Blonde tschechisch mit perfekten Titten bezahlt zu blinken und ficken

Blonde tschechisch mit perfekten Titten bezahlt zu blinken und ficken
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Incestuous Harem Chapter Two: Banging Mom Hard By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Clint Elliston My nineteen-year-old cousin's pussy clenched on my dick as we stood in my dormer window of my attic bedroom peering down at her backyard. From my window, our backyards, side-by-side, could both be seen. Melody shivered, letting out a gasping, sighing moan as we watched in shock at our mothers kissing. Our mothers.

Sisters. They were kissing in Aunt Vicky's backyard, sitting beside the pool, both older women in bikinis catching the last rays of the setting sun. And it wasn't a sisterly kiss.

My mom kissed Aunt Vicky with passion, her hand sliding down my aunt's neck to the strap of a red bikini, tracing it lower and lower to Aunt Vicky's cleavage. "Jesus H. Christ," I groaned, holding my cousin's round breasts. "I.I." "I know," Melody said, squirming, stirring her hot pussy around on my cock.

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This was not how I expected my Friday night to go. My cousin and I were best friends, and for the last year we had been kissing cousins.

We were both nineteen, a month apart in age, and had grown up together. Our mothers, for some reason, bought houses side-by-side. I grew up with Melody. She was a tomboy who would rather play war or violent video games than with dolls. But that didn't mean she wasn't pretty. She just didn't flaunt it or wear a lot of makeup. Tonight, after a strange dream where my dead dad berated me for letting the family fall apart after his death six months ago, he urged me to go all the way with my cousin.

Well, it wasn't really Dad, but my subconscious. Melody and I had been scared to take the final plunge into full-on incest. But when she walked in, wearing this tight tank top and no bra, I knew it was time. I was bold, confident. I claimed her and popped her cherry and we both came so hard. Melody wormed the dream out of me afterward, and I told her all of it, how Dad, or my subconscious, wanted me to get the family back in line. To be the man and show my mom, both my sisters, Aunt Vicky, and Melody's younger sister who was in charge.

To put discipline back into both households. By fucking them. So it was definitely my subconscious. "Aunt Cheryl's hand is slipping into my mom's bikini top," Melody gasped, her pussy clenching down on my dick again.

She was so hot and wet, still swimming with the seed from our first fucking. I hadn't even thought about using protection.

We were both virgins, so no danger of disease, but I could still make her pregnant. The idea of Melody carrying my child made my dick throb harder. My hips moved as I watched our mothers kiss. My mom's hand pushed down the red top, exposing Aunt Vicky's breast.

Fingers pinched a nipple. It was hard to see details from my third story window, but it was hot. I groaned as I slammed my cock into my cousin's pussy, my fingers finding her hard nipples. Melody groaned, her hips shifting, moving, matching the slow rhythm of my dick pumping in and out of her snatch while my mind boiled with questions.

Pleasure rippled down my shaft. My cousin was so tight. "How long have they been doing this?" gasped Melody. "Sleeping with each other. Since Uncle Clinton died?" "Maybe," I groaned. "Maybe my mom turned to her sister after my dad died." "And she's always spending the night," Melody gasped. "I just thought it was your mom's drinking problem. That she was passing out in my mom's bedroom but." "Damn," I groaned, my strokes picking up, my balls smacking into her flesh.

"Clint," she moaned, my fingers rolling her hard nipples while I nuzzled my face into her sandy-blonde hair covering her neck. "Is this turning you on?" "Yes," I groaned, my eyes fixed on my mom slipping on top of Aunt Vicky, the pair kissing harder as they ground on the chaise lounge chair. I could almost hear the vinyl creaking as Aunt Vicky grabbed my mom's ass through her blue bikini bottoms.

"So damned much, Melody." I plunged my cock over and over into my cousin's tight cunt, savoring the heat around me. My groin smacked into her ass with every stroke. I loved the sound, loved how she moaned when I bottomed out in her, loved the smell of her shampoo. And loved watching our mothers commit incest like we were.

Aunt Vicky's hands went into my mom's bikini bottoms, fingers digging into my mom's flesh, kneading, pulling my mom down so they ground together as they kissed. My mom's hips moved, humping against her sister like I had seen women do in porn. "Shoot," Melody groaned. "Oh, shoot, Clint, this is. This is so hot." "Yes." "Harder," she groaned. "Fuck me harder.

Press me against the window and just pound me. I'm soooo turned on." I slammed into my cousin. I loved her so much. I loved sharing this wild moment with her, our flesh slapping together, her face pressed against my window. My right hand abandoned her breast, sliding down her flat stomach, feeling her muscles ripple as she moved, and shoved between her thighs. I found her clit. I rubbed her nub. Her pussy clenched so hard on my dick.

I grunted, savoring the hot friction. It increased the heat in my balls, bringing them closer and closer to boiling over and exploding into my cousin's hot, tight, wet cunt. My eyes were locked on my mom's ass and Aunt Vicky's hands working beneath the blue bikini bottoms as I pounded my cousin.


We weren't making love like our first time on my bed. We were fucking. Our lusts were boiling over us as we watched our mothers. "Yes, yes, yes, grab her ass, Mom," Melody moaned. "Oh, my god, that's so wild.

Oh, geez. Oh, Clit, this is so hot." "Fucking A it is," I growled. "I'm going to cum again." "Do it," she hissed. "Cum in me while we watch our mothers be dirty lesbians. Incestuous dykes, Clint. Our mothers are incestuous dykes." "Yes, yes, yes, yes," I growled, balls smacking hard into her the pleasure rippling through my body as I drew closer and closer to an orgasm, my finger dancing on her clit.

"They're keeping it in the family. Just like us." Melody bucked in my arms. Her pussy spasmed on my dick. She let out a low, throaty groan. She was cumming. I held her as she spasmed and squirmed, her breath fogging the window before us as her fingers squeaked against the glass. "Cum in me, Clint," she moaned. "Dump your cum in your cousin's hole. Our mothers love incest and so do I." I slammed into her spasming pussy.

I savored the hot, silky flesh massaging my dick. It boiled around me, made me shudder and groan. The room spun about me. I couldn't believe this was happening. My mother and Aunt Vicky. Two beautiful MILF's kissing. Sisters. "Shit!" I grunted as my cum exploded from my dick. Melody moaned, grinding her ass back into my groin as my cum flooded her pussy.

Her fertile, taboo pussy. I could be breeding my first cousin right now. Planting a baby in her belly. I was the man of the house now. She was my woman. My lover. I drew back and slammed into her a final time, pleasure thrusting into my brain with every explosion of cum bursting from my cock. My left hand squeezed her breast as I groaned through my clenched teeth, my pleasure peaking. And then it was gone.

I leaned against my cousin, sucking in breaths, my head dizzy from the pleasure. From the thrill of fucking Melody and watching our mothers. Melody trembled in my arms. I took deep breaths, kissing at her neck, savoring the feel of her back and ass pressed against my chest and groin.

Her hands moved, rubbing at my forearms holding her body. "Clint," she sighed. "Oh, Clint, that was great. I love this. Love you." "Love you, too," I groaned. Below, our mothers stood, my mom pulling Aunt Vicky to her feet.

Her breasts were out, bouncing as my mom led them to the patio door and out of sight. They were going inside to Aunt Vicky's bedroom to make love. "Shit," I groaned. "You wish you could watch it all," Melody giggled. She turned in my arms, my softening cock plopping out of her wet cunt. Her round breasts pressed into my chest as she slipped her arms around my neck. I was taller than her now, the opposite of when we were twelve, and she looked up at me with hazel eyes.

"You want to fuck your mom, don't you? Like your dad told you to in the dream." I shifted, staring into her eyes. They glinted with something.

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Just a few minutes ago, before I admitted who else my dad told me to fuck, Melody had indicated she would have a threesome with me. She would do what I wanted. My hands slid down, squeezing her ass, pulling her tight. "Yes," I said. "I want to fuck my mom. And yours." "And Zoey?" I pictured my older sister, just turned twenty, wearing her tight jean shorts that showed off her camel toe, her body built like a brick house—a body she inherited from Mom.

Huge tits, curving ass, long legs. "Yes," I growled. "And bratty Lee?" Melody shivered as she mentioned her younger sister, Lee. "I'd rather bend her over my knee and spank that ass for all the shit she does," I growled, my dick twitching. Lee was a sexy, if immature, eighteen-year-old.

"And what about innocent Alicia?" Melody asked, her voice breathy. "So petite and small and quiet. Do you think she heard us down in her room while reading her books? Do you think her body is awakening to desires, needing her big brother to teach her?" "Melody," I groaned, shocked by the heat in her voice while images of Alicia, my eighteen-year-old sister, danced in my mind.

She was slim, petite, with her glasses and light-brown hair in pigtails. She was so quiet, so antisocial, spending all her time reading since Dad's death, withdrawn. "Maybe she's masturbating right now after hearing us," Melody moaned, grinding her hips. "Does that make you hard?" "It's getting me there," I groaned, staring into my cousin's eyes. "You naughty minx. What have you been masturbating to?" "Me and you," she bit her lips. "Others. With us." "Fuck," I panted. "You want me to fuck my mom, don't you?

You want to help me seduce her." I stepped back, working us to my bed, my cock getting hard again. "You want to share our family with me." "Yes," she moaned, her eyes wide. "I've seen you look at all of them, lusting at them, and it made me so jealous and so wet at the same time. I'm your girl, Clint. Yours." Her hand seized mine on her ass and pulled it up to her left breast.

"Yours. I've always wanted to be yours. Ever since we were little kids. And if you want other women than.than." "You want to please me," I grinned. "You're going to please me." "Yes," she moaned, my dick aching hard as I squeezed her breasts. I couldn't believe I was getting hard again. I have masturbated twice in one night, rubbing out back to back orgasms. And once a few weeks ago when Melody was out of town, I had masturbated five times in a day. But a third erection, so close to my last two, was unprecedented.

But exciting. "We're going to fuck my mom." "And I know just how," Melody purred as she pushed me back, her hand grabbing my wet cock as I sat down on my bed. She licked her lips. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Melody Samuels I was so turned on right now.

I couldn't believe this. Clint's cum leaked out of my pussy as my dirty imagination went wild, ignited by watching my mom and Aunt Cheryl kissing and writhing. It was so hot. All those perverse fantasies that fell on me during the peaks of masturbation—thoughts of other women, wondering what it would be like to kiss a girl, to go down on her all while Clint watched—burned so hot in me right now. Clint wanted other women. I wanted other women.

Why not share them? Together. Even if they were our family. Clint was the man now in both our families. My father, the sperm donor, had abandoned Mom when I was only an infant, not long after knocking Mom up with Lee—we were a year and a few months apart. So Uncle Clinton had almost been like our dad. He would do the handiwork around our house, often with Clint as his apprentice.

And when me and my sister misbehaved, it was Uncle Clinton who spanked us. Just like he spanked Clint and his sisters when they misbehaved. His death had both our families off kilter, and maybe, just maybe, Clint fucking us all, keeping us in line, reining in my bratty sister, would help put everything back to the way it should be.

Clint was a strong man, he just had to realize it. Take those steps. And he was. The way he seized me by the belt loops and pulled me to him when I walked into his bedroom earlier.

How he had finally claimed me, taking our relationship to the next level. I didn't care that incest was wrong. That it was illegal. I loved him. He loved me. And I would show him. "What's your plan?" Clint asked as I knelt before him in the space between his bed and the window, the sloping attic roof over our head.

I seized his dick, wet with my pussy. I could smell the sweet musk as I leaned in. "Your mom always sleeps in on Saturdays now." "She's hung over," Clint grunted, not pleased his mom started drinking after Uncle Clinton's death. "And my mom has to work at the university tomorrow morning with her debate club." I took a long, slow lick up his cock, savoring my pussy juices on him. His dick thrust so long before him. I think he was bigger than an average dick.

I really didn't have a lot to compare him to. I reached the crown, flicking it. "And?" Clint groaned, his muscular chest rippling as he leaned back, savoring my tongue swirling about the spongy, pink crown of his dick. "And she'll be alone, asleep. Lee will be out. She has too much energy to stay in the house.

Your sisters will be in this house. I bet your mom will be naked, too." I pictured my curvy, blonde aunt lying naked on the bed. She had a hot body for a woman her age. So sexy and mature. And so did my mom. I hoped I looked as good as they did when I was ancient. "Fuck, Melody," groaned Clint. "And we just pounce on her?" "Yes. Just take her, fuck her hard, like your dad told you to in your dream.

She misses him, and you look sooo much like your dad." He did. The same chiseled chin and strong bodies, the same dark hair and commanding eyes. "And you're going to help. You're going to be there, enjoying her." Clint seized my hair, his fist tangling in the curls.

He forced my mouth down his cock. I gasped as his dick popped into my mouth. He grunted, my teeth scraping his dick, and I pulled them back. I knew not to use my teeth. I had talked to friends at school, learning all I could about blowjobs. I figured that was how we would start, me sucking him, easing into incest. But now I was blowing him with two loads of his cum leaking out of my snatch. "Shit, Melody," he groaned. "That's nice.

I've wanted you to blow me for so long." I wanted to answer him, but his hand was on my head, directing me, taking charge.

That sent a sexy thrill through me. He was in charge, dominating me. I think I might do anything he asked.

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Well, anything that was sexy and within reason. My pussy clenched. My cousin's cum leaked down my thighs. I shoved my right hand between my legs, rubbing at my messy flesh. I was so wet and sticky. I savored the proof of our lovemaking as I rubbed at my pussy, exploring my labia. I tried to feel if I was different down there now that I had lost my virginity.

I moaned about his cock as I stroked myself, sucking, bobbing my mouth and swirling my tongue. My labia felt more swollen, and my slit wasn't so tight, but opened by his cock. I pushed into my folds and didn't feel my hymen. No membrane of skin, full of little holes, covered the entrance to my pussy.

I had used pencils to masturbate, slipping them through the bigger hole, reaming the slim piece of wood over and over into my pussy. Now I could jam two of my fingers into my pussy without obstruction.

They weren't as thick as Clint's dick, but it felt so hot working them into my sloppy flesh. I shuddered, moaning louder about his cock while I probed my pussy, feeling the silky walls. Clint had loved these silky walls on his cock. "We're going to bang my mom so hard," Clint moaned, his hand twisting through my sandy-blonde hair.

I was the only true blonde in the family—Aunt Cheryl dyed hers because it made Uncle Clinton happy. Alicia, Clint's younger sister, was the next closest with light-brown hair. "We're going to fuck her and give her what she needs." I wanted to moan, "Yes." "I'm going to ram my dick into my mom's pussy.

Shit, that's the pussy that birthed me. I'm going to fuck her so hard. And then you're going to lick her pussy clean of my cum.

A creampie. Damn, I love that type of porn." My eyes widened. Porn was the one thing Clint had never talked to me about, always growing embarrassed that I knew he watched it—what nineteen-year-old boy didn't?—and I had always wanted to know what turned him on. I sucked hard. Wanting to please him. I would lick all his jizz from his mom's pussy. I would devour him. My fingers made wet, squelching sounds as I reamed my cum-filled cunt. I frigged myself so hard as I sucked and bobbed my mouth.

I was hungry for his cum. What would it taste like? Some girls said it was gross and spat it out. But I had seen a few pornos, and those girls all loved cum. They swallowed it because that was what guys liked. It made them happy when a girl swallowed. And I wanted to make Clint so happy. He was my man. I loved him so much. "Shit," Clint groaned. "Damn, your mouth is so hot. Keep sucking, Melody.

I'm going to cum again. My poor balls hurt, but I need to fire one last load into your sweet mouth." I shuddered, my pussy clenching hard on my fingers. I bobbed and sucked and swirled my tongue. I was so eager for him to erupt into my mouth. I stared up at him, watching the pleasure cross his face as I ground the heel of my hand on my clit, massaging the bud as I frigged my pussy faster and faster.

His fingers tightened in my hair. His face twisted, mouth opening. His hips shook. And then his cum spurted into my mouth.

Salty and thick. It was a little bitter. A heat rushed through me as I swallowed the first load. It wasn't bad. It was sexy. The second squirt tasted even better. I moaned, loving how wicked this was. My pussy clenched so hard on my fingers as I swallowed his final blast. He grunted, shaking, and then fell back on the bed, panting so hard. "Oh, Clint," I moaned, popping my mouth off his dick. "Oh, that was hot.

I'm going to eat all your cum out of your mom's cunt. I will devour Aunt Cheryl!" My orgasm washed over me as I pictured my aunt's thighs spread wide, her pussy gaping open from her son's big cock fucking her, his cum leaking out of her depths, dripping down to the bedspread, staining it as I crawled to her and devoured her.

My back arched as my pussy spasmed on my fingers. I shoved them in deep, savoring the bliss while Clint watched me with hungry eyes while sitting up on his elbow. My pleasure peaked through me as he watched me, and then I moaned, resting my head on his lap. He stroked my hair. "You are awesome, Melody," he said. "Damned awesome. I love you." I smiled. "Love you, too." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clint Elliston We were a mess.

We slipped out of my bedroom to shower off.

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Melody wore one of my t-shirts, which fell down past her hips to her upper thighs. She looked so sexy in it, her blonde hair tousled from our love making, her nipples dimpling the dark fabric. How did she look so hot wearing my shirt? There was nothing overtly sexy about a man's t-shirt, and yet seeing the girl I loved wearing it made my dick twitch. And it was so sore from three orgasms so close together. We passed my sister Alicia's door on the way to the bathroom.

I paused, picturing her in there, small breasts jiggling, her petite body quivering, her fingers rubbing her virgin pussy as she imagined she was Melody. What if she really did hear us? My attic bedroom wasn't over Alicia's, but she might have.

Part of me wanted to throw open the door and catch her jilling her pussy, but Melody pulled me down the hallway to the bathroom. Showering was a lot of fun. We didn't have sex, my cock needed to recover after three times, but we played around, laughing, giggling, our bodies slippery with water and soap.

The hot water heater lasted long, an upgrade Dad and I had installed just before his death. With three women in the household, hot water could be an issue. We did our math homework while waiting for pizza to be delivered. Alicia emerged to grab herself two slices before retreating to her bedroom. She wouldn't even look at me, her eyes downcast the entire time. I thought it might have been the light, but her cheeks looked pink.

After dinner, Melody and i finished our math homework then cuddled on my bed while flipping through the cable channels. We settled on a cheesy horror movie.

It had several obligatory topless scenes that had Melody giggling at how thin the excuses were to get the woman naked all while her hand stroked my dick. That led to us making love a final time before we fell asleep in my twin-sized bed. It was cozy. I didn't remember my dreams—no dad making an appearance telling me to bang every woman in the family—and I woke up to Melody sprawled beside me, her blonde hair covering her face.

I watched her sleep, loving how beautiful she was while my dick rubbed hard into her naked ass. "Mmm," she purred, coming awake. "Do you need me to take care of that?" "Just morning wood," I told her. "I have to pee." "Oh," she said, rubbing her ass back into me.

"And it's not because your cousin has a great ass?" "Nope," I grinned. She rolled over, eyes flashing. "Are you saying I don't have a great ass?" I shrugged. "Not why my cock's hard." "It's an amazing ass, asshole?" And she punched me, not hard, like she did when I teased her.

I smiled at her. "Fine, it's an amazing ass." "An ass you love," she added, arching her eyebrows. I reached around, squeezing her ass, pulling her close. "An ass I love. A great ass. Especially in those panties you wore the other day. But.I really have to pee." "Me, too," she said and kissed me. Melody followed me into the bathroom. Which was a little weird and a little sexy.

She wore my t-shirt again, so it was hard for me not to let her follow. When we entered the spacious, second floor bathroom, she perched on the sink, eyes wide, eager to watch me. "What?" I asked. "Never seen a guy pee before," she shrugged as I pulled my cock out of my boxers. It was still half-hard. "Curious to see why you guys have such bad aim and get piss everywhere." "Sometimes it doesn't shoot out straight," I shrugged. "Especially after I masturbate. And when it's erect, it's hard to lower it down and hit the bowl." I relaxed my bladder and peed.

She watched, peering past me as I hit the water and didn't get piss everywhere. I gave her another look. "Are you into watersports, Melody?" "Like polo?" she asked as my bladder drained. "No, people getting peed on or drinking it.

People are into that. You can find it on the internet." She wrinkled her nose. "Eww." "Well, you're the one watching me," I said as I finished, shaking my dick to get off the last few drops. She slipped off the counter and pushed in front of me, lifting up my shirt to expose her landing strip of blonde leading to her shaved pussy.

Had she shaved for me? Or was it because every girl our age shaves her pussy these days. She sat down on the toilet, and her stream splashed into the water.

My dick twitched. A girl was peeing in front of me. "I've never even heard of watersports," she said. "I just wanted to be with you, Clint. To see things. Share them with you." She gave me a naughty grin. "I'll let you wipe my pussy." "I think you're into watersports," I grinned.

"I think you want me to pee on you." I shrugged. "I'll do it if you want." "Gross," she said, giving me a sharp punch to the stomach. Not hard, she never hit me hard. It was her way of showing affection. "You are never peeing on me, Clint." I leaned over her, unable to resist saying, "What if I want to pee on you?" I cupped her face as she kept peeing. "What if I'm into watersports, and I want to drench your sexy body with pee?" Her eyes widened. She licked her lips. "I.well.I." She swallowed.

"If you.wanted to. I mean." Then I burst into laughter, and she let out a relieved sigh. "Asshole. I really thought you were serious." "And you really would have let me do it," I grinned while my dick twitched. An idea wormed in the back of my mind. "Yes," she said, folding her arms before her. "I it when you take charge. Okay?" "Makes you wet?" I grinned. "Are you wet right now?" "I just peed. Of course I'm wet. It's why girls have to wipe afterward." She stood up, trembling.

"Your nipples are hard. And you would do anything I want. You would let me pee on you, and you would cum while masturbating, drenched in piss." I pinched her nipple through my t-shirt, my dick growing hard for real this time.

Not because I wanted to pee on her, but because I had power over her. That she would submit to me, surrender to me voluntarily even if it was disgusting, humiliating. It was.intoxicating. "Say it." "Yes," she groaned. "I would let you pee on me while masturbating. I would." Her cheeks were so red. "I'm your girl, Clint. You're so hard. I can suck your dick right now. Do you want me to, Clint?" "So badly." I pinched her nipple harder, and her eyes widened and the cutest, sexiest moan escaped her lips.

"But I want to bang my mom. She's next door, asleep, waiting for us. We can't disappoint her." "No," she moaned, shaking her head. "Your mom needs you, Clint. You're such a good son." Her hands stroked my chest. "And you're the man of the house. Both houses." "You're my girl, Melody.

You are just as kinky and horny as I am. And I loved that. I love you." Those three words had such a wonderful effect on her. She melted against me, kissing me hard, my cock rubbing against my t-shirt, wishing I was touching her flesh directly, wishing I was in my cousin right now.

But Mom awaited. My sexy mom. I wiped Melody's pussy. She shuddered, bent over the counter as I rubbed the toilet paper up and down her shaved pussy lips. She was so wet, and not from her piss.

Her clit peeked out its sheath, and she moaned as I massaged it with the toilet paper. I wanted to eat her out, but Mom awaited. We brushed our teeth and took a quick shower. That was torture—my dick was so hard. Then we both just had yogurt for breakfast, something light before we raced over to Melody's house, my cousin dressed in her jeans and tight tank top, me in my jeans and the shirt she wore.

I could smell her on it. My sisters didn't emerge from their bedrooms while we ate. Zoey had work last night, so I wasn't surprised, and I imagined Alicia was reading her books. I pulled Melody out the door with me, eager to bang my mother. It was so taboo, but after last night, sleeping with my cousin than watching Mom with her sister, I didn't care.

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Incest was so hot. We walked beneath the chestnut tree growing in my yard and crossed over to her lawn. I unlocked the door with my key—Dad had changed the locks so the same key opened up both our houses—and we were inside.

"Well, I don't hear music from Lee's room," Melody said as we headed up the stairs. "She's not home." "Just my mom sleeping in your mom's bed," I said, reaching the second floor hallway and staring at the door at the end.

The master bedroom. My mom was in there, sleeping off her hangover and her night with her sister. My dick ached. I marched down the hall with confidence. Dad always told me women loved a strong, confident man. "Be bold." I boldly opened the door. My mom lay on a rumpled bed, the purple sheets molding to her body. It was obvious she was naked as she slept on her side, oblivious to the sunlight streaming through the window. An empty box of wine and a wineglass set on the nightstand on her side of the bed.

"Smell that," Melody said, inhaling. "Pussy." I breathed in, smelling the faint musk, my dick throbbing harder. "Pull the covers off of her. I want to see my mom." Melody licked her lips and headed to the bed while I pulled off my t-shirt and dropped it to the floor. My cousin and lover pulled back the sheets in a single jerk, unveiling my mom's body. Her dyed-blonde hair covered most of her face, the roots dark brown.

She had toned legs and curvy hips, her breasts pillowing before her as she lay on her side, her arms curled around them. I moved, admiring her bubbly ass and the dark shadow promising such taboo passion between her thighs.

My belt came undone. I pushed down my jeans and boxers in a single motion, my dick bobbing out hard. Melody returned to me, grabbing my dick, pressing her body against me. Her lips nuzzled at my ear. "Take her. Give your mom what she needs," she purred as she stroked my dick. "Yes," I growled, moving to the bed. I ignored the slight twist of fear in my stomach. This wasn't the time to be afraid.

It was the time to be bold. Mom needed this. I crawled onto the bed, taking deep breaths as I smelled the scent of her spicy pussy. There was something dry on her lips, a faint sheen of juices. My aunt's pussy. My dick throbbed again as I stretched out the bed beside her. My hand stroked her face, brushing back her hair. She was so gorgeous, lips plump, skin smooth. She took care of herself for Dad. And now she would for me. My hand stroked down her neck to her breast.

There was a tattoo over her nipple. I didn't know she had any tattoos. It was a circle with three letters in it, forming a triangle. The letter C was on top with a second C and a V forming the bases. I didn't care what it meant. I had my hand on her tit. I squeezed the large, soft pillow. My fingers sank into her flesh as I pressed my lips against her mouth, kissing her. She shifted, moving, waking up as she felt my lips. Her hand moved, grasping my shoulder, lips working against mine as she sighed.

My dick throbbed so hard as Melody, naked, slipped onto the bed behind my mom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cheryl Elliston A man's lips kissed mine, strong and hard, not like my sister's soft lips. A strong hand squeezed my breast. I rose out of the haze of sleep, shifting, moving, sighing into the kiss, a dull ache pounding across my skull. I breathed in, smelling his musk.

Clinton? Was I still dreaming? Was my husband kissing me. My mouth moved harder, lips working against his. A woman was behind me. Vicky. My sister kissed at my neck, her softer hands stroked me. This had to be a dream. A wonderful dream of all those passionate nights my sister and I shared our man.

Our husband. My hand moved, stroking Clinton's cheek as we kissed. I kept my eyes closed, afraid that the dream would banish if I opened them. I felt the rough stubble as I traced up his cheekbone. He squeezed my breast harder, his fingers digging in, so strong, so confident. A hot shudder washed down my body to my pussy. I squirmed my hips, the bed creaking as my clit throbbed.

The dull ache faded from my head as I savored the kiss. Clinton's tongue pressed into my mouth, thrusting so deep, so strong. "Mmm, yes, kiss her," Vicky moaned, her voice more girlish. Her breasts felt smaller on my back, her nipples not as fat. But they were hard. She humped against my ass, her pussy hot as her hand joined Clinton's on my breast. "This is so sexy." Vicky nibbled on my shoulder, and I shuddered between my two lovers. My hand moved lower, feeling the broad shoulders and strong muscles of my husband.

His dick pressed against my pussy, hard and throbbing, eager to take me again. And I was so juicy. So wet.


I wanted this. My right arm pressed beneath his body, pulling my husband closer to me. My nipples brushed his strong chest as he and Vicky kneaded my breast. My pussy clenched again.

"He's going to fuck you so hard, Aunt Cheryl," my sister moaned. "Oh, your son is going to give you what you need." Son? Aunt Cheryl? My eyes opened. I stared into the familiar dark-brown eyes of my husband's. But the face wasn't as ruddy and weathered as it should be. Wasn't as aged. It was my husband's face from when we were teenagers just embarking onto our shared relationship.

I broke the kiss, gasping, "Clint?" "Mom," he growled and kissed me again, hard, powerful, commanding. "He wants you so badly, Aunt Cheryl," Melody, my niece, whispered, her small breasts pressing against my back, her pussy so hot, so wet. Oh, this was wrong. Far wronger than sleeping with my sister. This was my son kissing me, his hard dick pressed into my stomach, his strong hands on my back. My pussy clenched again, growing hotter as I realized what was happening.

Clint and Melody were here, kissing me, loving me. Sharing me. They were having sex. Everyone in the family knew the pair were in love—they weren't as careful as they thought they were. I had caught them kissing three times.

But they were having sex. Clint was fucking his half-sister. And now he wanted to fuck me. "Feel how hard he is, Aunt Cheryl," moaned my niece. "Grab his cock. Feel it. He's so huge. He'll give you what you need. What my mom can't give you." My pussy clenched again. They know about my sister and me. Hot flutters shot through me as Clint broke the kiss, his hands moving, pressing on my shoulders, pushing me over onto my back.

He grinned at me. "Just relax, Mom, and I'm going to fuck you so hard," he groaned. "I've been staring at your body, aching for you. You're so hot, Mom." I stared up at him, my eyes misting.

He was so handsome. Just like his father. I could almost imagine it was Clinton. They looked so much a like except Clint had my nose, smaller than his father's. He was strong, though, muscular and bold. His hands pushed my thighs apart. "Don't fight this, Mom," he growled, licking his lips as Melody nuzzled at my breasts. My eyes widened as I felt his cock rubbing on the wet folds of my pussy. "You need this." Tears trickled down my cheeks as he lifted my thighs, throwing my knees over his shoulders just like his dad would, my hips lifting off the bed, my son's cock pressing at the entrance of my pussy.

I had missed his father so much. My husband was so strong. He took charge of me from High School. When he desired my sister and wanted to fuck her, I wanted to please him so I helped him seduce her.

My sister and I loved him together, served him together. And when Clinton died, I had no one to serve. Vicky couldn't give me what I needed.

She was like me, wanting to serve and please her man. She couldn't tell me what to do. She couldn't seize me by the hair, throw me down, and fuck me like a whore when I was naughty. She couldn't fill me with her cock. I loved her, but she wasn't a strong man. But Clint was. He stared at me, rubbing his cock against the very pussy that birthed him. I shuddered, Melody's mouth nibbling and sucking on my nipple.

I moaned, squirming. What was he waiting for? Why wasn't he fucking me? "Beg for it, Mom," he grinned, so confident and cocky. "Beg for your son's cock to fuck your pussy and give you what you need." "Oh, Lord," I breathed. "When did you get so strong, Clint?" "He just needed some confidence," purred Melody. "But he's figured it out. Finally." Clint's hand smacked Melody's ass. A stinging slap. Melody moaned and shuddered, sucking so hard on my nipple. He was taking his half-sister in hand, dominating her and giving her what she needed.

She was submissive, too, aching to please her man, her half-brother. "Please fuck Mommy's pussy," I said, shuddering, my heart quickening. I was submitting to my strong son. To the man of the house. "Please, please. Mommy needs her big son's hard cock to fuck her pussy. She needs it so badly." I humped my hips, rubbing against his cock.

I had to feel him in me. I was so wet. "You're mine now, Mom," he growled as I trembled. "Say it." "Yours," I moaned, shivering. "And Melody's," he added, a grin crossing his lips. "She's my girl. She keeps discipline when I'm not around." Melody's lips popped off. She stared at her half-brother. "Clint," she said, her voice a mix of pleasure and shock. "Really?" He smacked her ass again.

"Really. Now keep sucking Mom's nipple because that's hot." She grinned and engulfed my nipple, sucking so hard. I shuddered, my niece's mouth so hungry and wet. I groaned again, my pussy on fire. I needed my son's cock in me so badly. He was such a damned tease. "Please fuck your Mommy's pussy. Please. Mommy needs her big boy to—" Clint thrust. My son's cock rammed into my wet pussy.

My eyes widened. A huge moan exploded from my lips as his thick, long cock slammed into my depths. I groaned, shuddering, clenching on him. His shaft was thicker than his father's, not quite as long, but his girth. Exquisite. My pussy tightened on my son's cock as my hips bucked. My breasts jiggled while Melody kneaded them and sucked on them, her sandy-blonde hair spilling about my tits as my son rammed his dick over and over into my hot depths.

"Yes, yes, yes, fuck your Mommy hard," I moaned. "You're such a bad Mommy," he groaned. "A wicked Mommy needing her son's cock to make her cum so hard." "Soooo hard," I moaned, staring at my handsome, nineteen-year-old son. He was such a stud. I shuddered, humping harder, our flesh slapping together, his balls smacking into my taint. "Ram that dick into me. Fuck, yes. My son is a stud. He's a stud, Melody." "He is," moaned my niece as she reached across me to my other breast and sucked on my nipple, her tits pressing into my flesh, so round and firm with youth.

My hand shot out, stroking her thighs as my pussy clenched on my son's dick. "You are so tight and hot, Mom," he groaned. "Your pussy loves my dick. You love your son fucking you. Say it, slut." "I do love it," I groaned, loving being called slut. "I'm your slut, Son. Your slutty Mommy. My pussy's yours. You can fuck it whenever you want. I love this cock. I love my son's cock." It was so wrong, so forbidden to feel my son fucking the pussy which birthed him.

He came out of me, and now he was back in me, so thick and hard and ramming so fast into me. His balls smacked into my taint were all full of his cum. I wasn't on the pill. Clinton had a vasectomy after Alicia was born. He thought five children, two from my sister and three from me, were enough. Clint wore no protection. I was still fertile. Only thirty-six.

He could breed me. My son could breed me. "Clint," I screamed as my orgasm exploded hard and fast inside of me. My pussy milked his cock, eager for my son's incestuous seed as he pounded me hard. Ripples of bliss flowed out of my pussy and washed through my body. I gasped and moaned, my back arching, grinding my pussy hard against my son, my clit throbbing against his groin.

"You are such a slutty mom," groaned Clint. "You just came on your son's cock." "So slutty, Aunt Cheryl," gasped my niece. "Milk his cock and beg for his cum." As the ecstasy shone onto my mind, bright rays of bliss blinding my thoughts, another shudder went through me.

Another orgasm burst in my pussy at Melody's words. My niece stared at me, her youthful face flushed and burning with incestuous lust. She wanted me to beg for my son's cum. And so did I. "Yes, yes, cum in Mommy's pussy," I moaned, spasming, so much radiant bliss warming my mind. "Breed your slutty mommy. You're the man of the house. Our pussies are yours." "Yes, yes, yes," Melody moaned. "We're yours, Clint. I love you so much.

Breed your mother." "Shit, I love you," my son said, staring at his half-sister as he rammed his cock into me. Then he stared at me, his eyes burning. "Oh, you are a slutty Mommy. Such a whore. You want to be bred by your son." "Yes," I moaned, lost to the taboo thrill. "Cum in me, Clint!" I screamed out as loud as I could as another orgasm exploded inside of me.

Fireworks detonated across my vision. The world grew fuzzy with rapture. The bed creaked. My pussy clenched on his dick. His balls smacked against my taint as my breast jiggled and slapped together. I stared into his eyes and begged for my son to flood my cunt. To claim me as his, just like his father had twenty years ago.

"Mom," Clint grunted, slamming his dick into me. His hot cum pumped into my depths. Blast after blast of incestuous seed flooded my fertile pussy.

I gasped, my cunt milking him, massaging out every last drop. I groaned as I stared up at my son. Everything had changed. We had crossed the line into rapture. I shuddered as I felt his seed swimming in my depths. A smile crossed my lips. There was no going back. And I didn't want to. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alicia Elliston I couldn't concentrate on my romance novel as I lay in bed. Melody's words echoed in my mind: Cum in me, Clint. My brother had made love to our cousin last night.

The words hung in my mind, rattling over and over since last night. I had trouble sleeping, tossing, turning. He made me feel so funny between my thighs. Made me squirm my legs.

I felt like one of the women in my romance novels, aching for her lover to claim her. To take her hard and love her. I bit my lip and pushed up my glasses. My other hand crept down my nightgown. I knew it was wrong to touch myself and think about my brother, but I couldn't help it. Not since last night. Not since I heard them making love over and over. Not since I heard Melody moan those words.

I bit my lip as I slipped my hand down to my virgin pussy. My eyes closed and I touched myself picturing Clint's handsome face, so gallant, so strong, so loving. He was just like Daddy. I was wet, my flesh slippery. "Clint," I sighed, rubbing myself and getting lost to my taboo fantasy, so envious of my cousin. To be continued.