she left.

-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- He strode into History feeling like he just got the winning goal at the big game. As he sat in the front row he swore he saw the first person to congratulate him. Professor King was back and she looked damn good. Her hair was down again and reaching all the way to the small of her back, the brown hair sleek with a shine to it.

Her green eyes swept the class and seemed to glow with her skin. The make up only highlighted her strong angular features and gave her the strong look of dominance that would make most men want to look away. Not Luke, he was pulled in remembering her face during her orgasm in class and feeling himself grow excited, in more ways than one.

She wore a black dress today that came down to her knees but didn't reveal any cleavage or leg, yet it didn't hide one bit of her curves either. Her D sized breasts pushed against the material while her hourglass figure showed against the stretched cloth. Luke heard the clicking of her high heels that just made her legs look irresistible. He had to make sure not to swallow his tongue or drop too much jaw. He would have counted her as indecent if it wasn't for the navy blue light jacket that hid her shoulders and arms.

When the bell rung he pulled his eyes back into his skull before they fell out. He went up to her asking for the homework due next week which caused her to arch a brow as she studied him for a moment or two. She nodded and gave him the assignment and said with a hotly voice, "I expect you to still participate in class Mr.

Von'Kyde." He couldn't tell if there was a double meaning in her words or not. But as he locked eyes with hers his Mind Radio turned on and the anchor instantly connected. He didn't do it intentionally, more of he thought of doing it and it happened instantly. She seemed to hold the professional manner with a hint of amusement.

He simply nodded and went back to his desk to get started. He noticed and was a little alarmed that his anchor was attaching faster and faster each time, he wasn't quite certain if it was due to repeated use or the fact that he was able to read someone he has already anchored before. It was also amazing how quickly his mind radio turned on and tuned on to her frequency, again another thought that could be explained to repeated use.

But as she started the class he heard two sets of voices, the ones pertaining to the lecture and her actual mind. "Alright class today is the final review for the section before the test on Monday." "I hope he decides to stay after class today." "We will be reviewing the final chapter today and I need you to have a summary paper finished before the test on Monday." "Of course some more handsome proactive students are doing them right now." "Now if you haven't read the chapter then today will be a nice reminder that you need to pay attention." "I'm sure I've got a few people's attention at the moment." "Now&hellip.where is Yoshiko?" Luke was having quite the double thought processing keeping up with the conversation and mental thought process.

He found his voice, "Um, she had to go home. She wasn't feeling really well and left during the last class." Luke detached the anchor from her mind before his brain was reeling too much from keeping up with her lecture, listening to her mind, and trying to work on the homework do Monday. There is multi-tasking and then there is a quick way to get a tumor. One thing was clear to him though, he was certain that he would need help with his homework…after class.

The lecture continued confirming the last chapter of the section. Luke made sure he raised his hand randomly for a question so as not to get on her bad side. His eyes remained focused on his paper and he proved why he was allowed to slack in classes before he became a sorcerer. Within an hour long class he was finished his paper, at least the first portion that was rushed and probably had more grammar errors than he could count.

But, it was finished while answering random questions the teacher had. When the bell rang he felt so proud of himself he almost walked out of class. But one look at Professor King bent over to collect some books was an easy reminder for him to stay.

And since he was finished his paper he had more than a decent excuse. When the rest of the class left he remained in his seat just watching the teacher's nicely shaped ass through her dress.

When she stood up with her books she seemed genuinely surprised to see him still there. When their eyes locked the anchor was set as soon as Luke thought of it. It was strange feeling the anchor soar like a bullet and latch like a vice in her mind. Her thoughts mimicked her question in a strange echoing fashion, "Luke what are you still doing here?" Luke struggled to contain his smile before he answered, "Well I finished my paper but I want to make sure I got some details accurate.

Would you mind reviewing some of the details with me?" "Sure I wouldn't mind at all," She set her books aside and seemed to pause before she removed her jacket revealing that the dress she wore had no shoulders at all.

Luke felt his breath catch as he had a wonderful view of her neck and shoulders while she leaned over to examine his paper. Luke was grateful the desk hid quite a bit. She moved over beside him and he could catch the smell of her perfume as she looked at his paper. "I'm quite impressed that you finished already…though there are quite a few grammar mistakes." She paused examining his paper over his shoulder and he struggled to keep his hands on the desk instead of stroking her.

He wasn't sure if that was the power of the Mind Radio, his enhanced libido, or his natural urges mixed with a damn sexy teacher right there. "So what part are you having difficulties with?" He felt himself do a double take at her question, since he was focused on her skin and smell. "Well…I think I've got a good body here to work with, the curves are in the right place but some parts seem hidden that I'm not exactly sure that I know what to put there." His double meaning was so obvious yet he didn't care.

He wanted to see how much he could prod her sexual thoughts with his words. And that is were having the ability to read her mind came in handy. "Well he is certainly forward, but let's see how much we can push each other." She nodded for a moment before leaning closer to him, brushing her breasts against his shoulder and continuing, "Well I like the detail you have hear for your paper. But it seems lacking in certain areas down below.

Not sure if the right words roll of the tongue easily." The hidden banter was so obvious he almost swore that it was a bad script from a porno.

Yet he smiled from ear to ear enjoying the playful nature that they both knew made the other smile. He just cleared his throat and decided to push a little more as he moved closer, his hand brushing hers to hint at what he was talking about on the page, "I thought it's rather strong and almost to lengthy down below but I'm sure that top portion has plenty of words that allow good use of the tongue." He felt like he needed that extra leg for the kick to the head.

That was too obvious on so many levels. He was pretty sure some porn writer some were is taking notes or having a migraine. Yet her hand covered his as their eyes meet one another. He felt the heat rise under her fingers and grow between his legs. When their eyes locked he felt her thoughts rushing towards his mind in a stream of sexual arousal, excitement, and panic. "I'm flirting with my student like I'm cheap porn star.

What's worse is he is flirting back just as bad. But, is it bad? God I masturbated and exposed myself to class for him. I'm practically dripping right now and I can't seem to stop myself. Not one man has made me this excited in a long time and he is one of the brightest students and is eyeballing me like I'm his next big lay. I could be. Should I be? I know it's wrong, I could lose my job. But, god he is handsome and I didn't know he had such strong hands. What else don't I know about his body?" Needless to say her thought seemed to race similar to a computer following the right, wrong, exciting, and hot spectrum of her mind.

Luke decided to make his move. He leaned in and found her lips and it was difficult to place the flavor, the only way to describe the kiss was electrifying. He wasn't sure if it was the taboo of the moment, the control he had, or how much he knew he was having effect on her.

Any of those could explain the reason and so could all of them. As their lips collided his mind pushed against hers, "Don't think, act, feel the excitement. When this kiss is over you know there is more to come so you should lock the door and pray you can keep quite." The thought was placed and seemed to flow with the computer speed stream of her other thoughts.

Yet when he placed that one there wrong seemed to be removed with anticipation for what was to come. The kiss lasted an extra minute before she parted and seemed to be panting while a few shades of red danced along the blush panted on her features. In a rush of excitement she hurried to the door and locked it, she seemed to keep her focus on locking the door as she spoke, "We may need some privacy for the next part of the lesson." She didn't hear Luke come up behind her.

But as the sound of the lock clicked he whispered in her ear feeling the sexual desire roll off his tongue, "The question is, who is teaching." He heard her gasp as his arms wrapped about her waist and his lips kissed along her exposed shoulder and neck. He could taste the oils of her natural skin mix with the slight taste of her perfume. He was able to ignore the chemical taste as she swooned in his arms.

Her back press firmly against his chest as his hands roamed her body through the dress. The soft material molded and pushed against her skin as he bite gently against her neck while placing kisses along her collar bone.

"My God," her breath whispered the words as she directed his hands to grip her breasts. His fingers encompassed them through the cloth squeezing them firmly making her squirm more against his touch.

Her mind mimicked what his hands confirmed, her nipple wear erect behind the cloth making it easier to tease the bare breasts underneath.

Every time his fingers glided over her nipples he felt her squirm and thoughts get derailed in her mind with each touch, caress, and pinch. He found one of his hands drift down between her legs slowly lifting her dress as he found that just like she claimed, she was dripping, but she wasn't wearing any panties. "Aren't you a hungry teacher," His words struck a chord in her brain as her thoughts rushed with agreement and begging.

Luke found her at his mercy when his hand slipped up her dress and the other hand pulled down to expose her to his mercy, not that he would give her any. As his hand cupped her large breast he was almost derailed from his own thoughts at the weight and soft feel of them.

His fingers pinched her nipple and clit pulling slightly as she wiggled and bucked against him, his arms holding her firmly. Yet she still seemed to have plenty of room to move. He decided to fix that by moving his lips to the other side of her neck biting into the flesh hard as she gasped even more. His fingers slipped inside her drench pussy causing her to squirm before he sank his teeth more firmly into her flesh and gripped her breast like it was a handle.

Her mind was racing as his fingers worked her pussy. "My god yes, he is amazing. I need a man like him to take control, to take me, and use me. My god he is working my body like a god. His teeth on my neck, oh please let them leave a mark. Pull on my tit, abuse it. No not there you keep curling your fingers there I'm going to lose my mind." Her mind was the perfect play by play of her sexual desires, with added hot commentary that made him grow hotter by the each thought that raced in her mind.

He had no idea how much this strong teacher was a needy submissive slut until he touched her mind and now she needed him. She was putty in his fingers as he worked her to an orgasm.

He seemed to have an amazing effect on her cause her whole body stiffened and slumped against him as her orgasm crashed through her like a freight train. Her mind getting washed with pleasure leaving her thoughts blank. She seemed almost weak in his arms and it caused him to smile seeing her limp body mixed with the rosy cheeks, and the blissful smile. He picked her up easily, almost as if she was as light as his sister. He needed to skip the thank you note to Xavier and send that guy a bottle of Jack Daniels.

As he set his teacher down on her desk she seemed to come to her sense, for just a moment before his face buried into her pussy. Just like her lips he couldn't explain the electrifying taste of her snatch. In an instant she was fully active again and bucking her hips into his face. Her fingers gripping his hair as his tongue lapped up her slit making her juices pour over his chin. He gorged himself on her pussy feeling her grip his head firmly as his tongue slid up and down her slit, working every inch.

His nose about got smashed as she gripped him more firmly grinding her eager hole on his mouth. Her voice echoed her mind in please to give her more, only difference was that her mind was a lot louder than her voice. Her words came out a subtle whisper but her mind about screamed them like an echo against his skull. "Oh yes, my god you are amazing. Oh drink that cunt up baby!" The final word was heightened by her next orgasm that wracked through her body.

She finally let go of his hair giving Luke a chance to finally breathe. He felt like he might need to fix his nose and clean his face from how much his features were sore and drenched. Yet one look at his teacher laying limply on the desk with her head over the edge was just to intriguing for him to ignore. He finally worked himself out of his pants and brought out his massive 8 inch tool feeling all the blood pulse in it as he worked it against her slit.

At the touch of his dick against her slit she snapped to attention with a wide eyed stare that was only made wider when he buried all 8 inches in one thrust inside her. Her body arched as her head leaned over the edge of the desk again mouthing wordlessly what her mind spoke clearly, "His dick is in me!

I have my student massive cock inside me! And it feels amazing. Oh stir me up, use that cunt please! Please! Please fuck me!" Luke drank her words like there were the most amazing drug and began to hammer her like a machine set to the highest setting. Her body bounced on the table and caused it to creak as she bit her lip trying to hold in her moans of pleasure that threatened to turn to a scream if she didn't keep any control over it.

Her mind continued to scream and plead for him to abuse her body and rough up her pussy. He obliged her sending his dick as deep as possible. He grab hold of her hands for leverage and pulled her into him even harder. She let out a yelp on the initial hard thrust with her hands and then buttoned her lips hard. "He's so strong, his dick is burying inside me. He is amazing! Stir me up, defile me, and tare me apart!" A third orgasm rippled through her but he didn't give her a chance to relax as his cock continued to hammer her.

He felt the juices pour over his hips and dick feeling the blissful walls of her snatch grip and milk him.

He groaned and moaned through his teeth, trying just as hard to keep his voice under control as he drilled and stirred her up with his dick. Another orgasm ripped through her and then another like wave after wave caused by his cock and his grip on her hands.

Finally he was forced to pull out or have his dick ripped off inside of her. He was so close and knew it. He felt himself grow frustrated and then a victorious smile spread across his face as he saw her lay limply on the desk…with her head over the edge panting heavily. He walked around the desk, trying not to trip over his pants that pulled around his ankles, and didn't even warn her before he thrust his dick into her open mouth. A muffled scream of surprised caused her throat to clinch on his tip and made him feel even more blissful as he began to thrust inside of her mouth.

Her hands flailed randomly for a moment before they gripped the desk and he continued to fuck her throat. After a moment he worried that he hurt her but her head cleared enough emotion for complete sentences to be heard again. "He's ravishing my throat, using my mouth like a second pussy. Where did he learn this? How does he know I like this?!

WHO THE FUCK CARES! RAPE THAT MOUTH YOU STUD!" Her words were the fuel and his drive got a burst as he ravished her mouth. He felt her tongue on the top of his dick, squirming and sliding along his length as it continued to hammer her throat. He felt his body grow tense as he grew near his own climax.

His hands reached down and gripped her breasts firmly like handles. He squeezed them hard till they might bruise and pulled her body into his cock. He felt her body loosen and her mouth eagerly work his cock as it twitched and trembled in her throat.

On the final thrust he buried it as far down her throat as he could, fingers digging into her breasts, his balls tensing against her face as he emptied his load down her mouth.

He felt stream after stream empty down into her stomach as her throat clinched to drink it all. Finally he pulled out of her mouth, with his dick being as clean as a whistle. He took a step back admiring his handy work of his once strict teacher now laying on her own desk with her cum dripping from her pussy and his buried down her throat. He continued to watch her as he cleaned himself up and pulled his pants on.

She seemed to have brought herself out of her own daze and cleaned up herself. He kept glancing at her, catching her watching him, and when their eyes meet she would blush deeply before turning her gaze away. Finally when they were all done she slipped on her coat again and grabbed her stuff. He did the same thing but not before detaching from her mind. He felt a slight bit of relief on his brain when he turned off the mind radio. The strain almost nonexistent this time around.

She unlocked the door ready to leave, "Well…I'm glad I was able to assist you with your paper. I expect this will be the last time you will need help." As she went to open the door his palm came up and slammed it shut, "What makes you think this will be the last time?" Luke continued to be surprised by the random bits of his confidence shining through but he figured the hell with it and enjoy the ride. She looked at him stunned and clutched her books to her chest, "What do you mean?" The words came sputtering out of her mouth.

He couldn't tell if it was fear or excitement at first, but since he had been swimming in her mind he knew it was the latter. "I mean…I'm not done with you." He slipped his arm around her waist pulling her close so her body was gripped firmly against his. He felt her heart race and the blood rush to her cheeks, and he had an inkling that she was growing wet again. "We are done together when I say…got it." She swallowed hard and he felt her body slowly sink closer to him, one hand gripped the books firmly to her breasts as the other rested on his shoulder, "But…I'm your teacher…" His smile became wolfish before he kissed her firmly, he felt the electricity run from her lips into him and smiled wide as he broke the kiss to find her breathless, "During school you are my teacher and I expect you to treat me the same as before you showed me how much of a greedy slut you are.

But when I call…you are mine, understand." In response she kissed him again and he smiled against her feeling her eagerness. The kiss lasted quite a while as he felt her tongue slip into her mouth and tease his own.

He couldn't believe is luck, not only had he fucked his teacher but now…he had somehow made her his booty call…or…more. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke walked down the street with a bit of a hop to his step.

The school was pretty much empty when he left and he felt himself ready to enjoy the weekend. He didn't realize how much sex was a stress release until the last 12 hours. A fuck session with his family calmed him down and now his own personal teacher brought his spirits up.

And even more, he was going over to a cute girl's house for school work and to get her better. He had a day of normal high school student, well a high school stud maybe. Then again some may just call him a man whore. He found himself laughing at that thought while trying to follow the directions from his phone.

He honestly didn't realize what the big deal of having a smartphone was…until he got one for himself. Saved time on the research between classes, directions, and…well facebook. If he was going to be a normal high school guy he had to laugh at the drill sergeant video for GTA. As Luke's phone announced his arrival he felt his jaw sink to the concrete as he stared at the Yoshiko's house. It was the classic bright white, fresh paint white, three story house with a nice fence and green grass.

It was the very description of a rich person's house. He had to snap his head forward to make sure he didn't eyeball the house anymore and have someone call the cops on the creepy stalker. He rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer. He had a deep fear that he would run into Yoshiko's mother. All he could picture was an angry Asian woman who had a cruel smile. As the minutes turned the woman grew two extra arms, large teeth, and tripled in size. When Yohsiko answer he felt a large wave of relief wash over him.

He would have admired how cute she looked in the white robe and her dark hair hanging loosely if her face wasn't bright red and covered in sweat. "I'm glad you came," She smiled weakly before he felt the need to catch her. He wasn't sure which instinct it was but he was on the money as she grew weak kneed and fell into his arms. "Damn Yoshi your head is on fire. Come on lets go, which room is your bedroom?" It seemed to take her and extra moment or two so he decided to forgo the bedroom and lay her on the couch.

He watched her calmly as she breathed heavily trying to work her way through being sick. He rested his hand on her forehead and felt like she was burning like a fire.

He ran around the house trying to find medicine. If he wasn't in a panicked state he would admire the rich white décor that would give Nina's place a run for its money. He blocked out the house in question and focused on finding medicine.

He had no luck in the bathroom and almost no luck in the kitchen. When he found what he needed he shouted in his excitement. It took him an extra ten minutes to get the cup ready but when he got back to the living room in one cup he had the tea made for Yoshiko and a "just in case" in his other hand.

As he set down the latter he gently stirred her awake to offer her the cup, "Drink it slow, should be warm enough to take a few gulps so be careful." He barely got the last words out before her hands reached greedily for the tea. She gulped it down fast not caring for the heat. He felt sorry for her and…even sorrier when her face grew shocked half way through the cup.

She pushed it back in his hand and coughed a bit trying to hold down her stomach, "What was in that cup?" "Some Chamomile tea, with sugar, honey…and a shot of apple cider vinegar." At the last mention he saw the reaction he expect and held the small trash bin for her.

He saw her stomach lurch and kindly looked away as he ignored the sounds. She was like that for a few before she moved to glare at him. He smiled bashfully, "Feel better?" She looked ready to yell but paused, "Um…yes…how did you know that would work?" Luke rested the bin against the couch and smiled, "My Mom works at a hospital.

Any time I was sick she would let it sit at first and give me medicine. But if I needed to get better fast…a shot of the smelly hell in a gallon." That caused her to laugh a bit as she looked at the tea hesitantly.

She took a deep breath and gulped down the rest. That surprised him and before long she was emptying her stomach again, this time not as bad. "I hear some people mix it with cleansing water or just take a shot straight up to be healthier…I'll just stick to using it as quick up chuck medicine myself." That caused her to laugh some more as she sat up to push some of her loose hair from her face. She was quite beautiful and if she wasn't sick Luke would thank his stars.

However, she was sick and such thoughts made him really want that extra limb for a head kick again. He pulled himself from weird thought central back to reality as she spoke, "Thank you…I do feel a bit better." As she went to sit up he immediately pushed her back down. "Don't even think about getting up, you may feel a bit better but the rest of you doesn't. Now that your awake were is your medicine so I can stop giving you cup ala puke up." She laughed and told him about the medicine upstairs.

He was out of the room in a flash and back before she knew it. He smiled as she took the medicine with strength that would normally cause him to start the funny face dance. They spent the rest of the time going over Luke's paper for their last class, just like their teacher, she was surprised he was done. But, she turned out to be a grammar Nazi which just made him laugh at how exasperated she got on his spelling of words.

When that was done he pointed at some more articles he looked up after she left class. She seemed to pay close attention to what he had to say and it was strange to explain his ideas to her without a blank star or a snarky reply.

Yet there they sat, him on the floor her on the couch with a fresh cup of normal tea going over their school work. When he was finished she highlighted how the paper would be written out and invited him back the next day.

When he left he truly looked forward to seeing her again, especially after the tender thank you kiss on his cheek. That and the rest of the day put a hop to his step for a few blocks. When he was a good distance away he finally surrendered to the inevitable and called Nina, "Alright it's time, get Serina and let's meet with those contacts of yours." Normal was over, back to the mystical. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- The mystical afternoon…started a lot more tensely than the morning of normal.

Since he agreed to take two contracts it seemed that Serina wasn't set on keeping the contracts separate gains. Nina was very upset about that idea. "Two contracts at the same time could kill him and for what? For a chance for him to endure more pain and get used to it as you say?!" And that statement set off a string of arguments between them that almost came to blows.

The only thing that stopped it from coming to that was him agreeing to take the contracts. And that set Nina into a whole new fit. Now he sat in the front seat with Nina staring at the road like a pissed of cat cladded in a black suit.

He was wondering if that was foreshadowing of her mood. He felt uncomfortable in the passenger seat just staring ahead and trying to gauge Nina's mood from his peripheral vision. It was made more difficult by Serina sitting in the back seat watching the whole thing. He tried to keep the image of her sitting in the back casually dress in a tight black tub top that barely covered her breasts while her legs stretching the leather of the black pants which the string lining the sides barely kept contained.

The whole setting had him itching from head to toe. He had to break the tension so he decided to ask business based questions. "What are the contracts I'm agreeing to today?" He heard the inhale of breath from Serina as she prepared to answer but Nina's words flew out, like she was racing her, "The contract I've set up for you is the same wind contract I use. The woman…is a strange person but she will test you like the others." Serina chuckled at the end of Nina's statement causing her to glare at Serina from the review mirror, "Please Nina, he has had enough contracts to know there will be a trial of some sort.

Thus far I seem to understand he hasn't failed any of them. I know exactly who you intended for him and thankfully the being I have talked to has agreed to meet with Luke as well as your contractor. I surely hope they don't get into a spat, it would be a pain to pay for the repairs of the building." Luke felt himself swallow hard at that thought. He never saw the contractors fight, with the exception of Renna.

He wondered what kind of power they wielded to loan it off to sorcerers and sorceresses. He had a horrible image in his mind of the street where he and the Lion fought and his brain just kept multiplying it until he pictured a street hit with Armageddon in his mind. He needed to ignore such thoughts, "So…what ability will your contractor give me?" Luke dared a look over his shoulder at Serina, which only gave him a nice view of the outfit in question and blood going to the one place in his body he didn't need at the moment.

Serina was fiddling with her phone and didn't even seem to notice when he looked at her, "My contractor allows you to manipulate stone and earth. A rather difficult contract but I'm sure you can handle it." "Which makes this idea of him accepting both at the same time insane. He would be pushing himself to fair by accepting one at a time today and accepting both could kill him." Nina's voice was hot with anger and…what Luke could only guess was desperate.

At that Serina put down her phone and seemed to have a fire in her eyes that reminded Luke why he didn't want to be on the other side of her anger. The heat of her voice was felt to his very bone, "If he must survive then we must break him down first." At that moment he felt like a new recruit at boot camp for the marines, at least he couldn't imagine such a threatening motivational speech.

He turned back to face out the front trying to ignore the chill in his bones. Nina had collected herself quickly and was ready to respond back but he decided he needed to voice himself, "She's right." Nina froze like he struck her and he decided to use a gentler tone, "She's right Nina…that guy went easy on me at first.

If he had started mixing those contracts like he had at the beginning…I doubt I would be here and scared out of my mind." Nina seemed to take his meaning and took his hand gently, "Listen, you don't have to do this so soon.

Yes I…we will train you to become stronger and tougher but you don't have to take on so much to start." She gave his hand a squeeze trying to be reassuring and he felt himself…he wasn't show how he felt. He was comforted by her hand but he knew he had to do what was needed. He gave her hand a squeeze in return, "I know Nina…but I don't know how long he will give me.

He could attack me today, tomorrow, and for all I know he is waiting for me to get stronger so it's more of a challenge. I can't afford to bank on that last one, I need to be ready to handle anything…even a lot of pain." That last thought caused him to shutter, he tried to suppress it but it was useless.

He just remembered the moment before the Lion was ready to kill him. Staring into that shadow face with flames flicking about him and through it all he could feel the intent to kill behind it all. If it wasn't for Nina and Serina…he would already be a memory that a few people would mourn after. He couldn't tell if Nina had read into his long pause after the shutter, it was strange…they haven't really talked since he had declared her his master yet still addressed her as an equal.

He needed to focus on his powers. So far he had mind reading, fire, and ice. Now he was on his way to collect wind and…earth. "What a minute are you women trying to make me the avatar or something?" The shock of his voice, mixed with the outburst, took Nina off guard as she stared at him and then the road and back. Serina didn't seem to miss the context however, "I'm not sure what tall blue aliens from another galaxy have to do with the current situation." Nina regained herself and laughed, "No no, he is talking about that bald kid with the blue arrow tattooed on his forehead." "That movie was terrible, why compare it to this?

Though I suppose using the four elements does apply." Serina seemed to puzzle it all out confused. "Oh hell no! I'm not talking about that movie disaster, I'm talking about the TV show. And if I start developing glowing blue eyes at some point we are going to have this talk again." Nina laughed again and rested her hand on his leg this time, "I'm sure we won't have to there love.

Though it is amusing to picture you bald." "Maybe jut shave off the sides of his head and trim up the hair on top." Serina chimed in. "Hmmm…I don't think so, the rugged look is cute on him but maybe more of a business cut. And a nice sports jacket to go with it." From then on Luke heard both women talking about his looks like he was Ken doll for dress up.

He rolled his eyes and stared out the window grateful the car didn't explode from those two, but then again they arguing between leather clothes and suits might do just that. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- The drive seemed to take forever and a day, yet each time he looked at the car clock only a minute or two had past. His mind was racing with all sorts of ill thoughts as well as emotions that he'd rather not dwell on.

But, as they made their way further to the outskirts of town he felt himself brooding and even feeling a sense of dread for what lay before him. The Lion seemed so far away and Luke couldn't help feel he could by waiting behind any corner. When Nina finally stopped the car he felt the tension both ease and grow in his shoulders.

He stilled himself trying to ready his nerves for what was to come. As he stepped out of the car and saw the zoo after closed hours he couldn't help but be reminded of bad horror films with terrible settings.

He focused on that thought thinking of the terrible movies, running from Zoombies to Zombeavers, to try and relax him. The irony of thinking of horror movies to calm his nerves wasn't lost on him. Yet as he made his way through the zoo gates, following Serina's shaped figure, he felt the tension slightly ease. Most people never see a zoo at night, if they have it's for an event or they work there. Luke felt sorry for the latter.

The zoo is pretty intimidating at night, all you can think about is the raw power of those animals separated by the metal bars. At night you had to picture those bars being there, the shadows made them seem invisible at most glances which made the beasts behind them more intimidating.

He appeared to be the only one affected by that mind rattling thought. Nina strode beside him, possessively he noticed, with a solid stride that was filled with her usual authority. In front Serina continued to walk forward with a solid step, though he couldn't quite place the emotions in her walk when his eyes were drawn to her ass.

They moved through the many paths that made Luke uncertain they knew where they were going. Yet as the approached the wolf exhibit and saw the lights on his heart sank to his stomach before leaping to his throat. The wolf pin was lit brightly, yet no electric lights were turned on, which revealed the bars that didn't seem to exist for this exhibit.

As they walked right past were the bars would have been, him climbing clumsily over the stone wall, Luke felt himself shift his body so he could run any second. There at the center of the pen the wolves circled and seemed to relax in the presence of the two being who looked like they belong in a professional portrait. One being was relaxed as she stroked the fur of a wolf who decided that her lap made a good pillow.

A loose fitting white cloth dress seemed to curl and wrap about her slender frame. Her frame was almost a mirror of his sister's, athletic yet petite in every way. He got a hint at the tone of her muscles as well as the slight curve of her frame (noting small B cup breasts) through the cloth itself, its curling cloth changed from solid white to see through as the breeze passed through her.

The parts of her body that weren't covered by cloth seemed to be layered in swirling dark tattoos. When his eyes moved up her frame he saw her sharp face that made her seem elfish, even more so when he notice her ears were extremely long and pointed.

Even through the see through/solid cloth, tattoos, and her curves his eyes were drawn to her own. The clear eyes that almost gave the impression that she was blind, no pupil or iris was seen giving them a solid white look yet her eyes locked on the group as they approached. Luke's eyes were drawn to another wolf circular from one figure to the other.

As his eyes were drawn to the other figure he debated whether his jaw was ready to drop or if he was just dumbfounded in general. The wolf decide that this person's feet was the place to relax as she watched her handle the small wolf cub in her hands. He watched the playful pup try to nip at this woman's fingers as she just laughed at the eager youth.

Her fingers curled and pet this adorable cub's fur with roots that seemed to wrap about both arms, almost like they were sleeves to a non-existent shirt. Her C cup breasts were completely exposed yet she bore them out with a strange since of modesty, her black hair draping over them. The wolf at her feet seemed to enjoy brushing against the woman's legs.

Legs that seemed to belong to one of the wolves themselves with black fur. Luke decided to reverse his eyes and look at her face, before he tried to figure out how quickly she could catch him if he ran. As his eyes took her in he couldn't help but feel her motherly details come into view.

The gentleness in her dark brown eyes matched only by the smoothness of her face. The only thing that detoured from the motherly image was the deer antlers that she seemed to almost treat as a crown. As the three of them crossed the length of the pin to greet the two being Luke was lost for words, thoughts, and the only thing he could identify was the swirl of emotions running through him.

He felt exhilarated, calm, and yet the primal sense of fear like he would be some one's next meal. As both sets of eyes locked on to their group he couldn't help but feel a sense that a spot light was on him. Serina and Nina made a formal bow which he tried to rush and mimic in their presence.

Luke felt intimidated and wondered if this is what most rabbits felt like closer to hunting season. He didn't know if this feeling was coming from the wolves that watched the group's every motion or the two woman who seemed to casually treat these animals like they were nothing more than puppies. Serina spoke first, "I'm glad you have agreed to meet us at the same time. I must admit I had worried about clashing interests in this particular endeavor." The woman with antlers chuckled, "Of course a Succubus would see such things as conflicting interests." Her voice seemed to sing with her words and Luke felt almost like he was talking to a grandmother with a youthful voice.

The more he watched the clashing appearance of the woman the less her features seemed awkward against each other. Like the imperfections made the overall appearance perfect. The other woman's voice was just as gentle, but as she spoke you could hear layers of soft voices, like multiple whispers echoing each other, "Well I can see how she would assume so. We normally don't see eye to eye on certain subjects there Tera." Tera seemed to only widen her smile at that, "Yet it doesn't mean our collaboration is such a rare event.

Is it Nina?" Nina seemed to take the question without acknowledging it but instead of answering it she redirected, "It's a pleasure to see you both together. Though it doesn't occur often I must say the sight of seeing you two together is always a beauty to be hold, my lady Tera and my Lady Silva" Silva's laugh was rich yet somewhat haunting with that whispering echo of her voice, "Always so formal dear girl.

It's amusing yet adorable." She paused still smiling and at that moment Luke knew all eyes were on him. "So this is the young fox in which you throw to the wolves. Come here young man and let's get a good look at you." Luke felt himself want to root his legs to the ground. His mouth felt dry as if he decided that sand was a good snack before coming to meet these women. Sweat glazed his brow and caked his palms adding a new layer he would have to wash off later.

He had been nervous and even fearful of meeting contractors before, hell he had even been in a room crowded with a lot of a woman's retainers even. Yet both of these women seemed to have a sense of pure primal power that set him on edge ready to defend himself or run. Nina laid a steady hand on his shoulder and gave him a reassuring nod. He took a deep breath and…well decide to throw himself to the wolves.

He walked past Serina who gave him an approving nod herself as he approached these two powerful beings, and their current pets. As he moved closer to them the wolves stirred, rising their heads to watch the intruder approach their beloved mothers. With a hushed whisper from them the wolves relaxed but still seemed to keep their gaze locked on his approach.

But, it wasn't there eyes that sent a bone chill running through Luke. He finally found himself standing between the two beautiful beings, barely a few feet away from each, only to smile nervously. Thankfully his voice didn't crack when he spoke, "And here I thought being thrown to the wolf jokes were over." Silva smiled broadly at him, causing her face to take on a calm that made him more relaxed, "Yes just as I've heard. A rugged youthful man with quite the mouth to go with it.

None the less, he does seem quite interesting." "Yet he is reining in his emotions quite well all things considered. Most would already be trying to flee from us. Handsome, rugged, quick worded, and youthful. All strong traits that have the potential to go far…or perish early." Tera's words felt like a set of claws racking down his spine hitting the right nerves to make him add yet another layer of sweat.

He found his throat dry once again as he swallowed hard, feeling the lump lodged in his throat. "Well remind me to stop asking anybody that makes me feel like I could get eaten any second to provide a motivational speech.

Each time they do I feel like I should have worn brown pants." This caused both women to laugh and brought a smile to his own face. His mouth on autopilot either got him in to trouble, eased the tension from the room, or improved his situation. At the moment, either of the latter two would make him feel less like the next course for dinner.

Tera had already collected herself while Silva seemed to continue to laugh, "Well stories of your charming personality haven't been exaggerated." "Though I can see why some would compare it to a particular wine that needs a certain acquired taste." Both women seemed to just smile at him as if they knew miles more of the situation than Luke did, and in retrospect they probably did. Luke took another breath to steady himself, "I know that you are both evaluating me right now.

You have agreed to meet here but not agreed to give me your contracts. At least that's what I assume." He took their silence as confirmation of his theory and decided to press on, "I'm guessing you aren't beings to push and be bound into submission.

That this "arranged meeting" was more of a request to see if I'm worth the effort. This whole time I've been on display you have been gauging my reactions. So I will finally ask myself…" Luke took another deep breath before going down to one knee with his head bowed, trying to be as humble as possible, "Will you please grant me your contracts so I can protect myself and those around me." The silence in the air was almost deafening, he had to keep focusing on the breathing and panting of the wolves to prevent from mentally counting the seconds that seemed to pass ever so slowly.

Luke felt like he should hold his breath but decided that trying to hold it for that long my cause him to go unconscious. Silva's voice finally broke the silence, "Quite the bold assumptions you made." "If they were untrue," Tera finished. "Of course you are correct." "We needed to understand what kind of man you are." "And several steps were done to do so." "Ever since you stepped into this place of beasts…" "We have watched your every motion." "Smelled every stench of emotion you radiated." "And listened to the trail of the song of your words." The pattern of them finishing the thought the other started was daunting and even more so when they spoke in unison, "And have found you worth our time." He felt a breath of relief and tension leave his body, and thought he heard the same from Nina and Serina.

He knew it was building but as it evaporated from him he felt ten pounds lighter. He stood and faced both women with a nervous smile on his face before rubbing the back of his neck, "Though I appreciate your acceptance…I doubt my coming here was the trial to prove my worth." Tera wore a knowing smile as she exchanged a glance with Silva and then turned her attention back to him, "You're smarter than you look little Fox." "Ya I get that a lot," Luke gave a nervous chuckle before he clamped his mouth shut to prevent any additional quips from springing loose that might get him in trouble.

Both women nodded at the same time before standing, much to the disappointment of the wolves. They strode over to him taking a hand each to lead him away. He didn't look behind him, he refused to let his fear control his actions. He just swallowed it and let it sit in the pit of his stomach as he felt their hands grip his. Their hands felt different against his fingers, while Silva's touch almost reminded him of dipping his hand in a cool stream Tera's had the feel of his mom firmly leading him away.

He was lead down a small path were he saw a pool, at first it looked like a normal watering hole. But, as they drew closer the water took on an emerald shade that shined back into his eyes. His green eyes almost shined as bright with the reflection as he felt his mouth hang open in awe. The water shined more brightly than anything he had ever seen and he could feel the allure of its water's call him.

They all stopped at the water's edge before the woman let go of his hands and circled him. Each step they took sent a chill through his body. He didn't fight to ignore it, it wasn't fear that chilled them but being in the presence of such raw power. Renna and Valur made him nervous being in there presence but there power was individual and contradicted each other.

Xavier made him feel intimated to the point it was almost laughable, while Manira just reminded him of a youthful young girl. Silva and Tera seemed to complement each other as well as clash making their circling him feel more daunting then he could ever place.

As they circled him he felt their hands run over his frame, their touch being deafened by his clothes. But, as they circled him he felt their hands almost slip through the material to caress his body.

He closed his eyes stealing himself for the next step and what was to come. Their touch continued to trail over his chest, starting at his waist to end at his shoulder only to be replaced by the other person's hand.

He didn't allow himself to get lost with in the sensation, he followed them but didn't let them overwhelm his senses. When he finally had the courage he opened his eyes to see both women standing before him yet still feel their touch on his bare chest.

The fact that he stood before them naked didn't surprise him, it actually made him laugh which brought a raised brow to their eyes, "I'm sorry, I'm just noticing a pattern when it comes to most contracts I sign or test for." This only brought a small knowing smile to their lips but they didn't speak a word as they took his hands.

With his first step into the pool he readied himself for it to be ice cold, considering how much in the fall it was. Yet when he dipped his foot in he felt the warmth grip him. And when he thought of the word grip the water seemed to grip his leg, almost as if it was alive.

They walked with him as he took each step into the emerald water. Finally he stood waist deep in the water that seemed to wrap about his frame and grip every part. He found his throat continuously dry and swallowed again before he dared to speak, "So what is my trial?" Silva spoke softly, with the whispers adding the echoes that reminded him of ghosts, "We have deliberated on a trail until you had arrived." "And finally after much consideration found a one we could both agree with," Tera's voice was equally as calm but sent more of a shiver through him since it held that grandmotherly feel with a deep foreboding of a person sentencing a man.

He watched them both move away with his unanswered question. He turned and watched them rise out of the water. Guiltily he admired the way the water dripped from their forms. When every part of them was out of the water they turned and faced him, their voices speaking in unison sending a different wave of shiver through his body, "Survive." Their voice was like a clap to turn on a light. Instead of a light turning on the pool erupted to life. The gentle grip he once felt was strong and didn't let him move an inch.

Panic and fear would have made him start to freak but stunning awe took over his mind as he watched the water come to life.

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It swirled and churned around him and started to clash with waves that soared 10 feet above the surface. He watched with the mix of fear and amazement. The emerald glow brightened as it pulled at him. He was dragged towards the center of the pool yet didn't sink any more than the waist high grip that held him.

A dorm slowly formed over him, like a flower slowly un-blooming to wrap about him. He watched transfixed as the dome of water slowly closed about him. He found himself able to finally move and turned to face the shore. As the dome slowly closed about him he saw both Nina and Selina had made their way to the shore to watch him. Serina stood beside Tera, each holding their own knowing smile. Nina had taken her place beside Silva and held a look of concern while Silva seemed to bow her head like she was reciting a small prayer.

The dome closed about him as he smiled at Nina. Water rushed into the dome wrapping about him. He found himself being forced into a small ball as the dome tighten more around him like a cocoon. The water rushed in wrapping and folding about him forcing him into the fiddle position as the dome sank deeper into the pool.

The last thing he could recall before his consciousness was ripped from him was that the water finally felt freezing cold. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke felt…he didn't know how to describe it. Every day he is finding it more difficult to use familiar words to describe unfamiliar sensations. He wanted to say he felt strange but…truth be told strange was used to describe something that is unusual or even shocking.


But if he want off that description that would about describe his entire life this past week or so. He felt like he was in a foreign place. He knew something strange had just happened but couldn't recall what it was. Then he felt himself get shifted and pulled like he was drowning. He felt the rushing water stir around him and wanted to scream but feared the water would drown his lungs the second he opened his mouth. He clinched his eyes and teeth shut feeling the rushing water pull and thrash him about.

"I'm assuming you are still with us Mr. Von' Kyde?" Professor King's voice shocked him and he dared to open his eyes. He wasn't sure how to react to suddenly sitting in his class room during the last period. He looked around and everyone was staring at him like a spot was shining directly on him. He looked at his teacher to find her in the same baggy clothes she use to ware before he saw her expose herself.

But…something was off about her. Something was off about this classroom. He couldn't put his finger on it. "Am I going to have a problem with you Mr. Von'Kyde?" Luke cleared his throat trying to find the words to say but as he stared into her eyes he felt that something wasn't right.

He looked around the class again and found everyone's eyes unusual but when he looked at Yoshiko he saw the noticeable difference. There was a strange coldness in them, like they were replaced with robots.

He swallowed hard before he stood up, "I'm not feeling well, excuse me." He didn't look into their eyes, he didn't dare to do so. He rushed out of the classroom and into the hallway only to find that the features in the hall weren't the same either. The hall itself felt imposing and longer than normal, the lockers stacked like steel walls along it.

His eyes darted around to find something to make sense of any of these things. "Survive!" The word echoed in his mind with two voices that he didn't recognize. As he turned around he saw Xavier stand with a smug smile and arms crossed over his chest.

He stood shirtless waring his basketball shorts that did little to hide his legs. As he stared at him he found his charcoal skin stretched by the muscles ripped against the flesh, more so than usual. He seemed almost as defined as Luke use to be on top of his own muscles. That line of thought froze Luke to the bone. Use to be? He looked down at himself and found that his skin draped over flesh that could best be described as skeletal.

His clothes acted like a tarp on his body and what bare skin could be seen was covering the limbs that he didn't recognize. It was as if he became anorexic overnight and starved a month's worth of food out of his body in less than a day. Pure fear ran through him as he watched Xavier stride towards him and seemed to grow in height with each step. As he grew closer Xavier became a giant looming over him like a cat looking at a mouse.

And this mouse let out a scream of terror before he ran the other way. He found fear produced adrenaline course its way through his veins as he ran. He heard and felt Xavier come storming towards him like a stampede ready to run him over.

With each step Luke felt his bones ache do to the lack of muscles. His joints ached and he found it panful to move at all, the fear was the only thing keeping him moving. He forced himself to run even as his joints grinded against each other and the pounding of Xavier's feet grew closer. He felt the blood pulse in this brain, like the veins pressed and gripped his bare skull.

It was as if his brain was gripped by the roots that were once controlling his blood vessels. His nonexistent muscles continued to protest as he felt his weak skeletal body fight against him just as hard as his terror fought to keep him moving. He had the sudden realization of what Jack felt like after he went up the bean stock. Adrenaline fueled fear prodded his thoughts till one surfaced that matched how much he felt behind all the fear, "This can't be real." Was it?

As the thought prodded his mind he felt the world shift around him and suddenly felt a bit stronger. He looked down and saw his fingers had more muscles. He smiled ear to ear and stormed harder down the hall. As quickly as it started it stopped. He felt his muscles vanish as quickly as they started to come back. He was Jack Skellington all over again struggled to work his bones with barely a scrap of muscle on them.

He gritted his teeth as he felt himself grow weaker by each moment that passed. He saw his skin sink and wrap like he was mummifying right before his eyes.

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He focused on a single thought, "This isn't real!" As his mind gripped around that thought his body grew back its strength. He remembered working his ass off in gym class and the long runs home. Memories of his random part time jobs where he sweated through multiple layers of shirts that grew smaller on his frame with each job.

Each fight he had ever survived made him recall the bruise gained on every layer of muscle he owned. Finally the latest memory of the pain that struck his entire body to cause more toned muscles and harder endurance forced its way into his mind with Xavier's smiling drunk face. With each memory that flooded toward him he felt his own muscles grow back on to his frame.

The alien skeletal shell was replaced with the well-toned muscles he remembered. With the last of his muscles back on his frame he pivoted his body to see Xavier standing like he was the day Luke struck him along his jaw. His fist came up with all the rage he could muster as the warm grip of his glove pulsed with raw kinetic power. With that solid jab he saw Xavier get launched backwards and the illusion of his school went with him. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke stared at the flames that burst all around him feeling the flames spark and threaten to burn his flesh.

He stared up and down the street outside of Xavier's bar trying to recall how he got there, what he was doing there to begin with, and what had happened before he got there. He was torn and confused trying to process everything occurring around him and the thoughts bouncing in his head. The flames and ice that seemed to consume every object in sight. He wondered if this was what Dante saw during one of his visits to a circle of hell.

He heard a voice boom behind him that made every inch of him tense and ready to bolt. He forced himself to turn and face the familiar laugh. Even as he braced himself for it he wasn't prepared to see the shadow like figure engulfed in flames. He wanted to swallow the lump in his throat but found that it was dry. The flames roared about him like an inferno, lapping at everything around him and encasing it in fire. He stood petrified as he watched the Lion approach him turning the very pavement into lava as he left each step behind.

His voice boomed against the world and roared inside his own mind, "YOU'RE TIME IS OVER FOX!!!" "Survive!" The last word was barely audible over the sound of the roar that the Lion threw towards him and the world.


Luke managed to pull himself together in time to conceal himself in Winter's Breath. The cold barely covered him before the heat of the lion seemed to melt it away from his grip leaving him exposed. He stared in panic as another torrent of flame came crashing towards him. He turned from his back trying to remember how he had rolled away so fast from the force. But, time didn't allow such thoughts as the Lion's form was seen lifting a car with ease to stare right at him. The shadows hid every feature of his face but Luke could swear he felt the malevolent smile that spread across his unseen features.

He gritted his teeth and threw a punch feeling the kinetic energy pulse from his arm. He watch the raging force merely blow the flames away from the Lion briefly, just like a strong gust of wind came in.

Luke knew he was going to die. He had nothing left to throw that could do anything against him. The man was holding a car and turning his every step into a walking Armageddon's stride. He lay there on his back watching him let go of the car and the crunching from of a couple hundred pounds of metal came crashing down on his ears.

He didn't want to die. Fear was the emotion that ignited the Furnace within him. He felt it spark and gripped it as he poured every ounce of emotion into the furnace that ignited him and the heat of the fire, even from the Lion, become background to the burning star he felt in his chest.

The heat that rose in him was painful and felt like it was going to scorch him alive. But as he stared at the Lion more fear was poured into it and anger…no anger was to soft a word, rage. He poured all of his rage into it.

The rage at being made to feel weak, being made to fear every corner like he was the main trophy for hunting season, and the fear of losing his life. As he poured all of his raw emotion into the Furnace he felt the flames continue to rise and felt a pain that was blinding and pushed against his skull. He used that pain and stuffed that into the flames as well.

The pain that boiled within him was unmistakable and unable to be defined but the fear, fear and rage that consumed him made him just use the pain. His voice screamed in defiance as he unleashed the boiling star inside him. He watched the flames that surrounded the Lion get swallowed by the white flame that barreled from him and spread like a tidal wave in all directions. The look of shock on the Lion's face was replaced with his own rage and his screams mixed with Luke's as their flames collided.

The red hot flames battled to fight against the white ones. Yet they were easily overwhelmed and the Lion vanished behind the wall of white heat.

-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke had to blink the white from his eyes as he felt them ready to fall out of his skull. He rubbed them furiously digging his palms into them.

As he tried to rub the blinding light from his eyes a few things occurred to him. One, he remember in perfectly clarity everything that had occurred thus far, when the last two events only came to him in a fuzzy light. And two, he was sitting down in a chair. He finally forced his hands to stop rubbing, noting it didn't do anything but add physical pressure to the throbbing pressure behind his eyes. He blinked his eyes open fast trying to take everything in.

Except, everything included a shadow black room with a hard wood table that looked like the one from his home and a mirror of himself. Then the reflection moved to brush back hair from his face, but Luke didn't.

"Survive!" Luke barely caught the thought that probed is mind as he stared in shock at his doppelganger. They stared at each other for the longest time, the only difference between the two of them was that the double wore a black jean jacket over a button up black silk shirt.

He had a clean appearance of a fresh shower and sparkly white teeth.

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He sat calmly watching him with a set of unfamiliar green eyes. "So…what's cooking good looking?" The other Luke raised a brow, "Out of all the snarky remarks of meeting yourself, that's the best you can come up with?" "Hey it's not like I rehearsed this or anything pal." The duplicate Luke chuckled and just watched him with a knowing smile he came to see a lot on Morto and Serina's face, hidden knowledge that gave them leverage.

"So…how exactly do I address myself here? I could always steal someone else stick and call you Harvey." "Really? You don't even know the reference from Farscape and you are going to steal it and call me Harvey?" "Hey it's not like you are my subconscious and I'm Harry Dresden in a deep sleep her pal?" Harvey quirked a smile, "Are you sure about that?" "Yea for one thing, a dress shirt with a jean jacket? Pick a style and stick with it." That caught Harvey off guard and he looked down at himself and simply shrugged the jacket off.

If by shrugging you count him adjust his shoulders and the jacket simply vanished, "Better?" Luke sighed, "So…what's this situation make you? Ghost of Nightmare yet to come?" Harvey actually laughed at that, "Nice one, meeting a past and present nightmare and decided to go with a Christmas Carole pun." He got quite and serious with a sly smile, "Yes I guess I am." "Now I get how Luke felt seeing his face under the Darth Vadar mask." Harvey didn't even quirk a smirk at that, he just stared forward and watched him.

The silence was uncomfortable and yet he didn't know how to break it. There he sat staring at a dark version of himself waiting for him to say "Come to the dark side, we have cookies." He wanted to say the thought out loud but found himself having a staring contest with Harvey.

The silence and tension was so thick Luke almost thought he would gag on it. Finally Harvey killed the silence, "So what shall we talk about?" Luke sighed running the puzzle through his mind and came back to the solution he first thought of when he saw the guy, "Simple…the reason why you're here.

I'm afraid of what I'll turn into in the end." Harvey smiled and folded his arms on the table, "And what do you think I am that will be so bad." It was Luke's turn to raise a brow, "I think we have gotten to the part where you tell me." Harvey just continued to ware his knowing smile as leaned back in his chair.

With a wave of his hand the table shifted and the dark room illuminated the whole house. He and Harvey were sitting in the kitchen with a good view of his sister riding him on the couch. He saw her bucking and rolling her hips sweat dripping down her petite frame. Both Luke and Harvey tilted their heads to enjoy more of the view as she screamed through on orgasm after another, her short hair cropped hair drenched in the same sweat that coated her body.

He stared transfixed at her A cup breasts with large areolas painted quite the image as her nipples stood erect. Her whole body was arched as she continued to work his…well past him's shaft.

He finally understood why voyeurs enjoyed watching, live porn was way better than watching a screen (and you avoid the shitty acting to). Harvey ended up nudged his arm and pointed to a corner. Luke followed his gaze and felt his jaw go slack with a dry tongue to add to it as he watched his own mother with her robe open working her pussy. It seemed she went straight from the shower to enjoy a little voyeurism herself. He watched the water dripping from her soaked hair and cascade down her open robe to display her lovely C cup breasts which were being gripped by her free hand as she bite her lip to stifle the moan that would have poured from her mouth.

Luke was torn on which to watch, his sister riding him or his mother finger herself as she watched them in secret. Luke swallowed his tongue at the sight of it all before he forced himself to look at Harvey, the least appealing sight thus far. Harvey sensed him staring and turned to face him. "So besides giving me the most awkward boner in front of…myself…or selves, what is the point of showing me this?" Harvey smiled and Luke tried to concentrate on his face, which proved more difficult hiring orgasmic screams and stifled moans.

"This is proof of how much can be accomplished with a few tweaks to your life. With only two suggestions and sharing a dream with your sister you have two horny women ready for you whenever you get home." Luke had to figure out his point of argument on this one and found it easily within Manira's words, "If I wish to love them then I will love them, and I will protect them. Did I push their minds, yes, but they already wanted it as much as I did." Harvey leaned back and folded his arms, he sighed shaking his head, "What a lame cop out." He sat up from the table and Luke noticed he was wearing black jeans with boots.

This provided a raised brow from him but Harvey seemed to ignore it, "Then how about we try more current events then, shall we?" He seemed to emphasize those last two words before waving his hand. The room darkened and Luke missed the climax of the hot scene he left behind and was greeted with a different one.

The one that occurred earlier today with his dick buried in his teacher's mouth and pumping it like she was some blow up doll. He sat at his desk, like he was at the front row of a live stage performance.

He watched himself drive his dick into Professor King's mouth while gripping her breasts. He watched himself squeeze them firmly and if he hadn't experienced this first hand he would have thought she was in pain. He watch and she moaned and groaned around his dick as it disappeared down her throat almost gaging on it.

He watch her throat work to clinch and adjust around his dick with each thrust. He felt his own mouth go dry watching himself abuse his teacher in such a way. Harvey leaned against a desk with his arms crossed over his chest, "So…did you plan to love and protect her as you slowly turned her into your personal fuck toy?" He wore his smug grin watching the scene before him, Luke didn't want to guess if Harvey had a tent that matched his own.

Luke wanted to find the right words to say but came up with no argument. He didn't have a reason for why he prodded his teacher other than to get his rocks off and test his abilities. He looked down at the desk trying to ignore the sounds in the room. "You see, you're not such a golden boy after all." "I never claimed I was Sir Jackasasses!" Harvey smiled enjoyed the view a little bit longer. Luke tried to ignore it, but he was pulled back to the view of his teacher drinking his load as hit shot deep into her stomach.

He was mesmerized as he saw a look of drunk lust on her face as he pulled from her. He watched her body lay slack as she breathed deeply. The allure of her body was hypnotic as he saw her breasts rise and fall marked by his fingers while her pussy was dripping wet.

Finally Harvey stood in front of him blocking his view, "Now let me show you what could happen if you applied that same little trick and trained harder." Harvey gripped Luke's shoulder and he found himself thrown through the air like he was a ragdoll. He felt the air rush past him as his body felt weightless, it was as if someone switched off the gravity. When he collided with the ground it was more than a shock to the nerves. He grunted as he forced his heavy body to sit up and stared in shock as he saw Harvey now in Morto's VIP room but sitting in charge.

The woman hung on his heavy word and Serina was curled at his feet in her birthday suit, which displayed every perfect feature from her hips to her DD breasts. He watched in amazement that turned to disgust as his eyes glanced at the other women just as naked in the room. He knew the women in this room: some he had meet in class, others were his mother's coworkers, and curled on his lap like a doll was Yoshiko who looked weak and helpless as a stray dog with her skin bare to the world.

"What the fuck is this bullshit?!" Harvey and the group paused from their party and looked at him, "This is what can happen if you apply yourself in the right direction. Look at all this." Luke stared at him and then Harvey boomed his voice, "LOOK!" The room shuttered at his voice like the world was his to control, and for all Luke knew it was.

He looked around the room and saw Xavier working as a bouncer keeping out some of the unwanted people that wanted a better look inside. He found his jaw go slack when he saw Nina and Koharu kneeling naked and chained to a wall by a collar on their necks. He was paralyzed at the sight of both women, both of strong authority, now bowing their heads to avoid any gaze that may come their way. When Luke looked back at Harvey he was forcing his tongue into Yoshi's mouth, which she barely fought and looked uncomfortable.

He was about to say something more when he saw both his mother and sister walk in in very sexy maid outfits serving drinks. Harvey took his and poured some down his, their, sister's neck and lapped it up like a delicious treat which excited giggles from Sam's mouth mixed with her own arousal.

His own mother poured wine down her stomach, drenching her pussy, were Serina lapped up the delicious drink making his own mother moan like a whore. Rage boiled through Luke and the world shuttered under it, "I repeat my previous statement…" The words were said through clinched teeth but he finally roared out his frustration, "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT?!" The world shattered around them both leaving Luke and Harvey sitting at the same table they had from the start.

Harvey sighed leaning back, "Well that was a real buzz kill, thanks for ruining my boner." Luke grabbed the front of Harvey's shirt and yanked him out of his seat, "Listen here you sick prick, I'm about to ruin a lot more than your fucking wood." Harvey sighed and with one hand shoved Luke back into his seat, "Who are you trying to fool you dumbass? I'm you and I know what thoughts lurk in your brain.

That scene was from your own mind, I just made it real for you. It's your own desires and images made before your eyes. So what's the problem? And, don't quote Stan Lee to me that would be another lame cop out." Luke swallowed his rage and focused on his puzzle solving head, which was clouded by all the scenes of sex and Harvey's words.

He rolled around his own mind to find an answer trying to make sure he wouldn't be lead again so Harvey could show him more images that weren't his own&hellip.or were. He paused and as the world seemed to freeze for a moment. When his brain reset he laughed such a laugh he swore he was the evil version for a moment. When he collected himself Harvey had a bewildered look on his face (now Luke understood why people thought he looked stupid when he was confused).

"Damn you're an idiot pal." Harvey looked ready to protest before Luke cut him off, "Like I said I'm not a golden boy, but I'm no lame ass villain. I'm no hero except to those close to me. I'm not gonna claim pure virtue trying to be Superman or Captain America, I sure as hell ain't no Gandhi. As I told Xavier, I'm just trying to get through hell with my ass intact. This alternative persona thing you have going on…save it for Hollywood or a bad soap opera." Harvey had a blood vessel on his brain ready to pop, but as Luke spoke each word the guy turned pale.

It wasn't like the blood drain from his face but like the man was slowly decaying before his eyes, even his hair was going white. "You can't escape me, I'll haunt your ass!" "Myself haunting myself…wasn't there a bad sitcom about that at one point?" Luke chuckled and looked at Harvey as the muscles started to sink away from him, "Of course I'll worry about becoming what you showed me, I'd be an idiot not to.

But, fear is an emotion and I've got more than one, so it doesn't need to control me." Harvey screamed like a hollowed spirit and lunged at Luke across the table turning to dust and crashed into him. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke was coughing his lungs out as he puked up water.

He found himself gasping for breath as his chest burned. When he was certain, for the most part, that all the water had left his stomach and lungs he fell on to his back breathing deeply. He ignored the mud caking his skin as well as the rock and two stick that seemed to poke his back. When he came back into himself fully he stared up at four faces that looked down at him.

Tera and Silva stared at him with little expression on their face accept their own versions of approving smiles. Serina was kneeling and seemed to be checking his vitals, he couldn't see her face but her hands work furiously to check his chest and his heart rate. Nina was cradling his head on her lap stroking his hair which drenched her skirt. There was a mixture of praise and deep concern in her eyes. He saw a small tear leave her cheek as she smiled down at him.

He reached up and brushed it from her face, "Was that for me?" The question hung silently in the air with no answer as Serina continued to check him, her hand rested on his heart checking the beat directly again.

"Hey if you're going to keep feeling me up the least you can do is buy me dinner first." Serina finally face him and he saw a hint of panic in her features replaced with a smile, "I'm sure it's safe to say you came out of it alive." "He survived," Silva's words cut through any additional conversations that may have occurred between the three still on the ground.

Luke patted Nina's hand before standing up to face both Tera and Silva, "I must say I'm quite impressed." Tera nodded, "I must agree, you did well and as per prearranged, we shall grant you our contracts." Luke was about to say thank you when he felt both sets of hands on him.

He paused feeling the familiar caresses they gave him prior to going into the water. Then there was pain. The last thing he remembered before the pain started was Tera's hands on his back and Silva's on his chest.

Then the pain started as he saw Silva's hands disappear into his flesh and sink into his muscles. He would have screamed if his lungs felt capable of doing so. All twenty fingers barrowed into his body and grip him to his core. He wanted to say they gripped nerves, muscles, hell even bone would have made sense to him.

But they gripped something else entirely, if he had to guess he would have called it his energy or his soul (he wasn't sure of the difference in that moment). Their grips tighten within him and suddenly he felt something else snake its way around his energy. It was hard to point out but it was as if two tendrils morphed and moved into his body.

He wanted to fight it to move away from it, he felt it slither and wrap about his form. As he watched it wrap about his energy he noticed his energy sparked and gripped the slithering tendrils pulling it into himself.

It absorbed it like a sponge greedy for more. He felt the strange horror in him and the pan that rolled in his body barely did it justice. But as soon as he felt the energy in him settle his body became alive with the life force of the energy itself. He gripped it and through the pain found himself smiling.

He didn't know if his body actually glowed but he felt like it did. It wasn't until he was done basking in the afterglow, metaphorical or not, that he realized that Tera and Silva were standing in front of him. Silva smiled, "It is done, use our gifts wisely." Luke wanted to bow but the energy pulsed through him and as he stared at the two of them his brain jumped to the hopeful side.

Tera's laughter cut through him, "Well I assume he is expecting something else to follow…or his body is at least." With that Luke looked down at his growing erection and felt embarrassment wash through him. "Sorry dear Fox, though you are cute you aren't my type." She turned away followed by Silva, "Well it has been a while for us. It wouldn't have been so bad." "Yes but he is too young, I require more skillful hands than those fumbling and guessing." "You are always so picky.

He is handsome enough but…I suppose you are right. Youthfulness only goes so far." They continued there banter leaving Luke naked with a deflected erection as they talked about how an older man is better than younger. He stood there naked, freezing, feeling the after effects of pain, and hearing the jabs at his own ego. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Serina didn't wait for them to fully leave the zoo before she left herself. After Tera and Silva left she hurriedly mentioned about other matters that needed her attention and was gone before Luke could wonder what those matters where.

He didn't even get a chance to thank her before she ran off, leaving quite a view of her jiggling body to play in his mind.

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Nina hurried him from the zoo before someone saw a naked guy standing in the wolf pin covered in mud and frozen to the bone. She had rushed them into her car and before he realized what was going on he was in her apartment showering the mud off his back. He stood in the shower letting the heat wash over him as his mind raced through the nightmares he had lived.

It felt great to enjoy the heat and wash away the draining horror from his bones. The water continued to rush over his body and he just let it. He didn't bother grabbing anything to wash himself, he just let the water hit him. He didn't even bother keeping track of how long he had been in there but when he turned off the water the bathroom was fogged with the steam rolling out of the shower.

He grabbed a towel from the rack and proceeded to dry himself off as he moved to walk out of the bathroom. As he stepped out he saw Nina standing there in a robe with her own towel. She wore a knowing smile as she leaned against the wall, "So, it's safe to assume that my hot water is gone for a moment." She smiled at him as he let the towel drape over his shoulders. "We need to talk," He watched her face sink as his remained serious, her smiled vanished with a flicker of sadness and was replaced with her own serious face.

He gently took her hand and led her to her own bedroom and as they both sank into the bed he saw the additional weight collect on her shoulders.

She was a strong woman and tried to not let her emotions show, but he could tell she dreaded this moment ever since he called her by name. He ran the idea through his mind and how he could present it to her till he finally came to a decision, "Nina our old contract is over." He let the words sink in and saw her ready to give into her own emotions, her mask slipping momentarily. But she reeled them in collecting herself, "I see…" "No you don't," He grabbed her hand holding it gently.

This seemed to be the last thing she expected, because she looked from their hands to his face as he smiled. "The old contract is over because we need to make a new one." She was dumbfounded, and he had to admit, it was an adorable look for her, "What do you mean?" "The old contract was for me to be your student and follow your lead.

I can't continue to always do that as I'm roped into more contracts, both for magic as well as other things. There are things you won't know and things that you do." He let the words sink in and watched as she moved a loose strand of her blond hair behind her ear.

He smiled at this beautiful woman that he gave new hope to, "You will still be my teacher but also my partner, my friend, and…if you still wish my lover. No secrets will be kept hidden that could endanger the other and we will protect each other always, and I mean me protecting you as much as you have me." Luke watched as his words hit a deep part of Nina that he hadn't intended to. He knew his words would have deep meaning but didn't expect them to bring tears to her eyes.

He let them streak down her face for a while before reaching and gently brushing them away, "You're a strange man there love." He chuckled and smiled, "I've been called worse." They both laughed and held each other's hand firmly. He took a deep breath and smiled at her, "So do you accept the terms of my contract Nina Bradley." He wore a bright smile as she smiled back, "Yes I do." Her smile was beyond bright as she kissed him deeply and tenderly.

He returned the kiss holding her hand firmly and cupping her cheek. He felt her fingers slip into his hair and stroke it as his thumb rubbed her cheek. When the kiss broke he saw a blush play across her face and a gentle smile touched his face. A thought danced about in his skull turning that smile mischievous, "You know…the last time we made a contract together there was more involved than a kiss." That brought out a burst of laughter from her chest as she playfully slapped his own, "You are so bad love." She continued to smile as he watched her wearing his own knowing smile.

He didn't need his Mind Radio to see the effect this moment had on her, especially since it matched his own. Her mask was completely broken leaving only raw emotion of pure joy and understanding between them The pause stretched out before he decided to take charge. His hands found the belt of her robe and as he slowly undid the knot he heard her breathing grow more rapid. Even though they had laid with each other on many occasions he never got tired of how flustered she got or of the sight of her body.

As the knot came undone he slipped his hands inside the robe pealing it from her shoulders and letting it slip off her. He admired her beautifully toned body that held up the luscious D breasts that glowed and radiated with her own emotions. He pressed her body down kissing her stomach and letting his lips trail down. She laid on the bed and seemed to wither as well as shiver from each contact of his lips.

His hands roamed her frame, caressing and dancing along her sides until the focused on her legs. He began to lick up the small taste of her skin enjoying its rich soft flavor while his hands teased and admired her amazing legs.

As his face grew further south he found he breathing become more rapid with anticipation, and his hands roaming her inner thighs only worked to increase the growing need. He decided to be almost evil as he broke awake from her naval and moved up to kiss her lips. A small moan of displeasure was replaced by her tongue working its way inside his own mouth.

They kissed and held each other's faces with care before parting and staring into each other's eyes. He slipped from her needy finger and stared down at her body. He wasn't sure the view she had but he enjoyed the one he held before him.

The display of her golden hair draped on the bed, her angular face making her hazel eyes shine at him. He wasn't what people would call an artistic man but this was a master piece before his eyes. His hands roamed her body on their own volition and he enjoyed her soft skin, just as much as she enjoyed him caressing it. When his hands gripped her inner thighs she shuttered and at the feeling of his strong grip and was taken off guard when they pressed her legs firmly spreading them wide.

She had no way to react before his face was buried between her legs and his tongue diving straight into her eager pussy. She wanted to clamp her legs shut in surprise and Luke could feel her legs tense against his hands. But, he held firm, keeping them spread as his tongue fucked her eagerly waiting pussy. He felt the damp walls grip and squeeze as his tongue while it continued to torture her by slipping in and out of her soaked snatch.

She was torn between gripping his head to keep him there or pushing it away from the mere sensitivity of her pussy. But, he was too strong for her to physical move him to do anything. He kept his grip on her thighs feeling them ready to snap shut for one reason or another as his tongue pulled more sweet moans from her. It didn't take long before he felt his tongue get gripped firmly while Nina screamed through an orgasm that she barely kept under control by gripping the bed sheets.

When he finally let go of her legs they just went limp and sank into a comfortable position. He smiled as he closed the curtains o the bed behind him and slipped up her body. The first time this happen she was coy and in control.

Now, it was his turn. As he trailed up her body he brought further moans from her lips as his teeth gently bit into her skin. He left small nibbles along the bits of flesh, he remembered the most sensitive spots on her body and gave them no mercy. This caused her to inhale sharply on each graze of his lips and sink of his teeth. When he nibbled her nipple he watched her squirm underneath him.

Finally he was face to face with her flushed features as her body curled and yearned for more of him. With the force of all his weight he slammed is rod deep into her causing her to arch hard on her back. He felt only half of himself sink in before her body gripped him so tightly he dare not move.

He held it there letting her body grip and massage it while he stayed inside her, before it slowly allowed him to ease the rest of his mass all the way inside. Her mouth only inhaled sharply at the thrust before no sound came from her. He smiled deeply and leaned down holding her close to his chest as their body molded into the embrace.

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He held her close feeling affection for her that couldn't be placed into tangible words. Perhaps it was love, but not the love for a wife, a girlfriend, or even that for his mother and sister. He pulled himself up to stare at her and smiled wickedly. She smiled back laughing a bit, "What?" Luke's smile must have split his face by now, "Just feeling like being naughty." He pulled out of her provided a moan of complaint.

That was until he pressed the tip of his drenched cock against her asshole. The shock on her face was noted until he slowly forced the head inside her ass. A groan of discomfort and pleasure rumbled from her throat as her hands gripped his arms.

He felt her nails trail down them as bit by bit of his manhood stretched her ass to fit him. He grew impatient as the need to feel more of her grew. He began to slowly thrust inside her pushing further in than before. With each grunt he found her panting in approval and groaning in pleasure. His own body agreed as his own moans mixed with hers. He began to bury his cock inside of her causing both their voices to rise in the heat of the passion.

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The thrusts grew wild and deep causing her body to arch and slam back into his own. He felt his body rise with the heat and the need to feel more of her as he hands moved to rack his chest. He leaned up causing his dick to rub a new area of her, making her inhale another wonderful moan.

The walls of her ass gripped and massaged ever inch, clinching and pushing against the invading member. An idea tickled his mind and he decided to act on it. With his cock buried inside her ass his hand trailed from her cheek down between her lovely mounds to her naval before diving two fingers inside of her needy pussy. She screamed out in please, "Fuck yes!" Her words poured from there eager for him to work both holes, and who was he to deny that? As his thrust increased he continued to work her pussy moving from fingering her pussy to teasing her clit, when the position grew uncomfortable.

He dare not stop working both holes that continued to grow moist and grip him tightly as he teased her. His fingers were being sucked into her pussy while her ass continued to grip and milk his cock. He felt his body grow with the need for the release and he ignored the aching in his arm as he fingered her as hard as he could.

She thrusted and bucked against him before erupting on his fingers once more and as she orgasmed again her ass clinched tightly on his member causing a stream to explode out of him. A silent roar escaped him before he collapsed beside her. They lay there in the bed, barely hidden behind the see through curtain. She curled and rested her head on his arm as he rested his own against her forehead. They stayed there before he smiled, "I think the hot water's back now." She laughed and smacked his chest ignoring the little comment as she lay blissfully in his arms.

He didn't know if he would go dark enough to call himself Harvey. Nor did he have a clue when the Lion would come for him. He has made a lot of choices thus far and would make many more. He was pretty certain that none of those choice would keep his life dull. Just in one week he had achieved so much and would probably do more.

The future wasn't going to be boring, that's for sure. I appreciate all the positive feedback and urge you to continue providing them, I'll write more interesting chapters and even take suggestions.

Depending on certain suggestions I might even alter the story in that direction or just make slight adjustments. Here is the chance to add and adjust a story, don't waste it. Even if you don't see any changes I wouldn't mind some positive feedback. I'll continue to work to provide a great story that will tease you, in more ways than one I hope. Looking forward to hearing from you all.