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Hot cuvry teen with gigantic boobs masturbation on cam p one
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The Counselor Wendy the Counselor Fiction or True ? Chapter One first meeting I was not happy about the letter the dean had sent me, informing us, the Sigma Mu Kappa fraternity (SMK), that we are falling behind the other Greek fraternities and sororities in actual progress towards graduation.

What that boils down to is, we can't keep repeating Art 101, and similar classes, and need to make better progress towards graduation. Even the University of Arcane Studies has standards. So I am sitting in the reception area of the counselors area in the admin building waiting to meet some counselor that is supposed to help me get a fire built under the guy's asses.

A door across from me opens, a mature woman steps out, announcing my name. At least it is a female I will be chatting with, not some old fart who should have retired a decade ago.

I stand and begin walking towards her, as I approach, her face and figure become clearer to me, it's hell when you wait for a couple of weeks for your contact lenses. She is now in focus, I notice she is a mature woman, nicely built, and wearing a rather hot outfit, at least for her age, her black, A-line skirt ends a couple of inches above her knees, I see the dark outline of her bra through the sheer blue blouse. She points to a chair, and I sit down, but instead of her hiding behind her desk, she rolls her desk chair from behind the desk, letting me watch as she backs up, her shapely ass facing my foggy vision.

Then she turns and sits facing me, crossing her legs. Wow, she lets the hem of her skirt ride up a bit, and I get a good shot of her thighs, the broad is wearing hose, not panty hose, and not bare legged, something a young male does not always see.

We chatted for a few minutes, about what, I really don't remember, who cares, the broad is giving me a nice thigh show. Could this hot olod broad be coming on to me? I got another look up her skirt, shit, she is hot. Then she rises from her chair, picks up a file from her desk and strides towards me.

Shit, the broad is wearing some sort of sheer blouse and skimpy bra, as I get a better look as she approaches me. She has nice tits, and the bounce and jiggle rather lewdly as she steps towards me, her nipples poking out to me, pushing their points into the material. "Now, I have a list of all of your fraternity members, a sheet on each one.

. .". I was listening, but heard little. She was bent over, her blouse falling forward, and the shapely curves of her tits are very visible to me.


I can even see a bit of her nipples, her nipples like hard, rubber erasers. This broad is giving me a nice tit show, jiggling hotly as she bends over. ". .so, as you see, a majority of your b*****rs are making very little progress towards graduation." She smiled as she seated herself in her desk chair. But, instead of crossing her legs, she sat with her knees just a few inches apart, her feet flat on the floor. My eyes were glued to her nylon encased thighs, then, the creamy color of her thighs, finally her pink pussy.

The mature slut sitting across from me was commando, and shaved! Shit this was unreal, she is one hot exhibitionist.

I am sitting there, trying to cover up my growing hard on, very difficult for a 20 year old. I see her smile slightly, then purse her red lips with her tongue. I think she notices my bulge, I am not really sure as to what to do. Should I rub my cock?

Do nothing? What? "Well, young man, I think our little conversation is over, for now. I will need to visit with you and members of your fraternity. Would Thursday evening be good?" She asked. "Um, yes, I guess. What time Ms. . .?" I had to let my voice trail off, I would have gone to a falsetto voice, the mature slut began to stand, spreading her knees further, I had a great view of that mature pussy! "Oh, please, call me Wendy, sweetie." She said as she bent over once again, allowing her blouse to gap open, and let the young male have another good look at her tits.

She could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter as the young male shivered at her blatant exposure. "Um, Thursday would be good, Wendy." I stammered unable to take my eyes away from her pussy, till she stood fully.

"Great, " she said as she approached me once more, my eyes glued to her tits as the jostled inside her blouse.


"Please have as many of your members there as possible so that I am able to review their schedules, and commitment."   Chapter Two The First Thursday Counseling Thursday arrived, and the b*****rs were not happy in giving up an evening to sit around with some old broad talking about college classes and degrees.

We setup the library to have the meeting in, the typical chairs around the sides of the room. Seven pm, and the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there stood Wendy. She looked even hotter than she did on Monday when I first met her.

She wore a form fitting black cotton skirt that fell just past the tops of her hose, a sheer white blouse, with a little purple bra that held up her tits, but sure didn't cover them, as her nipples were barely covered, plus the hose, then a pair of platform heels that added about four inches to her height. She truly looked the image of a slut, and made my cock jump instantly.

"I hope you like what you see, you are staring hard enough." Wendy said as she stood at the door, Morgan's eyes glued to her thinly veiled tits, held up with the purple shelf bra. She walked past him, her briefcase in one hand and a large purse in the other. Hrummph "Ah, yes, of course please bring them in," he commented without really knowing what he had just said, his eyes on her ass now as she passed by, the skirt a size or two, too small.

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I was standing behind her as she bent over to place her purse and brief case on the floor, next to a chair at the table.

She leaned over at the waist, the back of her skirt riding up to near the top of her hose, exposing her legs to the tops of her hose. She was definitely getting a good look over by all of the b*****rs who were now filing into the room, all sixteen of them.

Several made a beeline for the chairs opposite of where she was sitting, plainly to see how much she was willing to show, up her skirt. As we all sat in a fairly small circle, I was at Wendy's left at the top of the circle. With some shuffling of the chairs the b*****rs were crowding towards the bottom of the circle.

I began a short speech about how our fraternity was lagging behind the others in graduation rate, while the sexy, mature woman was making her way around the group, bending over to hand each of the b*****rs a paper regarding each of the members, all listed on the one page. I could see the looks on the faces of the b*****rs, those that she was in front of at the moment were given a hot look inside her top, while the others across the way saw the backs of her thighs as she leaned over at the waist, her skirt riding up.

She returned and sat next to me leaning over a bit, allowing me another down blouse view of her tits. I also noticed that she sat, feet flat on the floor, and her knees several inches apart, allowing those across the small circle a good look up her skirt. But the temper of the meeting was getting a bit out of hand. I heard several rude comments, though I had difficulty in sorting the words correctly.

Then one of the b*****rs stood and asked if he could come forward, that he had a question for Ms Wendy. She motioned him to come up. At that point I noticed the large bulge in the front of his slacks, and when he stood in front of her he positioned himself so his bulge was aimed at her face. "Well, I see you do have a large problem, young man.

And I am sure I can assist you. Please step a bit closer." She requested, also spreading her legs a few inches more at the same time. Wendy dropped her papers on the table in front of me, her left hand immediately went to the large bulge, her hand slowly moving up and down. Her right hand took hold of his belt, and began to unfasten it. "I just love solving problems like yours, my young friend." At that point his pants were now undone, and her left hand pulled them down, displaying his eight inch cock to her face.

Her left hand held the base of his cock, while her right slowly moved up and down the shaft. "Don't worry; I am an expert at solving such problems." With that, she leaned forward a bit more, her legs spread so that he moved between her thighs.

I could see heads and torsos moving back and forth as the b*****rhood made efforts to see her shaved pussy, now quite visible. They were also watching as her tongue flicked out and licked the head of his cock, then down the shaft as she continued to stroke him.

With her first cocksman moaning in pleasure, his hands roving through the hair on her head, I explained that the slut from the counselors office was here to assist, and would take care of all of those present in the room. As I tried to keep a semblance of order in the room, two of the b*****rs had retrieved the mattress we often placed in the middle of the floor for such torrid occasions, and flopped it onto the floor.

Wendy let his cock slip from her mouth, continuing to stroke it, and said. "I am enjoying this fine, hard cock, but another would be fun to suck on too." And she pointed to one of the others, who had pulled his cock out and was slowly stroking himself. As he made his way forward, I stepped behind Wendy, our slut for the evening, and slipped my arms under hers, and to the front of her blouse, undoing the buttons, and pulling the blouse open, exposing her tits to our b*****rs, who cheered gratefully.

Now Wendy took the stiff cock of the second b*****r in her right hand and stroked it for a moment, studying the seven inch member carefully. She then took the head of his cock in her mouth, and began to slowly moved her head back and forth, sucking on his now hard cock. Then she switched to the first cock sucking on him for about a minute before returning to the second dick, her tongue flicking at the head, then her mouth opening to accept the hard prick into her mouth.

I played with her tits as she sucked one cock then the other, having pulled her tits above the half-cup bra, and twisting her nipples, making them very hard. "Slut Wendy, I think it is time you moved to the center of the room to the mattress and kneel down, so we can continue this orgy where all have a better view of your slutty skills." I directed.

She releases the two cocks and stood, taking her blouse off, and pushing her skirt down, which she stepped out of. "Could I have one of these young studs lay on the mattress so I could sit on his face, and have him eat my pussy while I suck these two, fine cocks?" She requested, and without my intervention one of the b*****rs stood, removed his clothing, and lay on the mattress his head to the center.

I now noticed someone had a video camera going, I hoped Wendy did not mind us taking video of her pornographic performance. Wendy knelt over the young man's face as she took hold of the two cocks, one in each hand. She would again suck one cock for about a minute, then the other, as she gently ground her pussy on the young b*****rs face. After about five minutes of her sucking one cock then the other, one of the b*****rs grabbed her head, held it steady as he bucked his cock in and out of her mouth.

He groaned loudly, as he began to shudder, obviously pumping his load down her throat. Just when he finishes, the other young male grabs and turns her head, shoving his hard cocki into her face.

He begins rudely pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, shooting his load down her throat. Wendy takes but a moment to rise up slightly as the young male between her legs slides, stands and moves in front of her. "Ahh, yes, you horny, fuckin' cunt.

Here's my load!" He says as he jerks his cock, suddenly spewing his cum on her lips, chin, then onto her hard nipples, and tits. "Oh, fuck yes!" You scream as the third load of cum is now shot on you, not down your throat. "Okay," I begin, "Time for the hot slut to get her cunt filled with some cock." "Now, the b*****r holding a red poker chip with the number one will come forward. Our slut will get on all fours, and he will be the first to fuck her." One of the b*****rs moves forward from the circle, deposits his chip in the basket on the table, and goes over to our entertainment for the evening, pushing her forward into a doggy position, kneels behind her, and rubs his already hard cock up and down her slit.

In two or three strokes he has his eight inch cock buried in her, and has set a hearty pace of fucking her. "I need a cock to suck." You beg as you are getting fucked, and one of the other young males slides to his knees in front of you, and shoves his cock into your open and willing mouth.

The three of you develop a good pace as you are skewered between the two young males. We can hear you groaning and making nasty slurping sounds as you are shoved back and forth between the two males. I watch as one of the other b*****rs sitting around the cjrcle, quickly stands and moves next to your head. He says something to the b*****r fucking your mouth, and he relinquishes your mouth for the other one to use, but he does not even get his cock into your mouth before he explodes on your face, rubbing his cum on your cheeks and lips like an obscene lotion.

The cock you had been sucking is back in your mouth, and you immediate slurp his hard cock. "Fuck, here it comes, you fucking cock sucking slut.!" And he pumps his load down your throat. Immediately the b*****r fucking you grabs your waist pulls you to his crotch, burring his cock deep in your cunt, pumping his load deep within you. Just as he pulls out, and another b*****r kneels behind you, his cock searching, and quickly finding your pussy, the first of your fuckers moves and kneels with his cock in your face.

"Suck my cock clean slut." He demands. Without a word you begin licking his cum covered cock, and then suck it gently, cleaning his cock of cum. As you finish cleaning his cock you notice a nice black cock being stroked, as you begin to find a good rhythm with the young cock fucking you.

"Mmm, I do love young, black meat too!" You announce as you begin sucking his nine inch dick. Your tits sway and jiggle lewdly as you are again bounced between the two cocks.

You are really enjoying the two cock in your holes when you see another of the young males stand and approach your threesome.

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He begins to maul your tits as they sway around, tugging at your nipples, one then the other. He pulls your nipples just roughly enough to give you some pain, but not hurt you.

All the time he is groping your tits he is jacking off, and you suddenly feel a warm puddle of cum in the small of your back, then his cock smearing it around. As he finishes rubbing his cum into your skin, the other two unload in you. You swallow as quickly as possible, and feel the other cock pumping it's jizz deep in your now slimy cunt.

"On your back whore." The young black stud orders you. "I'mm ready for that hot pussy of yours." You are on your back in seconds, as you want to feel that big black meat in your now, well-lubricated cunt. Your spread your legs, and pull your knees back as he slides between your thighs, his dark meat still hard.

He easily finds your pussy, and in one smooth motion shoves his cock all of the way into you. "Oh, fuck, YES! Gimme that black cock!" You scream. At that point he raises you up a bit, sliding forward just a bit, his cock still buried in you, and beginning to move in and out of your hole. "Okay, somebody get his ass over here and shut the cunt up with your cock!" The black b*****r says loudly as he bucks his thighs against your ass. The young male stood above her, lowered himself onto her chest, leaned forward so his cock was right in Wendy's face.

He held his cock and slowly began rubbing the head of his cock over her lips and cheeks. "Open your fuckin' mouth now, slut," And Wendy more than willingly opened her mouth and he slid a couple of inches into her oral cavity.

He moved forward and back a bit, the other b*****rs cheering him on. Then two more inches, finally his balls rested on her chin, as she began to swirl her tongue on the massive meat in her mouth. Wendy was at the mercy of the two fraternity b*****rs as they used two of her holes for their carnal pleasure. For almost ten minutes the two of them pushed their cocks into her holes, pulling back, then forward once again.

The black male fucking her was the first to unload his cum into her this time, and was quickly followed by the one fucking her throat pumping his cum to her tummy.

The b*****r she was sucking pulled his cock from her mouth with a loud, and lewd pop. The black male was suddenly in his place his cum covered, slimy cock now in her mouth, Wendy sucking the mixed cum from the black pole. "Okay, our horny cunt. You can now reverse cowgirl the cock next to you, and suck off two more SMK b*****rs." I directed as she quickly straddled the young male next to her, cum drooling from her well fucked cunt as she lowered herself onto the ten inch pole.

As she settled in, two more cocks were in her face, suddenly shooting gobs of hot cum on her face before she could open her mouth. The jism dripped from her chin to her tits as she moved from one cock to the other as the two studs smeared the cum on her cheeks, lips, and chin. The two left, quickly replaced by two more hard cocks. She again moved from one cock to the other, sucking them in turn. She had lost track of how many cocks had used her so far this evening, and was trying to count as these two began pumping their cum.

One emptied his balls down her throat, the other adding to the semen on her face and tits. Two more cocks were offered to her mouth. She eagerly took the two in the same manner, first one cock then the other. Wendy felt something warm on her neck and quickly realized it was another cock, and was depositing it's load down the right side of her neck. I watched Wendy shudder through another heavy climax, and that the b*****r fucking pumped his load into her along with the other loads already in her cunt.

Wendy looked to her right, there lay another young black male, sporting what had to be one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen in her life, at least twelve inches in length, and nearly as big as her wrist. Her eyes turned as big as half-dollars. Without a word she rose a bit, moved like a cat and knelt over the big black cock, and slowly lowered her drooling cunt onto the male erection, groaning with pleasure as each inch entered her. Wendy smelled a very familiar odor, male semen.

She opened her eyes to be greeted by the cock that had just exited her dripping cunt. Nothing was said, she just opened her mouth and the young male inserted the head between her ovaled lips.

Then she took the base of his cock in her left hand, pulled her head back, and then began to noisily slurp and lick the copious amounts of cum from his cock; this while merrily bouncing slowly up and down on the twelve inch black cock buried in her cunt. Wendy shuddered in another climax as the two cocks in her also exploded, pumping two more loads into her.

The cock fucking her mouth slipped away; she rose and the young black male slid from under her, while a third male slipped a clear plastic container under and between her legs. "Wendy. Please stay exactly as you are, squatting over the bowl, and while there, I encourage you to drain your cunt of the copious amounts of semen, or cum, whichever you prefer, into the bowl.

The b*****rs are all very happy with your performance this evening, we hope our performance will allow you to see that our progress through this fine institution of higher learning, in a much more positive light." I spent another couple of minutes about little if anything, just giving our slut for the evening plenty of time to allow the cum from her cunt, to drain into the bowl. I held Wendy's skirt and blouse for her as she rose, handing them to her.

"Thank you again, please accept our many thanks for all of the pleasure. Here are your things, and we hope to see you again soon, maybe next month." I said as I e****ted the still cum covered slut out to her car. As I turned and went back into the frat house, I noticed the dean of students pull up and park behind her car. I slipped behind another car and back to a position where I could hear them speak.

"Well, Ms. Wendy, you look like you have enjoyed an excellent evening of depravity at the SMK house." He said to her.

"Why, yes I did, Dean. I know you would have loved to watch my spiral into depravity in a gang bang." She replied. "Glad to hear that you enjoyed being the slut for these fine young men, this evening. You can tell me all about it tomorrow, when the dean of the college and I meet tomorrow afternoon.

Please wear something similar to what you have on now, but clean." He said, I could hear him, but I could not see what they were doing.

"Oh, yes, I would love too. You both have such fine cocks to suck and fuck." She answered. Damn, to bad I couldn't see what they were doing. "I have one other request for your hot, fucking body." I listened intently. "Mmm, anything you want." "Anything?" I heard him chuckle. "Let's just say my two sons need some special counseling this Saturday afternoon." "Aren't they freshmen in college now ?" "That is why I have selected you to counsel them." The dean added.

Chapter 3 A Visit with the Dean I did not tell Wendy, the university slut, what was going to happen Saturday evening; she only knew she was to be at my home at 7 that evening, wearing a micro skirt, shear blouse, half cup bra, black seamed hose, and six inch spike heels.

She would be my and my sons entertainment for the evening. My twin sons were in our basement fuck-party room finishing the setup for Wendy when she rang the bell. "Hello," she said as she shook her shoulders making her tits jiggle in the small half-cup bra.

I noticed her nipples were already hard from the cool evening air. "Well, come on in, cunt." I addressed her as she entered and I closed the door.

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"Our little party is downstairs, in the basement, the door just ahead there." She followed my point to the door under the stairway and sashayed her way to the door, her ass jiggling provocatively as she walked. "Oh, my!" She exclaimed as she stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

I stepped behind her, my hands sliding up and around her rib cage, cupping her lovely tits, groping them rather roughly. "I imagine you recognize the item in the middle of the room." I commented as I continued to fondle her tits, pulling at her hard nipples.

"Yes. It's a gynecological exam table. " Very good, slut, and the two handsome males standing on either side of the table are my sons, their names do not matter, as yours makes no difference, you are just our slut for the evening, a mouth and a cunt to use for our perverted, sexual pleasures. "Mmm, they are quite handsome young males, nicely endowed, as their father is." Wendy replied as she slowly moved to the table, the boys stood close facing her, slowly stroking their cocks as she stood in front of them.

"I reached over to the light switches just to my right, flipping off two switches, and the background lights around the room dimmed. I turned on two different switches, and the lights above the table went on, brightening the center of the room, and especially the exam table.

At that point a side door of the room opened and two males dressed in black and carrying video cameras entered the room. "And, my horny cunt, this evening of ribald pleasure will be recorded for our future viewing pleasure." With that I moved over to my over-stuffed barber's chair and took a comfortable seat to watch my sons have the use of the slut from the university.

"The twins will assist you in surmounting the table, and being properly displayed for us." Wendy made no effort to complain, or escape, she was a true slut, and I knew her well, knowing she loved young cocks, the boys were just s*******n.

I was correct in my assumption that she would love being videotaped while she was ravished by the twins. The twins quickly had her on her back on the table, her legs in the stirrups, knees spread wide, and the calf supports held her legs so she would be somewhat comfortable, albeit her legs spread very wide. The boys pulled two short step stools to the side of the table, at her head level as she lay prone on the table.

One of the cameramen stood between her up splayed legs, his camera aimed at her now wet cunt, oozing its own juices. He panned up her tummy, to her tits, still partially veiled with her blouse, capturing a nice view of my boys rubbing their cocks over her face as she vainly attempted to suck on one or the other of their cocks. "Okay, one of you fuck her mouth, the other come down her and fuck the slut's hot cunt." I directed as I slowly, very slowly stroked my cock as they changed positions slightly, their cocks quickly disappearing into first her mouth, then her pussy.

The cameramen quickly followed and kept the cameras on the hot action. I was please at my new addition, courtesy of the film department of the university, of connections to two of the overhead monitors, the other three showing the two cameras mounted above or near the table to video the action. "Go ahead, boys, get your rocks off quickly, then we will move onto more pleasurable things this slut is able to provide us to use.

Not her ass though, it is a sin to use the ass for pleasure." I enjoyed watching the boys shoving their hard ten inch cocks in and out of the slut, both in the natural sense, and watching the video monitors. Wendy may not have noticed, or just did not care about the velvet straps that held her lower legs in the stirrups, nor the one that crossed her torso just under her tits.

Wendy's tits jostled lewdly on her chest as one son fucked her cunt, the other her mouth for a good ten minutes. "Pump your loads into the slut, whenever you are ready, boys." I commented after about ten minutes. I moved from my barber's chair and stood a couple of feet behind my son fucking her cunt. Another couple of minutes went by; he grasped her upper thighs, pushed himself deep into her, and dumped his load deep in her cunt.

He backed away, stepping aside as I moved between the sluts thigh's and easily slid my cock deep into her cunt in one slow, deliberate stroke. I was hard, horny, and ready to explode as I stood between the slut Wendy's legs, watching my other son fuck her mouth.

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Very obscene. "Ahh fuck, open you're fucking mouth slut! I wanna watch as I shoot my load into your fuckin' mouth!

"Wendy opened her mouth, a smile on her face as the s*******n year old madly stroked his cock, pumping a huge load of cum into her mouth.

She held his load in her mouth till he had finished, and the cameraman had a good shot of cum in her mouth.

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She then swallowed, and opened her mouth for the camera to see that she had swallowed all of his cum. At that point, I shuddered in a huge climax as I too pumped a load into the willing slut's cunt. "Okay, now the game is for you two to fuck her cream pie for about thirty seconds, then move to her head and have her clean your cum covered cock, while your b*****r is fucking her cunt. Do this till both of you pump your loads into her sloppy cunt." I moved back to my barber's chair to watch the continuing action.

From watching the twins in previous gang bang scenes, I knew they would be hard soon, and be able to dump another set of cum loads into the willing slut's cunt. The boys' switched positions numerous times over a fifteen minute period, alternating holes, and having her clean their cocks. Over that period, I counted six shuddering orgasms she went through as she sucked and fucked the boys.

"Fuck, she is one hot cunt!" One of them commented as he leaned against the table, near her face, his semi-hard cock still in Wendy's mouth as she gently sucked his soft meat. "Yeah, the slut has worn me out.

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What shall we have her do now?" "Up to you two." I chuckled. "Let's feed her the cum from her cunt, then watch her play with herself!" The other one gleefully commented. "Yeah, we'll have her fuck herself with the 12" black dildo we got mom for her birthday last month!" The boys found a plastic bowl and a serving spoon, and scooped the accumulated jism from Wendy's cunt into the bowl.

"Sit her up. She can smear some of the cum on her nipples, then she can feed herself the rest of the loads we pumped into her cunt." I directed. "Can't wait to see mom's reaction to this fuck video!" One of them commented as he scooped several spoonfuls of thick, white cum out of her cunt. The other twin moved the upper part of the table so that Wendy was now fairly upright. Her blouse was pushed open a bit further as the boys handed Wendy the bowl filled with cum.

She eagerly took two fingers and scooped a bit onto one nipple, rubbed it in, then on the other nipple.

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"Now eat the rest, slut!" I directed her. One of the boys produced a large, black dildo from one of the side drawers of the gyno table. It was at least twelve inches long, very black and as big around as a man's wrist.

Wendy took the fake dick, and without any hesitation, slowly slid the cock into her still drooling cunt. For the next fifteen minutes she entertained us with two more shuddering orgasms as she fucked herself with the dildo. "Okay, you horny slut, we are pretty much finished using your holes. Come over here and kneel in this k**dy pool." It was barely big enough to hold Wendy as she knelt in the pool, but she eagerly followed instructions as the three of us stood close by, having her suck our cocks as we jerked off.

I lost the bet and was the first to pump my small load cum on her happy face. The twins then simultaneously pumped their loads onto her face, a lot dripping onto her tits, still in her bra. "Not quite done, Wendy, the cum dump. My two cameramen have spent the evening with almost permanent hard ons. Boys take the cameras, and let the two video guys jerk off on her fuckin' face too." Wendy sat in the little, inflatable plastic pool, lewdly rubbing the cum on her face, like a lotion.

She would also rub her tits some of the semen that had dripped off her face to her tits. She was now kneeling in the pool as two more hard cocks were being madly jerked. She was suddenly splattered with two huge loads from the two young males that had videoed her as she was used by my two sons. more to cum !