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Man gangbang fucked in porn shop
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Dear Diary, Today is my first day in my new studio apartment in Aunt's house. Uncle and Father started working on it the day I was accepted in the State University here. For my 18th birthday Mother and Aunt took me shopping for furniture and curtains. I am situated in a turret in this old Victorian house. I feel kind of like a fairy princess up here.

I think I am too excited to even miss Mother and Father yet! I am sure I will be happy here. I start classes next week. Aunt is going to the bookstore with me to get my books tomorrow. Dear Diary, Something weird happened today. I don't know what to think. Aunt and I went to the college bookstore and got my books. We stopped and had lunch at the cutest little caf?ust off of the campus.

While we were eating, Aunt spied a bench that she thought would fit perfectly at the end of my bed. She bought it and we brought it home and she was right. It's perfect. When Uncle came home, she pulled him up the stairs to show it off.

He admired it, sat down on it for a minute and asked how much it cost. Aunt told him and he frowned. He then asked me to go down and take Mitzi, the dog, for her walk. I left them in my new apartment and he closed the door. About halfway down the stairs, I realized that I did not know where Mitzi's leash was so I went back up to ask.

I heard strange sounds coming from my apartment. Sort of like a slapping sound. Then I heard my aunt cry out. I got scared. What was going on? I was a little frightened but I was even more curious as I heard another "Thwap!" and my aunt moan instead of cry out. I opened the door very quietly and slowly.

Then I stood frozen in shock! My aunt was bent over my bench with her jeans and panties down around her knees and ass in the air. Uncle was steadily bringing his hand down on her butt cheeks one at a time. With each strike, Aunt wiggled her butt a little and moaned. I realized she was moaning in numbers. She was counting Joe's strikes! I wanted to run but I couldn't tear my eyes away. Suddenly Aunt cried out "Twenty-nine dollars!" I realized that was the price she paid for my bench!

I just stared open mouthed at her now red ass cheeks for a minute then softly closed the door. I went down the steps a ways then came back up them at a normal pace.

I entered the apartment timidly and saw Aunt sitting, fully dressed on my bench and smiling at Uncle. I explained my early return and was told where the leash hung. Uncle smiled and as I was leaving I glanced down at his crotch and saw his package straining against his jeans.

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I thought about all of this while I was walking Mitzi and found myself getting strangely excited. I imagined me being bent over the bench myself. Suddenly, I couldn't get back up to my room fast enough! I locked my door and took down my jeans and positioned myself just like Aunt was and began to rub myself until I reached my peak.

Instead of biting my lip like I do at home, I allowed myself to cry out as I came all over my hand. That felt really good. Dear Diary, Today I asked Aunt if Uncle was upset about the price of the bench.

She looked at me strangely and then I realized I should have bitten my tongue.

Uncle had not said anything about the price to me nor had shown any indication of being upset in front of me. Aunt must know I saw her spanking! She then asked me if I had been spying on them. My face turned red with shame and I could not look her in the eye. She asked me if I needed to learn a lesson in privacy and respect. I did not know what to say. She told me to stay where I was and left the room. I didn't move. Was she going to tell Uncle? Was he going to spank me too? Suddenly, I felt myself get warm between my legs.

But she did not bring Uncle back with her.

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She came back in the room carrying a small leather paddle. She took me by the arm and pulled me over to the settee. She sat and pulled me across her lap and began to paddle. At first I hardly felt it but soon it started to sting. She kept slapping me harder and harder with the paddle until I couldn't take it anymore and began to cry out for her to stop. My butt cheeks were burning but even worse, I felt like I was going to climax!

Aunt stopped the spanking and pushed me down to the floor. She stood over me and just watched me as my hand went almost involuntarily to my groin. She then grinned widely and left the room. I heard the front door close and I laid there and rubbed my honey mound through my jeans until I heard myself groan again as I exploded harder than ever before. What is happening to me? Dear Diary, The next day Aunt said we should celebrate my arrival.

She said we should "dress' for the occasion and had put some clothes on my bed. The clothes weren't what I normally wear but at six o'clock I came down the stairs dressed in a white blouse, plaid skirt, white socks that stretched to my knees and patent leather shoes.

She had even supplied white cotton panties and a new bra. I felt a little foolish but I did not want to upset them for fear they would change their minds and send me home. And the apartment is so beautiful! Every day Aunt and Uncle have added to it for my benefit. We sat down to a wonderful meal and after dinner we went into Uncle's library for brandy.

I looked around me as Uncle poured the brown liquid into snifters and we toasted to a new start for me. Then Uncle sat in a big easy chair and indicated I should sit on the oversized ottoman in front of him.

Aunt sat next to him on the arm of the chair. "Your Aunt says you were peeking where you shouldn't have been, is this statement true, young lady?" Uncle began in a gentle tone. She had told him! I couldn't believe it! My face turned red and I stared at the floor in shame and embarrassment!

What was he going to do? Was he going to spank me too? Worse, did I secretly want him too? "We don't spy in this house, do we?" "No, Sir." I could barely get the words out. I wiggled on the ottoman in memory of the spanking I had received from Aunt just yesterday. It had hurt but the sting had not lasted long. "So what do we do about this?" Uncle asked. "Aunt already punished me, Sir." I told him. I heard Aunt let out a gasp of surprise.

I looked up and she had her hand over her mouth and was looking at Uncle imploringly. "She did, did she? " He looked at her and she stiffly gave a small nod.

"Then it looks like two girls get taught a lesson in respect tonight.

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What do you think of that, young lady?" Suddenly, I did not want to be spanked by those powerful hands of his. I had seen them turn Aunt's cheeks red and I was sure they were much harder than the flimsy little paddle she had used on me. I got scared and started to cry. I had gotten Aunt in trouble and now not only would Uncle punish me but I was sure she would do it again later.

I was stuck and nowhere to go. "Get her ready and prepare yourself as well! She gets the normal paddling but you get something more, my love." He stood and Aunt came over to the stool I was on.


"Come with me, Sweetie." She said gently. She took me over to his huge desk, and gently directed me to bend over it. She lifted my skirt over my hips.

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Then she pulled the white cotton panties down to my knees and I began to sob as I felt the air hit my exposed bottom side. It was actually humiliating to be posed in front of Uncle this way!

I heard a rustle of clothing and then she was bent next to me. She grasped my hand and I knew she was just as exposed as I was. Nothing prepared me for the shock of the first strike from Uncle's hand! I cried out as it connected painfully to one cheek. Then he swatted the other cheek. I heard the next couple of swats but it was Aunt's turn and she gasped loudly. He alternately beat both of our behinds and with every blow I could feel my ass getting redder and warmer.

Finally, I could take it no more and began to yell loudly, "Please stop, Uncle! Owowowowow!!!

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It hurts!!" I cried and with every plea he seemed to get renewed strength. I cried and screamed with every strike. My ass felt as if it were on fire! It didn't seem to matter if it hit me or Aunt. "Please stop! Stop! Oww! No more, Uncle, Please!!" I was crying in earnest now and dimly I heard Aunt grunting and moaning next to me. Finally, he stopped. I laid where I was, almost too exhausted to cry. Before I could regain my senses I heard a zipping noise.

Aunt grabbed my hand and whispered, "Close your eyes, Honey. Don't look. Arghh!" Her back arched and she almost came off of the desk. Her face contorted and she yelled out again. "Arrrgghh!! Please! Ohhh!!! Arrgghh!! Not in front of Niece!" I couldn't close my eyes! I had heard no slaps or strikes.

And her face wasn't really showing pain. Then I felt it. Uncle was pushing her from behind. She cried out with every thrust he made and it took little imagination to know what he was doing!

I watched her face in fascination as her cries turned into moans. I felt myself grow wet between my legs and with a mind of their own they started to spread. I gasped loudly as Uncle put his hand over my mound and began to rub it just like I do when I pleasure myself. I felt the thrusting stop and tried to look up at Uncle but Aunt pinned my head down to the desk. "I said, don't look!" she hissed in my ear. I immediately went still and waited for what was to happen next.

Uncle had almost rubbed me to climax when everything stopped. He started grunting again and I felt a stream of hot liquid squirt across my stinging cheeks. I tried to turn my head to see what it was but Aunt laid across me, pinning me to the desk. I heard what sounded like a satisfied grunt from Uncle, footsteps and the door slamming.

Aunt stayed on top of me as we heard his truck start and then the sound of the engine fading as he drove away. Then I felt her hand gently rubbing the sticky goo Uncle had left all over my sore buttocks. "Lovely," she murmured as she continued her massaging. "Tell me, Niece, are you a virgin?" I didn't know what to say at first. A boy in high school had shown me his stiff member and I had played with it a little.

He tried to stick in it but it hurt so bad I begged him to stop. When he pulled it out there was blood on it and it scared me, no matter what he said. So we stopped. After that, he begged me but I would only play with him with my hands until he squirted all over.

Sometimes, I let him stick it between my boobs and rub but never inside me again. I gasped through my sobs and told her all of this. "Do you ever rub yourself?" she asked. I nodded. "Like this?" she moved her hand down between my legs and began to rub. Against my will, I found myself moving my hips in time with her hand. She deftly spread my folds apart and inserted the tip of her index finger into my hole.

I tensed but it didn't hurt like the boy did. She began moving it in and out and I felt the heat start in my stomach again. Then I felt a second finger slip in and start pumping with the first. Suddenly I couldn't help crying out as the heat burst inside my hole. Aunt rolled off of me onto her back and put her fingers into her own hole and began shoving them in and out.

Amazed I watched while she closed her eyes and moaned. Almost without thinking, I moved my hand to her mound and began rubbing the little nub that I rubbed on myself to make me feel the heat. Almost instantly, Aunt arched her back and let out a loud moan that seemed to last for minutes.

She moved her fingers out and jammed mine into her and I could feel her wetness pour out of her over my hands. She just lay there for a bit and then we heard Uncle's truck coming down the road.

"Hurry!" she whispered.


"Back up to your apartment and not a word to Uncle!" I did as she said. And I swore to myself I would never tell Uncle anything again!