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SAMANTHA THE ESCORT BY DOCKER5000 Introductory. A bored and unhappy house-wife starts working as an Escort part-time. Samantha now stepped out of the elevator.

She now nervously started to walk down the corridor trying not to make eye contact with anybody she passed. Samantha continued down the corridor until she found the room she had been looking for. If anybody had paid particular attention to Samantha they would have just thought she was a middle age businesswoman just returning to her own hotel room.

She was now outside of room 513. Samantha now nervously knocked on the door. As the door open she braced herself for an old fat business man. She was now pleasantly surprised when a very attractive man in his thirties opened the door. He only had a towel wrapped around his waist and water was now dripping off him. He must have been in the shower when she knocked. Samantha and the man just looked at each other for a few seconds.

People were starting to cast them odd looks as they passed them. She now nervously said to him. "I am from the agency I believe you called for some company this evening?" The man now smiled warmly at Samantha.

He now moved away from the door and asked her. "To come on in." Once she was inside the room he closed the door behind her Samantha had only been doing this for a couple of weeks and she was still very nervous every time she had to make a visit to a new client. Samantha now nervously asked him. "What he wished this evening?" The man now looked her up and down from her Green eyes to her shining black high heel shoes.

He then smiled at her and said. "First I think I should finish getting dressed. We can discuss the rest when I am dressed. Please make yourself comfortable I will not be long." Samantha now sat down on the large kings' size bed, she was feeling rather nervous. However, she was also a little excited as well. The way he had looked her up and down had got her excited and turned-on all at the same time. Five minutes later he came out of the bathroom, he was now dressed in a nice white silk shirt and a pair of black trousers.

He once again smiled at her. Samantha now nervously smiled back at him. He now slipped on a pair of black leather shoes.

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He now started to put on his tie. He now seemed to be having a lot of trouble tieing his tie. Samantha now got up off the bed and she walked towards him. She now nervously said to him. "Here let me do that for you." She now tied his tie for him. All the time she was doing his tie he was grinning and smiling at her. When Samantha had finished, he thanked her. The man now introduced himself to her as he picked up his jacket and put it on.

His name was Daniel Jackson. He now looked at her as if he was waiting for something. Samantha now knew what he was waiting for, she now blushed in embarrassment. She now introduced herself to him. Samantha now smiled at this very handsome young man. She then said to him. "You can call me Crystal for this evening." Daniel now asked her with a smile on his face once more.

"Was Crystal her real name?" Samantha now giggled a little bit; she now took his arm and said to him. "Crystal will do for tonight, let's get going." Crystal and Daniel now left his room. Daniel took her to an expensive restaurant where they both had a wonderful meal. Daniel then took her to a night-club were they danced the night away.

Daniel and Crystal were now sat at their table having a drink and resting a little bit. They had danced the last five dances back to back. Daniel was very fit. Samantha herself was fit, but Daniel was super fit. Crystal now asked him. "Why he had chosen a more mature companion for tonight?" Daniel now looked rather embarrassed and he was quite for a few moments before he finally answered her.

Daniel just said to her. "That he had liked her pictures on the services web site." Crystal now knew that there was more to it. However, she did not want to push him and risk upsetting him. Her mind now went back to how nervous she had been when she had to pose for those pictures for the web site. She had to wear evening dresses business' suits and of cause sexy lingerie.

So that the client could get a good look at what he was getting for his money. Both Daniel and Crystal had both consumed a rather lot of alcohol and they were both now starting to feel it.

A slow song was now playing; Daniel now took her hand and led her onto the dance floor. Crystal didn't resist him. Daniel and Crystal were now dancing very close together, Crystal had her head on his shoulder and Daniel had his hands on her waist tightly. Crystal now pushed his hands down so they were now resting on her bottom.

She now smiled to herself, when his hands held her bottom tighter. When Daniel and Crystal had first started to dance, she had removed her jacket as did Daniel. She was now pressing her large breasts in her white silk blouse into his chest as they danced. His hands were now squeezing her ass cheeks hard in her skirt.

Crystal was now very horny and she needed to be fucked nice and hard by his big hard cock. Crystal now whispered into his ear and at the same time she started to rub his cock through his trousers. She now said to him. "Why don't they go back to his room and have a little fun." In the taxi on the way back to his hotel they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

They were giving the taxi driver quite a show now. He was kissing her passionately and squeezing her large breasts through her blouse. And she was rubbing his cock through his pants and kissing him back just as passionately as he was kissing her. Crystal never kissed her clients; it was something she never ever did. But he had got her so hot she just wanted him.

Once they were back in his room she took control. She now pushed him back onto his bed. She stood looking at him her eyes burning with lust. She now undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor. He now could see her stockings and suspenders and black panties. Crystal now started to undo the buttons of her blouse and all the time she was undoing her blouse they never stopped looking at each other. Her blouse now joined her skirt on the floor.

He now smiled at her in wonder at what he was now looking at.

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Crystal's big firm breasts were only being kept in check by her white lace low cut bra. Crystal now gave him a big wicked looking smile. She then put her hands behind her back and undid the clip to her bra. Her bra now fell down her arms revealing her big juicy firm breasts to him. His cock was nearly bursting through his pants now. Her panties quickly joined the rest of her clothes on his floor. She was now completely naked apart from her high heels suspender belt and stockings.

She now climbed up onto the bed and sat on top of him, she now started to undo the buttons to his expensive white shirt. Once all his buttons were undone she pulled his shirt open. Crystal now dug one of her long red nails into his very muscular chest. She now smiled at him and at the same time she dug her long nail into his chest and she now started to drag it down to his belly-button making a red line in his flesh.

Daniel just moaned in pleasure as she did this. Crystal now took hold of his belt with shaking hands and she now started to undo it. Once his belt was undone his button and zipper soon followed. She now got off the bed and took hold of his trousers. She pulled them off his body in one swift motion. Crystal was now looking at him with fire in her eyes. He was now only wearing a small pair of black briefs which only just contained his big cock which was trying to burst free now.

Crystal was now trembling with excitement as she took hold of his briefs in her hands. She now very slowly started to pull his briefs down. Crystal was now looking at the biggest cock she had ever seen. It was now standing up like a flag-pole. Crystal now started to lick her own lips in anticipation of tasting his big wonderful cock.

Crystal's lips were now only an inch from his big cockhead. She now slowly touched his cockhead with her tongue. Crystal now moaned with longing and pleasure when her lips touched his big cockhead. Daniel also moaned with pleasure as her lips now started to gently lick and kiss his cockhead.

Crystal now looked at Daniel and winked at him as she opened her mouth and slowly started to take his wonderful cock into her mouth and down her throat. She just kept taking more and more of him into her mouth and throat until she had completely taken all of him. Daniel looked at her and just smiled, she was the first woman who had ever been able to take his full length into her mouth.

Crystal had his entire length in her mouth and throat now. She was now licking at his balls with her tongue. She loved the feel of him completely in her mouth now. Crystal kept him in her throat for a few more seconds. She now slowly started to bring her head back up letting his cock slowly out of her mouth. She now smiled at him and with just his cockhead in her mouth. She started to lick all around his piss-hole. Then she took him completely back down into her throat.

Daniel was now moaning with pure pleasure. He had never experienced anything like this before. Daniel now started to try and thrust up into her mouth.

Crystal put her hands firmly on his chest and she pushed him back down onto the bed. She knew exactly what she was doing and she didn't need him to help her. She would take him at her own speed not his. Crystals head was now rapidly bobbing up and down on his big hard cock and his moans and groans of pleasure now filled his hotel room. She was also rubbing his balls as she skilfully deep-throated his big cock.

It only took her a few minutes of her expert sucking before he was moaning and grunting. He now cried out. "That he was Cumming." Crystal never stopped her sucking of his cock; she just smiled to herself as she sucked him even harder. His first load of cum shot right down her throat and into her belly. He shot four more big loads of spunk into her belly and she swallowed every last drop of his cum. Daniel now collapsed back down onto the bed a very contented look on his face now.

She now slowly licked and kissed his cock clean. Once his cock was completely clean she lay down next to him. Her head now resting on his strong chest. She still had hold of his cock and was slowly playing with it she was trying to get it back to full hardness. She was not finished with him yet. Daniel was now getting hard once more; he now rolled her over onto her back and started to kiss her.

Crystal responded to his advances by opening her mouth and accepting his tongue into her own mouth. Daniel now started to kiss and nibble on her ear which caused her to moan out softly with pleasure. Daniel now started to kiss her neck. Crystal was now in heaven.

It had been a long time since anybody had been this caring and loving towards her. Daniel now took hold of her big breasts with one hand he squeezed and tweaked her nipple.

Her other breast he had in his mouth. Daniel now licked and sucked and gently bit her nipple. Crystal was now going wild and her loud moans now filled the room. She had always loved her breasts being played with. Daniel continued to play with her breasts for several more minutes. He would swap from one nipple to the other. Crystal was going wild with desire now. As he licked and sucked on her very sensitive nipples now. Daniel now stopped his attack on her nipples and she moaned out in frustration as he let her nipple out of his mouth.

Daniel and Crystal now made eye contact with each other. Daniel just gave her a big smile. Daniel now started to kiss his way down from her breasts to her shaven pussy. Crystal watched him as he went down her body towards her pussy. She now moaned out with pure pleasure and longing when his tongue finally made contact with her pussy lips.

Daniel now decided he was going to get his own back on her. He was going to tease her just like she had teased him. Daniel now started to run his tongue along her outer pussy lips. Her moans of pleasure increased every-time is tongue licked up and down her pussy lips. Crystal could not take this any longer, she was now begging him. "To lick her pussy out for her." Crystal now even reached down and pulled her outer lips open so that he could get better access to her wet pussy.

She was now acting like a complete whore. Daniel now put her out of her misery and his tongue now started to lick the inside of her tasty pussy. Her moans were now soft as he licked and sucked on her wet pussy. Crystal had her hands on his head she was holding his tongue on her pussy now. Daniel was very talented with his tongue.

And he quickly gave her three wonderful orgasms one after the other. Crystal finally couldn't take anymore and she now pushed his head away from her now very sensitive and sore pussy. Daniel now looked up at her, and he gave her a great big grin. Crystal now gave him a warm smile back.

She now reached for him and she pulled him up to her. His face was covered with her pussy juices now. Daniel and Crystal now started to kiss each other passionately. She could taste her own juices on his lips as they kissed each other with tongue filled kisses. All the time they were kissing Daniel was pushing two fingers in and out of her pussy he didn't want her to go off the boil. Daniel now positioned himself in between her wide open legs.

Crystal just looked at him with longing in her eyes as she now waited for him to spear her with his wonderful big cock.

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Daniel just had the tip of his cock in her pussy now and he was looking at her very intently. Crystal just looked at him.

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She now said to him. "Please fuck me." Daniel just smiled at her. Crystal just smiled back at him. Her expression now changed to one of complete wonder as he thrust deep into her and completely impaled himself deep in her wet pussy in one swift motion giving her an orgasm at the same time. Daniel didn't give her any time to recover he was now brutally pounding in and out of her cunt. Her screams of pleasure now filled the room and two guests that were passing stood and listened for several minutes.

Before they walked off towards their own room hand in hand and with big grins on their faces. Daniel now gave her another orgasm with his brutal fucking. Crystal needed a rest now so she wrapped her legs and arms around his back and she held him tightly. She now kissed and cuddled his neck and told him. "That she needed a little time to recover." She was not used to being with such an energetic lover. Finally she told him that she was ready once more. He was still rock hard. Daniel now fucked her hard from the rear giving her two more orgasms.

Daniel himself still had not cum and she wondered how he could control himself so well. Crystal had noticed the time on the clock on the wall and she needed to get going pretty soon.

She had told her husband that she was stock-taking at the small charity shop where she worked. However if she was too late in getting home he would get suspicious.

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Crystal now got him to lay on his back; she now took hold of his rock hard cock and impaled herself on it. Crystal now purred like a cat with pure pleasure as she now started to ride his big hard cock. Daniel loved the way her big tits bounced up and down as she rapidly rode his big hard cock.

Crystal used this positioned when she wanted her clients to cum quickly. As well as bouncing up and down on him she was using her pussy muscles to massage his cock as well She knew that not even Daniel would be able to last very long with her cunt massaging his cock as she fucked him. Daniel was trying his best not to cum. He didn't want to cum he was enjoying himself too much.


However, her pussy was so tight that he knew he was about to blow his load any second now. Crystal now could tell by the moans coming from Daniel that he was nearly ready to cum.

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She now smiled to herself and she now really started to enjoy this fuck. She was now playing with her own big breasts as she bounced happily up and down on his big hard cock. She now remembered that he was not wearing a condom.

She was on the pill but she now decided it would be best not to let him cum in her cunt. Daniel couldn't believe it when she got off his cock he just looked at her with confusion in his eyes. Crystal quickly grabbed his legs and she now pulled him down to the bottom of the bed, She was now knelt on the floor at the end of the bed.

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She now wrapped her big boobs around his hard cock and she now started to give him a titwank. Daniels moans of annoyance quickly turned to moans of pleasure as she used her big tits to jack him off.


She was even sucking his cock and pushing her tongue into his piss-hole. Every time his cock popped out from in-between her wonderful tits. Daniel with a great effort had managed to prop himself up on his elbows. So that he could watch her giving him his first ever titwank.

Crystal just smiled and winked at him as he watched her she increased the hardness of her sucking and wrapped her tits even harder around his cock. Daniel could not take any more.

He now erupted sending his cum flying from his cockhead. Crystal took his first two loads right in her face. She clamped her lips around his cockhead and swallowed the rest of his cum. Daniel now collapsed back down onto the bed completely satisfied. She had been the best fuck he had ever had. This is why Daniel loved mature women they were awesome in bed and very willing. Daniel very rarely paid for sex as his job usually supplied him with a steady supply of willing mature women who wanted to be fucked by the fit and very well hung young man.

But he was new to this town and he did not start work at the gym until the following Monday. And tonight he really need a long hard screw, and Crystal had been his best ever. Crystal was now cleaning his cock. She was licking it like she would a lollypop. He just moaned as she did her expert cleaning job on his cock. She never missed a single drop of his precious spunk.

Crystal reluctantly told him. "That she had to go." She now let go of his cock. She now went into the bathroom to clean herself up a bit as her face and tits were covered in his cum. When she came back into the bedroom she started to get dressed. Daniel was still laid on the bed a huge smile on his face, he felt very contented and happy. He now just watched her getting dressed. Daniel did wish that she could stay with him all night. Crystal was now completely dressed. She now felt rather embarrassed and awkward she had forgot to ask him for the money when she first entered his room.

Daniel could see that she was looking a little embarrassed. He then realized that he had not paid her yet. He now got up off the bed and went to the bedside cabinet and took out his wallet. He now smiled at her and asked her. "How much she wanted?" Crystal had really enjoyed her time with him and she didn't really want to ask him for any money.

However, she had to pay the agency £50 per booking plus £100 commission. Crystal nervously asked him. "For £320." Daniel just smiled at her and he now handed her £320. He now asked her. "If he could possibly see her again, without going through the agency?" The agency had warned her that if she took clients without going through them they would stop sending her bookings. However, she knew that she could have two or three clients to herself as long as she could trust them.

She had purchased a pay as you go phone and she had some business cards made up with that phones number on the cards. She now handed a card to Daniel and told him. "To only ring the times that were on the card and not to mention anything to the agency." Daniel promised that.

"He would not say anything to the agency." She now gave him a kiss on his lips then she let herself out of his room. Crystal now walked out of the hotel to her car. She was really looking forward to her next time with Daniel. The End?