Wife watches her old mom rides his cock

Wife watches her old mom rides his cock
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Hi everyone. This is my first story post so be gentle. This is the first of, hopefully, a long story line. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to post comments or suggestions. The dark room was illuminated only by the images playing on the computer screen.


The video constantly altered the look of the room, still only giving light to a small porting while leaving the rest in shadows. Jason sat in his chair in only his boxers, starring intensely at the computer sitting on his desk. He had an earpiece connected to the computer in his left ear. This way he could listen to all the audio while still listening for his family if they started to wake up.

Jason was a 17-year-old high school student, five foot ten, and about 150 pounds. He had black hair in a buzz cut with intense blue eyes.

He had some muscle tone from using the school's gym. He was an exceptional student and was well like with the faculty. Every day he put on the fa?e of a model student with a big smile so that the teachers would leave him be. They only had time for the trouble students, and they needed it.

At the moment he was indulging in his favorite nighttime pastime. The screen had a video of a woman having sex with three different men. She was riding the cock of one of the men cowgirl style while giving the other two hand jobs, alternating sucking off both of them. The man below her was rapidly thrusting his cock up into her, causing her to bounce up and down almost off his dick. The other two had already cum on her face, covering it with sperm.

She might have been crying from the combination of pleasure and physical exertion, but it would have been hard to tell. Jason wasn't touching himself just yet. He always liked to tease himself to insure a good rise. He sat as though he was a stature, not moving and almost never blinking, not wanting to miss a second. He could almost feel his blood boil inside himself before he would let himself feel pleasure.

After two more loads of cum being dumped onto the girl's face and her screaming climax, the video ended. Jason wasted no time in pulling up another video pre-loaded to the height of the scene. This one had a man blindfolded and tied down to a bead in a spread eagle position.

Another man was deep-throating his cock enthusiastically (To Jason, sex was sex. Doesn't matter who its with). Jason finally let his dick free from the confines of his boxers and began stroking it.

It was already at its full length of 7 inches and he rubbed all of it.

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The head of the man became a blur as it rapidly sucked off the restrained man. By the sounds he was making, it was no mystery he was enjoying the blow job. After several minutes of intense sucking the man tightened up, thrust his hips up and loudly grunted as a massive amount of cum sprayed out of his dick into his partners mouth. The partner tried to swallow it all, but much of it spilled out around his mouth as he choked on it; the camera got a good close up of that.

With his free hand, Jason quickly brought up the next video while keeping up the fast pace of jerking off he had built up. This one had a young blond tied up in a hogtie while being suspended from the ceiling. She was being rapidly fucked by a man with an overly large penis most likely touching her cervix. At the same time, her mouth was being forced onto a dildo strap-on being worn by a dominatrix.

"Do you like that you little slut? Being fucked by two huge cocks?" The dominatrix taunted the blond while grabbing her ponytail and violently face-fucking her.

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The girl looked up with pleading eyes and a barely audible "yes" escaped her dildo-filled mouth. The video continued liked this as Jason neared his climax, pumping his blood filled member harder and harder.

Seeing that the girl was nearing climax the two doms stopped their assault, holding both their dicks inside her. "I want to hear you beg for it you cock sucking whore!" The female roughly pulled on her hair while holding her head in place on the dildo.

With tears in her eyes the girl desperately tried to answer but was cut off from the toy. "What was that?

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I couldn't hear you." The Dom finally pulled her off and the girl screamed her pleas while she could. "PLEASE, PLEASE MISTRESS FUCK ME! IM SUCH A FUCKING SLUT PLEASE FUCK ME!" That was all the encouragement the two Doms needed and resumed their fucking at full force until the girl cried out in orgasm.

That was the edge for Jason. He griped his dick and gritted his teeth as he shot jets of cum out onto his desk. The pleasure washed over him as he quickly recalled the images he'd seen in his head. He stayed like that for a moment, riding the high of his orgasm until it faded.

When it did, he leaned back into his seat and took in a deep breath. There was something calming with the feeling you get after a great cum.

Suddenly, Jason heard a slow clapping behind him. Startled, Jason quickly swung around and attempted to cover himself up. There was a girl, about 20 years old, leaning against the wall opposite him slowly applauding him.

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She had long, black hair, about five foot eight with C-cup breasts. She wore a short black skirt that barely covered her thighs and a red blouse that came down to her navel with a deep neckline, showing off her cleavage.

"Holy Shit! Who the fuck are you? How did you get in my house?" The mysterious woman stopped clapping and lightly laughed, "My my, that was quite the performance. I must say I haven't seen that much passion and energy in a long time." 'What the hell? She was watching me?' Jason thought to himself. The woman looked past him at the computer, "You have pretty good tastes too." Jason realized he hadn't shut off the video and it was still playing.

He stood up and blocked her view of the screen. "I said who the fuck are you? Tell me or I'm going to call the police." Jason commanded in a stern tone. She laughed again, "Who I am isn't important right now. What is important…" She rushed towards Jason in a few quick steps. Caught off guard, Jason stepped back to defend himself but fell back into his chair instead.

She put both arms on the desk behind Jason, trapping him. "…is who YOU are." Jason looked up into her eyes, still startled, and saw they were glowing faintly red. "What the hel-" Jason was caught off as the woman kissed him deeply. For a moment, he was too shocked to push her away.

Jason tried to collect himself but something happened. In seconds a huge amount of blood rushed from his head and he became fully erect in an instant.

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Jason completely forgot about the situation and became overcome with an intense desire to sexually ravish this woman. Jason began returning the kiss with an equal amount of force and wrapped his arms around her. Their tongs swirled around in each other's mouths, as it seemed they could not share enough saliva. Without breaking the kiss, Jason leaned down and wrapped his arms around her legs and picked her up while standing up out of the chair. He carried her over to his bed on the other side of the room and threw her down.

A wicked smile spread across her mouth as she propped herself up on her elbows, looking up at him, her eyes still glowing red. Jason was panting, wanting nothing more than to have his way with this sexy woman. But he was able to stop and think for a moment, 'What the hell is going on?

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What is this?' She spread her legs on the bed, hiking up her skirt and did the 'come here' gesture with her finger. Jason shoved his thoughts aside and dove on top of her, continuing their kiss. This time it was even more intense. Both of them seemed to touch each other everywhere at once, constantly grasping and touching.

Jason grabbed the insides of her shirt and in one jerk, tore it open and sent the buttons flying in all directions.

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She had no bra on and her nipples already stood at full attention. Jason began kneading them in his hand, feeling the soft flesh between his fingers. He took both her nipples and pinched them, hard. This made her gasp in pleasure as it sent sparks through her body. Jason broke the kiss and placed his mouth on her right nipple, licking and sucking on it while flicking the other one.

She continued to give gasps of approval and held his head with her hand.


Jason wasted no time furthering his exploration and grasped her skirt with his free hand. In another smooth quick motion, he pulled down her pants and flung them across the room, again revealing no underwear.

She smiled to herself, amused with his enthusiasm. Giving no warning, Jason plunged two fingers into her already soaking wet pussy. He thrust his fingers in and out of her at a speed he didn't think he could accomplish. She threw her head back in a silent scream, suddenly overcome with stimulation. He switched his attention on her nipples, now sucking on the left while flicking and pinching the right.

He continued this on the sexy stranger while she whispered words of encouragement into his ear. "Yes, that's it. More, More!" Jason then added another finger and picked up the pace, making sure to hit all the right spots. Another minute of mad hammering and she reached a breaking point.

She grabbed Jason's head and arched her back and cried out as she exploded with cum all over Jason's hand. When she fell back down onto the bead Jason looked down at her. He had a look of mad lust in his eyes and his cock was twitching in anticipation.

He opened up her legs and positioned the tip of his cock at her entrance. Again without warning, he thrust with the entire weight of his body into her, filling her with his entire length.

Her pussy clamped down around his dick and still felt silky and divine. "Ah! O god yes!" She cried out, grabbing his shoulders. She looked deep into his eyes again and said two words, "Fuck me." With that, Jason put all of his strength towards fucking the hell out of this woman. He grabbed her legs and pounded in and out of her pussy, forcing lubrication to spill out between them.

The sounds of flesh smacking together filled the room as he continually forced his entire member into her. He felt as if he was going to pass out from the feeling of fucking this tight wet cunt. They both began to gasp and grunt with each thrust, being completely consumed by the pleasure of their fucking. While still filling her, Jason lifted her up while kneeling on the bed and began bouncing her up and down on his juicy meat. While in this vertical position, they began their passionate kissing again.

A sheen of sweat coated both of them from not letting their bodies take a single second of rest. This provided another source of lubrication, allowing them to slide up and down on each other with even more speed. The woman clawed at Jason's back and bit his tong as if feral. This, however, did not slow Jason's assault.

The pain merely added to the sea of pleasure he was in. Feeling himself nearing orgasm, Jason wanted this orgasm to be the most intense he ever had. In another feat of surprising strength, he again wrapped his arms around the woman and stood up on the bed, carrying her with him. She wrapped her legs around his waste, providing no escape for his penis. With a loud grunt he shoved her body against the wall the bed was set against. She gave a audible scream as his overly-engorged dick stretcher her and filled every inch of her cunt, hitting every pleasure nerve possible.

He put his hands under her knees and spread her legs apart. He looked up at her and smiled, which she returned. He slowly pulled out of her until only the tip remained. With an inhuman strength he plunged into her, pressing their bodies as close as possible.

With a few more thrusts of the same caliber, they finally could hold on no longer. "O FUCK!

I'M CUUUMIIIIIING!" the woman cried out. Jason dug his nails into her leg and held himself inside her. The feeling of her cunt convulsing around his hot dick pushed him over. "O SHIT!" He yelled as the orgasm overcame him and a gallon of cum sprayed out.

Their combined fluids spilled out of her vagina and pooled around Jason's feet. They simply basked in the overwhelming pleasure they felt while locked together. Finally, Jason's legs gave out and he fell back against the bed, taking the girl with him.

She, however, caught herself with her hands. She pulled herself up off Jason's dick and the rest of their cum came rushing out. Jason simply lay limp on his bed. His arms were shaking and was panting like he had just finished a marathon. The woman stood over him and showed no signs of fatigue as if nothing had happened.

"What…was that?" Jason asked breathlessly. The woman smiled, "That was your audition, and you passed."