Ballet gay sex tube He rails that hard shaft like a nasty cowboy as

Ballet gay sex tube He rails that hard shaft like a nasty cowboy as
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Part 2: Weeks went on and I was getting nowhere with Mike. Sure, a couple of nights each week we would find ourselves parked in the trees off of some dirt backroad, talking about the girls we wanted to fuck and masturbating to them, which still got my heart racing as I watched Mike stroke that beautiful cock, but I still wanted more. Now and then I would jokingly bring up sucking each other, but a quickly replied "nah" always dropped the idea in its tracks.

To this day I don't know what brought about the change in Mike. Sometimes I wonder if he had an experience with someone else. Maybe he just kept thinking about it as I did until he got brave enough to make the move that night. We were dragging main in his mom's Ford Explorer, which we never drove around, but this would prove to make this night one of the most exciting of my life. It was getting late, and as usual when we were hanging out, about an hour before it was time to call it a night one of us would mention something about beating off before we went home.

I can't recall who said it this night. By now we had a pretty good routine going on! On the way out of town we would pull up to a gas station and grab a few paper towels from by the gas pumps to clean up our mess with. "Flagging" we called it, since when we were done with it we tossed the evidence in the trees.

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Well, we made our quick stop, and this night headed for a secluded, unused gravel pit a couple of miles from town. Once parked, we went back to the routine we were so comfortable with by now.


We leaned our seats back, then each wiggled our jeans down a bit. We never pulled them down very far, just about to the knees, just enough to get our boxers down enough to get our cocks out. I loved this part…I loved watching him take it out and slowly work that limp, beautiful dick into the raging hard on that I craved.

I don't know how he could not notice me watching him, but then again, I had always felt like he was looking at me working mine as well. By now, I didn't even want to ask anymore, I knew he wasn't in to it. So I was just going to watch. I wanted to savor watching him work up to it, watching his chest as he breathed more heavily, watching him squirm as he began to cum, then pushing myself to climax as I watched his cum squirt on that yummy belly.


I was so into it that I didn't even hear him at first until I snapped out of it. "Do you want to suck it a little?" he asked quietly.

The shock I felt go through my body was unexplainable, pure excitement! But I had to play this cool, I didn't want to lose what I had waited for months for. "Um, yeah, I will try it" I replied as if I was hesitant. "We can try it, and if we can't handle it we don't have to keep doing it" Mike said.

"Yeah, that sounds good. I will try first if you want" I said, knowing that if I told him I could handle doing it maybe that would help his confidence with sucking mine. "OK" Mike replied, sliding down his pants a little more and situating himself in the seat to give me better access to it. Here we go, I can't believe this is happening at this point, I finally have the invitation to what I have been craving, it's just inches away from me and it is mine!

So, I haven't sucked a dick before. Even though I want it so bad I am so nervous that I am shaking. By now I had watched plenty of gay porn and had a good idea, but still I wondered if I really could stand to have it in my mouth. I reached over and took his rock hard cock in my hand, holding it at the base. Oh, it felt sooo good to have it back in my hand! I slid in my seat to get down to it easier, then slowly leaned in, the head of that beautiful cock so close to my lips.

I paused to savor the smell, that musky, kind of pre-cum smell (in fact I think it did have a bead of pre-cum on the tip). That smell, that's all it took…I was driven by my craving now and I took his cock into my mouth.

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That kind of rough texture that I felt on the head of his dick the couple of times I had stroked him, it felt absolutely amazing in my mouth now. I could feel his cock throb as I sucked him slowly, I was loving every minute of it! I had to remind myself that for right now we were just "trying it out". I came up and looked at him, "yeah, it isn't so bad. I can handle doing it". "OK, let me try" Mike responded.

I hadn't really thought about this. I had been so focused for so long on sucking his cock that I hadn't really thought that much about him doing it to me. I sat back in my reclined seat, tugging my pants down so that I could spread my legs and give him full access. I found myself shaking again, I even jumped slightly when he touched my cock.

"You OK?" Mike asked. "Oh, yeah, sorry, just getting comfortable". With that Mike leaned down and took me into his mouth. The warmth I felt when his mouth went around me, I will never forget that. As I watched him suck me I wanted to touch him, to pull his shirt off and let him know how good it felt. Of course I couldn't do that yet. As I was lost in him I came to again as he lifted up, "I can do it", he said. As I was searching where to go with this next he beat me to it, "do you want to get in the back?

We can lay down the seats where we will have more room". My mind raced "no fucking way" I thought to myself. Is this really happening? "Yeah, that's a good idea". And with that, we were both quickly in the back of the Explorer laying the seats down.

Now that we were set, I noticed that Mike was laid down opposite of me. I looked at him and he saw the question in my eyes. "We can do it to each other at the same time" he said. OMG…a 69! Only in my wildest dreams! I'm about to fulfill 2 of my fantasies with him in the same night.

As I lay down beside Mike I noticed him pushing his pants and boxers down to his ankles, so I did the same. I was so anxious, but even before I had his cock back in my mouth his was around mine again.

I moved in and took him back into my mouth, and I heard him moan softly as I did so. That moan with my cock in his mouth, I could feel it go all the way up my spine. As I sucked his cock I couldn't help but look up and down his body. I loved his long, skinny legs, his muscular, defined hips, that six pack stomach that I could only see part of. I loved what I could see of his smooth ass, he was much less hairy than I on his ass.

I wanted so bad to see the rest of it, to grab it even. I was enjoying all of him, I began to lick the tip of his cock, licking his shaft, even his balls. I felt Mike stop his work on me then he whispered, "don't tease me…just suck it".

Those words…so dirty to me, so exciting. I promptly went back to work on him, finding it hard to focus with the amazing blow job I was also getting, which was my first, man or woman.

I thought I was doing such a worse job on him than he was doing on me, I had no sooner thought that than he stopped and said"fuck, I'm going to cum bud". With that he reached down, moving me away from his cock and grabbing the shaft. He rolled over to his back and I got a front row seat as I watched him blow a huge load of cum onto that hard stomach, that delicious cock spirting cum just inches from my face. That sent me over the top as I felt my body shiver. I rolled over and shot a load that went clear up to my chest.

I had never cum so hard before. I lay there, gasping for breath, unaware that Mike had also been propped up watching me cum. When our eyes met, he awkwardly reached up front to grab our "flagging" to clean up.

I don't think he had meant to let me see him watching me. I'm sure he was as lost in the moment as I was. We cleaned up and headed home, talking casual conversation just as nothing had happened.

But at home I lay in bed reliving that thrilling experience! I found myself beating off again, within an hour of what we had just done. Of course in my mind I was playing everything else I wanted to do to him as I pleasured myself to the thought of him.

I imagined kissing his body, grabbing that smooth, round, firm ass, even taking his load of hot cum in my mouth. I wanted more, and I felt like it would come eventually just as this night had. As I thought of all of this I came again, not as hard as I had with him, but this one left me shaking when I was done. As I lay there I rubbed my fingers in my cum, then I licked them, imagining it was his cum on my fingers.

Would I ever really do that? I wasn't going to wait as long this time, I wanted Mike more than ever and I had to have it soon. But as it would turn out I had to wait for over a week! Things just never worked to hang out as soon as I wanted. I found myself beating off to him every night in many different fantasies. Finally, a week after the best night of my life, I invited him to go out shooting. I knew he was free, and I didn't want to wait until dark.

What a better way to have a reason to get out away from town! Mike picked me up again, this time in his dad's truck. I was a bit disappointed, hoping for another round in the explorer. Oh well, I was still going to get what I wanted. As we drove out to the west side of town, as we always did we started talking about girls.

We drove along, shooting here and there as we went, continuing to talk about the girls we wanted, both of us getting hornier as we went on.

Finally I said it, "fuck man, I need to beat off, I'm so horny right now". "Yeah, me too man, I was just thinking that" mike replied. I suggested we head to a friend's farm, a place I had been several times since I had worked for the guy before.

It was summer, nobody would be around there since he only kept cows there in the winter, and it was quite hidden from main roads. We crossed the bridge of the canal, and parked behind a small hill out of sight. We settled in like always, seat back, jeans and boxers sliding down to the knees.

That day was so hot! I remember sweating partly due to the heat, partly to nerves. It was going to be me this time. Hell, Mike wasn't even hard when I said it, "do you want to suck it"? "Um, we can't, I'm not hard yet".

"Oh that's not a problem" I said, "I can take care of that". I caught myself…I can't believe I said that! Did I say to much…was it too "gay"? Did it scare him? Mike leaned back, sliding his jeans down a bit more, "OK, if you want to". What a relief! I wasted no time. I leaned over and took his soft cock in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it as I sucked, I figured this was the time to tease a bit to get him hard.

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I couldn't help but look up at him. His head was rolled back, his eyes closed, he was really enjoying this. That gave me a ton of confidence, and made me so much harder myself as well.

His delicious dick was coming to life in my mouth and I loved it! I wanted so much more, but I was so scared to do too much and scare him off.

However, as I sucked him I changed my position a bit, and this gave me a reason to put a hand on his leg. He didn't object in the least bit by word or by action. I even squeezed his leg a bit and slid my hand around on it as I sucked him. This was my first "solo" blow job, how long should I keep going for? I really had no idea what I was doing, what the boundaries were.

Even though I wanted more than anything for him to cum in my mouth I didn't think I could take it that far.

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So I stopped and sat back up, giving him his turn. No words were said. As soon as I sat up he moved himself around to take his turn on me. I slid my pants down, this time clear to my ankles. He wasted no time leaning down and taking me into his mouth.

It was so fucking hot in that truck. I lifted my shirt up to my shoulders, and when Mike saw me do that he did the same. My dick twitched as I now had such a perfect view of the man I wanted to be my lover. His smooth back, that six pack, those legs, then I looked across the cab when I saw movement. It was the mirror on the door, and in it, a perfect view of that amazing, round ass!

Mike kept sliding closer to me, working my dick like magic. Up until now I had my knees close together, as he was pushing me closer to the edge I began to relax. As I did my legs began to spread apart and I felt them touch something.

I opened my eyes to find my knee against Mike's outer thigh. He had moved so that we was almost kneeling on the floor, but still kind of on the edge of the seat. Then I felt him pressing into my leg. My leg was so close to his hard cock. I wanted to feel it as he sucked me.

I relaxed more, sliding my body, and in doing so now found my leg on the inside of his thigh. Then he moved slightly, and excitement shot through me was I felt his balls brush my knee. I hesitated for a moment, but noticed he did not move. I moved a little more, then he responded by pressing his hot, hard dick to my leg. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and feeling, and he continued to press it into me.

This was going to be great! And that's when I heard it. It was the unmistakable sound of a truck coming across the bridge. Mike quickly shot up, pulling his pants up and his seat forward. With Mike on me I didn't have time, and Mike knew this. As the truck came into view, it was some friends of ours. Mike jumped out to talk to them, distracting them while I fixed myself. Wow that was a close one, and of course it killed my chances that day.

We were both too scared to try again later that day. But I still lay in bed that night with a sense of accomplishment. He had pretty much been humping my leg. Maybe I would get everything I wanted from him eventually! Of course I cum hard again that night as I could still feel that cock on my leg.


This time I wasn't going to let time get away from me. I wanted to push this to the next level while it was still on both of our minds. We were back to hanging out the next night and it didn't seem like we wasted any time in getting the conversation to girls, sex, and eventually, the need to go beat off.

We went back to our gravel pit, this time in my truck. As we got ourselves back into our normal grove I was shocked to hear Mike bring it up again, "do you want to suck it a little"?

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That whisper still rings in my ears, for all of the time we had our fun this would be his saying to get things going. "Sure" I replied, sliding my jeans back down, this time spreading my legs, hoping he would take the bait!

Mike quickly moved down and took me into his mouth. This summer's night proved to be very hot as well. I pulled my shirt up again, noting that as I did Mike did the same, again. That's when I noticed his jeans were also to his ankles.

He had never done that before I had sucked him before. I also noticed he was sliding back into that halfway onto the floor position. I welcomed his move, stretching my leg out. With that, Mike didn't hesitate, he actually slid his leg over mine and pressed his hard cock and soft balls into my leg.

He began to hump my leg, not as softly and innocently as before, but with pressure this time. That was enough for me, I knew the bar was raised. As he sucked me and pressed against me I placed my hand on his bare back and rubbed his soft skin as he pleasured me. My hands slid to his hips, grabbing, rubbing, and finding their way under him to his hard cock. I was hesitant, but I gently cupped his balls, which was met with a moan of approval.

With that approval, I went to his throbbing hard on and stroked him gently. I felt like I was going to explode! And then he stopped!

Mike leaned back in his seat without a word; legs spread, looking at me. I quickly picked up that this wasn't danger, it was simply my turn! I responded, probably with a huge smile on my face by sliding over and taking him back into my mouth.

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My mouth watered for that cock, my heart raced, my breathing heavy as I planned my next move. If it was OK for him, it was for me…I moved into position on the floor, he greeted me with the same relaxed leg, so I slide over and pressed against him, softly at first, then pushing into his smooth, warm leg. My hands were also now on his hips, holding firmly as I sucked him. I couldn't help it…as I felt his heavy breath and heard his moans I slid my hands up and over his rock hard chest, under his shirt.

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I thought he was going to stop me, but to my amazement I found him tugging up his shirt, and pulling it off of his head. Now I could see those perfect, hard nipples. I played with them, squeezing, rubbing, I could tell he enjoyed it. I was losing myself and I didn't care. I let go of his cock and kissed up his rock hard belly, moving to his nipples.

I sucked softly on them, kissing them, stroking his cock with one hand while I loved his body, just as I had seen in the gay porn I had watched. I wanted to kiss him so badly! I made it to the base of his neck, but I got scared. I worked down his body, back to his cock, sucking him wildly now as I could hear and feel him breathe heavily with enjoyment. I knew he was close, I kept sucking.

He was trying to hold back but couldn't. "I'm, I'm gonna cum". He tried to reach for it, I let off and looked at him. "No, I got it" I said, and as I looked at him I began to stroke him. He relaxed, laid his head back and tensed up. I looked down at his cock to see it twitching, then shooting a hot, thick stream out over my hand and onto that stomach. Another stream, and another…5 streams all together each one tailing off onto my hand.

I could feel my own cock throb as I was still pressing against Mike's leg. As Mike reached for something to clean up, I leaned back into my seat and began to stroke myself as I again looked up to see him watching. This time his eyes didn't leave my cock, and my body quivered knowing that he was looking as I shot another huge load up my chest. "Wow, you cum a lot more than I do" he said.

"That's a lot of cum man". As he turned to clean up I brought my hand still covered with his cum up to my mouth and took a shy taste. Oh it tasted so good! I quickly took a bigger lick, and played with his cum in my mouth as I finished my orgasm. I was in pure ecstasy, but still wanted more. And I would get more…a lot more. But that's for next time!