Manami loves the way the cock feels in her

Manami loves the way the cock feels in her
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For a long time he stared into the mirror in silence. He could remember last night well, the claw marks across his chest would not let him forget. He walked back into the hotel room and gazed upon the beauty that lay in the bed still asleep. His gaze moved from the woman laying in the bed to the nightstand beside her were a well used crack pipe sat.

For the night all she wanted was a fix, and for that fix there was no depth to how low she would sink. The dark haird man walked to his messenger bag and opened it reaching past his computer he drew a silenced pistol, he wrapped his hand around the grip of the gun. He wished their was another way. He felt that these women all deserved a chance at redemption but when his nut burst across her face at 4 a.m.

he knew he had to free her from herself. He had to free her from her sickness. He held his breath as he rested the barrel on the back of her head and squeezed one round into skull. The silence soon followed. He hated the silence more then anything so he gathered his belongingswiped the room down and walked quietly from the room.

He jumped slightly as the co-worker slapped him on the back "hey Jerry, another long night?". Jerry looked up at the tall slim man who appeared to be around 24 years old "Yeah, you could say that." Jerry grinned and then stretched back in his seat, "How about you?". "You know me I live to party." The two shared a chuckle then went back to work. Jerry hated his job, he hated typing all day long writing sensless computer codes for someone elses profit, it just didn't make sense to him.


He did know though that if he didn't make enough money he wouldn't be able to carry out his labor of love. A smirk crawled across his lips as he thought about his night job. He couldn't wait for tonight, he had a good feeling. "Hey there," Jerry stopped and looked to the wragged looking woman who stood in the alley "you need a date for the night?" The young man brushed his long dark hair from his face and smiled " what did you have in mind, babe?".

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The tired woman took a deep drag from her smoke she exhaled to the side of the man, "I take rock or cash." Jerrys charming smile gave the woman a bad feeling but when he showed her the size of the rock he had she decided to ignore it.

The two walked quietly along the sidewalk before coming to a sleazy hotel.


He made her check in as a single while he waited out of sight. Walking into the room he bolted the door and watched sat at the table near the beds dropping the rock on the table she loaded her pipe and began to smoke.


When she was finished she began to twitch and jerk sparatically. "oooh… good stuff, baby" she groaned and got on her knees infront of the man who she had just met and started to do her job. Her hand rubbed his cock through his jeans as he just stared at her silently. Her hands were trembling and jerking as she groaned and wrapped her scrawny fingers around his member.

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Jerry loosend his tie and rested his arms on the back of the chair stareing absently at her. The nameless slut began working her tongue at a quickening pace. Her left hand cupped and rolled jerrys balls while her right worked his shaft.

Jerry groaned and let his head roll back he let wave after wave of hot cum shoot down her throat. "mmm not bad" she giggled wiping her mouth and leaning back on her knees "ready for more ".

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Jerry opened his eyes and looked her dead in the eye "yeah I am" as he spoke he rested the barrell of his 9 millameter on her forhead and shot twice. The room fell deathly silent and he quickly wipped the room down and left making his way home taking several off twists and turns so as not to be noticed.

He had never felt anything like it. The blood coursing through his veins as he helped clense the world of a wicked disease. He woke the next morning at his scheduled time, his eyes were blury and his body was exhausted. "What a night" he thought to himself as he climbed into the shower and started to clean himself. For being so early he was extremley horny he grined as he washed his throbbing cock clean, for a moment he contemplated masturbating, but no. Jerry had a craving on the back of his tongue, a hard loud craving that he knew he couldn't ignore for long.

As he got out of the shower and dried off he got dressed and walked to his bedroom. Normally Jerry hated his days off, he would sit around the house surfing the internet, bored and alone, but not today.

Today Jerry was glad it was his day off, he felt horny, energetic and he knew he had work to do. No sooner had Jerry sat down to clean his gun then his cell phone began to ring, he picked it up and checked the caller id. It was his coworker"hello?" he answerd putting the phone on speaker and setting it next to his gun as he cleaned the berreta.

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"Hey man whats up? Finally the weekend huh?" he chuckled then continued to speak, "Hey man what are you doing today?" Jerry grinned to himself then answerd calmly "I havent decided yet." letting the slide of the pistol slide into place making a recognisable sound which through his co-worker "is that a gun?" "Yeah why?" was Jerry's answer.

Jerrys' coworker thought for a moment, that wasn't strange that Jerry owned a gun, he just never thought that Jerry owned one "Just curious man. Well let me know what is going on later tonight maybe we can hit a strip joint or something?" Jerry smirked then answered "alright man, later" Jerry gathered up his messenger back and slipped the pistol into it before grabbing his cell phone and walked out the door.

The sun his his eyes, the weather was nice.


All in all Jerry knew it was going to be a great day.