Nicole Aniston fucks Sheena Ryder

Nicole Aniston fucks Sheena Ryder
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They are lying in bed together. She is just wearing her knickers; he just got out of the shower and has a towel wrapped around him. They are next to each other, both on their backs. Her knees are elevated, and his hand is on her thigh.

They are just chatting about nothing, as always. They have nothing to do, so plan on doing this all day. Typical Sunday. She moves her body so she is at his side, her hand drapes over his chest, her left leg over his. He keeps his hand between her thighs, and she snuggles her face into his neck. She smells his clean skin. Even though he just showered, she thinks he still smells like himself.

The clean, comforting smell his skin always has. They lie in silence. She strokes his chest lightly, and feels his hair beneath her fingers. She adjusts her face, slightly, her lips against his neck.

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She kisses softly, moving slowly up, towards his ear. She kisses his cheek, and he turns his face towards her. They smile, and their lips meet. Soft at first, just brushing. Her hand moves up from his chest and meets his cheek as their lips continue to dance.

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Their tongues run over each other, her grip on his cheek pulls him in closer. His hand between her thigh moves up, feeling her heat. She lets go of his cheek and moves her hand down his body, undoing the towel and releasing his cock.

She runs her index finger down his shaft, and back up again. Her hand grips his head and squeezes him gently. Her palm runs down his cock, cupping his balls and rubbing. As they kiss, he moans into her mouth.

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She knows he doesn't want to take it slow. "You want me on you," she thinks, "but we have all day. I am going to take my time." She takes her hand away, releasing his lips and lying on her back.

She smiles at him and beckons him to come towards her. He moves closer, kissing her again, his hand between her thighs pushing them apart. His hand moves up her body and finds her throat as he kisses her harder. He moves down, pinching her nipple between his fingers, running his hand across her chest as he places his thigh against her crotch.

She pushes down on him, moving her hips up and down, grinding against him. He focuses on one nipple, then the other. He is fair. He kisses her neck as she moans. His hand moves south, once more, brushing the line of her panties. His mouth continues on her nipple, biting her gently, flicking over her, flattening across her.

He moves his leg off her as his hand slides lower. He traces the inside of her thigh with his fingers, up and across her knickers, up her other thigh and back down. He pauses over her cunt, moves her panties aside and feels her warm desire cover his finger tip.

She throbs at his touch. He grasps the waist line of her knickers and pulls them down. She kicks them off, and she lies bare before him.

Her cleanly shaven pussy waiting. His fingers glisten as he runs them back up her stomach, leaving a trail. He traces his fingers over her lips before pushing them into her mouth, allowing her to taste herself. She sucks them lightly, her tongue running over them, cleaning him. He moans into her chest.


He rolls onto his back again, grabbing her as they go, pulling her on top of him. She straddles his lap, and he feels her soaking wet cunt on top of his cock. If she moves back slightly, her could enter her easily. They could fuck and cum together. But she wants more. She wants it to last.

She rubs herself against him, wetting his shaft and balls. She kisses his chest as her hips rock, her clit beginning to throb at his touch. She wants to cum.

She is close. She moves her mouth down his body, licking his stomach, kissing his hips. Her mouth finds his balls first; her tongue laps at them, tasting herself once again. Up, across him, at the base of his shaft, she licks. She flattens her tongue, and her head moves up, up his perfect shaft, pausing at the head of his cock.

Her hand wraps around his base and pushes down as her mouth envelopes him. Her spit runs down; she is so eager, so happy to have him. She loves the taste of his precum. It makes her work harder. She never goes quickly, not like this. She wants him to go to the edge and back. She wants him to beg her for it. "Uh, baby," he says.

"Fuck, you feel so good." She stares up, her big hazel eyes looking deep into his dark brown, forgetting herself for a moment; she loses herself there. She sticks out her tongue and rubs his head against it, her lips trailing down him, kissing, worshipping his cock. Their eyes lock. His hand grabs her hair and pushes her onto him one final time. Down his shaft, taking him deep, feeling him in her throat. He pulls her off and gasps.

She crawls back up his body. She pauses for a moment and kisses his lips, before continuing the climb up and straddling his face. She is perched just high enough to tease his mouth.

She stares down at him and runs her hands through his hair. He smiles up at her, letting his tongue dart out and flick her clit. She throws her head back and presses herself onto him, moaning.

He buries his tongue deep inside her, thankful that he finally gets to taste her. His tongue is eager and pushes deep. She moans louder; this is her favorite. His tongue is like magic, moving over her, inside her, circling her clit. She grabs at her breasts and pull at her nipples.

He cups her ass and spreads her wide. She has to grip the head board as her legs begin to shake. She was close before, but this is almost too much. She reluctantly pull herself off, and laughs, giddily. "Baby. You are too good." She moves back down his body, pressing her weight on top of him, their chests meet, their lips connecting once more. Her hands lock around his face as she kisses him, deeply.

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His mouth is home; she wants this to last forever. This feeling. Her pussy rubs against his cock, wetting the head once more. She move her hips, and feels him slide deep inside her. She moans loudly as she push herself up, her hands on his chest. Her hips bucking backwards and forwards. She rides him, feels him deep inside her, feels him pushing into her soul. She leans back, and his hand slides against her stomach, the other on her hips, grasping her.

She's going to make herself cum.

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She feels it. She explodes around his cock, screaming out. "Jay.

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Fuck. Jay." Beads of sweat line his forehead as he watches her convulse on top of him. He exhales deeply.


He's not finished. It's his turn now. He flips her over and turns her round. Her pussy is still throbbing as he pulls her ass into the air and runs his cock over her slit. He teases her again, before pushing himself deep inside her once more.

His hands grab at her hips as he pulls her on and off his cock. He pounds her hard. They hear nothing but their mangled breathing and moans. He wraps his arms under her and pulls her up, against him. The sweat on his chest meets her back, and he holds her close, driving up inside her. She presses down hard and reaches her hand down, brushing her clit, finding his balls and rubs them.

"Fuck, baby," he says in her ear, as he shoots deep inside her. He fills her with his cum, trying to catch his breath, biting down on her shoulder. He pulses inside her, unloading. His arms grip her close as they come down, pressing their skin together. They both laugh and collapse on the bed. He lies on his back. She finds her place in his neck. Her hand across his chest again, but this time she hugs him tight.

He faces her, and they kiss. His arm atop hers, gripping her. It is perfect.