Pulling the cock excited for Lilith Algol

Pulling the cock excited for Lilith Algol
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My Daughter's Phone (pt 2) I left early that afternoon for work, but I left a note for Kelly on the kitchen table. Telling her where her supper was and the temperatures and times the assorted dishes needed.

Then I put her phone on her bed on top of a note telling her how much I loved her and that I was sorry and that I had no right to access her phone. I signed it, Love ya munchkin. Dad She called me at work crying about an hour and a half later. Telling me she had just gotten home, and was making her dinner when she went to her room and had seen the note.

"I'll always be your munchkin Daddy", she said followed by a "see you when you get home tonight." "OK Kelly." I agreed.

Thinking she meant tomorrow before school I hung up the phone with a smile. The rest of the night went by like the previous 762 had. I'm not counting or anything but I have 7900 work days to go until I can retire.

I pull into the driveway and see that some lights are on at the front of the house and I hear the stereo at the pool from the front door. No lights are on in the neighborhood so I figure the music is not bothering anyone. I let myself in, and while I am loosening my tie see my daughter swimming in the pool with only the glow of the pool lights cutting the darkness.

I think about how sweet she is and then I remember the video that she has on her phone. I walk up to my room and slip into a pair of shorts.

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As I get ready to go downstairs I grab a towel and throw it over my shoulder. I make myself a rye and ginger and a ginger ale for Kelly.

By now she had seen me in the kitchen and was leaning on the side of the pool as I neared. "Here Kelly", I said as I handed her the glass. "Why thank you Daddy". "Any girl that can do what I saw in that video can at least drink". As soon as I said it I felt bad. I saw her start to tear up so I jumped into the warm pool and holding her tight said' "I was sorry". I could feel her shaking against me even though the water was almost as warm as the air. That was when I noticed that she was naked.

Nothing on not even a gstring. Maybe I was tired from work, or maybe it was because she felt like her mother. I took her head in my hands and kissed her so passionately. It left me with my cock between rising up between my daughter's thighs. We started kissing each other with passion now.

Our tongues intertwining. I started nibbling on her upper lip. "Daddy this is so wrong but I have dreamed about this for a long time." "Me too Princess." I agree with a smile. "Oh Daddy you are my King. I was thinking of you watching that video while I was making it last night. That's the only reason I got so wet. I want you to make me the Princess." With those words running through my head I walked her into the shallow end and got behind my daughter as she bent over in front of me.

I tried to slowly push my cock into her, but the water washed her natural lubrication away. I give up trying to slide my cock into her. The devil on my right shoulder is whispering in my ear "Oh man this is every man's dream on this street. They all want to bang Kelly. DO IT" The angel on my left shoulder is reminding me that she is not to be touched by me. EVER. Swim away she is pleading" I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her too me as I slide my cock inside her tight pussy. I was surprised how resilient her pussy was after she had taken that big cock last night.

Then I remembered this was my daughter and I started to go soft. I pulled her up and started kissing her neck and cheek. "Lets go inside" she says. "I want you to be the first person to fuck me without a condom on." I started telling her that I had not had a vasectomy. She chuckled and reminded me that she has been on the pill for a year and then whispers "I'm on the pill and want the family 'name' to run out of me." Her words, not mine.

I chased her out of the pool. Leaving the glasses, towels, and our bathing suits outside. As we ran in through the sliding door. I remembered to lock it as we rushed past.

We didn't even to stop to brush our teeth. She jumped on my bed on her back and took the position I had seen her in last night. "Yes I like this position Daddy. Give me your cock Daddy. You want to fuck your little daughter don't you? Don't you Daddy?" Before yesterday I never thought that of my daughter like this.

"Yes Princess I am going to make you my Queen right here on my bed now and forever after." "OH Daddy I like when you talk like that to me but please don't fuck me like that man did in the video last night. It hurt so bad I was crying and that made him go faster." Thats when I started to lose my hard-on. So I just sat on her waist looking at her.

"What the fuck were you thinking Kelly?" This has changed the calmness on the bed and she looks at me with wide eyes.

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"What do you mean", she questioned. "That video. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Watching my daughter take a big cock is not my idea of a blockbuster!" "Well I guess you will stay out of my phone then won't you?" she said with a new anger in her voice. "Really Kelly. You let that guy fuck you just because I looked at your phone?" I snapped.

"I thought you were stronger than that?


"NO I had hoped you were stronger than that" she shouted. Looking up at me with sad, eyes she said, "No Daddy. That was not because you looked at my phone. I just put that video on my phone to get you excited" "Well let me tell you it worked. Who was that man? Or do you even know? I demanded. "We all know him" she stated. "We? All? Who's we?" I'm trying to place the ass I saw pounding my daughter but I can't come up with who that ass belonged too.

I don't look at guy's asses so I had no clue. "Daddy what I am going to tell you does not ever leave YOUR bed! OK?" she smiles, and begins."Can you sit beside me I can't talk with you on my belly? I lie beside her as she places her head on my stomach and begins."OK Amy, Julia and I have this older man that we like to tease.

Julia is shy, and timid, BUT wants to lose her virginity. So we sent this man some letters telling him he was the winner of our 'lottery' And that the three girls would pick straws to see who he got to sleep with.

Amy was trying to get Julia laid. I had had the fortunate opportunity to view this man's bulge from my seat in class" "Whoa wait a second" I stammered. "This is a boy from your class?" Already I was starting to feel better.until Kelly's next words. "Ummnnn not exactly Dad" "He's our geography teacher" "Mr. Trainer?" I choked "Yes Daddy. Don't you think that's the perfect name?" "Well for teaching in school but not for fucking my daughter", I quipped. "Well I wasn't supposed to get the short straw.

Amy had set it up so that Julia would get to lose her cherry to Mr.

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Trainer. "I think that's why we chose him. His name.

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"This was decided by Amy and I at Amy's house before Julia came over one night last month. Amy wanted us to pick straws, but we had no straws at Amy's house so we used spaghetti strands. BUT I had seen the bulge in Mr. Trainer's pants, and I wasn't about to have Julia's first time be so painfull" "You are a great friend" I mentioned as I leaned over and kissed her.


Tasting her lip gloss. She responded by opening her mouth and drawing my tongue in. "Don't worry Daddy I brushed my teeth right after the video stopped." I hadn't even been thinking of that until she mentioned it, and I thought back to the end of the video with Mr. Trainer's cum and spit in my daughter's mouth.

My back when goose-bumply as I thought of the end of that video. She lifted her head up and kissed me again. "Would you kiss me if I had cum on my face Daddy?" my daughter whispered. "Well that would depend on who's cum it was sweety" Wanting to get back to her story I asked her "How big was his bulge?" "You saw it, and you are better at measurements than I am. How big do you think it was?" I thought back to when he showed the camera.

"Hmnn about 4 inches I'd say". "No f'n way! His cock was huge" she exclaimed, "Maybe even bigger than yours?" "First off young 'lady' You don't swear in our home.

Secondly I was only joking. His cock is at least 8" She smiles up at me and says, "See I told you you could judge measurements better than me. That's how big he said it was." "OK but how did you end up with the shortest piece of spaghetti?

I thought it was for Julia." "I held my strand in my hand and broke it when Amy and Julia were laughing at each other." "Didn't Amy know?" I pressed. "She was confused but couldn't say that she had set it up so Julia would get to fuck him. Amy confronted me later but I told her Julia could wait.

I wanted to pass Geography." with that she laughed, and said "she did too" "What did Mr. Trainer do after you three told him what you three horny girls wanted to do?" "At first he didn't believe us. But then we would wear skirts to school and while he was sitting at his desk we would open our legs so he could see. I was the first to flash him with no underwear on" "I bet that's when you saw his bulge" "Yes Daddy it was.

See you are smart about these things."she smiled. "I have had students work in my plant too sweetheart" "So you fucked Mr Trainer for a dare?" I questioned again. "Well initially it was for a dare, but he told some of his friends about the letters and described us to them. He took some pics the other night too and now his friends want to get involved." "NO f'n way Kelly." "uh uh no swearing in our house Daddy" ".I am not going to let my daughter become a hooker for her teachers!

Are you out of your mind?" "Daddy the three of us have talked about this ALL day AND we are going to do it" We don't want to work all summer. We can make an entire weeks pay in a few hours" "Kelly I won't let it happen." "It already has Dad and if you try to stop it Mom will see the video of us laying in bed naked together with me playing with your cock." With that she pointed to her phone on the table at the end of the bed and wrapped her hand around my cock.

"Get out of my room!" I barked. Then I turned my back on her and closed my eyes. "Oh Daddy I'm so sorry you found out" "You should have thought about that before you let me see the video." Getting up in a huff, she yells, "you would have seen it on my phone eventually!" "I have looked at your phone once in three years, and I'm the bad guy?

I pay the bill for that phone. I should take it away from you right now" "Go ahead I made enough in the last few days to buy any new phone I want" With that she slammed my bedroom door and I was fighting with my daughter for the second night in a row.

AND I felt like I was the ass hole. I couldn't sleep so I got a drink and went to sit at my computer. I logged in and went straight to my movie files. I watched my little girl service her teacher. Again and again. Like all men I love the money shot, but seeing it ending up on my daughters face was a real turn on. With my cock leading the way I crept up the stairs to my daughter's room. I listened at the door to hear if she was awake. Hearing nothing I turned the door handle and eased her door open.

There she was lying on her side with her sheets balled up between her knees. She was naked so I knelt down and sniffed around her pussy. I wanted to lick her but with the way she left my room I knew the last thing she wanted was to wake up with my tongue on her pussy.

I looked over and saw her dresser.

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Getting another idea I walked quietly over to her top drawer. I pulled it open and got the scent of her clean panties. Looking into her panty drawer with the light from the moon I see an entire drawer of thongs and g-strings.

In all shades and colours. In the bottom there is an envelope. I hear Kelly roll over on her bed behind me. Thinking to myself that I have all day to look I turn to leave her room. I see Kelly laying on her bed. This time facing me with her hands under her head. If she was awake I would be able to see her big brown eyes.

They are closed though and I see her in sleeping bliss. Now I have watched sleep creep videos in the past and this looks like a dream scenario. A man and his daughter.


I stand by her head and start to stroke my enlarging cock. A drop of pre cum glistens on the tip and I let it drop from my cock. Watching it as I guide it onto Kelly's lips. She licks her lips and then rolls onto her back. Her light sheets are just covering her nipples so I lean forward and slide the sheets down past her tits. I stroke a few more drops of pre cum onto her titties and then leave her room. Closing her door, and walking onto my room to jerk myself off.

Once than again as I think about my daughter sleeping in her bedroom. I have noticed my daughter's beauty before but never on this level. What the fuck was I getting myself into? And what would be the end result. STAY TUNED