Martha filipino amateur teen big round ass pretty girl

Martha filipino amateur teen big round ass pretty girl
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Over time I had collected several dismembered cocks from my victims and fed them to the guard dog; that lived near my residence. To the people who missed my last exploits, here is a bit about myself. I stand 5 foot 7 inches and weigh 100 pounds and am a vengeful prostitute. If customers are nice they get to fuck me again on another day, but if they are not then they leave bloody and missing their privates. I see my uncle in the rude and arrogant ones.

My uncle repeatedly raped me as a child so now the male species is punished, by me hacking off their cock and balls with my trusty blade. Some have died from my actions but I could care less and have a clear conscience. My name is Louise and I am a single mother of a four year old daughter named Melissa or Misty. Having been subjected to molestation in my childhood by my nasty Uncle, I have vowed to reap vengeance upon all men who remind me of him. While I am out working or hunting, Misty is looked after by an old close friend named Amy.

She knows of my past and what I do for a living and understands. Amy keeps informing me on any gossip about my exploits that she may hear of. My feelings towards my clientele are of the need to either please a polite customer or to dismember any ill mannered one of his manhood.

This is where my story starts and the introductions end. On this night a fog was setting in early as I kissed Amy goodbye. She had warned me to be careful as a Pimp had put a price on my head or a price on the head of the cock cutting prostitute's head, was the name he called me. Amy heard a rumor that a goblin and a band of his servants had taken up his offer. I laughed this off as a joke. "Really a goblin what next a pink elephant, it's all talk", I said and went on my rounds. The air was chilly and I felt every bit of it through my flimsy top and tight mini-skirt as I clip-clopped my way to a street corner.

Standing there against a dirty brick wall and smoking a cigarette, both waiting and shivering for my first customer of the night. I heard a sound and when I look up, a huge black man was approaching me. He was customer number one of the night. I led him to a nearby alley for either sex or savagery.

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As he slow handed me some cash I heard another sound in the background. I turned to see what it was but when all I saw was a blue lightning, which zapped me and I went flying into some trash cans. The last thing I saw before everything went black was a green goblin standing over me with some sort of gun.

When I came to I found myself on a small bed with a steel clap in my mouth, which prevented me from closing both my mouth and jaw. There were leather bracers on my wrists and my arms were stretched outward and bound tightly to the floor.

It made the impression like that of Jesus on the cross but my feet and legs were free. My feet barely touched the ground and my butt was just off the edge of the bed.

I noticed then that I was completely naked and I had some sort of tattoo near my belly button. There was a sound outside my door as two big brutes entered. It was then I thought to myself that I was either drugged or I was dreaming. The guards were pandas but in human form.

They walked up to me one on my left the other on my right, on either side of my legs. I tried to say something but all I could do was flap my tongue around, because of the clap that opened my mouth.

Then more and more people or creatures entered the room. I knew I had to be dreaming as so many strange creatures entered. First five Troll people, two Taurens, and a Goblin on horseback entered.

Then two familiar looking humans followed and shut the door behind them. The Goblin clapped his hands and the Pandarians released my jaw clamps.

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I stretched and moved my jaw around as it felt sore and numb, but it was a short respite. As one of the Trolls slapped my face with his cock and began to try force it in my mouth. My mouth was already agape from the clamps, so I had no option but to let it in.

He then began sliding it in and out until I started to suck on it. It was as thick as an average persons forearm and my eyes watered as he shoved it in deep and started face fucking me.

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I felted my legs lifted by the fluffy Pandarians and then felt an instant sting in my pussy, that made my eyes look down to see what it was. A Tauren was forcing his cock inside my pussy and so I attempted to scream out in pain. All I did was make my jaw creak with a fat Troll's cock inside my mouth.

Tears of pain trickled from my eyes.


I have never felt so much pain in my life I thought; even child birth wasn't this bad. My jaw creaked even more as the Troll was about to cum. When he did it exploded in my mouth and I heard a pop coming from my jaw. I tried spitting his cum out but something was wrong with my jaw.

It felt numb. Purple cum trickled out of my agape mouth and I just glared when I saw it. Was it acid or was it what it tasted like, marshmallows and soda? Then the next Troll entered my mouth and did that same. He then also face-fucked me, I was in a daze now. More purple cum oozed from my numb mouth. I could feel nothing in my mouth now as if I had been to the dentists. Thankfully in one way I had numbness in my jaw as the number of Troll cock going inside, never seemed to end.

The pressing issue I had was the monstrous Tauren cocks that made it feel like my pussy was being ripped apart.

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There was so much pain that I was beginning to feel like my pussy was torn open. The stinging sensation was now also numbness after several minutes of excruciating pain. I don't know how long this ordeal went on for. Once the Taurens finished ripping my pussy open and cum inside me, it was on to my ass. The Pandarians helped them position me better by lifting and supporting my legs on the fluffy shoulders.

The Taurens first spread my ass-cheeks apart and thread two fat fingers inside my entrance. I tried kicking by the Pandarians tightened their grip and I was at their mercy. The pain in my ass from the Tauren fingers was like no big cock I had ever taken there. Just their fingers were painful enough but once they forced their cocks inside, that was something else.

I screamed out with so much pain that I ended up spitting out the Troll cocks. "ARRRRRGGGHH, FUCK", I screamed out. I then felt a crunch and saw stars, as a Troll punched me in the jaws. Still dazed I was fed more Troll cock and it was forcefully imbedded inside my tired mouth.

Tears made everything blurry and in my mind I was feeling sorry for myself. I felt like I had been copped in half as my ass felt like it was being ripped apart now.

Time has no meaning as this torture never seemed to end. I had Troll cum in my mouth and all over my face. While I had Tauren cum in my pussy and ass, and good know how much blood mixed with it. The Pandarians released their hold on my legs and my ankle and they dropped limp, and hit the ground hard. I felt a creak in my lower back as this happened, and I grimaced in pain.

The two humans said something to the Goblin on the horse, as I lay on my back.


I worn out and my body just slumped on the mattress while I was panting, almost lifeless. Then the Taurens stomped their way towards my head and they jammed their cocks inside my mouth. My jaw creaked some more and I gagged on Tauren before losing consciousness briefly. The Goblin jumped from his horse and on top of my stomach.

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I groaned as he did this and opened my eyes wide. He grabbed hold of my chin and made me look him in the eyes. "Listen honey let this be a fucking warning to you. If you fuck with these guys's income again and we will work you over some more," He preached. He slapped me across my face and grabbed me by the chin again.

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"Do you fucking get me, I am not fucking around," he angrily said. I blinked my eyes. "Good and now as for compensation, nothing happened tonight.

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From now on fifty percent of your takings belong to these guys," He ordered, and pointed to the two humans in the room. I just stared.

He slapped me, once again. "Do you understand," He asked again.

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I nodded. "Good," he said, and pulled out his gun and pointed it at me. I saw lightning come from it and everything went black once again.

When I came too I was surrounded by police in an alley and naked. I was cover in purple slime and had a broken jaw, which required to be wired shut for a month. Also I had two black eyes, a fractured cheekbone and on top of all that, I required stitches for my torn apart pussy and anal hole. I was bed ridden for two weeks in hospital before beginning released. The police told me they found a strain of an unknown drug in system.

They grilled me by asking several questions about what had happened, and about the drug and being raped. I pretended to not know who my assailants were and they wouldn't have believed me anyway, if I did. Nor would have I about being held captive by weird creatures, and them raping me. THE END FOR NOW!!!!