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Big Natural Boobs Amateur BBW Free Masturbates Porn Video
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Mara woke to the sound of rattling chains. She had been taken down duning the night and placed in a small wire cage in the corner of the room. Her holes were still plugged, the leather strap holding them in was painfully wound around her hips and legs. She was lying on her side, her belly protruding out in front of her. She tried to move to sit up but her muscles were so weak from being suspended and the weight of her stomach was unfamiliar to her. One of the threshers walked up to her cage, pacing up and down the length of it.

She did not look up at him. "You see.the thresher race, was created by the demons. There are no female threshers, and we can only mate with human females. The gathering doesn't happen very often, so when it does, we have to take what we can get. The curse of the demons both for you young girls, and our entire race.

So I'm sure you'll understand why we must keep you here. You will be bred as often as it is possible, you will carry as many offspring as your body will accommodate. I don't need your submission either, we have perfected our alchemy, the oil which made you so accessible to us last night is not the only kind of potion we may use.

Keep that in mind little one. We will not cause you any permanent harm, and will refrain from damaging any part of you that will help in the breeding process. I am to take you now to the bathing room, where you will be submersed in the springs water, your cavities voided into the waters.

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you will stay submerged, soak in all there is, for it will make your skin softer and more adapted to stretching, when needed.

come with me now." he opened the wire door to her dog sized cage and started pulling her out by her arm. She hesitated a bit but finally started to mover herself out and up onto her feet. She fell against him, the weight of her belly and her sore muscles made it almost impossible to stand upright.

He put his arm under her and half dragged her down the hallway into another more open room filled with steam from the springs waters in pools to her right.

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He pulled her to the closest chamber and carefully laid her on the ground. Two other threshers lifted her legs and held her under her backhoisting her into the bath. one of them began to untie the leather strips holding the plugs in place in both of her overfilled holes. The pressure on her organs was becoming too much to take and she was glad to finally be able to relive herself. Almost instantly the weight of the cum in her belly forced both plugs out and into the water, the thick white semen poured out of her slowly, agonizingly.

Then it seemed to stop, but her belly was still bulged. one of the threshers pulled at her arm making her body float over to the side of the bath. He positioned her back against the wall and reached his hand into the water and over the remaining bulge in her stomach.

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She braced herself as he swiftly pushed down onto her belly, the rest of the cum shooting out of both her holes, turning the water a silvery white, no longer transparent. "now you stay" the thresher said, his hand leaving her stomach, he stood up and left her alone.

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She began to feel light headed. Soon she felt so dizzy she could not keep her eyes open and she let herself lean against the wall of the bath. She passed out from all the new material being absorbed through her skin, becoming a part of her body. She awoke again lying on her back on a cold stone table, back in the smaller dimly lit room where they had relentlessly raped and violated every inch of her insides.

Her calves were once again tied to her thighs, making it almost impossible to cover her pussy from the watchful eyes of the threshers.

She could see a few of them, but sensed there were more in the shadows.


there were two lines of silver chains across her, strapping her to the table. one above her breasts and across her shoulders, and another shoved under her breasts and layed across her upper arms. Her ass was hanging off the table more than a few inches, and it was painful to try to keep her spine straight.

One of them came into view in front of her his hands covered in oil, he was preparing her for whatever despicable things they had planned for her. He rubbed his hands all over her pussy lips and asshole generously applying it just inside her cunts opening.

"your eggs are undoubtedly fertilized already, however they grow too slowly and we will need to give them a place where the cells can rapidly duplicate and grow in a matter of days instead of months.

Only a few males are created with these pods, and every one of them will fill you with them to modify your already fertilized eggs. Hopefully you'll have a lot of them!." She winced at the though of "a lot" How much could her body even take anymore.

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She silently cried, begging for sleep. A large thresher entered the room, pushing past the others. he was taller and thicker at his waist than any of the others shed seen. His skin was pitch black and his hands were monstrous.

she tried to look down to see his cock, and almost fainted when she did. He was much larger than any of them. He stepped up to the table, his cock already stiffening at the sight of her bound and splayed out for him, oiled and ready to receive his gift. He said nothing as he stepped further towards her trembling body, his mostly hard dick in his hand, guiding to the entrance of her pussy.

She tried to pull away but the chains kept her perfectly in place for him. He was now fully erect, 20 inches or so long, and almost the size of her upper arm. The oil made it easier for him to slowly pop his pointed head into her widening pussy, the relaxing effect already absorbing into her deeper muscles. He pushed and pulled, in and out slowly only sinking a few inches into her at a time, letting her body become accustomed to his girth.

this was not the time to rip her apart, even though that's what was going through his mind constantly. He pushed in further, her discomfort apparent as she strained and moaned against her bindings. he was about six inches into her and beginning to feel the base of her canal. a few inches more and he felt the worn flesh of her cervix, not completely back to its normal size, but it had contracted still. He would at least get to have a little fun he thought. He pulled out and back in, beginning to fuck her steadily now, her soft sob like moans only making his cock harder inside her, hitting her ringed muscle each thrust.

He was gliding into her effortlessly now, her canal adapted to his massive member. now all that was left was her last inner limit to push through before he could deposit the precious pods. He picked up the pace, trying to keep a rythym that would make him come when the time was right. Slamming into her faster and faster, he barely pulled his throbbing cock out of her. just hammered away at her cervix pushing it wider and wider to fit himself into. finally the tip pushed through, her whole body shuddering again, she threw her head back against the stone table.

Just a few inches further and that would be enough. He was close to coming too, ready to unload himself inside her like she had never known. He stepped even closer to her, his shaft piercing deeper still.

his arms stiffened as he grasped her thighs, pulling her as much as he could toward him. He began to convulse, his hips bucking at her entrance, his cock becoming bulged and lumpy with the pods as they traveled down his enormous lenght into her her small body. His cock stretched wide inside her canal, making her scream softly at first, and then yelping loudly as the head of his dick opened up wide, stretching her poor cervix to the limit inside of her.

He pumped through one pod, heavy and gel like, it rolled into her womb. a second, third and fourth popped into her, gushing cum flooding into her after they were deposited, his balls contracting so hard she could feel his legs straining below her. he pushed into her, emptying himself completely, one more stream of cum bathing the pods as they settled inside her.

He was still rock hard as he pulled himself out of her now gaping pussy. The pods didn't seem so big, she didn't feel them as much as she thought she was going to. She was starting to feel hazy, tranced. she welcomed it at this point. The next thresher to approach her was identical to the last. He stepped up to her, eye focused on the sticky cum leaking out of her.

He too was hard and ready for her. He slid easily into her, his cock the same size as the last. He fucked her for a few moments, the tip of his cock fucking her cervix, making it wider still. He pushed hard into her one last time his cock stretching and bulging like the last, filling her with three more ping pong ball sized pods.

Her womb was filling fast,she could now feel the weight inside her, the heavy gel like pods begining to stuff her womb full. The thresher still inside her came more violently than the last his white hot sperm shooting up inside her, making her jerk and thrash around.

The pods rolled around inside her, churned about with the constant stream of cum pouring out of the streched cock head inside her. Soon the cum was spilling out of her pussy in a steady stream. he put his hands under her ass and pushed her up, to funnel the semen back inside her. he pulled his cock from her,still holding her ass in the air, her pussy pointed to the ceiling. The last thresher appeared, looking younger and lighter skinned, he was rock hard and drooling at the sight of the helpless impregnated girl.

He seemed over excited as he stepped up to her tilted frame, almost laughing to himself, smiling and drooling at her as he lowered her hips to the right height to line her widened pussy lips with his almost ribbed looking cock, she could actually see his veins pulsing, his dick slightly moving with each pump of blood into his massive member. His hand at the tip of his cock, he played with her pussy lips, rubbing his cock sloppily over her clit and back and forth between the crack of her ass.

He slapped her tits a few times, making her buck back and forth on the table, her pussy rubbing roughly back against the head of his dick. He let go of himself, his cock resting at the entrance of her now sopping wet cunt. He grabbed both her breasts and squeezed them tightly. She yelped and shook her head back and forth with her teeth clenched.

He dug his claws into her swollen red flesh and she screamed, trying to pull away from him to no avail. He rammed his cock into her dripping pussy while he pulled her to him by her tits.

he thrust into her a few times very hard and she bucked away at this sudden pain. He pulled back out of her and continued rubbing himself against her and slapping his cock down on her oiled skin until her pussy lips started turning deep red.

He shoved himself into her, gripping her waist tightly, his claws carelessly starting to cut into her soft pinkish flesh. He awkwardly thrusted forward, trying to bury himself as deep as he could go, he slid past the opening to her womb and kept going until he was moving the pods aside, coming to hit her back wall.

Mara felt so full she thought she would be sick, her belly protruding out from the sheer force of his cock. He started fucking her hard, much harder than she expected. more rough than the last two were with her. "Hes the youngest of us, and this is his first breeding, he may be a little hard on you, but not to worry, he will not damage you." another thresher assured her.

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She felt less than convinced. He bucked wildly against her, her chains rubbing against her breasts painfully. He was churning her insides, the pods and cum rolling around violently inside her as he pounded her relentlessly for almost 15 min. It seemed like an eternity. He was now balls deep inside her, her organs stretching for him like it was nothing. He changed his pace and kept himself almost all inside her, pushing roughly with short blazing strokes, smashing the head of his cock against the farthest wall of her womb over and over.

He let out a loud growl and spasmed inside her.

unlike the other two, the pods came forcefully rushing down his drastically expanding cock. six pods shot straight into her, straining her limits as her belly expanded for them. His cock was now packed tightly inside her surrounded by the pods. He threw his head back, straining to go further inside her even though he could not. He took back to fucking her very hard and fast, building up to a second climax, spraying her completely stuffed pussy and uterus with his young thick cum. He plugged her pussy up nicely, there was no room for the spurting semen to go anywhere but directly into her as far as it could go.

Her belly expanded slowly, but surely, larger and larger as his torrent of cum endlessly jetted into her. After a gallon or so of his potent sperm had been forced inside her his cock quieted, and his orgasm subsided. He remained inside her purposely to keep any of the pods or cum from seeping out. Another thresher came up beside him with a large long rubber plug and swiftly replaced the cock inside her with it. It was jammed far up inside her, plugging her ruined cervix, so none of the pods or cum could slip out from her.

"now the pods will meet with your eggs in a few moments and begin growing by absorbing the thick sperm inside you. It is imperative that you are filled with cum constantly, to ensure the fastest growth period. When your stomach begins to shrink we will supply you with more, whoever is ready and able." He patted her pregnant stomach and walked away.

she could feel her insides cramping and expanding, the pods actually starting to grow slightly inside her, soaking up the hot sperm plugged up inside her. A few hours went by and she fell asleep, even under the watchful eye of the remaining threshers.

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She had a black dreamless sleep once more, hoping to wake up at have it just be a hideous nightmare.

She came to again, this time another threshers cock was already inside her humping her slowly back to consciousness. He was pressing up against the plug that they had not removed yet.

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the plug pressed into her swore swollen uterus, forcing more sperm to penetrate and absorb through the growing pods. He withdrew from her and reached his fingers in to retrieve the plug. A small trail of what was left of the last deposit of sperm came dribbling out of her badly gaping pussy.

She was shocked, her belly still looking six months pregnant, she thought she was still full of sperm. the pods were growing fast, now stretching her womb by themselves.


12 pods all now the size of baseballs. He re-entered her, his cock gliding into her with no resistance. he bottomed out in her, the head of his massive cock pressing into the ever growing mass of pods stuffed inside her.

He pressed further still,hoping to get more of his cock wet inside her. the pods were far to compact and he could go no further without damaging them. He began to fuck her, getting harder each time, testing how his thrusts should be to keep from slamming to hard into her overfilled womb. He found his pace and plowed into her faster,gripping the girls small legs like he could snap them with just a bit more force. She was completely limp now, trying to hide in her mind, ignoring as much of the situation as possible.

He roared and bent down over her, his hands moving to grab the table as he shot his load into her. he made sure the head of his convulsing cock was pressed hard up against the pods, forcing pint after pint of white hot semen into her, her tummy grower larger still, the pods shifting again, being shot around inside her with the sheer force of his burning hot cum squirting constantly from him. He watched her skin stretching effortlessly, as well as her inner walls pushing their limits and expanding further than she thought possible.

Her obscenely huge stomach was blocking her view of the thresher leaving her gaping hole only to be replaced by the plug again. She was left alone, feeling as if she would split apart from the pressure in her belly.