Sexy Babe verführt fiesen älteren Kumpel

Sexy Babe verführt fiesen älteren Kumpel
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Chapter 5 I sent the ladies back to their quarters and told them to relax. I went and got myself cleaned up and then I wanted to chat with Computer privately. 'What are the diagnostics on everything, in relation to where we are in space and time?' I asked. 'Everything is within acceptable parameters.' Computer replied. I then delved deep into everything, whiling away hours looking at report after report.

I was concerned that something may have gone wrong in our time hop. I was a bit paranoid like that- it's what had kept me alive over the years.

However, everything was running smoothly with no faults at all. I then instructed Computer to set a course for our next time hop- to Paris in the Napoleonic era.


I told Computer to bring us into orbit of the Earth but not to open screens until the girls and I were ready. I wanted Chloe to get first glimpse, as it was her idea to come here. I then retired to my cabin to wash up and sleep. I left instructions not to be disturbed and to keep the ladies locked up in their rooms as I did not want them roaming the ship without me.

Not that they could do any damage by accident, Computer would see to that. I put my head down to sleep a contented sleep. Life was looking up after all I had been through. I awoke with a thirst and a real morning glory. The first was easily sated, I had computer produce a cup of coffee and a glass of water. I enjoyed sipping them as I looked out the window down onto the Earth around 1800AD, with Napoleon at the height of his powers.

I wasn't too sure which year Computer had taken us too- I trusted it to get it right in this case. I lay there drinking coffee and very gently rubbing my hard on. I realised that I had an easy solution. No longer would I have to beat one off, I could call upon one, or, all of my women to come and aid me. Today, I had a hankering after Melia.

I instructed Computer how to dress her and bring her into my cabin in exactly five minutes. This gave me time to finish my coffee in peace and work up even more of a lust.

Melia appeared out of thin air at the correct time. She looked bewildered at first but, when she saw me she smiled and greeted me with a cheerful good morning. Melia was dressed as I had instructed Computer, in white bra, sexy panties, stockings and a suspender belt. I had a real weakness for sexy lingerie and Melia was dressed to perfection. The bra highlighted her small, yet perfect breasts, her thong showed off her ass to perfection and the stockings her legs.

the suspender belt just finished it all off nicely. I noticed that Melia was also wearing a pair of heels. I had not ordered this but Computer had seen fit to help me out with what it thought best.

I had to hand it to Computer, the heels made it. I gave silent thanks to Computer and received a 'You are very welcome, enjoy.' in return!

'Melia, please walk around the room for me.' I asked her. I sat back and enjoyed watching her move in the lingerie. I loved the way the stockings seemed to highlight her buttocks as she walked.

'Tell me what you think of the lingerie?' I asked her. 'It makes me feel really sexy. I've never worn it before and I love the feeling against my skin. It is a bit weird though having it suddenly appear or disappear on my body though.' She replied. 'Like this?' I asked, as I got Computer to make her thong vanish. Melia felt the thong go and moved her hands down to cover her pussy.

I was lying naked on the bed, rubbing my hard on watching her. Melia must have realized the futility of covering herself and she moved her hands away and resumed walking around in a sexy manner for me. I loved it when she turned like a catwalk model with her hip thrust out and her hand on that hip.

I grew even harder every time she did this, if that was at all possible. 'Melia come and stand in front of me.' I instructed. Melia moved over to the bed and did as she was bidden. I took a moment to enjoy running my hands up and down her stocking clad legs as I sat on the edge of the bed, my cock standing up straight between us.

I moved my hands to Melia's pussy and stroked her gently all round her naked mound, causing her to wriggle occasionally as her arousal mounted. I allowed myself to pull her legs apart ever so gently and run my fingers down through her slit, feeling her already moist to the touch.

I then turned her round, so I was looking straight at her fabulous ass. I enjoyed stroking her firm globes, and pulling them apart to reveal her tight little bumhole to view. I moved my head forward and allowed myself to lick her buttocks up and down, before moving to the top of her bum crack and delving my tongue into the top, feeling how tight her ass cheeks were together. I pushed her upper torso forward firmly whilst holding her around the waist, making it clear to her I wanted her to bend over at the hips.


Melia did so and exposed her asshole and pussy to my view from behind. I couldn't resist. I immediately thrust my head forward and ran my tongue repeatedly up and down her pussy and asshole. I was in heaven.

I happily spend the next few minutes randomly eating out her cunt and reaming her tight bumhole, enjoying the differing tastes- the sweet nectar of her pussy and the more sour taste of her ass.

I then concentrated on her pussy, attempting to bring Melia to orgasm as I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. This soon had Melia cumming on my tongue and I greedily lapped up the increased juices that flowed out of her pussy.

I allowed Melia to move and to collapse face down onto the bed as she recovered from her orgasm. I was now going to fuck her pretty little ass, I had decided to take her anally as I had been enjoying the flavor of her ass on my tongue. I sat on top of Melia's legs, keeping them closed together. I got her to help me by reaching behind her and pulling her ass cheeks apart. There was her pretty little anal rose, ready to be plucked by me. I started easily, moistening one finger and gently inserting it into her asshole.

The second soon followed as she grew accustomed to the first one. 'Melia I'm going to fuck your ass hole now.' I told her. I moved my cock into position, first rubbing it with some of my saliva. I positioned it against her sphincter and pushed forward. Melia was incredibly tight, much tighter than Chloe had been. Melia was moaning as I pushed forward, feeling the tip break through her anal ring.

Melia's moans turned into screams of pain as I continued feeding my cock into her bum. The feeling of her tight anal ring clamped round my shaft as I inched forward into her asshole was amazing. It was simply the tightest hole I had ever fucked and I knew that Melia would make me cum very quickly, she was that tight! Melia's screams were subsiding as she grew used to my cock invading her bowels. Melia was whimpering, interspersed with moans as she felt some pleasure during her pain.

I was now halfway into her ass and I stopped my relentless forward motion and allowed Melia to grow used to my cock in her ass. I gently thrust backwards and forwards, loosening her anal ring a bit more to allow Melia to accommodate my entire cock in her ass.

Again, I pressed forward but this time with every inch I went into her ass, I also withdrew and fucked her a little bit. The sensations I was feeling were mind blowing and I could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching. I hurriedly thrust forward more now, not caring about what Melia was feeling, only concerned with my own pleasure. I loved her tight anal muscle sliding up and down my shaft.

Eventually though it was too much and I erupted deep into Melia's bowels, feeling my cum filling her up. I collapsed breathing heavily onto Melia's back as the last drops of cum flowed out the end of my cock and into her asshole.

I stayed like that buried in her ass and instructed computer to bring the other two girls instantly to help us clear up. In the blink of an eye, Joanna and Chloe appeared, both looking shocked at the postion they saw Melia and I in. 'Yes ladies, I have just fucked Melia in her ass. In fact, my cock is still buried in her ass right now.

Joanna, I want you to come here and suck my cock clean when I withdraw it. Chloe, I want you to tenderly kiss Melia's rather stretched anal ring and to scoop my cum out of her ass with your tongue.' I told them.

They both moved forward to obey. I withdrew my cock from Melia's ass with a 'pop' and my cum began bubbling out of her ass. Chloe immediately had her mouth over Melia's asshole and I could see her tongue working to scoop up the over flowing cum. Meanwhile, I had fed my cock into Joanna's mouth and was enjoying her cock sucking whilst I watched Chloe eat out Melia's ass.

Eventually, Chloe must have swallowed up all the cum she could get as she switched to gently running her tongue round Melia's stretched sphincter, helping to ease away the pain. Now that was a way to wake up! Bliss indeed. I let all the ladies go and wash up and get ready for our next adventure.

I had to consult with Computer. 'Can you find us a suitably seedy tavern in Paris to transport us into? Also, can you show on screen the clothes they would have worn here in this era?' I asked Computer. Immediately, several differing fashions for men and women appeared on a screen in front of me.

Some were obviously worn by the very wealthy, right down to peasants. I selected one for myself and the ladies that were not too flashy but still looked middle class, as it were. I told Computer to get them ready to put on us when we were ready for transport. I planned for us to be inserted into a dark corner of a tavern for us to get a feel for things before venturing out onto the streets and having a good look round.

One of the other things that Computer could do was to ensure that I spoke fluent French, or, indeed, any language at all. When all was ready and the girls were finally ready to go, I had Computer dress us in the outfits I had selected earlier. The ladies were in long dresses, tight around the waist and uplifted busts. Their hair was curled to fit in with the fashion at the time.

I was in tight breeches with a rather fetching jacket and white wig on my head. I felt ridiculous, but, when in Rome (or Paris!). Computer had scanned and found us a dark tavern to insert into.

I told it to go and in the blink of an eye we were stood in a dark corner surrounded by sweating people drinking and laughing. The first thing I noticed was the smell. I realised that we were obviously pretty well isolated up in the craft, no natural smells at all. Here it was the polar opposite. There was the smell of sweaty bodies, food, sour wine spilt on the floor. I loved the change! No one had noticed us arrive and we were able to sit quietly and listen to what was going on.

The people round us were all laughing at a joke about Napoleon and his mistress Josephine. We listened in for a while before making our way out onto the streets. I had Joanna on my arm and got Melia and Chloe to walk behind us, seeming to fit in as this worked and nobody batted an eye. We walked round the streets, caught a glimpse of some of the sights and had a great time. Pretty soon though, I was hungry and thought it would be a good idea to get something to eat and drink.

Discussing it with the ladies as we walked along, Joanna pointed to a nearby tavern and suggested we go in to eat. Upon entering the tavern, I asked for food and wine to be sent over to us. The serving wench was the first person I had spoken to and she did not notice any thing different about us at all.

That was a relief. I had asked for whatever was on the menu that day to be sent over. I found us a corner that we could sit in and observe the whole large room. It gradually began to fill up as it was nearing lunch time. Our food arrived and it was a delicious stew of meat and vegetables, served with some not so fresh bread. The wine was drinkable, if watered down. The great thing was we did not need to worry about food bugs or any disease as Computer would continually scan us and get rid of anything nasty at all before it had time to work on us.

I explained this to the ladies and we all tucked in with gusto. The wine flowed and I felt extremely mellow and happy. I felt an elbow in my ribs, Chloe had elbowed me to get my attention. 'Look at that table over there. Is what I think is happening, happening?' Asked Chloe. All our eyes swiveled to where she had pointed. Sitting at a table were two men, facing towards us. They were very good looking men and seemed to be carrying off the wig look better than I was!

It was only when I looked down that I saw what Chloe had seen. There was a woman under the table between the men. All we could see was her dress covered backside as she knelt under the table. It was obvious from the expressions on the men's faces that she was blowing them both. 'Yes Chloe, I do believe that there is a woman under there giving those two men a blowjob each.' I said. Chloe just nodded, her eyes transfixed on the two men receiving their oral pleasuring from the woman.

Joanna and Melia had noticed too and were giggling together about it, hands over their mouths, leaning in towards each other. Chloe however, was staring and licking her lips at the sight.

It seemed to me that Chloe was very interested and turned on by it. 'Chloe, do you wish that was you under the table giving them both head?' I asked her.

Without taking her eyes off the men, Chloe answered ' Yes, yes I do. And I would like to fuck them both as well.' 'I can arrange that if you wish Chloe?' I told her. 'Please, yes I do want it.' Chloe begged.

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I also noticed that Chloe had a hand in her skirts, rubbing her pussy. 'Go over there and continue what that woman started.' I instructed her.

I used Computer's power to take mind control over the two men and the woman. I got the woman to get up from under the table and come over to us. I also made sure that nobody else in the tavern would pay any attention to what was going on.

The men looked over at Chloe and smiled at her. It was all she needed. Chloe rushed over to their table and got on her hands and knees under the table. What a slut Chloe was turning out to be! Sadly, we couldn't see Chloe sucking their cocks from where we were sat.

No matter, I would make sure we would see what came next. I got Computer to give me a medical update on the three people. Both the men and the woman turned out to be clean. Not that it would have mattered, Computer had the power to sort it all out. I loved this Jogany tech! Whilst Chloe was busy under the table, I took a moment to appraise the woman.

She was scarcely older than 18, nice, pert breasts, quite pretty in a way. It was impossible to tell what her figure was like in the voluminous skirts she was wearing but her top half was of average size.

I asked her her name. 'Emilie, monsieur.' she told me. 'Sit here with me Emilie and enjoy the view.' I said. Emilie slid into Chloe's space and sat and watched with the rest of us. Chloe must have been giving good head under the table as the two men both looked very happy and had huge smiles on their faces. I planted a suggestion in each of their minds.

At my suggestion they both stood up and helped Chloe out from under the table. They took her up the stairs and out of our sight. 'Come on ladies, let's go and see what Chloe is doing.' I said. Joanna and Melia immediately jumped to their feet and followed me up the stairs. I beckoned to Emilie to follow as well. She did so. I did not know which of the rooms upstairs that Chloe had been dragged into. I listened for a moment and hear moans coming from the second one on the left.

I made sure that the men would not notice us as we entered and the four of us went in and had a look at what was happening. The men had Chloe's large tits out of her dress and were both greedily sucking on one of her nipples each. Chloe had her head thrown back and was clearly enjoying what they were doing to her breasts. One of them then stopped and pulled Chloe's dress down, exposing her naked cunt, as she was not wearing any panties as the panties of the day were not nearly nice enough and it seemed easier not to wear any.

The men now both stopped what they were doing and began to undress. They quickly had everything off and it was quite a sight. They both had large cocks. Chloe was going to enjoy herself with those up her! Chloe slowly sank to her knees between the men and sucked on one cock as she wanked the shaft of the other. Then she would switch back and forth between them. It was a very sexy sight seeing her take both cocks into her mouth.

Chloe's free hand was fingering her cunt, no doubt making herself nice and wet for those monsters that were no doubt about to penetrate her tight twat. I had a growing stiffy at this sight and I grabbed hold of Emilie and pushed her to her knees in front of me.

She knew what I was after and her hands were working at my breeches to free my stiffening cock. I kept my eyes on Chloe though as she gobbled cock in front of me. I looked down as I felt Emilie's wet lips wrap themselves around my dick and take me in her mouth. I let her continue with my blowjob as I watched the threesome in front move position.

One of the men had laid down on the bed and was pulling Chloe on top of him. Chloe swung her leg over his torso and positioned her dripping cunt over his prick. She then sank down onto the massive shaft, her pussy swallowing it all until her ass was nestled against his balls. The other man watched as Chloe bounced around on his friend, moaning her approval as the cock continually drove up into her pussy.

The other man was not to be left out though and her walked round and stuck his cock back into Chloe's face. She eagerly took him into her mouth again and proceeded to suck his cock. Emilie was also sucking my cock well, getting me deep into her mouth and taking me out and swirling her tongue round my head.

She was very good indeed. However, I did not watch her for long as the man in Chloe's mouth withdrew from her and walked round behind her. The man pushed Chloe down onto his friend. The man who was fucking Chloe's cunt stopped and wrapped his arms round her waist, holding her in position. The other man then lined his cock up with Chloe's exposed ass hole and pushed himself into her.

He was none too gentle about it either! Chloe was screaming in pain as the cock penetrated through her anal ring and into her bowels.

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The man kept on driving in though until he had a good half of his cock buried in Chloe's bum hole. He then stopped and allowed Chloe to become used to his girth. The man underneath her started to fuck her gently again though to ease her pain and increase her arousal. I looked for Joanna and Melia. They were both sat on the floor against the wall with their skirts up and their fingers buried in their cunts, watching Chloe get double penetrated by the two men.

I looked back to Chloe. Both men were now fucking her, slowly at first but the pace was building. Chloe was screaming, half in pain and half in wanton desire as the pleasure overtook the pain caused by the monster in her ass. The men were now steaming into her, intent on their pleasure now.

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The man in Chloe's ass had gripped her hips and was thrusting himself in and out of her asshole. He was fucking her with such deep strokes that he pulled his cock out of her ass and then thrust it in again.

I enjoyed watching Chloe's ass gape open as he withdrew each time, it trying to close up before he would thrust into her again. I had unconsciously grabbed hold of Emilie's head and was roughly fucking her face as I watched. I loosened my grip and allowed her to take over again.

I did not want to blow my load too soon! Both the men fucking Chloe were fucking her very hard indeed. Chloe screamed loudly again as her orgasm ripped through her. This seemed to spur the men on and I could see the man underneath her start cumming into her pussy.

The way he jerked his hips up was obviously him cumming. The one in her ass was only two strokes behind and he let out a loud roar as he emptied his balls into Chloe's ass. Chloe herself came again as she felt two loads of spunk fill her pussy and ass at the same time.

It was too much for me and I grabbed Emilie's head and thrust into her mouth a couple of times before I shot my load into her mouth. I kept my cock in her mouth as I finished off before releasing her, drained. Emilie gulped my cum down her throat and used her hand to wipe her mouth clean. The man in Chloe's ass withdrew his cock from her bum hole and sat down on the bed, spent.

Chloe then rolled off the other man and lay there panting between them. 'Chloe, get on your hands and knees.' I ordered. I then ordered Emilie to go and suck out as much cum as she could from Chloe's ass and pussy.

She scampered over to obey. I made the men oblivious to us and asked Chloe, 'How did you enjoy that Chloe?' 'It was amazing. The best sex I have ever had. I loved having two cocks to play with, in me. It was amazing. Thank you, thank you for letting me do this.' she replied. 'My pleasure, Chloe, or rather, yours!' I responded.

Joanna and Melia had finished playing with their pussies and were now stood up, looking over at the scene on the bed. Emilie was kneeling behind Chloe eating out her pussy and ass, slurping up any cum she could find.

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Eventually, Chloe could take no more and pushed her away and lay down between the men again. 'I want to stay here and experience more of this.' Chloe surprised me by saying. 'You mean you want to fuck again now?' I asked incredulous. 'I mean I want to stay here for good. Nothing could be better than what just happened.' Chloe said.

'You mean you don't want to come back to the ship with us and continue our adventures?' I asked 'Not at the moment, no. I want to stay here with these two studs and let them fuck me.


Can you arrange it? You seem to be able to do almost anything?' Chloe said. I thought about it and had a quick consult with Computer. Neither of us could see why not if it was her own free will, which it was, I was not controlling Chloe in any way. I did a thorough read of the two men. They were both kind hearted by the morals of the time. They often fucked a woman together and were best friends. They lived together in a modest house in Paris. By modest, I mean they only had 5 servants! I saw no reason why I could not leave Chloe with them for a while.

'OK Chloe, you can stay with them. I will come back periodically to check up on you. I am going to alter a few things in your mind though first to make you fit in here in this time and also to make sure you have no memory of the future you come from.

I will be able to reverse this each time I come back though. 'OK, do it.' Chloe answered. I did. I also played around with the two mens minds, making sure that they would treat Chloe well, protect her and look after her. I gave the three of them Emilie to be their servant and to join in when Chloe wanted!

Emilie had nothing anyway. I did all this and left them to it, taking Joanna and Melia with me. I got Computer to transport us back to the ship from the room there. Once aboard, we all wanted to talk at once. 'I can't believe that Chloe wanted to stay there.' said Joanna 'What if she gets into trouble?' said a nearly tearful Melia.

'Girls, don't worry. I have a lock on Chloe and if she is unhappy in any way or in danger, I will be alerted and I will go back and rescue her immediately.

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She is in no danger, and even if the worst happened and she died, I could go back to just before it happened and stop it from happening. Don't worry, I have full alerts put out on Chloe.' I said. This seemed to make the girls happier and I let them go and change out of their dresses. I let Computer change me straight away, getting that ridiculous wig off was a must! I then went for a soak in the hot tub to have a think about all that had just happened and where to go next.