OldNanny Chubby lady and milf masturbate fuck and play with a toy

OldNanny Chubby lady and milf masturbate  fuck and play with a toy
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I had dated this girl named Cat for about a year prior to this strange meeting. She had caught the eye of my best friend at the time, Don.

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Don had invited her over to my house on Christmas eve, I wasn't home yet, I was with family. I was a little worried, I knew what his plan was, to nail her. She wasn't legal yet but he had brought a forty of Jack and was pretty bent on getting all of us, once I arrived, pretty wasted. We had a good time, laughing and playing video games for a while, my room was large and dimly lit by the TV.

She still liked me, I could tell, even though we'd been through for over a year now, close to two. While Don took his turn to play call of duty I'd gone to sit on the bed with her, she started rubbing my inner thigh under the sheets and proceeded to my crotch, I was hard immediately as she rubbed me through my jeans.

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She was young, I was her first, but she'd had experience after me with other guys. That night she had shown up wearing tights, a dress and her winter coat with a ton of make up on her face.

She looked the part of a whore, I didn't know she'd act like one either, she'd come a long way from who I once knew.

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She stopped when Don stopped playing his game and turned on some sort of game show and I ran to throw on some pyjamas when I realized we weren't going any where and I'd wanted something that would come off easier, I knew I'd be getting some sort of action that night.

I'd also known that her and Don had spent time before this encounter, going to the mall and doing typical teenage crap I could hardly deal with.


When I came back she was sitting on the bed with him, she'd shed a layer of her clothing, down to an undershirt now and stockings. I was growing restless, I'd thought I could take her upstairs and have a quickie, so I told her to come with me to see the house, she came with and as soon as we were alone I placed her hand on my groin, she started fondling me through my pyjama bottoms and once again I got an instant hard on.

She was an expert at giving head and I thought she'd have no problem in draining me quick, it was her favourite thing to do when we were together and I would love to pump her mouth full of cum. But she'd stopped short as she got on her knees and told me to wait till later, I was confused, "why the hell for?!" I thought!

We got back into the room, Don looking forlorn into a glass of Jack and coke.

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He offered her another, the umpteenth drink this night that he'd mixed her, she was starting to feel the effects. She had grown a much larger rack since I'd seen her, but still nothing too impressive, C-cups at most, but I'd notice them immediately popping from her shirt which was growing increasingly looser as she secretly undid the buttons. She sat down on the bed and smirked at me and Don who sat on the same side.

"Hey Don, wanna see something cool?" She said, as she grabbed my hand and took it to her mouth. "Sure" he replied, pretty drunk and trying hard to focus. She slipped my middle finger up and into her mouth and help it down her throat through her small mouth, her full lips wrapped around it as she slid it out and released it with a pop, she sucked so hard I thought I wouldn't have a finger nail.

Don turned and looked at me with a grin. I was impartial to the whole thing, I thought in the deep recesses of my fantasies that we would have a threeway that night and I wasn't sure if I'd accept playing with a girl with another guy involved.

So I figured, screw it and drank more. Before long she'd mentioned being sick and raced to the adjacent bathroom where she started running water, she'd also flung a string of condoms from her purse as she got up to go.

Don picked one up and we both approached the door a little cautiously. I knocked, the light had gone off when I did. She asked for help, I was about to open the door when Don barged through and shut it behind him. I could hear his pants being undone and her manoeuvring on the floor, suddenly I could hear the sounds of what was obviously a blowjob, my ex was sucking this guys cock in my house and I didn't know what to make of it.

I was tempted to walk in, I'd felt a little bit cuckolded here in an odd way.

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It made me sick, but horny. They were in there for about twenty minutes as I wrestled with my thoughts, finally he emerged holding his pants and motioning for me to go in with a smile and a head nod, I shivered but I couldn't help but go.


I turned on the lights briefly, she was on her knees, there was a condom on the floor and she had his cum on her face and in her hair, she crawled over to me with a lustful look in her eye.

Her fast little hands ripped down my bottoms as she shut off the light, I immediately flicked it back on and dragged her across the floor where I sat on the edge of the tub and she instinctively started to kiss my legs from my knees up.

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She finally got to my balls, sucking on them lightly and kissing the base of my cock up to the tip before tracing the width of my cock with long slow licks, it was so nostalgic and hot, she was so shy before I could never watch her do it and right now it was full on eye contact with this spunk covered cum slut. She took my head in her mouth, slurping on it as she moved down and up with long, slow deep throating motions before starting up as fast as a motor.

Stopping abruptly she bent my dick to the side and sucked on the underside of my mushroom tip, it looked like she was playing a meat flute but she sucked so hard and my cock oozed precum, I usually never do but that night and that position, I was gushing.

I reached down and rubbed her tits unfortunately placing my hand right in some of Don's spunk, I figure what the hell and kept going. "I want you to fuck me" she said as she reached behind and grabbed a condom from her shirt pocket, tore the package open and moved my cock from her mouth into the latex piece.

I threw her back on to the floor and climbed on top of her, her legs wrapped around me and I pushed myself deep inside her, she was easy to mount, Don must have worked quite a number into her. I fucked her for a solid half an hour, she kept moaning and at times screaming my name before Don tried to get in, I slammed the door shut and got up, pulling off the condom and bringing her to her knees by her cum soaked hair.


She wrapped her hot little mouth and her soft lips around my rock hard cock again and deep throated it while moving into a squatting position while fingering herself, she closed her eyes and looked up at me with a slight grin from the corners of her mouth, the centre occupied by my thick meat stick. I couldn't handle it. "I'm gonna cum down your throat you little slut" I shouted, I normally never dirty talk and as I said it I released, I shot heavy this loads on her face as she opened her mouth to catch it all, she did a fairly good job at getting most of it but it ran with the make up on her eyes and down her face, she smiled and I cock slapped her, she played the flute again, forcing the last drops of cum out of my cock and she licked them from my not deflating tip.

I was almost passing out when she guided me to the tub, she sat down on the side and forced my head between her legs, she buried my face in her tight dripping wet cunt, I extended my tongue and indulged in her pussy, she had a tart taste but I was inclined to get her off.

Within minutes of tonguing and fingering she sprayed me a little and shook uncontrollably. With that I stood up and walked out, exhausted. Don gave me a smile and went back in after me, I was beat. I sat down and finished a mystery drink of Jack and who knows what else. Hours later, after I'd passed out I went upstairs to have a shower, they'd passed out on my bed with me and when I came back they were sober as was I, if not a little hung over and she was shovelling his cock, which was bigger than expected into her mouth on the side of my bed.

He sprang up to cover up and she pulled away, wiping some spit from the corner of her mouth. "Hey, its fine." I said, grabbed my house coat. "Oh." He said, still keeping under the covers. "Are you sure?" She said, looking at me with a smile. "Yeah, its okay. We all had fun last night, lets have fun right now." I walked over to the bed and turned off the small night stand light, she started stroking Don in front of me while giving me a knowing glare, her mouth descended upon his cock.

I felt jealous once again, but it subsided when her hand left his cock and reached over to me, crawling through the dimly lit covers and through my boxer opening to my own cock.

She moved between the two of us, swallowing our cocks with masterful deepthroating skill between jacking us and fondling out balls.

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It was definitely uncomfortable at first and it was difficult to stay hard until she started moaning our names and the noises of her spit moving on both our cocks as she gave us sloppy blowjobs and messily jacked us off was enough to keep me going. After a short period of time we both felt the need to cum almost at the same time, she took me into her mouth first and I came as she looked at me, her dark eyes glistening in dim light as they made contact with mine, my sperm pouring from the corners of her mouth as Don shot his load on her face, some of it hitting my leg leg and mixing with my cum that was on her chin.

She even had a rope of cum dangling from her nose, which inched its way closer to my cock as she worked on it still, making sure to get every last drop of cum before moving on to his, luckily I avoided his baby gravy hitting my rod. He moaned with pleasure as she continued to fondle my cock while sucking him to the hilt. After wards she collapsed in my lap, licking up his cum that hit my leg and moaning with a satisfied yawn as if she'd just accomplished a hard days work.

We didn't do it again, I'd like to though.