Cute Amateur Lesbians In The Bathroom

Cute Amateur Lesbians In The Bathroom
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Fbailey story number 306 Nothing But Crotches I take lots of pictures of my three sisters with and without their panties on. It all started out when I told my older sister that I wanted to become an erotic photographer and I asked her to pose for me. First I couldn't photograph her face and I had to pay her.


As it turned out it was ten cents a picture. You see I had a ten-dollar bill and she wanted it. I on the other hand wanted a hundred pictures…hence ten cents a picture.

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She removed her outer clothes but left her bra and panties on. I made sure not to get her face in any like she had asked because I knew that she would want to see them right away to make sure. So I photographed her from the neck down, her breasts in that bra, and especially her pussy in those panties.

I had her spread wide open, I had her put her fingers under the waistband, and I had her run her finger up her slit from the outside. Then I watched and photographed as her panties got a wet spot in them.

Letting me take intimate pictures of her had excited her. I already knew that it had excited me. Sure enough after I took the pictures she insisted on seeing them on my computer monitor. She quickly got dressed and followed me to my bedroom. She watched intently even though she really didn't know what I was doing. When I hit 'slide show' she looked at the screen.

So did I. We both watched in awe as the pictures flicked by every five seconds. They were some of the best pictures that I had ever taken and her crotch shots were beautiful. Penelope saw my hand in my pants and I saw her hand up under her skirt. I asked her to finish with me watching and handed her another ten-dollar bill. Penelope told me "Nothing But Crotches" and "A Nickel A Picture." I smiled and she got on my bed.

I got really close as she slipped a finger in through her leg opening and into her pussy. I took pictures of her finger fucking herself for a while and then she slid her finger up to her clit and closed her eyes.

Her breathing became labored and her chest heaved. I took the opportunity to photograph her legs with her crotch and then I got really low on the bed and between her legs. After about a hundred pictures I lifted the camera slightly so that I got her face in a couple of the pictures. When she finished her orgasm I still had ten pictures left to go. I suggested that she removed her panties and she did.

She was in some sort of a dreamland after that orgasm and quite accommodating. She slipped her panties down her legs leaving then around her ankles and then opened her knees wide for me. I took two pictures and asked her to finger her clit again. She did and I took two more pictures. Then I boldly asked her to open her pussy lips up for me. When she did I took two more pictures. With nothing to loose at that point I asked her if I could hold her pussy lips open and she said that I could.

Wow it was really wet in there. I was able to open her lips up enough to look right inside her. It was pink and it was beautiful. I lost track of how many pictures I took but I could always promise to pay her later. When my finger hit her clit Penelope jumped and I got scared and pulled my hand away.

She hollered for me to put it back and keep rubbing her clit. She said that it felt better than her own finger and that she wanted to cum again. I told her that I had taken my two hundred pictures. Penelope said, "Fuck that. Take all the damn pictures you want too.

Just don't fucking stop again until I tell you too." I replied "Okay" and kept taking pictures. I even got her face in the pictures occasionally. She had that dreamy eye look like she was in love or drunk or something.

All I know is that she received three of the best orgasms of her life thanks to my talented finger and I took almost five hundred pictures. Afterwards she thanked me and walked out of my room without her panties. She didn't even want to see the pictures.

So I put the panties in my desk drawer and renamed all of the pictures with her name, the date, and a consecutive number using six digits. That way I was good to just under a million pictures of her. At least that was what I was hoping for. I then separated the pictures of her face from the rest and hid them in another folder under schoolwork. She would never look there.

I was looking at them when she walked in. Luckily I had turned my room around so that no one could just open the door and see what I was doing. It was parent proof. She was still in dreamland, she had taken a bath, and she was ready for bed. She looked over my shoulder at her pictures and remembered how good my finger had felt. Penelope then said, "Okay! From now on Nothing But Crotches and all that you want to take as long as I get satisfied afterwards.

Is that clear?" I said, "Yes! That way my hand won't be in every shot either." Penelope then said, "I wonder if your tongue is as good as your finger?" I replied, "Want to find out?" She said okay, removed her panties, and got on my bed. I handed her the camera and told her to take the pictures since I would be occupied.

She did. Apparently my tongue was just as good as my finger because she stopped taking pictures every now and then. I could tell by the flash not going off.

Just as Penelope shouted out that she was cumming the door opened and there stood our two younger sisters. Penelope told them to get in and lock the door. With my face still in her pussy Penelope told them to keep their mouths shut. They just giggled. Being thirteen and fourteen they knew what was going on but Penelope explained it to them anyway. She said she lets me photograph her crotch in exchange for me giving her orgasm. They asked her if I was any good and she told them I was by far the best yet.

Needless to say they wanted to try me out too. Penelope looked down at me, smiled, and said, "Well little brother it looks like you've got your hands full now taking pictures and satisfying the three of us." Then I got a big hug and didn't know why until I heard her whisper in my ear, "I told them crotch pictures but I never said Nothing But Crotches so make sure you get their faces in some of them." Then I got a kiss on the lips.

She licked my lips and said, "Boy do I ever taste good." Of course I replied, "You sure do." To which she said, "It must have been that bath…and that douche too." She paused and said, "By the way you can take crotch pictures while I pee, douche, or take a bath if want too." I told her to just let me know when. Then I told Roxanne and Savannah to remove their panties and get on my bed.

Penelope helped them get into a good position for me and kept giving them directions as I took pictures. She had them finger their clits until they came, open their pussies real wide for me, and then she got her hands in the pictures holding them open too.

I took those opportunities to get her face in some of the shots along with their faces too. Roxanne the fourteen-year-old had more hair than Savannah the thirteen-year-old had. Of course Penelope trimmed the edges of her pussy and must have just done so during her bath because her pussy looked much better in the later pictures.

Penelope seemed to like fingering her sister's pussies just as much as I liked fingering hers. So I had her rub their clits and she did. The girls seemed to like that too. Then I suggested that she use her tongue like I had on her. Surprisingly she did. There was almost no way not to get her face in those pictures except for the extreme close-ups of just her tongue and their open pussies.

I was glad that they didn't have the same color skirts on otherwise sorting out the two girls intermixed pictures would be rough.

I took several of each girl all in a row so that it would be easier to do later. I could scarcely believe the tongue lashing that Penelope was giving her two younger sisters.

Eventually I had to get my fingers in there too so essentially we shared them. I fingered one as I took pictures and she ate the other. We switched and I also took some pictures of Penelope. Then near the end I backed up and took pictures of all three of my sisters.

Roxanne and Savannah loved having their older sister eat their pussies while I took pictures of them. All things must come to an end and this was no different when Mom called up the stairs that it was bedtime. I kissed my two younger sisters on the pussy and then Penelope French kissed me to give me a better taste of them. The two girls left their panties behind so I put them in my desk drawer.

Penelope told me that she had to pee so I followed her into the bathroom. The other two followed me because they had to pee before bed too. So I took pictures of all three of my sisters peeing into the toilet and wiping afterwards. I made sure to get a face picture before they started so that I knew who it was.

Then I had to pee while they watched and Penelope took pictures. When I was in my room I locked the door and downloaded all of the pictures that I had taken. I sorted them into three folders and then renamed them as I had with Penelope. I then decided to just put Penelope's face pictures back in her proper folder.

Then I hid those folders as best I could, made a backup CD, and then locked that in my desk drawer. As I lay in bed jerking off I recalled the last few hours. That had been the most exciting thing to ever happen to me in my life. At fifteen I was a hero in my own mind. No one would ever believe me even if I told them, which I wouldn't. I certainly wasn't going to show them the pictures either.

Mostly because I didn't want my sisters mad at me and to stop posing. As I drifted off I thought about having them pose outdoors, get their girlfriends to join in, and of course fucking them. My cock in their pussies must be better than just my finger or my tongue. When I woke in the morning I was rock hard and I had to pee like a racehorse. Just as I opened my door Penelope smiled at me and told me to bring my camera.

The other two were already in there waiting for me. They were doing the pee-pee dance and seemed relieved to see me. They let Savannah go first and boy did she have to go. She probably peed twice as much as she had the night before. Penelope let Roxanne go next.

She too peed like crazy then Penelope peed a lot too. Finally it was my turn but I was still rock-hard. I dropped my underwear and listened to my sisters giggle. After almost a minute I got a stream flowing but I had to practically break it in half and bend over to get it in the toilet.

Then to be more comfortable I stepped back and let my cock straighten up a little. Now that impressed my sisters. Penelope took a lot of pictures.

As we left the bathroom Mom was standing right there. "What were you doing?" she asked. Savannah the youngest said, "Nothing Mommy we're just taking pictures of each other peeing.

You should see Quentin pee. He can stand way back when his cock is hard." Mom just smiled, looked at my underpants, and said, "I've watched your father do that. It is kind of amazing when we have to sit all the time. However, maybe someday I'll show you what a girl can do. Now go get ready for school." Then Mom followed me into my bedroom and asked, "What are doing with these pictures?" I looked her right in the eye and said, "Nothing!

Honest! I would never show them to anyone. Mostly because I don't want them mad at me and to stop posing." Mom smiled and said, "Well young man I believe you. Okay! As long as you don't show them to anyone or post them to the Internet you can keep taking pictures of them. I'll want to look at some after school though." Then Mom grabbed a hold of my cock and asked, "Can you take care of this yourself or do you need help?" I looked at her and she smiled at me.

I quickly thought it over in my head but it probably sounded like an instant response when I said, "I could use some help if I could take some pictures." It was Mom's turn to think, smile, and answer me by kneeling down, lowering my underwear, and putting her lips around my cock. I was so shocked that I almost forgot to take pictures. Mom's mouth felt so good that I couldn't believe it. I cum in her mouth and she swallowed but it never went down.

That was when Penelope asked, "Can I help too?" and then she knelt down next to Mom. I got a picture of their faces side by side with my cock just touching Mom's lips. She moved over so that Penelope could suck on it. Mom got up and locked my door. After I cum in Penelope's mouth Mom took over because I still hadn't gone down.

Then she stopped and asked, "Penelope are you still a virgin?" She replied, "Yes!" very sarcastically. Mom said, "All I did was ask. I guess you'll have to fuck me then until it goes down. You better take the camera Penelope." I handed it over while Mom undressed completely and got on my bed. She said, "This will make for better pictures and maybe make you cum faster. Go ahead and play with my breasts after your cock is in me." I could not believe that Mom was doing this for me.

I also couldn't help but ask, "What if Dad finds out?" Mom laughed and replied, "He won't care or at least he'd better not. After all I let him fuck his sister and my sister any time that he wants too." Penelope said, "Wow! I knew that he cheated on you." Mom said, "It's not cheating if I know about it and I let him do it. Beside he knows that I have been thinking about letting your brother fuck me.

I just wanted to give you the first shot if you were willing." Penelope said, "Oh I'm willing. You just asked me if I was a virgin not if I wanted him to fuck me. Otherwise the answer would have been yes." I looked at her and said, "Well if this doesn't do it you can still be next. Otherwise how about after school?" Just then I cum inside Mom. As I pulled my cock out it was only a half erection. Penelope took one last picture, handed me my camera, and went out closing the door behind her.

I took several pictures of Mom with my cum leaking out onto my bedspread. Mom looked down and said, "Don't worry. I do the laundry." So I took more pictures of her there and as she got dressed. We walked down the stairs and Mom kissed Dad on the lips and said, "Oh by the way Quentin just fucked me. That morning wood can be so hard to get down. Penelope and I each gave him a blowjob but that didn't do it until he fucked me. We all thought that he would have to fuck Penelope too.

Anyway have a good day at work honey. Stop off and see your sister on the way home if you want too." The girls came down and Mom drove us to school. Roxanne and Savannah walked toward the Junior High School while Penelope and I walked toward the High School. Along the way Penelope told me to meet her in the school basement under the stairs at lunchtime and that she would take care of any problem that came up.

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I knew exactly which stair that she was talking about. So at noon I rushed down there to meet her. Penelope tried real hard but even after two blowjobs it just wouldn't go down.

When I suggested that she let me fuck her like Mom had she said no. She said that she had been dreaming about loosing her virginity and on the floor under the stairs in school was not one of them. However, if I could just make it through the afternoon that I could make love to her in her own bed with soft music playing, scented candles lit, and with Mom and our two sisters watching us.

Wow, she really had given it some thought. Well I got embarrassed a few times because thinking about fucking my sister Penelope after school was just too much for me. My cock never got soft.

Several girls pointed and giggled. At first it was terrible but then since it wouldn't go away and I couldn't hide it I did what Dad always says 'Just Grin And Bare It.' Well I didn't exactly bare it but I stopped trying to hide it too.

By that last class of the day several girls started smiling and even talked to me. That was something that had never happened before. Then of course I could only imagine taking pictures of their crotches too and needless to say my hard-on got even worse if that were possible. After school I met up with Penelope and started walking out to Mom's car when two of the girls from my last class stopped us. They seemed shy and whispered into my sister's ear.

She whispered into their ears and then they nodded their acceptance. Penelope smiled and told them to come over after dinner and to bring their things. On the rest of our walk she told me what was up. Those girls really liked me and were impressed with my erection all day and they wanted to see it.


Penelope told them that they could if they posed for some hot erotic photographs for me and spent the night in my bedroom. No! Really! Yes! Really! We got in the car and Mom took us straight home. She helped get everything ready while Penelope and I took a bubble bath together. We hadn't done that since we were little kids.

It was fun and Mom kept popping in to take pictures of us. Then the moment of truth arrived…would Penelope really let me fuck her. As Mom photographed the occasion Roxanne was recording it on Dad's new DVD camcorder. This occasion would live on forever as the day Penelope lost her virginity. At sixteen she was in her prime. Most of her girlfriends had lost theirs already or at least told everyone that they had. Penelope said that she wasn't going to tell anyone, not that she was ashamed of letting her own brother fuck her, but that it was something private and personal.

Private and personal my ass…our mother and our two younger sisters were going to watch us and record everything. Now I felt like an X-rated movie star and I wondered if I could live up to my own expectations, let along my sister's. Penelope had given this a lot of thought and I had all afternoon.

We talked it out in the bathtub and came to an understanding. It was pretty well scripted by the time I took her in my arms, tucked my cock between her thighs, and kissed her just as passionately as we had seen in those romance movies that she likes to watch. My hands roamed over her back, around her firm ass, and down the back of her legs as far as I could reach before coming back up again.

Her arms were around my neck giving full access to her sides too so that I could cup her breasts while we kissed. It was a very long and very intense kiss with plenty of tongue and lots of moans for the video camera.

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When the kiss broke I picked Penelope up in my arms and took her to her bed placing her down in the middle of it. I kissed her lips, her neck, and her ears. I kissed her nose, her shoulders, and her collarbone.

I kissed her breasts all the way around, her nipples, and then I took one in my mouth and sucked on it. I traded nipples blowing on them afterwards to get them all perky.

I watched as her areolas crinkled. I noticed goose bumps on her forearms from the excitement. I was pleased. I kissed her tummy, poked my tongue in her bellybutton, and then got between her legs.

Penelope opened her legs up for me. I looked at her pussy as if I had never seen it before and then I buried my face in her pussy kissing, licking, and nibbling for a long time. Penelope was cumming frequently but I knew they were for real. I knew just how excited she really was and how much she had been looking forward to this. In the bathtub she had told me that she was in love with me had been trying to find a way to make it happed for over a year.

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She said that letting me take pictures of her that night was the opening that she needed. She didn't care if I took pictures of just her crotch or of her face, she didn't care if I showed them to my friends or posted them to the Internet, all she really cared for my cock in her pussy.

I made her dream come true shortly after that when I slipped my cock into her. She sighed like a girl that had just been totally satisfied…a sigh that I would hear often in the future.

I cum in her once and stayed hard, I cum in her twice and stayed hard, and then I cum in her for the third time and just collapsed on her exhausted body. She had somewhere near a dozen orgasms in all and was exhausted from all of her exertion. I too was exhausted from all of my exertion. As we lay there with my cock still inside her pussy all we did was breathe.

As I recovered I kissed Penelope and told her that I loved her and not like a brother. She told me the same thing and Roxanne got it all recorded. Then we both felt my cock grow inside her again. Penelope smiled and told the girls what was happening.

Mom just smiled. Penelope then had me flip her over so then she could be on top. I looked up at her pretty face, her firm breasts, and watched her bounce up and down on my cock. I was happy that I was not the one doing all of the work that time.

My forth climax was a long time coming and Penelope was getting very tired but with us all encouraging her she finally did it. I didn't give her much cum but I gave her some. As my cock shriveled and popped out of her she sucked it clean. Then Penelope asked Mom to lick her non-virgin pussy clean and swallow her son's cum. Mom got in the picture and did just that. Mom did her part to become an X-rated movie star too.

Roxanne was a lot better at photography than I gave her credit for. She got incredibly close to Mom's tongue as she flicked it over Penelope's clit. I decided to go one step further and poked my cock in her face. Mom got the message and licked Penelope's pussy then sucked my cock. She went back and forth until I was hard for the fifth time then Mom slipped my cock back into Penelope's pussy. I couldn't cum and was just making her pussy sore so I eventually pulled out. Roxanne followed Penelope and I into the bathroom where we took a shower together.

After we dried each other off Roxanne announced that she had recorded for two and a half hours. Mom started dinner and Dad came home. Just as we finished eating the doorbell rang. Penelope jumped up to answer it and came back with the two girls that we had met after school. They had overnight bags with them. Mom told April and Mae to sit down and then got us all some ice cream for desert. To make the girls feel more comfortable about what they were going to do Mom told Dad, "These girls are here to pose for Quentin.

He is quite a good erotic photographer as the girls and I already know. They will be staying the weekend and sleeping with Quentin. So if you can give him some space or help him in any way please do so." Then she looked at my three sisters and said, "Girls do the dishes." Next she placed a hand on each of the other girls and said, "If you two girls need any sexy underwear, neglig?, or sex toys just ask.

Everything I have is at your disposal." With that she took Dad's hand and dragged him up to their bedroom for sex. She really needed it too.

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April asked, "You really took erotic pictures of your mother?" I replied, "Yes." Mae asked, "And all three of your sisters too?" I replied, "Yes." Then they walked out to the kitchen.

When they came back in they said, "Okay. We believe you. When do want to get started?" I took them up to my bedroom. In the hallway we could hear Mom telling Dad, "Fuck me harder and deeper just like Quentin does." After we got in my room and I locked the door April asked, "You really fuck your mother?" I replied, "Yes." Then I got out my camera and started taking pictures of the two girls as they undressed one another at my request.

Then as they kissed, sucked nipples, and kissed ass at my request.

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Then I took more pictures of them playing doctor and giving one another a complete physical using fingers, tongues, and even their toes. Then I let them both give me a blowjob at the same time. My cock was sore but I knew where I could soak it…in their pussies.

Both April and Mae were virgins however they were perfectly willing to let me take care of that for them. They did not have any great ideas like Penelope had so it would be easy on my bed going from one pussy to the next but I needed Roxanne to record it for me. When the time came I just walked out of my bedroom naked and got Roxanne and Dad's movie camera.

Roxanne undressed so that the girls would not be uncomfortable with her in the room. I kissed and fingered the two girls to a few orgasms to get them ready then I just slipped my cock into April's pussy.

I took it back out and then I slipped it into Mae's pussy. I went back and forth like that for almost a half-hour before I filled April's pussy with all the cum that I had left in me.

While I sat in my computer chair recovering Roxanne took over. She had Mae get a big gob of cum from April's pussy on her tongue and then feed it to April to swallow. After that Mae licked April's pussy clean and got into a sixty-nine with her. Roxanne encouraged them to lick the other's asshole telling them that she would join in.

Then she handed me the video camera. She had the two girls get on their hands and knees and then she opened up one set of cheeks and tried to get her tongue in their asshole. About then Penelope and Savannah came in just as naked as we were and helped Roxanne ream those two girls. I had thought that the door was locked but apparently not. Oh well! Mom came in and she was naked too. She told us that she had worn Dad out and that he was taking a nap.

Mom then told Roxanne to get up on the bed so that it would be three on three. I enjoyed it and started taking still pictures of them. After the assholes they attacked the pussies. They kept changing places with the ones on the bed and with each other until mom was sure that she had eaten all five girls. April and Mae said that they were tied and asked me to get in bed with them. They really were tired too but they let me feel them up until I too feel asleep.

Saturday morning was devoted to posing for photographs. I had five models and they had maybe a hundred pair of panties between them. There were a lot of bras, neglig?, and other sexy items for them to try on. I got plenty of nude pictures in between too. Dad watched for a while and then took off to meet up with some friends. I was fully recovered from Friday and decided to share myself between April and Mae but Penelope did not wish to be left out.

Apparently she didn't care who knew about me fucking her. I did a good job at fucking one every hour until Mom demanded a shot too after lunch. Roxanne recorded those four fucks then she offered to be next.

Mom asked if she wanted to let me fuck her and she did. Savannah asked to be the one after that. Why not! By the time I was ready to go to bed that night I had gotten both of my younger sister's virginities. That made five virgins in three days. All six times that day were recorded for future viewing and I was completely exhausted once again.

Sunday morning Mom told me to start with April by herself without any cameras. It was so intimate and nice. We both enjoyed it a lot but we also missed all of the excitement that the others brought into the room. Mae liked the intimacy too. Mom had been right. I now had two girlfriends, three sisters, and my mother at my disposal.

I was the luckiest fifteen-year-old in the world. The End Nothing But Crotches 306