Batendo uma bem gostoso na bucetinha

Batendo uma bem gostoso na bucetinha
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It had been a pleasant evening down by the water. The Görlitzer Park by the riverside had been lively and entertaining; people dancing and getting others to join, others playing instruments and inviting passersby to hum or clap along, still more groups drinking and celebrating in their gregarious yet reserved groups. The gypsy kids, instead of being ignored, were told a joke and flicked a few coins. It seemed that people got along with the street animals even better, not only feeding them but inviting the animals into their circles.

What's more, the animals sat and sometimes laid down with the groups, relishing the attention, praise, and food. There was an otherworldly atmosphere of openness and comfortable ease that you couldn't help but be caught up in its spirit. Leaving the park, you still feel the warm glow of openness and ease that prevailed in the park. While taking your typical route home, you decide to take a new way, something different.

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You find yourself passing buildings, businesses, and streets which are unfamiliar, yet you also have a sense of excitement to discover what new sights might be out here. This way is so much like your typical route home, but the edges seem to give it a new wonderful shade.

You pass a bookstore that appears scattered and esoteric without being dirty or cluttered, the perfect place to get lost in and find the cheap next read. Just seeing the sign and storefront makes you wonder what the owner or workers would be like.

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About half a block down is a sprawling cafe fronted by chairs and tables which were confidently left out. The chairs are askew and some tables have been pushed together. You can almost hear the laughter of friends around the bigger tables and the soft clacking of fingers on a keyboard from one of the smaller side tables.

Though currently deserted, this could be a good place. Then there is a disturbance in the silence of the night. You hear the sound of boxes or maybe crates fall over. This sound comes just before the hushed voices and laughter of men. You slow your pace when you start to pick out some German words, "ruhig!" "vertrauen Sie mir," and then "Du bist so hübsch." As you arrive at the next alley, you pick out two men down about a block away.

Your breath catches when you start to take in the scene. There before you are two of the most handsome men lost in each other, kissing each other's necks and running their hands over the other's body.

The only time they stay their hands or lift up from a kiss is to whisper something and excitedly laugh before being drawn back to each other, unable to resist the other's magnetism. There is almost no space between the two as one pushes the other against the wall. One of the men was thick with a broad chest, arms filling out the short sleeves of his polo, cut, glistening abs just visible under his slightly pulled up shirt, and legs like steel pipes defined against his tight, dark dress pants.

The other man was sleek, lithe, moving easily. His shoulder-length hair bouncing with his movements. When his muscles flexed, they stand out in toned cords, proof of his efforts. He stood a few inches shorter than his companion, but had all the confidence to match and maybe outpace him. The two are completely visible, having knocked over the crates right next to them. Unable to look away but not wanting to be seen, you slip into the alley just behind some boxes.


From your vantage point, you can see without being seen by them and, glancing back the way you came, from the street. Turning back to the unwitting actors who are on a stage for an audience of one, you can see the men fumbling with each other's bodies, with each other's lips.

The bigger one is leaning against the wall, his lover kissing his neck and whispering into his ear. The thin one starts to lift the shirt of the man he has pressed against the wall and drop his head to the chest of the big man he is taking. The man against the wall reaches out as if trying to find a hold on the flat wall, moaning. Then a call of "Ahh Lukas! Zähne!!" But by the way he rolls his hips forward, you know he is begging for more. "Shhhhh, Mika," Lukas scolds as he comes up to quiet his struggling lover with his lips.

But while Lukas hushes Mika, he reaches down to the buckle and button of his pinned friend's pants, undoing the clasps, then slipping his hands inside.

Mika's change in expression is all you need to know Lukas just took ahold of his manhood. Now looking up directly into Mika's eyes, Lukas pulls down the dress pants to reveal the hard cock his hand has been stroking. Whispering one more thing, he starts to trail kisses, licks, and nips down his partner's torso and stomach calling forth various smirks, groans, and moans from the big man who now has his head thrown back and is more freely letting out the sounds of his experience.

This continues until the Lukas's mouth hovers just in front of the pulsing cock in front of him. You can just make out the strong man's cock touch then slip past Lukas's lips. Even from a quarter block away, you could tell how hungrily Lukas licked, sucked, and adore the hard cock. Even from here you could read the pleasure written on Mika's face.

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This is hotter than any porn you have seen. These men are sexy, all about each other, alternatively smiling and getting serious, and they are standing live in front of you. This is real. This is happening. You think to yourself where are all the other hot, gay Germans? Where have they been? Have there ever been two men as hot as these two? The scene which immediately caught your breath begins to affect you more deeply. You can feel yourself start to get wet underneath your dress.

As your vagina clenches, your thighs start to flex, and your knees knock together. Fearing the noise from your knees was too noticeable, you look up to see if the men have noticed. You relax and sit on a partially hidden box when you see how busy they still are.

A bomb could have gone off and they would not have noticed.

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You can't relax for too long, not while watching this happen, not without getting worked up. You squirm with desire. You haven't felt a demanding need like this from simply watching people have sex, but then, when do you see something like this in real life?

When have you watched as one man greedily sucked another from this close? When have you seen such hot men all over each other in real life? You notice your hand sliding up your thigh, under your dress, finally brushing against your panties, panties you can tell are already soaked.

Catching yourself, you look around to make sure you cannot be seen from the street. Reassured, you lock your eyes back on the two writhing men as you run your fingers along the edge of your thigh and your panties. You feel a chill run through your body, but the shiver only makes you feel hotter. You glide your fingers over the edge and then more and more of the fabric honing in on your clit.

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And on the next drag, when your fingers make contact with your pleasure center, your cheeks start to burn. These men are at fault for their public display, but what you are doing is worse. Who are you to take this moment? You guiltily start to lift your hand but then stop.

Mika has a hand on each side of Lukas's head. He alternates between fucking it with bestial ferocity and slowly allowing it to glide all the way out of Lukas's mouth until their only contact is Mika's hands on his tufts of hair and the tip of his erection on his tongue.

Then comes the slow stroke towards Lukas's neck. This is too hot. There is no stopping. You need this. You give in to the bad girl inside who has waited to be released. Your hand is already back on your clit and now you stroke, tickle, and rub yourself with need.

The scene plus what is happening under your dress is too much. You can feel yourself building up towards your big moment.

You bite your lip to keep from moaning and grab your breast with your other hand. Just as Mika slides slowly back into Lukas's mouth, your vagina clamps and opens, your legs shake, and you can't breath or move or control anything.

Your breath comes in ragged and you resettle yourself. Looking up you are just in time to notice a change. Lukas has stood up and is undoing his own pants.

He strokes Mika's face and mouth with his hand, sliding his thumb into his large companion's mouth. Unexpectedly, and with a surprising amount of strength and speed, Lukas spins Mika around, knocking over more boxes, and is left with holding two large, muscular hips.

Not expecting this turn of events, you feel your desire building again. Your need for touch. This time it has to be different though.

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You get on your hands and knees, using the boxes for support and cover. Lukas positions himself behind Mika, gives a resounding smack to the ass in his hand, then slowly slides his manhood along his lover's ass, teasing him.

This is too good. You need more. Hastily, you pull off your panties and set them next to you. Then the tease is over. With one more slap on the ass, Lukas whispers something you can't quite catch and, inch by inch, slips into the the big man.

Then as you watch the thinner guy start to pull back and slowly return every inch of himself to the big, strapping man, your fingers finally touch your naked, soaked clit. You start rubbing yourself on all fours, the juices of your desire running down your fingers. As Lukas starts to pick up his pace, you pick up yours. You reach back with your other hand and grabs your own ass, just as Lukas slaps Mika's ass.

You are experiencing this not just by seeing it, not just by feeling it, you are part of their experience, acting out what they do. And it is so. Fucking. Hot. You feel the tingling build, again, mounting tension and yearning. Lukas grabs a handful of Mika's hair and slaps his ass again. You have to put your hand in your mouth to stop yourself from screaming.

Then you begin to sense a presence behind you. Just as you begin to turn around, a hand stops your shoulder and a firm finger pushes your face back towards the sultry scene. A strangely familiar voice that you just can't place tells you, "Don't look away.

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Look at their bodies. Look at every inch of their bodies, their dripping sweat, his strong arms holding the other in place, have you ever seen such men?" He sees what you had seen all along.


Seeing it all again coupled with his cuing words, you can't help feeling your vagina expand then clench, your clit begging for more attention. "Don't stop. Keep going," the stranger encourages, his hand guiding yours back to your throbbing button. You hesitate at first, but with his coaxing, the compelling scene in front of you, and your body's yearning, you resume rubbing your clit. Your fingers immediately find just the right spot. You don't even bother starting slowly this time, your need is too great, what the men are doing is too hot.

You can see the pumping bodies of the men before you glistening with sweat, pronouncing every angle of their bodies, every definition of their forms. You can hear the grunts and moans of their desire which pushes your own desire to new heights. Everything drops away except for what you see and what you feel. Just as your breath starts to catch, as a soft moan you can't help but utter escapes your lips, and as you approach the edge of your climax, you feel the stranger's tongue make contact with the bottom of your vagina and then drag all the way up to flick your clit.

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He must have laid down behind and below you facing up, facing your dripping, shaking pussy. Your initial shock and indignation are immediately overwhelmed and swept aside by the waves of a second, stronger orgasm which seizes and washes over you, released by the last nudge of the mystery man's tongue.

Your eyes clench shut as you feel - no, experience - this orgasm take over. Then it starts to relax. Panting, you try to breath control back into your body. Each breath stills some of the shaking which still quakes through your body. You begin to notice your surroundings again, notice what is happening in this alley of pleasure. The men in front of you are slamming into each other now. You can hear the slap of skin on skin and it just drives you further, faster towards your own pleasure.

In addition to the scene in front of you, the licking between your legs has not slowed, and now he adds his fingers to coax you towards your next climb. Every time you reach down to get a peek at who this mystery sexual man is, he tugs your dress back down to cover him.

Your body betrays your frustration of wanting to know who this man is when tremors running from your clit throughout your entire body become too distracting to ignore. Your continued need surprises you, but again draws you towards the next event horizon of your bliss.

The two men now bucking into each other in front of you, the unknown tongue lapping up your juices and giving your clit just the attention it needs, the strange fingers driving in coaxing all sorts of new sensations to the surface, and your own fingers clawing at your hair, your ribs, your butt, are all taking you to new places, such great heights.

As you start your climb, there is a sudden absence. Where did your licker go? As you turn to look back, his firm hand guides your chin back to looking straight ahead, his hand drawing your hand back to your clit. Then you feel something soft and at the same time rigid poke at your center. Before you even have time to react, he enters you sliding first the tip, then the rest of his pulsing stiffness into you.

And the men in front are fucking each other at a frantic pace, Eren driving forward while Murat forces himself back. And the man behind you is thrusting in faster and faster strokes. And your hand has no choice now but to become a blur, giving yourself just what you need. And you start to shake, wriggling with all there is to see and feel and take in.

And everything is coming together. The next time Lukas thrusts deeply forward, Mika starts to cum. You see him start to shake and hear his moans. This sets off a chain reaction for Lukas who then pulls out and explodes over the ground, over Mika's back, over the crates, over everything.

This makes your pussy clench and unclench, rippling on the dick you have driving into you. You can feel him grow larger within you, feel his cum approach. His desire drives you right up to your next edge, the largest edge you've rode. You want it. You want it all. This is something different. This is necessary. "Don't you dare pull out," you growl. Your words push him too far. With a groan he releases the first burst of his cum you feel so deep inside you, so warm.

Your body is violently racked by seismically trembling ripples out of your clit and through your body, as if your heart is shocking your body in waves. Almost passing out in your exhaustion, you sag and crumple, trying to steady yourself from one of the most intense experience of your life.

Shaking your head of your dizziness, you start to look around.

The men who had so enjoyed each other are nowhere to be seen. Your mystery lover, the man you had felt but not seen, has vanished. Still a bit stunned, you get up, walk up the alley past where the men were.

Just before you get to the street you pause noticing a bit of paper on the side. Picking it up you read, "an dieser Stelle passierten wir, lassen Sie uns treffen und etwas anderes zu tun. - L." Tonight really had been something different. Even now, while your head clears, you start thinking of other new ways you could go home next week.