Great video with escort sucking and riding my big cock Sadie Blair

Great video with escort sucking and riding my big cock Sadie Blair
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Janie opened her eyes and groaned in pleasure. Her cunt tingled. It oozed fuck juices. Two fingers swirled and pumped inside the tight pussy hole. Wide open, her pussy was red and swollen as it was stroked inside out.

A thumb pressed against her clit and chills of lust rushed up and down her spine. Gyrating her hips, she cried, "Ohhh . ohhh, fuck! Ohhh, baby, fuck me . fuck me . fuck meee! Uuuhhh . ohhh, so good .

aaahhh, damn you . pump my cunt! Fuck it good!" Her friend chuckled and kept finger-fucking the young girl. The fingers fucked faster. They pumped hard and deep, then ground from side to side. Spreading in a wide V, they pulled Janie's pussy hole wide open. The fingers then quickly snapped together and fucked into the young girl's pussy once again. With each pump, Janie gasped in desire and spread her legs as her cunt hole was forced to open. She wanted it, needed it, badly.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Uhhh . uhhh, fuck me . ohhh, baby . fuck my cunt! Frig my clit! Nnnn . nnnhhh . ohhh, yes . oh, yes . that's it, honey .


fuck me! Ohhh, Melanie . do it faster . harder!" Her hips ground wildly from side to side.

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Melanie smiled again and kept fucking her young girl friend's pussy. Sensing how good it was for Janie, Melanie finger-fucked her harder. Swiftly, she jerked the two fingers back and made another one stiffen next to them. Then, without a pause, she fucked deeply into the other girl's cunt. "Uuuggghhh!" gasped Janie, her legs jerking wider. A grimace of temporary pain crossed her sweet face. Closing her eyes, Janie threw her head back.

The pain was quickly overcome by pleasure as her virgin cunt expanded and it throbbed. More of her slippery juices oozed out to lube the pumping fingers and her large, fleshy clit was engorged and reddened. Each pass of her girl friend's thumb across it squeezed a groan from Janie's throat. Wanting more, Janie grabbed her cunt lips and pulled. Like the petals of a flower, her pussy lips separated as her cunt opened wide.

Melanie's fingers sank in a little deeper as they pumped and swirled inside the open red cunt gash. "Yeahhh, baby! That's it, honey . open your cunt . keep that pussy hole open for me," whispered Melanie. "You like it, don't ya? You like having my fingers in your pussy, don't ya, Janie?" "Ohhh, yesss! Ohhh, yesss, I .

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I do! Finger-fuck me!" groaned Janie. Melanie leaned closer. "What? What did you say, you little bitch? I didn't hear you, Janie. I said, you like getting finger-fucked, don't you?" "Yes! Yes! Oh, yes!" the other girl moaned, louder than before.

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"Fuck me, damn you!" Steadily, Melanie's fingers fucked in and out. Janie could feel her inner cunt flesh dragging back and forth pleasurably, the friction driving her crazy. In and out, in and out, every time the fingers drove in deep, her cunt expanded wide to fit over them and a groan shot out as her pussy narrowed.

Every time the other young girl's thumb frigged her aching clit, Janie groaned once more. She tossed her head back. Her hips gyrated. Her body was flushed. A thin sheen of sweat glistened on her smooth flesh, her ripening tits rising and falling in passion. Her breath came in gasps of lust. Even as she thought it, she could feel the lust building to a climax.

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Inhaling deeply, Janie felt the tremors beginning in her toes. The explosion made the air rush out of her lungs and fuck juice gush out of her cunt. "Nnnnnn! Nnnnnhhhhh! Nnnhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh . ohhhh . shit!" I'm cum--fuck . fuck . fuck! I'm cumming . Cumming . cumming! Fuck me, whore . nnnggghhh . nnn . nnggghhh!" Her muscles trembled and goose bumps flashed over her body.

Her legs kicked out as spasms took over her pussy. Her cunt hole convulsed, juices spurting out, hot and sticky. It was all Melanie could do to keep up. She lay down with her face almost in Janie's cunt hairs. Wrapping one of her arms around the thrashing girl's thighs, she drove into Janie's pussy again and again. Cunt juices were splattered over her whole hand as Janie writhed in orgasm. Melanie thrilled to feel the clenching spasms of Janie's cunt around her fingers.

Janie rode her orgasm hard and fast until, with a great heave, she slumped back onto the bed. Her cunt was on fire, her body sweating, her breathing labored. But she was satisfied and a warm glow pulsed through her body as she relaxed in satisfaction. Melanie's own body was tingling in arousal, having just witnessed the climax of her close friend. Damn, it turned her on to make the other girl cum! Even though they had been frigging each other for almost a year now, the thrill of it never failed to get to Melanie.

The first time it had been a night like this one, when Melanie was spending the night at Janie's house. They had been innocently lying next to each other and then, somehow, their arms become intertwined. Their slender, almost hairless bodies had become heated, lust building up between their legs. And, even though they had never before experienced the sensations they had then felt, they instinctively knew what to do.

Not long thereafter, they were holding each other close, kissing and madly frigging each other. Yes, even though it had been almost a year since, together, they had discovered the secret, hidden pleasures between each other's legs, they were still going at it strongly. Both girls loved to play with, finger, suck, and lick cunt and since that first wonderful time, they had initiated several of their other young girlfriends to the pleasures of cunt.

Without exception, every one of the girls had taken to sucking pussy as enthusiastically as a duck takes to water. Now, Melanie peered at Janie, lust gleaming from her eyes.

Excitement coursed through her veins as she looked at Janie's taut, firm body, Janie was still young, slender and almost hairless except the thin patch between her legs. Her head was small and pretty.

Soft brunette hair, parted on the left side, flowed down just below her ears. Her hazel eyes were glowing with life and lust. Her nose was fine, her chin daintily formed, her cheekbones high. But her mouth was a sight to behold. The soft, ripe lips were full and beautifully formed.

They were almost a natural red in color. Her tongue was a soft pink. In short, her mouth was an incitement that any man, woman or child would gladly accept. It gave her the appearance of a young girl who felt comfortable and natural with her face buried between another person's legs. Her fine body was taut and firm. Her skin was golden, except her tits, pussy and ass, which were soft and creamy white. Her tits were not yet ripe, but damn close.

They swelled out from her chest invitingly, smooth and bullet shaped. Her nipples protruded, firm and rubbery. They were large and soft pink, providing a cock-stimulating contrast from the creaminess of her tits. Her belly sloped down past her belly button until it curved between her legs. The soft, light hair above her pussy was hardly noticeable. Her ass smoothly curved out in a most wonderful manner and her legs long and slender, soft and graceful.

Her feet were small and dainty, her toenails polished a pearly pink, like her fingernails. As Melanie gazed at her friend's body, she decided that she wanted Janie to service her pussy with her mouth.

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She stared hungrily at the dazed young girl and, getting up, she spread her legs wide and straddled Janie's upturned face. Opening her eyes, Janie looked up as the glow in her body subsided. What she saw reignited the fires of her desire.

Melanie was standing over her, a foot planted on either side of her head. Janie moaned softly, her eyes roving up and down the other girl's sweet body. Melanie was almost a year younger than Janie. She had long, honey blonde hair that was parted in the middle and her face was young and fresh. Her eyes were blue and sparkling, her mouth pert and sensuous, the lips looking like they were made to be kissed and licked.

Excited, Janie let her eyes travel lower. The younger girl's tits had yet to grow very much. The roundness was there, but barely evident against the flatness of her chest. Though Melanie was a little embarrassed because of this, her taut body made it up to her. Her nipples were enlarged and super-sensitive when aroused. Right now they stood up and out, swollen and tingling. Squeezing and pinching the younger girl's nipples was one sure way to make her do anything you wanted her to do, Janie had found.

Janie chuckled softly, knowing that her own nipples were just as sensitive. She moaned once more as her eyes continued traveling down Melanie's hairless body. The other girl's belly sloped gently outwards from under her tits. At her belly button, it reversed its curve and sloped gracefully back down until it tucked neatly between her legs. A thin patch of black hairs nestled between her thighs and a little gap was plainly evident between her thighs.

Her cunt lips were soft and swollen and Janie could see the wetness oozing out from between them. The older girl's eyes made a fast sweep down Melanie's slender, smooth legs, then quickly centered between them once more.

Melanie's sparsely haired pussy was hovering very invitingly over her face. Even as she looked, the cunt began to descend and she dreamily heard her friend's voice. "Suck it, Janie," ordered Melanie. "Eat my pussy, baby!" Whimpering, Janie opened her mouth. The sharp odor of cunt burned into her nostrils and lust filled her brain once again.


She wanted to smell it some more, she wanted to see it close up, she wanted to taste it. She wanted it planted on her mouth while she licked Melanie's cunt inside out. Melanie lowered herself further. Caught up in the lust of her act, the younger girl pulled her cunt lips wide apart and Janie got a wonderful view inside her tender, virgin pussy. Janie could see between the other girl's pussy lips as they opened wide.

The soft pink inner flesh was swollen and slick and cream glistened thick and white inside the pussy hole. Janie licked her lips and held out her tongue in invitation. As she whimpered for it, Melanie accepted, her hot wet cunt flesh settling down firmly on Janie's mouth.

"Mmmmmmm . mmmmm . ohhh, M-melanie . mmmppphhh . g-good . p-pussy, baby . mmmppphhh!" Janie slurped. While Melanie obligingly held her cunt spread open, Janie hungrily kissed her pussy square between the lips. The wet flesh was soft and smooth and her lips slid over the slick pussy meat easily. Janie inhaled deeply, the smell of pussy filling her head. Her tongue snaked out and she began lashing it back and forth.

The hot, wet cunt seared her tongue with its goodness and, as the taste washed into her mouth, Janie licked eagerly between her girl friend's cunt lips. Melanie reared her head back in pleasure, groaning, "Yeah, Janie.

That's it, baby! Lick my cunt . eat it . mouth it, honey . suck my pussy! Uuuuhhh . ohhh, yesss . mouth it! Oh, use your mouth, you whore!" Her hips gyrated reflexively and she pulled the cunt hole open wider. Janie's mouth nestled comfortably into the gaping pussy slot. She reached behind her girl friend and felt her ass. Kneading Melanie's firm asscheeks, Janie went to work on her pussy with gusto.

She fastened her mouth on the younger girl's creamy cunt and began cleaning up the sloppy hole with her mouth. Sucking while she licked up and down she was rewarded with a constant flow of fuck juices.

The delicious cum flowed over her tongue, dribbled down to the back of her mouth and then slid down her throat. The more Janie sucked Melanie's cunt, the more she wanted to do it. Inhaling as she sucked and licked, Janie swirled her tongue inside Melanie's cunt hole.

Withdrawing it, she gently slid it up and down the girl's pussy slit. When she touched Melanie's clit, she teasingly licked all around it and Melanie cried out in lust and torment. "Oh, you fucking whore! Ohhh . lick my clit, damn you! Lick it, Janie . ohh, please . lick my clit! Suck it . ohhh, please, suck it, Janie! Uuuhhh, I want it, baby! I can't take it . ohhh, please suck my clit .

nowww!" The sex-crazed girl ground her pussy into Janie's face, riding hard. She clutched the back of Janie's head, pulling tight. Janie's muffled grunts went unheeded because Melanie wanted her clit sucked and her pussy eaten and she wasn't going to take no for an answer. But Janie had no intention of saying no. The rough treatment she was receiving only served to heighten her lust.

Her tongue spiraled in, poking at the center of Melanie's cunt, Janie fastened her lips tightly around Melanie's clit and sucked. Her tongue got closer and closer, then made contact. Melanie lurched but Janie didn't give the other girl time to settle in. Her mouth went to work, licking and sucking madly. She swirled her tongue around the swollen clit, treating the entire surface of the other girl's clit to a wonderful tongue-massage. Then Janie started licking back and forth teasingly, dragging the length of her tongue across Melanie's clit.

Then she pulled her tongue back. Melanie's screams of lust made Janie glow in satisfaction. "Ohhh . ooohhh . fuck fuck, Janie ooohhh, it feels good, baby oh, yes oh, yesss! Do it . do it!

Mouth fuck my cunt! Lick it out, suck my clit! Ohhh . yeahhh, baby, eat me out! Oh, goddamn, you eat pussy good, baby! Ohhh, oh . ohhh . oh!" Janie stopped petting the other girl's ass. She worked her fingers between Melanie's asscheeks while she hungrily sucked and licked. Spreading them apart, she pressed one finger against the younger girl's asshole.

She felt the asshole twitch once and then loosen as Melanie sensed what she was going to do. Janie flicked her finger back and forth over the brown hole and then centered it and pushed. The soft asshole flesh gave way and with a long, slow motion, Janie firmly pushed her finger up Melanie's ass. "Uuuhhh!" choked Melanie. She jerked and tightened her asshole. Then she loosened it, savoring the pleasure. Her hips moved from side to side.

Her head was thrown back in joy as her girl friend kept sucking her clit, pumping the finger in and out of her asshole. Chill bumps flashed over her skin. Janie well knew the pleasures of getting something in the butt. Though both girls were still virgin, they had already found out that it felt just as good--maybe even better--to have something up the ass. She worked her finger in and out and from side to side inside the other girl's open shit-hole.

All the while her mouth greedily gobbled Melanie's clit. Janie could feel the heat of the girl's clit pulsing inside her mouth. She closed her eyes as she ate pussy, swirling her tongue all around in hunger. Just as she felt her young girl friend stiffening, she dug her finger deeper into Melanie's asshole and hammered it hard from side to side. Melanie screamed as she came.

"Uuuhhh . uuuhhh! Ohhh . You damn . whore! Uuuhhh . Uh .

uh! Nnnggghhh . ooohhh, shit . I'm c-cumming! Aaahhhhh . Aaahhhh . uuunanggghhh!" Lust flashed over her heated flesh as her orgasm hit her. Her muscles tensed and then released. Her lips were drawn back in a grimace of lust. Convulsive tremors wracked her body from head to foot as her clit expanded and exploded in her brain. She gripped Janie's head, roughly pulling it between her wide open legs. Out of her head, she mashed her slobbering cunt into the other girl's lips.

Her lips mashed and numbed, Janie did her best to keep licking and sucking for all she was worth. She struggled to keep her nose free to breathe as her girl friend went crazy. After digging her finger deep up Melanie's ass, Janie finger-fucked the asshole hard. She jerked the finger back, then rammed it in deep. Repeatedly, she finger-fucked her friend's shit-hole hard and fast. The puckered asshole twitched powerfully, again and again and from the way Melanie was moaning and spasming, it was evident that she was loving every bit of it.

Wet, sticky pussy cream gushed out of the girl's pussy hole and into Janie's mouth. Its smell was in Janie's nostrils. Its taste filled her mouth. It cascaded all over her face, its warmth good to her lips and tongue. Excited by the taste and smell, Janie worked her tongue furiously on her friend's clit. She sucked and licked for all she was worth until, with a giant heave, Melanie's body went slack.

The girl was breathing hard, her face relaxed, her mind thoroughly blown. For a moment, she stayed in position over Janie's face, her pussy licked clean inside out. Then she collapsed onto the bed beside her friend.

She lay there, silently recovering with her eyes closed. Janie didn't speak, content to be there next to Melanie. Her cheeks and chin and lips were gleaming with spent fuck juice. She licked up what she could reach with her tongue. Melanie noticed and moved over to help.

Sensuously, Melanie kissed her girl friend, tasting her own pussy on Janie's lips. Her tongue slithered into Janie's mouth, then began swirling around her lips. In ever-widening circles, Melanie licked over Janie's chin, then cleaned up her cheeks. When she was finished, Janie's face was sparkling clean. lowing with satisfaction, Melanie lay back down. After a few minutes of rest, she opened her eyes once again. "Whew! Damn . that was good, baby. Fuck, you eat good pussy, Janie," she purred.

Janie, too, was glowing with pleasure and her cunt was again glowing with lust, her asshole tingling with desire because it had been several days since she had fingered herself there. Even as she thought about it, an intense horniness filled her smooth young body. She wanted something stuffed up her asshole!