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Asian Myanmar Ebony Slut Couple Fuck Hard
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Chapter 4 Derek had only been able to send reinforcements to aid sylvanas against the rebels in her land. They had arrived safely and had begun beating the rebellion down efficiently. Deren would aid them with the full might of the empire as soon as the winter weather abated. For now all he could do is wait. Unfortunately it wasn't all fun and games at the capital.

Well, not for him at least. Since the birth of his worgen daughter by Arlena, women from all races had been throwing themselves at him. Problem was, he couldn't get rid of them.

He loved Arlena, his queen. The worgen beauty sat beside him on a silver throne as she suckled their daughter. She was in her human form and looked even more beautiful.

Long black hair, brown eyes and fit trim body both suitable for combat and child bearing. Her face held a feral beauty that still made his cock ache. And then came other issue.

"The draenei queen wishes to renegotiate her loyalty to your highness." Deren was told this by the draenei ambassador told him as Deren sat on his gold throne. Though he was the only ruler of all races on Azeroth, there were still those who had held power in their respective races and were recognised as the voice of their people. The Queen of the draenei, Farmeena, was one of these.

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The hall was filled with whispers, especially from the draenei. Did their want them eradicated?

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Any sign of rebellion would be crushed and their race would suffer? The emperor had too strong an army for a resistance from any race to win against. They would be destroyed!! Hell! Even the Ambassador was uncomfortable with the queen's message. In a war against the emperor, the draenei would be squashed.

Deren was worried as well. He could already see his war councillors in a whispered huddle. They had not been able to go to war to help sylvanas and it seemed another opportunity to shed some boredom in a bloody draenei rebellion. Jelthra was eagerly fingering her sword at the thought of battle, a blood thirst look in her eyes. He had to send a message to Farmeena that would difuse the situation.


He motioned Jelthra to him. "Is there any relation to Farmeena in the castle?" He asked her. A lustful smile came on her face and her tongue wet her lips. "Her eldest daughter, Princess Alvae, is your personal secretary. Though you haven't met her since you haven't called any meetings that need quick recording.

She is also a standby captain in your army and has two other sister living nearby." She said as Deren nodded.

"Bring her to me." ##################################### Princess Alvae walked into the room as soon as she was summoned. Her eyes glowed the luminescent blue of her race. She wore light armour and her dark green hair was done up in two pigtails around her horns. Her huge bust threatened to burst open her armour and her face held the beauty of the females of her race. Pale skin and pouty black painted lips as well as a fit body that just screamed "Breed me!".

She came face to face with the emperor, who was looking at her curiously. She was a calm controlled beauty.

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She knew what he wanted. She had heard the rumours of her mother's message. Deren though, was going to breed this goat bitch like no tomorrow. Make her his consort and a sleazy bitch who would beg to have his offspring, plead for him to bury his cock in her goat pussy, go past her cervix and breed her fertile womb and put those curves to good use.

Watched as she waddled around on her goat legs with her belly full of his child. They both knew what message he would send to her mother with his actions this day and wasted no time. ###################################### They were on the silk bed with her tits and pussy exposed, Deren having thrown it in a corner of the room.

He was naked as well and was behind her with his 19 inch knob headed cock at her moist entrance. His prick, all 19 inches of knob headed cock, looked painfully stiff, head a fat and dark colour, no foreskin . Under that dark and overused shaft, heavy-looking seed pods sloshed ominously with plainly ridiculous amounts of virile sperm that he wouldn't be satisfied shooting anywhere but inside of her fertile goat womb, until she was completely full and couldn't dare take another drop.

How many days had the emperor gone without touching himself or getting release from his worgen wife or his harem ladies, she wondered, saving up for pumping his virile bodily fluids inside of her?

He was so insistent and demanding, almost like a wild animal, and he wouldn't calm down until he was balls-deep inside and fucking her moist pussy.

He moaned as he pushed the tip inside of her, overwhelmed by the sensation of her pussy rubbing up and down on his bare cockflesh. "N-Nnngh." When she finally felt Deren swollen tip press against her dripping petals, slowly opening up its way deeper into her body, she had almost gone crazy thinking about how his prick might feel, smell and look.

But Alvae had no chance of seeing how large and juicy his 19 inch cock was from her position.

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She got to experience it much more personally, her silk like draenei pussy telling her of all the veins, the pulses, the warmth, girth and strength of her emperor's amazing member. As her silk like folds wrapped around him, her walls gripped him tightly, pulsing around his meat, desperately wanting to feel more of him inside of her.

Quietly, she groaned. "So big.". She whimpered unbelievingly. As Alvae's eyes gently begin to roll backwards up into her skull, her tongue slipped free from between those soft lips, a gentle moan just barely coming out.

He might not show it, but Deren was a man: his freakishly long, fat prick was more than capable of satisfying the itch deep inside her pussy and getting her pregnant. She'd feel Deren's hands come down to her luscious draenei booty, gripping the centre of her immense hourglass figure, narrow hips sandwiched in the middle of her gigantic, plump cowtits (no goat genes there) and her wide, flared hips.

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He stopped pumping into her and turned her, laying out on the silk bed, naked from the neck down. All she had on now was her armoured shoulder pads, and as Deren looked down at her, driving up into her hot draenei pussy, he realized that this was the view of the draenei Princess he'd been craving!

He could finally see his own strong hands lacing around her hips, forcing her womanly body to take him inside! He had the perfect view of her hands sliding across the silk sheets, fingers scratching and scraping at the Wine red covers as if trying to tear them apart even while engaged in coitus. But Deren was driving himself all the way inside: all princess Alvae could manage was tearing at the sheets and scrunching it into balls with her wanton fingers.

Every single one of the young emperor's thrusts into her fertile womb made those lewd breasts heave juicily, and he couldn't wait another moment. He could just about cry from the sensation as he rolled his fingers around her maternal chest, fingers sinking into the creamy goodness: This goat slut's body was his at last.

He would knock her up good and proper and if Farmeena wanted to see her grandchildren or daughter again, she would keep to her pledge of loyalty. Her breath was coming faster now, in heated little pants, and Deren couldn't help but lean closer, wanting to hear her let out all her sexual, wanton little sounds.

"Princess, you sound weird." he finally said in her ear as he hilted himself, rolling his hips in circles. "Are you letting out these weird sounds because of my cock.? Are you going to show your true nature and starting bleating like a goat in the fields getting bred.?

No.? How about I try this,then!" Deren held her more tightly and changed his angle subtly just as he pushed inside, making the head of his cock grind up against her secret weak spots on her pussy walls just an inch away from her cervix.

He was reaching so deep inside her now, it was probably only a matter of time until he was hilted inside her womb with all 19 inches of his horse cock inside her.The emperor was going to hilt his cock inside of Alvae's royal draenei pussy.

In one last fleeting effort, she tried to resist. All that fighting to resist, however, was nothing in the face of how powerfully Deren was taking control of her body.

His strong grip on her breasts, the way he squeezed them, and the force behind his thrusts wore down her defenses. It was when he suddenly drove his cock into the female draenei another inch deeper than the furthest it had been that she finally surrendered. The royal female had been driven to the end of her resilience. Her nails clawed marks into the sheets and she threw her head back and moaned. The noise she made was more than enough for anyone outside the room to hear: it was like the mating cry of an animal in heat, eagerly begging Deren to fuck her and cum inside of her.

Noother words were necessary to describe how much she had wanted this. As a female warrior she had learned many sexual techniques in secret and was used to having rough sex (though protected), always able to keep a clear mind even when she was being thrust into with violent ferocity. But the emperor was different, his cock was much larger than any she had had before and his demeanor made her feel like the drooling bitch of a goat slut she had always hoped and fantasized she could become.

Alvae sighed in appreciation, finally turning her face towards Deren, to show him how perverted her expression had become. "Harder, My lord! Don't show me any mercy now! I want to be fucked! Harder!" Her voice barely distinguishable from moaning, Alvae finally stooped down to beg for more. She finally felt free to enjoy herself and she cried out every time Deren's hips hit into her, rocking her body forward and pushing her across the bed.

This was what she had wanted to spice up her life till death, getting fucked hard by a big cock and submitting to it, to free her mind from her responsibilities and enjoy her lust.

All there was for her now was his cock and her pleasure, and it felt right for it to be that way. A moment later and Alvae's heavy, plump ass, still sore from some spankings he had given the goat bitch, came down on his nearby work table with a thud, scattering paperwork every which way.

His desk was a mess, paper spilling off the sides onto the floor, woodwork dripping with her saliva and big droplets of Deren's virile,sticky seed.

Outside Deren's room, Jelthra was listening at the door with her ear up against it, grinding her thighs together heatedly. She was sooo jealous of both of them, draenei and man, so lost in the heat of their fucking that they could Fuck each other so hard, Deren had become a dog and Alvae had become his willing goat bitch, and the woman bit her lip as jealousy overcame her.

"I want to be a bitch too." she huffed gently, moving a hand between her thighs. Deren was now standing on tip-toes as the Princess sat on her desk, thrusting energetically up inside of her. This position was so much more intimate, more befitting of a male and a female who wanted to lose themselves in pleasure.

At first he just hefted her breasts to suck at, but then his eyes naturally rose to her soft, pouty, black painted lips.

Alvae would look timid all over again: sex was one thing, this fucking could be construed as just harmless and necessary to stop a war, but a kiss. She averted her eyes and began to protest, but then Deren leaned all the way up on tip-toes and took even this part of her. He closed his eyes and forced his raunchy tongue into her mouth, sliding it inside, overwhelming his own senses with the heated tongue-wrestle, his cock vibrantly standing up with renewed vigor inside his new woman.

He forced himself deeper and deeper into her mouth, like he was trying to penetrate her throat, all while gasping excitedly into her.

What an amazing new sensation, no wonder lovers did this all the time! When he finally broke the kiss, his eyes were still shut and mouth still hanging open, a trail of his drool connecting their mouths, cock giving a particularly lewd twitch inside of her. When he opened his eyes, he said with obvious enthusiasm, "Amazing. Alvae's mouth is as good as her pussy." He'd been thrusting at a slow pace, making her pant, squeal and bleat like a horns goat, and keeping his ejaculation under control, but she surprised him with a sudden naughty twitch of her saucy fucksheath.

He looked like he was about to say something else when her pussy gripped his cock and he tensed up, balls tightening. Feeling his oncoming orgasm, he quickly kissed her again, and moaned perversely into her mouth, tongue lashing from side to side as his fat cock began to unload into her bare unprotected pussy. His swollen balls had been aching, overflowing with his cock cream to the point where it was packed in with such a great volume there didn't seem to be any room left, and now Alvae got to experience all of it pouring out of him and flowing into her.

Deren held her tightly, cuddling the royal princess tight to his own body, as he broke the kiss, more drool running down his chin. He slid deeper into her pussy, determined to take care of her. Deren hilted with one last forward thrust and let the thick knob head of his bare cock plaster a full, sticky load up into her hot, fertile place, cock growing fully stiff as he climaxed. Her cervix opened up greedily as the first spurt of cum came in, eager to fertilise her eggs and make her a goat mum for the emperor's offspring.

Alvae's body wanted all of Deren's baby batter, to fill her up and make her his. He soaked her velvet walls with his collected build-up of semen, hosing her insides down. Alvae had given up on keeping her mouth closed, now always leaving her lips parted to let Deren see into her throat.

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Her tongue was lolling out of her mouth, lewd droplets of spit pearling off of its tip. Her eyes showed the wanton heat she was in and as she forced her lover to finally stuff her womb with his seed, all of the dignity she had prior to his entering her office was lost, leaving her with the expression of a whore enjoying her work.

Loudly gasping for air in between the kisses, The princess was unable to form her desire into words, repeatedly moaning out.

"Aah! Aaah! Lord Deren! Yes!" There was no narrative to her exclamations, only a reminder for anyone listening who it was exactly that had made the princess such a lewd slut with their cock.

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Her eyes rolled back into her head, breathing hot air into Her face, as she came from the feeling of her fate being sealed by his seed. There was no way back now, the emperor had claimed her and she had answered the call eagerly. Her goat legs were still wrapped around Deren's hips, their combined orgasm finally subsiding minutes later when her twitching hooved legs let go of him. He was a man many 5 years her senior and was able to please her so thoroughly.

Deren had won. Using all of his energy he had knocked the draenei princess up with his seed and there was nothing she could do to erase that image he now had of her in his head: The face of someone so lost in their lust that they showed their true colors. Alvae had revealed to him just how she wanted to be treated, deep inside.

He freed himself from her legs and reclined into the chair that was still standing behind him. He withdrew his cock from inside the princess with a loud shlick, still erect, but now covered in their combined juices. Drips and drops of his cum leaked out of Alvae's pussy in front of his eyes, but she swiftly lowered her hands to cover her gaping entrance and push the thick juice back in.

He had underestimated Alvae's lasting power and she was not going to let him get away with just this one orgasm. Sliding down off the table, Alvae moved in between his legs, her breasts pressing up against his thighs as she lorded over his massive cock. "What a dirty prick you have, lord emperor." Alvae let her tongue hang out of her mouth and slowly lowered her face to the tip of Deren's member, looking him deep into his eyes, not blinking for eve a second.

She didn't want to let him forget the perversion he had summoned from deep within her. A lewd flick of her wet tongue against his cock was followed by the words, "So you think my mouth is your pussy then?", before immediately impaling her face on his hard dick, shoving it so far into the back of her mouth that she had to gag. Alvae kept hitting the tip against the entrance of her throat, lapping up the cum and her nectar from his cock eagerly, gasping as she tried to cram his length into her.

Finally she was breached and with her hands supporting herself on his hips, she stood up and shoved herself down, making her throat bulge wide as the enormous cock managed to get halfway into her before she had to relent.


He was simply too much for her. She had to pull it out and instead focus her attention on cleaning up the outside with her tongue, licking upwards from his shaft to his tip, to not waste a single drop of Darren's precious seed. As Darren relaxed in the royal seat, he looked down at the royal draenei slut frantically working to pleasure his cock, a smile slowly creeping across his face.

He felt so good here, finally above his old life on earth and getting pussy calls everyday. Now he was even above this royal, smoking hot draenei princess, who couldn't even stop herself from making horny sex faces when he jabbed his cock up her sexholes.and now she was pregnant with his child.

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"Princess. You look so good down there. How about you get down in that position for me every day from now on?" Alvae kept on bobbing her head on his cock, but paused momentarily to work his shaft. "Y- Yes. Yes, Darren. I will. Thank you, lord emperor" she cooed, blowing on the head of his cock. She lifted herself up a little bit, her large, generous breasts coming to rest on either side of his cock, and the defiled princess wasted no time in pleasuring her new master, squeezing them tightly around his sperm and pussy-stained cock.

His dick was still twitching from the tightness and heat of her pussy: he still had plenty more life left in him. ########################### Queen Farmeena was delivered some pictures 4 months later in reply to her renegotiation message by her ambassador.

One showed her eldest daughter, princess Alvae, sucking on the monstrosity that was the emperor's cock, gurgling his thick seed before swallowing his cum. Her belly was slightly rounded with the emperor's next child. The other pictures were of two draenei females, one with blue hair in pigtails and another with long red hair in a ponytail.

They were tied to the stables as two stallions mounted each female respectively and fucked them hard. The two females bellies were swollen with equine young as they could reproduce with horses. They were surrounded by horse young that suckled eagerly on the large milk swollen breasts. The two females were the queen's younger daughters.

A message attached to the picture said that they had birthed no less than 10 high quality horses each in their first month and 20 more each month after that thanks to magical fertility spells and medicine.

They were said to be knocked up with horse triplets at the moment. It would be a tiring ordeal at birthing time but the two would survive. It was a warning to the Queen that her and her nation's females may suffer the same fate if she did not keep her pledge to her emperor or tried to change her agreement of her nation's loyalty to the emperor.

Her two horse fucked daughters would be released next month. The beautiful queen shrugged and didn't care. The renegotiation had been a ploy. With her daughter's pregnancy, the draenei race had a hold on the emperor's throne and empire. It had been a trick to get her daughter with the emperor from the beginning, especially as she was now his official mistress and would bear him a child.

She looked at the picture of her daughter sucking the emperor's cock and drink his jizz and had only one regret.That she hadn't got a taste of that monster cock. Well.There was always tomorrow. To be continued.