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Arcutus Scone and Sharon McLuster were lovers, but once they had been teacher and student, Sharon sufficiently younger than Arcutus, but it made no difference to either of them. They were meant for each other. Tonight, they were going to relive a situation that occurred long ago, when Arcutus could no longer stand the witch's longing for him and decided to do something about it. Sharon, scared and titillated, managed to get away from him. He had restrained himself because she was so young, but he would have loved for it to turn out another way.

He had wanted her so badly, he was tempted to take her despite her protests. But conscience won out. Yet tonight, Sharon agreed to let him relive that day, with a very different outcome.

He could treat her as he liked. They were going to do roleplay. Arcutus looked down at Sharon, who was dressed in school robes over a school uniform, looking fresh-faced and somewhat virginal. He let out a small growl. She shivered.

"Let's start at the collision," they said together. Arcutus smirked as Sharon laughed out loud.

"Remember to stay in character, Sharon. No leaping on me. This is my show," Arcutus said, looking at her and licking his lips in anticipation. "Got it," she replied, starting up the corridor. **************************** Suddenly Sharon slammed into something hard enfolded in something soft.

She staggered back, and slowly lifted her eyes to meet the hard scowl of her teacher. He stood there, arms folded, as his black eyes raked over her. She felt light-headed for a moment as a sensation curiously like melting hit her midsection.

She wobbled a bit, then drew in a slow calming breath, hoping he hadn't noticed her reaction to his slow perusal. Gods, she wanted him. "Miss McLuster," he said with a purr, dragging the silk of his voice over each word uttered. "Do you make it a habit of blindly traversing corridors where unsuspecting individuals travel with a modicum of regard for others, not expecting to have a collision with anyone, much less you?" "No sir.

Sorry sir." "Yes. I imagine you are," he said with a bit of an edge. "And where, pray tell, were you barreling off to before you were.momentarily indisposed?" "The library, sir.


To do a bit of research," Sharon answered, dropping her head to keep from looking into those captivating eyes. She swallowed reflexively. Arcutus drummed his fingers on one forearm.


"Ah yes, the library. The place that you believe holds all the answers to the things that baffle you." "Well sir," Sharon said, her voice gathering strength as she met his gaze again.

"Maybe not all the answers, but enough information so that I can figure out the rest on my own." "Yes. I see. Relying on that great, know-it-all brain of yours to divine the truth behind all mysteries, great and small," the teacher sneered.

Affronted, Sharon shot back, "This "know-it-all" brain as you so ineptly put it, has served me pretty well. There is no problem that logic and intelligence cannot work out, given enough information and time." "Really now?" said Mr. Scone with a sardonic smirk. "So tell me, how does that great brain of yours wrap itself around the idea that you want me pumping and panting under those robes of yours?" Sharon's heart almost stopped with shock. He knew. He knew! Color flushed up from the neck of her robes, bathing her entire head in a deep shade of red.

"I don't know what." she began weakly, trying to shield herself from his knowing eyes with a big, fat dollop of denial. He cut her off. "Don't look so shocked, Miss McLuster. I am a grown wizard. Do you really think that I don't know when a woman wants me to bed her? Save your lies, Miss McLuster.

They are wasted on me. Besides, I didn't say I wasn't.shall we say. intrigued by the idea. There aren't many eighteen year old virgins queuing up to offer me their ripe little cherries, after all." Sharon felt faint.

The corridor began to spin wildly as the floor flew at her face. Suddenly she felt a strong grip on her forearm, jerking her upright before she collided with the rushing stone. Arcutus pulled her to him, pressing his body against hers firmly, enjoying the feel of her curves against him. He hardened. "Oh no you don't, Miss McLuster," he purred against her ear. "You won't wriggle your way out of this situation by fainting." Arcutus pulled his wand out of his left robe pocket and pointed it directly between the dazed witch's eyes.

"Awake!" Sharon's head cleared and she found herself pressed tightly against the teacher's lean body. She could feel his erection hard against her belly. She gasped. "Is this what you want, Miss McLuster?" Arcutus hissed, rubbing his cock against the witch's body, and feeling her shudder with desire.

Suddenly he turned her, pressing her back against the stone wall, continuing to grind against her, while whispering in her ear, "You want to be fucked by your teacher, don't you?" Arcutus covered her mouth in a searing kiss, thrusting his tongue deeply, tasting her innocence, her desire. Sharon moaned and moved against him, trembling.

He pulled back from her and grasped her chin, forcing her to look at him with her wide, scared amber eyes. He still pressed his cock against her. "Yes, you do want me to fuck you, don't you? Don't you, Miss McLuster? You dream about me. You touch yourself and think of me. Tell me. Don't lie to me." "Yes," she whispered. He began to unbutton her robes, his eyes locked into hers. She was panting. "You're a virgin, Miss McLuster?" "Yes, Mr.

Scone,' she gasped as he rolled himself against her. "Do you want to stay a virgin?" "No.I want.I want." "Me to fuck pop your cherry. To make you a woman. Here. Now." He pulled her robes apart, and having no patience, tore her blouse open and pulled a breast free from her cotton bra.

He squeezed it experimentally, and she groaned, thrusting up at him, begging without knowing what it was she was begging for. He dropped his head and took her rose-tipped nipple into his mouth, grasping the other breast roughly with his hand and squeezing it as he suckled her hard.

"Oh, Mr. Scone," she groaned, writhing beneath his ministrations. He released her breast and slid his hand down her belly, to her soft pubic hair. She bucked under him, gasping with shock.

He slipped his finger into her wetness and probed. He released her nipple and brought a wet finger up to his nose, sniffing her sweet scent, then popped his finger into his mouth, tasting her. Sharon watched him with wide eyes. "Sweet," he said. "I need more" He pulled her away from the wall and half dragged her to the window.

He sat her upon the sill. "Hold on good, Miss McLuster, or you may fall," he hissed. Sharon placed both her hands on the window's stone frame to balance herself.

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Arcutus kneeled, and reached under her skirt, grasping her panties and yanking them down. He spread her thighs. Sharon started to protest. "Be quiet!" he hissed, "or I won't do what you so obviously need me to do." Sharon shut up. Arcutus placed his face between her thighs and inhaled deeply, sighing. He spread her lower lips, and took a long lick of her. Sharon squealed. "Shhh," he said soothingly, then began to eat her out, sucking and licking her soft, wet inner skin, slipping inside her with his tongue, holding her thighs firmly apart as he drank her sweetness.

Sharon slid one hand into Arcutus' silky black hair and drew him closer, moaning as the shuddering overtook her. She bit her lip against crying out as the orgasm hit her. She leaned back and would have fallen out the window, except that this window scene was exactly that.

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A scene. All of this was an illusion they created, a sensate illusion. Arcutus rode out her release, drinking her in like fine wine. When her quivering ceased, he rose and kissed her, sharing her taste as his tongue possessed her mouth hungrily. He began to unbutton his robes. "Now Miss McLuster, I will show you why I'm referred to as 'The Serpent.'" Arcutus opened the mind connection they shared.

***I want you to try to back out. To try to run from me*** This wasn't spoken. It was thoughtspeak and Sharon heard his instructions in her head so it would ruin the moment. Obliging him, she jumped off the window sill, blocked in by his lean body. "Mr.

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Scone, I want to go." She said, her lip trembling "Go?" Arcutus asked, his eyes turning harsh. "I'm afraid not, Miss McLuster. Not until I take what you so obviously want to give me." "But.but you're a teacher!" she cried. Arcutus pushed her back roughly against the sill with his body. "I am a man first, Miss McLuster. Right now, a very aroused man with a young woman at his mercy, a woman he still can taste on his lips.

I will not be denied." Sharon pushed by him and began to run up the corridor. He was faster and caught her in four strides, grabbing her around her waist and lifting her up against him as she kicked and struggled to get free.

"I see I will have to apply force, Miss McLuster. I had hoped to have your cooperation, but it really doesn't matter to me. You have told me your desires. I will fulfill them.

Cold feet nonwithstanding. Perhaps we need to leave the hall however.I wouldn't want your cries of pleasure attracting notice." He half-dragged, half carried the struggling witch down the corridor a ways, then pressed a stone.

A door slid open, and he pushed her through, following her. The door slid closed behind them. It was a small room, the size of a walk-in closet. One lantern suspended from the ceiling gave the room a dim light. Sharon backed up against the wall, panting with excitement as Arcutus began to finish unbuttoning his robes.

This was so hot. "Take off your robes and uniform, Miss McLuster," he said in a dangerous voice. "No, I won't. You can't do this!" she said, clasping her robes around her for protection. Arcutus laughed wickedly, his black eyes sweeping over the cringing witch lustfully.

"Oh, you'd better believe I can and will do this, Miss McLuster. You have sat in my class with the most lewd and delicious fantasies going through your head about me. I've watched myself fuck you at least twenty times in as many places in as many ways. Do you know how distracting it is to try to give a lecture when a young woman is creaming herself over just the sound of your voice?

Do you know how hard it is to oversee a class when you can smell that woman's arousal every time you pass by her?" Arcutus pulled off his robe, revealing a button down white shirt and black dress pants.

He began unfastening his shirt, his eyes still on the delicious witch pressing against the wall as if trying to break through it. He continued. "You may be a virgin, Miss McLuster, but your fantasies are not virginal.

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Not one vision has shown me to be gentle or kind or loving. In every instance I was fucking you for all I was worth and you were screaming my name, wanting more. You have no notions of romance, Miss McLuster. Your need for me is an animal passion, coming from your most primal core. You want to be fucked, and fucked you will be.

I refuse to spend another night masturbating to a young woman's dreams." His pale muscled chest and abdomen was exposed now, and he was working at his cuffs. "Had it really been that way for him?" Sharon wondered, the need for him wracking her body as she continued acting out her role. Arcutus had described everything she was feeling toward him when in his classroom. She had wet her panties every time he stopped and examined her work, standing close behind her, leaning over her shoulder.

He had known that? What restraint he had. The wizard pulled his shirt off, his tightened muscles showing how tense he was. He began unbuttoning his pants, his huge erection straining against them. "The detentions alone with you were the worst. I couldn't leave my desk, my cock was so hard for you. All you did was think about me taking you, right there, practically begging me to throw you on a desktop, rip off your panties and fuck you senseless," Arcutus breathed.

He dropped his pants to the floor, and stepped out of them, wearing only his now familiar black silk boxers. The desire burning in his eyes was so powerful, it was hard to look at him. Sharon dropped her eyes to keep in character.

She wanted to fling herself on him. "Take off your clothes, Miss McLuster.this is the last time I will ask you," he said in a cold, harsh voice. "No!" she cried, her voice high with pseudo-fear. "You let me go.I'll tell!" "I'm going to remove this little session from your memory, Miss McLuster. Oh, you'll feel I've been inside you, be sure of that, but you won't remember it.

So you see, there is nothing more to it than you let yourself go and live your fantasy. Your clothes, Miss McLuster. I want you naked." "No!" Sharon screamed at him. Arcutus hesitated. The memory of his frustration and desire came back so real for him.

He was feeling the same emotions he felt then. He had to wait the first time. But this was really what he wanted to do to the witch. Just take her, to hell with rules. To hell with her cold feet.

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He covered the distance between them in one long stride, and began ripping the clothes off her as she screamed and pseudo-fought back. She was very convincing, and it turned him on immensely. "Shut up!" he growled as he threw the shreds of her robe to the floor, tore her already ripped blouse from her and wrestled her bra over her head. Sharon clawed at him, accidentally scratching his face. The sharp pain was like an aphrodisiac. Arcutus shook her harshly, then ripped her skirt off.

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Sharon was naked now, and more excited than she could ever remember being as Arcutus dropped his silk boxers to the floor and kicked them away, pressing his cock against her belly, his hands roughly fondling every part of her struggling body he could reach. He forced his hand between her legs and thrust three fingers inside her, pumping them hard into her wetness, holding her against the wall with his arm pressed across her chest, raping her with his fingers, his breath hot and panting against her temple.

She exploded, screaming, the hot gush of come drenching his hand. He drew back, a triumphant look in his wild eyes. "Yes, Miss McLuster, but there's more, much, much more." He licked his hand, holding her to the wall with the full weight of his body.

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She continued to struggle weakly, despite the delicious release she'd just experienced. This was something Arcutus had pent up inside him for almost two years. She was going to make it good for him. Arcutus spun her around, slamming her against the stone wall hard, his cock pressed between her buttocks. He slid himself up and down between her cheeks, groaning, almost drooling, reaching around to hold on to her breasts tightly as his shaft slid between her cheeks. Sharon was trembling with need now, and pressed back against him for more feeling, waiting for him to let it go as he humped against her.

"You think you're ready, don't you?" he growled, slipping his hands to her shoulders and leaning back to watch his cock sliding between her struggling cheeks. "Keep fighting," she thought to herself. "He likes it." Arcutus suddenly stopped his motion, and leaned down to whisper silkily in her ear, "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you, Miss McLuster, and you're going to love it." "No. Please, Mr. Scone! Don't do this!" she cried out weakly against the wall, while wanting him to fuck her more than she ever wanted anything in her life.

She struggled some more, pushing away from the wall. He slammed her back against it, then forced her shoulders down so she was bending over, only her cheek, upper torso and palms meeting the wall as he gripped her waist with one hand.

"Hold still," he growled dangerously, positioning the swollen, leaking head of his cock against her opening. "I wish I could watch him," she thought as she felt him at her entrance, hot and pulsing. Suddenly there was a shimmer on the right wall, and the stone transformed to a bright, shining mirror, showing Sharon bent to the wall facing it, and Arcutus standing behind her, his long, thick cock in his hand.

He looked startled for a moment, then realized the illusion was responding to Sharon's unspoken desire. He grabbed her waist with both hands and pulling her back to meet him, shoved his cock deep inside her, hitting bottom. Sharon screamed. It felt as if he had shoved a hot, pulsing baseball bat inside her, he was so aroused. From her vantage point, she could see he was only two-thirds of the way in. They were connected by his thick, veined shaft, so engorged it looked like another leg.

She could clearly see the blood pulsing beneath the silken skin. He groaned at her tightness. The slide in was like penetrating hot, smooth velvet. Her pussy pulsed around him, adjusting to his size, bathing him in lubrication. He pulled out, and slammed himself into her again, eliciting another scream of pain/pleasure as he went deeper.

He was three-fourths inside her now. He looked in the mirror and saw her glazed amber eyes watching him, tears streaming down her cheeks, her mouth hanging open. He pulled out again, and slammed into her with all his might, his cock sinking into her up to his balls, watching her reaction in the mirror.

Her eyes closed at first when he withdrew as if steeling herself, then flew open as he slammed home. She screamed, her face flushing, her small body jerking, more tears rolling down her face. Oh he loved that.

His hands moved from her waist to her shoulders and he gripped them tightly as he began to fuck her soundly, pulling her into his stroke faster and faster, plunging into her wetness, swiveling his hips and rolling his shaft inside her, watching his cock sink in and out of her in the mirror, glistening with her plentiful juices. Sharon was in the throes of passion, her mind taken in the first few strokes.

She was calling out his name and he answered her with harder, deeper strokes at every pronunciation. He released one of her shoulders, leaning back, bending his knees and pumping into her at a steeper angle. He was rewarded with a piercing cry, and the insensible, beautiful babbling that fell from her lips when he was feeling too good for words.

Wanting more, he forced himself upward, making Sharon rise to the balls of her feet, standing on tip-toe, and still he shifted her womb with his size, making her cry out over and over again. He guided her with one hand, hauling her over his gyrating length, her jerking body caressing his cock, her pink flesh succulent, squishing, yielding then unyielding, causing hot ripples of pleasure to race up and down his embedded shaft as he rode her with increasing brutality, taking every inch of her, and forcing even more room for his possession, sweat beginning to drip off her body, giving her a beautiful sheen.

Sharon watched her lover thrust into her, aware of nothing but the pounding of his long, pale body, his thick cock inside her, deriving pleasure from his pleasure, his lust, his love, even his jealousy as he claimed her yet again and again, his rich voice cursing under his breath when she bucked against him, and holding her steady so he could drive deeper and deeper, seeking the golden center where the coil was, tightly wound and ready to release a shower of warmth and clenching, clasping delight.

He fucked her hard, reaching around her waist and hunching into her, grunting and growling, pulling her from the wall so he could bounce off of her, feeling her body rocking in his arms helplessly from the force of his stroke. His hair hung in a swaying curtain around his face, and his eyes were closed in concentration, lost in sensation, plunging into her, becoming her pulse and heartbeat, her inhalation and exhalation, thumping against and into her softness, stimulating her, encouraging her, feeling the heat beginning to build, her belly tightening under his arms, matching the tightening of his balls as they slapped against her, the pace increasing, growing, growing as he laid track inside her, firing her sensitive walls with the luscious friction of his dipping cock, and she felt the ballooning, the swell of intense pleasure and surrender, crying out to him to stroke her deeper, take her over the beautiful edge she was standing on, and he slammed into her with a gutteral cry, a slave to her need, puncturing the bubble, feeling her burst forth hot, wet, clamping pressure sucking at his shaft, collapsing around the head, pleasure beyond pleasure as he shot into that perfect bliss, shuddering, burrowing deep into her and holding, holding as he pulsed and released, and pulsed and released, his vision blurring, his chest tightening with emotion, that she took this, all of this, to please him, to fulfill a unfulfilled fantasy, because she shared his passions, because she loved him.

Arcutus lowered himself to the floor, pulling Sharon down with him, and leaned her back against his chest, kissing her throat tenderly, wrapping his arms around her belly, feeling her shuddering and a swell of love that was indescribable. He pressed his lips to her damp temple and whispered, "Thank you, Sharon. That was.more than amazing." "How about life-altering?" she suggested with a tired, sated little smile, lolling her head against his chest.

She shifted against him. "You certainly are a good actor, Arcutus. A sexual thespian." She felt the rumble of his laughter against her back. "I'm not sure I was acting," he murmured back, "taking you like that has been a fantasy of mine for a long time.

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You were made for ravishing, my dear." Sharon's eyes drifted over the torn robes and clothing left behind. "It seems like you were made to ravish," she replied softly. "Only you," he whispered silkily, nuzzling her ear with his nose.

"Do you suppose.we could add this.activity to our short list of deviations? I enjoy it immensely, and you have such a talent." "You want to rape me on a regular basis?" Sharon asked, her eyebrows raised as she looked at him through the mirror. His dark eyes glittered. "Yes." "I'm sure it can be arranged," she said, aware that her masochistic nature was reaching new heights. Good thing she had lost her fear of heights. There followed many a night, when a relatively unsuspecting Sharon McLuster was accosted and brutally assaulted in the hallowed halls of the university by a tall, dark-eyed, silken-voiced pseudo-stranger.

And she didn't complain a bit. THE END *************************************************** A/N: This is yet another adaptation from my fanfic stories. Visit and to read more of my work.

Thanks for reading.