Brunette babe sucks on old dudes

Brunette babe sucks on old dudes
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Fbailey story number 615 She Was Paper Bag Material My neighbor's daughter had been beat with an ugly stick. I felt sorry for the girl. I had known her since birth. I had always treated her as if she were my own daughter. She wasn't Halloween ugly by any means. She couldn't even stop an eight-day clock.

But compared to any other girl she was. Hence Virginia became a loner. She hated to go to school so her mother home schooled her. I helped out as best I could. In fact I became her English and Math teacher. The three of us went on field trips too. Often those trips would take us to the water since we lived so close to it. Just because Virginia wasn't attractive it didn't mean that her body wasn't and it sure didn't mean that she had to hide it either.

In the spring of her thirteenth year she blossomed out and her mother got Virginia a string bikini. She got one for herself to so that Virginia wouldn't feel out of place.

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I became the big winner that time. I got to spend a very long summer in the presence of two great looking women. Now you could put an American Flag over Virginia's head and fuck her for Old Glory, however I kept thinking that doggy style fit her better. As to her mother I wanted to fuck her face to face, that was for sure.

The husband and father had had enough of them that winter and had taken off with a not so pretty woman and her daughter for parts unknown.

I had become the big winner that time too. Betty had grown pretty horny in those winter months and like a caterpillar she had blossomed into an attractive butterfly. At least around me. She was wearing shorter skirts, plunging necklines, and from what I could see sexier underwear. Anyway on our first excursion to the water we were looking for samples of algae. It was for a science class. We went to an unused part of the shore to keep away from strangers, to protect Virginia, and to find shoreline that hadn't been disturbed.

Virginia took off her T-shirt and loose pants and headed toward the water to get started. All I saw was her fabulous ass walking away from me. Betty said, "So you like her new bikini, mine is just like it but white, in fact they are the same size, so my buns should look even better." As I turned back around to look at Betty she held up her tiny bikini and smiled.

She sat it on the hood of my car and lifted her shirt up over her head.

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I said, "I can turn around if you like." Betty said, "If you do then you will miss the show that I was planning on putting on for you." Needless to say I never took my eyes off from her after that. Betty removed her sexy bra and massaged her bare breasts for me pretending that her bra had made them itch. I would have done that for her gladly but she didn't ask me too.


Her loose pants went to her ankles and then were taken off and added to her other clothes. Betty then slipped her panties down her legs, turned around, and bent over pushing them completely to her ankles and taking them off. I had the best view of her light brown puckered asshole and her neatly trimmed pussy lips.

She stood and faced me smiling.

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She than took the string bikini bottom and straightened out the strings before stepping into it. She tied the sides and then grabbed the front and back at the same time adjusting it up into her pussy and ass properly. She tightened those strings and reached for her top. I watched as she struggled to get into it and offered to help her.

She accepted my offer and turned around. I let her hold the material unto her breasts while I tied the back of her neck and then the string around her lower back. She then turned around and let me watch as she adjusted the little scraps of material to cover her areolas.

Betty said, "I feel naked in this." I said, "You looked beautiful both naked and in that bikini." She smiled as I lifted my camera out of the car. She even offered to pose for me. I let her.

She was a natural model. Everything that she did was graceful and exciting. After about a half-hour of posing for me she admitted that she needed to masturbate. I told her to go ahead and I watched.

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I did more than watch because my camera also took video. Eventually we went looking for Virginia. She had completed her assignment, which was to find and identify five different species of algae. When we caught up with her she was lying on her back on the sand. Her body was glistening from moisture. Her hand was inside her bikini bottom and she was masturbating. I whispered, "Like mother, like daughter." Betty asked, "Is it okay if we watch?" Virginia said, "He can do this for me if he wants too." Betty looked at my concern and said, "I don't mind if you help her.

I know how good it feels to have someone else finger me. Go ahead." I walked over closer and knelt down on one side as her mother knelt down on the other side. I reached my hand in next to hers and she pulled her hand out. I then proceeded to masturbate Virginia.

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I rubbed her clit, I fingered her hole, and I tickled her little asshole too. Betty untied the sides of Virginia's bikini and pulled it out of the way. She put a finger into her daughter's virgin hole and worked her way up to her clit.

I continued to finger fuck her. Soon Virginia had my cock out and in her mouth. Betty said, "Look, her first blowjob. Isn't that worth a picture?" It sure was, so I took several pictures of Virginia sucking my cock, of me fingering her hole with two fingers, and of her mother tickling her clit until she had an orgasm.

I wanted to fuck Virginia and take her virginity but I figured that I had better start with her mother. So I pushed Betty down onto her back next to her daughter. I untied her bikini bottom, slipped the top off to the sides, and then I slipped my swollen cock into her wet hole. Virginia watched closely as I fucked her mother.


Apparently it had been quite some time since either of us had had sex. We both moaned and groaned and then we both climaxed together. I shot gobs of cum into her and her pussy drank it all in. I could feel the walls of her vagina milking every drop of cum from my shaft. I had never felt anything like that in my entire sixty years. I calliopes on top of her and thought to myself that I had a daughter older than her and I had grandchildren older than Virginia and that I had just had sex with both of them.

I also knew that I wasn't going to stop. I didn't either. I married Betty, I got Virginia pregnant twice, and I died making love to Betty on my eighty-sixth birthday. What a way to go! The End She Was Paper Bag Material 615