Ginger domina clamps subs toes and tits

Ginger domina clamps subs toes and tits
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The scene, in 1974, is at a US military housing complex in Southern Germany. Some of you might be familiar with the area near Ramstein Air Base. Anyway, the military usually houses dependent families in fairly decent quarters. If you've ever had any experience in the military you know that government quarters were not spacious but adequate and always clean and well maintained. This complex is located off base on a hillside with three twelve story apartment buildings. Each floor had three apartments adjacent to each other sharing a small hallway that led to the elevator and just past that a door to a common balcony.

Each apartment had three bedrooms, two baths, living room with its own balcony, and a small kitchen. The party had been progressing nicely, the music and drinks were flowing. Early on Brooke cornered Jamie into an intimate conversation and then led her downstairs and out to the parking lot to sit in Ted s car so they could light up a joint. Jamie followed Brooke into the back seat of Ted s station wagon. Brooke told Jamie about her parent s relationship with Dot and Ted.

She told Jamie about the sexual adventures that had occurred in the car they were sitting in that very moment. Curiosity and the dampness between her thighs led Jamie to explore the scene the young girl was describing for her. Listening to Brooke was making her horny and Brooke, is a luscious young thing, she thought.

Jamie was also thinking, what am I doing? I ve got the hots for this young redhead! But she was ready. Except for her toys, she had no sexual contact since she divorced her husband. She needed to have sex and Brooke's revelations were rapidly filling her with lust. She liked the feeling. "Mom was sitting right where you are and Dot was feeling her thighs just like this." Brooke reached up under Jamie s skirt along her inner thighs.

Like her previous experiences with other women, Jamie could not resist. Her legs spread wider, almost involuntarily, as the young redhead's fingers inched closer to Jamie s damp panty crotch. "Dad was in the middle and Dot was reaching over him to play with mom's pussy. At the same time mom took dad's cock out of his pants and then Dot started sucking it.

Marsha was in the front seat fooling around with Ted and her husband, Hutch." This was very erotic and Jamie wanted to hear all of the juicy details from her young companion and several hits off the joint had her feel very salacious.

"Dot was sucking on your dad's cock right next to your mom?" Brooke's fingers nudged under Jamie s panty crotch exploring the ample folds of Jamie's cunt making the older woman pant with anticipation thinking, What an aggressive little bitch! But an opportunity like this was too good to pass up.

"Yeah, and then they pulled over into a wooded area off the autobahn and they all fucked on the tailgate in the moonlight," Brooke giggled, "isn't that outrageous?" "M-marsha too?" asked Jamie. Jamie was introduced to Marsha and Hutch and was taken by the woman's beauty and her husband's good looks.

"Especially Marsha. gosh Jamie, you have nice big pussy lips." "Oh, oh, Brooke! You're g-going to m-make me cum!" "I want to make you cum, Jamie. Lean back." The girl had obviously done this before. Jamie was breathing faster, "T-t-tell me more, honey.wha-what else? Oh gawd, I'm horny!" "Well.I ate Dot's pussy in the front seat another time." "You did? You and Dot?" "Yeah, Dot was my first experience with another woman.

I saw her and mom in bed together one morning and they invited me in with them. That was the first time. And then I spent a weekend with her and Ted. Oh my gawd, hat was one hot weekend! The three of us got it on proper. Ted fucked me and Dot sucked me.

Wow!" She told her about the strange episode in the steam bath. "So, let me get this straight. Your mom and d-dad swing with Dot and Ted and you got in on the action with them too?" "Yeah, and don t forget about Marsha and Hutch," added Brooke. "I really want to get with him and Marsha too." "Wow! What about the rest of the folks upstairs at the party? What about my folks, have they gotten involved?" Jamie was trying to imagine her parents involved in a swinging situation.

She knew they were very good friends with Dot and Ted. They spent a lot of time with them and then there were the overnight trips they took together too. Brooke looked up again and answered honestly, "I know that your mom has been getting it from Hutch." "My mother is having an affair with Hutch?" "Yeah, and I ll bet before the evening is over, she ll be getting it from Ted or even my step-dad, Bob.

It ll be a fucking good time before the night is over if things go as usual." Brooke easily inserted two fingers into Jamie's pussy.

"You want to get some too, Jamie?" "Oh! Hell yes! I'm not going miss out and not get laid now that you have me all hot and bothered, you hot little bitch! Kiss me and then get down there and do me more!" After their probing tongue kiss, Brooke knelt on the floorboard carpet and lifted one of Jamie s legs over her shoulder. Brooke found Jamie s large labia a joy to suck into her mouth. She first sucked one side into her mouth then the other till she reached the woman's large clit.

She squeezed it with her lips and then latched to it with her mouth to flick it with the tip of her tongue. She lapped at the woman s flowing juices. Standing outside in the dark beside the car, Brooke s step-dad watched through the window as his wife's daughter slid down between Jamie's legs. It didn't take much to figure out that she was busy eating the older woman's pussy.

His hard-on was straining against his clothing. He was aware of his step daughter's sexual proclivities. He knew she was fucking the neighbors and he knew he had no say in the matter since his wife, Jan was also fucking Dot and Ted. Of course he had experienced the pleasure of fucking Dot and Marsha, but right now he was thinking of finishing what Brooke had started with Jamie. So he opened the rear passenger door. Jamie was startled by the surprise visit and quickly sat up and tried to look as innocent as possible with a young girl peering out from between her legs at her father.

"Hi Bob." His stepdaughter's mouth and chin were wet with Jamie's juices. "I knew you saw us leave the party. Come in and see what I found." Jamie s jaw dropped and was speechless. "It s okay, Jamie, Bob is cool. You ll like him, I know. Move over and let him in. You said you needed to get laid and he s just the one to do it for you." Jamie was not at all accustomed to this sort of thing. She had married and divorced young. After her marital split she decided to go back to college where she experimented with other girls and rather enjoyed it.

But now this girl s father was squeezing in next to her on the back seat of Ted's station wagon. It was making her feel wicked, and very randy. "Take his cock out his pants, Jamie." Brooke took her fingers from between Jamie s legs and Bob was quickly unbuckling his pants with his step daughter's help.

"Brooke! It s your dad! I can t do anything like that." As Bob pulled his trousers down to his ankles he said, "She's not my child biologically, not even adopted.

Anyway, we won t do anything you don t want to do," said Bob trying to set the woman at ease. He knew she was in no position to refuse his sexual advances now that she had been caught inflagrante with his step-daughter. "Jan has always been bisexual and Brooke is very familiar with that since Jan had a number of female live-in lovers before we married.

I know Brooke has had a couple of teenage boyfriends that deflowered her. But after her experience with Dot she likes girls too, like her mom. Do you like girls too, Jamie? Do you want to have sex with me.and Brooke?" "Mom let him off the leash tonight and he's going to take advantage," Brooke whispered to Jamie. "No! I mean, I.yes, I do," stammered Jamie. "B-But I ve never been in quite this situation before!" "Perhaps you'd prefer Jan instead of Brooke, if it makes you more comfortable.

Jan is always ready for a threesome, especially with a beautiful woman like you." "No, no. Brooke is very nice; but then again, I can imagine Jan is good too." As she spoke, Jamie was beginning to warm up to the idea. The thought of a threesome with Jan sounded very interesting to her at the moment as she watched Bob's impressive tool come into view. Actually she was ready for anything as long as she got fucked tonight. Bob took her hand and placed it on his cock.

Jamie found Bob's erection warm and thick under her fingers. Again Brooke urged, "Isn't his cock nice, Jamie? He has a nice one. I ve seen it before." Brooke wrapped her fingers around Bob's cock next to Jamie's.


Bob explained, "She likes to watch me and her mom make love. She s been doing it ever since she found out how good her pussy makes her feel." "Well, she's making mine feel pretty good right now," Jamie replied. She hungrily stroked Bob s engorged cock head. She reached in further and took hold of his testicles. "Wow! This is a n-nice one, Brooke." "It is, isn t it? Suck him off, Jamie. I want to see you suck him off." Brooke's hand went back to Jamie s pussy and reached for her own as Jamie leaned down over Bob s lap to cover the man's erection with her mouth.

It had been a while since Jamie had sucked cock and she had been looking forward to just the possibility that she might get laid a couple of times while she was on vacation in Europe with her parents with no luck till now. She had not conceived of anything other than one-on-one sex, so this was much more than she had been hoping for and she wasn t about to say no.

Brooke leaned back on the far side of the car seat and spread her legs to finger herself off as she watched Jamie give her step-dad a vigorous blow job. Brooke reached out to Jamie s ass and probed into the woman s crotch from behind under her skirt.

As she sucked, Jamie lifted her buttocks to allow Brooke more room for play. Brooke inserted three fingers into her and slowly pulled and pushed them between Jamie's labia. "Don t make him cum yet, Jamie.

Get up and sit on his lap so you can get some of that to fill your pussy. I'd like a go on that myself if mama would let me." Jamie sat up to comply with Brooke s instructions.

"Oh yes! I need to fuck, Bob. I really need it now." Jamie held on to Bob s hard-on and as she climbed up on his lap with her back to him, she guided it into her wet cunt. She placed the helmet between her labia and rubbed it around a little then placed it at her opening.

It slid in easily. "Oh, gawd.yessss! It s so good to have a nice dick in my pussy again. I've been so horny I haven t had any since a good-bye fuck from my ex-husband six months ago. I need this. Gawd, I need this!" Bob held Jamie by the hips and humped her from underneath as she rode his cock. "Is it good, Jamie? Mom says he fills her up good. Is it, Jamie?" Brooke sat up so she could move closer to feel between their bodies where they were joined. She felt Jamie s wetness and Bob s cock as it slipped in and out between the woman s protruding labia.

"Oh yes, honey! Finger my clit, baby. Do it!" Brooke obliged. She also wrapped her index finger and thumb around Bob s cock and felt his slick hardness slip between.

Jamie became aware that the young girl was playing with Bob s cock too and she swooned with lust, "Ooooh! Fuck meeeee!" Breathing hard Jamie leaned her head back on Bob s shoulder and turned to get a lip lock on him. Then she whispered into his lips, "You've never fucked her?" She had a longing to learn everything about this fortunate situation she found herself in. Bob understood. "No, no, not really. There would be hell to pay with Jan. She s never allowed it even though Brooke has played with us just as she s doing now." Brooke heard.

"I won t tell, Bob. Please let me!" Brooke pulled her step-dad's cock from Jamie's cunt and stroked it lovingly feeling Jamie's juices on it. "Hey! Put it back," Jamie protested. Then turning her head back to Bob, said "Just let her suck it a little, Bob, please!" She was aflame with desire. "It s so horny, please. And she wants to so bad." "I know she wants to," replied Bob. "And I d like to let her, but.". "I won t tell mom, honest, I won t." Brooke lowered her head and took the head of the cock in her hand to her mouth and sucked making her cheeks hollow.

"Oh shit, Brooke. That s so good!" He had longed for this. His step-daughter sucking his cock. In his deep and darkest mind he also wanted to see Jan and her together.

He knew she had been with Jan and Dot, but he only had hearsay. He wanted to see it and be there. And fuck her too, he thought. And ever since Dot and Ted had moved in next door his wife seemed more inclined to invole Brooke into their sex life.

Jamie held Brooke s head between her legs as the girl sucked on the cock that had just been firmly ensconced between her cunt lips. Now she wanted it back in her. "Don t make me cum in your mouth, Brooke. Put it back in her," Bob demanded. He felt the coolness of the night air as Brooke released his cock from her warm mouth but then it was firmly back into Jamie s hot hole. He lifted his hips up as far as he could and rammed it up to the hilt.

"Ahhhhh, gawd, yesssss, I'm cumming!" Jamie squealed as they came together. Brooke humped Jamie's hip and kept her hands at their junction, then was back to clean Jamie's juices off of Bob's cock after they stopped twitching and jerking. "Well t-that was a completely new experience for me, b-but what a cum I had!" Jamie was still panting when she pulled Brooke to her to kiss her mouth.

"Let s get back up to the party to see if anybody else is getting off." She wanted to see who her mother was fucking. The possibilities ran through her mind. She was still in the mood for more tonight and Bob had promised to have Jan join them for more fun.

But then there was Marsha too; and Goody. And Hutch. She was anxious to get back upstairs to the party.

The three took the elevator upstairs. When the doors opened on the eleventh floor there were several couples dancing in the hallway between the three apartments. Music was blaring from the open doors and people were wandering from one apartment to the other in search of pleasure.

Jan, glass of wine in hand, greeted them as they left the elevator. "Have you three been enjoying yourselves?" "Yeah, mom," giving her mother a kiss on the lips, "We were just talking about you.

I think Jamie and Bob have plans for you." "That sounds interesting," Jan replied and wrapped her arm around Jamie s waist. "Come on Bob, let s get comfortable someplace and you can tell me what you were saying about me." Jamie was not quite sure how she was going to handle this but she knew it would be exciting.

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She had just fucked this woman s husband and daughter. However, the thought of being naked with her and Bob convinced her that she was going to enjoy it. Back in Dot s apartment, she was being the wonderful hostess. She was making sure everyone had enough to drink and eat. As she refilled Carol s wine glass. He reached from his seat and placed his hand behind her knee then up the back of he leg to her inner thigh. "Be careful, schatzi, Lynn might see.

You know how your wife is, she ll kill us both if she finds out." Carol s wife said she wanted no part of the swinging scene and did not know of his sexual activities with Dot and Ted before her arrival in Germany. She had told Dot that sex with Carol suited her just fine and that she did not want to try anything new. However, like most folks in the American military community in the area she was aware of the swinging scene. She did not condone it but she considered herself liberal and hip.

She had a great source of information from the young medics she worked with at the Army Hospital. It was common knowledge that the after-parties got very lively with sexual activity.

Those that left the parties early were not inclined to participate but were, for the most part, not overly critical of those that did. In the living room, Ted and Goody were slow dancing and obviously enjoying their closeness. Robert, Jamie s dad was thoroughly enjoying the dance with Marsha his hands roaming over her luscious ass as she ground her cunt into his thigh. Her husband Hutch was busy with Jamie s mother, Dorris.

Robert knew Dorris was going to get laid tonight and he really wanted to get between Marsha s legs.

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He watched Dorris and Hutch leave the living room and walk out the balcony doors at the end of the living room. Dorirs, at forty-something, was bored with married sex and had told Robert, in just so many words, that he was free to do the same with no consequences. She desperately wanted to explore her sexuality before it was too late. They had been married long enough that their marriage would remain intact.

He didn t mind at all. When he learned about the swinging scene he wanted to be a part of it. He was delighted with Doris' interest in extramarital sex.

He was hot for Hutch s wife, a drop dead gorgeous little number. And Dot, he really wanted to fuck Dot.again. Dot walked out to the balcony with Carol behind her. Speaking to Dorris and Hutch, "Hey guys, are you getting any?" Dorris leaned heavily onto Hutch with her arms around his neck. Hutch, with his hands grasping her ample buttock pulled her to his crotch.

She was a mature and full bodied woman, who knew how to pleasure this young man. She had been fucking him for several months with her husband's knowledge.

"I m trying Dot, she replied." Then to her companion, "Come on, big fella, let s find a quiet corner. Dot walked up to them and fitted her pelvis to Doris buttocks, "You're ready for a hot fuck, aren t you lady?" "Oh, yeah, Dot.want to join us?" Dorris had experienced her first threesome with Dot and Ted.

In her newly liberated sex life and the thought of a threesome with two men lingered in her mind. "Maybe later, right now I ve got something building in Carol s pants that needs attention. I want to take care of it before Lyn drags him home. Why don t you and Hutch go to my bedroom?" Carol sweet-talked Dot into a quick blow-job before he left with Lyn. Dot needed little convincing. She told Carol to meet her in the hallway to the common balcony.

On the dance floor Goody tightened her grasp around Ted s neck and stood on her toes to reach his ear, "Your wife is heading out the door with Carol. Let s go see what they re up to." They followed and saw them walk down the hallway past the elevator toward the front balcony.

There were no lights out there except from below and the apartment windows from the same eleven story buildings next door. Ted and Goody waited a few moments before walking out into the fresh air.

Dot and Carol were in a dark corner. He leaned back, his elbows on the railing and Dot knelt before him. She pulled his trousers down to expose the tent in his boxers.

He saw Ted and Goody as they walked out. "Don t let us interrupt you," Goody giggled at them. "You won t, Goody." Dot turned her head back to Carol s exposed penis. Ted liked watching Dot enjoying herself. He pulled Goody to him encircling his arms around her waist from behind.

He reached up and found her breasts. They were very familiar to him. He had enjoyed them many times. She had joined him and Dot in their bed soon after their marriage ten years previous. Goody was Dot s lover when he met them. "Oh, oh jeezus! I love your wife s mouth, Ted!" Goody responded, "We all do Carol.we all do." She was also groping for Ted s erection.

Ted turned Goody so she was facing the railing and told her, Lean forward a little, Goody. "Are you going to do my behind, liebling?" "I told you I was going to do your behind, didn t I?" Goody hiked up her dress and displayed her beautiful ass to him.and Carol.

"Gawd damn, Goody! Your ass is as beautiful as ever." He hooked his fingers in her panty waist and pulled them over her buttocks. Carol commented on the scene before him. "That is some fine ass, Ted." Then looking down at Dot, I can see how another woman can go for someone like Goody, Dot.

Removing her mouth from his cock, "You d love her pussy, Carol. I wish you could stay and enjoy it with me." Ted released his cock from his pants and moved in on Goody. "Ted. Wait, hold on." With her dress still around her waist and her panties hanging on one foot she stepped closer to Dot and Carol. Dot turned her head to see Goody s pussy at her level next to her. Leaning over Dot, Goody wrapped her arms around Carol s neck and kissed him full on the mouth.

Dot took hold of Goody s buttocks with one hand and pulled her close to her mouth and Carol s cock. "Get closer, Goody. I want to rub his cock on your pussy just to give him a taste." "Ummm, yes!

Let me feel it, Dot." Goody lifted her knee slightly behind Dot s head and moved in closer. Dot was close enough to kiss her friend s pussy before she massaged it with Carol s cock.

Carol could barely control himself now. Goody held his cock and directed to Dot s mouth. "Okay Carol. Cum in my mouth." Dot engulfed his cock down to the hilt before he spurted his load. She swallowed it easily. Goody, with her thumb and fingers held Carol's cock and milked it into her friend s mouth. Ted moved close and fitted his cock between Goody s asscheeks. Dot stroked Carol s cock and sucked him clean. She looked sideways to see her husband lean Goody over the railing.

When Carol had his cock back in his pants, Dot told him, "Take your wife home now, I ll come visit you Sunday afternoon while she s on duty at the hospital. I ll bring Goody with me. We ll have a little Sunday afternoon delight.promise." Then she kissed him and shoved him toward the door.

"I ll be waiting for you, sweetheart." As he went to find Lyn he saw Ted sawing his prick into Goody from behind as Dot stood close facing Ted and caressing her friend s buttocks. He turned back for a last look when he heard Dot give Goody a slap on the ass. "Okay, come on, Goody. Have your cum and let s get back in and put some life in this party! Carol was laughing out loud as he walked back down the hallway. He went into Dot and Ted s apartment looking for Lynn.

The music was still playing and the lights were turned down low. Carol walked back into the dimly lit apartment. The only bright light came from the kitchen door where Jan and his wife Lyn were doing busy work cleaning up the kitchen. Slow music was playing in the living room and several couples were dancing close.

He wanted to get a closer look but Lyn saw him and called to him. "We'd better hit the road, Carol." "Alright dear, I'll be right with you. Just want to get a quick drink for the road. Want one?" "Thanks," she replied. "I have one here to finish off. I'll be with you in a minute or so." Jan was standing next to Lyn at the kitchen sink, "Why do you have to leave so early, cheri? There's still more fun to come." Lyn looked at Jan and knew just what the woman was talking about.

"We just have to go home and have some fun of our own.privately." "Ooooh, cheri! are you going to give your hubby a good time when you get home?" "Right on, honey! I going to fuck his brains out when we get home." Lyn was not a prude but she had until just recently never had sex with another person other than Carol.

Well, she didn't actually fuck the guy but he gave her an intense orgasm like she hadn't had with Carol for a long time just because it was something new. During the holiday season she had been coaxed into stopping by a party at one of her co-worker's apartment. She was forty-something and wanted so much to appear hip to her younger colleagues in the ward. And she loved her Jim Beam too. She often lunched with the younger crowd and been out drinking with them before.

She grew to like them. There were several single Army nurses and medical assistants, male and female. It was common knowledge that the linen closets and empty rooms were favorite rendezvous. Lyn couldn't help being aroused by the accounts of love making involving her coworkers. She found herself pleasantly drunk at a party just before Christmas.

Most of the crowd were still attired in their green scrubs and white nurses uniforms. During the course of the evening she was offered a joint. She looked at it.then when she recognized it for what it was brought it to her lips and inhaled. Being a smoker, she had no problem taking in a huge hit. She lost track of time and found herself on the crowded dance floor with several other people waving their arms wildly about to the beat of the load music.

She felt the young man draw her close to her. His knee insinuated itself between her legs and the beat went on. As she relaxed she let her weight rest on her partner's thigh and rode it like a hobby horse. The young man held her tightly around the waist and ground his thigh between her legs lifting her off the floor easily.

Her white smock rose above her hips. Lyn was thoroughly enjoying the frottage. She liked sex. She never refused Carol whatever he wanted to do to her. Then through the fog she realized what she was doing and quickly pushed him away and took several steps backwards before collapsing on a convenient couch. The young man was quickly by her side. Lyn's head was spinning and she could barely focus on her surroundings. But she was having very pleasant feelings.very pleasant.

Lyn's tunnel vision ended in a scene across the room. A young female assistant was busily swallowing a cock. Lyn's lust was overcoming her fast fading inhibitions. Her hand found another hand between her legs. It didn't matter. That's what she had in mind anyway. The fingers at her pussy were doing very pleasant things to her.

She relaxed and let it happen, her legs spreading involuntarily. She kept trying to focus on the blow-job. She felt her smock open to reveal her ample breasts and her nipple become wet and hard under the gentle suction from the young girl's mouth. She didn't know where the young girl came from but she had Lyn's left tit enclosed with both hands and her mouth suckling like a baby.

The young man had four fingers inserted between Lyn's juicy labia and his thumb frigging her clit. That's when he had her orgasm.

"Ohhh, fuck! I'm coming, I'm coming!" Lyn's legs straightened and jerked spasmodically. She panted and twitched, her hips lifting and humping off the couch. When she came to, she quickly stood as well as she could and straightened her smock. "Oh my gawd! You people are terrible. I love you guys, but you're a bunch of perverts!

What did you do to me?" Then laughing with them, "I can't say that I didn't enjoy it though." She made it back to the apartment. Carol was on alert duty for a 24 hour shift. She thought about what had happened. No matter how guilty she felt about it, the thought of it made her horny enough to take her vibrator to bed with her. Later she would decide what or if to tell her husband, Carol.

Jan interrupted Lyn's thoughts. "I hope you have a good one, cheri. I'm going to find Dot. I know she was out on the balcony fooling around with Goody and I want some of that too." The comment caught Lyn's attention. "What do you mean, fooling around?" Jan leaned toward Lyn and whispered in her ear, "Pussy fun, Lyn.pussy fun." "Oh, my gawd, I've got to find Carol." She tossed down the last of the drink in her glass and put it down.

This was the first knowledge she had of Dot's bisexual tendencies. Jan tossed her dish towel aside and laughed as Lyn walked out of the kitchen. Lyn found Carol in a slow dance with Dorris, Jamie's mom. His hands were definitely well below her waist. "I think we've had enough fun tonight, Carol, let's go home." Jan walked out into the foyer to find her husband Bob, daughter Brooke and Jaime coming out of the elevator.

"Have you three been enjoying yourselves?" "Yeah, mom. We were just talking about you. I think Jamie and Bob have plans for you too." "That sounds interesting," she replied and wrapped her arm around Jaime's waist.

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"Come on Bob, let's get comfortable someplace and you can tell me what you were doing saying about me." Bob and Jan led Jaime to the bar to get refills before walking down the hall to Dot's master bedroom.

Bob was right behind them. Jan's left arm was still around Jamie's waist and she had taken Jamie's right arm and placed it over her shoulders. Jamie, being a full head taller than Jan, easily wrapped her arm around Jan's neck. From behind, Bob watched as his wife's hand slid down from Jamie waist to her ample buttocks. Jamie turned her head to Jan and smiled before turning toward her where she pinned Jan against the wall. Jamie lifted her knee and inserted it between Jan's legs.

Jan obliged and spread her legs thus dropping her head just level with Jamie's tits. Jamie pressed her thigh up against Jan's pussy and Jan humped back. Jamie was panting, and Jan could see her nipples harden under the thin material of her dress. Jan started mouthing Jamie's breasts through her clothes. Jamie found Jan's face with both hands and turned it upward to kiss her full on the mouth. Bob moved in close to the women.

"Bob," Jan broke the kiss, "go to the bedroom, cheri, and get undressed." After another lingering kiss, "Come, ma cher, let's go to the bed. Tell me what you were doing downstairs. Bob will wait till we need him." "Are you serious?" She began by telling her how Brooke turned her on with the salacious details of her sexual encounters with her neighbors.

Jan wanted the juicy details. "You want me to tell you how I just fucked your husband less than a half hour ago?" "Oui, ma cheri.

You can tell me everything. I told Bob he could have his fun tonight. Brooke told me hardly anything except that Bob fucked you. Before you went downstairs, Brooke told me what she was up to and she also told her step dad to follow you." "Does your husband always do what you tell him." Both sat on the edge of the bed, turned toward each other. Their hands were busy with buttons, zippers, and bras.

"Yes, he does. And he likes it that way. Now it's my turn," Jan told her. She pushed Jamie back on the bed. Jamie's head came to rest on Bob's legs above his knees. She turned her head to see his hands grasping and stroking his thick cock. It was close enough to touch. Jan swung her leg over Jamie to straddle her. Their legs intertwined, their arms wrapped tightly around each other as they kissed deeply. Their pelvic bones humped against each other. Jan broke free and sat up over Jamie.


Jan turned slightly and inserted one leg under one of Jamie's legs. Their legs scissored, their labia pressed together. Jan hugged Jamie's upturned leg and as she humped her panting lover. "Gawd, baby!

That's so good! I knew you'd be good. Your daughter told me all about you and Dot, and the others. It's made me so horny!" "We'll take care of you, honey. Won't we Bob?" Bob rested his head against the headboard still, sipping his wine and stroking his cock.

"He f-fucked me good." Jamie hesitated."I sat on his cock and he fucked me hard. I.I sat on his cock while Brooke licked my pussy. She is so good for such a young girl. I want her again." She hesitated again, "if it's alright with you, Jan. I do so want to eat her pussy. I didn't get a chance down stairs." Jamie panted and her chest heaved as she spoke. Still riding Jamie's pussy, Jan said to her, "Don't worry about that, Jamie. She is old enough to enjoy what I've been having for years.

I started early too. Right now I just want to fuck you, cheri." Jamie was really breathing hard. Her hips were moving to meet Jan's humping pelvis. She looked over at Bob, her eyes glazed with lust, her mouth open, as she looked at Bob's cock just inches away.

"She's gonna me cuuummmm.ahhh.aahhhh.oohaaa.oh you're so good, baby!" Jan saw that Jamie was longing for Bob's cock. Jamie was straining her neck to reach it with open mouth. Jan slid off Jamie. "Oh! Don't stop Jan, please!" The pause gave Jamie the opportunity tomove close enough to Bob's cock to engulf it with her mouth. Jan slid between Jamie's legs and latched on to Jamie's clit.

"Mmmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmm! Uh-hmmmm!" Jamie was overcome lust, enjoying the cock in her mouth and the mouth sucking on her pussy, tongue flicking her clit. Jan sucked at Jamie's ample labia taking it into her mouth. Then her tongue slipped down to Jamie's rosebud to flick momentarily.

Jamie's mouth, cock still in it, opened wide. "Uhhhhhhh, fuck, Jan.Oh fuck!" Then her mouth closed over Bob's cock once again, "Umph.umph.umph." was all she could mutter with her mouth full. Jamie, one hand behind Jan's head humped against her lover's mouth. The other hand held Bob's cock firmly to her lips. Jan's mouth broke from Jamie's pussy. "Move Bob, I want to change positions." Bob reluctantly pulled his cock from Jamie's mouth. Jamie didn't have time to object as she realized that Jan's cunt was hovering just above her face.

Jamie reached up and wrapped her arms around Jan's buttocks and pulled the shaven cunt down to her mouth. She felt Jan's mouth return to her own pussy. She licked and sucked eagerly, tasting the aroma and the wetness her husband had previously deposited there.

Dorris and Hutch walked down the same hallway to Dot's bedroom. They heard the muffled sounds of lovemaking. The hallway was darkened and the only light was a small table lamp to one side of the bed. It was clearly an erotic scene. Doris caught her breath as she stopped abruptly. Hutch's arms came around her waist and he snuggled up close to her from behind. Dorris saw Jan and her daughter Jamie locked in a tight 69. She saw Bob laying next to them stroking his engorged penis. Hutch watched the scene from behind Doris.

His cock nudged against the older woman's ass. He brought his hands up to her swollen breasts and squeezed. His mouth found and sucked on her neck. Dorris was breathing hard. She saw her daughter thoroughly enjoying sex with Bob and Dot's bedroom! Almost to herself, "! That's." She was going to say her daughter's name but Hutch broke into her thoughts with, ".so damn horny!" Dorris stopped for a second and thought, They look so hot and nasty!

And she was feeling nasty too. Hutch was doing things to her. Her dress was pulled up and Hutch's fingers were in her panties, fingers sliding between her wet labia. Dorris felt Hutch's cock nudging her between her buttocks.

She kept looking at the trio in the bedroom. She needed to feel a cock in her pussy.and quick. She turned around to face Hutch and grasped his hard-on. She knelt on the hallway carpet and took Hutch into her mouth. Hutch continued to knead her ample breasts through her clothing.

Dorris held her lover's cock in both hands and sucked on the head. Doris had always liked sucking her husband's this man's even more. She had sucked her husband's cock even before they married long ago, but no other. She yearned to suck strange cock. She had been having a delicious affair with Hutch with her husband's approval. Dorris and Robert had been married too long and both agreed they wanted to try new sexual adventures before it was too late.

They were both forty-something and their daughter in the bedroom with Jan and Bob was twenty-something. Dorris had accidently seen Jamie masturbating as a young girl, but she never dreamed of seeing her daughter having sex with other people.

She knew that her husband Robert was anxious to get into Hutch's wife Marsha who was having sex as she pleased ever since they arrived on station. Hutch had told Dorris that he and Marsha were still married only because Marsha wanted to come along with Hutch on his European tour of duty.

She wanted to see Robert fuck Marsha since she had more than her share of Hutch and poor Robert hadn't scored yet.

She had promised him he would tonight. The thought made her swoon with lust and she eagerly sucked the cock in her mouth. She needed to fuck now. It was then she felt Bob standing next to her. Dorris released Hutch's cock and turned her head to see Bob's throbbing erection in her face. "Oh, oh my gawd!" She wrapped her fingers around Bob's cock with her right hand and kept Hutch's cock in the left.

"Suck it, lover, suck it." Hutch knew Dorris was really horny tonight and encouraged her to take Bob's prick in her mouth. She lovingly stroked both cocks, then she opened her mouth to take Bob's cock to the back of her throat.

Hutch could still see the women in Dot's bedroom. Jan knew where Dot kept her toys and pulled her favorite from the dresser.a double headed thing that she had shared with Dot many times. Their legs were scissored and the dildo appeared and disappeared between them as they pounded each other's cunts. At the moment Hutch wondered what his wife Marsha was doing. He knew he would get to see her get another well deserved fucking. Their agreement to divorce had improved their sex life.

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Hutch had watched as his gorgeous wife was thoroughly ravished by Ted and Bob. Of course he had done some ravishing himself. Dot and Jan were marvelous lovers, especially together. I'm going to have to peek in on her later, he thought. Right now Dorris was standing up and still holding on to their cocks, pulled them into the other bedroom. Doris relished the idea of taking both men into the small bedroom.

I'm going to do both of them, she thought. Shedding the last of her clothing she quickly jumped on the bed ready for her first threesome. "Come on fellas, let's have some fun!" But she was glad one of them was Hutch. If she had not been fucking him for several months already she would not have ever considered fucking two men at the same time.

But she was enjoying this enormously. All this time things were heating up in the living room. Brooke sat on the floor leaning against the wall unit, one leg tucked underneath her, watching and listening to the partying adults.

They sure know how to have fun, she thought to herself. She was drinking wine and idly rubbing her panty crotch. She saw Robert, giving up all pretense at dancing with Marsha. He had both hands full of her ass and was dry-fucking her standing up. Marsha had hold of his head giving his mouth a tongue job. Brooke's panty crotch, pulled aside, exposed her wet pussy. Dot, Ted, and Goody were sprawled naked, leaning against each other, on cushions on the livingroom carpet. They laughed and sang old songs, but mostly they drank a lot of wine and felt each other up.

They talked about old times and Dot kissed Goody. Ted recalled old friends while Goody tugged at a hand full of his hard-on between his naked legs. Dot looked over at Brooke, then prodded Goody with an elbow so she would look over at Brooke too. "She's a hottie, Dot. Do I get to play with her too?" Dot reach out to palm Goody's breast. "Are you getting horny, schatzi? "Why don'tyou go over to her and see if she's ready. Brooke watched the trio on the floor as Dot sucked lovingly on Goody's breast and Goody had Ted's penis firmly in her hand.

Brooke heard what Dot said and saw Goody, on hands and knees, make her way closer. When Goody was close enough to touch, the woman lowered her head and kissed Brooke on the inner thighs. "Ooooh, ooh!" Brooke squealed in delight as she realized what Goody wanted to do to her.

She spread her legs, lifting her pelvis as the older woman leaned in further to kiss her mons. "Oh yes!" Goody placed her hands under the girls buttocks and covered Brooke's pussy with her mouth. Brooke placed her hands behind Goody's head and pulled it tightly to her crotch. "Mmmmm, oh Goodyyyyy!" The young girl was definitely enjoying the older woman's mouth at her cunt. "Are you having fun, sweety." Dot came close to the two women.

Goody was on her knees and elbows, head moving about in Brooke's crotch. Dot felt her friend's upturned ass and felt for Goody's pussy from behind, then leaned over to kiss Brooke's open mouth. "Oh yes, Dot! I love doing it with you.I really do. "And is Goody making you feel good?" "Mm, hmm!

And.and, I think I'm g-going to cum! She's sucking my clit sooo good!" Brooke held onto Goody's head with her left hand and reached to place her right hand behind Dot's.

"Dot.suck my titties, please.Dot! Dot leaned down to the girl's breasts and applied suction to her nipples. Dot and Goody are going to give Brooke a session she'd never forget, Ted thought as he watched the three women on the floor just inches away from him.

He could almost reach them if he tried. He decided to just watch the beautiful sight and stroke his fully aroused organ. He also watched Robert undressing Marsha. The man was beside himself, he was so excited. Robert knew that eventually he would bed this beauty because of the special circumstances surrounding the two couples. His wife promised. His cock was standing at full attention and Marsha was tugged at it from base to head. I think she's going to go down on him, thought Ted. Marsha led Robert towards the cushions on the floor near Ted.

Marsha knelt on the floor and engulfed Robert's cock with her wonderfully full lips. As she sucked, she opened her eyes and looked at Ted. She winked, but continued sucking. She had fucked Ted before and she had grown a fondness for group sex. Ted's got a nice hard-on going.hmmm, so she reached for it and he inched a little closer to make it easier for her. Bob watched as Marsha sucked on his throbbing cock.

He could see how wet his penis was when Marsha pulled back to the tip. He saw her stroking Ted's cock and her ass was swaying towards it like it needed to join up. Marsha was also keeping an eye on the girls. Ooooh, I'd like to get in there with them, she thought. Marsha had also grown a fondness for pussy and she hadn't been with Goody yet. She could see Goody and Dot working on Brooke and it looked like she was getting a little hard to hold down.

The girl was squealing and panting hard. Marsha continued sucking on Robert's cock but she was going to need to fill her emptiness. Like an answered prayer Marsha felt Ted's fingers gingerly slipping between her labia. When Ted found her wetness he inserted two fingers. Marsha arched her back and spread her knees. She released Robert's prick from her mouth. Her juices were dribbling down her inner thigh. "More.Ted, more.

Oh, uh, uh, yes!" "I think she's ready, Robert." Ted knew how anxious Robert was to fuck Marsha. "Get her from behind while she sucks me a while." Robert was behind Marsha in a flash.

"Thanks, Ted. You're such a gentleman," Marsha said facetiously. Ted laughed. "Anything to please a lady. And here's something that I know will please you." He held his cock in his hand and pointed it toward her.

Marsha, one hand on the floor and the other around Ted's cock, shifted slightly so Robert could enter her from behind. "Oh Robert! That's nice.don't stop!" He didn't. From a few feet away, Dot looked over at Marsha. "Look at the little cunt!" Goody's mouth still slavered at Brooke's cunt and could only manage,"Mmmm?" "Marsha.she's getting it from both ends, Goody," Dot explained.

The suction between Goody's mouth and Brooke's labia broke with a plop. "I want her when the men are done with her. She's so beautiful" Goody told Dot. "She'll be nice and juicy then." Brooke took the opportunity to sit up and hug Goody close for a kiss. "You're so good to me Goody. Let me do you now." Brooke squirmed around so she had access to Goody's pussy.

Dot stood up and walked over to Robert, on his knees fucking. She leaned down to kiss him and felt between the base of his cock where it was plowing in an out of Marsha to feel her extended labia. "Mmmm, Marsha. Are you cumming yet?" She pulled Robert's cock from her mouth again.

"N-not yet, Dot.b-but close," Marsha answered. "I want to make it last." Dot quickly lay down on her back next the threesome and scooted under Marsha with her head under the woman's cunt. Dot looked up and saw Robert pushing Marsha's labia in as it entered, then extending it around his cock as it withdrew. Dot wrapped her arms around Marsha's waist and lifted her head so she could flick her tongue at Marsha's clit and Robert's cock.

Dot wrapped her index finger and thumb around Robert's cock and pulled it out when he pulled back. It went immediately into Dot's mouth. "Aaahhhhh, fuck!" Robert had never been so aroused in his life. He was fucking Marsha and Dot was pulling it out and sucking on his cock. Then just as quickly he was fucking Marsha again. "Oh fuck!" As he looked down at Dot laying under Marsha he could see Marsha's fingers playing with Dot's cunt and still sucking on Ted's penis.

I wonder what Dorris is doing, thought Robert. She can't be having as much fun as me. In the back bedroom his wife was in the same position as Marsha, but she was between Hutch and Bob. Im gonna want to do this again very soon, Dorris thought as she continued to suck and fuck the two men she was with.

I've never had my fill of cock like this. I wonder what Robert is doing? She had promised he would get into Marsha tonight. Dorris had fixed it for him with Hutch's help. They both told Marsha that Bob was to receive her full attention first.

Occasionally, she could hear her daughter Jamie and Jan in the bedroom next door. "Oh b-baby! You are so talented, Jan," Jamie panted.

Jamie and Jan were still licking and sucking to their heart's content. And fucking with the aid of Dot's toys.

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On their way home in the car, Lyn was busy fumbling with Carol's fly. They had only a short drive to their apartment building from the party at Dot's. "What's up with you Lyn?" Carol was pleasantly surprised at his wife's aggressiveness on the way home. "I want to suck your dick, is that Ok with you, Carol?" She feigned irritation.

"I don't want to spoil you mood, honey. I'm just surprised. It's been along time since you gave me head in the car." She reached inside his trousers and found his semi tumescent penis. "There you are." She pulled it free and on her knees on the seat she lowered her head to Carol's lap. "I'm just that so unusual?" Then she sucked him into her mouth before he was fully hard.

Carol had cum in Dot's mouth just a half hour ago. "What's the matter Carol? Not in the mood?" He was really trying to get hard. He thought of Dot and Goody on the balcony. That did it. "There.that's better! Mmmm.mmmm!" Lyn hummed a tune on Carol's erection. He reached out to her ass and found her panty crotch damp. "You are horny tonight!" How come, he wondered to himself. Lyn let go of Carol's cock and sat up. "Why did you stop?" "I don't want you to cum till we get home.

If you cum now you won't be ready when I am." Lyn told him. Lyn wasn't teasing him, but she knew it took him a while to recycle a hard-on. But tonight, he's acting like he already had an orgasm, she thought.

She knew when he masturbated because he was slow to recuperate. After separations, he was a ready, willing and a very effective lover.

"Carol.did you.did you.?" "Did I what Lyn, did I what? What is it?" "Well. At the party.there was stuff going on.I don't know. I mean.I do know, but." "But what Lyn? What was going on.?" She didn't see anything, I'm sure, thought Carol. He had taken a chance with Dot on the balcony but Jan promised Dot to keep Lyn busy in the kitchen for a while. "I'm pretty sure there was going to be a fuck-party after we left." "Probably, Lyn.

You know what happens at after-parties in the wee hours of the morning. Why, did you want to stay?" Carol was just kidding her and she knew it. "Yeah, that'll be the day you and I stay for a swinging party." Then after a few moments of silence.

"But I'll bet they're having fun." Lyn dropped her head back to Carol's lap and clutched for his penis. Disappointed, "What's the matter with you Carol.aren't you in the mood for a blow-job?" Carol thought about what was going on back at the apartment and after a few moments of Lyns manipulations, "Ok!

Now that's more like it!" Carol enjoyed the blow-job the few short blocks back home with no fear of losing his hard-on till he could fill her ass with it.

I'm gonna pour her another whisky fuck her in the ass tonight.she's in the mood, he thought. Lyn liked anal. She didn't like to talk about it. She never admitted it to anyone. She never discussed it with Carol. But there were times when she was drunk and horny that if he wanted to.she let him. It was tonight. I want him to fuck me in the ass tonight. Yeah, I want to get thoroughly porked tonight, as she sucked. Then she thought, Maybe we should've stayed at the party.

The thought crossed her mind. What would it be like to fuck Ted? Once, Lyn had once asked Dot if Ted was a good lover. When Dot answered in the affirmative Lyn said, "I thought he would be." It had been in the back of her mind for a while. They headed straight back to the bedroom shedding their clothes as they went.

Carol grabbed a bottle of Jim Beam and a couple of tumblers. They were naked and probing each other's genitals very quickly. They turned opposite each other on their sides. Lyn sucked at Carol's cock and Carol busied his tongue at her cunt.

"Carol? Did you want to stay at the party?" "Why do you ask me that now, Lyn?" He wanted her to continue the blow-job. She was very good at it. "You know what's going on over there right now don't you?" "I think they're fucking their brains out probably," Lyn replied.

"And I think some of the girls are fooling around with each other tool. Jan told me she was going to have some pussy-fun tonight." "Are you interested in that Lyn?" Carol knew what he was missing.

"Just curious Carol. I'd like to see what they do." "And what it's like? You'd like to find out maybe?" Carol did not want to push too hard. "Not really, Carol. I'm just horny thinking about it. She was lying. "I know you like sex talk." Carol's heart was thumping just thinking about the party and Lyn taking an interest in it. He decided to take advantage of the sex talk opening. He turned Lyn over and inserted one leg between hers to that he had her bottom leg between his knees.

He had access to her cunt and her nether hole. He entered her pussy and thrust all the way in easily. "Oh, fuck.Carol! Fuck me!" She was breathing hard and thoroughly enjoying her own manipulation of her breasts. Carol fucked her hard.

"I-I'm c-cumming, Carol! I'm cumming!" He knew she wasn't finished. She was multi-orgasmic and this was just her first. He dared. "Do you wish you were at the party? Getting your brains fucked out? Maybe getting your pussy licked by Dot?" He pulled his cock out her dripping pussy and placed it at her anus. Carol carefully prodded. He never knew how, or if, she would take it. "Oh, yes! Fuck my ass, honey!" Wow, thought Carol, she's never said that before! She was panting with lust and pulling him closer.

Carol took slow strokes into her ass. "Gawd, it's tight tonight", he told her. "If we were at the party, I'd love to see you fuck Dot." "W-what? You'd love to see me fuck Dot?" Carol was incredulous. But she broke his balloon. "Just sex talk, Carol.just sex talk. Keep fucking and I'll keep talking." Carol continued slowly then slightly faster as her arousal continued to build. "Oh, Carol.that's sooo good! I'd like to watch you fuck Dot.and I could f-fuck Ted!

That would be so good, wouldn't it, honey? So g-good to fuck Ted, yes. Dot said he was good. You would fuck Dot, Carol.wouldn't you?" Yeah, he thought, I'd fuck her. again. "Yeah, honey, I'd fuck her and I'd love to watch Ted fuck you.

Would you suck his cock? Huh, baby, would you suck his cock?" Carol's thrusts were going deeper and faster as his wife bucked fiercely under him. Her hands were busy fingering her pussy. She was ready to blow. "Yesssss! I'd s-suck his c-cock! Ohhhh, oh-oh, Carol.I'm cummmmming!" Afterwards, Lyn lay with her head resting on Carol's chest. He held a cigarette to her lips. When she exhaled, she said, "Seriously, Carol. Would you like that? Would you like to do that with Dot and Ted?" Carol replied diplomatically.

"Only if you wanted to, honey. Only if you wanted to." I wonder if she's seriously considering it, thought Carol. "Not just sex talk?" "No.I'm serious." Then Lyn told her husband what happened to her at the xmas party at her co-worker's apartment. After that they fucked again and went to sleep thinking about Dot and Ted.