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Super charming strapon dildo erotic movie pantyhose lesbians
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My life - A Foursome at last It had been almost a year since I had done anything with Susan or Lynne. Susan and I would occasionally kiss and cuddle but she was making friends elsewhere and on my 17th birthday I made a decision to put all that behind me and try and get into a relationship with a girl from college. This, of course, led to the relationship with Ann (see separate story.) but before that there was, if you like, one last hurrah for the four of us.

It occurred in April when mum and dad announced that they were going to a party with Colin's and Lynne's parents, and they would be staying overnight. It had been suggested that Colin and Lynne come and sleep over with Susan and I, provided that I keep an eye on things and would I be happy to do that? I readily agreed, as the four of us still got on well, and on the appointed evening, after last minute instructions from my parents the door closed.

I locked it, as instructed, and went back into the lounge where Colin was sat on the sofa and the two girls sat in the armchairs.

I sat down next to Colin and we all looked at each other. Then we started to grin. "When was the last time we were all together like this?" It was Susan who put into words what we were all thinking. We agreed it had been some years ago and we skirted around the relationships we had had, almost as if none of us wanted to remind ourselves of what we had done.

However there was definitely an atmosphere in the room. "So what shall we do then?" asked Lynne. Susan and I had already thought of this. "We've got a game which you might like to try." Susan nipped off to her bedroom and brought back a box. "It's called Twister!" Colin and Lynne both laughed.

"Excellent!" exclaimed Colin. "We played this at a party a few weeks back. Its brilliant isn't it?" They both jumped up and between us we laid out the mat. (If you don't know what Twister is Google it now!) It was decided Colin and I would go first and we didn't last long before dissolving into hysterics and crashing on the mat.

Then the girls had a go and although they lasted a bit longer, they too got a fit of the giggles. Colin and I exchange glances when we were watching the girls and I think we both found it quite arousing as their arms and legs curled around each other. We were all wearing the usual uniform of tee shirt and jeans, and I quietly wondered how much better it would have been if the girls had worn skirts! "Gosh it's hot work playing this isn't it?" Lynne gasped as she sat on the floor after the session with Susan.

"You take a break then and I'll play Colin." Susan jumped in quickly and Colin and I smirked at each other before he positioned himself on the mat. After a couple of minutes they were quite tangled and I couldn't help but notice that Susan had advanced to Colin's side of the mat quite quickly. Lynne was watching with a big grin on her face as her brother was almost flat on his back with Susan's chest inches from his face. "You're enjoying that Col aren't you?" She laughed.

"I don't know what you mean!" As Colin said this he quickly lifted his head and rubbed his face against Susan's chest. Susan immediately collapsed in a heap with a cry of "unfair!" and the pair of them fell about laughing. The atmosphere was definitely changing now and we were far more relaxed and, although not saying it, obviously thinking back to what we had done when we were younger.

There was no time to waste! "I'll play Lynne now." I stood up and Lynne quickly joined me on the mat. I decided to do what Susan had done and try and corner Lynne on her side of the mat. I was quite successful and at one stage our faces were only inches apart. We gazed at each other and I could tell that Lynne was enjoying this.

There was a gleam in her eyes and it was all I could do not to kiss her. Susan seemed to sense this. "Behave you two!" Lynne turned to look at her. "Why should I?" and then Lynne turned back to me and to my surprise kissed me firmly on the lips. I manage to hold my balance. "That's cheating!" Susan laughed. "I bet I can make him fall down!" Lynne replied and then kissed me again, but this time brought her hand up and quickly squeezed my groin.

Although I was not erect, I was starting to stir by virtue of the physical contact during the game and Lynne curled her hand around my semi erect cock and gave it a wiggle. "That's definitely cheating!" I gasped as I started to waver and then fell onto the mat. Susan and Colin clapped and cheered enthusiastically as Lynne was declared the winner. "This is definitely more fun than when we played it last time isn't it?" Colin looked at Lynne who nodded enthusiastically.

She was still red in the face and then suddenly she said, "How about playing strip twister? Like we used to play strip poker?" She was referring back to the time when we had played this and then paired off and disappeared into our respective bedrooms to "fool around". To my surprise both Susan and Colin immediately chipped in.

"You mean we have to take something off each time we fall down?" asked Susan. "That could last for ages!

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How about playing nude twister!" Colin exclaimed excitedly. We all looked at each other. This really was going a step further, reminiscent of the old days and I wondered who would be the first one to agree.

"Sounds good to me!" Lynne looked at each of us. "Yeah why not!" Susan agreed enthusiastically and Colin and I exchange glances. "Come on then!" Colin grinned at me and we stood up.

We looked at each other and then I quickly pulled off my tee shirt. This was a signal for the rest and we started to undress, dropping our clothes on the sofa.

There was much laughing and giggling as we did this and for the first time for a long time I saw the three of them naked. Even as a boy I could appreciate how good Colin was looking. His cock hung loosely from his groin and his flat stomach showed how fit he had kept himself. He had a broad chest and shoulders with well defined muscles and even I was getting a little turned on looking at him. I glanced across at Susan who was gazing at him quite brazenly and I felt a twinge of envy.

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Lynne was a revelation. Gone was the flat chest and in its place were two beautifully pert breasts, each topped with a dark brown nipple. There was a soft fuzz of pubic hair at her groin and her skin was beautifully smooth. Susan was the last to strip off and although from our cuddles I knew she was filling out, I could now see how sexy she looked. Her breasts were quite large and hung sleepily on her chest. She had a small tummy but could not be called fat and her legs were good.


"It's been a while hasn't it?" Colin said quietly as we stood gazing at each other. "I think we all still look pretty good don't you?" I replied. "At least I've got boobs now!" Lynne said ruefully, gazing down at her chest. "Not as good as yours though Sue!" Lynne turned her attention to Susan's chest.

Both Colin and I were gazing at her and the soft round globes did look rather wonderful. We hesitated for a few seconds and then Colin said "Bags I play Susan first!" I think we had almost forgotten about the game and we quickly gathered round the mat. Susan and Colin positioned themselves while Lynne spun and I watched. Of course they both took the opportunity to get as close together as quickly as possible and there was much giggling and gasping as bits of their bodies rubbed together.

At one stage Colin's cock was almost nestling between Susan's breasts and it was all she could do to retain her composure. It was eventually Colin who fell over first but managed to drag Susan on top of him and the pair of them lay there laughing, neither of them particularly in a hurry to get up.

"Okay you two it's our turn now!" Lynne protested and reluctantly the pair of them got up. Lynne and I positioned ourselves on the mat and there was a definite gleam in her eye as she gazed at me, ready to play.

After a few moves Lynne had her feet spread on either side of the mat, quite close to me, and her hands behind her, holding herself off the floor. I had not ventured quite so far over the mat and was bent double on my side but the effect was that my head was hovering a few inches above Lynne's groin.

"Go on David I dare you!" I turned to grin at Susan who was looking at me mischievously. "Don't you dare!" Lynne gasped from her position on the floor. That was all the encouragement I needed. I carefully lowered my head and planted a kiss directly on to Lynne's pussy. Lynne shrieked and collapsed back on the floor whilst Susan and Colin made whoops of delight from the sidelines.

"Now who's cheating?" Lynne looked up at me with a broad grin on her face. She was still lying flat on her back, legs wide apart. "Well you did it to me didn't you?" I replied.

"It looks like that's not all he's going to do Lynne!" Susan reached out and casually flicked her fingers under my cock which was stiffening rapidly. Lynne looked at it and grinned. "Now that takes me back!" she said quietly. I was getting uncomfortable so I knelt down to take the weight off my legs and I was now kneeling between Lynne's thighs. "What are you going to do to me then?" Lynne put her hands behind her head and gazed up at me challengingly. I looked at Sue and Colin who are both grinning at me.

"What do you think I should do boys and girls?" Colin laughed. "I think as you won you deserve a prize!" He looked down at his sister who was still grinning. "Go on then! I dare you! I dare you to put in me!" Lynne looked up at me, still grinning but a little nervously. I quickly decided that as we had gone that far… I held her gaze as I reached out and casually stroked a finger up and down the lips of her pussy.

Her eyelids flickered but she returned the gaze as I continued to wriggle my fingers between her legs, feeling the moisture starting to ooze from her lips. "Okay then!" I quickly lowered myself and placing a hand either side of her head I was able to position my cock against the entrance to her pussy.


Lynne quickly brought her hands up, clasped my backside and pulled me into her with one swift movement. "God he's done it!" I heard Susan gasped as Lynne and I gazed at each other. "Good boy!" Colin added. "Now you're in you'd better fuck me hadn't you?" I had now forgotten that I had an audience and not waiting for a second invitation I began to slide my cock in and out of Lynne's pussy.

She closed her eyes and the room was quiet for a few seconds apart from noise of our lovemaking. I sensed movement and looking around I saw that Colin and Sue were now kissing. They hadn't wasted much time either! I turned to look back at Lynne who had obviously noticed and grinned up at me.

She curled her hands around my neck and pulled me closer to her and I settled down on to her body, enjoying the sensation of her breasts against my chest. She shifted her hips slightly and I was now sliding in and out in a firm regular rhythm and Lynne started run her hands up and down my back.

I kissed her gently on the side of the neck and then started to work my way across her cheek until I met her lips. We gazed at each other for a few seconds before we started to kiss, our lips parting and our tongues wrestling in our mouths, just as we used to do. I think the memories came flooding back for both of us and Lynne raised her hips off the floor to me to my thrusting. She started to whimper. "Oh God this is lovely David - I've missed this so much!" "Me too my darling." I mumbled between kisses.

Again I could hear other noises and had almost forgotten that Susan and Colin were still with us. I turned to look at and was astonished to see Colin lying on his back with Susan kneeling between his legs, her head bobbing up and down on his cock. He caught my look and turned to grin at me.

We exchanged mischievous smiles. Suddenly Lynne gave a gasp. "I'm gonna come David…" she started to thrust up at me and I plunged into her with more force until suddenly she gave a gasp "Fuck! Oh fuck yes! Jesus Christ fuck yes!" I felt her pussy a spasm around my cock as she came, bouncing up and down on the mat. She grunted in time to her thrusts and eventually after what seemed like an age she collapsed back on to the mat.

I was supporting myself on my elbows and gazing at her as she blearily opened her eyes. She grinned up at me. "Fuck me I needed that!" I laughed and my laughter was echoed by Colin. "Nicely put Lynne!" I turned to see Colin who had a broad grin on his face and then suddenly he grimaced and gave a grunt. Lynne lifted herself up which eased me off her and we both lay there watching as Colin came, pumping sperm into my sister's mouth.

Susan's head remained fixed around his cock as he pumped into her and I could see her throat muscles swallowing greedily. After a few quivers he subsided and Susan pulled her head up so his cock fell out with a soft plop. Susan coughed a couple times, wiped her mouth and grinned at me. "It's a long time since I did that as well!" "Shall I do you?" I turned to look at Lynne who had made the offer and I quickly turned on to my back.

My cock was still pointing towards the ceiling, wet with Lynne's juices and she quickly positioned herself between my legs and pulling her hair behind her head with one hand, she gently lowered herself and opened her mouth. Her tongue snaked out and twirled around the head of my cock and I closed my eyes. It probed a few more times and then I felt the warm wetness of Lynne's mouth engulfing my cock completely. Her head started to bob up and down and I knew my orgasm was approaching.

I wasn't sure whether she would let me come in her mouth but obviously encouraged by Susan, as I started to thrust up at her she retained my cock in her mouth until suddenly I erupted. "God.!" I gasped as I came, pumping what felt like gallons of juice into Lynne's mouth. She coughed and spluttered then quickly brought her head up so that a couple of spurts shot on to my tummy.

I looked up at Lynne who brought her hand to her mouth and then opened it quickly allowing a trail of sperm to dribble down her chin and on to her breasts. "Oops! Sorry about that! I think I'm a bit out of practice!" Lynne muttered as the juice continued to dribble out of her mouth and on to her body. I told her not to worry and Susan went to fetch her some tissues. As Lynne mopped herself up I turned to my sister, who had yet to come.

Colin had already decided to take matters in his own hands and carefully eased Susan on to her back. I thought he was going to make love to her but, much to Susan's joy, he shuffled down until his head was between her legs and started to kiss and lap at her pussy. Susan closed her eyes and put her hands behind her head, obviously luxuriating in the feeling of Colin between her legs.

Lynne and I exchange glances and we seemed to come to the same idea. I lay down next to my sister and her eyes shot open as my hands started to caress her breasts.

It had been a long time since I had held them and they felt wonderful, full and soft in my hands. Lynne lay down on the other side and joined me so that there were two pairs of hands roaming over Susan's body.

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She gave a long sigh and then I watched surprised as Lynne leaned forward and started to cover her breasts with kisses. Susan moaned softly and brought her hand up to pull Lynne closer to her and I moved away, watching Lynne nibble and chew at the nipples while her brother lapped away at her pussy. I lay back down next to Sue and gave her a quick peck on the side of the face. She turned to look at me with an expression of pure lust on her face and pursed her lips.

I took the hint and leaned forward to plant a kiss on her soft lips.

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They immediately opened and her tongue snaked out and soon we were kissing passionately. Suddenly she pulled away and gave a little grunt.

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"Nearly there Col…that's it…yes! Yes!" She thrust her hips up and with one hand clasping Lynne to her breasts and the other pulling Colin's face against her pussy she came. She quivered and trembled as her orgasm went through her until eventually it ebbed away and she relaxed back on to the floor. I turned to lay on my back and watched as Colin carefully knelt up between Susan's legs. Lynne lay on her side opposite me.

There was silence for a few seconds. "That was fantastic!" Susan whispered. "Brilliant!" agreed Colin. "Wonderful." murmured Lynne. "Just like the old days!" I agreed.