Gogeous teen gets drilled hard by her rubber

Gogeous teen gets drilled hard by her rubber
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[This is an adult [dark] fantasy only. Read the other story, "Rape Her Story", and let me know what you think! Several years ago, a casual chat friend asked me to write a Rape Story. Initially I couldn't, and wouldn't, and immediately gave up on the idea, frankly telling her so. Then later, thinking back to her demand, I decided to try and write a story from the perspective of the female; not to glorify rape, but maybe to show the inner strengths many women can, and do, possess.

The chat friend was not impressed! Typical woman, lol, but I wrote that story anyway, as "Rape Her Story". She told me bluntly that she wanted the man to be a total shit, and to write it from the point of degrading all women.

Again, I refused. Again, she persisted. Inevitably, in some silly way of hoping I could impress this lady, I, in typical (dumb) man fashion, tried. This is the result. Truthfully, I am totally repulsed by my 'villain' (Peter George Herbert Walker [yes, in loving respect to our current 'first family', lol; as if, lol!]), but I am equally intrigued with; a) how far my own mind can think outside my 'normal' limits, and b) with how such criminal deviants might actually think.

I have always been an avid reader, both of fiction, and non-fiction, and the following sleaze ball is an amalgamation of every degenerate low-life I have ever read about, sprinkled with lots of TV villains I have seen, melted together with my over active imagination. I hope, at the least, that I have created a realistic villain. What started out as a challenge to provoke someone else, has now become a second challenge, to provoke myself; to see if I can actually transport myself into this evil mind.

I won't type 'enjoy this story' because, if I have done my job right, you should NEVER enjoy this story, but equally, if I have done my job completely right, you might actually BELIEVE this story.

That is the only goal I seek!] (Taken from a transcript of secret diaries, located during a random cell inspection, of Peter George Herbert Walker, verbatim, not edited not censored.) * * * * * Ah. . Janine, why? * * * * * Well I'd now been out of prison for a bit over two years, and no one around where I now lived knew of my past. Which is just the way I wanted it, let me tell you. Just fine and dandy, by me.

Did I have any regrets bout being in jail? Well. let me think here for a minute. . NOPE! That's the truth. Wait a minute, yes, I did have two regrets.

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. . I should never got caught (but that was my fault, I guess, can't blame any one else for that, can I? Can I?), and I lost fifteen years of my life over some loose-cunted slag who begged for it, yes she fucking did. Fifteen fucking precious years all because of a cunt! And the right word is CUNT! Got it? Women are cunts! Cunts have cunts! Cunts need to be fucked!

That is all a cunt is good for! Hey, assholes, I am using my own words, got it? Don't fucking tell me how to behave, you cunts! Fuck you if you are fucking pussy whipped, and prim and prudish. Fuck you for being "sheltered", that's not my worry, you just grow the fuck up. So what was my crime?

As far as I know I never committed no fucking crime, Never! (But of course, you knew I'd say that, huh? Well, fuck you!) Ok, ok, I was charged with rape, and a bit more. . by a lying slut whore. It was 'She' who picked me up, 'She' asked for rough sex, 'She' bitched me out, cus I wasn't rough enough for her, and then 'She' cried rape, when all I did was do what she wanted me to do for fuck sakes.

. Jesus! After all it was her fucking idea I use the knife, wasn't it? Geez, I gotta tell you, these dumb cunts don't know what they want sometimes. It wasn't like I suggested using the knife, but I will tell you, lol, it was a great idea. . after she thought of it, hehe. Man, she squealed like a fucking pig when I cut her fucking nipple off, lol. Then you should have seen the look on her face when I pushed it deep up her dripping slack cunt, lol.

You know, it was nearly worth all those lost years in jail, just for that one funny minute, lol, nearly! Oh, I'll remember that look for ever, hahahaha.

After all, women are slime anyway, so where's the fucking crime? Where the fuck was the crime, I fucking ask you? Well? All women are slutty, whorish cunts to be hurt and thrown away, anyway, aren't they? I didn't do nothing wrong, no sir! I don't feel no guilt at all, no sir!

And never will, thank you very fucking much! Why should I, why the fuck should I? I've 'paid my dues to society', as they so quaintly put it. After all those years in that hell hole of a fucking prison, I was now, finally, a free man, free to do what I wanted. And what I wanted was revenge. I wanted to be 'paid back' for my losses, and I was fucking angry. And I wasn't about to make the same mistake twice, no sir! Revenge is my god given right!

And. . I have always thought that revenge served cold is the sweetest revenge possible. My loving family thought I was 'ill' (what a fucking cute way to put it, lol.

Talk about their denial!), and that I needed help. Bless them. . fuck them! My dear family also though that by buying me this secluded property, and making me move out here to the middle of nowhere, that I'd deal with my 'illness' (as they still cutely put it), or at least I wouldn't be tempted.

Fools! My family also didn't want the shame of having a deviant child, and they also gave me a big bank roll, to keep me here (I do like being the son of a wealthy family, with a rich daddy, lol). Fuck my pussy family, but bless their kind, ignorant hearts, lol.

My family knew dick shit! What my family didn't know was that I didn't want to be 'cured'. I liked me just the way I was just the way I am! My family also didn't know that I learned well from that first time. The lesson I learned was an easy one: "If the slut is left alive after I finish 'playing' with her, I might get caught!" It was a quick and easy lesson to learn, and since learning that lesson, I got good, very good, at what I did.

I also (thanks to my cutesy, caring fucking pussy family), had enough land to 'dispose' of the evidence, after my games. In their great wisdom they bought me a 500 acre 'farm' in the rural backwaters, perfect for my games, lol.

(But I wasn't about to share that titbit of information with them, no sir!) My precious family are fools, one and all, huh, lol? Yes sir, they are fucking dumb asses. For sure, for fucking sure! I gotta tell you though, it took me a few months to work out how to attract sluts here, initially, but I soon found I didn't need too worry too much about that. Opportunity always knocks, if you know where to look. Living close to a major interstate highway, gave me plenty of chances to find play toys.

I discreetly trawled the public toilets, and rest stops, within a 30-60 mile radius, and about once a month, found some dumb fool asking for it! Some stupid whore, driving alone, late at night, desperate to pee, looking around frightened, then darting into the pisser, for quick relief. Well I gave them relief, lol, but slowly, very fucking slowly, and it was MY relief I gave them, fuck them all! Getting rid of their cars took a little longer to work out.

Man, I sweated bricks after the first one. I just left her car in the rest stop (without thinking. . ok, ok, I know!). The police (eventually) found her car 16 miles away, and did a wide sweep of the whole county looking for her. I gotta tell you I walked on egg shells for over a month, praying to god I wouldn't get caught. They did a door knock of every home in the area, including mine.

I was scared, I'll admit, but I was sure they wouldn't find her. I was also pretty sure I wouldn't be 'uncovered' quickly. My (ever caring) family had also arranged for me to receive a 'new' identity (thanks to some guy they knew). Hey, ask no questions, lol. . don't get disappointed! Did I tell you my 'loving' family were all fucking pussies, lol? After I moved in, I immediately dug out two new rooms, off from the basement.

It took me over three months of secret digging and lugging the soil away, but it was worth every second. I always worked naked, cock stiff and pulsing, eagerly hoping.

The entry to my new dungeon was through a smaller room, rigged with a hidden door, open from inside a closet. I may not have had a fancy-as-shit college education, but I wasn't an idiot, no sir; and I could spell and write good sentences too!

That was all I ever needed to get by on! My 'dungeon' room was 15' by 15', big enough for my fun (the smaller room was about 8' by 8)', and because it was below ground, it was totally sound proof. I rigged up lights, drains and water too, so that any cleaning up could also be done without any fear of getting caught. I was pretty proud of my efforts, fully reinforced, and strengthened, even a fucking hurricane wouldn't reveal my pleasure room.

That first slut never did get found (of course!), and the police were ever so nice and polite during their questions and inspection (hah!), especially after I offered them coffee and donuts.

My 'new' identity stood up to their checks, and they never guessed she was slightly 'tied up', less than 15 feet below them! * * * * * As we sat and talked upstairs, she lay naked and bound in my little room, lol. In the three days I had her, I had already had some fun with her nipples, and they did taste nice.

Her tits bled like a stuffed pig though, and I was having trouble stopping the bleeding. It took me nearly two days to stop her fucking tits bleeding. Geez, she screamed non stop as I burned her sagging breasts with my cigarettes, lol, but she did stop bleeding eventually. I was down in my room, getting ready to play with her some more, when the door bell rang. I freaked, and immediately left her there as I went upstairs in a panic. Thank god I was still dressed, which was unusual, I gotta tell you!

I had just rammed a 12 inch dildo into her ass and taped it in, then stuffed a fucking huge unity candle up her hairy cunt, so that I could really get into her pain. I was a bit pissed that she died while I was chatting upstairs with the fucking cops. She just seemed to lose too much blood. I had learned a lesson though, and I was always good at my lessons, lol. Ah, she really was a cutie though. Young, probably 18, not more than 20, and long blonde hair, and surprise, surprise, a real blonde cunt, no from-the-bottle shit on this one, lol.

And hairy? Fuck, she was growing a forest between her legs. I do like my cunts to have hairy cunts, lol. I was hoping I could keep her as my permanent play toy, but ah well, things happened for a reason, I guess.

. no use crying. * * * * * I finally buried the body in a long ago unused paddock about two miles down the road, very far from the road line, and over 4 feet below the ground (critters don't usually dig that deep, I learned from my reliable TV), and I carefully replaced the top sod, to hide my digging (thanks to all those stupid crime shows, I was constantly learning more tricks, especially how to dispose of bodies.

. NEVER to be found!). But I couldn't keep that sort of stress going though, so I came up with a few new plans to make my life easier. One of those plans was to buy a fully enclosed car trailer, and a motorbike. I started using the bike to go to my favorite 'pick up' places (never the same one twice, though, more lessons learned), leaving it hidden in undergrowth, as I made the 'grab', and I then drove her back to my place in her own car (wearing gloves, of course.

I knew my prints were on record. I ain't stupid, I told you that already). Then, after securing her downstairs (and always after dark), I would take the car trailer, with her own car inside it, return to get the bike, then drive off to get rid of her car. I always made sure to drive as much as 150 miles away to leave her car somewhere close to a main highway, always in the middle of the night, always discreetly, sometimes driving all night, until I found the right place.

I never once got stopped, never once saw anyone, or allowed anyone to see me! Then I returned home, cleaned up, and took my own sweet time, getting MY well deserved relief! * * * * * The second slut I had was fun. This time I behaved myself, and made sure to enjoy all of her holes before I got too carried away.

She was probably in her early 20's, tall, and blonde, like the first one, but when I undressed her I quickly discovered she was a "bottle blonde" variety only. Her cunt hair, although trimmed, was unmistakably dark. Her tits were nice though. Big and pointed, and nice nipples, dark (my favorite). She only screamed a little, but settled down soon enough, and took to sucking my cock with ease. She would even beg for my cock, each time I went down to her.

Her name was Alison, and she turned out to be a run away and only 17 (I was shocked, she looked so much older, but I wasn't worried). She told me upfront and frankly, that she loved sex, and was looking for a big cock to spend her days with. She also told me that I could do anything to her I wanted, the dirtier the better, she said she was only a cunt and should be used as one.

She was my dream girl cum true, lol. and use her I did. That little cunt was a gift from heaven. She wasn't lying too. I fucked her ass, I fucked her cunt, I fucked her mouth.

It didn't matter which hole I fucked she screamed for more. And the words she used, lol. She loved to suck my cock especially after I ass fucked her, and she always sucked my cock clean. I even shat in her mouth once, and she took it all, then slowly ate it and swallowed it all up, then asked to me to piss in her mouth to help clean her out. I never refused, lol. I even left her untied, and every time I came back to her, she was either fingering her cunt, or sticking my big dildo up there.

She had big enough tits that she could suck them herself, and she did that for hours too. She loved me slapping and punching her tits, and begged for more every time I did it. I could sit there and punch the shit out of her tits, bruising her hard (and I admit I loved doing that to her), and all she would do was laugh, and beg for more.

The harder I punched her tits, the harder she wanted it. I used to just stand there and beat into her sagging bruised tits for hours. What a fucking whore she was, for sure? But I knew she was slowly taking control, and I wasn't about to let that happen. It took me about a week to work her out, but I knew she was trying hard to get me to let my guard down, yes sir, I knew she was.


No matter what I did to her, slap her, beat her or even punch her, she just begged for more, and I couldn't seem to control her my way. I wanted to control her, for fuck sakes. So the torture increased, but the more I did, the more she begged for me to do. Fuck? All in all, she was with me for over two weeks and would probably still have been with me, and maybe even acting as my apprentice (she admitted she would love to help me capture useless cunts for both of us to abuse, lol), if she hadn't crossed the line one night, and pissed in my mouth as I was licking her cunt out.

I absolutely hate that. I piss in sluts mouths, but my mouth is not a slut mouth, no sir. I started hitting her, and she giggled and pissed more, and I hit her more. The harder I hit her tits, cunt or face, the harder she laughed and pissed. There was wicked girlie piss all over me and I was enraged. Then she shat on my bed. Fuck! She dared me to eat her shit, and I hit her more.

She wouldn't stop laughing, despite my punches, and she even grabbed her own shit and started to eat it. That was it. I grabbed her neck, and squeezed with all of my might. She finally stopped laughing, thank god, and still I squeezed. Her face turned purple and still I squeezed. I must have squeezed that dirty little potty slut for what seemed like hours. The room stank of her piss and shit, and I was gagging. I stumbled out and vomited in the sink.

* * * * * I also made damned sure that my house was always neat, clean, and totally above suspicion. Any 'fun' I had was always, and I stress ALWAYS, done underground, in my 'special room'. Any tools I used (and I had a lot of fun toys to use in my games) were cleaned, and stored, in the (equally secret) outer room of my little hideaway. No one would ever stumble onto my fun room, EVER! The perfect plan! * * * * * The next one wasn't as pretty, or as young, but beggars take what they want.

She was spunky though. Older, probably mid 30's and grossly fat, with big sagging tits and dark nipples. Her tits were 44DDD (I looked in her bra for a tag, so I was pretty certain of her saggy tit size), man they hung to her fucking belly, but she was good. I had always wanted a fat cunt to play with, and she seemed like a good choice.

It took me nearly twenty minute to drag her unconscious fat cunt down to my room, and then I struggled to tear off her clothes, using my trusty knife to tear as needed. I was sitting next to her panting, trying to catch my breath, when the fat cunt woke up.

She didn't scream, she didn't lash out, she didn't try to cover her huge fucking tits or cunt, she simply looked at me, and waited.

The first surprise I got was that she not only shaved her cunt, but it seemed like she had (what's it called???) electrolysis (I think?) to remove the hair permanently. There wasn't even any stubble?? Her cunt was baby ass smooth, and huge. The second surprise I got was that she was a dyke.

She defiantly told me that she was better than me and that no "little man had ever had her", so I was wasting my time. As I said, I was still dressed from dragging her down the stairs, but I decided then and there to show her how good I was. Well, it took me about thirty seconds to fully fist fuck into her (already wet?) baby bald cunt, and she was screaming at me, but not to stop, she was screaming at me to keep going.

Her obscenities were the third surprise I got that day. "Mama's cunt isn't filled, little man," she screamed. "Be a real fucking man and use both your fucking little hands, Mama needs her wet cunt fucked by real people, fuck my cunt you silly little man, if you can.

Only if you think you are good enough you shitty little man." and so on. Lol, she was spunky, ok! Yes sir. Initially, ok! But it turned out that the fat cunt dyke was a handful in more ways than one though. Fuck, I slapped and pulled and tore at her tits and she laughed louder. I started pulling her massive nipples hard, and the harder I pulled, the harder she laughed at me.

Mocked me! Then I was fully punching her huge fucking tits and the rage was getting on top of me. How dare she mock me? Just who the fuck did this fat cunt think she was? I ask you? I mean, what gave her the fucking nerve? How big were this dyke, lesbian, cunt's balls?

As big as her sagging tits which were lying down on each side of her fucking fat body? And still she laughed! Finally, when I showed her my cock, she just laughed and I finally got upset, I admit it. Hey, I am proud of my cock eight inches (yes, I measured it, ok?) and thick (nearly six cunt tearing inches around, ok!), and solid rock hard muscle, able to fuck for hours!!! How dare she laugh at me? How dare this fat, fucking lesbian mock me?

I was better than her taunts, much fucking better, thank you, and I admit I then hit her a few times. Ok, I may have hit her too many times. Ok, I hit her lots times too many, she upset me, ok? OK? Her teeth were mashed to shit in her bloody pulped mouth even before I was finished.

In anger I tore out some of her teeth, and stuffed them into her gaping cunt. Oh she screamed at me as I did that, but a pain scream now. Good! And then I hit her more to shut her up. When I was finally finished with her, her nose was broken and her face was a bloody and smashed pulp.

Fuck, I had only been playing with her for a few hours. Geez, I was getting sloppy. Another lesson learned. I then started hitting them only a few times around their tits and cunts (not their mouths, if I could help it), just to hurt a little, so that they wouldn't tempt me with their evil tongues, and so they would know who was boss.

Yes, I had beaten that cunt a bit much, but I learned. So all in all, even though she was no longer any use to me, she did teach me, yet again, a further lesson.

I tit fucked her as she lay there unconscious, and I even fisted her cunt again, lol. She wasn't complaining anymore, lol. But she wasn't any fun any more either. So I grew bored with her, and killed her. No excuses, no delays, no more playing. I just cut her fucking throat and sat and watched her as she died. She took only a few minutes and I just kept hitting and punching her tits as she weezed and gagged.

Fuck her. She joined the other one in the old paddock. But I had to cut her up a bit to move her. She really was a fat slag. I kept her tits though, and did try and eat them. Her nipples went down easy enough, but her fatty tits tasted like shit.

* * * * * I had just finished getting rid off, and cleaning up after, my latest toy (let's see.

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. . was she the 9th or 10th play pal I had had since moving here? So many, in so little time, lol), when I first saw the slut walk down my driveway. Standing at my kitchen window, as I often did, staring at nothing in particular, I saw someone walking down my long driveway.

The way the driveway is built, I get a good view of the roadway, long before anyone coming down the drive even knows there is a house there. I didn't know what to expect when I saw the whore walking casually down the driveway. She had huge tits, swinging loose, and a hot ass. I'd first noticed her about five minutes ago she was walking down the path, but then went behind a tree. I nearly panicked until I realized what she was going to do.

I watched and, hot damn, the little whore took her fucking shorts off. Wow, what an ass, and oh boy, a hairy cunt too. Damn, she was standing there naked from the ass down, and, what the hell. . fucking hell.


. . she bent down and started pissing! I then saw her reach over for something. A leaf? The little slut was wiping her hairy snatch with a leaf. What the fuck? Was she playing with herself?? No way. Yes, hot damn, the little tart was fingering her cunt. This must been a dream. Or was it a trap? I had to be careful, I told myself. I started to shake. * * * * * By the fifth or sixth slut, I was really wary of being caught.

I had the perfect plan, and I wasn't about to get caught, not if I could help it, no sir! She was about 45, and unmarried. She made damned sure I knew that, and, she said.

. a virgin. A fucking virgin, shit. When I got her into my playroom, and undressed, the first thing I noticed was a shaved cunt?? The second thing I noticed was pierced nipples?? She had big fucking rings through her oversized, erect nipples.

The third thing that struck me as very odd for my 'virgin' was the words "my cunt, for" and "my husband" tattooed on each of her shaved cunt lips?? Talk about being confused? Who was she fooling? Me? No way, lol. Her? That was her worry, not mine. When I got her awake I asked her outright about her body designs, and she laughed at me, and refused to answer. What was this shit? Oh, man, I was in no mood for games, I can tell you. I slapped her around a bit more and finally, between sobs, she gave me her story.

Her name was Linda, and she really was a virgin, but only because she hadn't had a cock up her cunt, she said, and wouldn't until she married, if ever, she added. She also told me she loved sex, especially anal and oral, and she took great pride in her sexual prowess.

Her tattoos were special, because they told any would be suitor that she was open and willing and always would be, but only if they married her! Fuck, what a weirdo. But that didn't stop me. In fact, I decided right then and there to fuck that hallowed hole right now.

I hit her a few more times, and then just rammed my cock deep into her still dry cunt. She howled and cried hysterically. Fuck, she was tight, but I kept pumping hard. I ignored her screams and struggles. Fuck her, I thought as I felt my seed explode deep into her now very wet, now very fucked, now definitely very un-virgin, slack cunt, and I laughed in contempt.

I pulled my cock out and stuck it into her mouth, ramming it right to the back of her crying throat, and then the fucking cunt did what I never ever expected any cunt to ever try. She bit down on my cock. The pain was unbelievable, let me tell you, and then she bit harder.

I panicked, I can tell you for free, and I started to punch the living shit out of her. I punched her ears and head, but still she wouldn't let go. I was actually worried she'd bite my precious cock off at one stage, and I punched her even harder. Still she bit down, and started to tear at my cock flesh too. I tried to poke her fucking eyes out, and still she bit down and tore. I tried strangling her, and she still didn't let go. Finally, from a dim part of my memory, I remembered reading about breaking someone's eardrums by slapping both their ears together at the same time, and I furiously tried to do that to her.

Who gives a fuck if what I read was true or not, let me tell you though, a few good wack, wack, wacks, repeatedly, as I slapped at both of her ears, and she did finally let go! Maybe there was something in that theory, lol? She now screamed with a new pain I gave her. I then kicked her right up the cunt with the heel of my bare foot. There was blood all over my cock, and in her mouth, and dripping from her eyes and ears too, as I stumbled of the bed, and half crawled out of the room, leaving her screaming.

My cock was on fire, and I needed to bathe it immediately. Upstairs, in the bathroom, I inspected my poor cock. There were teeth marks and tears in my skin, but it was still attached, thank god. I was furious now, and my anger, when I lose it, is never a pretty thing. She was gonna know my anger alright, yes sir! But first, I was gonna make fucking sure my precious cock was alright. I stepped into the shower and cautiously started to rinse my cock. The bleeding eventually stopped, and with the aid of a mirror, I inspected every inch of my wonderful cock.

It stung like hell to touch, but I was gonna make damn sure there was no damage. Hell, I couldn't ever imagine any one going to a doctor for THAT! I grabbed some antiseptic cream and applied it gently. The soothing cream started to work immediately, and to my relief, there didn't appear to be too much damage.

A few scratches from her teeth, and a little bit of loose skin, but no real permanent damage. The real test would be if I could get an erection, and there was no way I was gonna even try that today. I crawled off to bed, without giving her any more thought. She could wait till hell freezes over, I thought, and I snuggled down for a well needed rest. The next morning, I awoke with a pee hard on, and knew I had no real damage to my awesome cock. Thank god. My temper was still fully up though, and I grabbed my baseball bat and immediately went down to the basement.

I wasn't worried about her waiting to ambush me cus she was still tied up. I was gonna make that cunt wish she was already dead, I can tell you. She lay on the bed, apparently asleep. I noticed there was crusted, dried blood around her eyes and ears, and I also noticed that her mouth was still bloody. Fuck her. I poked at her lifeless body with my bat, and she stirred. She opened her eyes, and looked at me with total contempt. I poked her again, harder, and she turned to me and spat.

Gobbles of blood flecked spit ran down my bare chest. This time I hit her with the bat, across her tits, and she cried out, but tried to spit at me again. I punched her fully in her tits again and again.

She raised her head once more and spat at me a third time. I slammed the bat down on her sagging wide open cunt hole. She spat again. That was it. I raised the bat and smashed it across her lower leg, listening for the crack of breaking bones. I wasn't let down. She screamed for real that time, and I slammed the bat down again, across her other leg. More breaking bones, and more screams, but I was passed caring.

I then smashed her tits heavily, and she screamed more, then I slammed the bat across her saggy stomach, and she seemed to pass out. Fuck her!

I walked around the bed, and slammed the bat down on her left arm, hearing it definitely crack, before returning to the other side of the bed and doing the same to her right arm.

Then with all of my might I slammed the bat straight at her fucking whore mouth. Every tooth in her mouth seemed to snap in the bloody explosion that resulted, and I hit out a second time those fucking teeth of hers were so far down her cunt throat, she'd need a fucking fishing pole to retrieve them. She let out a garbled scream of sorts and collapsed again. I dropped the bat, went into my little toy room, and returned with my trusty knife, which I then rammed up her 'virgin' cunt to the hilt.

All seven steely sharp inches, which I turned and twisted once I had her cunt impaled. I left my knife sticking out of her slutty cunt, and I walked out. Let her die, let her be dead. I didn't fucking care. I wasn't planning on returning to the room for at least a week.

She'd suffer a slow death, I hoped.

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Yes sir, I fucking hoped. I knew I'd get a new lesson out of her somehow, I just didn't know what yet. . ! * * * * * She then stood, dressed, and started back towards the house. I watched her come closer, and when she got to the house, I took a deep breath, pushed my fear down, and went out to greet her.

I wasn't sure why she was here, but I also didn't want her to get suspicious of me either. Time for that later, I thought. For now, I had to be as natural as I could be, and give her no reason for suspicion. "Hello," I said as casually as I could. "Can I help you?

Are you lost?" I gotta tell you, I was shitting bricks, inside, but calm as a lamb outside! I was always good at hiding my true feelings!

"Hi," she said, all friendly, and smiles. "I'm sorry to disturb you, but I got a flat tire down on the road, and my cell phone won't work. Do you have a phone so I can get some help, please?" I didn't want her in my goddamn house.

That much I knew, not until I knew who she was, or why she was here! Could I get rid of her? Fuck, I hated strangers. And, I especially hated pretty strangers, who suspiciously arrived, with no good reason!

What should I do? Was this a police trap? I was hoping this was truly a sad coincidence, by her, and not a set up. Were the police suspicious of me? Did they know about the other whores? Was she a trap sent here to snare me?

If I fixed her tire, would she just drive off? "Maybe I can help," I tried to be polite. "I am quite good around cars." I wanted rid of her, NOW. If I offered to help her, would that be enough? Of course it would, I thought, but she ignored my offer.

"No thanks," she insisted. "I think I need to get a tow truck. The car is sitting on a lot of soft soil, and I don't think it would be safe to try and jack it up there." Oh boy, I was trying so hard to be calm, but my heart was racing. I was trying so hard to be nice to this slut.

I wanted her, I did, I'll be honest, but I also wasn't stupid either. I also wanted rid of her, more than I wanted to fuck her, just now. She wouldn't listen to anything I was saying though. "If I could just use your phone, then I'll return to my car," she just wouldn't listen, why wouldn't she listen? To this day, I swear it was all her fault what happened next.

I was gonna let her walk away, and even fix her fucking tire for her, but no, she wouldn't listen! If only she wasn't so fucking stupid! My conscience is clear. Fuck her. "Oh, ok," I said, smiling (and shitting razor blades!). "Please come in." She was here, and if she had been followed, I had to act normal, let her use the phone, then be polite, and escort her off the property, and if.

. by chance, she truly did stumble here accidentally, who was I to refuse a gift horse? I was pretty sure she was alone. I had been watching the road for over half an hour, staring at nothing in particular (as I sometimes do), just daydreaming (I do that a lot), and I had seen her many minutes before she even saw the house.

Surely I would have seen any others, if they were hiding? And she wouldn't have taken a piss if her fellow workers were watching, would she? She certainly wouldn't have been so bold and sluttish as to have wiped her cunt in front of the police, would she? My mind was reeling, but my cock was also stirring. The more I thought about her, and the more my eyes scanned the area, the more I knew she was alone.

She had to be. Who, in their right mind, would strip naked, and flash their cunt, if their fellow workers were watching? This couldn't be a trap, it was too sloppy! As she walked passed me, I swear she rubbed her huge tits across my arm.

Fuck it, I decided. That was too fucking much. This cunt was now mine! As I walked her through the house to the phone I hit her hard, thinking she would go down immediately.

Fuck, she didn't go down! When she didn't fall down, I hit her harder. Then she went down. I quickly stripped her clothes off, (all two garments! - throwing them in the corner, I'd take them to her car later), and started pawing at her tits and cunt. I was gonna have some fun with her tonight, sure enough. I was gonna have a lot of fun tonight. Fuck it, no one probably knew she was here! I was pretty certain now.

She wasn't a trap, just a stupid, dumb, fucking whore, sent to me, in my hour of need. There was a god after all, lol. I dragged her down to the basement and tied her to the big bed I had in my 'special room'.

I wanted her to know exactly what she was in for and I took my belt off and started to whip her tits. She didn't stir, so I left her and went up to get rid of her car. I had to be very careful it wasn't a trap, but after a long careful search, I was sure she was alone. Wearing my trusty gloves, and without caring whether I further damaged her flat tire, I got her car out of the soft soil by rocking back and forth.

I constantly looked around as I worked, and never saw a soul. When the car came free, I drove it up my driveway, into the shed, and hid it near the car trailer, knowing it was perfectly safe until nightfall. I left, locking the shed securely. The windows in the shed were blocked over, and the lock was big, let them try to break in! I went inside, stripped, and gave my cock a workout, lol.

I wanted a strong hard cock for my fun. I didn't realize I had left the light on in her room until I got back, but who cares, she was never gonna escape, so what if she saw my face?

I had tied her tightly, in my own special way, arms and legs stretched out, permitting me to gain any access to her I wanted, without her being able to stop me. I knew she couldn't get away (none of the others ever had), and I took my own sweet time returning to her. Let her panic some more, I thought, then she'll be more obedient. * * * * * The first several sluts I took didn't really panic, so much as "shut down" and go into shock (except Missie Lezzie, who had a bigger set of balls than me, lol).

I think it was the fourth, or was it the fifth that lashed out at me with everything she had in her? Oh another lesson learned that day, yes sir!

I started using ropes on them then. Up until then I just threw them into my pleasure room and left them huddled on the floor, or bed. But that one cunt really took to me badly. Hell, it took weeks for her scratches to heal, and I even thought I was gonna have to go see a doctor at one stage, so badly was I infected. I took my sweet time with that little whore. I tied her down, and started to methodically strip her dignity.

. and skin. She lasted eight days, and I hurt her more every fucking day. I was pissed at her and I took all of my tensions out on her. She was the first slut I knew who took a baseball bat up her cunt, and in her ass too. Ok, she didn't actually open up and accept it, but I didn't listen to her screams, as I rammed and ripped that cunt apart to get it up there.

Then I tied her tits tightly and started burning her cunty tits with cigarettes. I loved that, and when I grew bored with the cigarettes I just used my lighter, lol. Then I just started nicking bits of her tits with my knifes, lol. Finally I cut off both of her nipples and fed them to her. . she gagged, vomited and cried, but I made her eat them. Her cunt I tore apart and just stabbed at. She was a mess, but I felt good. See, lessons are good. * * * * * Man, my cock was aching for release, and I couldn't wait any longer.

Totally naked, and fully erect, I walked in on her. Just in case, I carried my large leather belt; she'd listen good if I had to use the belt on her, and I had learned a long time ago, that if I expected to keep them alive longer, I needed to look after them, so I took some water with me too. "Who the fuck are you, and what the fuck do you think you are doing?" the bitch screamed. That was too much. I put the glass down (carefully, I was naked and didn't want broken glass in my feet), and hit her several times with the belt.

Fuck her, and her uppity ways. I knew who was boss, and it was time she did too. "Shut the fuck up, cunt," I told her, firmly, as I whipped her tits. "You're my cunt now, and I says what goes. Got it?" And I hit her again, as she screamed.

I knew how to deal with these whores, yes sir I did. I walked over and pulled her left tit, hard. That made her scream more, good! Let her get her screams over with. I also learned that I had to let them scream themselves out. There was no use hurrying that, all of them needed to scream, and I wanted her mouth, so gagging wasn't a good idea.

* * * * * I had started gagging all my cunts after those early lessons. I used to love stuffing their own shitty panties into their mouths watching them gag and splutter. Especially after I punched them in their belly a few times making them shit into their soily knickers. I managed to get one young thing, cute about 5 foot, small, and dark. Oh, she looked like a little doll, and I wanted her for my toy for a long time. I thought by gagging her, and tying her, she wouldn't fight or scream, and I could take my time with her, and just fuck her daily.

But I was wrong, again. Fuck, this learning thing takes a long fucking time! The little whore vomited into her gag, and died on me. Fuck the inconsiderate little slag. She up and died before I did anything. Fuck! Ah well, no matter. I opened up her legs, spat into her dried out shaved little cunt a few times, then fucked myself silly. She was a good fuck though, lol, tightest cunt I ever fucked, but it grew boring. I did fuck her a few more times, but each time the smell got to me, and even I finally threw up.

She made it to the paddock too. Always at night, always silent, and her car made it a long way away. Nearly three hundred miles away for her, no chance in taking too many risks. No cops, no trouble. Life was good. * * * * * What a gorgeously hairy cunt she had, I thought as I made my way down to it, and pulled, hard, lol. I wondered if it was a real pelt, lol. Sh-ee-it, it was attached after all, lol.

I wanted her all, now, but knew I had to pace myself. "Listen, cunt, I am gonna do you all and any way I want, as often as I want. Don't even think bout anything else but me. Got it?" and I slapped her on her hairy snatch to prove it. I do like slapping and hurting these whores, lol.

I couldn't help myself, I needed to cum, and I jerked my cock off, all over her face, as she lay there crying. Then I got an idea, lol. I wonder what her cunt tastes like, I thought to myself, and decided right there and then to find out. Mmmm. Nice. Oh, I bit and nibbled away and she was good, damned good.

She got wet as soon as I started touching her, the little slut, good. I was gonna enjoy this one, yes sir. "Ah," I said. "I sure do like to suck a wet cunt. Mmmm, you smell nice. Later, I am gonna fuck you raw. You'll love me, and my cock. Now shut the fuck up, cunt, or I'll rip your fucking tits off and make you eat them." (Oh, that was fun the time I did that, lol.

I used a knife on the, was it the seventh, or, eighth slut, lol. So many, in so little time, I do sometimes get confused. I cut her nipples off, and forced them into her mouth. She shrieked like a banshee, lol. BUT I made her eat them.) I was drained, and needed a drink. I decided to leave her to her screams. Oh yes, this time I did remember to turn off the light before I locked her in. Let her really panic now, I thought. I read somewhere that torture can make them quiet quicker.

And I also read that taking away any light was a sweet torture. Lol. Upstairs, I took a beer from my fridge, and drained it in two mouthfuls. That one beer refreshed me, and I wanted more of her.

I knew I could take my time, but this was one hot slut, and my cock knew it too. I am proud of my cock, over 8 thick inches of solid hard muscle, that responds quickly to my needs. 10 minutes later I was hot and hard again, and I went back for more fun. Had she learned so quickly? I hoped not. She was silent, and just lay there looking at me, not even struggling, as I returned. Well I knew how to find out if she was playing 'possum', yes I did.

I reached for her tit, stroked it gently, watching her relax at my soft touch, then, without warning, I slapped her tit hard. That'd wake her up. Yuppers, it did, lol, and she screamed anew. I don't mind if they scream (let them scream as much as they want, it was more fun), but I wanted her to know I was boss.

Fuck, I punched her in the belly to shut her up, and the little bitch then vomited on me. I hate that, I absolutely hate that! "You little cunt whore, I'll teach you," and I started strapping her tits again. That'd give her a wake up call. I was angry, and grabbed for her cunt. I was gonna make her stop screaming. I got two fingers in her still wet hole, and went to work on her.

(Fuck, was her cunt always wet?) She went silent as I started frigging her hole, while I gave my cock a rub. Nice. "Listen up, you little slut.

The rules are simple. I am gonna cum in a few seconds. Into your open, waiting, cunt of a mouth, or I'm gonna hurt you so badly, you will pray for death.

Do you understand?" Who cared if she understood? I didn't. I was having fun, and she was just my toy. And there were always more toys, if this one didn't play good. I saw her nod her head, and after two more quick jerks, I shot my cum load into her slutty mouth.

Stupid tramp wasn't quick enough though, and she missed some if it. Fuck her, and I slapped her face and tits. She was gonna learn, SOON. I was playing by my rules. "You cunt!" I said. "You filthy fucking cunt! I said all of it. I meant all of it." I then started scooping the rest of my cum from her face into her mouth. Oh I did like the look of sheer fear, and disgust, on her face, and I scooped more. "Suck my cock seed now, you cunt," I told her before I spat on her, and left her to fret in the darkness again, returning only to frighten her a bit, before heading up stairs.

I was hungry after my busy afternoon, and wanted a good meal, and a rest. Hard work always gave me a good appetite, and food always made me sleepy. Putting on my favorite CD, I cooked a simple chicken dish, showering while it simmered, then I ate.

I finished the meal off with a glass of fine white wine, changed the CD and went back to look out the window, before going to bed. Couldn't be too careful, I thought. Sleep wasn't far off, and as I slept I dreamed of the other sluts I had tamed.

I gave no more thought to the bitch down below. Why should I? She wasn't going anywhere. * * * * * It took a while but I did work out a (near) perfect plan to handle these whores. One was a mother-daughter duo, and the other a spinster lady in her sixties.

(Hey, I believe in spreading me around, lol). My plan evolved into tying them down with ropes on their legs, and hands. Spread eagle on the bed. Naked, of course, and without a gag, or any blindfolds. But I did install bright watt lights that blinded them, especially after I left them in the darkness for hours. I also learned not to hurt them too early, instead just mind fucking with them first.

I also learned to let them scream and rave. It got them more quiet, more quick, and it also wore them out. I just used to leave them alone, after teasing them, and then wait. Ah, that wait was the best part. My cock stayed erect for hours, wanting, lol. I also learned that they need some food and water. I had read that food wasn't important, but a person couldn't last much longer than 4 or 5 days without water.

I also read that feeding them, and treating them nice broke down some "hostage barriers", and they would grow to trust me, lol. The mother-daughter combo were fun. . at the start. Not planned, but still fun. The mom was at least fifty, saggy big tits and (surprisingly) trim cunt haired. The daughter was probably 12 or 13 and had just started growing tits and cunt hair. It wasn't really my plan to grab a mother-daughter but I was there, they were there, and as the story goes, shit happens.

I saw the woman walk out of the late night diner, alone, and go to her car. I took a chance and grabbed her just as she opened the door, and roughly pushed her into the passenger seat, as I climbed in behind her. It wasn't till we drove off, with her screaming in my ear, that I realized there was a little girl sleeping in the back seat.

Fuck, I thought, but I wasn't about to turn around and drive her back, no sir. I'd just deal with the problem as I needed to. I undressed them both, and tied the mother to the bed spread-eagled, and I just threw the kid into a corner. She whimpered but I ignored her she wasn't gonna hurt me. The daughter giggled at her mothers nakedness, and looked in awe at my huge cock, lol, and all that did was make the mother shriek more.

I told the daughter that I was gonna fuck her, and her mom, and she just sat there. The mother started pleading for me to spare her daughter, to do anything I wanted to her, but leave little Jessica alone.

Nice name, Jessica, I thought, lol. Well momma had spoken, so I had to consider her requests. I went over to the bed and slapped her cunt a few times. Jessica just looked. Then I punched momma in each tit, until she threw up, and Jessica still didn't say a word, or appear shocked. I liked Jessica! "Hey, Jess," I asked.

"What should I do, fuck momma's wet cunt, or maybe fuck her mouth with my great cock? What do you think?" I asked her. The mother started screaming more, and I didn't wait for Jessica's answer. I punched momma in her cunt again and again. That stopped her. Then I pissed onto momma's face. I always liked using piss in my sex games. Jessica's eyes opened wide, and momma screamed more. But every time she screamed I pissed into her mouth, lol. She finally drank half my piss, and I turned and offered my dripping cock to Jessica.

Momma screamed anew, and I decided to deal with momma first. Jessica could wait. Besides, I may be bad, but I ain't a sick kiddie freak, no sir! Then I stuck my cock into momma's mouth and started fucking her hard. She sobbed but eventually took the lead, and started sucking my cock.

She was a damned good cocksucker. As I looked back at little Jessica I smiled. I came in a gush, and my cock exploded into momma's mouth. Momma was good, yes sir. She sucked my fuck seed down and still sucked at my cock. Jessie just stared quietly. I stood up and smiled towards little Jessica.

Jessica still remained motionless where I threw her, and I wasn't sure what to do with her, I'll admit. Momma screamed anew, and I slapped her tits a few times for fun. Still she screamed so I punched her in the mouth. Jesus H. Fucking Christ. What a screamer. Momma stopped screaming and starting groaning only when I put my cock back in her hungry momma mouth. Momma started draining my cock once more and I blew again deep into her cunty mouth.

I was getting tired though, and wasn't sure how long I could keep going without rest. I just moved away, and went out of the room, not even looking back.

I didn't even bother to turn off the light, and I went upstairs to rest. . * * * * * I love remembering my fun, especially in my sleep dreams, and I woke up with a raging hard-on, and knew immediately how to ease my discomfort.

Still naked (my preferred method of attire), I went back down to the basement. ShowTime! No need for any more niceties, I thought, as I went straight to the end of the bed. I had needs to satisfy, and this whore was my tool. Damn, she was tight, I thought as I stuck my cock into her cunt.

It took a few thrusts, but I finally got my cock fully in to her cunt. Nice and tight, mmmm. Man, she was tight for sure, lol. I do like a tight cunt, and I had me a jolly time fucking her. She was good, oh yes, and she took excellent care of my needs. Alright, lol. Her mouth was just too damned inviting to ignore, and I wanted her to taste me. I love watching sluts suck cock. My cock especially, lol. "Listen closely, cunt," I said to her as I approached the top of the bed.

"You are gonna suck my cock clean right now. And I warn you, don't even think bout trying to bite my cock off, because if you even nick my cock with your teeth, you won't have any teeth left, and I'll stick each tooth up your cunt with my fingers one by one." (Was that the 3rd whore, who did try and bite, that I did that too? Fuck, I must be getting forgetful in my old age, but I know I did it to one of them!) I was beginning to think I might keep this one a bit longer.

She gave great head, and took my cock all the way down her throat, like a good whore should. I wanted more, but, for now, I was all fucked out. I wasn't getting any younger, and needed to rest between games. I also felt the wine work through me, and knew I needed a piss.

I felt the piss rise in my cock as she lay there, mouth still open, inviting me. She was offering me her mouth, she wanted more? What more could I give her? Seeing as I needed to piss anyway, I decided to piss in her mouth, lol. Man, they all gagged when I did that. Damn, she took it all. On purpose I stopped and started, thinking she would either spit it out, or vomit, but she took all of my hot piss, lol.

This was one feisty cunt, and I left her to savor the 'meal' I just gave her. I knew I better feed her soon, and I did want to keep her, so I went up to get some bread for her. [Did I already mention that apparently, a person can live for only 4-5 days without water, but for up to 6 weeks without food, as long as they get regular fluids? I think I did mention it before, but fuck it, who cares.] I wanted some strength in her too, so food was gonna be necessary.

I don't fuck dead things (anymore) and some food would keep her strength up enough for my needs. * * * * * When I returned, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was shocked. I was actually frozen for a minute. There was blood everywhere, and little Jessica, who I hadn't even touched, let alone hurt in any way, was dead.

Oh, I knew she was dead, her loving momma was covered in blood, and Jessica was lying in a pool of blood, her throat ripped open and exposed.

What the fuck? What the fuck had momma done? Momma was staring at me from beside Jessica, and her eyes said it all. "You fucking bastard, you couldn't leave her alone, could you? Well, fucker, look at what you made me do. There was no way I was gonna let you fuck with my little baby, you bastard.

I took here to a better place, where assholes like you can't get to her!" What? And who had untied momma? Jessica? What the fuck had gone on here? I admit I was confused. . * * * * * When I returned, she was asleep, she was actually asleep, this was one cool cunt.

"Here, cunt, Eat." I said, waking her. I helped her eat, and watched her gobble greedily. Stupid bitch nearly vomited, she was so greedy, lol.

For the first time today my cock was soft, but that was ok too. My cock never let me down in moments of need.

I gave her some of the water I brought down earlier, and she gulped that down too, spilling some of it over her nice big tits, lol. Would she stay with me? I sat on the bed and reached for her tits. I wanted to fuck those tits, and planned to later tonight. "If you are a good cunt, I might like you," I said, trying to be friendly. "I like playing with you." "Peter. . " she said quietly, "Peter. . you know you can untie me." "Nah," I said casually.

Then. . fuck, she knew my name. She spoke my fucking name. I panicked. Where did she know my fucking name from? Fuck! I started panicking more. I started looking around the room. She was a trap! She was a fucking trap! Calm down, I heard my mind talking to me. I took a deep breath. I needed to stay calm, I really did. She was just trying to mind-fuck with me, yes? Again she spoke. "Peter. . I promise I won't run away. My arms are sore.

Please undo my arms. Please." Fuck! Where did she know my name from? This time I felt the panic rising, and I couldn't control it. Were the police out there now? Nah, they wouldn't let one of their own be in here for hours, without rushing in to help her, would they? No way. The police were dumb, sure enough, but that dumb?

She had been here at least 3 hours maybe 4, and I had been back to the highway for her car, I saw no signs of anyone, either in the trees, or the road, and she hadn't said anything to me either. Wouldn't she be screaming she was a cop by now? Maybe she saw a letter or something in the kitchen before I hit her? Yes that was it, surely. I tried to calm myself, but still felt the fear inside me. Fuck her! It didn't matter if she knew my name, she wasn't going anywhere. It didn't even matter how she knew my name.

I knew that now, so I hit her again. Why not? Fuck her, and every one else too. Fuck every cunt in the fucking world, fuck them all! Then I lashed out at her, letting my anger and fear take over. Then I hit her again and again. I loved the way I tied these sluts up, their cunts eternally open for my enjoyment, and I took advantage, and slapped her wet soppy cunt a few times too. Fuck her! "I no like you now," I said.

"I was gonna let you be my toy, but I think I might just eat you up, like the others." She screamed, and I left her alone again, making sure the lights were out. (Ok, no I wouldn't be eating her. The one time I tried to eat one of these whores, I vomited, but I wasn't about to tell her that either!) Damn, she was still screaming, I could hear her through the door.

I stopped, opened the door and looked at her, then closed the door again. She stopped screaming. I was boss. This was fun, lol. I reopened the door again, and she lay there looking at me. She was looking straight at my fantastic cock, probably wanting more. I did like the way she squirmed.

I wanted her now, and took my cock in hand, to prepare the way for my fun. I went to the bottom of the bed and started licking her legs, then moved up to taste her arms, and belly.

But fuck it, my cock wouldn't work well enough for my needs, and I spat on her and left. It was her fault for not getting me hard enough. I needed to teach her how to get me up. Maybe the belt might help, I thought as I walked across the basement floor to retrieve it. Maybe if she was more sexual, I might want her more? I got the belt, and returned to her to try.

I did like it when she screamed, and the more I whipped her, the harder my cock got. Good. I just kept striking out at her, and the more I hit, the more she screamed, and the more she screamed, the harder I got.

I wanted her cunt in my mouth, and went to the bottom of the bed and started licking her. This lady was enjoying this too. Fuck. The more I licked the wetter she got. If I bit her cunt lips, she got even wetter, fuck me. I stuck two fingers into her sopping hole, and she got even wetter. As I fingered her cunt she got wetter still. The cunt liked it rough apparently.

Ok, if that was her turn on, then I'd be even rougher. Imagine that. I would never have guessed that she liked pain, lol. She was different. I then stuck my two cunt coated fingers into her ass hole, lol. I wondered what she might taste like, and I sucked her ass juices from my fingers. Nice. Yes, I admit, I like ass games. The whores do too, they just don't show it so easily, trying to act bashful, but I knew all their tricks.

* * * * * Oh momma, I thought. You're gonna pay. The fat slag was just sitting there, cradling her daughter in her lap. Blood was everywhere, and momma didn't care less. I turned, no words spoken, walked out and locked the door. When I returned two minutes later, hose in hand, I didn't care. I just opened the faucet and let momma have a full blast.

Cold stinging water hit her and the kid. I just kept the hose blasting away, and I managed to get momma to scramble away and try to cover herself from the torrential water, as I kept hosing her and the kid. I wanted rid of the fucking blood, and then momma was gonna have some fun, yes sir, she was gonna wish she had let me play with the baby cunt!

It took probably ten minutes or more, but the blood finally washed down the drain in the floor, the dead body was flopping in the corner, and momma appeared done in. She was huddled in the corner, sobbing uncontrollably. Good! Fucking good! I turned off the faucet, and still holding the hose, I started whipping the shit out of momma with the soft leather hose. She screamed, she cried, she tried to block me, but no use.

I lashed out at her until she was almost unconscious, covered in welts and no longer able to sob. Then I grabbed her by her hair and threw her on the bed, and tied her roughly. I was passed caring. The truth is, I never have done a kid, nor will I. I admit I wasn't really sure what I was gonna do, but fucking the kid wasn't the plan. Tease, yes, torment even, sure, but actually assault her carnally. NO! what sort of man do you think I am? For fuck sakes! Well, momma I guess it's just you and me now, I thought, and took my belt off, and started to whip this bitch again.

Her tits. Oh yes, her fucking saggy momma milk tits. Then I turned her over, and started whipping her saggy fat ass. Then I had an idea. I dropped my belt, and undressed. Naked, I climbed on the bed, and pushed her legs apart. Her ass was hairier than her trimmed cunt, but I have always been partial to hairy sluts, so that wasn't gonna stop me, no sir!

I licked my finger and started to finger her ass, and she just moaned, then I licked my finger again and stuck it back in. . deeper. Still she only moaned, so I forced two fingers up her shit hole, and still nothing more than a soft moan. I then pushed my cock head up to her ass crack, and rammed into her. She screamed (fuck I wish this cunt didn't have to scream so much!), and I pushed again. Then I fucked her shitty ass pushing in and out of her without care. When I was finished I calmly climbed off, and went to her mouth.

There were pieces of shit, and god knows what else caked to my cock. I didn't fucking care. I pushed my cock into momma's mouth, and wasn't surprised when she opened up and took me in. "Suck me clean, slut." I ordered, and she did. . * * * * * She saw me lick my fingers, and winced at me.

What? Fuck her, I stuck the fingers back in her ass, fingered her ass hole roughly, and then made her suck my fingers, lol. Fuck her. She did suck them, but vomited, fuck her. I left her again, after I slapped her around some more. I keep all of my 'supplies' in the small room adjoining the 'dungeon', and as I passed by, I saw some lubricant, KY-jelly.

I decided to coat some on my cock and fuck her ass. Her cunt was definitely too tight earlier, and I didn't want to hurt myself again. No point taking chances that her ass was tight too. I didn't care how much she screamed, or cried, she had a tight ass (the lube was a good idea, huh?), and I did enjoy sticking my hard cock into her asshole. I fucked her with the same amount of enjoyment I got from fucking her cunt, but I didn't want to come in her dirty ass, I wanted her to suck my cock clean and swallow my cock.

I stuck my cock into her mouth, and started fucking her mouth. Oh boy, this was fun, and I felt myself coming. Oh yes, I was gonna blast my load into her eager mouth. I didn't want this fun to stop, so kept fucking her mouth even after I shot my load.

She took it all, and I decided to piss in her mouth again, lol. The little slut drank that all down too. Man, she liked her sex rough, no doubts at all, and I laughed. "I do like you," I said, as I turned and left to get my 'toy box'.

My 'toy box' contains all my fun things I like to use on my sluts. After I got it, I put the box on the bed between her legs, and started taking the things out slowly, watching her eyes.

First out were two clothes pegs. But these were special pegs, designed to stop clothes flying off the line in a high wind. They were smaller, with stronger springs, and they worked wonderfully on nipples. I clamped them harshly on her tits, and she screamed more. Man, this slut was a definite screamer, lol.

Next I took out a large plastic cock, nice for stretching tight cunts, or asses. To tease her I put the cock knob close to her cunt lips. My favorite 'calm her down' came out next, my old hunting knife, freshly sharpened, and very lethal. She screamed again, and I was getting used to her screams. The rest of the things in the box were fairly normal, some tape, some lube, and more clothes pins, and. . My all time favorite toy, a unity candle.

I looked at her calmly, and placed it on the bed near her cunt. * * * * * My stupid sister had a fucking huge unity candle as part of her marriage service to the prick she married (they divorced within 6 months, lol, so I guess God didn't look after her after all, lol), and although I had never seen one before that day, I knew of several ways I could use those, hahaha.

I had bought a few of those candles and had been using them in different ways with a few whores, and I decided momma would need as much God as she could get for what was about to happen to her, so after the slag cleaned my cock, I left her sobbing and went and got one. I do like those unity candles, mmmm.

8 or more inches high and easily three or more inches thick, almost nine inches around. The wax was fun to use too, but not as much as the fucking candle. Momma was going to God a bit sooner than even she thought, even if she didn't know it, lol. I took that motherfucking candle, and eased it between her butt cheeks then pushed with one god-almighty push. Oh boy, the shrill she gave out, lol. Fuck her. The waxy candle (finally) slid up and into her tight ass. I kept pushing though, ignoring her screams.

. and the blood. . until it was all the way up and in, then I kicked her ass a few times more to make sure the fucker was well in. It was, lol. Her ass never did close fullybut the candle was all the way up and in.

Her ass looked good though, lol, and I nearly regretted not fucking her ass at least once more. Ah, fuck her. Then I turned her onto her back, and went and got a second candle. Momma was still going strong though, I know. She was sobbing, quietly yes, but still sobbing.

Well not for long, you cunt. I got a second candle, and using as much muscle as I had, I pushed this one up her momma bearing cunt hole. It took a time, and she screamed anew for several minutes, then passed out. After that I took my time, and finally got the second candle up and in.

Her cunt lips did close back, lol. Then I revived her, and she started screaming more, lol. Then I waited. There was blood all over the bed. Both her ass and cunt were bleeding, fuck her, and I just patiently waited. The little kid was lying like a rag doll, but momma was thrashing and whooping up a storm. I waited maybe four hours, but I made sure momma did suffer enough before she up and died (helped by my frequent kicks to her cunt hole and belly, lol).

Fuck her. . * * * * * She screamed, and screamed, and screamed! * * * * * Ah. . Janine, why did you lie to me? * * * * * This little whore was not playing by the rules, my rules. Fuck, it looked like she fainted, lol. Stupid slut, I thought, and laughed to myself, as I went back into the basement.

Oh, I made sure to turn off the lights again, I wanted her totally frightened, and aware of my power, too. I decided to let her sleep the night away, but I also decided to clean her up a bit, before I did my work. I had installed faucets in the basement, and kept a hose down there to wash up any 'stains' I made. I grabbed the hose, turned on the water, and opened the door to my special little room.

I didn't bother with the lights, and just let a long stream of cold water hit her. Fuck her, I thought, as I heard her screaming. A good bath of cold water was just what the doctor ordered, to clean up her slutty body.

I turned off the hose, locked her door, and went upstairs. She could wait. Let her scream. I had work to do, so she had to wait. Not that I'm paranoid, but I wanted her car, and stuff, far away as soon as possible. I still had some nagging thoughts in my mind, that this might be an funky setup by the police, who might even have let her (wanted her to) be captured, so they catch me "in the act". Well I wasn't stupid, and they weren't gonna catch me that easy, no sir. I dressed in my army fatigues (damn, I always look good in those duds), and loaded her car, bag, and clothes into the car trailer.

I made a quick check of her bag, located her name, and what looked like an address of a business, actually two addresses, one 4 or so hours east of here, and the other probably 5 hours south-west. A further check of her drivers license, though, and I knew all I needed to. She lived east of me, and was travelling either to, or back from, the south-west. Ok, I was gonna dump her car in the east, back towards her place, and this time, about 150 miles north (no reason to take chances).

If she was really lost, and folks were out looking for her, let them find her car hundreds of miles away from me. It only took me a few minutes to get her car safely loaded (even though she drove a 4WD, my trailer could take any size vehicle, more smart planning from me), then I was off. I was comfortable with leaving her in the basement.

The door was well hidden, and very secure. She wasn't gonna escape, and I really doubted if anyone would ever find, let alone open, the door, unless they knew exactly where to look, and what to expect.

I grabbed my trusty shotgun, and before I drove off, I made a quick reconnaissance around the perimeter of the house, then locked everything up tightly. I checked and rechecked the house door, and the shed too. I was more worried about 'surprise' visitors waiting up on the road.

In true cowboy fashion, I placed my shotgun on the front passenger seat of my car, lol. My shotgun was riding 'shotgun' with me, lol. If there were any suspicious movements, or people, I wasn't gonna ask any questions. I was gonna shoot, and drive the fuck away. FAST. As I got to the roadway, I was disappointed, I do admit. No surprises awaited me, no police cars, no bullhorns blaring. Nothing! I casually turned east, and drove off listening to my favorite music, the night black and silent around me.

The location I had chosen for the drop was about 3 hours away, and I was smart, I knew not to speed. So I took a leisurely drive, keeping about 5 miles above the posted speed limit. I also knew (from the trusted TV), that cops expected you to speed slightly, and it was the slower drivers who attracted more attention.

Not this little black duck, lol. I was smart. Time for some daydreams. * * * * * I just left the two of them dead in the basement room for a week.

I was so pissed and couldn't be bothered. The car also sat in my shed, and yet, finally, I knew I had to move it. And more importantly, I had left my bike out the back of a paddock (well covered though) near the roadhouse I grabbed them from.

I had to get my ass moving. I was being too lazy. When a man has a job to do, he has to get up and get going, yes sir! I loaded their car into my trailer and returned for my bike. That was when I met the old broad. There I was, midnight and driving my truck to get my bike, when who should pop out of the very same all night diner but a very alone women who, I gotta tell you, from a distance looked good, well stacked and a straight backed as she walked.

I watched her for a few minutes and crouched low in my cab, lights off. I had just pulled up at the far end of the parking lot, and was watching for any movement, when I saw her. She seemed to have parked her car close to the road, and was casually walking back to it. A dark Ford was my guess. It was the only car near me. I was mesmerized. It wasn't until much later that I guessed she was as old as she was, but I get ahead of myself, lol.

Anyway, I slid out of my truck quiet as a cat (removing the interior bulb was a good idea, yes?) and I snuck up behind her car, ahead of her. She didn't suspect a thing. It took about three seconds to punch her lights out, and she didn't even scream, lol.

I grabbed her and dragged her back to my truck, opened the passenger door and threw her in. Was I living dangerous, or what, lol? I always kept some tape in the cab, and I quickly wrapped her arms and legs up, and then stuck some over her mouth, making sure her nose was clear.

That would hold her for my next chore, I knew. I slowly walked back to her car, and locked it, making sure that there were no signs of a struggle. Then I walked back into the shadows and watched. I probably waited a good half hour, I was in no hurry. I just waited for anything unusual.

Nothing. Good. I quickly got back into my cab and drove back home. This was gonna be a tricky one, but during the wait, and drive, I had it all worked out. First, I took her down to the basement, but only the real basement, and after making sure she was still breathing, I quickly unloaded momma's car from my trailer (a worry, I gotta tell you.

I was gonna have two cunt's cars here at the same time, and I was shitting), and I then re-hitched the trailer to my car and drove off into the night. I arrived back at the roadhouse around 4 am, and there were no cars around. After driving by twice, I parked about half a mile down the road, on a small dirt road, and carefully walked back to the parking lot.

Still no one was around. My luck was always good, lol! I took my new slut's car keys, tried the door, opened it, got in and casually drove away. In the opposite direction to my truck! Hey, if I was gonna be followed, now was the time to know! No car lights in my rear view mirror, so after 20 odd miles I chanced turning around. Back to my trailer, up and in, all within 30 minutes from driving away in the Ford. Only one more thing, a bit tricky, I knew, but absolutely necessary.

My bike. I crept back, slowly, carefully, and still no one was around. Good. I found my bike, and ever so cautiously raised it up, and not risking attention, pushed it back to my trailer. It took maybe 20 minutes, and by 5 am I was driving home watching ever fucking shadow. I made it home, and in, before dawn and nobody stopped me. What to do with two cars, I wondered? Momma and her brat had to go first, they had been missing a week or more, so I unloaded the Ford, and drove it into my shed, then reloaded momma's car into my trailer.

Then I drove the trailer and truck into the shed until evening. Bodies next. I looked around the place very warily, then entered and went down to the basement three steps at a time. The new slut was moaning, and her eyes were fluttering, so I let her have another upper cut to the jaw, to hold her for the next chore.

She went back down without a whimper. I then opened my special room up, and the stench was bad. It was fucking bad. Gross out time. I vomited everywhere, and panicked anew. Slow down, I told myself, and I finally calmed enough to do the chore needing done. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my mouth. Then I opened the door again, and gingerly took the little kid out and up to the shed.

I then went back and got momma. She was a fucking heavy fat cunt, but I struggled with her, and finally got her up to the shed too. Next, I grabbed the hose, and sprayed the entire room clean. It took me at least half an hour to remove all the blood, but finally the room, although wet, was no longer a slaughter house! The mattress was a worry, but I just gritted my teeth, and dragged it up to the shed too.

A trip to the store was in order; a new mattress, but that chore was for later, that task could wait. For the time being I went up to the guest room and took that mattress down to my room. I had the blood gone, I had a new, clean, dry mattress, what was left?

The smell, fuck! I had no windows down here, and there was no way I was gonna vent out the room in a hurry, what to do? I know, cans of air freshener! I always kept a few extra cans, and truthfully, I was so used to the fetid smells down here, and my sluts didn't matter, so all I had to really do was mask the smells for a few hours.

I ran up to the kitchen, grabbed two cans, and five minutes, a slightly sweaty me, and two empty cans later, the room was as good as new (or as good as I was gonna get it, lol). The bodies. Next item. Two dead, one not yet. I grabbed my new slut, and ripped her clothes off, and then tossed her onto the new mattress. I tied her hands above her head, and her legs, spread-eagled, to the bottom of the bed. Then left her. Next stop, the shed. But I couldn't risk moving those two in the daylight.

Never mind, I thought, as long as they were discreetly hidden, I'd be ok. A further trip to my shed, a bit of moving things here, and there, and rearranging and I was finally happy. Bed, that's what I needed now. My warm, comfy, snug bed. 7 am and I was in bed, a nice soft CD playing quietly, to sooth me, and I was ready for sleep. Am I good, or what? * * * * * I arrived at my planned drop zone, and had a good idea of where I would leave her car. There was a shopping area, just off the highway, with a large area behind the stores, for employee cars, and dumpsters.

I had stumbled across this area a few months ago, while out on one of my many reccies, and knew I could use this some time, so memorized it. Very slowly, and as quietly as possible, I eased my truck and trailer around to the back of the stores, and with the headlights off, sat idling for over 20 minutes. I figured that any patrols would be fairly regular, and I also figured that any nosy neighbors wouldn't wait too long to call the cops about a suspicious truck entering the complex.

20 minutes was enough time to see if any one responded. If anyone did come, I'd drop the gear shift, race out, lights still off, and use the element of surprise to my advantage.

Nope, no one came close, lol. With my trusty gloves firmly on, I jumped out of my cab, and it took all of 60 seconds to drop the tailgate, fix the ramps, get in her car, throw the gear shift into reverse (no need to start the motor, the natural incline of the trailer would deal with it sliding backwards), and let it slip down the ramps.

I left the car sitting in the middle of the parking lot, and it only took another 30 seconds to stow the ramps, lift the tailgate, jump back in my still idling truck, and drive off. 90 seconds from when I jumped out of my cab, to driving off after the deed, and all tasks completed in near silence. Fuck it, let the cops find her car where I left it, I didn't care. In less than ten minutes, I was gonna be long gone, and there was no way they could trace me, if they hadn't actually seen me drop the car.

But remember, I am smart. I knew still more tricks. I got back on the highway, and continued driving east for another 30 minutes, then took a more indirect south route, and circled back to my home via a completely different road, always looking in my mirrors for strange headlights.

* * * * * I loved this life. The adrenaline rushes, the thrill of the chase, the. . hell yes, especially the kill, lol. I never did play with my new slut that first 24 hours, fuck her.

I slept all day, and after rising, showering, and eating (I was famished, hard work does that to me, lol), I decided to get rid of my last two "guests". I decided it was better to avoid any further delays, and just get it over with.


The bodies took about two hours to bury, but I was getting good and quick at that chore, without slacking off either. The car took longer, I drove all night till I found a dark road, and then dropped the car, and scampered off. No delays, no fuss. I was sick of momma, and wanted her gone! I got home at 4 am, slept an hour, ate etc, then decided to visit my new slut.

Was I in for a shock, lol. She was easily 60, if not older, and although her head hair was a flaming red, her cunt was grey and sparsely covered. Her tits too, were a disappointment, I was obviously tired when I undressed her, because I never noticed these things earlier. The reason she looked well stacked was obviously the fucking "push-up" bra she wore.

Her tits were the saggiest I had ever seen! But great fucking dark big nipples, lol. She was awake, and very scared, when I called in on her, naked (as usual), and erect (as usual, lol). Her eyes said it all. I had gone through her wallet (while eating breakfast) and I noticed she was a "miss". Fuck, a spinster? Not another fucking virgin? I took her gag off, and she seemed to hyperventilate on me. I pulled up a chair, then sat back and watched. This might be fun, I thought, but she recovered in a few minutes.

"What is the meaning of this?" she asked indignantly. "What?" I mocked her, lol. "Where are my clothes, young man? Untie me now, and let me up, I say." "What?" I repeated, acting dumb. She looked at me, then sighed. No tears though. She seemed a tough old broad. "You idiot! I said untie me and give me back my clothes. Are you deaf? I will ask the police to go lightly on you if you do this now.

This is your only chance. Do not be a silly man." She then said. "I am not an idiot. No! Maybe sick, yes! Cruel, sure, why not, lol. Demented, definitely, lol. But I am NOT a fucking idiot." I replied, my temper rising. "How dare you even think you can talk to me that way, with those words, and in that threatening tone.

You release me NOW!" she said, equally yelling. I stood, and slapped her left tit. She let out a small yelp, then composed herself, and stared at me. I slapped her other tit, and she didn't flinch.

Definitely either a tough broad, or a damned fine actress, or. . a fool! I was a bit wary, but couldn't hold my sexual urges any longer. I stood close to her face and jerked my cock off. Very quickly my cum flew all over her face, as she shrieked and howled, and some even went into her screaming mouth. I thought she was gonna have a fit, lol. She started coughingand retching and I was wondering if she was gonna puke all over my new mattress. She didn't, damn. "That was disgusting." Was all she said, before fixing me with her stare again.

I had had enough, and I grabbed for her sparsely haired cunt.

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She screamed anew, and I tried to ram a finger up her fuck hole, but she was dry. I pushed and pushed and still no pussy juice. What? "You're a fucking cunt," I said offensively, trying to anger her. "Are you trying to disgust me by using those detestable words?" She haughtily asked. "I will not tolerate this invasion by you. I am proud to say that no man, or women, has ever intruded on me, and none will.

Remove your hand NOW!" She screamed again. . * * * * * I didn't get home till sunrise, fully awake, and doubly cautious, looking for anything out of the ordinary, as I drove towards my place.

Nothing, lol. Not one thing out of place. I drove up my driveway, still careful, but still no signs of disturbance. I drove the truck and trailer into the shed, partly covered it with a tarp, and locked the shed. Carrying my shotgun, I made a quick reconnaissance around the perimeter of the house, then let myself in. No disturbances. No signs of entry. Nothing out of place. Good. I had stopped for a bite to eat an hour after dropping off the slut's car, to further confuse anyone following me, and with all of the excitement of the past evening, I now started feeling tired all of a sudden, and decided to just go straight to bed.

The slut could wait, she wasn't going anywhere soon, lol. Bed felt great, and I was asleep in seconds. * * * * * Was it just me, or did ever sick fuck, who preyed on dumb cunts, go through the same trials and tribulations? Or was it just my dumb luck to pick up the freaks? This woman was not playing by the rules. MY RULES!

Fuck, I was getting angry, and bored all in one thought. I took my again-stiff cock, and rammed it against her mouth. She kept her lips closed tightly, and I was getting really pissed.

I pushed again at her mouth, and she still bucked at my tries. Fuck it, I thought, and I punched her in the belly. That did it. She opened up her mouth in a scream, and I rammed my cock deep into her throat.

"Lady cunt," I said with venom, "Don't even think of clamping down with your teeth. One, you'll lose all of your teeth, and two, I will hurt you in so many ways you'll wish for death yesterday. Am I fucking clear?" She nodded, and I started to fuck her mouth, when I felt her teeth close, but.

. what the fuck???? Her teeth fell out. Her fucking false teeth popped right out. I laughed and laughed and laughed till I cried. The dumb old cunt had false teeth, both top and bottom, and while trying to hurt me, I had actually dislodged them.

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. . oh fucking hell, lol. I tore those fucking falsies out, and threw them against the wall. They cracked and bust all over the fucking place, lol. Fuck you. That seemed to stop her attempts to resist me, and finally she started to cry. . * * * * * I awoke around one in the afternoon, rested, and horny as hell. My cock was straining for some cunt, and I knew just where to go. Oh I do love my play room.

I got out of bed and looked at my stiff cock in the mirror, all 8 inches of thick muscle. I laughed and stroked it a few times thinking good thoughts about what was waiting below.

Here we go, I said to myself, and went down the stairs. I did have a good idea digging out this room, I said to myself, and it was on days like this, that I knew how good I was. I thought about taking my belt in with me, but decided I wouldn't need it. The little slut would be frozen from the cold water, out of her mind after the long darkness, and hungry and thirsty.

Just the way I liked sluts to be. * * * * * After that she was putty in my hands. Anything I wanted to do, I did.

She offered no more complaining, and I expected none. She was a fucking virgin. Not for religious, ore even other reasons.

No one had wanted to get into her cunt it seems, and she had just given up hoping, lol. She stayed with me for a week, and I came close to growing fond of her, but she was as old as my mother and try as much as I wanted to, I couldn't shake that annoying feeling. Oh she was good, yes. Dry though, and she took lots of lubing to get wet, but she also cried like a fucking banshee when I fucked her, and she did grow to love the taste of cock seed. Her ass was never a easy target, her own old-fashioned ideals, mixed with a bad case of hemorrhoids didn't really make me much interested either, lol.

But her mouth, hands and cunt were really getting into the rhythm. And she did get into the mood, using all my special words. This little slut let her hair down literally, and was soon begging for my cock, lol. Why she had to up and die on me is any ones guess, fuck it. I mean it wasn't like I hurt her (much) or anything. Just one morning, she was gone.

Eyes open, glazed stare to the ceiling, and cold as ice. * * * * * I reached for the light switch, flicked it on, and just as I reached for the door lock, I heard the phone ring from upstairs. Fuck, I knew I should have put a line extension down here. Fuck, and double fuck. Should I answer it? What if it was important? Nah, later, I thought, but still it rang.

I wanted this cunt NOW, why should I bother answering the fucking phone? I decided to ignore it, and after I listened to it ring a few more times, I turned the lock, and pushed the door open, ignoring the phone. She was just as I left her, blinking hard at the glare of the light.

(Yup, it was another good idea of mine to put a high watt bulb in this room, it blinded them every time, lol.) Her tits were looking very inviting, and the little pegs were really biting into her nipples, I saw little drops of blood, lol. Oh I was going to have me some good fun today. HeHeHeHe. "Hello cunt," I said happily, "Sleep well? Wanna play with me?" She blinked a few times, and looked straight at me, but said nothing.

I laughed and went to her legs. I slapped her legs once or twice, and then climbed onto the bed between her legs. Man, her cunt was well and truly hairy, and I was really happy about that. Most whores these days either trim, or shave, yuk.

I have always liked a wet hairy cunt to play with. Ah yes, I noticed the dildo was still pointing at her hole as I had left it last night. Maybe I should start playing with that, to get her nice and wet for me. But I remembered that this whore liked it rough. Well I knew enough now, to give her what she wanted, and I plunged my cock into her cunt without any further delay.

Damn, she was tight, no wetness there yet. Fuck, I thought she liked it rough? Was she lying to me? My cock was beginning to hurt so I pulled out and lowered my head to her cunt instead. I spat at her cunt, then started nibbling and biting her cunt lips. Ah that was better. She started to get wet almost immediately, and I pushed two fingers into her hairy hole. Mmmm. Nice. She tasted great, and I decided to take a small detour here for a few minutes.

I wanted to taste her juices. I was really getting into this and felt myself ready to cum, when all of a sudden I felt a burning, sharp pain in my shoulder. Fuck, what was that?

Then I felt a second pain. Then a third. Fuck, what was happening. Then she pushed me off her. What? How? I landed on my back onto the rough dirt floor, and lay there confused. I was totally puzzled.

How could she push me off her, she was all tied up? And what was the pain I kept feeling? I started to rise up, and I collapsed back in total pain, when all of a sudden she let out a mind-searing scream, and landed right on top of me, knocking the wind completely out of me.

Then I saw. I fucking saw. . she had the fucking knife! It was covered in blood, and she was still swinging it. I felt more pain, and still more, then I felt no more. * * * * * I couldn't help but think of that first little sweet girl I ever confessed my love to. I was 19 and she was probably a year younger than me, but oh so lovely. Long dark hair, and an ok body. I met her at a school dance, and I knew immediately she liked me, even though she acted a bit stand-offish.

I followed her around all night, asking her to dance with me often. She refused several times, but I knew she was only playing hard to get, then at the last song of the night played, she finally danced with me, and I knew immediately I was in love. Her eyes were very pretty, and she smiled at me as we danced.

Her body was only ok though, her ass was good, yes, but she had very little in the upstairs department, but I didn't mind. I was in love and just wanted to hold her forever. When the dance over, I wanted to stay with her, but she said she had to get going. I asked her for her number, but she said she didn't have one, sorry, which I thought was ok, not a lot of folks had phones back then, then I asked her for her address, and she hesitated, then gave me an address in the west side of town.

I finally got up the courage to ask if I could drive her home, but she apologized, saying her mom was gonna pick her up, maybe next time. Yes, my love, I thought, why not, and I left happy. I was just sitting in my car, lighting up a smoke, when I saw her come out. I was getting ready to call out her name. . Janine. . when I noticed she was walking with a guy, and they were laughing, and holding hands.

What the. . ? Then he took her to his car, and they drove off. I don't know why, not jealousy, it couldn't have been, but I decided to follow them. I had told her all about me, and my family, and I thought she was interested. What girl wouldn't be. I even told her about my inheritance, and she seemed to smile more at that, I was really confused though, and thought by following her home, I could get a chance to explain how much I really loved her.

Maybe it was just a mix up? They drove off slowly, seeming in no hurry, and I wisely stayed well back. It was night, so following tail lights wasn't hard. They drove for about twenty minutes then turned off onto the road to the local lovers hang out? I cautiously followed, never getting close, and I saw them park the car at the edge of the parking lot where all the kids hung out. I knew all about this place, having hung around up here a few times, slyly looking into the different cars, watching what went on.

No, I had never had a gal up here, but I was hoping my love, Janine, would let me take her here soon though. I crept out of my car, and carefully moved close to the car they were in. I was very cautious, and I made no noise. I managed to look in the rear door window, and I was shocked. Janine, and this guy were nearly naked. She had her top off, and her small breasts were out of her bra, and he had his pants around his knees. She had his "thing" in her hand. . and he was erect.

As I silently watched, she started jerking his. . dick, and he lay back letting her. Then she took his dick in her mouth! I ran back to my car, refusing to watch anymore, totally hurting, and confused! She was not like that, no! Not my girl? After about an hour I saw them start up and drive back down the way they had come. I waited till I knew they were well away, then crept out of my parking spot to resume following them.

I found them easy enough, and took up my rear place again. The address she had given me was on the west side of town, and I was surprised when they kept going east! I had just assumed she was being driven home, but why east? Were they going to stop somewhere else? Almost immediately the car stopped, and as she opened the door, I could see her kissing the guy, then she ran up a driveway, and into a house, without looking back.

Now I was really confused. She seemed to have a key to the front door, I never saw her knock, or wait. She just opened the door? What was going on here? I sat outside that house all night, sleeping a little, cramping a lot, but I needed some answers before I was gonna go home. My fiancé had lied to me, and I was getting angrier by the minute.

She had even dated another guy after telling me how much she loved me, and she had then done. . some 'dirty' sex things too him too! I had a terrible headache, and I knew my temper was getting hard to control, when I saw her come out the same door the next morning. She had changed her clothes though, wearing what seemed like a school uniform, and now had tied her hair back. She was carrying what seemed like some school-type books, and was laughing and smiling as she started walking up the road.

What was I gonna do? The woman I had committed my life too, seemed to be lying to me? Was this her real house? If so, what was at the address she gave me? If it wasn't her real house was she only here to have more 'dirty' sex with strangers? Was she that much of a loose woman? I decided to check out the other address she gave me, knowing I could come back here anytime.

I was good at remembering addresses, and now that I had seen this house, I knew I could find my way back here anytime. It took me about 45 minutes to drive across town to the west side, and then another ten minutes to locate the address she gave me. What the. . ? It was a. . I couldn't believe my eyes. The address she gave me, which I definitely remembered, was a cemetery!

No mistake. I drove all around the block several times, and checked EVERY number on every mail box. This was definitely the right place! She had lied to me, after telling me she would marry me, and we would live together forever, she had lied. Why? Was she a tease, or a flirt, or maybe a loose woman? What had I done to deserve this? My family were well known in town, and thought of highly, and it wasn't as if I wasn't known either. I had even been in the newspapers a few times. She was being really nasty and cruel playing her tricks on me.

. * * * * * I don't know how long I was out of it, but I know that when I awoke I was lying on the wet bed, and I know I was tied hand and foot, as I had tied her. Had she tied me? Who lifted me? Was this how the police were gonna deal with me? Not enough evidence, so torture me? I admit it, when I awoke I panicked, and try as I might, I couldn't stop the tears, and fears. This was not what I had planned, and I was stunned and confused. I looked around me.

She was standing there, dressed in my favorite t-shirt. Maybe if I apologized to her she might let me go? "I'm sorry if I hurt you lady. I won't do it anymore, honest." I said as sweetly as I could, hoping she might feel some guilt. Christ, my whole body hurt. What did she do to me? If I could just get her off guard, then maybe I could really hurt her. She slapped my face. The fucking cow actually slapped my face.

Fuck her, she was dead meat as soon as I got a chance. I roared every bad word I knew at her. "Listen up, fucker," she said, "I couldn't care less how. . Peter feels. I feel violated, and I won't take any more shit from you. Got it?" and she slapped me again. I wanted to hurt her so much, and I started screaming at her.

I wasn't about to let her know she had me in a bind, no sir, I was gonna stay in total control of this little slut. "Where's the phone?" she then asked me. Ha, let her look. There was no way she was ever gonna find it. I was always smart, and I always prided myself for the brilliant idea I had for hiding the phone, in case this very event occurred.

No one would ever find the phone, unless I told them, and I knew how to stay quiet, forever! I could take any bullshit she cared to dish out. Whoever heard of any woman having the guts to be really violent? This one would soon know how stupid her efforts where soon enough, and be begging me, in no time flat. I was stronger than any dumb cunt!

Her fist flew out and hit me, straight on the jaw, and I had no choice but to turn my head. Not from the pain, but because of the strength of her punch. "I won't ask again, you little turd. Tell me now where I can find the phone, or I'll really hurt you." Fuck her, lol. She stood there looking stupidly at me, waiting. Well let her wait. I had all day. "Where have you hidden the phone. I know you have one, I heard it, and you will tell me. Or I will hurt you very badly." Who was she fooling.

I wanted to spit in her face, but decided to just lie there, and be patient. "Fuck you!" I silently thought to myself. She was feisty alright, lol. She looked at my cock, and spat on me. I showed her no fear though, but I knew she was gonna die a slow and torturous death, the minute I released myself. Her eyes never left my beautiful cock, and I knew she wanted it, lol. Typical, stupid, dumb whore, always thinking with her cunt, lol.

"I told you I would hurt you. I gave you your chance, shitter, which is better than you gave me. Too late now. Prepare to feel pain, fuckwit!" she then said slowly.

Was she trying to frighten me, lol? Let her try. Then she turned around, bent over, and seemed to pick something up from the floor. What the. . ? Fucking hell, the dumb cunt had found my special clothes pegs, and had clamped them on my tits.

Ouch! But I wasn't about to let her know she hurt me. I was stronger than she was, anyway, so I gritted my teeth, and smiled at her. "Don't bother speaking, asshole, I'm not gonna listen to anything you say," she then said. "I'm gonna be too busy hurting you to listen now. You had your chance," and she spat on me again, on my face. The shitty little tramp, I thought.

Prepare to die, you cunt! Then she slapped me on the cock. Fucking hell, that hurt. Oh shit, that more than hurt. "Are you having fun yet, shit-for-brains?" she asked, with a sadistic look in her eye. Yowww. This time she punched me in the balls. It hurt, it fucking hurt, and she knew it hurt. And then she punched me again. Now that wasn't fair. Rules, cunt, play by the rules. She wasn't playing by the rules any more. She punched me again, and I know I cried out in pain.

What real man wouldn't? The little bitch was definitely gonna get hurt soon. Then she must have hit me 4 or 5 more times, direct hits to my balls. No man can stand that, and I think I fainted. I know I felt her throw some water on me, and I know she was laughing loudly, when I seemed to revive.

What the fuck had I ever done to her to deserve this torture, I ask you? As I saw her raise her hand to strike me again, I decided enough was enough, and I signaled her, firmly, with my eyes. STOP, my eyes said.

She got the message, and dropped her hand. Good. Enough was enough. It was now times for me to take control again, She had had her little game, but her fun was now over. I was back in charge! But obviously she didn't heed my message to her, or was just plain dumb, because she then yanked on those tittie clamps she had put on me. Son of a bitch, that fucking hurt, I can tell you. I was certainly getting more than mad at her now.

Then she left the room. Good riddance to her. I would just lie here for a while, rest, then make my move. When, or if, she was stupid enough to return, I would be waiting for her, like she ambushed me. Fuck her. What's this? I thought as she came back immediately, wielding the knife menacingly close to me. "Last chance, asshole. No more warnings. No answer, you lose your cock!" Bullshit! This slut didn't have the balls (lol) to do that to me, or anyone.

Fuck you, I thought. She looked me over, obviously wanting me, and her eyes zeroed in on my cock. Then she started stroking me. See, stupid whore, she couldn't resist me, lol. Oh boy, she was good, I'd give her that. She was giving my cock a good work out, and I was definitely feeling hot and horny. Soon baby, I thought, keep that up, and I'll shoot my man seed very fucking soon, lol.

She was jerking my cock so nicely, and then she spat onto my knob. Oh, sweet lady, blow me now, I thought, lol. Yes mama, suck my cock. Her fingers felt good, and my cock was up and running.

FUCK. OH MY GOD. The cunt sliced into my cock. Oh god no. The fucking slut cunt actually used the knife on my cock. I was gonna kill her, fucking hell, my cock was hurting. Then she sliced again. SWEET JESUS CHRIST, oh fuck, oh no. She was serious. Fucking hell, I was gonna lose my cock. This cunt was gonna die, but I wanted my cock.

I had to tell her, I had to. " Laundry, you cunt. Look in the laundry, you fucking slut cunt. Behind the clothes hamper, you whore cunt." I remember yelling, before I think passed out. * * * * * I decided I would drive back to her house and have a good talking to her. If she thought I was gonna marry her now, she had a few things to learn. If I was gonna take her back now, I had a few questions I needed answered. All this time we had known each other, she had lied to me!

I had given her everything, and this was her way of repaying my generosity? I got back to that other house around noon, and rang the door bell. No answer. Was she pretending not to be home? I walked round the house, and found a back door. I knocked again, and still she pretending to be away. I then looked at the back of the house, and all the windows appeared shut tight. I tried the door knob, and the door stayed shut tight.

She was purposely pretending to ignore me, her lover. My temper was getting really out of control and I needed to calm down, I knew that, before we talked. All the time we had been dating and planning our future together she was living a secret lecherous life! I looked closely at the back door, and saw that it was made up of many small panes of glass. I took a chance, and using my elbow, smashed in the pane nearest the door latch.

Then I cleared away all of the broken glass, and undid the door. No dogs. No alarms. I gently opened the door, and then I was inside this seedy house of ill-repute. Was it a brothel? Yes, that was it. Did she come here at night to entertain her clients? Was she some drugged out prostitute who was a nymphomaniac? I quickly looked around the lower floor of the house.

A living room, normal? A dining room, still normal, even a formal sitting room? The kitchen looked normal too (but to be careful I grabbed a bread knife, for protection), as did the laundry and closets? Was this an attempt by the brothel owner to confuse the police, if they ever came. Give out the appearance of a "normal" house. I bet all the rooms upstairs were where the bad stuff happened?

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What about the basement, probably set up to resemble a harem? Yes, that was it. I found the stairs to the basement and went down. I was disappointed. The basement wasn't even finished. A few cardboard boxes, an old Christmas tree, and lots of dust and cobwebs. It had to be the upstairs bedrooms. It just had to be. My love was a fully fledged whore, and I knew it, I just did. I felt a lump in my throat.

I didn't want to prove it, yet I couldn't not find out either. I slowly climbed the stairs to the second floor, and was so saddened by my revelations, but knew I had to continue.

I needed to know the truth. The first room I looked in was a bedroom, yes, but obviously done up like a little boys room. A racing car bed, sports posters on the walls, and little kiddie shoes and clothes strewn all over the floor. Were they into kiddie kinks too? The second room was also a bedroom, but had a huge bed in it. A room for group sex, I thought, and I quickly checked it out. The clothes in the closets and drawers didn't appear to kinky though, and the bathroom was plain and boring.

These people were good, I though. Hiding behind the pretence of a normal house! The next room I checked out was empty and seemed not to be lived in.

The bed wasn't even made, just a bedspread over a mattress? Is this where they kept my sweet love as they tortured her into becoming their private slut? What was going on here. Were they only using my love for their warped fun? Was she, alone, the only one being put to work for the decadent earnings of this corrupt family? I had two more rooms to check out, and I knew I would find the answers there. The first appeared a normal bathroom, hair stuff, and makeup all over the counter.

The shower was normal looking too. The last room I checked out was hers. I knew it was. There were girly things everywhere. I knew it. She had little skimpy night clothes lying over her bed head, and there was more makeup and stuff lying on her dresser.

This was the room. This was the 'serious stuff' room. This was where they made her do her naughty things. Then I heard the front door open. . * * * * * When I awoke, I was in serious pain. My whole groin felt wet and sticky, there was blood everywhere. I was hurting big time, but she had left me. Good riddance, I thought. Let her go.

As long as my cock was still working, I could plan my revenge. Fuck her. * * * * * I hurried into her closet, not knowing what sinful things I would find, but determined to wait until she got home, so we could get this sorted out.

I heard footsteps on the stairs, and held my breath. Then the door to the very room I was hiding in opened. Was it the slut returning? Should I jump out and confront her, or wait and listen until she let something slip, or I maybe could catch her with one of her 'clients'?

The decision was made for me. She opened the closet door, and saw me. She screamed! I rushed out and grabbed her, and put my hand over her mouth to make her stop screaming.

My heart was racing, and I desperately needed to talk to her. I knew she had to be calm before I could, and if she was screaming, I wouldn't get any sense out of her. I slapped her a few times and she went quiet, sobbing, but no longer screaming. I grabbed a cord from a dressing gown and tied her hands up, then I grabbed a belt and tied up her feet.

When I had her tied up tight, I looked for a gag and found a pair of soiled knickers and thrust them into her mouth, and used another belt to hold them in place. When I was sure she couldn't move, I threw her on the bed. Her eyes were glazed and huge. She seemed terrified. I was confused. I ran out of her room and listened carefully. No other noises seemed to come from the house, and I relaxed a bit. I went back to her room, and sat beside her on the bed.

"Janine, my love. I love you, and want so much to marry you. If I take the gag out of your mouth can we talk please?" I asked her gently. She looked at me with horror in her eyes, and I asked her again, this time grabbing her mouth to make sure she was looking at me. Still no answer. Damn, why wouldn't she answer me? "I love you, but you have lied to me, and hurt me with your whorish ways.

I need you to tell me you will change. I cannot marry a slut." She looked straight at me and seemed in a trance. What could I do? "Dear Janine, please my love. Don't be afraid. I am going to remove the gag to let you tell me your sad tale. Ok?" I said and then removed her gag. She let out another high pitched scream and I hit her in the belly. I admit it. I had to stop her screams. It seemed to work. She wheezed and coughed, but stayed silent. Then she spoke.

"You sick fuck, how dare you break into my home?" I admit I was confused. This was not the address she gave me. "Wh-a-a-t?" I stammered, still confused.

"I live here, you asshole. What are you doing here?" "You live here? I thought this was a brothel that you only worked in, Janine. You are confusing me." My name isn't Janine, you fuckwit. Get the fuck out of my house before my folks get home." "N-o-t Ja-a-n-ine? I. . don't. . understand. You told me you. . uh . you told me.

. you. . told me you loved me last night." "You pathetic fool, I was pulling your leg last night when I told you that name, and I never, ever told you I even liked you, let alone that I loved you. You idiot. I knew who you were alright, and I even knew your reputation, I read the papers.

I saw you were arrested again. . yes, idiot, I knew who you were, and you pestered me all night. I finally felt sorry for you and danced with you. . once, dumbo." "What?" "Don't you listen fuckwad? You're the dumb sicko who steals ladies underwear, and your even dumber, cus you're dumb enough to get caught.

You were in all the newspapers, asshole. Of course I knew who you were, we all did." "What?" "Fucking hell, asswipe. Are you really that dumb. Aren't you listening to me?" She glared at me. "Y-e-s. I. . am listening. Why. . why are you being so. . nasty, my love?" "Jesus shit! You're as fucking dumb as all the guys say you are. You're probably a raving fag as well, huh? Wouldn't even know what to do with a hot-blooded girl, would you?" I knew my temper was boiling over now.

How dare she speak to me that way, and how dare she use those vile words? I had to shut her up, now! I took the bread knife out of my coat and placed it beside her on the bed. At that her eyes seemed to bulge out of her head. "Honey," I said, "This must all be a big misunderstanding.

You were ready to marry me last night, why the change of heart now?" "You fool," she laughed, despite her fear, "We all took a bet who would dance with you, and I LOST, you got that, I fucking lost, asshole. I only danced with you as a joke. Grow the fuck up, sicko." At that I saw blinding light, and couldn't help myself. I swear I couldn't. I ripped and tore, and finally got her totally undressed. She was lying naked, and she didn't even try to cover her nakedness, like the slut I knew she was.

Nor did she even bother to scream out. She had a great thick mass of hair between her legs, and I had never seen that before (yes, ok, I had never seen a naked lady at all, ok). And although her breasts were still small, she had dark and large nipples. I roughly pushed my hand between her legs and she smiled at me. "Yes, I knew you'd go to my pussy eventually. They were all right, lol. You're nothing but a sicko.

I bet you'll try and fuck me now, huh? Good luck, I'll fight to my death before your toxic dick ever enters me." And then she spat in my face.

That was it. It was too much. Why, I would never have dreamed of ever trying to invade her sexually. How dare she even doubt me? My temper finally broke, and I try as much as I can, I really can't remember what exactly happened next. When the police found me I was unconscious. Oh, and I was naked, and I had her blood on my. . on my. . thing!

The police found me lying beside her. Blood covered the bed, and she was lying with her back to the door. I only know that cus I have seen the photos. They said I raped her, and they said I did much more, bad more.

I really can't argue with them, cus I don't remember, honest. Somehow she managed to knock me out, or maybe someone else did? She didn't die though, damn. * * * * * But then she returned. She said nothing, and didn't even look at me. She walked in to the room, and went straight to the bottom of the bed. What now, I thought? Then, and I will never forget this, NEVER! Then she took the knife, looked once at me, then she. . The cunt sliced my cock off.

I cannot describe the pain. I cannot describe the copious blood, that spewed up from my groin. I didn't faint. I didn't even scream, that I can recall. I just looked on in total disbelief!

I could not then, and a part of me still cannot now, believe that she actually took the knife and cut my FUCKING COCK OFF. Then the slut, whore, cunt walked up to me, and threw my cock at my face, laughing like a maniac. She then turned and walked out.

* * * * * I do know the police told me her nipples were missing though, lol! * * * * * Yes, my cock got sewn back on, as if you cunts care, lol. Thank fucking god, I gotta admit, but it seems to work different, with a kink in it, and a huge fucking scar, and I am angry pissed at her for that, yes sir.

What am I, what the fuck am I, huh? Let me tell you, now as infamous as that fucker John fucking Wayne Bobbit? Fuck her! I also have another reason, too. Remember, I know her fucking name and address (I remembered them from her license), and I wanted to tell his clearly as it happened, so I can fully remember that cunt, and all the shit she caused me.

Why else do you think you cunts are getting this whole fucking story, huh? At least while I clearly remember all this shit, I can plan, plan to soon. . very fucking soon, arrange for a surprise visit to that cunt, oh yes. Fuck you. Hahahaha. And I ain't fucking worried if you pricks let her know. Fuck you! Go on, tell her, I fucking dare you, I fucking do. Let her shit her pants for the next twenty fucking years, you cunts, let her, lol.

serves her fucking right. Hey fellas, let me tell you a little secret, huh? Who fucking cares if you watch over me 24/7. I dare you, lol. I know I can't get out of jail to do it, but I have money, lot's of money, which is more than I can say for you, lol, and she doesn't know my rage.

She doesn't even begin to know my fucking rage. Revenge is always better served cold, frigidly cold, hahahahahahahahahaha. * * * * * Ah. . Janine, why did you fucking lie to me, all those years ago? You asked for it, yes you did!

* * * * * Money is everything, money buys anything! * * * * * Mrs. Laura Carter of 1125 Greenbelt Drive in the town of Richmond was gonna be getting a visitor real soon.

. .