Gay cop boots cum Nathan Stratus explains that this is his first ever

Gay cop boots cum Nathan Stratus explains that this is his first ever
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Crissy wasn't thinking, she was trying to do a number to things and she just had her tight tee shirt and loose shorts no panties when she hoped in the van to go to Wal-Mart. The kids would be fine, her oldest is 14 and keeps and eye on the other 2 all the time.

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As she drove she started to calm down and realized what she had on "ugh" she thought "this isn't the best neighborhood and look at me dressed like I'm showing off" Smiling to herself she has to admit she likes the attention. She pulls into the parking lot she glances in the mirror just to make sure she looks ok. She realizes she doesn have any panties on and that also make her feel a little sexy as well at that tight tee shirt which shows off the "girls" well.

As she walks in there are 3 guys standing at the entrance she imagines they are 17/18 and one of them is staring already as she walks up.

She pretends she doesn't notice them but sees the one elbow the others to get their attention. She sees them whispering and she makes eye contact with the one, David is his name, he looks like he's the leader, he's a young black man and he hasn't taken his eyes off her yet. Alittle nervous she gives a smile and a hello as she walks by, they don't say a word til after she walks by when they bust up laughing saying things like "did you see those tittys" and "man, what a milf" Crissy got beet red, couldn't believe what they were saying.

She grabbed a cart, and thought she should go tell a manager, but in a couple of minutes she relaxed and smiled thinking "well at least they are looking lol" Crissy goes through the store getting the couple of items she needs.

As she is in the line to check out her mind drifts back to those young me at the entrance, wondering if she was going to have to run the gauntlet again. She thought about going out the other door but it was so far from her vanso she decided to just head on out the way she came in.

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She was relieved that they weren't standing there any longer and she headed to her van. She was putting things in the back when that same young black man walked up to the van.

"excuse me" he says startled especially when you realize it was one of those guys at the entrance "Yes can I help you?" "umm yeah I was wondering if you wouldn't mind giving me a lift home" A little nervous Crissy, is looking around wondering if she's going to get mugged. "A ride?" she says? " just you?" "Yeah my other buddies took off and left me stranded" he says looking very innocent now that he's alone.


Now Crissy is a good person, and it's very difficult for her to say no to anyone so she says " how far away?" David says "oh it's not far only about 10 minutes from here" Crissy feeling like she's about to do her good deed, says "ok, hop in, what's your name?" "David " he says She completely forgets her tight tee shirt and short shorts until they are driving down the road, its gotten dark now, but every time she glances over she notices David either looking at her tits or her short shorts.

Trying to make small talk, she keeps glancing over and he would smile and what would seem to her to deliberately break eye contact to look at her tits. Surely she's mistaken she thinks.

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Then David starts asking if she's married and telling her how good she looks. what a good body she has and when she looks over she now see him staring and him rubbing his crotch.

A combination of nerves and excitement she knows she's got to get him where he's going and get home. She trys to change the subject talking about his girlfriends but he turns it right back telling her she is much more sexy than any of his girlfriends.

She blushes and trys to change the subject.


"ok David where do I turn now?" they have been driving for about 10 minutes when David directs crissy to pull down this alley way that's a cul de sac. David tells her she can let him off down there and turn around. As shes driving down it shes alittle nervous but trys to maintain control. "so david where do you live" David slides across the seat and points across Crissy's arms to a small house as he pulls his arm back he brushes against her nipples. "oh i'm sorry I didnt mean that, i was just pointin towards my house like this" and he does it again only this time he brushes her nipples both pointing and pulling his arm away.

crissy freezes, she doesnt know what to do her hands glued to the steering wheel. "DAVID, stop that what are you doing" A smile comes across david's face, flashing his bright white teeth "what do you mean crissy, I mean i think you know what I' doing, look at those nipple they are pretty hard" Glancing down crissy notices that yes they are now poking through her shirt. "well umm ahhh you shouldn't be doing that I'm old enough to be your mother" trying to maintain control her hands still locked on the steering wheel glancing over as David smiles and is rubbing what now appears to be quite a large hardon thru his long athletic shorts.

"now I think you should go" crissy says, but david wants to test it alittle more only this time he reaches over and begins to massage Crissy's nipples thru her tee shirt whispering" you like this Crissy" "Ohhh, no what are you doing" (her hands still locked on the steering wheel not knowing what to do her submissive nature is taking over) "David, you ohh god, you really need to stop" "what's wrong crissy sounds like you are enjoying this" David says, with that she feels him pull her right hand off the steering wheel and place it in his lap rubbing his big hard cock.

Crissy's mind is spinning, she doesn't know what to do, she's thinking " this boy is getting me so wet playing with my nipples and now his cock OMG its huge " She can only whisper "David please you shouldn't ohh ugh, david what are you doing to me?" David leans over and whispers "I'm gonna give you some black dick" and as he says that he pulls his shorts down so Crissy now has his big black cock in her hand.

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"Oh my god David its huge" feeling her pussy getting wet as he continues to roll and pinch her nipples pulling her shirt up she can't stop him now her hand working on his cock slowly jerking it for him she has completly lost control, this young man has gotten thru to her, found her weakness and taken control. Some how they end up in the backseat of the van, Crissy doesn't know when that happened all she does know now is shes jerking his big black cock and he's got his fingers buried in her wet pussy and hes sucking her nipples like an expert.

her head thrown back loving every moment.

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he stops licking her nipples and pulls her by the back of the neck down where she is now face to face with his big black cock. "You ever suck a black cock" david says to her, and all crissy can do is stare and shake her head no.


he continues to push her head down on his big cock and she begins to give him a blowjob while he still had his fingers buried in her pussy. she is sucking him for a few minutes when he moves her head off him and slide behind her, I'm gonna give this wet pussy some of this black cock.

as she is bent over the seat he slides his cock between her legs, her head spinning not being able to understand what happening its going so fast she trys to say no, but its too late the head of his cock has found her wet cunt. As he thrust in and out she is so caught up in the moment she begins to ride his young hard cock, thrusting back against him (its been so long since her husband ever fucked her like this) David is fucking her nice and slow "do you want it faster crissy?

tell me you want it faster!

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tell me you want my big black cock in your pussy" the more he talked to her the hornier she got (what was going on shes never been like this) Soon after she starts responding "Yes Please fuck me faster, I want your big black cock in my pussy, please faster harder" and David obliged, he started fucking her harder and faster getting closer to cumming he says to her "ohh crissy i'm gonna blow my load in your white pussy is that what you want" "ohh god oh god" not wanting him to stop but not wanting to get pregnant she was so hornyshes already cum more times than she ever had with her husband this young man knows how to fuck she cant stop her body won't let her she cries out " yes fuck me fuck my wet pussy ohhh god yes fill me up" and about that time David reaches his orgasam "Ohhhh fuck i'm cummin ohhh fuck yeah ohh yeah" as he pounds his cock the deepest he has been into her pussy.

They collapse in the back of her van, not knowing how long they had been there she begins to come to her senses and tells david she has to go.

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he just smiles and say "Ok, maybe I will see you at walmart again" as he pulls up his shorts and falls out of the van."yes maybe" Crissy says She tries to get herself together. She finds her clothes gets dressed and stops by a gas station to clean up. She stops at the drugstore and buys one of those night after pills, hoping they work.

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she drives back home with a very satisfied pussy and a smile. Wondering if she'll ever see David again.