Jack Cummings Banging Pretty Brunette Nicole Rider

Jack Cummings Banging Pretty Brunette Nicole Rider
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My Family 6 Ester and I arrived home about four that afternoon. Dad and Mom were very happy to see us. I especially was glad to see Mom; however she did look a little haggard from the lack of sleep. Dad had just come off a forty eight hour work schedule.

That night Ester snuck into my room about midnight while I was asleep. She woke me up sucking my cock. As soon as she new I was awake she got on top of me and slid my cock deep into her pussy. She rocked her pelvis back and forth across my cock keeping it deep within her womb.

I had to put my hand over her mouth because she started making so much noise moaning. When she came she kind of jiggled her pussy and I felt her shudder.

She came two more times before I shot a deep load of cum up into the inner walls of her pussy. She wanted to sleep with me but I made her go back to her own bed just in case Mom or Dad looked in on us. I slept in late. When I came down stairs Mom was in the kitchen cleaning up the breakfast dishes. Dad was out back mowing the lawn and Ester was raking leaves. Mom was still in her night gown and house dress. God she looked so sexy, I couldn't help myself.

I came up behind her and whispered her key hypnotic words and put her into a deep sleep. I told her she was so horny and her pussy was getting hotter and wetter by the second. I said you want to be fucked so badly. I new I was on dangerous ground, what with dad right outside.

I couldn't stop myself. I lifted her night gown and housecoat up and bent her over the sink and slipped my fully hard cock into her now wet pussy. God, how good she felt as I drove my cock deep inside her belly. Because of fucking Ester last night I lasted much longer than I would have after so long a time not seeing her. She came several times before I shot my load deep within her love hole. She was softly moaning and as I came she pushed back hard and came with me. I pulled her night gown down and wiped my cock off and sat down at the table and then gave the key words that made her cum out of her hypnotic state.

I told her she would not remember who fucked her only that she felt wonderful. I watched her as she turned around with a big smile on her face. I said good morning Mom. She said "good morning Eric did you sleep well." I sure did, I said. She looked out the window and saw Dad mowing the lawn and then looked at me. She kept looking back and forth between the window and me. I saw a frown creep across her face. She turned away from me as she reached between her legs and felt her pussy.

I new she must have felt my cum oozing out of her. She turned beet red and then hurried out of the room and to her bedroom. I thought Oh Shit, what have I done? What a fool I was. I crept up to her door and listened. She was crying and I felt really bad.

I took a shower and got ready to leave to return to my Aunts house for the rest of the summer. We all had lunch together but Mom would not look at me.


Dad asked me if I thought I might like to go Elk hunting in October. I told him I would love too. I gave Ester a hug and she whispered, "Who am I going to fuck while you're away?" I told her it was only for two more weeks and she could save it all up for me.

She said "I'm going to finger fuck myself every night thinking about you, Aunt Jennifer and the dogs." I just grinned. At first Mom and I just stood there looking at each other.

It was an awkward situation.

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To my amassment Mom opened her arms and gave me a big hug. Then she gave me a big kiss and hugged me again as she whispered, "It's all right Eric I'm ok with what happened. We will talk about it when you come home. I looked at her and I could not help the big grin that came over my face.

I said are you sure? And she said "Yes." I left knowing it was going to be a tough two weeks. Every fiber of my body wanted to stay home. I arrive back at my Aunts about four PM. I walked into the house but couldn't find my Aunt anywhere. I saw a note pinned to the back screen that said she was visiting with a neighbor friend down the road and would be back about six.


I went out to the barn and piddled around for awhile giving the horses an apple each from a sack my aunt kept in the barn for just that reason. Aunt Jennifer came home right at six o'clock. After dinner she asked me what I would like to do. I grinned and said bring in old Shep and Blackie and have some fun if you're up to it.

"Sorry, only one at a time" she said. Who do you prefer I asked? "Well. I usually do Shep first he is a little smaller and gets me worked up to handle Blackie." Old Shep it is than and I went out to their pens and brought in Shep. "They haven't had any for a couple of days so they should be nice and horny" She said. She had gone out and bought a special narrow table with a cushion on top. She told me she had found it at the good will and knew it was the right size for her to lean over and allow her to suck my cock while the dogs fucked her.

She took some peanut butter and spread it on her pussy lips to get Shep started.

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She opened her legs and allowed Shep to begin licking her cunt. I moved behind the couch and opened up her blouse and started massaging her tits. I still marveled at how well Shep could slide his tongue up into her vagina and then in a scooping motion that would run his tongue up over her clit. Aunt Jennifer would moan every time he did that. She had two climaxes within about five minutes.

Her nipples were popped out and hard. Even her breasts got firmer. She pushed Shep off and got her body laid across the bench/table her arms hanging over the sides and her head at the end. With her ass now exposed Shep again shoved his tongue up into her fuck hole and then mounted her.

"Oh shit, he's in my ass." She cried. "Pull him out Erick" Before I could come around the couch He had shoved that dick deep up her ass and was fucking her butt like a piston.

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His knot had begun to swell and he shoved it inside her butt hole. "Oh christ that hurt" she said. I tried to pull him out of her but he was to well entrenched with his knot inside her.

She had settled down and seemed to enjoy having that cock knot up inside her ass. Shep was pumping in spurts and I knew he was shooting his sperm deep into her ass cavity.

When he was finished he turned around so that they were ass to ass.

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I pulled down my pants and stuck my cock into her waiting mouth and let her suck me off. With her chin slightly over the end of the table I could shove my cock straight into her mouth and throat. I came just about the time Shep pulled out of her. My cum hit the back of her throat and staight down into her stomach. Like drinking water without swallowing.

"Christ that hurt at first. I had a pain that went from ass up my spine to my shoulder blades. Then it got better, especially when Shep made me cum a couple of times" she said.

I laughed and reached over and wiped some of cum from the side of her mouth. I exchanged Shep for Blackie and watched as Blackie gave my Aunt a good fucking. For the next couple of days I would fuck my Aunt in the Ass or let her suck my cock while she got fucked by the dogs. One morning we were out in the barn giving the horses some hay and oats.

Aunt Jennifer was rubbing down with a brush the small pony that Ester rides when I noticed it had a hard on. It hung half way to the ground. I said hey Auntie, look at what you caused. Do you think the pony wants to fuck you? "Well, I have thought about it once or twice but could never figure out how to do it." Want to try? "I'm not sure, he looks awfully big." Why don't you let one of the dogs loosen you up while I rig something. I went and got Blackie while my Aunt stripped down naked.

She seemed game to try. She laid a horse blanket over a bail of hay and let Blackie eat her pussy. I had an idea. I went out to the yard and undid the hammock. I tied the hammock around the pony's back and let the net hang lose below its belly.

I looked over and Blackie was really fucking my Aunt. I watched as his knot was slipping in and out of her cunt. Blackie gave a big lunge and the knot went in and stayed. For the next several minutes he squirted his doggy juices deep inside my Aunts pussy.

As soon as Blackie's dick came out of her I had her get into the hammock. She was dripping with Blackie's cum.

I positioned my Aunt and guided that big dick to the edge of her pussy lips. She reached down and parted them as wide as she could with her fingers. I pulled the hammock forward and that pony's cock slid into her vagina about seven inches. There was at least that much still outside her. I began to move the hammock back and forth allowing that big cock to slide in and out of her engorged pussy.

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My Aunt was moaning and making all kinds of noises. Oh my god, oh shit, oh Eric it's so big, its so, so, fantastic. I've cum so many times already, ohhhhhh shit yes, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. She kept that up for almost a half hour as I rocker her back and forth on that cock.

That horse's cock had penetrated her even more, she must have at least ten or eleven inches sliding in and out of her cunt. The horse had cum up inside her and a lot of white cum was oozing out her cunt.

She finally cried. "That's enough Eric I can't handle any more. I'm exhausted. I think if I came again I would have a heart attack.


I eased that magnificent cock out of her and helped her out of the hammock. When that cock came out she gushed about a pint of cum out of her pussy. She could not walk so I helped her over to the bail of hay and completely exhausted she floped face down I was so horny from watching her get fucked by the pony that I slid my pants down and took some of her pussy juice and rubbed it into her ass and fucked her in the ass.

She didn't move, she just laid there and let me fuck her. When she finally was able to stand, she had horse cum running out of her pussy and mine out of her ass. What a sight. For the next eight days she fucked that pony at least once every day. I taught her how to rig the hammock by herself so that when I was gone she could do it herself. We tried her stallion but he was just too big.

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He almost split her wide open before she could get away from his cock. She also learned that by letting Blackie or Shep fuck her first it was easier to take the pony because her pussy would be full of cum and their knot would stretch her just enough to take the pony. Aunt Jennifer's pussy had been stretched enough by the pony so that when fucking the dogs she no longer got tied to them.

As exciting as all of this was I couldn't help but think of Mom and what she had whispered to me. Each time I thought of it I would get hard and then fuck my Aunt in the ass. I planned my arrival back at home to coincide with my father working his long shift. (continued) All right reserved to the Author.