Asian cutie gives a fantastic blow

Asian cutie gives a fantastic blow
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Tai marched through the beautiful landscape with nothing entering his mind but his mission. He was surrounded by lush greenery and exotic landscape that could not be found on Earth. However he paid them no mind they were nothing more then distractions to him. His mind saw only the beautiful red headed angel, his darling sister and his princess friend in the clutches of their demonic captor.

The thought drove him forward even though his body felt like breaking. His two Digimon companions walked obediently behind him but not a word was said between them. The only sound that could be heard was the constant trotting of feet and the gentle rustle of the wind.

The two could sense the tension that Tai was emitting but didn't know how to break it. Byomon finally attempted to break the silence. "So Tai I noticed you and Sora fighting. Did something happen between the two of you?" Byomon asked gently. "I don't want to talk about it." Tai stated firmly. "But Tai we are your friends and you can always talk to us." Augumon stated. "Well too bad I'm not talking to you." "I think I see the problem here." Augumon whispered to Byomon.

Tai heard his comment and glared at Augumon. Tai truly hated being insulted. Part of him wanted to beat Augumon senseless to teach him respect for his master.

He looked deeply into Augumon's deep green eyes. They were full of the same innocent light that they had when he was a child. Tai almost envied him for he was untouched by the despair and evils of the world.

Not only that but he stuck by Tai no matter what happened. He could not turn his back on him. "Listen I'm sorry guys it's just been a rough time for me and having to think about Sora is really hard. I'd just rather just move on and focus on our mission. Just forget about everything else." Tai said softly. "So you are afraid." Augumon stated. "How could you possibly imply that?

Courage is literally my defining attribute. I've battled monsters and I've even faced death so often that it doesn't scare me anymore. I don't care if I die." Tai stated with confidence. "That is not courage but fear. To embrace death is to fear life. You can't face your reality so you avoid it. I don't know what happened to you since we last met you have lost your courage.

That must be why I can't digivolve." Augumon explained Tai lowered his head. He knew Augumon's words were the truth. He feared facing Sora so he ran away from her even though it broke his heart. Since then he had done everything to try and escaping his pain instead of facing it head on as he once would.

It was the same as when he caused Kari's hospitalization as a child. He could not outrun the past it would always tear into his mind like an insect. He had to stop running and face the harder path.

The only question remaining was; is he strong enough? Tai didn't know the answer. He thought of Sora's smiling face and it sent the familiar sensation of love and pain. Tai fell to his knees and began to shed tears. A small clawed hand and a small wing touched his shoulders. The two Digimon stood by his side. "Tai I know how it is when the person you care about the most leaves you but you know what sometimes they come back." Augumon said with a smile on his face. Tai smiled too.

Tai reached out and wrapped his arms around him. Even after all these years Augumon had never gave up on him even if Tai had. Tai turned to Byomon who shed a few tears of her own. Tai reached out and put his hands on her shoulders as she had done to him. "We are going to find Sora and bring her back. I promise you on everything I have." Tai said softly. Byomon nodded and smiled. Tai rose back to his feet and began walking with a new fire in his heart. He would never give up on Sora no matter what.

He didn't care if it was as a friend or a lover he would rush to her rescue. The three continued to march on however none of them could escape the fact that they had no clue where to start.

Apocalymon could have taken them absolutely anywhere and every second felt like days to them. Tai was drenched in sweat as he looked at the red setting sun. He chased after it as though it was the red hair of his love. He began running after it but he could not match its celestial speed. The sun disappeared behind the mountains and a soft darkness began spreading over the land. Tai fell to his knees once again and began screaming into the night.

"Please give her back to me! I just want to see her face one more time. Just give her back please." Tai said as he broke into tears. A soft voice sounded over the wind. "Tai." The voice said faintly. Tai stopped crying and listened. He believed it was only his desperate imagination but the voice sounded again closer this time.

Tai followed its source. He saw Sora limping through the bushes. What remained of her white dress clung to her nearly naked body. She was badly bruised and cut with her wounds still leaking blood everywhere. Despite all of this the mere site of her bought happiness to his heart. He ran over to her completely forgetting about his exhaustion.

As soon as he arrived Sora fell into his strong arms. Tai looked down at her semi conscious body and the state of her well being hit him at last. "Guys she is hurt really bad. Augumon start a fire now! Byomon go and grab some water from the lake over there and hurry!" Tai yelled. "Right" the two Digimon said in unison. Augumon grabbed some twigs and used his pepper breath to start a small fire.

Tai carried her over to the fire and lay her down with her head on his lap.


Byomon flew over with her beak full of water. Tai opened Sora's mouth and Byomon spit the water down Sora's throat sending her back into consciousness. Sora began coughing and panting. Tai rubbed her hair gently. "It's ok try and relax you are safe now." Tai said soothingly. Sora let out a small pant and smiled up at Tai. Byomon rushed over and gave Sora a small hug. Sora returned the hug and Byomon flinched at the odd sensation of her contact.

"I thought that I was never going to see you again." Byomon said crying into Sora's bosom. "It's ok I'm fine. I could use some more water and food though." Sora said with a smile on her face. "We can take care of that." Byomon said cheerfully. The two Digimon walked away leaving Tai and Sora alone.

Tai examined Sora's torn body. "My god what did they do to you?" Tai asked in fear. "Oh god what didn't they do to me? He toured me for what felt like weeks. I have no idea how long I was down there but all I know is I never want to go back." Sora said with fear in her eyes. "How did you escape?" Sora lowered her head in shame. "He let me go. Tai I can't begin to make you understand what I experienced back there but all I can say is that I was willing to do anything to escape it.

Eventually he got bored of torturing us and said he would let one of us go if we defeated the others. I had to do what I had to do to protect my baby." "So you left them there?" Tears rolled down from Sora's eyes. "I knew you wouldn't understand." "No I do and don't worry about it. We will rendezvous with the others and mount a rescue for the other two. You can lead us back there right?" Fear filled Sora's face and she fell to the ground crying.

"No please go back there. I can't take please just about it." Tai couldn't believe what he was hearing. Sora was actually talking about abandoning her best friends. What had she endured to make her change so much?

Tai both couldn't and didn't want to imagine it. He knew in his heart that they would have to mount a rescue however looking down at the weeping maiden he could not force her to go now. Tai reached down slowly and gently stroked Sora's hair.

"Hey it's ok I won't let anything happen to you. Rest for now you earned it." Tai said well rubbing her shoulders. Sora turned over and looked Tai in the eye and smiled. Tai felt the familiar sensation on anger and sadness rush through him. He turned his gaze ever so slightly to the side. Sora noticed Tai's tension and pulled his head back towards her. Tai stared directly into her eyes and it felt as though everything stopped. The world around them vanished and there was only the two of them.

"Tai stop running from me. You have to face your fears if you ever want your crest to glow." Sora said sternly. Tai shook in fear. He couldn't handle the situation. Sora stood up and inched closer to Tai. Tai began to sweat and pant. The two were so close to each other and yet she was still beyond his reach. Sora reached out and began stroking his face. "It has been so long since we were this close. Remember that night when we were 14 and our parents went on a camping trip?

After they were asleep we snuck out to the large hill near our camp and simply stared at the stars together. We stayed there deep into the night until the sun came up. Do you remember?" Sora asked. Tai gave a weak smile. "Yeah Kari woke up and ratted us out. My mom screamed at me for hours and I was grounded for two weeks." Tai said with a slight chuckle.

"Yeah me too but even still that night was the happiest of my life." Sora said. Tai looked at Sora in shock. "The happiest in your life?" "Yes however there was one thing missing." "What was that?" "This." Sora leaned in and kissed Tai on the lips. Tai's eyes widened in shock.

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This could not possibly be happening and yet he knew that it was. Tai closed his eyes and let himself drown in the sensation. After over 18 years of waiting he was finally kissing the woman he loved. Even his greatest fantasies could not compare to what he was experiencing.

Sora's lips were softer and smoother then he had imagined. They seemed to emit a warmth that didn't seem possible. Her breath entering his mouth sent a wave of serenity through his very soul. The kiss was not one of lust or pity but love, true love. The two broke apart panting. Sora gave a small smile. "Wow that was everything I dreamed it to be.

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Tai I wanted to say that I'm sorry. I always had feelings for you but I was afraid. You were so brave and handsome I didn't believe that I was good enough for you." Sora explained. Tai shook his head in disbelief. "You were the only girl I ever wanted. I have loved you since I was six. I always thought that we would be together and when you told me about Matt I just couldn't believe it. I'm sorry that I have been avoiding you I was being selfish." Tai admitted.

"Let us not dwell on the mistakes of the past. We are here together now so let's enjoy it for it may be our last chance.


Tai please take me now. I want to be one with you body and soul." "What about Matt?" "Please." Sora pleaded like a small child. Tai was of two minds. Part of him wanted to take her in his arms and never let go and the other thought of his best friend Matt. Even with their rough patches could he truly betray him? Tai looked deep into Sora's sad eyes. She was like a child who had lost her parents. She wanted him and he wanted her more then anything. He could not say no to her.

He could not bare to break her heart. "Matt please forgive me." Tai thought to himself. Tai wrapped his arms around Sora and looked deep into her eyes. He leaned down and kissed her again well gently rubbing her shoulders trying best not to hurt her wounds. He savoured every sensation. His whole life had led to this moment and he didn't want to miss out on anything.

Her skin was darker then he remembered however it gave her the sexual look of s movie star. He reached up and stroked her face. Her cheekbones were just the right shape with just the right amount of flesh covering them.

He moved his hand down her slender swan like neck and began massaging her chest. Her breasts were extremely perky and full as though they had already known that a child was on the way.

He reached up with his other hand and gently began massaging both breasts. He had spent many a fantasies as a child wondering what they looked like from the size to the colour of her areolas.

However even his greatest assumptions could not match the reality of her bountiful bosoms. He began kissing down them and licked the sweaty crease between them. "Even your sweat tastes sweet my love." Tai said slyly. "Well there is something even sweeter down below that you might like." Sora said with a wink of her eye.

Tai's eyes travelled downwards taking in every sight along the way. Sora's body was like a fine wine perfectly aged and formed. Perhaps missing out all those years would turn out to be a blessing for now he could have her for the first time in her prime.

His eyes finally hit their mark and found her luscious flower dripping with dew between her legs. Tai reached out and stuck a pair of fingers in her vagina. It was smaller and tighter then he had predicted however he was not disappointed. Her love hole was already dripping with juices waiting for his member to penetrate it.

Tai took out his fingers and took a taste. It was indeed sweet, sweeter then any pussy juice he had tried before. However this small taste would not be enough. He wanted more. Tai lay Sora down gently and began kissing down her lower body savouring every tingle of taste. He reached the clit and very gently began rubbing it with his pinkie. Sora began to gently pant under her breath uncontrollably.

He could tell that she was more sensitive then an average girl and he would not waste this gift. He gently let out a warm breath over her clit sending a small yelp of pleasure from Sora like a small puppy.

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Her vagina was now gushing liquid just waiting to be drunk. Tai opened his mouth wide and created a seal over Sora's tiny love hole. He began slurping like a child at a drinking fountain allowing every drop to slide down his throat. He moved his tongue in a spiralling motion covering every inch of her lovely lady lips.

Sora began pounding the ground in pleasure no longer able to stifle her moans. She grabbed Tai and forced him up for a deep passionate kiss.

"Tai I need you now. I want you to be inside of me so we can become one with each other." Sora pleaded. "Are you sure you are up for it? You are hurt pretty bad." "I would spend 1000 years of pain in hell if it meant sharing a moment of love with you." Tai was shocked to hear her strong feelings but was only happy to obey.

He gave Sora one final kiss and positioned himself between her legs. His throbbing cock stood mere millimetres from her vagina with both of them begging to join each other. Tai hesitated for a moment. Could he actually go through with it? This had been what he wanted all of his life but could he actually do it.

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Tai's heart beat in his chest like a wild drum and sweat poured from his body. He sighed and calmed himself. It was too late to turn back now. Tai slowly pushed his penis inside of her. Whatever doubts he had a mere moment before were long gone now.

He felt an instant wave of pleasure greater then any he had known before rush through him. Sora's vagina enveloped his penis and everything about it felt right. Despite her tightness Sora gave no yelp of pain or sign of discomfort. It was as if they were made for each other. Tai could feel the muscles of Sora's vagina sucking him in as though her body was literally begging for him.

Tai obeyed and set a slow pace of moving in and out of her. Sora gently nodded with the beat and matched it. "I wonder if Matt goes slow at first?" Tai thought to himself. Tai shook the thought from his mind. He was inside the woman he loved Matt should be the last thing on his mind.

Tai increased his pace gently grabbing Sora's thighs for support. Sora's vagina began to relax and Tai could feel himself going deeper and deeper inside.

Sora let out small methodical moans in perfect time with the beat. Something about. The pace of the moans bothered Tai slightly. They felt forced almost fake. Tai shook his head again. He was a woman pleaser it was the one thing he was good at. Tai moved faster and faster sending them both into a series of moans. Sora's legs began to spasm and Tai grabbed them to steady them. She began moaning like a machine gun.

The two dripped with sweat turning the dirt they were lying on into mud. "I wonder if Matt made her moan like this?" Tai shook his head more violently. This was not the time for that. He couldn't bare to have doubts. "Did I rush into the sex too soon? Maybe I should have focused on oral for longer. Why didn't I look for her sensitive spots? I wonder if Matt knows any of hers? Is she really enjoying this or just pitying me? I wonder if she likes Matt better then me. Is she thinking of him now?" Tai began to shake in fear.

His mind drifted uncontrollably to the worst parts of his mind. Images of his best friend flashed through his mind like a vengeful ghost. The spark of guilt he felt before was now a burning inferno. Tai looked down at Sora dripping with sweat. She looked up at Tai and smiled. Though she looked happy Tai knew that it was not her at her happiest. He had seen her truly happy once before.

It was the day of her wedding as she stared up at Matt. As the priest said the words man and wife she smiled more brightly then he believed possible. It was the smile that had haunted his nightmares for years but now he saw it differently. If her happiness is truly what he wanted then he could not stand in her way. Tai slowly pulled out of Sora and turned around. "Tai baby are you ok?" Sora asked.

"I'm sorry Sora but this is where it ends. I can't do this anymore. I don't know what happened to you but I know that you are not meant to be with me. Matt is your true love and I have to let you go." Tai said slowly. Tai turned to face Sora and looked straight into her eyes. For the first time in years he felt no pain on meeting her gaze. All the tension and regret had left him. He was finally able to look at her as a friend.

Tai could feel warmth spread through his body. It was the courage that he had forgotten about. Tai had finally found himself again. Sora looked at him in a combination of fear and shock. Her face slowly changed. Her eyes glared at him and she grew an expression of pure rage. All of her natural beauty had left her. She was less of a human and more of a beast.

"You damn fool. I didn't think you had it in you." Sora said with a voice that was not hers. It was as though she had suddenly become a chain smoker. It was the worst voice that she could muster. Tai glared at Sora in disbelief.

He grew aggressive and took a fighting stance. "Who the hell are you and what have you done with Sora?" Tai yelled. "Oh I am Sora at least another version of her. You see your precious little angel corrupted herself. Every being has two sides to them and Sora drifted to the darker one." "No Sora would never do that!" "Oh but she has. She left her friends to die and let her hate flow. Now she has been taken over by her own darkness." Sora's skin turned a dark grey.

Tai knew that her skin had darkened. How could he have been so stupid? "So what happens now?" Tai asked. "Well the original plan was to have you become corrupted like her. Sleeping with her may seem like a courageous act however it was running away from the harder path. You impressed me by rejecting her. Now the plan has changed.

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You will die or suffer the consequences." "What consequences?" "Tai." A frightened voice from behind said. Tai turned around to find Augumon standing behind him. Birdramon had turned pitch black and her claws were wrapped tightly around Augumon's body.

Tai suddenly remembered the slight jolt Byomon gave when Sora hugged her. She must have transferred her darkness to her. He turned back to Sora who smiled back at him. "Let him go Sora!" Tai yelled. "Oh don't worry I will. All I ask is that you take his place." Sora stated. Sora held out her hand and dark forces flowed from it. The darkness formed a dagger. Sora tossed it over to Tai. "Simply kill yourself and I swear that Augumon will go free unharmed.

Come on Tai you can do it you are not afraid of death are you?" Sora asked. Tai sighed. He looked at his Digimon partner in the clutches of the beast. A small tear flowed from Augumon's eye. He had to protect him. Tai dropped to his knees and picked up the dagger. He slowly placed it over his heart. Sora began to grin wildly. Augumon's eyes widened in horror. "Tai don't!

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Remember what I told you before." Augumon yelled. Tai thought back for a moment. "To embrace death is to fear life." "He is right suicide is the cowards way out and I'm not a coward. Not anymore." Tai said slowly. Tai turned around and threw his knife into Birdramon's claw.

She let out a small shriek and dropped Augumon to the ground. "Augumon now!" Tai yelled. Tai's digivice began to glow and Augumon transformed into Greymon. Tai took Greymon's side and stood firmly. Sora began to grunt. "You were planning on corrupting me by having me commit suicide weren't you? Well sorry but I don't plan on joining you anytime soon." Tai said strongly.

"Very well if I can't corrupt you I will tear you limb from limb. Birdramon now!" Birdramon fired a pair of fireballs directly at Tai. Greymon spun around deflecting it with his tail. Greymon launched a nova blast at Birdramon knocking her down.

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Birdramon flew directly at Greymon and the two latched onto each other's claws. The two began a mercy fight with neither side showing resistance.

Greymon head butted Birdramon with his horn and used a nova blast to send her flying. Sora grunted.

"I'll admit your Digimon is stronger then mine but I can do something you can't." Sora boasted. Sora's chest began to glow with a black darkness. The blackness enveloped Birdramon. Tai watched in horror not believing what he was seeing. The darkness vanished and Birdramon had digivolved to Guardramon.

"Impossible." Tai said in shock. "Not at all you see instead of love my creature is fuelled by the flames of hate. The same flames that will devour you!" Sora yelled. Guardramon flew at blinding speed and gave Greymon a hard punch. Greymon went flying through the near by trees leaving branches and limbs lying everywhere. Greymon didn't even have time to stand up before Guardramon gave him a hard slash to the face drawing blood.

Guardramon picked Greymon up and flew him high into the air. She spun around and threw him at the ground hard. Grey hit with a mighty impact that shook the ground. He lay there barely conscious unable to move.

Sora laughed loudly. "That's enough now finish him." Sora ordered.


Guardramon hovered feet above Greymon and began charging up a final fire attack. "Stop you will not touch him!' Tai yelled Guardramon to find Tai flying towards her. He was wielding a large tree limb. He swung the limb with all his might snapping at as it made contact with his enemy.

Guardramon was furious at Tai's actions. She grabbed him and began squeezing him tightly. "That's it Guardramon squeeze the life out of him now." Sora ordered. Guardramon closed her hand tightly. Suddenly an orange light began shining from inside her hands.

It grew brighter and brighter until it was almost blinding.

"Oh god what is that? It burns!" Guardramon screamed. Guardramon dropped Tai down unable to hold on any longer. The light was emitting from Tai's chest. Tai smiled being all too familiar with the sensation. He focused the light into a beam and shot it at Greymon. "No this can't be he activated it!" Sora yelled. The light vanished and Greymon stood on his two feet. His skull, chest and right arm had turned metal and he grew a mighty pair of metallic wings on his back.

He had finally become MetalGreymon. Sora grunted and ordered her beast to fight. The two titans began to clash. Every attempt that Guardramon made was blocked by MetalGreymon and neither could gain the upper hand. Tai watched in desperation. "At this rate they will kill each other." Tai said slowly. Tai slowly turned to Sora and the monster she had become. He looked deep behind her dark eyes and saw a glimmer of light. He marched over to her with his heart filled with determination.

"Let her go." He stated firmly. "What do you mean?" Sora asked "I know that the good Sora is still in there now let her go!" "You are too late boy she is gone forever." "You said that we all have light and darkness in us and if that's the case then she still has a bit of light left.

She just needs to release it." Tai's chest began to glow orange again and he shot a beam at Sora's heart. Sora responded by shooting a black beam. The two beams met and neither gave an inch.

"You fool boy courage can not defeat hate." Sora yelled. "Yes but love can. Sora I'm sorry for what I did to you. I was afraid of my own feelings and avoided you. Rest assured that I will always be there for you as a friend." Tai said firmly. At the word friend Tai's beam doubled in size and quickly overtook Sora's. Tai's beam stuck Sora hard in the chest and knocked her down. She began writhing on the ground in pain.

Her body began to convulse. A black wisp flowed out of Sora's mouth and her skin turned back to it's milky white tone. The black mist formed into Apocalymon's form. "You may have won this round boy but rest assured I will have my vengeance. I still have two of your friends under my control and they are searching for your friends as I speak. They will just as she had." Apocalymon stated. "You underestimate them. They will overthrow your darkness and rescue our friends.

When that happens then we are coming for with all of our strength and might. There will be no where for you to hide and I swear on everything I have we will end you!" Apocalymon chuckled. "Well we will just have to see. Until then boy." The dark wisp vanished leaving only the digidestined and their injured Digimon. Tai rushed over to Sora and began stroking her hair.

Sora looked up at him and began crying. "Tai I'm so sorry for everything this is all my fault." Tai hugged Sora tightly. "It's ok I understand." Sora returned the hug and closed her eyes. "What do we do now?" Tai looked over at the mountain in the distance. "Rest for a moment but then we all need to get moving. Our friends will be in danger. Besides I have a promise to keep."