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I caught my cute niece naked while sleeping
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RESCUED OR ENSNARED? From far, far away, Prince Vandar felt gentle hands touch him and the warm current of the ocean as he was drawn swiftly through… Soft lips breathing lifegiving air into his own parched lips were the next sensation Vandar felt.

He was incredibly weak and in severe pain but he was intensely grateful for the life-sustaining contact. As his senses awakened he could tell that someone had pulled the remaining part of the arrow shaft from him and he was lying on his back. When he coughed and began to breathe on his own, the soft lips began to caress and gently kiss his dry lips and cheeks. "No, only Linden…" The Prince mumbled in protest as he feebly attempted to evade the nuzzling lips.

"It is Linden, my Love." An Entrancingly lilting, but totally unfamiliar Voice reassured him. The lips recommenced their nuzzling, soft kissing, and caressing as Vandar slipped back into a peaceful oblivion.

An intoxicating hypnotic Song brought him slowly back into semi-awareness. He couldn't make out the words, but he could somehow understand the lustful emotions that were an integral part of the Song.

Intense erotic satiation and physical love were being promised in exchange for a full surrender of all volition. As he fought to open his eyes the Singer kissed his eyelids and they Magically dropped closed again. The cloying, sweet lips began their endless seduction, kissing, licking, and nuzzling at his lips, then moving to nibble at his earlobes and neck.

An erect nipple and soft breast next teased his lips; then long tendrils of hair caused a tantalizing shiver on his feverish skin as the woman trailed her face across his body. A small hand gently cupped his cheek, then moved down across his chest, then down to warmly envelop his swelling manhood. "Only Linden…" Vandar insisted weakly, as he struggled to open his eyes.

"I am your Linden, make love to me. I need you so much!" The Singing voice pleaded sweetly. With an intense effort, Vandar opened his eyes; he was startled to see the face of his beloved Linden. Her face was close to his, and her insatiable need for him was evidenced by the intense yearning look on her face. Vandar painfully reached his hands up to cradle her dear face in them. He drew her to him and kissed her with a feverish intensity and delirious need as she wrapped her soft legs around him and began to place him within her hot, wet core with one small hand.

She reared back and impaled herself on him in triumph! He felt an intense pleasure as she engulfed him, then he looked up at her in revelation. The Truth Seeing was working; he had been tricked and Enchanted! Long raven tresses curled down past emerald green eyes and alluring red lips to encircle large globed, erect nippled breasts.

She was a beautiful, enticing woman but she was not his Linden! The tormented and betrayed Prince used the last remnant of his will power as he rolled and threw the Enchantress off him with all of his remaining strength.

He felt a tremendous wrench of pain in his wound and he fled, once again, to the now welcome haven of unconsciousness. The relentless lips were the first things he sensed, when next he came around. They sang their lustful, erotic, and hypnotic tune and then began their kissing, licking, and sucking anew. This aroused Vandar incredibly until he regained enough awareness to remember their lies. The insiduous rape was beginning again!

Vandar did his best to forget how incredibly erotic the Siren's tawny body had felt to him, for Siren he had deduced her to be. He had to concentrate on his escape, he knew he'd have to use his mental, rather than his physical powers to succeed. He steeled himself to resist the ministrations of her warm, wet lips and soft body. He strived to turn his desire to rage. He meditated on Linden's innocent Virginal trust in him and her sweet love as the exquisite but diabolical torture continued.

"No." The Prince realized his thinking of sweet Linden only seemed to legitimize the feelings of arousal and lies the Siren was using to weaken his resolve. His escape would have to be through some other means. Xandar had told him he possessed the ability to use Magical Powers, if only he would. If the Truth Seeing he had unwittingly used on the reflection frame and used to see the Siren in her natural guise were any indication of the ease with which Wizardry could be performed by an Adept, he should be able to teach himself.

First Vandar battled to visualize in his mind a wall blocking out the Siren's hypnotic Singing. He built it rock by heavy rock and was gratified to find, at last, that it seemed to be working.

The higher the imaginary wall grew, the less he heard of the alluring Siren Song. Thus greatly encouraged and relieved from the maddening Song, he looked closely with his mind at his wounded shoulder. He began to picture the wound closing and mending from the inside out, torn muscles becoming whole and strong again.

He thought intensely of healing, soothing thoughts. The excruciating pain in Vandar's shoulder eased to a tolerable level as he felt an eerie tingling come from the ground into his back, legs, buttocks, and head, and merge in his shoulder area. A revelation struck him; the Power was coming from the Earth!

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He felt much stronger. He opened his eyes to see the exotically beautiful Siren staring in astonishment at his wound. He looked at it himself and he was amazed to find it was healing. Bloody slivers of the splintered shaft and clots of blood had been pushed from the gory wound by his rapidly regrowing flesh.

The Prince rolled over and shoved the Siren off him. He got his arms underneath him and struggled to rise. A lance of pain went through his shoulder, but he was grateful for it now because it served to bring him more awareness. Vandar stood shakily and saw himself to be in a rocky seaside cavern. He was surrounded by the booty from the numerous wrecked ships brought to their destruction by the Siren's irresistible Song. The Siren had stood and was looking at him in disbelief, he could tell from her face she was still singing desperately but the rock wall blocking his hearing held firmly.

He resisted looking at her enticingly nude body and looked around for his clothes, swordbelt, dagger and other gear.

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He buckled them on and found a likely looking sword that would fit his scabbard. As he gathered supplies and readied himself to leave, the Siren grew increasingly more frenzied.

Finally, she grabbed up a sword; she raised it overhead and rushed at him. Vandar had built up a lot of rage and frustration because of her attempted rape of him, but he had no desire to kill or injure even so murderous a beautiful young woman. Vandar drew his own sword with his left hand and caught and held her swung sword overhead. He grasped her swordhand with his right hand and found himself face to face with the small Siren. They were also chest to firm breasts; he fought valiantly to avoid being drawn back to thinking about that as the Siren's erect nipples seemed to stab him.

He was still weak from thirst, hunger, and his wound. Though much larger than she, he couldn't overpower the Siren physically. He had a sudden inspiration and looked mentally at the soundproof rock wall he had built in his mind and then at her sleekly vibrating throat; he moved the wall! The Siren dropped as if she had been shot with a poisoned arrow! She grabbed her throat and tried to Sing. Vandar could hear again now, and he could see she could breathe normally, but the only sound she could make was a hoarse croak.

The Prince looked in triumph at the now vastly less harmful woman. Vandar cleared his throat and told the Siren.

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"I think you'll have to find another line of work now. If you'll behave, I may come back in a few summers and remove that Spell." The Prince derived a lot of satisfaction from delivering the short speech. The silent siren clutched frantically at him; she was trying to plead with him, but he couldn't hear a thing.

The Prince regathered his supplies and walked out of the cavern area onto the beach. He saw he was on a rocky island surrounded by the beautiful blue sea. The rocky shore of the island was heavily strewn with the wreckage of many ships. He had no idea of how far the island was from the Castle, or of how long he had been there. The stubble of youthful beard he had grown showed he might have been unconscious for as long as a couple of sun cycles.

The one thing he was very sure of was that he wasn't going to risk allowing the Siren from under his Spell to ask her.

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He also had a suspicion her shock at seeing him use Magic was the only reason he had physically been able to hold against her attack. After a short exploration, he found an intact dory that must have belonged to a fisherman who had become the Siren's victim. Vandar could not remember the Siren having fed him anything since his capture. He felt as if he hadn't eaten in weeks. He checked the small kegs he'd brought out of the cave.

One contained fresh water and the other a sour wine.

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He poured a measure of each into a flagon, and drank deeply. Feeling greatly refreshed by the diluted wine, he looked through a box he had brought from the cave and found some dried meat. Vandar reflected that though the meat looked like the hard tack sailors used on long voyages, he didn't know enough about the Siren's eating habits, or her methods of disposal of her victims, to eat any meat from her larder. He returned the meat to the box then he scavenged along the shoreline.

His warrior training had included many hard-earned lessons on living off the land. Vandar watched closely for bubbles and he soon found a place to dig for clams. He dug with his dagger until he had thrown a couple of dozen clams up on the sand, then he sat and started opening them.

The raw clams were succulent and delicious. Vandar felt a hunger for the salt in them he knew was caused by his loss of blood.


After he drank another flagon of the watered wine he felt almost human again. Vandar sat on a smooth rock in the shallows and cupped a handful of the clear seawater and began to cleanse his wound, the warm, salty water was very soothing. By the time he had throughly cleaned the bloody, half-healed wound, the combination of his weakness and his full stomach were inducing him to sleep.

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He went back to the protection of the cave and carefully bound the silently groveling and pitifully pleading Siren to ensure she didn't cut his throat while he slept. Then he lay down for some much-needed rest.


The last thing he did was to think of his family and of the terrible pain they must be going through. VANDAR IN CHARGE When the Prince awoke it was nearly dark; he lay silently alert until he remembered where he was. He looked over at the Siren and was gratified to see she was still securely bound.

He had tied her hands over her head to a handy spar. The nude Siren made an intensely erotic picture of enslaved and defenseless vulnerability and femininity.

She writhed her body around; she was silently offering him the erotic pleasure his swiftly healing young body hungered for. The treacherous thought came into his head that if he yielded and gave the Siren what she was literally begging him for, no one else need ever know.

Instead, he got up and threw a blanket over her. The Prince was well rested now and he decided to try the Magical healing again. He lay back and visualized his wound as it had looked when he cleansed it on the beach. Then he thought the healing thoughts that had worked for him the last time.

The constant ache he had been feeling in the wound disappeared as he again felt the Power surge up from the earth and through him. When he looked again the wound was much improved. This seemed to be as good a time as most to escape from the island. It was imperative he return to the Summer Castle as quickly as possible. He knew word of the attack and his disappearance would have been sent at once to his Parents and Linden. Vandar couldn't bear to think how terribly his loved ones must have been suffering because of his disappearance.

The Prince had decided to escape at night because he knew nothing of the forces that had attacked him, or their present location. The only two things he did know for certain about them were that they wanted to kill him badly and they'd cursed well almost succeeded! He surely wasn't going to advertise his survival by sailing to the coast in broad daylight. He gathered a few more items he felt he might use, along with some dried biscuits and cheese he found packed in the stores from the wrecked ships.

He then released the Siren. She again began to silently beg him to release her from the Spell, but he had hardened his heart to withstand her. He had known from Childhood that as Royalty he would someday be responsible for dispensing justice. Although the Siren had saved his life, she had not done so for altruistic reasons, but only to put him under her own erotic Spell. He had never heard of any man who had survived that.

He felt his leaving the Siren marooned and voiceless on the island was a fitting punishment for her many crimes. Vandar had loaded his equipment and arms in the dory when he began reconsidering his decision. Sir Gannon had trained him to use any and every available weapon in a fight.

He was only an inexperienced warrior and fledgling Wizard against unknown odds and the Siren had some awesome Mystical Powers over men, as the many stark ship wrecks around her island stood mute testimony to. She might be useful as a powerful weapon in intelligent hands.

Vandar went over this decision in his mind to make certain it wasn't some diabolical mental Power of her's that was coercing him to make it.

He went over and over it, and his reasoning still seemed to be logical, so he returned to the cave to try to work out a treaty with the Siren. He first sat her down and covered her infinitely desirable body with a blanket so he could concentrate. He then spoke reasonably to her. " I don't know your name so, for now, I'll simply call you Siren.

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I want to explain to you I am the only one who can release your voice from the prison I have built for it, so it is to your advantage to see no harm comes to me. Do you understand and agree with me?" She nodded her head in reluctant agreement. At the slight movement, the blanket slipped down to expose her large breasts. He pulled it back up to conceal her. "The men you rescued me from tried to kill me and would have succeeded, but for you.


For that much I am grateful, but as to what you did to me…" The Prince's voice faltered as he blushed in remembrance. He changed the subject immediately. "I am betrothed and sworn to wed another, so I will not give in to you. Right now, I'm going to sail to the coast to rejoin my men. If you will agree to accompany me and assist me for the next few Moons, I will entreat the King to give you a pardon for your crimes and I will try to work out a compromise with you." A resigned look came over the Siren's expressive face.

Then her mood changed drastically and she nodded her head in avid agreement and pleasure. The blanket slid down when she got up and she threw her nude body at him in wanton abandon. Prince Vandar dodged her like the Red Plague! "No. We'll have to have a few rules between us and the first rule is we'll have none of that. Get dressed." After giving him a very disappointed look the Siren clumsily tried to don some clothing, but all she accomplished was some ineffective motions. It was soon apparent to Vandar that clothes were simply beyond her understanding.

He assisted her in putting on some of the smaller of the sailor clothing she had scattered around the cave. He tied her long, wild hair at the nape of her all too shapely neck with a piece of leather like a boy would, then he slapped a wide-brimmed hat on her head. With the loose clothing, she would pass for a young lad, except for a close examination. He allowed her to gather a small bundle of her personal items.

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She managed to do that much by herself. He found some small stockings and boots that must have belonged to some long forgotten cabin boy and handed them to her. She looked at them blankly. He resignedly sat her down on a nearby chest and he put the stockings on her, then he laced the boots to her small feet. She was so unused to clothing and footwear he had to assist her to the boat. Vandar had a sudden inspiration and knelt in the sand. With a forefinger, he wrote out his name in the sand.

"V-a-n-d-a-r, Vandar." He told her. "That's my name. Can you write yours?" Vandar had no idea whether Sirens were the way they were because of a curse or if they were born that way.

Evidently, this one had either been educated as a child or some poor, doomed sailor had taught her, because she picked up a stick. "Lorelei", she wrote, then she looked up at him for approval.

"Lorelei. That's a beautiful name. Quite a fitting one for someone who lives by the sea." The Prince told her. She seemed to enjoy hearing her name immensely and she urged him to say it again. "Lorelei." He repeated for her as she cocked her pretty head to one side to listen intently. He reached over and refastened her shirt over her distracting breasts. The Prince picked up the boat anchor, he coiled the rope, and he placed them in the boat.

As he bent to shove the boat into the water, she reached to help. They shoved it down the beach into the water, he assisted her in, then he climbed in and they sailed out to sea.