Wild want for sex is gratified

Wild want for sex is gratified
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"Morning honey" said Jacob with a smile on his face. "Morning" I said with a smile and a kiss. As I got out of bed rubbing my eyes from the sunlight that was beaming through the windows. I ran me a shower. ~The Shower~ Chapter 3 As I took my clothes off, I looked at my naked body in the mirror. I noticed that I was really in shape. My breast were firm, my stomach was smooth and sexy.

I turned around to look at my ass, and it was round and soft. My pussy was shaven clean. After checking my self in the mirror, I got into the shower. I sighed as the warm water hit my skin giving me goose bumps. The shower curtains slid back and I covered myself. "What the hell" I said. "Calm down it's just me" Jacob said chuckling. "Ooh thank god" I said uncovering myself. After 2 minutes of chatting and showering, he asked me for the body wash. I wondered why he needed body wash.

Then I felt coldness sliding down my back and between my ass crack.

I gasped, then the coldness was replaced by warm hands massaging my back and ass, and around my waist and moving up to my stomach. "Oooh this feels so good" I moaned. His massaging went from my stomach up to my breast. Sucking on my neck and upper back, he gently squeezed both my nipples, pinching and gently pulling them. "Oooh Gosh" I moaned a bit louder. He moved one hand down from my right nipple and started to play with my clit.

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I stumbled back a little from the on coming climax I was going to hit, and felt his steel cock slide in between my ass crack. I gasped at how hard it was. I started to grind onto his cock and his response was grunting and breathing harder. "Ooh you like this don't you" I teased. "Damn straight" he whispered into my ear. After 3 minutes of grinding he said " I cant take this" and lifted my leg up and slammed his 11 inch cock into my wet pussy.

I only gasped because words and sounds could not explain this pleasure. I had this feeling deep in my stomach, that I wanted more of him. So I told him to give it to me harder. Jacob started to go faster and deeper into my pussy. With him pinching my clit I felt as if I was coming closer and closer to an orgasm. Then it hit me." Ooh fuck im Cumming, im Cumming! Fuck me harder…Yes!…Fuck this Pussy " I screamed. I came hard and felt the leg I was standing on go weak.But just as my leg went in Jacob grabbed it and lifted it up along with my other leg.

He took his cock out my pussy and slowly slid 2 inches into my ass. I pinched his arm to let him know that his cock would not fit. He slid his cock back into my pussy to get it lubricated and tried sliding it back into my ass. I gasped once again from the pressure of his cock sliding into my ass.


"Holy shit Jordan.your tight" he panted. I only moaned in response. With the shower water thumping on my pussy and stomach I felt little tickles against my skin. Jacob was picking up speed and went faster and faster into my ass, and I moaned louder and louder. " Ahhh fuck im Cumming Jordan" he whispered slash half panted in my ear. Then I felt liquid rushing into my bowels. This caused me to cum too. I fainted from the intensity of my climax.

~My sister and her husband~ Chapter4 When I opened my eyes I saw Jacob walking over to me with a bottle of Johnson's baby lotion. "Gonna get you all lotion up" he said smiling. I gasped as the cold lotion dripped on my stomach and chuckled at the farting noise it made.

Jacob was massaging my stomach up to my neck. I bit my lip when he got to my breast, giving them a squeeze. When he got through with my arms and waist, he went down to my pussy. I held my breath as he rubbed the lotion in my inner thighs.

I let out a moan as he worked my pussy with them magic fingers. He told me to flip over on my stomach and I did so. While rubbing the lotion on my upper and lower back it felt like heaven. Working his way down to my ass, he rubbed some more lotion in his hands and massaged my ass, legs, and calf muscles. He kissed my back and ran his tongue down my spine making me quiver. He stuck 2 fingers into my pussy. " Oooh this feels so good baby" I moaned.

He told me to flip over again, and I did so. He spreaded my legs wider so he could get a good view. I saw him drool and laughed at him. He saw me and licked his lips before attacking my pussy with his tongue.

Flicking his tongue over my clit and making small circles, I gripped the sheets and arched my back. He licked my pussy like a little kid licking ice cream on a hot day in July. After 4 minutes of licking I felt my pussy vibrate. "Ooh god im Cumming" I sighed.

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He shoved a finger into my pussy and that sent me over the edge. I had the mother of all orgasms. My body went completely numb. I looked down and saw Jacob cleaning ever last drop of cum. 20 minutes later after getting dressed into sum shorts and a tank top, I was watching some TV while Jacob was downstairs in the workout room. I saw my sister big Leah and her husband Dustin leap through my window. "Damn ever heard of calling before coming over people house" I said "I did call you Jo" Leah said with a disapproving look on her gorgeous face.

"Yeah June bug" said Dustin.

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[Must have been when I was fucking with Jacob] I thought to myself. "Oooh really Jo" said Leah with one perfect dark brown eye brow lifted up.

I silently cursed myself for I have forgotten about Leah's mind reading power. I put my finger to my mouth and winked at her. "girl power" she said childishly." Dustin interrupted our laughing.


"Soooo where's my little brother in-law" he said "downstairs in the work out room" I said pointing towards the floor. "Alright then" he said. Dustin jumped to the workout room [like off the movie jumper] "Soooooooo" I said looking around the room.

"Yeah?" she said. "Wanna give the boys a little surprise when they get back upstairs?" "Hmm…I don't know Jo…Haven't you had enough sex for today " she said smiling.

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I ignored her and said "awesome…lets get ready" After I got through telling Leah the plan, we got into position. "Okay here we go" I said taking a deep breath. When Dustin and Jacob walked in through the door it looked like their jaws dropped to the ground as they saw Leah on top of me naked. "Wow lesbians" Dustin joked.

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That little comment ticked Leah off "We are not lesbians&hellip.We are just two very freaky chicks" she said rolling her eyes. "Yeah my little freak Jordan" Jacob winked at me. I blushed. "You guys wanna join us?" Leah asked. "Hell yea!" said Jacob, and hopped in the bed removing his wife beater shirt and Nike shorts, only in his boxers." "Naw I think im going to lay low&hellip.this time" he said looking another direction and sitting down on the couch.

"Okay" I said, and jumped on Jacob tracing my name on his chest, and kissing him passionately. While Leah was working her way down to his boxers. I sat down on Jacobs face and felt his hot tongue slide into my pussy, exploring my inner walls.

"Oooh Jake your tongue is so hot" I moaned. Leah pulled his hard cock out. Her eyes widened at his fat 11 inch monster, "damn" is all I heard her say. Jacob laughed and his laughter vibrated my pussy. Leah started to lick the pre-cum off the tip on his cock and slowly swallowed 9 inches of his cock.

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Jacob moaned into my pussy again, and I started to jiggle my ass on top of his face. Leah went down his balls and started to lick and suck on them. I had leaned over and slowly took in 8 inches of his cock. Rubbing my tongue ring against the sides of his cock. Jacob started to lick my pussy faster and harder, flicking and sucking on my clit. "Oooh keep it up baby you're making me cum" I moaned. With that being said he nibbled on my clit and stuck two fingers in it.

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"Oooh.F-Fuck" I moaned and Cummed all over his face. I got off his face and started to lick my juices from his face. I tasted sweet like honey. After I cleaned his face, I kissed him deep and passionately. Leah guided his fat cock into my pussy.

I moaned as he slammed the rest into me, while holding me there for a while. "Oooh yes right there…Ahhh fuck me Jacob" I screamed as another orgasm hit me.

I grabbed hold of my ass cheeks so he could go deeper. I had just noticed that Dustin had gotten up. He was fucking Leah doggystyle. He had a good grip of Leah's hips and was thrusting into her. Leah on the other hand was biting her lip and had her eyes tightly closed.

Jacob had me pinned to him, and he whispered in my ear "Im finna cum Jordan". He flipped me over on my back and pinned one leg down and the other leg up to my head, ramming his cock into me. "OOoooh Fuck!!" he yelled and came deep into my pussy, overfilling it with his hot cum. He collapsed on top of me breathing hard and kissing my neck passionately. " I love you Jordan" he said in my ear. " I love you to Jacob" I whispered back Chapters 5 & 6 Next