Le encanta que le den en una hamaca

Le encanta que le den en una hamaca
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Danny called Steve in a panic which wasnt entirely unusual since Dannyalwaysseemed to be on "high alert". This time, it might be justified however.

Rachel was in the hospital with appendicitis. Step-Stan was out of town on business and Gracie had called her Dad because she knew something was wrong with Rachel.

When Danny got to the house to investigate, it was obvious Rachel was having problems so they had rushed her to the emergency room. Turns out, she would need to have to have an emergency appendectomy. The other problem was that Rachel had the baby, Gracie, and Lucy who had apparently come over for a sleepover. The nanny had been able to take the baby. However, she wasn't prepared to take on two little girls, as well, so Steve and Catherine showed up at the hospital to find Danny trying to figure out what to do with the girls so he could stay with Rachel.

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She was being prepped for surgery and he had the girls to deal with. Danny was getting ready to call Lucy's mom to see if she could pick her up&hellip.thus spoiling Gracie's much anticipated slumber party&hellip. when Catherine stepped in. "How about if we take the girls to our house? We can still do the slumber party and you can be here for Rachel?" Steve looked at her as if she was crazy. Danny looked relieved so she smiled sweetly up at Steve. Grace turned to him with the same look on her innocent little face.

A slumber party with pre-teen girls?Seriously? What the hell? Of course he couldn't resist "the look". He had learned this look well. Between Mary, Catherine, and even sweet Gracie, he was convinced thatallwomen had this same "look" that they pulled out when they wanted their way. All men&hellip.even Super SEAL&hellip.were toast when it came to the look.

He hadno choicebut to give in. He looked at Danny and caved, "Sure, buddy. We'd be happy to take them. You stay with Rachel and we'll take the girls home with us. They can go swimming tomorrow and you can pick them up whenever you're ready." Danny looked unbelievably relieved, "Thanks, babe.

I appreciate it. I'd hate to send them home since Grace and Lucy were really looking forward to this!" Steve still wasn't convinced, but he and Catherine corralled the girls into his truck and got them back to the McGarrett house without incident.

The girls chattered the entire way home and Steve wondered&hellip.again&hellip. what he had gotten himself into. The couple of times he'd looked at Catherine, she had only smiled sweetly at him as if everything was going to be okay.

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He wasn't so sure. The girls sprinted out of the truck leaving Steve to get their overnight bags into the house. As he walked in, he found Catherine already taking charge. "Alright, girls, you're going to sleep in Mary's bedroom. Gracie, you've slept in there before, so you can show Lucy where it's at. Okay?" Grace and Lucy smiled at her eagerly. "Okay, get your bags upstairs and then we'll make some popcorn and see if we can find a good chick flick to watch!

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Then we can watch Uncle Steve squirm at all the mushiness in the movie." Catherine said excitedly as the girls giggled and Steve rolled his eyes. As they ran upstairs with their bags, Catherine turned and walked to Steve. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him soundly on the mouth. "Have I told you lately how much I love you?" Steve kissed her back.

But seriously? A chick flick? Could this night get any worse? The horror was written all over Steve's face. As the girls scampered upstairs talking ninety miles a minute, Catherine smiled up at him, "Take a deep breath, Commander. They're just two little girls. It's all going to be okay." Steve wasn't so sure. "I don't know, Cath. I don't know if this was a good idea." He was totally out of his element and Catherine knew it.

It was completely adorable seeing him so flustered.

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She smiled sweetly at him, "I promise, you will be just fine." She leaned up to kiss him again, "I'll make it up to you later. I promise." Steve reached down to grab her backside. "I'll hold you to that, Lieutenant." Steve looked up to find Grace and Lucy watching them from the stairs.

He quickly let go of Catherine's ass&hellip.Perfect as it was. "Okay. Who's ready for some popcorn?" he croaked out. Steve worked on getting the popcorn while Catherine started looking through the movies to find something appropriate for 12 year olds. When he returned with the popcorn a few minutes later, he found them watching one of those awards shows rather than a movie.

They were both in a tizzy over the fact that a group called "One Direction" was going to be on at any minute. Their pillows were sprawled out on the floor in front of the tv as they waited for the elusive group to make an appearance.

He settled down on the couch with Catherine having entirely no idea what was to come. Had he known, he might have just stayed with Danny and let Catherine bring the girls home by herself. Or at least put in some ear plugs. But who knew? One Direction took the stage and he could have sworn he went deaf within 10 seconds.


Steve had witnessed bombings, endless gunfire, and all sorts of other assaults, but they had nothing on two pre-teen girls screaming for their favorite group. Good Lord, the sound was deafening! Then he looked at Gracie. She was growing up before their eyes&hellip.and even though the sound barrier had just been broken in his living room, he couldn't help but smile. She was so beautiful and growing up too fast. Where was the time going? In this moment, he could totally understand why Danny had a heart attack every time anything happened to show how Grace was growing up.

He looked down at Catherine who was also smiling. She looked up at him. "Gosh, this brings back memories." She said. "Memories of what?" "My friends and I were all CRAZY over New Kids on the Block back in the day." Steve's eyebrows quirked up.

"Seriously?" Catherine laughed. "Oh yeah! I was a total "blockhead". We loved them. You could ask my dad because I'm sure his ears were ringing after every tv appearance they had. We went crazy." She laughed at the memory. Steve suddenly felt himself soften even more as he tried to picture a young Catherine acting like Gracie at the moment.

Before long the group had finished their song and left the stage leaving the girls chattering about who was the "cutest"&hellip.and who had the "best hair", etc. Steve was amazed that they could all talk at the same time and still understand each other. As long as he lived, he would never understand teenage girls. They eventually put in a movie that Grace said was one of her favorites called "When In Rome".Yep, definitely a chick flick, Steve thought to himself.

He tried to get out of watching it by going into his den to "do some work". That was until three pairs of eyes looked at him pleadingly to stay with them.


Gracie, Lucy. and yes, even Catherine.Dang these females and their looks! As if the looks weren't bad enough, Gracie and Lucy decided to tag team him with begging.

As he got up from the couch to leave, Grace stood up and grabbed one of his hands, "Please stay with us, Uncle Steve. Danno always watches with us," she pleaded with her big brown eyes.Well, he couldn't be outdone by Danno, that's for sure, he reasoned. Lucy followed suit grabbing the other hand and looking up at him with her equally big blue eyes, "Please stay and watch with us.

You'll like this one," she smiled adoringly up at him. He doubted he would like it, but he was utterly powerless to say no. He looked to Catherine for some moral support, but instead, she patted the couch beside her as if motioning for him to return. He let out a resigned sigh and sat back down beside her. Then Gracie settled in beside Catherine and Lucy settled in beside him. And they watched the movie. When the movie was finished a couple of hours later, both girls had fallen asleep.

Steve carried them one at a time up to Mary's bedroom and put them in bed. After getting them both tucked in, he turned to leave the room to find Catherine standing in the doorway smiling softly at him. When he reached the door, she leaned up to kiss him. "You're really good at this, you know?" "What?" Steve asked.

"Putting the girls to bed without waking them up. It's amazing how gentle you can be when you want to." Without missing a beat, Steve picked Catherine up into his arms and kissed her sweetly on the mouth. "Now it's time for me to putyouto bed." He smiled at her seductively. Catherine chuckled and put a finger to her mouth. "Shhhhh. As long as we arequiet." He walked down the hallway to their bedroom before quietly shutting the door and praying they would have some time together without waking the sleeping beauties down the hall.