D aacute_ndole verga a mi zorrita

D aacute_ndole verga a mi zorrita
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MARCH 2ND 2007 It had been nearly two weeks since my first session with Mistress Nikki. It had become hard to keep myself busy because all that was ever on my mind was going back there. It'd be nice if I could manage to get these appointments closer to each other so I wouldn't have to go without for so long.

Normally Karen and I have sex twice a week but we hadn't even done that lately. She was always tired and to be honest, the sex being offered wasn't what I wanted it to be.

Anyway, despite traffic I was able to make it on time. Nikki's dungeon doors were open, so I assumed she was waiting for me. When I walked through the door, she was sitting in a chair with her leather boots propped up on a masked man's back.

He was on all fours, staring at the floor, but he looked my way when he heard my foot steps. "Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were ready for me, I'll go back out until you are done with…" "Wait! No mistake dear. Remember your friend Steven? He told me that you two go way back.

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Interesting enough, neither of you have sexually explored with another male. I was thinking that today, you both would get your first taste." Mistress chuckled as she grinned. When she had said we were going to be exploring each other, I noticed Steve's head look up at her then over to me.

I'm sure he was thinking the same thing.

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We were both nervous. It was something neither of us had ever tried. My curiosity never drove me far enough to actually try it. Here I was without a choice, so it seemed like the perfect situation to experiment. At least I knew the man I'd be doing things with, so we are some what comfortable around one another. "Well, come on! Take your clothes off!

Don't just stand there! Steven is all prepared." He sat there in nothing but the leather mask as I stripped my clothing off as quickly as possible. Nikki stood next to Steven in her shiny black and purple underbust corset with matching thigh highs. They attached to black garters.

To my pleasant surprise, she didn't have panties on. I stood there as she led him over to a medical examining table with stirrups. Steven laid back and put his feet up. He'd tense up when she'd smack him in the balls. "Slave, get over here and tie his hands to the handles so he can't escape." Quickly I made my way over there where she had some rope waiting. I had to tie it three times since the first two weren't tight enough according to her.

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His arms could barely move under the rope, just the way she wanted it. "Make him your slave. Today, you will be fully in control. If he's being a bad slave, tell him! Don't get too cocky now because incase you forget, I own both of you little sissy faggots.

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I stood with my legs spread, between his legs. My cock wasn't hard so I knew that I couldn't push my way into his ass. "Why don't you jerk your cocks together.

Maybe that friction will get you going. I want you plowing that ass. You might have to use lots of lube because you will be taking his anal virginity." Steven tilted his head back and sighed, knowing that it would hurt unbearably. I wrapped our cocks up in my palm and started stroking them both together. It seemed odd but I have to admit that it felt good. Apparently he was enjoying it as well because he started getting longer and thicker.

I looked over at Mistress Nikki for approval. She seemed to be enjoying this. Her fingers were spreading her pussy lips wide open as a long cigarette dangled from her glossy lips. "That cock looks nice and hard. Put it in him. Put your fucking cock inside him bitch!" There was a bottle of lube on a table next to us, so I grabbed it and squirted some onto his ass hole, then my dick.

"Here goes nothing," I thought to myself. It was hard to get in at first and Steve was squirming and crying out in pain. He kept mumbling something as more and more entered his anus. As my cock moved forward and back in him, it started becoming easier, so I sped up. Steven never lost his hard on so it must have felt good taking it in the ass (once he became more accustomed to it, first few minutes were not pleasant).

It had always been a fantasy but it seemed so strange to actually be fucking a man, and my long time friend none the less! "Fuck, if I wasn't already smoking, I think I'd need a cigarette. Mm that cock is deep inside him. Talk dirty.

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Tell him how much of a whore he is." She kept pushing me as she was finger fucking herself. I figured, why the hell not. "You love having my cock in your ass. You are such a faggot!" Mistress moaned loudly as I continued to yell at Steven.

I'd occasionally look over to see her probing herself with the handle of her leather crop. Without even thinking, I started jerking his cock as I kept pounding him.

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My dick was throbbing and we were really getting into it. He was moaning out loud as well as I stretched out his hole. Images popped up in my mind: Him in full rubber as I fucked him and came on his face, Me holding him down and raping him against his will.

Perhaps I was getting too into the dominance.


I was knocked down from my pedestal within a couple minutes. His ass was so tight, since he had never had anything in it before. The friction was too much so without thinking I drove deep and released my seed.

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I flooded his rectum with my warm cum. "You worthless little fuck!" Fear set in me as Nikki jumped up from her spot and walked quickly my way. Her heels loudly clicked against the flood and without warning she smacked me across the face. I was in a state of shock.

"I don't believe I told you to that you could cum! You fucking stupid, worthless piece of shit! I guess the only way to make up for it, is to clean up your damn mess.

Get in there!" My face got slammed in Steven's ass. Cum was starting to ooze out his hole and now it was on my face. I licked up what dripped out. "Steven, push that semen out.


This cunt needs to learn his lesson!" Her hand repeatedly smacked me in the back of the head before shoving my face back into his ass hole. The cum started gushing out now that he was pushing it and I was licking it up as fast as I could. She was pissed and I'd do whatever it took to make her happy again. "Look at his white tongue, Steven. What a fucking cum whore. I'm going to untie you now and have you clean up his dirty pecker." He rubbed his arms as he was set free, a bit sore from the tight rope.

I stood still and did nothing, not wanting to upset her again. His mouth wrapped around my cock as he moved back and forth, taking every inch in. He made sure to catch the little bit of cum that was dripping off my head. Instinct told me to grab his head and shove it downward, give him a good face fucking. I didn't. A popping sound filled the air as my head left his wet mouth.

We waited for instructions. "Good job.


It's hard to believe that you two have never been with a man. You seem a bit too experienced." Nikki put an unlit cigarette into her mouth, holding it firm between her teeth. She was searching around for a lighter and I remembered seeing one on another table. I reached over and grabbed it, then crawled her way. She leaned down as I lit her cigarette. My face was filled with her sweet smoke. "Mm, good boy.

Now back to business. I want you to put this rubber hood on. You will be on the receiving end this time." In my mind I was freaking out, I'd never had anything inside of me. "But…I think you will be receiving a good face fucking rather than your ass. I'd like to break you in myself." She laughed as she blew a cloud of smoke in my face, causing me to cough.

I was a bit relieved and excited that she wanted me all to herself. Her chair sat right behind us so she had a good view. Her fingers traced her nipples as she pulled at them. "Come on Steven. Fuck his slut mouth!" He wrapped his hands around the back of the rubber hood and pushed my face forward.

The head poked at the side of my mouth before driving to the back of my throat. It seemed that every time I gagged and nearly threw up, he moaned loudly and fucked me harder.

"Yes! Make him take it deep. He's a slut, he can take it." The sounds of her breast being slapped by a leather crop echoed throughout the room. It became increasingly louder as she started hitting herself harder.

Red marks covered her large breast.

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Unfortunately, it was a sight I didn't get to see much of because I was so focused on not throwing up. His cock was at least 8 inches long and it certainly wasn't thin.

It was becoming very difficult for me to take it all. My saliva was hanging from his shaft and my chin as he pounded my throat.

"You love that big cock in your mouth, don't you slave?" Nodding was difficult when he wouldn't let up but I did the best I could to answer her.

His dick would occasionally pop out of my mouth from him moving so quickly, so I would lick the shaft before he'd shove it back in. "Mistress, I'm so close. Can I please cum?" "Do you love having a faggot suck you off?" "Yes mistress." "Are you a sissy cock sucker yourself?" "Yes mistress. I love to suck cocks." "Mm good. Yes you may cum, but not in his mouth! I want to see all of your semen splattered over his rubber covered face." Steven nodded his head, then pulled out of my mouth.

It gave me a moment to catch my breath. He was fucking my mouth so fiercely that I didn't have much time to breathe. His left hand wrapped around his shaft and his right held the back of my head. I held my tongue out to catch the cum that came that way, knowing that it would please my mistress. Loud moans escaped his mouth as he squeezed his cock before letting loose streams of sperm that dripped down my rubber face. My tongue licked wildly at the sides of my mouth, getting as much of it as I could.

"Good. Now lick that up, but do not swallow! Hold it in your mouth. You don't have to eat your own cum, you asked permission, unlike that other worthless pig." Neither of us were really sure what was going on but he listened.

His tongue pressed the rubber against my face and it felt good. Every drop was mixed with saliva, sitting in his mouth. Suddenly, Nikki grabbed my face and told me to hold my mouth open wide. I did what I was told. "Spit your cum into his dirty mouth. He is going to swallow it." Leaning forward, he let the cum dangle from his tongue. It slowly fell towards my mouth and landed on my tongue. Mistress leaned over and spit into my mouth.

"Now swallow that cum and spit. Swallow!" It didn't taste great but I closed my eyes and tried to not think about it. I swallowed it all.

"Well done. Perhaps I'll have to bring your faggot boyfriend in for play more often!" We both looked at each other. Neither of us had a bad time, so the thought didn't bother us. Unfortunately, it was the end of our session. All of the things that I had just participated in drove me wild. When I got out to my car, I couldn't hold it in. My cock hurt and it was throbbing so much. Hopefully nobody saw, but if they did, oh well. I had to get off.