Horny brunette deep pussy fuck

Horny brunette deep pussy fuck
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Its a continuation of the story "Elder sister is a tease". Please comment and tell me whether i should continue. sorry for grammar errors _______________________________________________________________________________ It's been more than a year since i met my little brother dave after those hot experiences on bed.

It was summer and david had lots of free time. So he decided to stay with me till his holidays are over.

We both were pretty much excited about it (i was more ) because last time he couldnt stay too long due to some reasons. He will be coming after two days with my mother. My mother will stay with me for one day becuase she has to take care of my father who is ill. I havent changed much in these two years .i still have those perfect D cup pear shaped breasts and a hot ass which every man dreams off. Many girls envied me in the office because of the assets i have got.

i had been enjoying success from past few months too. I could get any job done by simply wearing tight skirts and "dropping my pen" in front of managers. It was sunday morning. when i opened my eyes it was already 9.

OH shit!!! i screamed. i forgot to put alarm because i was late to home due to party at my office. Quickly ran into the bathroom in such a rush that i forgot to lock the bathroom. Took bath and quickly wore my clothes. In quick time i took some fruits and kept it in my bag. Took my car out and reached airport in half an hour. Luckily the flight was late by an hour. After few minutes i heard a voice from back.

It was dave. " Hey sis !

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" said David in an energetic voice " Hey bro ! Its been a long time. Give me a hug " i said and he gave me a tight hug. It was more than brother-sister hug. " Carly! you are looking so beautiful " said my mom laughingly.

"Thank you. tryin to be like you" i winked. We reached home and mom went upstairs to become fresh. As soon as mom went upstairs Dave pulled me towards the wall and started kissing me. i pulled him back and said " Not now Davemom is here " in a scary voice. " i know but its been a long time since i touched you.

cant control my desires.not anymore " he said in a desperate voice "Awwh ! i know brother but we cant let mom know this little secret or else we will be dead " i said "please sis, let me have you for few minutes " he pleaded. " ok little bro. you can have me. But not for too long " i said because i loved him way too much.

Caught his hand and went to the storeroom downstairs. The storeroom was in totally poor condition but it was a perfect place for both of us now. He quickly pulled me and started to kiss me. We played a little wrestling game with our tongues. He slowly started to caress my boobs with his hands. He was moving them up and down and squeezing them in between but he didnt stop kissing. Now he slowly unbottoned my jeans and slid his hands inside my panty. "Aaah!!!

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mmmmmm!!!" i moaned. i was enjoying it like hell. my own brother was making love to me which was wrong but still i am not able to stop myself from comitting this sin. "Enjoying sis " he winked and he inserted his middle finger inside my pussy. "yeah my hottie " i winked. i took my hand and unzipped his pant. i quickly caught his dick inside the underwear and started playing with it. "yeah sis.play with it.this cock wants you too " he said in cheapish way.

"oh! then let my mouth have it " i said Before i could go any further i heard a voice. "Dave!


Clary ! where are you !!! "mom said in a loud voice. We quickly cleaned up ourselves and went to dinning hall. "where have you been ! " "we were here mom. we both were outside having little sibling talk down at the storeroom . recalling our memories " i smiled "yes mom " he said with a naughty smile on his face "ok ok.

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now have some breakfast you two " mom said and we three had breakfast. After having breakfast we started to watch tv.


After an hour "Mom ! i want to take bath. i am so tired. " he said in a lousy voice "ok dave. your clothes are in the suiticase. go to clary's bedroom and take them " said my mom who was busy watching her favorite movie "Clary can you please help me in taking out my clothes. i am too tired you know " he winked "Do it by yourself lazy bro " i said trying to tease him "fine!" he said furiously and went to bedroom.

i went back of him silently. when i opened the door i found dave throwing out all the clothes from the suitcase uncontrallably.

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"what are you doing dave !" " i came here only for you and you are just!!. " "awwh!! my angel is angry. but i know the way i can make my angel happy "i said i turned music player on and i slowly went near him "Stand up" i said After he stood up i slowly slipped his boxers off and discarded them.

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I brought my mouth to his limp penis and touched the tip with my tongue. It twitched a little. I circled his head with my tongue. Like a snake charmer charming a snake it started to rise slowly. I wrapped my lips around his head and slowly started moving my mouth up and down his mouth. He moaned, his cock was fully hard now. "aaah.wtf!!! am in heaven ." moaning out loudly I sucked faster and faster until he seemed like he was about to cum.

I deep throated his cock and soon he same deep inside my throat. I swallowed it all "aah!! it was so good.thank you sis.thank you very much.i love you so very much.i want you more!!!.more than i ever wanted " he said with a sparkle in his eyes "you can have me whatever you like it " i said as i gave a deep pationate kiss "Now take bath and come down " said it by giving a flying kiss "sure my love " he winked and went to bathroom The whole day i and dave touched each other whenever mom was busy doing other things.

At the end of the day dave and mom slept in one room and i slept in the other bedroom because dave will be there with me for more than a month.

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Next day mom woke up soon as she has to catch flight in few hours. We quickly ate our breakfast and had a little chat.

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Cab was outside the house. she picked up the bag and sat inside the cab. "Bye kids, see you soon ." My mom said "and thanks you so much for taking care of Davie." "No problem Mom, have a good trip!" I replied as we said goodbye to mom. "so sis its just you and me " very much excited "yes my darling" i smiled too "so what are we waiting for?

!! common sis .we cant waste time.our bed is waiting " "lets go! "