Brunette squirting all over big black monster cock

Brunette squirting all over big black monster cock
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By the middle of July, when summer term was ready to start, I had just about exhausted my search for any trace of Bobbi. Pam hadn't heard from her, Molly didn't have a clue as to where she had disappeared to. She didn't even attend her own graduation.

It was almost like she had fallen off the face of the earth. My last hope was to find out what law firm Mr. Anderson had worked for and to try to find out, through them, any information as to the whereabouts of Mr.

Anderson and Bobbi. I called the office and spoke with a lady, a secretary I guess, stating that I was an old client of Mr. Anderson's and I needed to get in touch with him concerning some legal advice. I was told that Mr. Anderson no longer worked for the firm and asked if I would like to speak with another attorney who was handling all of Mr. Anderson's clients. I acted surprised and told her that I was a personal friend of his, that I needed to get in touch with him and would appreciate knowing where Bob had "hung out his shingle".

She must have felt comfortable with the familiarity that I displayed with Mr. Anderson and confided in me that he had moved his family out to Denver, Colorado last month but she didn't know where he had gained employment. I thanked her for that information and hung up rather abruptly.

He had moved to Denver, I guess my search had come to an end. I moped around for the first few weeks into the summer term. My grades were suffering, I wasn't taking care of myself and I was generally going downhill, until one day when I awoke, feeling sorry for myself, I finally said, "Enough of this, she gone!

We had a great time, but it wasn't meant to be! It's time to move on!" With that, I changed my entire outlook on life. A spring came back to my step and I actually started smiling at people. One thing that I noticed immediately with my improved attitude was I started noticing my surroundings once again and that included some of the people that I was attending class with, one person in particular, a great looking girl in my Stats class.

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She looked to be older, not old, but definitely not an underclassman. I would guess she was a senior, maybe a grad student, back to take a Stats course. As I was wondering to myself how to peg her into a classification one day in class, she noticed me starring at her.

She smiled my direction, got up and moved her stuff into the desk beside me. I was started, dumbfounded and embarrassed all rolled up in one, as she sat beside me, extended her hand to me and said, "Sorry to break into your dream world, but I thought that if I was the attraction of your little dream then I might as well get to know you.

Hi, my name is Jesse. You are?" "Uh," I stammered, "Hi Jesse, my name is Ben, Ben Morgan. And I wasn't dreaming anything but that you look out of place here. No, I didn't mean "Out of place here in to classroom", out of place here on campus.

I mean…Can I start over?" She was looking at me with this contended little smile on her face, like she was enjoying the fact that she got me flustered. "I'm Ben.


Nice to meet you Jesse," I finally said, shaking her hand. "I haven't seen you around campus before. Are you new here, a transfer student or grad student?" As the professor walked into the room and assumed his position at the front chalkboard, she replied, "Yes," and gave me another sly little smile, turning her attention to the professor The bell sounded, indicating the class had ended for the day (what are the odds of that happening?) and we all were gathering up our books, when Jesse finally blurted out "Grad, I'm a Grad student, here to take this class and Advanced Calculus.

I'm working on my Masters of Education. I'm a high school Math teacher; well I'm trying to be anyway. This is my second year coming up and I felt like I needed some advanced class work to see me through the trial contract period. You know, "Show them that you care, and all that shit. Opps," she said, suddenly placing her hand over her mouth, "Sorry about that." "Sorry about saying "Shit?" I think I've heard it before. Yes, I actually have even said it before. Can you believe that?" "You have?

Well, after you got so flustered at my introduction, I was beginning to wonder," she said with that devilish little twinkle coming out in her smile. "Do you want to go for a Coke or something?" I asked. "I was hoping for something a little stronger than a Coke," she answered in a whimsical tone.

"But it's only 3 in the afternoon," I said mockingly. "That means it's after 6 o'clock somewhere and it's time for a cool one," she replied. "Well, I've got plenty of beer back at my apartment if you're willing," I suggested. "I thought you'd never ask," she said, grabbing my arm. "Which way?" and we started walking back to my apartment.

During the summer term, Paul and Mike were not attending college; it was only me securing the rent for next year. I actually liked the solitude of living on my own, with no one there to distract you.

I always got my best grades attending summer school. It was my theory that it was for that very reason, no distractions that led to those grades. Not as if I had any real problems with college. I was a 3.85 student, majoring in Business Management with an emphasis on Hospitality and Entertainment. I had received a full ride as a freshman when I told my counselor my intentions to graduate in three years. He told me to take my time and enjoy this opportunity of college life. I told him three years was enough time and I wanted to experience what was on the other side of my educational time.

So, in four more terms, after this summer, I'll be out and ready for the next phase of my life. We chatted about her teaching position over at the neighboring town. How she had accepted the contract after graduating from Saint Mary's University the year before. She rented an apartment near campus and she had noticed me the first day of class, but it seemed that I had other things on my mind.

In fact, today was the first time that she ever noticed me looking around at any of the other students. I explained that I had something on my mind, but now that it was resolved, I could join the rest of the world again.

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"Sounds like girl problems," was her remark. "Something like that," was all I would reply, as I put the key in the lock and opened the door. "Welcome to my little corner of the world," I said, gesturing for her to come in and sit down. "Want that beer?" I inquired, heading for the frig. "Does a bear shit in the woods?" she asked in reply.

I smiled to myself at her freedom of speech, her attitude and her daring. As I handed her her beer, I stated in my most scholarly voice, "I do not know, I have never seen one shit it the woods.

But, obviously, a bear, like any animal, must defecate somewhere. What would you state the odds of a bear actually shitting in the woods, versus, say a meadow or clearing?" I raised my bottle to hers and, with a clink I said, "To bear shit, where it may falls." "To bear shit!" she repeated the toast. We consumed a lot of beer that afternoon. So much, in fact, I had to make an intoxicated run down to the local grocery store to replenish our supply for the evening.

We were getting along famously, by this time. We were both so drunk, we had problems even standing. Once when she had to pee, she asked me to go along and support her as she entered the bathroom. I got her in the room, turned her to sit, but she had problems getting her pants down around her hips. She asked me for assistance, so I obliged by unbuttoning the front button, unzipping pants and pulling them down around her ankles.

All she said was, "Thanks. I think I can make it from here." "Oky doky," I mumbled back to her and left her to her duties. But I forgot to close the door, so as I turned around after leaving the room, she was standing there, pulling her panties down to join her pants.

She glanced up in time to see me staring at her naked, hair covered crotch. All I could say was, "I forgot to close the door," and make a grab for it.

She burst out laughing and mumbled, "Well, if you want to see me naked, you'll have to wait until I empty my bladder," and proceeded to sit down on the pot. I closed the door, stumbled back out to the couch and fell down in a drunken stupor. "Did I just see Jesse's bare crotch?" I thought. "My gosh, and she was laughing. She's not bad looking you know.

In fact she darn right pretty. She's kind of tall, maybe 5' 9", but she's rather slender. Gosh she can't weigh more than 110 or 115. She got a nice rack on her, well all that I've seen of it, anyway and well, that pussy of hers, that looked inviting" Just then, the bathroom door opened and out pranced Jesse, wearing only her birthday suit and a grin.

"My God, she was completely naked" I thought. "Yes, she's got a nice rack, definitely." She walked over in front of me-the term walked is not to be taken liberally-and stood there grinning.

"Well, do you like what you see?" she asked. "Yeah," I managed to say. She proceeded to climb up on the couch, straddling me with both of her feet on either side of my thighs. She was standing up, inching closer and closer to my face. Without saying a word, she opened her legs to me by spreading her knees around my shoulders and crouching down a little. Her crotch was a tongue length's away, so I did what came naturally. "O God, Ben, I want you to lick me," she commanded. "I want you to drive your tongue up my slit and suck on my clit.

O yes, Ben, that feels so good. Right there!" As my lips and tongue started massaging her clitoris, my fingers joined into the fray by finding her vaginal opening and inserting themselves, one at a time, until I had three fingers gliding in and out of her cavity.

She started grinding her hips into my mouth as I continued pumping my fingers up her vagina. In and out, faster and faster, my rhythm grew in speed and intensity. "O God, Ben, yes right there, yes, you're bringing me there! O yes, Ben, I'm just about there. Harder! Suck on my clit HARDER! YES, O YES I'M CUMMINGGGG!!" she shrieked as she pounded her hips into my face. Jamming and grinding her crotch into my sucking mouth, I could taste the sweet nectar of her juices flowing freely around my open mouth and then she tensed, waited a second and literally jumped from the couch where she was standing to a kneeling position between my legs.

She was a mad woman, clawing at my pants. First the belt, then the zipper and then the button came under her assault.

With one swift, yet remarkably strong tug, she had my pants and boxers off of me and gathered at my ankles. With random passion she dove down upon my erect member, standing there at attention.

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With her lips wide open, she impaled her mouth with it, taking it down as far as anybody has ever taken it. The sensation was unbelievable. As a breath inhaled past my still damp lips, a shudder surged through my body and ended up directly in Jesse's experienced mouth.


As I twitched and jerked from the sensational bow job she was giving me, I could feel the sudden urge starting to build. I knew it was only a matter of time. I suddenly pushed her back, guided her to the floor and dove down on top of her, directly between her wide open knees.

Coming to rest at the opportune location, I directed it into her opening and drove it home with all my might. She gasped, then sighed and then proceeded to give me a ride I'll never forget. She was like a wild, untamed horse, rearing, bucking, gyrating herself and me into a frenzy. One second her hips were flat on the floor, the next, they were a foot in the air. I was there, on top of her, frantically trying to keep rhythm with her, trying to bring myself to orgasm, as was she.

I must have bounced high, because when we both came crashing back down, I impaled her to the hilt. She let out an earth shaking cry of release, wrapped her legs around my hips and dug her heels into my butt, pulling me deeper into her.

I suddenly released my own juices into her depths and I could feel it splash off of her cervix onto the walls of her confines. One jet, two, three, I held my breath as I shot stream after stream into her. We both had stopped breathing, trying to force the last of this orgasm out of each other. Four jets, five, and then my explosion started to wane. As I started to breathe again, Jesse was making little cooing noises in my ear. Nibbling at the lope tenderly, she sighed and then passed out. I was drunk, we were both drunk, but this had been absolutely the most fantastic sexual experience I had ever had.

That was the last thing on my mind before I joined Jesse in a drunken slumber. Sometime during the night, we somehow managed to get into bed. I don't know how because I don't remember a thing after I collapsed onto her. But at around a quarter to 9 the next morning, I awoke with four problems. First, there was something or someone using my chest for a pillow. Second, my head would not quit pounding. Third, my mouth tasted like a herd of buffalo, all sporting terrible cases of the shits, had stampeded through it sometime during the night.

And finally, I had to piss like a race horse.

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Evidently, I had not pissed at all after passing out the night before, because my bladder was stretched to the breaking point and I had to go NOW! I rolled her off of me and made a mad dash for the toilet, squeezing it tightly between my forefinger and thumb until, finally I let it go into the toilet. My God, what a relief it was to feel a gallon of piss leaving your body.

All of a sudden, in burst Jesse, cupping herself, saying that she got to go, NOW! I said, "Use the shower!

I'm not done!" "The SHOWER?" she exclaimed. "Yeah, go ahead and squat in the shower and then turn on the water, it'll all drain out, unless you've got to take a dump," I explained.

"O gross," she said, turning up her nose, but proceeded to take my advice. I guess the urge to pee was greater than her repulsion to using the shower. She didn't squat, however, just stood there over the drain with her legs spread wide.

Somehow I found that extremely erotic. When she had finished, she commented that she was going to take a shower anyway, as soon as her pee had cleared the drain, so she stepped out and turned on the water. I had finished draining my bladder by this time and as I was turning from flushing the toilet, I was standing, watching her naked body reach for the shower and adjust the temperature.

My gosh, she had a great body. Slender and firm, like an athlete, a well rounded but tight little ass and her legs were long and slim. The line of her tummy up to and including her breast-line was clean and straight then nicely curved over her protruding, firm tits that jiggled just a little as she turned the hot water down a little.

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Stepping back from the stream, she noticed my stare. She looked at me and asked, "What?" I just commented, "I was just admiring the scenery," and gave her a warm smile. She returned the smile and then, spreading her arms to me said, "Good morning, Ben Morgan.

Want to join me?" "Sounds good to me," I said and followed her into the shower. Once there, I let the water flow all over our bodies, caressing them with its warm soothing massage. I then took her into my arms and gave her a hot, passionate kiss, which she was both receptive to and was encouragingly kissing me back. We kissed for a long time, my mouth open to hers, our tongues exploring the confines of each other; a ravenous kiss that turned deeper and more passionate by the second.

I broke off the assault of the mouth, long enough to catch my breath. Her voice whispered into my ear, "Ben, I want you, right here, right now." Without saying a word, I slid down her wet body and started kissing, licking and sucking on her breasts.

She sighed a sigh of affirmation as she stuck out her chest to meet my hungry mouth. I had found her nipples and took them, one at a time within my lips and sucked down hard upon them. My hands were wrapped around her slender ass, waist and upper hamstrings and I started massaging the tight, firm buttocks with vigor. As I spread her two cheeks apart, giving light to the previous depths of the unexplored, I started encircling her anus with the tip of my finger.

This caused her to let out with a loud moan, followed by a spreading of her legs and a bending of her hips. She was inviting me for an anal assault. I continued encircling her anus, probing gently into depths of the unknown with my middle finger. With great care, I finally hooked the finger upward and penetrated her sphincter to the second knuckle as she moaned and widened her stance even more.

With my thumb, I ran the course up her slit to find her hooded treasure waiting there to be rubbed. This sent an involuntary shutter throughout her body as she began vocalizing her pleasure. "O God, Ben, Yes! Stick it up my ass, just like that! O yes, rub my clit!" she was saying, rolling her head back into the spray of water. Then, grabbing my head with both hands, she pushed my mouth down on her breasts even harder. I was rubbing with my thumb over her clit and jamming skyward the full length of my finger at an increasing pace, as my excitement grew and grew.

I suddenly released her crotch from my assault and sat back on the shower seat. Pulled her to me, I had her straddle my lap with her feet as she squatted down so her vagina became open to my penetration. I slid it into her slick vagina in one dip of her knees and she caught her breath in excitement and pleasure.

As she exhaled, she began to plunge up and down on my engorged member, taking it fully into her vagina, all the way back to her cervix. I could feel the walls milking me and inviting me deeper and deeper as her passion caused her knees to bend faster and faster. Her breasts were bouncing freely right I front of my face, so with great effort on my part, and several attempts, I finally capture one with my mouth and sucked so hard as to not loss it again.

With her cantering action on my cock, her breast broke free with a "Pop" of my lips and continued to bounce and sway temptingly just out of reach. With my right middle finger, I invaded her anus again and that is what brought her over the top. With a cry of ecstasy emanating from her mouth, she frantically pumped her knees up and down, jamming it in and out until she tensed up and held her breath.

Tilting her head back, opening her mouth wide and yelling obscenities, she started impaling herself on my cock and middle finger over and over, until she finally collapsed on my lap.

I had already reached my release point and shot my juices up into her cervix long before she had reached hers and was slowly deflating as she came down into a wonderfully gentle afterglow. As she finally raised her head from my shoulder to look me in the eyes, all she could say was, "That was fantastic." "Yes it was," I said, in a dreamy voice. "You are fantastic." A look of recondition suddenly came over her face, as she sat back and looked at me in shock.

"What time is it?" she asked frantically. "I don't know. My watch is in the bedroom. Why?" I asked. "O my God, Ben. I've got a midterm today it Advance Calc," she said retreating from the shower. "Does this mean the afterglow is over?" I said teasingly. "I'm sorry to climax and run…" she said over her shoulder. "I was kidding, Jesse. A midterm is a big deal," I explained. "Where's your watch?" she asked. "It's right here," I said picking it up and checking the time. "It's exactly 9:25.

When is you midterm." "Ten, that leaves me 35 minutes to get home, change clothes and get to class," she exclaimed pulling on her clothes. "What can I do to help?" I inquired. "Do you have any wheels?" she asked. "Yes, I drive a Camry. I can run you home, wait for you to change and grab your books and run you to class," I explained as I threw on my clothes. She was pulling on her sandals as she said, "O Ben, you are a sweetheart.

Let's go." We made a dash to my car, piled in and started off towards her apartment. Her hair was still wet from the shower and she was trying to dry it in the warmth of the air rushing through the open windows of the car. "Ben, about last night," she started to stay, then, "turn right here, it's the second building. Right here, stop!" I braked to a halt as she flew out of the car and ran to her apartment. I kept it running, waiting for her return.

In only a couple of minutes, she came running back out; jumped into her waiting chariot and off we flew, back to campus. As I slid to a stop in front of the building where her class was, she said, "Ben, about last night," she started again. I glanced at my watch. Interrupting her I said, "Jesse, you got exactly five minutes to get up to your test. We can talk about what happen last night after you ace your examine. Now give me a kiss and get up there." She hurriedly reached over, gave me an opened mouth kiss that lingered just a little too long, given how little time she had to make it to her classroom and then, leaping out onto the sidewalk, said, "Can I come over to your place after I get through?

Maybe then we can talk." "You're always welcome at my place, Jesse. Always." With that, she smiled at me, blew me a kiss, turned and ran towards the building and her midterm examine. All the way back home I thought over and over about the happenings of the previous night and that morning. My gosh, she had an insatiable appetite for sex and was really good at feeding that hunger. I wondered what she wanted to talk about.

She kept bring up "About last night". Everything was perfect as far as I was concerned, but I'm a "guy", you know. I always love sex, especially when I can have a good looking, mature partner, who also loves sex and knows how to make her lover as hot and crazy as she did for me last night and this morning.

O well, I will see when she comes over around 11 or so. Until then, I just have to clean up the place a little, feed myself and clean myself up, and get this horrible taste out of my mouth.

I had the apartment picked up, cleaned and presentable by 11:15. By 12 noon, she had not shown up yet. 12:30, 1:00, 1:30, still no Jesse. I began to worry about her. Had she flunked her exam, was she distraught over blowing her midterm?

Did she make it back to her apartment and fell asleep? It was Friday and I had no classes on Fridays, so I really had nothing to do but sit around a worry about my new friend. I had decided to drive over to her apartment when it became 2 o'clock and knock at her door. It was now 2 and I headed for the front door of the place when I saw a red Mustang pull up and park outside my doorway. Out stepped Jesse, showered, cleaned and wearing a different outfit. She looked ravishing. Her hair was worn straight over her shoulders, leading to her white top and dark blue shorts.

As she turned from her car, she spotted me, stopped and waved. Smiling a broad smile, she walked to meet me at the front door. "Hi," she said, almost in an embarrassed way. "Hi, back," I replied. "That must have been one hell of a midterm." "O, no it was a cinch; I was out of there in 30 minutes. I decided to go on back to my place and freshen up some and lost track of time." She hesitated a second, then she said, "No, that's not entirely true.

Ben, is it oaky if we go inside and talk a little?" "Sure, come on in," I said opening the door for her. Her hesitation and her confession that she had not told the truth about losing track of time were both revealing. What was going on that we needed to talk about?


She came in and sat down on the edge of the chair, opposite the couch where I sat. There was an awkward moment of silence and then she smiled and started, "Ben, I almost didn't come over here today.

That's why I'm so late I had to talk myself into speaking with you. You see, I was anxious to meet you yesterday in Stats class. I was anxious to come over to your apartment after class. I was anxious to get to know you as an individual. But let's face it, we both got rather drunk last night." "We got hammered last night," I injected. "Yeah, well, then we did something I normally don't do on the first date, let alone the first time I meet a guy.

Then there was this morning.

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My God, I wanted that to happen, but it all came so quick, you know, so soon. And I'm not normally like that, Ben. I don't go to bed with every guy I go out with. I nearly ever spend the night with a man and then only after I've gotten to know him well. Anyway, I was embarrassed as to what you might think of me, you know, jumping your bones like that," she said, as her voice kind of trailed off. "Jesse, I hadn't even formed an opinion of what happened last night, other than the fact that I thought it was the best sex I've had in a long time.

I know we both had way too much to drink. I know that we got in a compromising position that we, in our inebriated state, took advantage of and experienced a night of passion and love making. What happened this morning is something else, something that I enjoyed, something I'll cherish forever. But whether it should, or should not, have happened is up for speculation.

The fact of the matter is that it did happen and I, for one, liked it," I concluded. She sat there for a moment and thought over what I just said. She smiled at me and asked, "Now what? Where do you see this think taking us?" A look of horror came across her face. "Don't answer that!" she commanded. "God, did I just ask that? I'm sorry Ben, I'm not as needy as that question makes me seem. What I really meant to say was, I like you.

I'd like to see some more of you, but if your desires do not match mind, then I'll understand." "Jesse, you are a very attractive woman, with much higher than normal intelligence. You have a fantastic body and are blessed enough, that when stimulated, you know how to use it to get the most out of an opportunity of love making. You are charming, funny and for a fat girl, you don't sweat much. Other than those traits, I can't think of a reason to want to continuing to see you," he said.

She got the most serious look on her face. She stood and walked over towards where I was still sitting on the couch. Stopping in front of me and bending down in a confrontational stance, she said in a stern voice, "What do you mean "for a fat girl"?" "I just threw that in to see if you were paying attention," I said, grabbing her and pulling her onto his lap.

"I guess you were," I added, giving her a long, passionate kiss.