Tied up licked fingered forced orgasm

Tied up licked fingered forced orgasm
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*******************************************************************Faggot gay boy ************************************** Let me start off by telling you I'm a fag that likes to suck cock and get fucked in my ass, other than that I'm normal and to look at me you would never think I'm a fag. I have always had girl friends to cover and make people think I'm straight and that's where Ann comes in she is a slut but a vary vary beautiful slut that likes black cock.

I first saw Ann coming out of club that was more of a pickup joint for black men and white women and she had two big black guys in tow. After that I began to stalk her, I found out where she worked and lived and how often she would go looking for big black cock. One night I followed her to a house In a ruff part of town, I knew this would not be good for Ann as one of the guys had a hand full of her blond hair as they walked her in the house.

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I parked down the street and walked back to the house and tried to look though the windows. Finally I found a window I could see what was happening to Ann and she didn't seem to mind what they where doing to her and now there was four guys not just the two she arrived with.

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This seemed like a good time to get some video so I used my phone and in fifteen minuets two of the guys throat fucked her and she had cum dripping off her chin, man how I envied her. The other two fucked her in the cunt and when they flipped her over I could see cum dripping out of her pussy.

Then a car came down the street and I hid in the bushes as the car stopped in fount of the house and three guys got out. This seemed like a good time to levee before I got caught. Back at my apartment I uploaded the video to my computer, the quality was better than I expected.


There where some really good parts. The best was the look on Ann's face when cock number two was about to fuck her throat and the penetration as it went balls deep. The next night I drove past Ann's apartment but her car wasn't there so I went to the house and it was sill there. This was on like her to stay two nights at the same place. I also noticed that there was three deferent cars parked on the street.

Making my way back two the window I could count eleven guys and Ann looked horrible, plus she was tied with her hands behind her back and her feet tied to the bed posts.

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Ann was on her belly and her ass up and they could fuck her cunt and throat at the same time, I new this was way more then she wanted so I called the cops and said there was gun shots and a ten year old blond haired child held captive at this address.

Ann told the police that every thing was consensual and she refused medical treatment. I arrived at Ann apartment before she did and when she parked I approached her and introduced my self. I said " Miss I'm Jim Hogue and I'm the one that called the police " "Well I'm glad you did but how did you know to call them " " I have been watching the house because a friend of mine had a bad experience there and I wanted to get back at them" "Well thank you" " You look sore can I help you to your apartment or with any thing " " yes come up " In her apartment I helped her off with her shoes as I undid the little buckle to the little strap of her sexy shoes she moved her legs apart and I could see and smell her cum filled pussy.

She said " Are you shocked by that " " No I think a well fuck pussy is a turn on " " I have been giving head and forced fucked in my mouth so much I would like to get head back Interested" Ann didn't have to say any more because I was in there sucking the sperm out and licking her clean after that Ann said " maybe we can work some thing out if you don't mined a girl that likes lots of different men and only black guys" " How many of them are bi sexual we could party together if you would like that" " that would be grate because I don't like a cock that goes from my pussy and then in my mouth, can you take care of that for me" " Yes, lets go take a shower and I'll wash the cum out of your hair" The next morning we made arrangements to move in together, but sex was of limits for no until Ann got over her ordeal.


Ann was curious about how I was hung, so with some help from her I jacked off for her, it's been three days sense I came so I had a big load and she licked it all off my belly. It was a month later that Ann was ready for some fun and we had fun in a motel room with four well hung bi black guys.

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I cleaned all their cocks after they fucked Ann's pussy and two fucked me in the ass. After two left the other two stood Ann up against the wall and took turns putting their cocks in her sperm filled cunt and then in my mouth.

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Then they fucked me in the ass one last time before they left, but I did get their phone numbers. I was really enjoying living with Ann and came to the conclusion that I was bi instead of gay as I always looked forward to one on one sex with her.

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Being with Ann had its up side also because she was so beautiful we could always find partners.