Most of the ladies attending this wild orgy are n

Most of the ladies attending this wild orgy are n
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For days I avoided Nicole. She tried get my attention. We saw things very differently though in her mind everything should have matched right up for me. What she had not counted on was my lack of interest in fathering a bastard child.

Had it happened as a result of reckless unbridled passion I would have been fine with that but to enter into the act with that being the single goal seemed distasteful. For days I did not respond to her emails. She had the sense not to call and arouse my wife's suspicions for which I was grateful. All I could think about were her last words to me. I could barely function at work and at home I was absent minded at best. Finally I felt that I owed her a response of some kind. A simple email turned into lunch at an out-of-the-way restaurant she knew.

The food was okay not that I was really paying attention to it. My focus was entirely on the lady sitting across from me. "I am glad you finally agreed to speak to me. I was worried that I had scarred you off." said Nicole. I cleared my throat buying time before confessing that she had. To which I received a curious look of playful confusion.

I explained to her that I wanted one half of the idea just not the other half. She had an idea that disarmed my fears and set things right.

She suggested we forget about it and go back to the way things were. I agreed. She whispered into my ear what I would be doing that evening. As it turned out I would be working late.

I had to fight the growing bulge in my pants on my way back to the office. As planned I called my wife and told her I was working late and would be home by midnight. I then made sure I was the last to leave and headed off to the park to meet with Nicole. The park was pretty much empty by seven then completely abandoned when the sun went down.

Cutbacks in city councils budget meant no police presence. There were two other cars likely there for the same reason we were.

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Nicole suggested a short walk to relax as there still seemed to be some tension between us. We strolled down by the river listening to the running water. The silver moon light reflecting off it as it flowed gracefully passed. I eyed up Nicole my lust building. My wife and I had sex but it was paled in comparison to what she brought.

Before I knew it I embraced her. I wasn't really into the conversation anyways. My tongue met hers in a wet kiss as we tried to devour one another. I grabbed her taunt athletic ass to find she wasn't wearing any panties under her short skirt.

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I slipped my hand up and under cupping her butt cheek. My other hand went to her breasts groping at them. I wanted to feel her, every inch of her. Her hands were busy too. She was busy undoing my shirt after grabbing my crotch to make sure that wasn't a gun in my pants.

It may as well have been because we both knew it was loaded. With my shirt pulled open she struggled with my belt and pants. She wanted into them as badly as my manhood wanted out. As she found success at last I unclasped her bra and yanked up her shirt revealing her perfect breasts. Beside us was a railing for people to lean on while watching the river. I embraced her with one final deep kiss then turned her to face it.

I pushed up against it and pulled up her skirt. Had I been just a little less horny I might have stopped for a few moments of cunninglingus but I was beyond that. I did take a second to marvel at her fine athletic ass as I spit on my cock for just a tiny bit of lubrication.

I positioned myself behind her grabbing her shoulder I pulled her back against me and drove my erection into her. She gasped and I knew I had been too quick. She wasn't ready for it. I stopped only part way in knowing that I had erred. I reached around and fond her clit and began to fondle it with my forefinger.

I latched on to her neck with my lips painting soft wet kisses. Had I been a vampire I would have eaten alive at that moment. Her neck was just as perfect as the rest of her body. I continued for a minute or so. "Just keep going. We take too long we might be discovered." she said. She still wasn't wet enough to fuck so I pulled her ass out towards me arching her back and let a giant gob of spit drop.

It landed a little above her asshole and slowly wound it's way down to the top of my partially embedded dick. I pulled out and bit to get more of it on my dick then started slowly back in.

I let a second gob drop watching it as it slowly cross her anus. Her butt hole was so tempting. Wet and glistening in the moonlight, just begging to be taken. I drove into to my full length. For a couple minutes I fucked her from behind, her ass arched back into me meeting my every thrust with her own desire and vigor. Soon my dick was coated in more lubrication than I could have imagined and my eyes went back to her delectable little ass hole.

Not really thinking I pulled out and pressed the head of my cock against her anus. Nicole shot straight up right and spun away from me. "No Bill!" she said alarmed and trying to be quiet yet wanting to shout it at me. "Not that." I grabbed her and pulled her into a deep kiss.

I lifted her onto the railing and drove back inside her. She was so into it. Her juices coated my already lubricated cock as I fucked her soft and slow. For what seemed like an hour we didn't break the kiss or slow our motion. She broke the kiss to attack my ear, sucking it into her mouth and playing with it with her tongue.

"Some day I am going to fuck you in the ass." I said into her ear thinking it dirty talk. "No your not." she replied. "No on ever has and no one ever will." "Never?" I said surprised that some jerk like me had not just forced himself into her divine ass.

Lord knows I had considered trying that route myself. Her ass was just so damned enticing. "No." "You know I would love to be the first. I will be slow and gentle. Everything other guys wouldn't be." I said picking up the pace of my lusty thrusts as the idea of her ass being mine at all excited me like crazy. "Bill.

You wanted to cum in me then I give you the chance and you say no and now you want my ass. All I wanted was a small favor that you said no to." she shot back humping back against me with each thrust. "If I say yes would you say yes?" I asked. "You are not going to leave this alone are you?" she said looking me in the eye. "I have wanted your ass since the first time I laid eyes on it." I replied. She seemed a little miffed at that response.

Without warning she shoved me back breaking our long passionate embrace. She turned and bent over the railing.

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"Give me what I want and I will consider what you want. I have to say I am really not thrilled about the idea though. Or you could just fuck me in the ass now. Get what you want so bad and then fuck off!" she said angrily.

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I looked at her beautiful ass offered up to me. I wanted it so badly. I positioned myself behind her caressing her hips and ass as I prepared to make my move. My dick was good and moist so penetration should go easily enough.

I rubbed the head of my penis against her exposed defenceless anus. I felt her tense up as she felt my manhood positioned to make entry. My penis said to just push forward and take her but my mind was two steps ahead. "If I agree to cum in you then you must agree to letting me fuck your ass. No planning for some perfect conception just raw animalistic sex until we succeed." I said.

"O.okay." she managed. I slipped my dick a little lower and slid back into her. I could sense the relief immediately. I fucked her long and hard building up until my chest glistened with sweat from the erotic effort.

After nearly half and hour of hammering away like a madman I was no closer to cumming than I was when I started. "Why now?" I asked between thrusts as I slowed down to catch my breath. "Why do you want my baby?" "My husband and I have started trying. We tried before and gave up. He would feel like a conquering hero if I was suddenly pregnant.

I don't think he can and I want him to feel that way. You on the other hand are capable of making this happen. I will forever be in your debt if you succeed.

My appreciation could go on for years." she replied. I picked up the pace again. I liked knowing that she intended for our little relationship to go on beyond getting her pregnant.

I liked the idea of her husband at home with the brat while she and I meet at some secret rendezvous where I fuck her ass. For sure her gratitude must include that. The very idea had me as hard as steel and pumping away so hard that she grunted and moaned with every impact. Her moans soon overwhelmed the grunts until she wasn't holding back.

I am pretty sure if those other two cars were still there that they heard her loud and clear. I reached around and started fingering her clit again. Soft slow circles on it while I jack-hammered her from behind. It did not take long before she shook and convulsed against me uncontrollably as she was lost in orgasm. Her juices coated my balls and dripped down both my and her legs.

It was a powerful drenching orgasm the likes of which I had never witnessed. "Imagine you are fucking my virgin ass Bill. Imagine how it would feel. Give it your cum." she whispered over her shoulder. She bent forward arching her back and giving me a perfect view of her ass hole. I could not take my eyes off of it. I knew it would be mine. The idea propelled me into the most massive cum shot of my life.

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I drove my cock balls deep into Nicole causing her to yelp as it smashed into her cervix. I held it there and flooded her with what seemed like gallons of my semen. When at last I came down from the orgasmic high I could see me jism seeping out around my cock and down the insides of her very shapely thighs. My cock spasmed as the last few drops trickled out. "If that doesn't knock you up. Well then I guess we will just have to try again." I said wiping sweat from my face.

"Are you still hard?" asked Nicole. My dick was not softening up. My wife often joked that it wanted a second round of fucking. "Uh yeah." I said. "Then take my ass now. Be gentle please. You know you are the first." she whispered.

I wanted to ask her is she was certain about it but given the opportunity she might back out. I slid my dick dripping with my juices and hers out of her white washed love tunnel. I relished the idea of fucking her ass so much my dick seemed even harder than it was before. "Ready?" I asked positioning my cock. "No. But I will never really be ready. Just do it." I grabbed her hip holding her firm then began pushing forward.

Immediately she tensed up. Her tight little ass hole backing am impenetrable wall. I pushed a little harder but her anus was unrelenting. I did not want to hurt her, not on her first attempt. I wanted her ass but I was a greedy bastard and I did not just want it this once. I wanted it over and over forever if I could. "You are too tense. Try to relax." I whispered.

"I really can't." she replied. Thinking I might distract her I reached around and began playing with her clit. Her hands shot down pushing my hand away immediately. "No. I am way to sensitive after my orgasm. I even had another little one when you came in me.

I just cannot handle that right now." she said. I heard everything I needed to hear. I began to push my cock against her anus and forced my hand back down to her clit and began working it. She wiggled and tried to dislodge my hand but it was locked on. Nicole moaned and fought caught between pleasure to great and over stimulation. As she writhed and bucked against me trying to move my hand my cock slid into her ass. She suddenly stopped fighting my hand completely mind-blown by the entrance of my dick into her backdoor.

"Oh God Bill." she moaned. I worked her clit soft and slow while doing the same with my cock. I had to look down every so often to see her sex ass with my dick impaling it. She seemed transfixed by the whole act. She could not move or function. She just stayed bent over the railing taking it all in. While I had lasted a long time before her ass was beyond tight and the build up to fucking it had me ready to blow after only a few fleeting minutes of anal bliss.

"Oh fuck. Nicole I am going to cum?" I said.


"Push it in as deep as you can and then I want you to cum inside me Bill. Cum in my virgin ass." she whispered back. I could hold back no longer.


I withdrew until just the tip of my cock remaining inside her and paused for just a second then drove it in as deep as it would reach. Nicole gasped and I could tell she wanted to pull away but the railing held her in place.

The orgasm was more intense than the previous with wave after wave coursing through my body and out my dick. The experience was surreal. I suspect poor Nicole was probably crapping out my cum for a week. I could not contain myself bellowing out as I blew my second load.

My voice echoed through the park. For a few moments after we stayed in position. I did not withdraw or move a muscle. Nicole seemed ready to get moving though. "Fuck you were loud." she laughed. "Sorry never had a virgin ass before. I didn't know what to expect." I replied. "Speaking of which; How is your ass?" "A little sore but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be." she replied.

"We should probably get going." I walked Nicole to her car and watched her drive away. I sat in mine for a few minutes after she left trying to fully grasp what had just taken place.


Then to my chagrin in drove a police car. My car being the only one left they came straight to me. My mind began to struggle with what I would say to them and my wife if I were arrested.

The officers came over to find me sitting with my door open. Their flashlights were nearly blinding as they looked me over. "Can I see some ID?" asked the female officer politely. I dug out my wallet and handed her my drivers license. She looked it over and handed it back to me. "We had someone call in a man in distress. You hear anything out of the ordinary out here about half an hour ago?" she asked.

"Oh. That was probably me. I got lost in the dark and twisted my ankle.

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Hurt like a son-of-a. well it hurt a lot. I took a couple minutes to rest then found my way back to my car." I replied. "Mind if we have a look in the trunk and backseat?" asked the other officer. I handed them my keys and sat by while they had a quick look at my car.

"You should carry a flashlight. Would come in handy in the dark. Now I suspect your Mrs.

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is waiting for you at home so you had best be heading home sir." said the female officer. I did not argue that. As I pulled away I noted that the cop cars lights were out. Maybe I wasn't the only one who had plans for that park on that fine evening. I allowed myself a grin as I drove away. I'd have to sleep at the office and shower at the gym before I went home then next night. My wife never asked and I was so glad I would never have to tell.

Thanks to Nicole I was out of my emotional funk. I found myself happier than I had been in years. Of course she wasn't pregnant yet. That is another story.