I love riding my Bf

I love riding my Bf
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Fbailey story number 487 Uncle Bubba In The Woods My Uncle Bubba owns a fairly large chunk of land. On an early spring day he and his nephew Doug were out to cut firewood to sell. They drove the old noisy farm tractor out with a wagon behind it to toss the chunks of wood into, they fired up their chainsaws, and then after a few minutes of steady work they dropped one of the biggest trees that they had tackled to date.

As they admired their work and watched a couple of squirrels run off to find a new home, three totally naked college girls came running over the slight hill. They were very attractive and they were a blonde, a redhead, and a brunette. The redhead got very upset.

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She got right in Uncle Bubba's face, and started screaming at him, "You crazy old man you just buried our clothes under that fucking tree." Doug smiled to himself thinking that was no way for a naked girl to be talking to his uncle, especially if she ever wanted to get her clothes back.

Uncle Bubba smiled and both of his teeth shown brightly through his thick gray beard. He squinted his eyes and then he spit out some of his tobacco juice from the chaw that was tucked into his cheek.

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Brown drool sort of slithered down his beard and he wiped it up with the back of his shirtsleeve. Then Uncle Bubba said, "You say your clothes are under that there tree." The very irate redhead said, "Yes, that's what I said.

Are you fucking deaf?" Uncle Bubba smiled and said, "So you three gals gotta stay naked until we clear this tree out of your way?" The redhead was now right in his face screaming at him to get her clothes immediately. Uncle Bubba just reached out and pinched one of her nipples between his thumb and his bent index finger and then he let her experience the power that he had from folding beer caps in half all these years. Immediately tears came to her eyes and she got so pale looking that her freckles almost disappeared.

Then she started screaming for real in excruciating pain. Her two girlfriends quickly came running to her rescue just to realize that Uncle Bubba had a death grip on her poor abused nipple. Doug watched as they pulled her body back stretching her good size tit like a rubber band and her telling them to stop pulling.

All Uncle Bubba said was, "Now, you WILL stop screaming at me. I own this here land and you're trespassing. Normally I would shoot trespassers, but you are just too fine a piece of ass to be wasting like that. Suppose you just sit down on that stump right there with your legs spread and give me something to look at while I start in on this here tree." He released her nipple and her two friends cuddled into her in a group hug.

Uncle Bubba got two beers out of the cooler in the wagon and tossed one to Doug.

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They leaned back against a couple of trees and watched the girls as they drank. A few minutes later Uncle Bubba tossed his empty beer bottle into the bushes behind him and then asked, "Do I open another beer or are you gals gonna sit and spread for me?" The brunette said, "Why don't you just fuck me and then get our clothes." Just to be funny and to piss her off Uncle Bubba mimicked an old Burt Reynolds movie called Deliverance and asked her, "Can you squeal like a pig?" The look on the brunette's face was priceless.

The Blonde just smiled, while the redhead kept massaging her nipple with the palm of her hand. They looked around and figured out how the three of them could sit on that big stump together with their backs against one another and their knees opened far enough to touch the next girl's knees.

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They sat there in silence. Uncle Bubba and Doug then started down the length of the tree snipping off the branches from the main trunk. Those first few branches were the size of trees themselves. Uncle Bubba started cutting his first branch into sixteen-inch lengths to split later using the log splitter down by the barn. He cut off a dozen or so pieces, looked around, and then said, "If you gals help out you'll get your clothes back that much quicker." Doug looked on as those three naked college girls started to carry logs over to the wagon.

It took all three of them to carry just one and they struggled, they staggered, and they scraped their flawless skin on the rough bark. Doug and Uncle Bubba easily kept ahead of those girls.

Uncle Bubba was in no hurry to get to the top of the tree and find their clothes so he started in on the main tree trunk. The girls were not able to move the extra large chunks but they managed to tip three over, sat down on them facing Uncle Bubba, and then opened up their legs giving him something to look at while he continued to work. Doug and Uncle Bubba wrestled several of the heavy chunks into the wagon filling it. Then Uncle Bubba sent Doug back down to the barn to trade wagons and bring back some more beer and sandwiches.


Meanwhile he took four beer bottles out of the cooler. As he handed the beers to the girls he twisted the tops off, folded the caps in his fingers, and tossed them away. When he was done drinking his beer, he then asked, "So can one of you girls squeal like a pig?" The cute little blonde smiled at him, said oink oink, and then she bent over the chunk of tree that she had been sitting on.

Uncle Bubba looked at the growth rings of the tree embedded in her firm ass cheeks. As she bent, her cheeks opened and he smiled at the little brown eye looking back at him.

He looked a little lower as she opened her stance some more.

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Her pussy was shaved bare from that angle but he knew that she had a small heart shaped patch of blonde fur covering her pussy mound in the front. He watched as her pussy lips parted on their own, as her pink inner lips started to creep out into the morning sun, and as her moisture gathered at the bottom most part of her outer lips to form a drop of her secretion. The drop wasn't large enough to fall away from her body but certainly big enough to enjoy as he dropped his dirty pants and rubbed the head of his hard cock into that drop to get it lubricated.

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He hadn't worn underwear in years, as if it mattered. Slowly Uncle Bubba fed his monstrous trouser snake into her wide-open beaver. It could have been a match made in heaven but on the other hand it was just going to be a really good fuck that he knew would never be repeated.

How would an old worn out farmer ever get to fuck a beautiful college girl in the real world? If this was a dream it was the best fucking dream that he had ever had. He hadn't had his cock in a warm box in years but that didn't stop him from enjoying the wonderful feeling. It slid in deeper and deeper with each thrust until his balls were slapping up against her clit. The blonde said, oink oink, she snorted in an unladylike manor, and then she giggled as she wiggled and thrusted back at him.

Uncle Bubba held onto her hips and then thrust into her. The blonde reached between her legs and gentle cupped Uncle Bubba's balls. She let them go because she had enjoyed the feel of them hitting her clit gently. The two of them bonded during that simple act of sex.

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She cried out in orgasm just as he shot his load into her love tunnel. When he pulled out, the blonde turned around, hugged him to her, and kissed him in a way that he had never been kissed before.

Her sweet taste was almost more than he could handle. Then she dropped to her knees and cleaned him up. While waiting for Doug to return the girls told Uncle Bubba that they had been told about a pond where they could swim in the nude and gather up several kinds of ferns for one of their college classes.

However, they had not been able to find it from the directions that they had been given. Uncle Bubba told them that he would be glad to show them where the pond was after he had his tree cut up and moved down near the barn. After eating lunch the three girls helped Doug and Uncle Bubba get that tree put into the wagon. They found their clothes eventually but did not bother to put them on. Then Uncle Bubba sent Doug back down to the barn with the last load. As promised Uncle Bubba took the girls back further into the woods and watched as they went for a swim.

Now Uncle Bubba was not one for bathing but that little blonde managed to get him into the cold water. Up until just a couple of week ago there had been ice on that pond. The brunette grabbed Uncle Bubba's dick and found that the cold water had no affect on his massive erection.


With a smile on her face she positioned herself in the water so that she was sitting on his cock. Her warm pussy felt like it was on fire as she wrapped it around him. She fed a nipple into his mouth and then leaned back in the water so that she was floating on the surface. The redhead leaned over and kissed her on the lips as Uncle Bubba thrust into her and cum inside her body.


The cold pond water washed them clean. He walked along with the girls, all of them naked, as they gathered up a variety of ferns that grew in the surrounding area. Uncle Bubba had no idea of how special his deep woods were to the local college student's assignments. As the girls walked down toward their car the redhead said, "Uncle Bubba I'm sorry about my actions earlier and I did deserve that crude nipple crush but I would like to make it up to you if I may." She paused to get his full attention then said, "Oink, oink." She smiled and then she turned her butt toward him.

Uncle Bubba had something different in mind. He helped her to the ground and rolled her in the tiny sprouts of hay that had started to burst through the hard soil.

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He pressed down into her penetrating her luscious body with his. After a while and at her suggestion, they rolled over so that she was on top. She bounced her large tits in his face as she gained sexual excitement.

As the end got nearer she placed Uncle Bubba's big callused hands on her tender breasts. He took the hint and at the moment that they were about to climax together he pinched down on both of her nipples in that beer cap death grip of his.

Her orgasm became intensified ten fold, she screamed out the Lord's name in vain, she insulted Uncle Bubba's mother, and she cum like a racehorse. What she actually said was, "God damn you. You mother fucker. You bastard. You son of a bitch.

You wonderful dirty old man you." Enough of her womanly juices were flowing to make Uncle Bubba think that she had pissed on him, but he didn't care. He didn't intend to take a bath and wash it off either. It would serve as a reminder of the day that three beautiful college girls came into his life and that he had cum into each of them.

Every couple of weeks after that two or three girls would stop by his old rundown farmhouse and ask him to guide them back to his pond so that they could take a swim and gather ferns for an assignment. They would always mention the redhead by name. They would also go away with a load of his cum in their pussies too. The End Uncle Bubba In The Woods 487