Black Girl Tries to Get Lilmar Hard from a Handjob Before Getting Pounded

Black Girl Tries to Get Lilmar Hard from a Handjob Before Getting Pounded
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With a loud click it's door unlocked. It laid in bed for a minute dreading the day the ahead. A week had passed since it was taken by it's master in the kitchen.

Since then it spent every moment thinking of a way to escape.


It tried very hard to remember being free. Already her memories were fading; even the faces of her family were becoming vague. Her body tired and worn out reluctantly got out of bed and dressed. It hated the uniform it was forced to wear. The looks it's master gave it to wear was too small and only served to make him leer at her when he thought it wasn't looking.

It started it's morning chores and was careful not to wake up the master of the house. The longer he slept the better off it's morning would be.

Tommy woke up and smiled at the early morning sun creeping through his windows. It was Saturday and he was looking forward to a lazy day of watching television. Tommy couldn't believe his good fortune. He had a great career, a nice house, and a slave.

Since it had become common knowledge he had a slave he had been seen in a different light by everyone. Since not everyone could afford to keep a slave he was seen as better than normal people. When his boss found out he was given a promotion to match his new prestige and the single woman in the office were giving him flirting looks.

He had dates set up for the next month. As Tommy laid in bed his thoughts drifted to his slave and the incident that occurred last week in the kitchen. For a black it was surprisingly feminine. As he remembered forcing his cock down it's throat and up it's dirty pussy he found himself getting hard.

He was utterly surprised by this. How could this thing turn him on? It was beneath him and forbidden by law. He began stroking his erect cock and imagining what it felt like to abuse it.

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He remembered how docile and submissive it had been since. This thing was a discipline problem from before Tommy bought it and he was determined to turn it into the perfect slave. As he came he found himself wanting her to misbehave in some small way so he could punish it again. Tommy got up, showered, and dressed in fabric shorts and a t-shirt.

He made his way to the kitchen to find his breakfast just hitting the table. He ate in silence and read the paper as his slave cleaned up the kitchen. He peeked around the paper and watch as it bent over and exposed it's panty clad ass. He was beginning to get aroused again; he blamed this thing for that. It had somehow to put a spell on him.


He had read how some of these primitives used magic in an attempt to control their masters. The more he watched it the more aroused he got and the more he was convinced that it was a spell. It was at this moment that it dropped and broke a plate. This was the opportunity he was looking for. Within a second he was out of hie chair and grabbing her by her nappy hair.

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This thing was supposed to disgust him but he held her close to him choking it he watched her bosom heave in desperate attempts to breath his cock become harder than it ever had before. He dragged it to it's room and threw it on the bed. Ordering it not to move he left and came back with the stocks, the riding crop, a whip, and cattle prod. He ordered it to get out of the bed and stand; when it hesitated he jabbed it in the side with the cattle prod.

It screamed in agony and seized up up for a second.

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Still it didn't get up as fast as it should so he jabbed it again with the cattle prod. At this moment it's bladder gave away control and it urinated all over itself and the bed. Tommy saw this and became enraged; how dare this thing soil itself in front of him. After all the money he spent on her clothing and it's accommodations and this was how it repaid him. Picking it up by the hair he stood it up against the wall and slapped it across it's worthless face.

"Fucking filthy monkey!' He punched her in her side and then her other side. Throwing her to the ground he kicked her several times. This thing had made a mockery of him. Again he ordered her to get up and stand; this time it obeyed.

He ordered it to remove it's soiled clothing. Slowly it began undressing which was made difficult by the shaking and crying. When it stood there naked her order it to bend over the bed.

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When it did this he put it int he stocks and stepped back. Taking the riding crop he began to spank it. Ignoring the cries and screams of pain he kept raining down blow after blow. He stopped only when he saw blood. He stood there admiring this his work.

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It laid there sobbing and writhing in pain. Ordering it not to move he left and locked the door behind him. It was time for the soccer game and he had been looking forward to this all week. grabbing some chips and beer he settled on the couch. When the game ended he returned to the slave's room.

Immediately he was besieged by a foul odor. it had evacuated it's bowels. It ran down it's legs and pool on the floor. He found it was asleep and grabbed the cattle prod jabbing it into it's side to wake it up. He removed the stocks and dragged it to the backyard.

"You want to act like an animal you will be treated like one!" he yelled and turned the hose on her. when he was satisfied that it was clean he ordered it to the house to clean the mess up it had made. With the mess cleaned and it sat on the bed as ordered. Tommy came back and put it back in the stocks and laying it on it's stomach over the edge of the bed. This thing had to learn to behave properly. Grabbing the whip he began cracking it on her back. As he opened up fresh wounds on it's back he reveled in her screams of pain.

Between blows he yelled at her, "You are filthy nigger!", "You wanted this!", and "You're a no good God Damn Monkey". Tommy stopped whipping and looked over her back. Fresh bleeding wounds and he found himself getting hard again. Even now this evil temptress was working it's spell on him. He took off his shorts and shirt and aimed his cock at it's back. He began peeing on her open wounds. When he stopped he ordered it to clean everything up and lay on the bed on it's stomach.

He called a slave doctor to come and tend to it;s wounds. The slave doctor arrived with a loud knock at the door. Tommy answered the door and was surprised to see a woman. She was dressed in a lab coat over a pencil skirt and a red blouse.

She was about 5'7" and looked to be in early 30's. Tommy was instantly taken aback by her beauty. He stumbled over the greeting and awkwardly stood in the doorway before inviting her in. Tommy forced small talk before she finally asked where it was. he showed her to the slave's room and excused himself for the evening and left to see his friends. Cynthia stood int he doorway of the slave's room and took it all in. This thing was young, very young, and it was very attractive for a nigger.

As Cynthia tended to it;s wounds she found herself paying extra attention to it's tight round ass. She spread the cheeks apart unnecessarily just to get a look at the forbidden mound between it's legs. More and more she was getting aroused and her panties were getting wet.

Cynthia had for some town been having sex with slaves. She hated herself and hoped no one would ever find out. When she finished working on it's back she ordered it to turn over.

It whimpered that it didn't have any wounds but on it;s back. "Are you questioning me?" Cynthia yelled. At the same moment she got up and grabbed the weakened slave by it's hair and foot flipping it over violently.

The thing tried to cover it's breast and sex with it's hands.


Cynthia grabbed it's arms and placed them directly at it's sides telling it to leave them there. She slapped and spit in it's face. With practiced precision Cynthia removed her pencil skirt and blouse to reveal a beautiful feminine form in a black lace stockings, matching thongs, and bra. She then removed her thing and got on the bed straddling the face of this horrible little thing. She hated herself for wanting this so much, for needing this. She slowly lowered her sex onto the terrified face of the slave.

She pinched it's nose and covered it's mouth. She ordered it to lick; if it ever wanted to breath again it would lick until it was told to stop. It didn't respond at first but after Cynthia grabbed the riding crop still on the bed and began slapping it's pussy she felt a tentative tongue in her slit.

"Do it you filthy whore! Suck my juices! Fucking nigger bitch!" She continued to grind her pussy into it's mouth and was so close to cumming when suddenly the slave stopped. Cynthia looked down and removed her pussy from it's face; it had passed out. "Useless trash." she muttered.

"That is my slave you are talking about." Tommy said smiling coyly from the doorway. To be continued.