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Jan CHAPTER 2 JOHNNY I could hardly believe my luck. Here I was, slow dancing with Linda Ward, the hottest girl in the school! My right hand on her waist could feel the heat of her hip through her thin dress, while she held my left hand in her soft right one.

I wasn't leading though, she was. She was maneuvering the two of us deeper into the crowd of dancers I realized, far from the prying eyes of the teachers that were supposed to be chaperoning this high school dance. That was good, I figured. I was embarrassed by my huge hardening cock and hoped that the outline of it wasn't showing through my silk boxer shorts and thin jeans.

I didn't dare look down to see what sort of tell-tale bulge was visible; that would just draw more attention to it. Ever since puberty my cock had been a problem. With all the girls around at school, it was hard at least half the time. I was always pointing it this way or that, down a pant leg or up under the waistband of my pants, trying to hide it.

Suddenly Linda moved my left hand down to her right hip and firmly placed it there, then moved both of her own hands down to grab through my jeans both of my ass cheeks and pull my whole body firmly against hers. "Ooooh!" I exclaimed, stunned, as shock and lust coursed through me. Nearly as tall as I was in her heals, she drove her pubic mound against my enclosed stiff cock.

Somehow she had zeroed in on my cock where it lay hidden down my left pants leg, as if she knew exactly where it was due to some primitive fucking instinct. Meanwhile she pressed her firm, ample tits against my chest, and breathed into my left ear. "How is that, Johnny," she breathed hotly into my ear, before her wet lips closed on my earlobe. I could only moan in reply. I could feel the softness and heat of her body through the thin layers of summer clothing, almost as if we were dancing naked.

I could feel the softness of her tits and the firmness of her nipples through the two thin layers of cotton that covered her and me; obviously she had no bra on.

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I could feel her cunt mound press against my cock and knew that she could feel the rock-hardness of it straining to burst through clothing and plunge itself into her moist hot cunt hole.

"Grab my ass too," she said huskily into my ear. "Feel my ass with both your hands, Johnny." I was so stunned it took a moment for me to comprehend what she had said, but after assuring myself that the teachers couldn't see us, I slowly moved both of my hands down from her waist to caress her firm ass through the tight dress. The material was so thin it almost felt like she was naked. "I'm not wearing any underwear, Johnny," she explained, confirming my suspicions. "Do you like the feel of my tight, round ass?

Do you like the feel of my hot juicy cunt rubbing against your hard cock?" "Ugggghh," was all that I could breathe in reply, in a delirium of lust. Her thin dress came to only a few inches below her ass. The thought that this beautiful sex goddess was dancing virtually naked with me, and rubbing her hot body shamelessly against me, was driving me crazy. All of her was pressing against all of me, driving me crazy; it was just too much!

I wasn't even listening to the music any more, and we were just standing there dry-humping away at each other, oblivious of our surroundings. More than anything, I felt my cock press against her soft hot cunt-mound.


It had poked through the opening of my boxer shorts, such that only my thin jeans and her much thinner dress separated it from her cunt. My rock-hard prick was pointed down atop my left thigh, but I bent my left leg slightly and pushed it up between her legs. She separated her legs to make room. My leg pushed the front of her dress up, such that now her bare cunt was separated from my hard cock by only the thin material of my light jeans.

My hands gripped her ass cheeks more tightly and I pulled our two bodies together again, and again, and again, rubbing her mound in tight circles over the bulge in my pants, rolling my prick back and forth between my jeans and my smooth, silk boxer shorts. I thought of the folds of her hot wet cunt mashed and rubbing together and against her stiff clitoris, and I felt her dampness on my prick as her juices soaked through my bulging, stretching jeans.

I thrust my cock using my ass muscles, moving my cock in a few inches forward and back, again and again, pounding her cunt. "Ugh, ugh, ugh," I grunted, as I rapidly approached orgasm. "Enough of that, you two," said a stern voice, suddenly cutting through to what had been a lost level of consciousness, and Linda and I were firmly pried apart, as our classmates looked on and laughed.

Clutching our shoulders firmly, big Mr. Reed, the Phys-Ed teacher, led us off the dance floor and out of the gym. "Find a car or a hotel room if you must, but take it somewhere else.

Better yet, take a cold shower." He closed the gym door, shutting us out of the dance. "Separate cold showers, I mean," he added, before the door was totally shut. "Shit," said Linda, in anger.

"You got me kicked out of the damn dance, with your damned moaning and carrying on." "I'm sorry, I couldn't help it," I replied. "Bull shit. I did three other guys before you tonight and none of them were dumb enough to freak-out like you did when they were getting off. Are you a retard or something?" "Fuck you," I retorted, my anger suddenly building and my cock softening. What the hell?

"Not a chance, Johnny boy," she said, spinning on her heal and stomping away on amazing legs towards a group of girls that were gathered nearby, wiggling her magnificent, shapely, teasing ass at me as she strutted away, leaving me to ponder the mysteries of the female psyche.

"Bummer," said a voice behind me. It was Joey Martin, a casual friend. "Girls can be bitches." "Hi Joey, what you doing out here?" "I ain't doing shit out here, so I was trying to bum a ride home. Can you help me out?" I shrugged and signaled Joey to follow me, and we walked towards my old Ford.

"I was hoping to drive Linda home, but I guess that ain't happening. Where you live?" "A couple miles West, off Grant Avenue, next to the dirty book store." "No shit? You ever been in there?" "Been in there? You kidding? My uncle owns the place." "No shit!" I said, impressed.

I had noticed the place and wondered about it. "Exactly what goes on in there, really?

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Is what they say true, about it being a fag hangout? It was Joey's turn to shrug. "Fags, straight, bi, they all go there to get off." "Gross! They get off right there in the store?" "Sure. My Uncle says his place performs a useful function in society, helping frustrated guys get their rocks off in his store instead of in their cars and causing accidents.

You want to check it out for yourself?" I imagined racks full of magazines and DVDs with full color photos of naked babes.

"I don't know. I don't want to get into trouble." "Hey, you're eighteen, right? It ain't even illegal." I was seventeen, but figured I could pass for eighteen. I even had a fake ID, if it came to that.

Why not? "Sure. OK, I'd like to. But I don't have much money." "No problem. I'll weasel some tokens out of my Uncle. Hey, you ain't chicken, are you?" I laughed, or at least tried to. My cock was starting to harden again, just thinking about going to a sex store.

"Of course not." "So OK, let's do it." "OK." I didn't say much during the drive to the store. I was thinking about a lot of things that were happening to me lately, a lot of things that were driving me crazy with lust. There was Linda tonight of course, but she was just a small part of it. There were thousands of sexy girls all over the place, and they were all driving me nuts.

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In fact, one reason I agreed to check out the adult book store with Joey was that I was in no hurry to get home. My sister and my new step-mother were driving me crazy at home. My sister had been a problem for years.

I loved her from a sibling standpoint but lately she was so damned sexy that I couldn't help wondering what it would be like to fuck her hot little body. Jan was as beautiful and sexy as even Linda or Heidi, and she let me know it.

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I had seen a lot of her body lately, and she had seen mine. Over the last couple of years there had been a lot of times when she caught me changing my clothes or getting out of the shower; it happened so often that I was beginning to suspect that she did it on purpose. Lately I had been staying out until she had gone to sleep, but even that didn't help much. In the summer heat she slept practically naked. For years now, I had jerked off in my bed while watching her sleep.

For the last few nights, I had gazed down at her sleeping body while I stood over her and jacked myself off, used my hand to pump my hard cock until it spurted hot cum into my other hand only inches from her lips or cunt. After all, I had to do something to get myself off, as I was almost always in a state of sexual arousal.

A main reason for that lately was my other big problem at home: Heidi. Since returning from the honeymoon a month ago, my new mother in law flashed me peeks at her incredible tits and smoldering cunt at least once a day, and sent me other unmistakable come-on messages several times a day. Her eyes, her lips, her body language, everything screamed 'fuck me'. I didn't know what to do about it. She was only a few years older than me, but she was my step-mom for shit sakes!

I didn't want to do anything to trouble Dad; Dad hadn't been so happy in years. My cock knew what it wanted to do about Heidi, however. All I had to do was think about going home and my big virgin prick became hard as a rock. No, I was in no big hurry to go home. If Joey wasn't in the car with me, I would be jerking off right now as I drove; something I had done dozens of times to mellow out. I parked in front of Joey's house; I didn't want my car seen in the parking lot of an adult bookstore.

As we walked towards store, I could feel my prick continue to harden in anticipation of what I might soon be seeing. I was also apprehensive, as despite Joey's reassurances, I felt that I was doing something nasty and forbidden. Aside from a small neon sign that said 'ADULT BOOKS AND VIDEOS; YOU MUST BE 18 TO ENTER', the store was low-key. There were eight cars parked outside, but when we walked in, there were no customers in sight.

Like I had figured, there were indeed rows of slick magazines and DVDs sealed in plastic wrappers.

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Given all the porn on the web, I couldn't figure how any of this stuff got sold, but my eyes bulged, my jaw dropped, and down the left leg of my pants my prick hardened even further.

If someone looked they would easily see it under my bulging pants, but there was nothing I could do about that. I had on occasion been lucky enough to 'read' a few soft-core sex magazines from drugstores, but they were nothing like this. On the covers of these magazines were full color pictures of naked women and men showing off open cunts and huge hard cocks. Some were fucking, right on the magazine cover! To top it off, from somewhere in back of the store I heard music and the moans and grunts of fucking.

The sounds reminded me of home. "What you think Johnny? Great, right?" "Oh yah, sure," I said, my throat dry and my cock hard.

My jeans and underwear were still damp from Linda's cunt juice. "You check out the cover art and I'll get us some tokens. Then we can check out the booths." Joey walked over to the counter, which I hadn't even noticed until now. I followed him half way to the counter, trying to look casual. Dozens of DVDs and sex toys were on display there.

Behind it stood a big, bored looking man, who stared sternly past Joey at me.


"You eighteen kid? You got to be eighteen to be in here," he threatened. "Sure he is Unk, this is my friend Johnny. Can we have some tokens Unk? We're a little short on cash tonight." "You're always short on cash, Joey. I told you before, this is a business." "I have some cash," I volunteered, pulling my wallet out and stepping forward.

"How much is it?" "A buck a token, kid." "I'll have four," I said, emptying my wallet and uncrumpling my last four ones. The man laughed, glancing down at the bulge in my pants. "Here's twenty kid; four ain't gonna be enough for a horny young kid like you.

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Next time you bring more cash." Joey held out his hand to his uncle. "Can we have a few more Unk? We've had a bum night." "Ain't my problem." Joey led me towards the back of the store, past rows and rows of magazines. Several of the rows had what I assumed were gay magazines, since they had only men on the covers, with huge hard cocks that were spurting cum, or buried in other men's mouths, or sunk half-way into male ass holes. I felt uneasy about looking at these pictures and having a hard-on, especially while I was with Joey.

I didn't want Joey to think I was a fag. Joey led us to an open doorway at the back of the store. Through the doorway stretched a long, dimly lit hallway. On either side of the hallway was a row of about ten doorways that opened into booths. Several doors were closed, solving the mystery of the missing customers, but other doors were standing ajar.

Similar to lavatory stall doors, they had foot-high spaces at the bottom and top. Coming from the booths was the sound of several different triple-x rated videos; groans, moans and grunts came from everywhere. It was almost as bad as being home while Dad and Heidi went at it. Despite a flowery over-scent, the whole place smelled sweet from jizz.

Joey ushered me into an empty both. Inside the tiny room was a big dark-screened TV that accepted tokens, a single straight-backed chair, a small trash can and a half empty roll of toilet paper on a wall dispenser. The purpose of the paper and trash-can was obvious.

This was what Joey had meant by men getting off in here; customers were supposed to jerk-off while watching pay-per view sex movies. I even suspected that some of the grunts and moans that I heard around us were not from the videos.

Glancing at the closed booth across the hall, I saw under the doorway a pair of sneaker-clad feet with a pair of shorts rolled down around the ankles. The feet were rocking slightly, probably in time with the man jerking himself off. As I stood there taking everything in, feeling both groused out and turned on, Joey dragged in a second chair from another both, closed the door and latched it, took the tokens from my limp hand and fed all of them into the TV.

In a moment the 27" screen came alive with the larger than life close-up of a big, hard, black cock pushing in and out of the slick wet cunt of a shapely young blonde that grunted and moaned in ecstasy.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, she grunted, every time the cock slid into her up to the hilt, and pubic bones ground together, sweating black skin slapping audibly against white. My own cock strained to be free of the confining shorts and jeans that restrained it, and I wished Joey wasn't with me. Joey sat down in one of the chairs and bent down to look through a hole in the wall that I hadn't noticed before. The hole was round and about five inches across.

"Hey, what the fuck is that?" I whispered to Joey. "Glory hole, buddy. Hey, check out the action next door." Joey moved his face from the hole. I bent down and took a peek. "Shit!" I whispered. On the other side of the thin wall sat a naked middle-aged man, slowly jerking off an erect, bobbing cock as thick as his wrist and at least eight inches long.

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Suddenly the man stood up and moved towards the hole, and slowly stuck the cock through it, right in front of my face. "Damn!" I said, pulling away to keep it from poking him me the face. Still there was something hypnotically appealing about it though, and I licked my lips reflexively. What would the cock feel like in my mouth, I wondered? And what would lips feel like on my own cock?

"Here Johnny," said Joey, "I'll show you how it's done." Joey bent down and gently licked the tip of the strange man's giant rampant prick. Then he pursed his lips, opened his jaws wide, and slowly slipped the big cock-head into his mouth, sucking on it like a lolly-pop. "Ohhhhhhh, ugggh, ugggggggh," could be heard coming through the wall.

Shocked and totally groused-out, I stood up and moved away from them. I couldn't believe it; Joey was a fucking fag, for shit sakes! I suddenly wanted out of there, or at least my mind did.

But there was also a woman moaning and getting fucked in front of my eyes on the TV! My cock wanted to stay.

My cock wanted to be jerked off and sucked. I felt frightened and confused, but mostly I was turned on. I looked for the door, but Joey's chair was blocking it shut. Meanwhile, right in front of me Joey licked the man's cock from end to end, and then popped it into his mouth, deep-throating him.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing as about eight inches of thick cock disappeared into Joey's mouth, then reappeared again, as Joey established a slow in-out rhythm.

Meanwhile Joey felt the man's balls with one hand, and clutched at the bulge in his own pants with the other. On the TV, the fucking action accelerated. While I had been watching Joey suck cock, the pair on the TV had changed positions from missionary to doggie style.

Now the blonde kneeled on her hands and knees on a big bed, sticking her perfect ass out at the young black stud that was reaming her cunt from behind. "Ugh, ugh, ugh," grunted the girl on the bed, each time the black man drove his huge hard cock into her pussy.

She was young and reminded me of Heidi, except this girl was blonde. I could see the muscles ripple under the man's dark skin, the cheeks of his ass tightening with each powerful thrust. "Yeh, egh,egh, egh," grunted the man.

"You like my black cock, white bitch?" With each thrust I could hear the black man's sweaty thighs, balls, and belly slap against the blonde's white ass. They suddenly switched cameras, and I was treated to another close-up of the huge black cock plunging in and out of the swollen, clutching cunt-hole. Shiny milk-like cunt juice dripped from her pink cunt-lips, and from the man's slick black cock and swollen balls. A sloppy, sucking sound could be heard each time the prick was pulled half-way out and pushed in again.

Without thinking, I unbuckled and unzipped my jeans, pushed down my jeans and briefs and with my trembling right hand reached for my cock, clutched it, and started sliding my grasping fingers over it. Mine was a huge, hard prick, ten inches long and as thick as the black cock on the TV screen that was pounding into hot slick pussy. From the lemon-sized reddish tip of my cock, a drop of pre-cum dripped.

"OOOOH!" I said, relieved to be pumping my own cock once again. It felt so good! They cut to a shot taken from in front of the girl, who was suddenly screaming with orgasmic release. "Aaaaggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed loudly, eyes closed, mouth open, lips forming and 'O', and tongue rolling around inside her mouth.

Her ample tits were hanging down, swinging and jiggling as the black stud still pounded into her cunt. Her trembling hands alternately scratched and clutched at the bed sheets. The camera moved lower, until it was looking along the length of her sweating body, past the swinging, dark nippled tits to glimpse the big slick black cock sliding into the wide-stretched, slick cunt-lips, and the big free-hanging black, hairy balls slapping against her.

"Aaaaaghhh, aaaaaaghhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaghh! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me! More, more, more, yeh, yeh, yeh, ugh, ugh, ugh! Aaaaaaggggggghhhhhhh!" She opened her eyes and smiled as she came and at that moment I recognized her. Yes, different colored hair, but IT WAS HEIDI! I should have maybe shouted or something, but I couldn't do anything at all except to continue to jerk off my prick, sliding my tightly clutched fist over my prick again and again as I watched my step-mother continue to be fucked by the black stud.

"Ohhhhhhhhh," Heidi moaned, "agh, agh, agh, agh, agh," she grunted as the big black cock slammed into her juicy pussy harder and faster, sending shudders through her quaking, moaning body. Her beautiful tits were both swinging wildly now, until the man reached down and around her to grasp one of them in his big right hand and massage it as he fucked her, and fucked her, and fucked her. "Mumph, mmuuuuu," came a moan from close by, pulling my attention away from the screen.

Joey had unzipped his own pants and pushed them down around his ankles, and was jerking himself off with one hand while he still sucked on the prick sticking through the glory hole in the wall. Joey's prick was only about half as long as mine, and not as thick, but it was hard and smooth. Joey's eyes were looking towards me, I noticed. While he sucked on the spit-wetted, bulbous tip of the big cock, Joey was watching me jack off!

It somehow excited me immensely to know that someone was watching me jerk-off my cock. Others had caught glimpses of me naked, but this was the first time anyone had seen me jerking off my big, glorious prick. "MMM," said Joey, motioning to me to move closer to him. Almost as if I was in some sort of trance, I stepped towards Joey, who reached out to grab my prick. "Uggghhh," I moaned, as his fingers encircled my cock and pumped it expertly, sliding the foreskin back and forth over its length and the ultra-sensitive edges of the soft tip.

Feeling someone else touching my cock for the first time sent shocks through me. He pulled on my cock gently, and I moved forward more, until I felt my cock suddenly encounter something warm and firm. I looked down and saw that my cock had been placed alongside the cock that was sticking through the hole. Joey was massaging our two cocks together with both his hands now, rubbing them around on each other, sliding them together, and jerking them off slowly.

Then he moved his head down and started licking both cocks furiously, moving from one to the other, moving the two cocks with one hand while he went back to jacking himself off with his other hand.

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His tongue and lips on my cock were slick and wet and warm and soft. I had never felt anything so good before. I didn't care if it was it was a guy doing this to me, I didn't even think about it, I only cared about getting more and more of it. I had to get more. "Oooohhh," I moaned.

I glanced over at the TV screen and saw that Heidi and the black stud had moved again; she was now enthusiastically licking the man's cum-covered prick.

I imagined that she was the one sucking on my prick with her soft lips. Suddenly, Joey totally let go of my cock. I looked down to see what was wrong and saw that thick white wads of cum were shooting out of the stranger's cock, and into Joey's open lips while Joey jerked the man's thick boner with his hands.

Joey slurped up most of the jizz hungrily, while the man moaned loudly. "UUUUUUGH!" I was desperate to get off. I found myself jerking off my own cock, and moved it to press against Joey's already occupied lips. "Suck me," I pleaded. "Please suck my cock!" After a few more long seconds, when all of the cum had been sucked from the stranger, Joey moved his lips back to my cock He opened his lips wide and put the whole end of it inside his jizz filled mouth, swirling his tongue over the sensitive skin of the tip.

"Ugggghhhhhhhhh," I moaned. I had never felt anything like it, and could only moan as my friend's lips and tongue sucked on my cock. I could feel the added slickness of Joey's lips and tongue, which were still covered in the other man's spunk. With one hand, Joey grasped my long cock and slid the skin along its length again and again in rhythm with his sucking, swirling lips and tongue. I felt another hand, reaching around to grab my ass cheeks.

At first I thought it was Joey, but then realized it was the stranger's hand, reaching through the glory hole to fondle my ass and then my firm balls and ass-hole opening from behind while Joey sucked on my cock. I spread my legs and reached back to spread my ass cheeks, giving the man better access. The man responded by slowly slipping his middle finger into my tight virgin ass hole, as he moved the finger in a circular motion and in and almost out, then in and almost out again and again, faster and faster, at last sending me over the edge.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, ughhhhhh," I grunted spasmodically, as I spurted gobs of hot cum into my friend's eager mouth, while I was being finger fucked and cock sucked at the same time. All the muscles in my body tensed and my tightening ass-muscles pressed my prick forward, inches further into Joey's hungry throat, as I spurted more and more, coming with greater intensity than I had ever come in my life.

"Uggh, ugghh, uuuuggggghhh!" Almost as suddenly as I had lost control, I regained it, and the monstrous enormity of what had just happened came crushing down on me. What the hell! I pulled away from Joey and the man and hastily pulled up my shorts and pants to cover my wet and shrinking cock. Meanwhile Joey was finally coming also. As he moved a fist rapidly over his turgid prick, cum suddenly shot out of the end of it.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," moaned Joey, as the big roped of his jizz fell to the floor. It was suddenly very quiet and a little darker in the both; the TV had timed out. I didn't wait for Joey to recover. I resisted an urge to slug Joey. Instead, I angrily pushed Joey's chair away from the door and opened it, and walked swiftly out and away from the sex-smell and the disgusting thing I had just done.

I didn't even glance at Joe's uncle, or at another man that was in the book section. I just wanted the hell out of there, now. I just wanted to get away. "Hey, it ain't no big thing Johnny," I heard Joey yell out to me, as I pulled away in my car, burning rubber. Bull fucking shit it ain't, I thought, as I numbly drove home. My first real sexual encounter and it was with two fags, for shit sakes! I had been worried about girls but now I was even more worried about myself being a homosexual.

"Shit, shit, shit," I yelled to myself, as I drove home. "Now what the hell am I going to do?" Well, if Joey said anything to anyone about this I'd kill the bastard, that was certain.

I'd kill the mother-fucking little cocksucker.