Plump Milf Taken From Behind In Her Latina Ass While Squirting

Plump Milf Taken From Behind In Her Latina Ass While Squirting
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I thoroughly recommend that you first read the opening episode of this continuing story - 'A Satisfying Abduction' - in order to acqaint yourself with the original story and characters. This will enable you to completely understand the events in this sequel.

A satisfying Abduction (Part 2 - The Reckoning) OK. So I had a sixteen inch prick! Great! The only trouble is that I wasn't warned about the side effects of possessing the whopper that had been granted to me by the Zygonians. Unfortunately it didn't fold away like cocks on Earth- in fact it didn't even go limp! It was on a permanent erection - Sixteen bloody inches of it! And if that wasn't enough it wouldn't even fold upwards to tie against my stomach.

There was no joint at the base near my balls and being constantly erect it stuck out at right angles in front of me like a huge solid meat rapier constantly on guard! I couldn't turn over in bed as it prevented me from turning. All I could do was lie on my side with my prick resting on the mattress; if I attempted to turn from lying on my right to lying on my left I had to lift the duvet in order to navigate it over to the left.

I couldn't lie on my back as it towered upwards pushing the duvet sixteen inches into the air, and was most uncomfortable. To cap it all I didn't get any sleep whatsoever the first night back from the spaceship as my cock was and is for the foreseeable future - rock hard!

The Zygonian men have probably learned to adjust to having a permanent sixteen inch erection - or to put it more succinctly - Twenty seven glissant corbibles! They most probably had always had pricks at permanent erection and were quite use to them. With their women having three breasts and two cunts (explained in Part 1) anything was possible.

They must walk around with their cocks sticking out to be admired by their womenfolk. The trouble for me was that I wasn't a Zygonian and I wasn't living on Zygon.

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I was living in England, where having a naked erection sixteen inches in length on permanent view to everyone, could be considered a hindrance. I got up the first morning and made my embarrassing way down into the kitchen where my mother and two eighteen year old twin sisters were sitting eating their porridge. To say they almost choked on their porridge would be an understatement! "Good grief Tom!" cried Emily as she spotted my cock protruding from the fly of my pyjamas.

Spotted it? She could hardly miss it. I turned sharply to try to explain and slapped Diane across the face with it. My mother was dumbstruck! She stared at my immense appendage with mixed emotions. Half of her was proud of her only son's enormous dick, but the other half was annoyed at how I had smacked my sister with it.

"What on earth have you done to yourself Tom?" she asked, finally regaining her composure and ability to speak "Can't you put it away please you are scaring the girls." "It ain't scaring me Mum!" quipped Emily "It's bloody marvellous! Being the sister of a lad with a prick that size is really going to improve my standing in the village! Come over here Tom and let's have a close look at it." I walked over to her and plonked the full length of it down on the table in front of her. Diane ducked as I positioned it so the helmet was immediately in front of Emily's face.

She stroked the full length from helmet to balls. "It's like bloody iron!" she cried in delight, and banged her spoon on the shaft. "Hey careful sis, that hurts!" I pulled away causing Diane to duck again as my prick flew over her head, only inches from giving her another smack of rocklike flesh. I stood in the centre of the room with my nob end waving in front of Emily's face, and Diane ducking every time I moved.

"You can't go to work with it like that Tom!" explained mother, yet another expression of the bleeding obvious! "I know Mum, I bloody know!" She cradled my head on her shoulder as my tears began to flow.

"Can't you … you know&hellip.? She hesitated, finding it difficult to say the words "Can't you …sort of … play with it … and make it go down?" My two sisters burst into spontaneous laughter. "I'll play with it if you want Tom!" giggled Emily "I bet it spurts loads!" "Emily!" yelled Mum "Wash your mouth out with soap!" "That's it!" cried Diane "let's wash it hard with soap, at least you'll have a clean one Tom if it doesn't work." I wanted to explain that it hadn't gone limp after fucking and cumming in two hundred alien girls on the flying saucer, so it was hardly going to diminish with another ejaculation - soap or no soap!

I sat at the table as if the weight of the world was on my shoulders, with my prick towering upwards like a fleshy totem pole.

My sisters didn't take the situation with any seriousness and had great delight in hitting the shaft of my cock with their empty spoons following each mouthful of porridge. Fortunately they were only playing and didn't hit it very hard. "I'm sorry Mum" Emily continued "but I really think we should try and make it spurt.

I've always found spurting makes a prick go limp." "What do you mean 'YOU have always found it makes it go limp?" Mum snapped. "From films and such" my sister hastily attempted to cover herself. "What type of films have you been seeing my girl?" snapped Mum again. "Does it really matter Mum?" interrupted Diane "we have got to do something to help him.

He can hardly go out of the house with it like that!" "I know lots of girls who wouldn't mind him doing exactly that" laughed Emily. I cringed at the thought of walking around in public with my cock on full display, but agreed that it would be the only solution if we couldn't get it limp.

I didn't fancy playing with myself, especially as I secretly knew what the outcome on the saucer was. But if the girls wanted to try it I was willing to let them have a go - sisters or not! Mum also wanted to help her only son, and as there was plenty of room for three hands on my sixteen incher, she positioned her right hand clasping my prick nearest to my balls. Emily, being left handed encircled the shaft next, and stood the other side of my prick so as not to crowd the other two females.

Diane took position at my nob end, cupping and squeezing the purple helmet. "Now we've all got to do this in unison girls!" instructed Mum "Squeeze hard as you stroke it back and forth." Emily and Diane exchanged knowing glances. Talk about trying to teach your grandmother how to suck eggs. My sisters knew how to wank a cock alright; there was absolutely no doubt about that. I wouldn't be surprised if they had A levels in it! The intrepid trio then proceeded to masturbate me in perfect unison.

Mum curled a stray finger over my balls and Diane squeezed my nob end at the culmination of each stroke. Emily was quite content with squeezing hard on the shaft and pulling the skin with her hand as she wanked me with considerable expertise. As if things couldn't get any more complicated the door opened on the tenth or eleventh combined stroke and Aunt Sheila walked in.

"Don't you ever knock Sheila?" screamed Mum, almost releasing her grip on my cock. "Didn't think I needed to Rachel" explained Mum's younger sister, her yes staring in disbelief at both the size of my prick and the fact that three of her female relatives had their hands clasped along its full length.

"It's a long story love" Mum tried to explain "Tom woke up with this and we are trying to get it down for him, so he can get off to work." "Any room for another hand?" giggled Sheila, pushing her two niece's hands sideways to give her a vacant piece of my cock shaft.

"Now if this doesn't work nothing will!" screamed Mum "What I do for my son!" "What we do for our brother!" Screamed my siblings. "What I do for my nephew!" laughed Sheila, as she moved her hand in unison with the other women. Four hands to the pump so to speak. Whatever their expertise or otherwise I began to feel that it was working, with my gasps and moans bringing happy smiles from the girls; who started to wank me even faster. The sensations started in my balls.

Tingling like mad with each fantastic stroke of the four tightly gripping female hands. My prick was, if that was actually possible, getting even harder in their multiple grips, and the sensations were spreading throughout my whole body. I gave one final ear splitting yell as I felt myself exploding, and from the end nearest Diane's hand, spurted the most incredible gush of spunk I had ever seen.

Diane tried to cover my helmet with her hand but the spunk was too strong for her and splashed against her palm and spread out like a fountain each side, covering Emily and Sheila in hot thick juices. Mum seemed safe at the balls end of my dick and just gazed in awe at her son's incredible ejaculation.

"Now if this doesn't work nothing will!" she repeated over and over again, as the spunk continued to spurt from the end of my cock, covering the hands of the three women closest to it, and splashing erotically up and over their faces.

Emily cheekily caught a globule of spunk that landed on her upper lip with her tongue. She smiled and winked at me as she tasted it. I glanced at Mum, who thankfully had missed her doing it.

Diane hadn't though and giggled like a schoolgirl. "You taste bloody nice Tom" Emily whispered in my ear. I felt my cheeks getting hot. Emily was one of the modern girls of our village, and I am bloody sure she had been fucked on numerous occasions by various village lads, and certainly tasted spunk before.

I felt proud of the fact that with her expertise she thought mine tasted nice. My orgasm finally came to an end and the girls cleaned themselves up before turning their attention once again to my cock. Spunk was all over the shaft and Sheila got a towel from the bathroom to wipe me down.

They then stood looking at my penis. "It's still the same size!" quipped Emily, and gave it a strong squeeze in the centre "And just as bloody hard too!" "You're joking Em?" cried Diane, who also gripped me hard and nodded in agreement.

Emily took the towel from Sheila and wiped her face of the stray sperm globules. She then handed it to Diane who had a more difficult job of wiping herself down, having been at the barrel end of my climax. Sheila had already wiped herself. "Well I am at a loss girls" exclaimed Mum "if an orgasm like that one hasn't made it go limp I don't think anything will - it usually works in my experience." "Too much information Mum!" yelled Diane, pulling a facial look of disgust.

"I've got to get to work" cried Tom "Anyone got any ideas what I can do?" "You are going to have to have it sticking out of your flies love" advised Mum "and how about covering it with one of your socks?" "That's going to look a bit odd" said Sheila "the foot end will be loose and look silly. What you want is a long knitted sheath of some sort." "What about that French bobbin knitting we used to do as kids Sheila?" asked Mum "All we need is a bigger bobbin than we had to make the sheath wide enough to fit over Tom's erect penis." "Then we could finish it off with an open end so his nob is naked or close it to cover his cock completely" suggested Sheila.

It felt weird standing there with my cock at full erection, and the ladies of the family openly discussing how to cover my cock when in public. It was arranged that Aunt Sheila would try and get hold of a large bobbin and knit me a cock sheath. She measured the circumference, diameter and length of my penis from my balls to the tip of the purple helmet. "Do I knit one to fit over his balls too" she asked my Mum. "I'm not sure" replied Mum "what do you think Tom, do you want your balls hanging free and bare or covered up?" "This is pants Mum!" I snapped "how do you think I feel you talking about my wedding tackle in this way - it's bloody embarrassing!" "Look love!" snapped Mum "It is YOUR problem and all we are doing is trying to resolve it as best as we can.

How the devil did you get such an erection anyway? As far as I remember you had a bog cock but it was only half the length of this thing." She slapped my cock with venom I never thought she possessed. She was getting exasperated with me, and I wondered whether to tell them all how it all happened. At worst they will think I am going insane, and at best they might understand. I decided to tell the full story. "You fucked two hundred young women in two days?" yelled Emily at the top of her voice "pull the other one Tom!" "It's true Emily" I explained "and I can keep my cock at this size so long as I promise to fuck another two hundred when they return in about a year." "Just a minute Tom" interrupted Aunt Sheila "does that mean that if you don't co-operate and have sex with all those girls.

That they will give you back your original cock?" "I suppose so." "There you go then Tom!" Diane interceded "All you have to do is refuse to fuck those girls and your penis returns to its normal size, and hopefully without an erection." "Maybe" I replied "But that still means I have got to have this monster sticking out of my trousers for the next year.

It is NOW that I want the solution, not in a bloody year's time." We were all talking at loggerheads without any real solution being found apart from the bobbin knitted sheath idea, which Aunt Sheila was going to knit as soon as possible. Until then I refused to have one of my socks covering my cock and decided to go to work without any cover.

I called at the local police station first to try and alleviate any possible convictions for exposure or flashing, and try and explain the problem. I wish I hadn't! The two policemen in attendance couldn't stop laughing, but politely told me that there was no way that I could walk around in public with my cock on show like that. I was instructed to return home and wait for my aunt to knit the sheath, and then go back to the police station so they could assess the situation with my cock covered.

I reluctantly obeyed their advice and returned home. I then phoned my boss and told him that I couldn't go into work until the sheath had been completed. "You will be here within the next hour or you can collect your cards Tom!" Mr Hamshaw, my immediate boss, informed me in no uncertain terms. "But the police say I can't walk in public with my exposed cock" I explained. "Get a taxi and be here within the hour" yelled Mr Hamshaw "or look for another job!" I put the phone down and sat deliberating my next move.


"Well?" asked my Mum "what are you going to do?" "I'm going to have to go in" I replied miserably "the trouble is there are twenty girls in the factory offices, I am going to be a laughing stock when I walk in to the boss's office and they see this bloody thing." "Quit worrying Tom" Emily shouted from the kitchen "once they stop laughing they are going to love looking at it.

Be proud of it - I bet most blokes would give their right arm to have a cock that size." I knew Emily was right in her assumption, as I had been originally delighted at being given my sixteen inches. To be honest I was still delighted and proud. It was just the difficulty in keeping it covered that was the problem, plus the fact that it was on permanent erection. If it reacted like a normal human penis and diminished in size after orgasm there would have been no problem whatsoever, and I could have happily serviced as many girls as I could manage.

I phoned for a taxi and then went and put on my work overalls. I walked into the kitchen with my prick sticking out of my overalls at right angles. "It certainly looks impressive Tom" Aunt Sheila commented with a wry smile.

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"Those girls in your office are going to love it, believe me. " The taxi driver did a double take as I walked from the house and got into the front seat alongside him. He gave my cock the longest look, before shrugging his shoulders and setting off. I suppose he was a man of the world and had seen loads of strange things in his job. I fear, however, that this was possibly one of his strangest. He dropped me outside my office in town. I ran from the taxi and into the building with a newspaper over the length of my cock.

"Let's see this bloody erection you are so worried about then Tom!" shouted Mr Hamshaw from the other side of the office as I entered.

I walked slowly from one end of the office to the other, running the gauntlet of twenty girls staring at me from the safety of their desks.

"Mmmmm! Nice prick Tom" murmured middle aged Elsie in the invoices section.


Several more were giggling almost uncontrollably until Mr Hamshaw yelled. "None of you are that naïve that you haven't seen a cock before! Now get to work!" I was relieved at Mr Hamshaw's intervention, but it still didn't stop me feeling embarrassed as my penis waved from side to side as I walked.

The boss's rebuke had stopped the sniggering and it seemed that Emily was being proved right. I almost detected looks of admiration on their faces as I passed.

It definitely wasn't as bad as I had feared. By the time I reached Mr Hamshaw's office pride had replaced fear, and I was smiling as I openly displayed my erection to the final few girls. "Now what's the problem Tom?" asked Mr Hamshaw as I sat down. My cock reared up upright. "This is my problem" I nodded down at my cock towering upwards.

"I wish I had your problems young man. You say the erection is permanent?" "For at least a year it is yes." "I appreciate walking in town might prove difficult, not withstanding any police intervention, but from the reaction of the girls in the office I think you have no problems whatsoever - you are going to be a very popular young man. I can't see the men in the factory being too polite about it though, especially in the canteen.

Might be best if you come and have your lunch here in the office with the girls." "You sure the girls won't mind? "I think the girls might get annoyed if you don't" he laughed "Now get off and run the gauntlet through the office." I turned and looked through the window into the major office section and saw all the girls looking over, eager to catch a glimpse of me. It felt good to be wanted and I was slowly becoming accustomed to my appendage and realising that it may not be the problem that I had imagined.

I bade Mr Hamshaw farewell and left the office. Some of the girls whistled as I walked through, with others trying to get a feel of my cock. Samantha, the prettiest girl in the company, who had an incredible choice of budding suitors, flung her arms around me as I attempted top pass her desk. I had fancied Samantha ever since I joined the company a year earlier, and even had the temerity to ask her for a date the precious Christmas.

My dreams had been shattered when she abruptly ignored my advances and went out with Charlie from the tool department instead. Imagine my delight as her arms were around my shoulders and her hands gripping my naked erection. "It's gorgeous Tom!" she purred, stroking the full length of my throbbing dick. "Why did you never tell me you had this hidden in your pants? "I didn't think you would be interested Sam" "Not interested?

You must be kidding. I love it to bits!" Her hands encircled the full circumference of my penis and she lovingly played her finger tips between the crack at the head of my helmet. It felt wonderful. She reached into my overalls and pulled out my balls. She squeezed them firmly and lovingly. I winced slightly as she crushed them in her hands. "I love a man with tender nuts" she whispered seductively "Do you like them being squeezed?" "Yes, but not too firmly" I admitted.

I loved her stroking my cock though, and I was so pleased Mr Hamshaw had insisted on me coming to work.

"OK Samantha, put him down!" yelled the boss from his office "You'll all have plenty of time to get to know what he's got down there at lunchtime. So leave him alone and get back to work!" "Are you coming up here at lunchtime Tom?" Asked Phillipa, yet another pretty fan of mine. "Yes Mr Hamshaw suggested it as the blokes in the factory might not appreciate me having this on display." I waved my cock to emphasise what I meant.

"Oh we'll appreciate it Tom" purred Nadine from accounts "Can we play with it?" "We'll see" I quipped abruptly. I was beginning to sweat up again. This admiration of my sexual organ was proving something of dilemma to this innocent country boy. The blokes on the factory floor teased me mercilessly that morning. Jack, the foreman, went to great lengths to avoid me working too close to the conveyor belts or machinery of any kind.

"We don't want you getting that bloody thing caught up in the machinery Jack" he announced to immense laughter from the others "it could jam up the whole bloody works!" I was put to work on the counter fixing the screws into the rotavator blades, not a terribly technical job, but something that ensured the safety of my cock and the machinery in general.

I found it difficult at first having to reach round my dick, towering from my groin immediately in front of the bench. But it was something I was going to have to get used to, as it was always going to be there towering in front of me at all times when sitting.

The men's constant teasing was becoming a bore by the time lunchtime arrived, and Jack's continual flicking of his metal ruler on my nob was annoying in the extreme.

I was relieved to escape upstairs to the office. The girls cheered as I entered and Denise grabbed my dick and pulled me by it to a chair situated between where they were all gathered in a circle having lunch.

She gave it a few hard tugs before allowing Samantha to once again take control and stroke me with feminine expertise. "Let's play toss the quoits!" yelled Erica. "What a great idea" replied Ingrid "we can use Tom's cock for the target." I was unsure how to react to this suggestion, but the fervent rearranging of the chairs, with me sitting alone with my penis rearing vertically in the air, left me nothing to do but just watch and wait.

Ingrid supplied everyone with plastic rings and they took it in turn to throw a ring and attempt to land it over my cock. Mr Hamshaw passed as Ingrid threw and missed with the first ring.

"Get some hair around the ring and his cock will find the opening! He laughed. "You're a bit out of date Harry" quipped Samantha "we get waxed to get rid of hairs nowadays, didn't you know? Mr Hamshaw pulled a face. "My Martha doesn't" he quipped "and I haven't had the pleasure of discovering what any other women do love." "You poor thing" teased Samantha "I might show you at the Christmas party if you are a good boy." The other girls looked at Samantha with nervous looks of surprise and consternation.

I doubt if any of them had heard the boss being spoken to in this way before, and it was slightly unnerving. The boss ignored Samantha's invitation without giving any hint as to his interest. "I'd quite like you to show me Sam" I ventured nervously.

"Later love" she snapped as she took aim at my cock. The ring flew through the air and landed perfectly over my nob and spun around the shaft as it fell to finally rest nicely on my balls. "Yes!" she yelled triumphantly, clenching her fist and thrusting it into the air. "One cock to Sam" announced Debra as she drew the shape of a penis under Samantha's name on the office whiteboard.

One by one all the girls attempted to land their rings over my pride and joy. I was loving the attention being totally centred on my naked erect prick. Loud cheers and clenched fists greeted every successful throw, with the triumphant girl coming over to retrieve the ring up and over my cock. Every girl ensured she had a good feel and stroke as she pulled the ring upwards and off my cock.

My previous fears were rapidly disappearing. I was loving having my prick as the centre of attention just as much as the girls appeared to love playing with it.

All too soon the lunch break came to an end and I had to return to the factory floor. I had a few bruises on my cock where the rings had missed landing over it and hit the shaft. The slight pain had been worth it though. It was a lovely game. The men got fed up of teasing me so much that afternoon, and the subject of my enormous erection became something to envy when they discovered what the girls had been doing at lunchtime.

Jack became more like the father figure he had always been and openly admitted that he wished he had a prick like mine.

All in all it had been a good day for yours truly, and I took the taxi home in a state of mild jubilation. Mum was cooking dinner as I entered the house. She looked up inquisitively. "Well, how did it go?" "Very well actually" I replied "the girls in the office loved my erection." "There you go. Emily said they would did she not?" "So if you are not now worried about showing your bare cock off now, you won't be wanting this then?" quipped Aunt Sheila, as she entered the kitchen from the hallway.

"You didn't knock again Sheila!" Mum snapped angrily "We could have been doing anything." "What? With your own son?" "NO! Not with my son! Don't be crude. You know full well what I meant!" "OK OK! Point taken" replied Sheila as she held aloft the bright red knitted bobbin sheath. "You've made it then?" I cried and took it from her hand. It was at least sixteen inches in length and I attempted to try it on. "Here let me" suggested Sheila, and took the sheath from me and slipped it over the head of my cock.

She then sort of teased down the full length of the shaft with both hands; finally slipping the larger end over my balls and tying the top with a tiny ribbon. "Love the ribbon" quipped Mum "Very chic. Clever how you got it to cover his balls Sheila." They both watched as I walked to and from like a model, my covered cock waving as I moved.

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"I love it Aunt Sheila. Thank you so much. Now I can go to work on the bus." "It's a bit bright though "hinted Mum "Couldn't you get some les conspicuous colour?" "It's all I had left from knitting Jimmy's balaclava Rachel. But I will get some different coloured wool and knit a few more for you Tom, so you can have different changes." "I wouldn't mind a red white and blue one to wear for the World Cup in July." "A patriotic cock cover will be forthcoming for the football dear nephew." I went up to the bathroom and had a good wash after my day's work.

I took the sheath off and also washed my cock. I heard the twins coming in as I changed into my track suit bottoms and tee shirt. I ran downstairs to tell them of my successful day.

"Good grief Tom that looks ridiculous!" snapped Diane, as she looked at the huge bulge that my cock was causing from the front of my track suit bottoms. "You need a hole in those so your cock can poke through love" suggested Mum. "Take them off and give them here!" Sheila told me without ceremony. I dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them. "Oh my God!" cried Emily as she espied my bright red sheath "You are not wearing that thing, it looks stupid." "It does the job though Emily" suggested Mum.

"It might do the job Mum - but bright red? Come on! For goodness sake Tom take it off, I'd rather see your bare cock!" "I was wondering about that Mum" I ventured nervously "I know I must wear it in public, but do I have to wear it in home?" The four women looked at each other and smiled.

"If you want to have a bare cock love" quipped Mum "You have a bare cock." "Great!" cheered Emily "I'll bring the girls round to see it. You don't mind do you Tom?" I had always liked Emily's mates but felt they were a little above my fighting weight. But with a sixteen inch erection on full view I reckon I could meet them on level terms. The thought of them looking at my cock was something I could only have previously dreamed about.

"If you think they will want to see it Em." "They will want to see it alright" she replied with a grin "and play with it if you want?" "If I want? What a silly question?" The next few months were a paradise for me. I became something of a celebrity on the bus to and from work, wearing different coloured sheaths every day. Aunt Sheila experimented with her knitting and made some that left my balls bare. Don't worry folks.

I checked it with the fuzz and they reckoned that although bare cocks were a no go area, bare balls were perfectly allowable. A cheeky experiment from Sheila whereby she made a sheath that exposed my naked nob but covered the remainder of the shaft of my cock was tried, but unfortunately hastily discarded on police advice.

I wore my sheaths on the factory floor both for protection from the machinery and from my fellow engineers, who still regarded a naked erect penis as an anathema, not to mention an object of envy among my less endowed compatriots.

I still took the sheath off for my lunchtime with the office girls though. Playing games with it and stroking it were now an essential part of the office lunch break, so who was I to deny them the pleasure? I started dating the lovely Samantha and we had sex on the first evening. She loved it and surprisingly took almost three quarters of it into her luscious cunt on each thrust. She was a fantastic fuck! I then realised why she had previously been so popular with men. She was right about her cunt.

Not a hair in sight or to get stuck in my teeth. Although I must admit to still preferring the golden pubes of the Zygon women. She never did show Mr Hamshaw her hairless cunt though, well, not as far as I know she didn't. Both Emily and Diane brought their friends round to the house regularly to see my sheath less appendage. I even borrowed the plastic rings from work so they could play quoits on it.

I love that game. Aunt Sheila knitted the patriotic red white and blue sheath for me to wear at the pub. I tried it out on an international night prior to the World Cup but decided against it when the men took offence at their wives and girlfriends taking more interest in my cock than the football. Oh the fickleness of jealous men. Samantha and I continued to date, and fuck.

She loved having such a huge cock inside her, and even gave me the odd blow job, although my nob end often proved to be too big to go into her mouth. Still, she could kiss, lick and suck on the helmet. A full fuck was the ideal for both of us though, and she was always incredibly surprised and thrilled at just how much spunk I spurted inside her. I often smiled at just how long it took her to empty her cunt in the toilet afterwards.

The months sped by and the time for the return of the Zygonians was fast approaching.

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I had long ago dismissed the idea of refusing to fuck and impregnate the forthcoming batch of two hundred lovely three breasted and two cunted Zygon ladies. I was now perfectly happy with my sixteen inch member and couldn't imagine life without it. I was still dating Samantha and she was the only girl I was having sex with. I was hoping it was the real deal for us, and I toyed with the idea of asking her to marry me.

The main stumbling block was going to be when the flying saucer returned. Should I tell Samantha about it and leave it up to her whether I serviced the Zygon females, and ensure that she knew full well that putting a stop to it would leave me with my original eight incher.

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I knew she adored my cock as it was now, sixteen inches and constantly rock hard. I think she would even have accepted twelve inches, as that was the amount that actually entered her cunt during sex. Would the Zygons compromise and allow me twelve inches if she put a block on my fucking them all? The nine months were up and I expected the space ship any day. I still didn't know whether to tell her everything. But that dear reader will be for the next episode 'The return of the Zygons'. Don't forget to vote and comment, it makes it all worthwhile, and encourages me to write more.

Until then.