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Bf lets gf adel get fucked by rich stranger
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The Prophecy Ch. 2 This is the continuation of the previous chapter, please read to fill in any blanks. I appreciate the feedback and apologize for previous and any future grammatical errors. This story contains fantasy/magic within it and is the start of more interesting magical twists to come. If you're not interested in the realm of seduction, fantasy, action, and adventure then you found the wrong story.

"Could this day get any more boring?" How clearly that thought played in Luke's mind as he was stuck in the same position as the previous Friday. Stuck in Biology waiting for the teacher to stop going over the studies they were supposed to review over the weekend. Ironically this was the first time he had to pay attention since his weekend was the most interesting one he had had in a long time.

At the moment he couldn't tell if his boredom was due to the fact he had the most amazing days of his life and he was back in school.

Or, the fact that Miss. Bradley was going to be waiting for him after school. But, until he could go out and meet her he had to wait and listen to a review which seemed to cover the homework that was do this Wednesday. He almost slammed his head down with annoyance when he felt a familiar tickle in his brain that cause him to scan around briefly.

He caught one of the girls behind him looking at him from her desk taking notes. "There he goes again! How can he be so lazy when I'm struggling just to keep up?!" This wasn't the first time it happened, Luke was just grateful that it wasn't a crowd of people like the first headache he got.

It didn't help that she was screaming the thoughts and he could hear every one of them. The first time he was in the hall and could hear multiple voices buzzing in his head. He fell to the floor clutching his head as they all swarmed and chattered inside his skull, it got worse as they stared at him and more voices where added to the pile. Throughout the day he could hear random voices, some sounded as if he was listening to them through a broadband radio and others almost screamed at him like the girl who sat behind him.

After a while he started being able to figure out a trick to dull the voices to a low roar like he was in an additional crowd without the shouts. In each class he picked out a random person thinking about him in some fashion or another. He was actually surprised by how often he would pop into someone's head. When he heard the girl's voice in class he tried focusing on it, like attaching an anchor to hear more of her thoughts. It worked with one of the jocks he had in his English class.

He heard all the guy's thoughts, and he had a boring mind. Each new person he would read was easier than the last and gave him less of a headache. He was able to play it off at first as a migraine, to many people thought he was getting over a hangover. The anchor was latched and Luke read the girls mind like a book as he stared straight forward. "If I don't pass this class I'm screwed! I can't believe this nonsense. Who needs to remember all of this anyways?

I'm not even interested in Biology. Why couldn't I have gotten an easier class, or one with one of my friends that way I could survive the whole hour or so.

How is he able to look so calm and get passed all his classes without even trying? God I hate him and yet he doesn't even notice a thing! Maybe I should toss gum into his hair and see how he likes it. No. No that is way too childish. He hasn't said anything wrong to me I'm just frustrated cause I don't get any of this." He cut off the anchor there feeling like he was invading too much.

He assumed this mind reading trick was from Marina if he made the contract with Renna for the ability to use fire. He wondered what other contracts there were out there and who possessed them. His thoughts drifted to the weekend he had as a smile climb on to his face. Over the weekend he discovered he was a sorcerer, made two contracts, he now possesses two interesting abilities, and he has had the most amazing sex with the most magnificent women.

If he wasn't trying to concentrate to make sure he didn't hear any unneeded thoughts then he would swear it was all something he made up. When the bell rang his mind was jolted from him his thoughts. It seemed that he was losing track of time a lot today, mostly because he couldn't stop thinking about all that has happened over the weekend.

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He practiced setting up the walls in his head for when he walked out of the classroom. As soon as he stepped out he was grateful for the wall in his head, he pumped into someone as soon as he walked out. He made quick apologize but heard the rude buzz of their thoughts cussing him out.

As Luke side stepped them and moved through the crowd he caught the brief thoughts of anyone who looked his way. It took him a while to start setting up that wall, he still worried about cracks here in there since he was just starting to get the hang of it. As he moved to his locker he couldn't help but be reminded of the screams and yells he received inside his own skull. When someone thinks of mind reading is something amazing, until you hear the thoughts of every person has about you when they look in your direction.

The static sounds that he heard, even at a dull roar of people's thoughts, proved that he really wish he didn't know what others thought of him. He didn't realize just how annoyed people were with him.

He didn't think he was worth anyone's eye but apparently being a jack of all trades causes a lot of people to raise a brow…or two. He made his way to his History class and was grateful to see his favorite teacher had recovered. He smiled as he made his way to the usual front seat in class. Professor King was almost opposite of Miss Bradly in regards to style of clothes, but identical in figure.

She had the same angular features but it seemed to display her kissable lips and green eyes. Her long brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail that draped down to the small of her back. As she wrote on the board Luke couldn't help but remark on her clothes. She wore a baggy sweatshirt that hid all of her figure and a skirt that covered up her legs, even her feet where well covered with what appeared to be knee high boots.

It seemed that her entire wardrobe was picked to hide her figure from the class, he had a few guesses as to why but no solid reason. As she turned to face the class he averted his eyes to make it seem like he wasn't staring. She smiled warmly to everyone in the room, "I know that the sub seemed to think you needed the extra work. So today we are going to have a study hall." He heard half the class let out a deep sigh and shook his head.

As usual he already went through the assignment and had plenty of free time. Strange to think he has free time with being a sorcerer now…being a sorcerer, that thought still was difficult to wrap his head around. Luke sat there letting the thoughts roll over his mind as his eyes wandered about. He heard the familiar buzz of everyone's thoughts as they glanced him. He caught the same girl's thoughts again, she seemed more frustrated this time around since this was the second class he had his work done.

He's eyes finally landed on Professor King and she looked right at him. Her thoughts where as clear as a bell, "If I didn't know how brilliant Luke was I'd just assume he was being lazy." He smiled warmly at her as he secured his anchor in her mind. The anchor latched on with a vice grip easier than most he had tried today. "I wonder how many of the students needed the study hall.

I know I did. After the weekend I've had…" Luke let out a small gasp as he saw images of the weekend. Professor King on a date that went horribly wrong. He saw everything from her perspective as the guy tried groping her in her dress and didn't seem to get the hint that he had lost her interest barely in the date. The only reason she stayed was out of courtesy and she was regretting that already. Luke was finally pulled back into his own mind when the images…the memories stopped.

He looked around the room and touched his chest to make sure nothing had changed. Of course the room was the same and he wasn't wearing a red satin dress that showed of his…her curves. He looked up at professor King as her thoughts still entered his mind from the anchor. "Is Luke okay? I hope he isn't sick. That's the last thing I need…" Luke forced a smile on his fast as he patted his chest, faking a gas bubble as thoughts raced through his own mind while he stared at her.

"I actually just saw a memory from her perspective…it was like I was actually there. She looked damn good in the dress.

Hell she looks damn good it almost anything. The outfit of today could be improved. Hell if she just pulled up her skirt to show more of her legs, maybe even up to the knee…" His thoughts froze as he saw the professor move her skirt up and hold it above her knees on her lap. As an afterthought she scratched her knee as to give a reason for her moving her skirt.

He stared in wonder, curious that she moved her skirt right as he thought it. She did have well-toned legs. Her thoughts became background static to Luke's own racing thoughts that bounced about his skull. He was the only one with a clear view of what she was doing and he tried not to show his excitement, or obvious stare.

He didn't believe in coincidence and needed to test this. He made his thoughts perfectly clear, "Professor King spread your legs far enough so your panties are visible." Professor King didn't move and Luke let out a sigh and stretched to cover up his obvious disappointment.

He guessed it was just chance…unless…Luke waited a few moments and then thought clearly, "Professor I want you to spread your legs apart to see what's between them." This time she moved her legs apart and Luke had to clinch his teeth shut to prevent the shock from hitting him. She wasn't wearing any panties and she had a nice triangle shape brown bush above her pussy.

He didn't make his stare obvious but he couldn't help but notice that she was slowly becoming wet. After a moment he stared at her face rather than between her legs, and that was a struggle, as she stared down at her paperwork. Luke pulled her thoughts from the static and listened. "I can't believe I'm getting so wet.

I wonder if any of the students are staring. Luke would have a good view if he stopped stretching. How many times have they noticed, or not noticed, that I come to class without panties." Luke was once again pulled into her memories as she thought of every moment that she came to work without any panties or a bra on. Her thoughts where clear as the memories flashed through like a bad picture reel.

Luke had to focus on the thoughts or get lost through the multiple images she had. He finally had an answer to his question from earlier. She wore loose fitting clothes to keep people guessing on whether she wore underwear to school. She stopped going through her memories and looked right at Luke. This time he couldn't control his gaze as his eyes went from hers to between her legs. Her head buzzed with frantic thoughts as she snapped her legs closed and smiled. She put a finger to her lips and gave the "sh" movement and went back to her work.

Luke took the moment to disengage from her mind. The final thought that flashed through her mind before he detached the anchor, "I wonder what he thinks of his teacher now.

Doubt I have to worry about him talking." She had no idea how accurate that last thought was. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke's mind was reeling at the possibilities, bouncing from one subject to another.

Not only could he read minds be he could actually make people do what he wanted if he had an anchor in them. And, then there was Professor King after taking one look into her mind, and then some, he found out what he thought was a conservative teacher was an exhibitionist.

Apparently though she had standards, made obvious by her date over the weekend, but he had her attention and her mind whenever he wanted.

The cliché Marvel line came to mind, "With great power comes great responsibility." He would tread lightly but it didn't mean he couldn't have some fun in the progress. He waited around the parking lot for Miss. Bradley to turn up, he had been practicing all day with the mind control now he need to work with the fire. It was strange that the mind reading came so easy but so far he hasn't been able to light a candle, literally that's the first thing he tried when he woke up this morning.

He grew more curious how these contracts work and the powers provided. Did some come easier than others? Or was it based on the person? Was controlling one completely different than using another? He was waiting for a good while when the static buzz of the main stream caught his attention.

"He won't know what hit him." His instincts screamed to move. He was grateful he did, because a car just barely missed him, he would have been more than grazed if he got tagged by the Mustang.

Mustang? A groan escaped his lips as he saw Xavier climb out of the car and stared at him with a glare that sent most the school jumping back from his blue eyes. Xavier stood at the same height as Luke but his charcoal skin only showed off the muscle that he had gained through his basketball and baseball practices.

There he stood like a guard preventing Luke from leaving and they just stared at one another, knowing the challenge was there. Xavier's voice boomed, "Why don't you watch were you're going dipshit!" Luke would normally shrug it off and walk away, but today he decided he was tired of rolling over.

Besides, with the anchor already in his head Luke was already reading Xavier like a book and knew he wasn't getting out of this without some sort of fight. Luke sneered and made sure his voice was heard, "Maybe you shouldn't steer with a piece of junk, and you should learn how to drive your car to while you're at it." The realization of his words finally hit Xavier, after a minute or two, and his whole body seemed gripped with rage as he charged for a swing at Luke.

Luke moved out of the way almost with ease, being able to read a person's mind almost made fighting too easy. Normally Luke would have to work his punches in, but making Xavier miss swing after swing seemed more fun.

But he had other ideas to make things…interesting. Luke moved like water around Xavier making him angrier with each passing moment. By now a small crowd had taken noticed and was shouting. Luke was grateful for the anchor, he didn't want any additional thoughts distracting him. Luke moved not throwing a punch letting Xavier wear down for a moment. Then he pushed the command, "Hug me and apologize." Luke waited a moment and felt like a wall pushing against his thoughts as he forced the command.

In that moment Luke froze wondering why his command wasn't going through. His thoughts where jarred by a solid right hook to the side of his head that sent him reeling.

He caught himself against the car and collected himself in time to avoid Xavier's kick that would have connected with his spine. The heavy foot dented the car and sent Xavier into more of a fit of rage that made Luke dance more on his toes as he avoided each punch.

Time seemed to pass for hours with what was probably minutes. Luke continued to push the same thought meeting a wall that was stopping the command from going through. Luke was getting more tired by the minute, he couldn't keep dodging forever. Luke felt his back pressed against the car and saw Xavier's fist aimed right for his chest.


Even as he moved he knew he was going to get winged at most. "Punch to the right of me!" The command was fierce but didn't seem to meet much resistance as Luke dodged and Xavier's fist connected with his car window.

He heard the crash of glass and crunch of his fist followed by Xavier's wail. In that moment he didn't let shock hit him, Luke slammed his fist right into the side of Xavier's jaw and down he went, out cold. Luke stood there panting and sweating as the onlookers stared. There weren't as many as he thought but enough to attract attention. He quickly grabbed his bag and walked away from the scene and out of the parking lot hearing the crowd finally breathe and move to check on Xavier.

Luke walked a good solid stride for five minutes when he heard a familiar voice, "My my aren't you having fun making friends." Luke didn't need to look up as he pulled open the passenger door and slipped in.

There was silence as Miss. Bradley drove away from the school. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke was sitting in Miss.

Bradley's apartment, puzzling the fight over in his head. Only hinting to what he believed where "Rules" of his mind control ability. Miss. Bradley wandered off to go grab something leaving him alone with his thoughts, trying to puzzle out the secrets of that wall he ran into and why it didn't block his command at the end. Was it the intense emotion of the command or the fight? Was it the willingness to listen? How close the subject was to him?

Too many possibilities and no answers at the moment. He finally leaned back in the couch with a defeated heavy sigh. There were still too many things he didn't know. Miss. Bradley walked in dressed for business like when he first meet her. She decided to go with a green tight blazer coat with a red blouse and a matching green skirt. Luke never got tired of looking at her figure. It was a nice sight to pull his mind from the confusion.

It also helped that he didn't need to picture what she was like without the clothes. As she checked his face he had to suppress a wince as he felt his face sting, he didn't need a mirror to know that his face was bruised and tender. Miss. Bradley smiled as she looked at his face, "Well it's not gonna ruin that handsome face of yours but you will be sore for a while." He shrugged as if it was nothing but enjoyed looking at her face.

His eyes scanned her and then went back to her face again and she wore her usual knowing smile, "Mind out of the gutter for your training mister." Luke chuckled, "I was actually wondering what you do for a living. It's not like we can be sorcerers…or eses full time." Miss.

Bradley thought for a moment with a finger to her cheek, "Well technically we can." A snort escaped his throat, "I'm sure we can, I'll just put an ad in the yellow pages and check reviews on yelp." Her eyebrow crooked at him, "That sarcasm of yours is a wonderful trait for talking to a lady." His cheeks went slightly red as she stared at him like a stern mother, she must have took his silence as an apology and continued, "Though we don't make our professions known, we are sought out for.

We do odd jobs here and there and if we collect certain items we can make…" her gaze looked about her apartment, "Quite the living from those that collect them or use them." "Sounds like I'm in dungeons and dragons," He mumbled the words before he could suppress them. Miss.

Bradley eyed him with her brow that seemed to stay raised as she stared at him. "Always such a way with words. But I can see how you'd think that. In truth we just do the jobs that come our way and our employers pay quite the pretty penny…in fact I have a job I need to do later tonight. If your training goes well I'll take you." Luke couldn't miss a chance like this and was curious what the job was. Then he felt like smacking himself in the forehead. He looked her in the eyes ready to prim an anchor but was meet with silence.

He kept staring at her stunned as he pushed to see in her mind. She stared back at him for the longest time letting the silence linger before she wore her all knowing smile, which almost made him worry that she knew he was trying to read her mind. "Well now that you seem so excited about the idea…let's get to work." -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- "Again," Miss.

Bradley boomed with annoyance as she rubbed her temples as if she was the one suffering the headache that was weighing on Luke's mind. He had lost track how many times he has tried to light the candles in front of him. He only got five out of ten lit so far and he had been at this for half an hour or so now.

He barely got the idea of starting the flame and Miss. Bradley was still not an open book to his mind reading. He whipped his nose and she looked at him with a stern voice, "We are done, we can't push you much harder. I guess you're not ready." He was about to argue when he saw the blood on his hand. She feel down with a heavy sigh in the couch rubbing her forehead. Luke got frustrated and felt his own head throb more. But, just on the edge he caught her voice in his head as a small static whisper, "And I thought he was special…" The thought cut off with a snap, like someone turned off the signal.

He looked at the ground and panted like he ran a mile. He really needed to know the rules and he couldn't just keep feeling around. "I've got a question," Miss. Bradley eyed him and seemed less than amused but he continued anyways, "While I've been practicing this…" he focused letting the heat run from his body and finally lit the sixth candle, "I've been feeling around trying to figure out the other ability I got.

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Does it normally tire someone out like this?" Miss. Bradley was instantly on her feet and grabbed both his arms in a vice grip, "You never use two contracts at the same time! And you have been trying to do that this whole time!" She gripped his arms so tight he felt them complain but she was deathly scared and held him more.

She was truly fearful and angry with him at the moment. But, his arms were really starting to hurt. He finally grabbed a hold of his wrists and forced her to let go, yet he still felt like she gripped them firmly. "Okay, based off your reaction it was a very bad idea. But why?" Miss.

Bradley started at him, like he was foreign to her for a moment before taking her own hands back and folding them over her chest. She took on the pose that he started to dub Teacher. "The body can handle multiple contracts, each person is different.

Some can handle a limited number where others seem vast. The mind using them, however is a different story." She sat down to look at him with those hazel eyes that can drown a man in them.

She looked at him with true concern, "Listen Luke, I encourage you to learn more about your first contract but you should never use them at the same time. Your mind can only handle so much. I thought it was because you were pushing yourself on one.

That would just cause simple exhaustion. But trying to use multiple contracts at a time&hellip." she leaned forward making sure his eyes met hers, "A person can burn themselves out completely using that much magic, and they could even kill themselves." Her words hit him like a brick, he didn't think he could burn himself out. But, it made sense. The human mind is powerful but does have limits and if he pushed himself to far…well the nose bleed possibly was just the start.

Miss. Bradley studied him for a moment and smiled, "if you were focusing on another contract while being able to light those candles and not burning yourself out you truly have talent. So…I want you to focus on just lighting the candles and for each one you get a surprise." Luke watched her for a moment and she returned his gaze with her knowing smile.

He sighed and did as she instructed. He tried to focus on the candles only. But he started to get a headache instantly. She watched him waiting patiently as he sorted it out in his mind. This whole situation was bothersome since he didn't know how to shut off the mind reading.

But, he knew he had to get a hold of things otherwise he would get swarmed like this morning. All that static noise like a broken radio. That thought brought an idea to his mind. He pictured his mind like a radio tuning into all sorts of channels.

He dialed it and it gave his head more pressure and then he clicked it off and he felt relief. He didn't realize how much strain he was under till he turned it off and it felt like someone stopped squeezing his brain. He was looking around and Miss. Bradley smiled at him more brightly as he blinked around at the world. Now that his head didn't feel like it was in a vice he focused on the exercise.

He felt the warmth spread throughout his body, letting the heat wash through him and extended through his thoughts. He looked at the candles and focused the heat outwards like tendrils. The last few times he saw those tendrils creep at a snail's pace, or disappear barely away from his body. This time it shot from him like a bullet and the candle light instantly.

He wore a triumphant smile and looked at Miss. Bradley, only to have her return one of her own. She stood and walked towards him slipping off her green blazer. The red button up shirt that she wore hugged her curves and she smiled wickedly noticing his eyes on her. He chuckled as she waved her hand for him to continue.

Took Luke a moment or two to turn from her shapely figure and focus once more on the candles. He still felt the heat in his body rising through him. He let it course through him, when he had the Mind Reading Radio on he didn't notice this heat. It was almost intoxicating. He felt like he was the fire itself. He focused on another candle and this time he didn't even see the tendril move.

The candle just lit a flame almost on thought. He didn't bother to look at Miss. Bradley this time. Yet, he didn't mind seeing her strip out of her red blouse revealing a nice gray lace bra from the corner of his eye. She walked just hovering beside him. She appeared to be waiting for him to finish.

He was admiring her from the corner of his eye while enjoying the enveloping heat. He let the heat spill out of him like a wave. He focused on the candles. And lite the remaining two, also causing the rest to ignite even brighter. This time he turned wearing his award winning smile as he faced Miss. Bradley. As he turned he was meet with the lovely sight of her perfect D (possibly DD) sized breast, barely hidden behind the random strands of her blond hair that found their away over her chest.

Miss. Bradley wore a bright smile, "Trying to show off are we?" Luke just continued to stare as he admired her half nude body. He wore his own smile, that almost split his face, "And here I thought I was supposed to keep my mind out of the gutter." Miss Bradley smiled shaking her head before moving down to her knees in front of him.

As she slowly undid his pants, she looked up at him with a playful gaze. She slipped his slowly growing member out of his boxer briefs, "Sometimes I like to make an exception." He didn't argue, especially when he felt her tongue flick against the tip of his penis. He was grateful for the table to hold on to as she continued to tease and toy with the head of his dick.

She moved from licking, to kissing, and even sucking on the head. He especially enjoyed it when she worked her tongue into the hole of his penis. The heat continued to warp and spread through him, added with Miss. Bradley's tongue he felt like he was soaring. He almost lost it when she engulfed his entire member into her mouth. Continuous groans and moans escaped his lips as she bobbed her head on his cock. Her tongue continued to work his member, teasing every sensitive spot he had, and even those he didn't know he had.

His hand gripped firmly at the table, barely holding him up, as his knees quivered underneath him. The heat pulsed inside of him and mixed with the pleasure of Miss. Bradley's mouth. He felt his whole body quiver and pulse in pure bliss. The heat spreading through every ounce of his being. Wave among wave of different bliss warped his mind. The heat exploding in small pulses only deafened by Miss. Bradley's expert mouth. He felt like he would melt from the pure ecstasy of it all.

Through the torrent of sensations he felt his balls start to grip and tighten as Miss. Bradley started to deep throat all 8 inches of his member. His groans and moans turned to pants and deep breaths. He tried to get a grip of all the blissful pleasure coursing through his mind and body, he felt like he would lose himself in the stream of heat and pleasure.

His whole body was a flame, his dick was hard as iron, and he was at the mercy of an amazing woman's mouth. He felt his whole body erupt as his hand gripped Miss. Bradley's head. Stream after stream of his sperm poured into her mouth. The heat exploding from his being as a roar escaped his lips.

Miss. Bradley broke from his grip and gave a shriek in surprise. Luke pulled his mind back to himself, finally able to collect himself once more. The heat still pulsed within him but his hand felt extremely warm. As Luke looked at his hand he yelped in surprised at seeing the whole table engulfed in flames.

In panic or instinct, possibly both, he pulled the fire within to himself. Letting the heat be absorbed into the slowly dying heat in himself. He felt the heat grow inside him like before, threatening to over whelm his thoughts.

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With a breath he let the heat slowly evaporate out him, like a steam engine. The room became humid and uncomfortable but the only hint to the fire was the burnt edges of the table. As the heat left him he felt completely drained, he swore he looked paler if he saw himself in the mirror. He looked at Miss. Bradley to confirm his suspicions but only saw a look of complete surprise. She just stared at him like he was something brought out of imagination.

Finally she collected herself, which was interesting to see with cum dripping down her chest, "So, wanna here about this job?" -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- After eating a full course dinner meal and napping briefly in Miss.

Bradley's car he found himself full of energy and starring at what looked like a private club. It was 8 o'clock and the sun was down, the club itself looked like an odd warehouse but the lights and music told what it really was. He raised a brow at Miss. Bradley before they both slipped out of the car and made their way inside.

Luke had to force himself not to swallow hard as they passed by the bouncer, which looked more like an NFL reject. As they moved past him Luke saw the black eyes behind the sunglasses. "That explains the sunglasses at night part." As Luke walked through the club he followed close to Miss. Bradley, he almost felt like a lost puppy. However, in this crowd he'd rather look like a lost puppy than puppy chow.

He saw all sorts of creatures dressed for the occasion. Creatures as pale as the moon with not a single strand of hair on them, yet a few strange tattoos. There was a man whose head brushed against a 10 ft ceiling. Even a being whose face looked like a contorted mess of features that panted a strange face.

And those where just the few that's stood out and didn't mold with the demonic faces. Luke's head was on a swivel and he couldn't recall ever being this nervous, even during freshman year. Miss. Bradley gently touched his shoulder and he forced a confident smile on his face as he looked at her. At the moment he kept the furnace and mind radio off, he really didn't want to know what these guys were thinking and he was sweating enough as is.

They made their way through the crowd, passing multiple creatures that eyed the pair of them. More than once he felt like he was being looked at like a piece of meat, that thought gave him the chills, but he forced his concerns down. They made their way to the back of the club meeting another black eyed NFL reject. With one look at Miss. Bradley they were about to be allowed in, but the bouncer eyed Luke thoroughly.

Miss. Bradley just smiled, "He's my apprentice." Luke wanted to argue but…well he didn't exactly have a good argument.

For all intents and purposes he was her apprentice, which made him feel like he was more in a dungeons and dragons game than before. The bouncer didn't seem to hear her at first, or didn't care. The bouncer just kept eyeing Luke with a sneer. Luke's fear was quickly replaced by annoyance. He's mouth, as usual, got the better of him.

"Look I appreciate the offer, your cute and all, but this is a ladies only section." Miss. Bradley let out a hiss and a look of concern flashing on her face as she looked between him and the bouncer. The man didn't move at all but Luke could feel a sense of…well dread slowly pushing on him.

He ignored it at first but it continued to press like a weight. So he reacted like he normally did, he kept talking, "So sweet cheeks are you going to let us by cause I'm not too great at staring contests." The sense of dread slowly faded as the man let them through.

As they passed him Luke let out a silent sigh of relief. He had no idea what that sense of dread was but was positive the bouncer caused it.

Miss. Bradley leaned in as they walked, whispering in a small hiss, "That was to close, it's never smart to anger one of the Black-eyed people. As we talk to Morto please let me do all the talking. He is highly respected and known for his ill temper." Luke only nodded. As they traveled down the hall Luke couldn't help but feel like they had already walked the length of a football field.

He jotted that up to his imagination. As they walked into the next room it was obviously the owner's VIP Room. The room was lined with purple wall paper and low lighting to give enough to see people's face's and skin color. The chairs where new with plush cushions and the walls had random posters with pictures of woman lining them.

The room had a few people in it, each a different race. There was what appeared to be a small woman in the corner wearing lush fur coat, he was barely able to make out a young face from her.

Then there was a tall man, about 8 ft tall, with blue skin wearing a wife beater shirt and torn jeans. And the other few people in the room where a mix of the pale skinned people that Luke saw in the club.

However, as odd as these people where the man sitting on the large couch shocked him the most. Based off the others in the room he guessed this man was Morto.

However calling him a man would be a bit of an insult to…well men. This guy looked like a human blob, with layers of fat rolling over fat; which is if a human blob was covered in warts, pumps, random fur, and bits of scale. He didn't bother wearing a shirt but the pants hid the southern region of fat, which Luke was more than grateful for.

He sat comfortably, the small tuft of dark hair on his head making him look…well less like a creature from the black lagoon. Luke tried not to stare and followed Miss. Bradley's lead. As she gave a small nod he gave a deeper one, he was new to the room and the fresh game…Luke didn't want to focus on that last thought too hard.

He watched as Morto raised the giant meat stubs he called arms up, and his voice rang like a fat Italian near last call, "Bradley how nice of you to finally grace my room with that fine ass of yours." Luke noticed Miss. Bradley physically stiffen for a brief moment, he was probably the only one to notice with how close he was. As he promised he let Miss. Bradley do all the talking, "Well when you call for a job with such a nice pay how could I resist." Morto grunted, "I wouldn't mind paying for that ass to stay in this club for a night or two, but your too good for that aren't you Bradley." He gave a laugh that made Fat Albert's seem mild.

Luke noticed Miss. Bradley's jaw stiffen, and if he didn't know any better he would swear she is biting her tongue. The room seemed stuffy and the air thick. Luke knew it wasn't cause of the club or the creatures, it was mostly due to the tension.

This job obviously paid well but this guy liked to string people along. Luke was trying to force his annoyance down, at least the physical aspect of it. He had to control the situation, so against his better judgment, he turned on the mind radio.

The static of peoples thoughts in the room came crashing almost at once, Luke was lucky he had the walls in place or it would have been noticeable he was doing something. He let the thoughts of the creatures slide by him but what was interesting was Morto's thoughts.

Morto stared at him and Miss. Bradley so his thoughts where quite clear. Luke expected to hear the next taunts come but all he heard was boredom, mixed with what he assumed was a mental yawn. Morto didn't look forward to this meeting or the next or even the people in this room. He barely enjoyed looking at Miss. Bradley's nice figure, which surprised Luke the most. Morto then looked directly at him with a curious glance, and all his thoughts rang through. "Look at this little piece of meat, just like all the rest.

Once you're at the top everyone shuffles their feet around you. Bradley must be grooming this pup well if he sits on command." That last thought was a slight chuckle in his mind but Luke just kept staring. Morto finally spoke out loud, "What's with the kid eyeing me? You have a problem?" "No, he is my apprentice, he is new to this world and hasn't seen someone like you before." Miss.

Bradley forced a smile and glared at Luke with a slight side glance. He caught a brief glimpse of her thoughts like before, but it shut down in mid thought. "This fool boy will be the end of…" Morto looked thoughtful for a moment before eyeing Luke again, "Well is it true boy?

Just curious about a guy like me?" Luke could sense his boredom and the thoughts of those in the room, he could only guess at Miss. Bradley's. Instinct worked in his mind and told him to do what he always does, open his big mouth.

At first he wasn't sure about it, but, Miss. Bradley told him to trust his instincts when he fought Renna. It was a different fight but just as lethal, so he did as he should, he made an ass of himself. "Yea I was curious how you didn't get the role of Jubba the Hutt, what the hell did the other guy look like?" The room seemed to freeze all at once yet everyone moved in unison, reacting in complete shock.

The other's stared at him like he was the dumbest being alive, which at the moment he felt was a true statement. Morto's and Bradley's eyes seemed to bulge at once. Luke figured he was already on this train might as well pull the whistle. "I mean seriously did they have a specific look in mind for the Hutt Cartel that you missed?" Miss.

Bradley looked as if she was ready to strangle him, and he didn't blame her one bit. Morto stood up staring directly at him, "This boy has some serious ball or is really stupid. Either way I might enjoy a nice snack." Luke stared up at Morto, surprised the guy stood at about 7 ft tall, the fat looked strangely more disturbing at this angle.

Morto's voice boomed in rage, "You need to show me respect BOY!" Luke breathed and relaxed as he continued to talk, "But Morto, I am." The next frozen wave was of complete confusion; everyone looking at him with a raised brow, slightly dislodged jaw, or even staring at him with a blank look on their face.

Morto was among those that stared at him with a blank look on his face and his head was empty as well, no thoughts popped in there, so Luke continued. "I respect you like I do with my teachers, Miss. Bradley, and even my own mother." Morto's mouth finally began to work again, his grumbles were more confused but still rang like a clear booming roar, "And how is that you little welp!" "If I didn't respect you Morto, I'd be kissing your ass like most the people in this room." That got his attention.

Morto looked at him curiously, and Miss. Bradley was hanging on his every word. "I smart mouth to my mother, I smart mouth to my teachers, hell Miss. Bradley has been kind enough to tell my way of speech is oddly poetic." He gave her a playful wink as he continued, "So if I didn't run my mouth off at you then I'd be another suck up like the sadly blue giant over there." Luke motioned towards the 8ft tall man who now glared at him.

I gave a reaction beyond the shock and confusion as he slammed his foot down and voice boomed, "I'm no giant! I'm a troll you lil ingrate!" Luke rubbed his chin thoughtfully, "Oh…that would explain why you look like a goblin from the blue man group on steroids." The Troll's mind blasted him with all sorts of way's he was going to harm Luke. But the room shook with the laughter from Morto. He bellowed enough that Luke physically felt the laughter press against him.

"I think I might be starting to like you boy!" The laughter rolled out from him as he fell back into his seat. "So you believe that others seek my attention?" Luke snorted, "You kidding me? Is that even a question." Luke's fingers pointed about the room, starting with the troll and ending with the pale skinned man to Morto's right.

"That guy wants to be your muscle, that guys been brown nosing, and that guy…holy shit his nose might actually be brown." Luke let his words sink into the crowd, earning a lot more thoughts about his death but Luke continued, "And, I'm sure more than one woman as wanted your affection, wondering if your that big everywhere else how big your," he pointed down with a whistle, "Is." The words streamed through Morto bringing out more fits of laughter. He was laughing so hard the thoughts that Luke grabbed from him were hard to sort out.

The only clear word was "Finally!" Morto collected himself to smile and lean forward, "So boy you looking forward to this job?" Luke gave a side glance at Miss. Bradley who didn't give any reaction so he spoke, "Well as far as I'm aware my teacher says that the job pays rather well." Finally Miss. Bradley gave a reaction, stepping forward to take charge and spoke with her usual commanding voice, "Yes I believe the set price would be about fifty thousand." Morto continued to eye Luke and lazily waved acknowledgement towards Miss.

Bradley, "Yes, yes that price should do. So lad do you think you can take on a golem?" Both Miss.

Bradley and Luke spoke in unison, "Golem?" Morto chuckled, "Yes, I have an experimental Golem that has gone out of my control. I want the beast disposed or if possible captured." Miss.

Bradley acknowledged Morto forcing her authority forward and taking charge once more, "Sounds simple enough, have you assistant up front provide the address." As they turned to move out of the room, Morto called out to him, "Hope your survive boy, not to many interesting people these days." Luke was glad his mind radio was turned off as they tried to leave, he didn't want to know what Morto was thinking as he licked his lips at him.

As they both walked from Morto's room the silence pulsed between them, only distracted by the music and the shouts and grumble from the VIP room. Finally Miss. Bradly spoke, "I can't tell if that was brilliant or completely lunacy, maybe even the dumbest and luckiest thing I've ever seen." Luke just shrugged, "Just seemed like the right thing to do." "Well next time give me a warning please," She sighed and placed a hand on his shoulder stopping him, "I thought you were doomed when you started all that.

The last person I saw disrespect Morto ended up having his limbs individually removed at the joints and he ate each one with glee." Luke swallowed hard trying not to let his imagination bring life to her words, it didn't work very well. "Um…what exactly is he?" "You may not have heard of it but he's what most call a Wendingo." "Are you talking about those creature that where once human but got so hungry that cannibalized on other people and anything they could get their hands on, which in turn caused them to turn into a deformed shape of what they once where?" "Um…yes" miss Bradley blinked at him in surprised.

"I do read. Although it looks like he didn't exactly stop eating." Miss. Bradley gave a small snort as lead them towards the main floor of the club once more. "The price I gave him was the original price I was going to negotiate down from. Seems like you gave use more money with your little stunt in there." Luke tried to hide the pride that was pouncing about inside of him. They finally made it to the club floor and this time Luke avoided looking at the bouncer, he meet is quota for pissing off strange creatures for the night (at least so far).

As they moved through the crowd Luke was able to ignore most the creatures inside, when you meet someone like Morto everything else seems rather mild in comparison.

Or so he thought when they approached the front desk. His eyes about fell out of his head when he saw a purple skinned, goat horned, white eyed porn star cladded in red leather.

Luke continued to admire her figure, noticing her obvious DD breasts, smooth well-toned skin, and her face seemed almost perfectly smooth yet angular at the same time revealing the horns that curled from your sultry red hair that seemed to trail down to her ass. Luke knew he was staring to long, and was very grateful for the loose pants.

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The assistant smiled and winked at him as Miss. Bradley almost had to pull him away from her. The woman's voice rang like a singer, "Hope to see you soon sweety." Luke shook his head hard as they left the club, pulling his mind back into his body. Miss. Bradley gave him a playful nudge towards her car. "I know, a Succubus can give people mixed feelings." "Ya no kidding." Luke grunted as he adjusted the most awkward boner he has ever had while slipping into the car.

"Well we were lucky in there. A person can accidentally give away their soul if they aren't careful. Or get eaten, whichever comes first." -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke just continued to stare at the broken down industrial warehouse. The place use to be a construction part warehouse. But it seemed that fire broke out leaving the place in a less desirable state of repair.

From what he had heard about the place no one wanted to fix it up and it showed; with the multiple holes in the roof, the rust collecting on the metal slated walls, and the silent machines. More than once he swore the place was haunted and now he was going to fight a golem in the factory. He was going to fight a golem…how many times did that phrase role through his mind?

His new life kept bothering him, or at least having the statements in his head about the new life did. Goblins, sorcerer/es, magic, wendigo, trolls, and now a golem. How many odd new words are becoming part of his vocabulary? He just stood there letting all these thoughts and more bounce about his skull. Miss. Bradley strode forward without even giving it a single thought. He made to follow her in stride, the building giving him an ominous feel, like a shadow looming over him.

He repressed a shudder and moved beside her trying to keep himself composed. He felt his whole body want to quiver and shake, he knew he was nervous but he never expected to feel like he would shake out of his skin. He's been in fights at school, kicked a goblin off his leg, and fought Renna. Yet now he couldn't stop his hands from shaking. He was about to chastise himself when Miss. Bradley rested her hand on his shoulder, "It's ok to be worried, we all worry about the unknown.

Use it to keep you on edge but don't let it overwhelm you." She gave him a warm smile which seemed to calm his nerves a bit. He gave her a reassuring nod as they both entered the building. As they entered the building they saw tools and equipment scattered among heavy construction beams, joints, and rafters for setting a building. He had to watch where he stepped, otherwise he might trip over some of the beams or an empty wielding tank. As they moved through the building his shoes echoed against the barren walls and her heels made an audible click.

He wondered if this building really was haunted. A churning roar erupted within the building echoing against the walls.

Luke froze and looked at Miss. Bradley, "I swear that wasn't my stomach." She gave him a shake of her head and roll over her eyes. But the small humor was short lived as bits of the building seemed to move. Luke did a double take to see it wasn't the building moving but a being that stood 10 ft tall that shined in the low light of pure metallic skin.

If his face wasn't frozen in shock his jaw might have found its way to the floor. He only had a moment extra to let the shock work its way through him before he had to roll out of the way to avoid a rafter that would have made a nice dent in the spot where his chest use to be.

While Luke collected himself Miss. Bradley was already sending waves of magic at the golem. He first saw her slam a large force of wind against the creature only to stir the equipment behind it. The golem bellowed and charged for her sweeping its massive fist where she used to be as she rolled out of sight and cover.

"I thought Golems where supposed to be made of stone!" Luke turned on his mind radio as the golem eyed him like a statue.

"They are made of whatever substance the creator deems useful, it appears this one is made of metal." "No shit Sherlock!" Luke avoided the Golems fist as it came crashing were he used to be, leaving a crack in the cement. Luke kept running to avoid the golem and the whole time he tried to read its thoughts, which it didn't seem to have any.

This time Luke did curse himself, he really needed to understand the rules of this particular contract. As he turned off the mind radio he chanced a look over his shoulder to see the golem turn to face Miss. Bradley. The air grew warm as Miss. Bradley fired flames at the Golems chest and face. Luke ducked behind a work station watching as the golem had fireballs blasting its face turning his features red.

The golem bellowed even more shaking the building as he continued to walk and smash his way to his attacker. Luke's eyes widened as he saw hard wood from a nearby stand threaten to fall on her.

His actions all collided into one swift motion. He turned on the furnace, booming his voice, "Look out!" The boards caught a flame like an inferno turning the wood into broken pieces before it feel on Miss. Bradley. He stared at the small fire in surprise, as did she.

But, the surprise was short lived when the golem grabbed a nearby beam and used it as a baseball bat. He swung madly trying to score a home run on Miss. Bradley. She reacted by rolling out of the way and forcing her hand forward causing ice to stream from her palm freezing the golem's joints.

The golem slowed and then shattered the ice when he slammed the beam down at a running Miss. Bradley. Luke caught sight of the broken rafters above getting smacked around by the Golems "baseball bat." Luke pulled a large amount of heat into himself and focused on melting the end of the rafter like a welding torch.

Instead of sending the tendril like a wave against the rafter he refined it to the point like a sword and pierced the metal.

At first it merely turned red and then it changed to orange as the weight pulled the molding metal down. The roof came crashing down on the golems head, dropping sheets of metal, rafters and additional beams on his head.

Luke walked towards Miss. Bradley panting and smiling with exhilaration. As most moments in the warehouse, it was short lived, as the golem forced himself out of the pile of metal with multiple scratches and dents to its own frame. "Seriously! What the fuck?!" Instinct screamed at Luke to duck down, if he had ignore it his head would have been chopped off by the sheet of metal now piercing the wall behind him. Miss. Bradley sent more waves of ice at the Golems joints, merely slowing it down as it made to charge at Luke.

An idea struck Luke that almost felt insane, but his instincts didn't tell him it was a bad idea. "Hey big guy! Ever seen Fantastic Four?!" Luke pulled as much heat as he could into his body.

He felt like he was blazing like the sun. The heat washing over him in pulsing waves. It was intoxicating feeling this radiating heat within him. To Luke he swore he shined like the sun itself at the moment. The pure bliss of such fire coursing through his body was almost unimaginable. Yet he had to focus, and not let the sensation overwhelm him. The heat rose in his chest and he just thrusted it forward casting it into the golem.

The golem instantly glowed bright red like it was in a forge. Fire began to burn with each step it took, leaving a strange burning foot prints in the concrete.

Luke poured even more heat into the creature causing fire to surround it. The golem bellowed out, in what might be counted as confusion or pain, as the fire spiral continued to envelop it.

The fire swirled and roared about it, it took all of Luke's focus to keep turning the fire about the golem and control it so it didn't shoot up like a spire. Finally Luke released the intoxicating flame before he felt he was going to burn himself alive from the fire inside him.

Luke let the last of the heat pulse from his body and stoke the flames surrounding the Golem. Luke stepped back watching is work swirling in a terrible yet amazing tempest around the bellowing golem.

Finally the flame started to die off leaving a bright yellow Golem booming his voice at Luke as parts of him leaked to the floor like wax. As the golem took his first step forward to move towards Luke strands of metal pealed from his foot leaving bits of him behind as he continued to take each step with its molten hot body.

Miss. Bradley's voice rang like a song, "I loved that movie." Cold ice blasted from her palms in streams collided with the Golems body with a sudden hiss of steam. The stream of ice from her palm continued, adding more steam that created a smoke screen inside of the warehouse. Luke swore he was holding his breath the whole time she sent continuous streams of ice against the Golem's flesh.

What felt like eternity she finally stopped letting the steam dissipate in the building. As the steam cleared the golem stood like a molten statue reaching out towards Luke with dead eyes and blackened metallic skin. The whole being looked like a horrible art project gone terribly wrong.

Luke found himself leaning against a wall breathing heavily with his hands on his knees. He let out a heavy breath as he started to try and get air back into his body. As he looked to his right he saw the sheet of metal that almost gave his face a rather rude high five. His eyes turned away from his would be guillotine and meet Miss.

Bradley's smiling face, "I must say, that tactic was brilliant. Fantastic Four huh?" Luke chuckled between breathes, "Yea I'm just grateful this guy wasn't made of Dr. Doom metal or we would have been fucked." Miss. Bradley just rolled her eyes, as seemed to be her usual response to his odd jabs, and pulled her phone out, "Morto, it's done, come have one of your people come collect the Golem&hellip.No it's alive, though damaged, and it may take some work to move it&hellip.yes my apprentice is alive and well…We will arrive back soon to collect our payment then." She clicked off her phone and smiled at Luke, "Well let's not wait for the grass to grow, come on." She walked out of the warehouse, and didn't seem to have a scratch on her.

Luke fallowed and as he passed the golem he swore he felt the creature's eyes on him. Luke suppressed a shutter and moved out of the building as fast as possible.

As they arrived at Miss. Bradley's car he smiled and leaned on it, "So how much is my cut?" "Pardon me?" She eyed him, almost threatening like. Luke let the glare roll off him, seemed he found her weak spot. "Well I did half the work on this job, I'm not expecting half pay but some would be nice." "And what would a high schooler need with such cash?" She raised a brow at him. "The fact that I'm a high schooler that needs cash," he let the words sink in before continuing, "However I'm willing to ignore my cut for one thing." "And that is?" She answered with a tone filled with suspicion.

Luke slipped into her car and smiled, "Help me get the contract that allowed you to throw that ice around." She blinked at him a few time before moving into the car herself laughing her heart out. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke found himself back in Morto's office; which now only held himself, Miss Bradley, Morto, and the assistant that was up front.

The succubus continued to eye him and Luke tried his best to not look in her direction, yet he kept catching her through the corner of his eye. His focus was pulled back to Morto and Miss. Bradley talking. "Well Bradley I'm happy to receive my property back, you have no idea how much trouble it took to have that thing created." "I'm sure it was some trouble but not as much to your personally Morto." Morto held his chest and exaggerated being hurt, "You wound me Bradley." He chuckled and leaned back in his couch.

Luke wondered what the thing was made out of to hold this guy's weight. "I must say I'm more than pleased to have it back with its life still intact, though the body being a mess. I honestly didn't think it was possibly to not destroy it. I believe a bonus is in order for you." Miss. Bradley let out a sigh, "As much as I wish to take credit for it, it was Luke's idea." Morto eyed him and smiled, "Really my boy?

And how did you come up with such an idea?" Luke shrugged and tried to be as modest as possible, even though his mind was still reeling from the adrenaline still pumping through him and trying to right itself, "Watching too much TV for my own good." This caused Morto to give a laugh in complete delight, "I'm very much liking this young man. What do you think Serina?" The succubus crossed her legs with hands folded on her lap as she eyed him, "He's quite a delicious treat." "That he is," Both Morto and Serina eyed him, and Luke couldn't help feeling like the prized cow at an auction.

"Bradley, we would like a moment with your apprentice. Please see your way out and someone up front will handle your payment." Luke was struggling not to curse out loud, the image of his joints being removed and eaten one by one flashed in his mind. Miss. Bradley seemed to have the same line of thought she opened her mouth to argue but with one stern look from Morto she clamped it. It seemed she mimicked Luke's feelings and swallowed hard, "Well I need to make arrangements anyways for a prior deal we had together.

I hope to see you soon Luke." She walked out slowly and with complete uncertainty. After she left Luke felt naked in front of the wendigo and succubus. Beside his time with Renna, this was the first time he was left alone with…well someone that wasn't human. Luke took a slow deep breath and put on his best award winning smile, "So what can I do you for?" Morto leaned forward, almost looking like a hungry predator, the fat ruining the look, "I want you to work for me." That took Luke off guard, "Um&hellip.excuse me, who do what now?" Morto leaned back laughing some more, "I want you to work for me boy.

You have balls and talent to take down a steel Golem." "As much fun as taking down an exaggerated live action Colossus was for ya, I'm still learning what I can do." Morto gave his jab a chuckle and continued, "I'm not asking you to end your apprenticeship boy, but when I call you for a job I want you to answer and do it.

It pays well and all those in my employment benefit as do I from their services. You work hard and listen well then I'll make your life rewarding with plenty of money, a solid rep, and…" he eyed Serina for a moment, "all the ass you could ask for." Luke's mind was bouncing with the pros and cons, the major con being that if he turned this guy down he might turn into his dinner.

After a moment or two Luke answered, "Yes and no." "You want to run that by me again boy," Morto was obviously less than pleased so Luke had to play this just right, or he would be cooked just right.

"It's obvious I'm a hot commodity right now, fresh to the scene with talent, and it's also obvious that you want first crack at me. More than likely if I agree I will be magically bound to do any job you want, weather I like it or not." Morto listened intently and Luke continued. "More than likely you're going to want jobs done that aren't in my moral list of things to do. I'm not saying your shady but we both know business gets ugly.

You want a man to do jobs, I get that, but you may need a thug to. I'm no thug, if I'm forced to agree to this, fine I'll be a thug, but I'll be the worst kind and probably get myself killed." The words rolled through Morto's mind and he shifted positions as he listened to Luke speak. Finally he settled on a position where he was leaning on the arm of a chair, "So what do you propose there boy?" "Well Morty," That caused a raised brow, "I will be your first go to for most jobs.

Jobs involving finding artifacts, recovering property that was rightfully yours, keeping your experiments like the golem under check so they don't go on a rampage, and others like it. When it comes to jobs yours will take priority but I will be allowed to pick and choose which jobs I do. I will have free will to say no, but I will always consider your jobs first, and if they are on my moral listing, you have my word I will do them if I am able to. Otherwise I will be one of your brown noising lap dogs that can't do the job and you have to hire someone else for." Luke finally let himself breathe, trying to get out everything he wanted to say without choking on it.

It was a dangerous line he walked, making Morto a priority for job listings but it gave him the free will as well as the leeway to choose and not be under his thumb.

Now the question is, would this little deal be enough…or was he going to be the main course meal for a table of one…maybe two if Serina found humans delicious. Morto let his words sink in and rolled them visibly through his mind.

Luke had to force himself not to try and count the second before he spoke again. "You are a clever man there Luke. I think in a few more years and more practice you will be a great player in the game.

For now I will accept your terms as a personal freelancer for what you call the "morally" decent jobs." Luke held in his relieved sigh as he just continued to wear his award winning smile, "Sounds like we have a deal there Morty. And, I'm pretty sure there is an…unusual contract to sign then." Morto chuckled and motioned to Serina, "I think that's the part you will enjoy." Serina stood and walked over to Luke, with her sultry grace, and started to circle him.

Her voice dripped like musical honey, "Any agreement made through…someone like me is binding and can't be broken. You are pretty smart to figure out that anything agreed to would be binding. I will announce the agreement prior to, then a kiss signifies the making of a legitimate contract and ends with…well a pleasurable signing." Luke was really glad his pants where loose at the moment, cause the idea of having sex with her made his mind bounce like a pinball.


"So in short you're like my contracts for magic, except it's more of a business stand point." Morto slapped his thigh hard with excitement, "I knew you were smart boy! I can't wait for the contract to be complete." He licked his lips causing Luke to shutter a bit.

"As much as I appreciate the chance to put on a good show for ya Morty, as I told the black eyed bouncer to your VIP room before, I'm a lady's section only." Morto chuckled and leaned back in his chair, "Trust me my boy, with Serina you'll forget that I'm even here." Luke was about to interject when Serina stood before him. Just seeing her face made him want to melt standing there. Her eyes felt like they were going to consume him on the spot. "Will you accept the contract?" Her voice oozed from her lips entangling him in its sweets sound, "Will you be the agent that takes the jobs that are within your moral right to accept?

Will you be a willing agent of my Morto and I? Will you be ours?" as each question dripped from her tongue she moved closer. When she asked the last question he felt the air of her words tickling his lips and tongue.

His body yearned to obey to comply, to scream yes. Yet his mind clashed with his body. He fought for control and his voice was clear, "Wait!" Serina froze in place looking at him, "The deal was for me to work for Morty there, not you.

And I'm allowed to choice what jobs are within my moral ethics that I can take. I appreciate the complement but I might not always be able to take the jobs you need cause I'm hurt, out of town, or otherwise disposed of at the moment." The air seemed to stand still as she looked into his eyes with pure amazement.

As she did he felt the urge to take back what he said, correct course so he could please her. He felt his teeth clamp on his tongue to prevent anything additional from being said. Morto chuckled from his spot, "This boy is clever, strong, and not so easily duped.

I'm going to enjoy working with you." "As am I," Serina's words pulled his eyes strongly to her. She beamed brightly at him which sent his heart racing through his chest, he could swear his heart would break his ribs from how hard it pounded. "Then will you accept the new contract. To be a freelance agent for Morto Zenfrashi, and have his assigned jobs take first priority within your thoughts as long as they aren't against your moral agenda?

Will you accept these jobs when and if able, finishing them to the end?" The words pooled from her once more and Luke struggled with himself to see if there were any loopholes to what they said that could make him regret it. The urge to say "yes" was strong but he puzzled each word she said to make sure it was as accurate as he could arrange.

He gritted his teeth trying to force his words out. "No I won't accept that contract." He felt like this whole process was torturing him but he forced the words through gritted teeth. "The contract I will accept follows as such: I Luke Von'Kyde here by accept the role of personal freelance agent to Morto Zenfrashi.

I invoke the responsibilities to have his jobs take priority, as long as they don't go against my moral obligations or agenda. I shall be allowed to choose to take the job assigned or not, based under my current circumstances that would either prevent me from taking the job or otherwise preoccupy my current goals or agenda. When a job is accepted I shall finish the job till the end." As he finished the words he panted heavily, his eyes focused on Serina.

His mind and body felt like wrestling with him once more to change or alter what he said. He struggled to control himself as he stared at the surprised look on Serina's face. She eyed him strangely as Morto spoke softly, almost like a growling whisper, "I accept such conditions." Serina seemed more surprised by Morto as she turned to face him.

It was brief but some sort of acknowledgment passed between them. Luke was having a hard time keeping up with everything else in the room. His mind was filled with thoughts of Serina and how to please her. Finally she faced him and smiled, "the contract and terms have been set and accept.

Now we must create the pact." She leaned forward to kiss him, being only hair away from his lips. He felt the moist soft skin brush his lips and he finally yielded to his bodies urges.

He gripped her frame firmly in his arms and kissed her with a deep passion of his struggle. Every ounce of his fight poured into her lips as he kissed her deeply. Moans escaped both their lips as tongues intertwined and tangled with one another. More than once she tried to break the kiss but he held her firmly in his grasp, drinking in her intoxicating taste and feeling his body grow with his need to be with her.

She finally forced him away and as she did he breathed in the fresh air that had escaped his lungs throughout the rampage of that kiss.

She held him at arm's length by her fingertips on his chest. She stared at his face and if he didn't know any better he would swear her face was flushed, yet he couldn't tell very well with her purple skin. She smiled, "My my, aren't we incorrigible." He swallowed hard as he saw her leather clothes melt off her. It was as if they had a life of their own, slithering off her flawless frame to expose her bare flesh.

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His breath caught in his throat as he took in her naked form. The brilliance and radiance of her skin. Mixed with the lighting of the room she seemed to glow. She walked towards him, hips swaying in a small dance. Her finger trailed down from his chest and effortlessly undid his pants. He just continued to stare at her amazing frame, completely entranced by her. Within that trance she had apparently removed all of his clothes without his notice, or was it simply that he didn't care.

At the moment his bodies was hers and he longed to take her body as his. She slipped down to her knees licking and sucking his member. He was already breathing heavy before and now it almost came to him in labored breaths.

He watched as she seemed to enjoy the taste of him, savoring each lick and taste as she licked, kissed, and suckled on the entire length. He watch in in amazement and groaned in pleasure. His whole body felt sensitive to her touch, each stroke and lick from her caused him to shudder in pure bliss. Finally she took his cock into her mouth and sucked greedily. She moved slowly taking only half of him inside her mouth, letting her lips and tongue work every inch of his member that she would take.

Luke finally gained control of his body as he found himself gripping her horns and forcing his cock into her mouth. She gasped around it in surprise and moaned as he thrusting into her mouth. It felt incredible like moist silk wrapping about him. The pleasure was to much as he exploded within her mouth. She gasped once more groaning as he saw her throat work to drink all of him. Finally, as he released the last of his juice he let go of her horns.

She slowly slipped her mouth off his cock licking her lips. "Well aren't we eager." He watched her stand up running her hands over her body with pure seductive intent. He grabbed her small frame and tossed her to the ground. He stared down at her surprised face. Yet even as she stared at him in shock she still held him in her trance of lust and yearning.

He kissed her lips deeply once more, drinking in her flavor. His own greed took over as he broke from her lips to kiss and drink her skin. He started for her neck and slowly trailed down her body. As he moved down she moaned more. She about screamed when he took her breast into his mouth, his tongue working about her nipple frantically.

Her body thrashed underneath him as he drank from her breast. His torment didn't end there, for his other hand gripped and massaged her other breast. He worked it tenderly yet gripped it firmly, as if he was trying to milk it.

She squirmed and withered underneath him as he worked her breasts. His free hand supported his body as he felt her own grip his back and his head. She gasp and groaned like a seductive music in his ear. He drank from her breast for what felt like a lifetime before becoming greedier for a sweeter nectar. He released her breast and slipped from her grip as his mouth trailed down her body, licking her sensitive skin eliciting more pants and gasps of pleasure.

Finally he found himself between her legs staring at her perfect clean pussy. Though her skin was purple her pussy was pink and moist. His fingers touched and teased her clit causing her to flex her body into an arch of her back. He would normally talk up a storm to tease her but words seemed pointless.

He leaned in close and let his actions speak for him as he kissed her clit, letting his tongue swirl about it.

Her hands found his head and gripped it firmly, fingers entangling his hair. Her back arched hard as his tongue slide from her clit down to her hole and then back. He continued to lick up her slit and drink the sweet juices that poured from her. Her body continued to thrash and squirm under the assault of his tongue, her fingers digging deep into his hair. He finally felt her body convulse underneath him as his tongue only just began to prod her hole. He felt he juices spray over his face, almost drowning him in her sweet honey.

Her back arched so hard he swore it might bend. Finally after the moment past she gasped and panted to collect herself. But her recovery was very breif, for he had yet to lose his lust and remained hard ever since she made him orgasm the first time.

He crawled back up her body and stared into a face that almost looked innocent. He admired it and cupped it before kissing her deeply and sliding his member inside her, causing her pleasurable moan to vibrate into his mouth.

He slide in slowly at first, fitting all 8 inches of his member inside of her. As he was all the way inside he pulled from the kiss staring at her yearning face. His body reacted before his mind could process it all and began to start thrusting into her.

With each thrust she gasped and moaned, the sounds growing louder by the passing moments, as she gripped his shoulders firmly. Time seemed to slow and speed up at the same time as they remained locked in the missionary position. His thrusts starting of slow and gentle become animalistic. His body felt each thrust and pulse from her body, as well as his own. His mind was flooded with all sorts of sensations he couldn't describe.

Using words like, bliss, pleasure, and ecstasy seemed to pale in comparison to the current moment he was in. He was finally thrown from the embrace when she orgasmed once more, her body almost forcing him off her as she squirted more of her juices on him, this time coating his chest.


She panted and groaned in what he could only guess was her mixture pleasure and ecstasy. She moved to get up and seemed to make it on all fours. He became possessed as he saw her shapely ass in front of him.

He gripped the perfectly smooth cheeks and forced his dick back inside her causing her to scream. They continued to thrash and slam against one another.

Her screams mixed with his groans and roars of pleasure. Time seemed nonexistent within this moment. His hips slamming against her body with her ass cheeks bouncing off his stomach. He reached forward and gripped her hair like reins pulling her body into him with each thrust.

He his body felt like it was on fire and on the verge of collapsing, yet he pushed harder yearning for more. Finally he felt his whole lower half tense and grip himself. The orgasm seemed earth shattering as was his roar and her screams. Stream after stream of his sperm poured into her causing her to shutter.

He fell backwards panting and breathing heavily. He was about to rise only to find her greedy mouth once again engulfing his member.

His body yearned for her to stop and keep going at the same time. Every muscle yelled, yet every fiber yearned. Finally she pulled his cock out of her mouth only to move on top of him. She smiled as sweet pooled on her forehead, which more than likely mirror his own features in a way. She gently moved some strand of her hair behind her ear before kissing him deeply.

He kissed her back tenderly, like drinking from a dripping water when he was out in a desert. As she parted from the kiss she sat on him and positioned his cock against her ass. He felt the tip press against her reluctant hole and groaned as her weight slide down.

As the head found its way inside her his eyes opened wide feeling the new grip about his member. More of him slide inside of her and she simply smiled and groaned with small pants of pleasure escaping her lips.

As she sat on him, his entire member filling her, she smiled playfully and leaned back. He felt her back arch and her ass grip his cock even more causing a soundless gasp of pleasure to escape is gaping mouth. She finally started to slide her body up and down on his member. Her body gripping and massaging his cock. His mind felt like it might break from the assault. He gripped on to something, anything, which would keep his mind grounded. He had to give her the same treatment in return.

His hands gained some measure of strength back into them and reached up to cupped her breasts once more. Her breasts where soft to the touch as he held and squeezed them causing her to scream and yell in complete bliss. Her pace quickened as she slammed her body against him, her ass massaging and working his cock in strange ways he couldn't even imagine.

She continued to thrash and plunge herself on his member. Her hands reached up and gripped his own. At this point their mouths worked in silent screams, groans, and roars of pleasure as they milked each other's bodies. Minutes passed and yet they still thrusted into one another in the throes of passion.

Both their bodies tensed at the same time as he erupted inside of her and she sprayed him with more of her juices. Their voices where found for the last time in the climax of ecstasy as they roared and screamed their orgasms to the world. She collapsed on top of him, panting and groaning as his cock still twitched inside of her. He took long deep breaths to fill his lungs in with all the missing air that had escaped is lungs. More minutes passed as they basked in the afterglow.

She sat up smiling at him with her sultry smile before sliding off his member. He groaned feeling her squeeze the last of his juices out and standing up. He just remained laying there for an extra moment before standing up himself, surprised that his legs actually worked. As he stood he was able to collect what was left of his numbed mind back into his body. He looked around to find Morto watching intently and felt immediately embarrassed, he was right. With Serina he completely forgot about the audience he had.

Morto spoke with a soft rumble, and a pleased smile, "Quite the show you put on boy. And quite the impressive package you've got." That caused Luke to become embarrassed quickly.

He rolled it off his shoulders trying to forget that he was naked. He saw his clothes on the ground and tried not to move to fast while putting on his jeans, "Oh I'm sure yours is bigger there Morty." Morto chuckled, "Well I shall keep in touch with you my boy.

I'm sure I will have work in due time." "Um…ya about that, "Luke paused for a moment, "I don't exactly have a cellphone to keep in touch with at the moment." Morto blinked at him a few times as Luke pulled his shirt on before going into a roaring fit of laughter, "You are truly an odd one.

Don't worry my boy I treat my people right. An associate of mine upfront will have a smartphone for you on your way out." He finally collected himself and eye Serina for a moment, "Now if you'll excuse me, watching you has gotten me excited as well." Luke didn't argue one bit, seeing that bit of action was the last thing he wanted. But when he turned around he was surprised to see Miss. Bradley staring at him. He couldn't make out what she was thinking, her face was a statue and nothing hinted to her inner thoughts.

As they walked out together he collected his phone from a very displeased Troll who really wanted to kill him, or so Luke guessed by the way his fists clinched and crunched in his hand. Maybe saying he was from the blue man group was a little far, but too late to take that back now. When they finally made it to Miss. Bradley's car she was still a mask of unknown features. Even more so as she drove off. After a good while she finally spoke, "So you made a pact with Morto?" Luke was worried that she disapproved but answered honestly, "Yea, I figured it was safer to try and make a pact on my terms with him than turning him down completely." "I heard everything, I was there at the start of her trying to make a pact.

You did really well," her voice was monotone and didn't give anything away. "So how was it? Luke blinked for a few moment, "Um…I'm sorry what?" "How was sex with her? It's said that making love to a succubus leaves any other experience pale in comparison." "It wasn't making love it was sex," He corrected her and thought about the whole experience, "It was intoxicating, but I don't believe that I'm turned off from sex with others." Some life returned to Miss.

Bradley's voice, she sounded surprised, "And why is that?" "It was the equivalent of getting really high. Yes you enjoy the heightened sense of pleasure to the point your mind is going to break.

But, at the same time it's overwhelming to the point it's scary and part of you doesn't enjoy it. Don't get me wrong it was thrilling and one hell of an experience. But I don't think I would want to only experience that for sex." Miss. Bradley parked the car to the side of the road and turned to face him smiling coyly at him, "Good cause Morto wasn't the only one who enjoyed the show." She suddenly kissed him passionately and deeply.

Her fingers clawing at his clothes. He kissed her back just as passionately with a rising fury like he had never known. He was pretty sure he had one more round or two left in him. As he felt her tongue invade his mouth and saw her tear open her blouse to expose her breasts to him he knew one thing was certain. With everything that was happening in his life, from being a sorcerer, to taking down a golem, to working for a wendigo, and having the most incredible fuck feast of his life, there was no way this day could be counted as boring.

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