Foxy teen tiffany nunez rides big cock of stranger

Foxy teen tiffany nunez rides big cock of stranger
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Twin Japanese Nieces Pt10 With Saki taken care of I headed into the master bedroom to see Kayko. She was just coming out of the bathroom completely naked with her head in a towel.

She was rubbing her hair vigorously to dry it and she stopped just at the tiles edge at the bathroom door. She looked absolutely fabulous! Her tanned skin against the white towel with her raven black hair made her a sight to behold. The gentle curves of her hips along with her ever erect nipples made my mouth water as I stood and gazed at my exquisite wife.

"Hello beautiful," I said as I sauntered across the room, dropping everything in my arms except for the bag of rocks and the three pegs. Kayko looked out from under her towel as she continued drying her hair. "Hello handsome," she said with a flash of her white teeth. Her smile was always impressive. "I have something for you," I said as I took a knee right in front of her. The gap between Kaykos' legs has always been my weak spot.

At a little more than 2 inches wide, her labia is always in clear view, inviting me to stick something inside her. Kayko looked down at me from under her towel and smiled again. "And just what might that be?" she asked playfully. I drew out three of the stones from the bag and held them out in front of her. "These!" I said with a devilish grin. Kayko never stopped drying her hair. She, very casually, took a step to the side with one foot and spread her legs apart, offering me her pussy.

My eyes were locked in on her sweet spot as I extended my hand with the first stone. Kayko bent her knees outward a little as I touched the stone to her outer lips, making herself ready to receive the stone. "Push it in deep," she said as she placed her hand on my shoulder for balance. I slid the stone back and forth against her lips a few times to get it wet. Kayko let out a little hum as I rubbed the stone against her clit. When the top half of the stone was good and wet, I pushed it in.

Kayko made a little gasp as I drove the stone up into her as far as I could reach, lifting her feet off the ground for a moment in the process. I pulled my finger out and quickly inserted the next one, pushing it in until I felt it hit the first stone. It was in there a good way, almost to the fullest reach of my finger.

Kayko took in a few quick breaths as I inserted the third stone. With my finger almost half way inside her I could feel it hit the other two.

Not waiting for Kayko I pressed in hard, making the stones go all the way to the top of her pussy. "Wow," she exclaimed as I pulled my finger out and began searching for the last stone in the bag. "You really pushed them in deep!" "Oh yea," I said as I pulled the last stone out of the bag and reached for her pussy. "You're not done yet." I placed the last stone at Kaykos opening and pushed it in. Kayko squeezed my shoulder a bit as I seated the last stone against the other three.

"You really want me to work today don't you?" she said with a questionable smile on her face. "If the girls can do it," I said as I stood in front of her, "Then you can too." I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. My wife is a super sport about a lot of things, leaving the house with her pussy full of stuff is one of them.

To date she has carried stones, her exercise stone, golf balls, a banana, a cucumber, hard boiled eggs (3), the remote controlled egg (up to the 9th or 10th one now), $10,000 dollars in cash rolled up length wise and inside a condom, a regular size can of beer, my small flashlight, candles, hot dogs, her cell phone (on vibrate), two 1 5/8 inch steel ball bearings, our wedding bands and her engagement ring, a rather large dildo, a vibrator (On high), a bottle of Bayer aspirin, carrots, and about 30 marbles.

I think that's all. Granted she has had 12 years to do all of this. And much of it she did on her own without my prompting. But as I looked down at her none of that mattered. Her warm smile and great attitude made our 12 years of marriage seem like 5 minutes. The kids made it seem like forever!

"So where are you guys going?" I asked as she stepped past me and walked over to the closet. "I am taking the girls to the mall where we can do some walking in the air conditioning." She answered while pulling on a nice skirt. "You and Mark stay here. We should be back in a few hours." "Ok," I said as I turned around to show her my growing stiffy, "But I'm going to need a little attention when you get back." Kayko just smiled at me as she pulled her top over her head.

With a casual flip of her hand her beautiful black mane of hair cascaded down her back. I looked at her with my mouth hanging open. Even after almost 13 years she can still take my breath away. Now, with her delicious tanned and shapely legs extending out from her form fitting skirt, I realized just how lucky I am.

Not many men have a woman like Kayko; a truly beautiful woman who is devoted to her family with just as much passion and dedication as she has for her husband. I am one lucky son of a bitch. As she walked toward the door I was almost sad to see her go. "We'll be back in a few hours," she said as she slung her purse over her shoulder. "Don't start without me." I laughed at her little joke as she walked out the door. She has developed a really good sense of humor since we have been married, and the lightheartedness in the house has really been wonderful.

I went into the bathroom to take a shower. Damn, I could really use one of Kaykos' special baths right now. Mark and I hung out in the living room while the girls were gone. We watched a monster truck race and some motor cross while stuffing our faces with pizza and soft drinks. It was kind of cool, just the guys getting to hang out and watch what we wanted. But it was strangely quiet in the house without the girls.

Both Mark and I missed them. We were watching some modified car race rerun when the girls came back 4 hours later. When I heard the car pull up in the driveway I got up to let them in. Each one was carrying a bag of her own as they piled out of the car. All were a little quiet and I soon discovered why.

All of them, including Kayko, and large smears of cum on the insides of their thighs. "In the house and get cleaned up," Kayko ordered as the three girls filed past me in a quiet line. "Did you guys have fun?" I asked as she walked up to me carrying her own bag. "I am so fucking horny," she stated. "Come up stairs with me." I followed my wife in the house and up the stairs, watching her fabulous ass wiggle back and forth with each step.

Mark just looked at us from the couch as Kayko led me up the stairs. "I'll be back down in just a minute," I said as Kayko speeded up her pace, leading me into the master bedroom and shutting the door. Kayko began undressing as soon as the door was shut, and it didn't take much for her to be completely nude.

A top and her skirt was all she had on. With those gone she walked over to the bed and lay down, opening her legs in my direction. I took the few steps across the bedroom to get to her, taking a knee at the beds' side right between her legs. Her crotch was absolutely covered in her sweet cum. Thick drops hung on to the smooth area between her labia and the beginning of her thighs, while the rest of her pussy, the inside of her thighs and partially down her legs had it smeared all over.

It was a mess, but a very delicious mess. The first swipe of my tongue ran from just above her knee all the way to her crotch, resulting in a large pile of Kayko cream on my tongue. When I looked back at her leg the trail from my tongue reminded me of what it would look like if you took a butter knife and scraped the frosting off a cake.

Kayko shivered and goose bumps broke out all over her as I swallowed my snack. She was super soaked so this was going to take a little while. Lap after lap I made down her legs as I licked her cum off. Kayko cooed and moaned with each pass, mauling her tits with her hands while I did my work.

It took several passes before I was finally able to start in on the main dish, her pussy. To look at her pussy was almost like looking in to a small soup bowl.

She was full and it was ever so slightly oozing out and down the crack of her ass. "Ok sweetie," I said as I positioned my mouth right next to her heat radiating box, "Give me the first one." I lowered my mouth and covered her pussy, using my tongue to center my mouth over her cum filled hole.

Kayko pushed with her muscles and the first stone emerged and rolled onto my tongue along with a huge pool of cum. It was very warm and completely covered. I sucked the stone clean before taking it out of my mouth and setting it on the bed next to her. I then swallowed the mouth full of cum she had given me before replacing my mouth over her hole.

Again Kayko pushed. The second stone rolled onto my tongue just as the first did and with just as much cum. The third and the forth were the same as I did my best to clean out my wife's pussy. Kayko was loving every last second as I lapped away at her, feasting on her sweet hole. She shuddered and bucked, arching her back upward as many small orgasms raced through her. When I closed my lips around her clit and pushed my finger inside her she let out a long low moan, grasping the back of my head with both hands.

She came in a big gush, squirting the remaining cum from inside her into my mouth along with a fresh batch. "Oh god that feels so good!" she groaned as I continued feasting, causing her to shudder almost continually. As I licked and sucked at her I heard the bedroom door open. I lifted my head and turned to see one of the twins stand there completely naked and still wet from her shower. "Uncle Mike," she said softly from just inside the door.

"Will you do me next?" Kayko lifted her head and looked at her. "Come over here Saki," she said in between gasps for air, certain of who it was. Saki walked across to the bed and climbed up beside Kayko. "Right here," Kayko said and she patted her belly. Saki stepped over my wife and sat down on her stomach. Leaning back she spread her legs wide apart, giving me a double stack of pussy to eat. She kept her head up until she felt my lips tough her sweet little bald pussy.

A pleasant moan escaped her lips as I began licking at her hole. She was sweet, but she definitely had a different taste than Kayko. "Remember what I told you," Kayko whispered into her ear. Saki bared down with her stomach muscles and the first stone rolled out into my mouth. She took several breaths from having to exert herself and expel the stone, but the reward for me was the same. A nice warm stone covered in pussy juice rolled onto my tongue.

I sucked it clean and swallowed the juice, giving her a nice audible hum in the process. When I replaced my mouth against her she pushed down again, trying to expel the second stone. Nothing happened. She pushed again, grunting and straining in an attempt to move the smooth rock from its nesting place. Again nothing happened. "It won't come out," she said to both of us with a bit of worry to her voice.

"Relax honey," Kayko said in a soothing voice. "Your uncle will get it. Mike," she said while looking past Sakis' head, "You're going to have to give her some help." Now I could understand why it was that Kayko was being so thorough with the girls and their training. Kayko had just been able to expel 4 stones from inside her, and two of them were really deep in there.

But Saki could only get the one out. I took my index finger and pushed it into my niece. Her pussy was considerably wider than when she had got here and she was sopping wet, but the stone was just too deep for her to move. With my finger three quarters of the way inside her I found it.

It felt like it was tucked in behind her cervix, pinned against the very top of her pussy. I wiggled my finger back and forth and pushed the stone around a little while Saki gasped and shook. With one more shove to the side the stone came free and began moving out.

I withdrew my finger from her and pushed it straight into Kayko while replacing my mouth on Sakis' pussy. With one more grunt the stone rolled out into my mouth. Saki began breathing hard, like she had just got finished running as I sucked the stone clean.

I placed it on the bed next to the other 5 and lowered my mouth to her pussy again, diving in directly onto her clit. Saki instantly arched her back and slammed her legs together on the sides of my head.

She almost burst my eardrums. Kayko quickly reached up and pried her legs wide open, spreading her pussy open for my mouth. My little niece shuddered and bucked repeatedly as I devoured her pussy, sticking my tongue inside her as far as possible. She was going crazy as orgasm after orgasm slammed her tiny body. Kayko was smiling as her niece rolled around on her belly, feeling the waves of pleasure pass through her. Saki arched her back one more time and shook like she was having a seizure, cumming in my mouth as I licked away.

Kayko began to chuckle as she held the girls legs open, fully aware of what she had just experienced. My work was done. Both of the girls lay there panting for breath. As I stood up they both looked up at me. "Thank you Uncle," Saki said before dropping her head onto Kaykos' shoulder. "Thanks honey," Kayko chimed in as she let go of Sakis' legs.

"Thank you ladies," I said. "We're going to take a bath," Kayko said as she scooted Saki off to her side and sat up. "I'm going to go and check on Shiori and Erin." I said as I headed for the door. "Do you want me to send them in as well?" "Yes," Kayko replied as the two of the walked into the bathroom.

I figured that with as much trouble as Saki had, the two other girls had to have the same issue. I turned the corner and stepped into the twins' room to find it completely empty.

I even looked in their bathroom to find it empty as well. I had an idea of where she might be so I headed for Marks room. I was not sure of how Kayko was going to react to this news, especially since she was cutting me and Mark out of the loop for a while. When I got to his room I swung the door open and stepped in. Sure enough there she was. Mark was sitting in his desk chair with Shiori standing right in front of him.

She was bent over at the waist with her ass directly in front of his face.

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Mark had two fingers stuck deep inside her and was digging around as best he could while Shiori stood there with her pussy pulled wide open and biting her bottom lip. "What's the scoop?" I asked as I walked over to him. The startled two quickly snapped their heads around to see me stepping up next to them. Mark abruptly yanked his fingers out of Shiori who immediately stood up and spun around to face me. Both of them gave me the look of people who were in deep shit.

"Shiori was having trouble getting the stone out," Mark began explaining. "I asked him for help," Shiori quickly added, doing her best to defend Mark and his actions. "I see," I said as I thought about the situation. "Did you get it?" I inquired.

"I can feel it with my fingertips," he said while looking at Shioris ass and then the rest of her body. "But it's in there too far for me to reach." "Come here Shiori," I said as I took a knee on the floor. Shiori stepped up to me and began to turn around.

"No honey, just stand like you are and spread your feet apart." Shiori spread her feet and placed her hands on my shoulders. This was going to be a little bit quicker and easier for me with her in this position.

I took two fingers and pushed them up into her. Shioris' grip on my shoulders tightened as my fingers spread her open and progressed all the way to the top of her canal. I could feel the stone. It was tucked in behind her cervix just as it had been with Saki.

With a little push here and a twist of my fingers there it came loose and started to come out as I withdrew my fingers. I looked over at Mark. "If you guys don't say a word I'll let you get it the rest of the way out," I said as I stood up. Huge smiles came from both of them. "But," I said as I started toward the door.

"When I am finished checking on Erin you have to go and take a bath with your aunt." I said while pointing at Shiori. "So if I were you, I would hurry up." And with that said I stepped out into the hall, not waiting for an answer.

Erin was standing in front of her mirror completely naked when I walked in to her room. She had her feet spread wide apart, her knees were bent outward, and she had her right index and middle fingers stuck up in her pussy.

She was digging around in a similar fashion as Mark had been doing to Shiori, but she was having a considerably more difficult time. "Hey kiddo," I said as I stopped in the middle of the room. "Having a little trouble?" Erin didn't even raise her head when she answered, "Hey dad," she responded as she just kept digging around inside herself.

"Yea, I can't reach this other stone," she said, sounding a little frustrated. "Here," I said as I took a knee behind her, "Let me give you a hand." Erin pulled her sopping wet fingers out of herself and stood still with her legs still spread wide apart and her knees bent outward. Her lightly bearded pussy was wide open. Extend my two fingers that had just been inside Shiori, I easily pushed them up into my daughter, bringing a pleasurable hum from her lips.

Erin had been doing well on the horse because that bad boy was almost at the end of my reach. I could just barely feel it with my fingertips. "Wow honey," I said as I tried to move the stone from behind her cervix. "You have really improved with the horse because I almost can't reach this." I pressed my fingers up even harder, almost to the point of lifting my daughter off the floor by her pussy, but I still could not get it.

Her pussy was spread wide open against my hand from where my two fingers extended. I looked in the mirror to see her cupping her breasts while I dug around inside her. She had increased her size, on the inside, from Kaykos' instruction.

But that one extra inch was really being a pain.

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"What are we going to do?" she asked with a bit of worry to her voice. "Mom told me to take them out." I thought for just a moment as I pulled my cum soaked fingers out of my mouth and licked them clean.

If she was wider it might just 'fall' out. I sure couldn't reach it, even with my long fingers. And at the time, this was the only thing I could think of. "I have an idea," I said as I unsnapped my pants and let them fall from my waist. I pulled Erins chair out from under her desk and sat down, allowing my hard shaft to stick straight up. "Come here and have a seat." I said as I grasp my dick with one hand and patted my lap with the other.

Erin stepped over to me and placed her hands on my shoulders. "Won't this push it in farther?" she asked as she moved her feet to either side of the chair and stepped forward.

"There is nowhere else for it to go," I said as I held my dick straight up, pointing it at her crotch. Erin looked down as she lowered herself, aligning her open hole with the hard piece of her father that was about to invade her. When her lips touched the head of my cock I swiped it back and forth a few times to get it wet.

It sure didn't take much, her cum was almost running out of her. When I repositioned my dick to enter her Erin began to sit down. Holy shit was she tight! Her little pussy must have been straining at its limits as she slowly engulfed almost half of my cock.

Her eyes were clenched shut and she gritted her teeth as she slowly slid down until I felt the head touch against something hard. "Stop right there," I said, and I grabbed her waist, not allowing her to go down any farther. "Your huge daddy," she said as she opened her eyes and looked around in a bit of confusion. She looked at my face, her spread legs, out into the room, just a little bit of everywhere. She must have been trying to understand what was happening inside her.

"Hang on sweetie," I said as I lifted her a little before letting her slide back down. Erins' legs began shaking immediately. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," she repeated in rapid succession as her pussy slid up and then back down on my dick.

"Oh daddy that feels so good!" It did feel good, and if she had not had that stone inside her I probably would have shown her just how good it could feel. But the whole purpose of this was to get the stone dislodged from its hiding place, and stretching her out a bit seemed the best way. I lifted her up again and then lowered her.

Erin bit her lip and closed her eyes tight as my dick pushed against the stone a bit, making it move a little. When I raised her up again something felt different. "Stand up honey," I said as I brought my hand down between her legs.

As my dick pulled free of her the stone dropped out. It bounced off the head of my dick and landed in my palm with a nice wet splat. "There you go sweetie," I said as I brought the stone up to my mouth and sucked it clean. Erin leaned forward and threw her arms around my neck.

"Thanks daddy," she said as she hugged me tightly. "That's why you need to listen to your mother and do exactly as she says," I told her as she stepped away from me. "Now, hurry up into our bathroom, your mother is waiting." With a big smile she walked out of her room and headed down the hall. I was glad she understood what I was talking about. It really is important that she follow her mother's instruction to the letter. I looked at the shiny stone in my palm.

This had just been inside my daughter for the last 4 hours. I don't know why but I felt proud of her. I guess it was because she could do something that I could not, and from the amount of cum that came out with it, she had enjoyed it.

I stood up and fixed my pants, tucking the monster back into his cave. I now needed to make sure Shiori and Mark were done messing around. When I opened Marks door and looked in, Shiori was just finishing giving Mark a blow job.

Her mouth was around the head of his dick while her little hand pumped up and down his shaft in rapid succession and she appeared to be swallowing. Marks mouth was open and his hips were twitching up and down a little as he shot into Shioris' mouth. I stepped back into the hall and pulled the door almost all the way closed.

This should only take a minute, and Shiori seemed to have things well in hand. When I heard a little bit of movement in the room I reopened the door and stepped in.

Mark was now lying flat on his back with his legs hanging over the side of the bed and his hands over his forehead. His dick was semi hard and lying off to one side.

Shiori was lying next to him, propped up on one elbow, and she was kissing him. I hated to break them up, but Kayko was waiting. "Shiori, your aunt is waiting." I said from just inside the door.

She gave Mark one more kiss, whispered something into his ear, and then quickly climbed off the bed. "Thanks Uncle Mike," she said as she stepped up to me and gave me a big hug.

"You're welcome sweetie." I gave her a little pat on the butt and watched her leave. Looking back at Mark he seemed to really be out of it. "Are you ok buddy?" I asked him with a little bit of concern. "Yea dad," he said as he pulled his hands down over his eyes. "That just made me dizzy." He said as he sat up.

"I understand," I told him as I sat down on the edge of his bed. "Sometimes your mother almost kills me when she gives me a blow job.


But it feels really good doesn't it?" A big smile came over his face as his gaze shifted from his dick to a blank spot in space out in front of him. "Yes, it does." He replied. "Come on," I said, giving him a fatherly punch in the shoulder.

"Let's go cook for the girls.


They've had a busy day." Mark and I are no amateurs when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. We made rice and shrimp mixed with some soy sauce and some garlic. I cooked up some lemon pepper chicken with a side dish of broccoli and some green beans. It was nothing fancy, but it was dinner and it smelled good. As Mark set the table the girls came down the stairs. They were all dressed in their night clothes. The twins and Erin all had on oversized T-shirts that came down just below their crotches.

Kayko was wearing a type of night shit that is very similar to her red kimono. It looks like an oversized T-shirt but it has two slits up the sides at her hips that come up well above her waist. All of them had their hair pulled back in big pony tails except for Saki. She had her hair in two pony tails coming out from the sides of her head just behind her ears tied with two red bows.

"Good evening ladies," I announced, acting like the head waiter at an expensive restaurant. "Dinner for 4?" Kayko laughed, bringing her hand up to her mouth to try and hide her amusement. Everyone pigged out like they were starving and I could understand why. The girls had a busy day filled with exercises in the morning, a bit of a swim after a lite lunch, and then a 4 hour orgasm walk in the mall. I would probably be tired and hungry too. As we ate our food I noticed that the seating arrangement had changed.

Saki now sat to my immediate left followed by Erin. On the opposite side Shiori sat to my immediate right followed by Mark who looked like he wanted to sit inside her.

Kayko just sat quietly and observed things from her end of the table and acted as a mediator to the various discussions. It really was a nice family meal. When it got to the point that the kids were playing more than eating I excused them from the table. They all left except for Saki and Kayko, piling into the living room to watch TV.

"Don't you want to watch TV sweetie?" I asked as I finished my last few bites. "No," she said quietly while sitting on her hands. "It's ok honey," I said. But Saki just sat still with a pleasant smile on her face. "I think she wants to be with you," Kayko said from the far end of the table. "Is that what you want?" I asked while looking down at her.

Saki just nodded her head yes, making her ponytails sway back and forth. "Why don't you two go and sit on the porch," Kayko said as she rose from her seat with her plate. "I'll take care of this and bring you a drink in just a few minutes." Sakis' face lit up like light. She quickly stood and stepped over to me, grasping my hand next to her chest. "Ok my little pet," I said as I stood up from the table.

"Lead the way." Saki led me out onto the patio to one of the large patio lounges. It's actually the one I fucked Kayko on earlier in the day. Saki quickly propped the back of the chair up, making it ready for me. With the two support arms locked in place she patted the seat and stepped to the side.

I sat down on the chair and got comfortable, stretching my legs out on the lower part of the chair. It was still warm out even though it was getting into the evening, but the sky was crystal clear. As soon as I was set Saki climbed onto the chair and stepped over me with one foot. Straddling me she then sat down with her naked pussy directly on my balls and leaned into me, wrapping her arms around my sides and resting her head on my chest.

I have to admit, it felt really nice to have her there. She reminded me of Kayko when she sleeps on my chest with my cock inside her.

She hugged herself tightly to me before relaxing and staying still. I put one of my arms around her and she snuggled in even tighter. She was not going anywhere.

Inside we could hear the other three laughing and hollering at the TV. It sounded like they were really having a good time. But it was plainly evident that Saki was happy right where she was. "Sweetie," I said as I stroked her hair, "Do you want to watch the sun set with me?" Saki raised her head and looked over her shoulder. The sun was just starting to sink low in the sky and its' orange rays bathed the back yard and the patio in its' last bit of warmth.

Saki flipped over and nestled her back in against my chest with her tight little ass sitting directly on my cock. I put my arms around her and she placed her arms over mine. We were both just happy to be where we were.

Kayko came out a few moments later carrying my drink, scotch on the rocks and it was a big glass. After handing me my drink she slid one of the other chairs over next to us and sat down. "It's beautiful out tonight isn't it?" she hummed.

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"Yes it is," I replied. Then I took a big pull from my glass. It's good scotch, 12 years old. Kayko held my hand and the three of us watched the sun go down over the next hour. It was a very pleasant ending to a great day. Kayko and I talked quietly while Saki played with the hair on my arm. As the last crescent of the sun disappeared over the horizon Kayko looked toward the house. The TV was on and the other three were asleep on the couch.

"I better go put them up," Kayko said as she roused herself from her chair. "Need some help?" I asked, fully prepared to carry anyone up the stairs who needed it. "I got it," she said as she picked up my now empty glass.

"One more?" and she tapped the rim. "Yea why not," I answered, fully aware that I was just a bit tipsy. "But only half a glass," I added as Kayko walked toward the kitchen. "And how are you my little pet," I said as I jostled Saki back and forth a little in my arms. Saki giggled, but made no hint at moving. "I'm happy," she responded. She hugged my arms against her. It might be hard pressed for anyone to have seen her past my arms because they are almost as big as her thighs.

With them wrapped around her, she almost disappears. "You're happy?" I stated while giving her a little extra squeeze. "And why is that?" "Because I'm next to you," she said without looking up. "And I am right where your pet is supposed to be." With that said she wiggled her ass back and forth a little, grinding herself down onto me.

"You're close to where my pet should be," I said as I reached in between her legs and stuck one finger into her. "But you should have something in here." "I know," she said in a disappointed voice. "But Aunt Kayko says I'm not ready yet. I still have a lot of training to do." I was a little surprised as I pulled my finger out of her.

But I also knew that Kayko had a definite schedule for the girls, one she had followed when she was their age, so I didn't question a bit of it.

But I was just a little curious about something so I asked Saki.

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"Do you like the training your Aunt has you do?" Saki stood up and turned around so she was facing me. Lifting the front of her shirt to show me her naked pussy she then sat back down, making sure to keep her legs spread wide open.

She lined up her pussy so she was sitting directly on the end of my dick. She then dropped her feet off the sides of the lounge chair so all of her weight was directly on her crotch. When she was in position she looked up into my eyes. "I love the training Aunt Kayko is giving us," she said as she rocked from side to side on my now stiffening cock.

"If it were not for her teaching us, I would not be able to sit like this." "You're probably right," I said as I gently placed my hands on her hips.

Saki then propped herself up on her knees. Reaching between her legs she pulled my pants down a little, just enough to expose my dick. She then realigned herself and set her hot little pussy down on the underside of my shaft.

She then spread her legs wide apart again, allowing her feet to dangle down off the sides of the chair. My thick piece of meat parted her lips nicely to allow her hot wet little hole to rest squarely on me, sending a nice warm sensation through my dick.

A nice little smile came over her face as she looked into my eyes again.

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"Aunt Kayko told me I could do this," she said as she slid up and down the length of my cock, coating the underside with a trail of her cream. "That feels nice," I said to her as she continued to make me even harder.

My dick got so hard it felt like it was going to split wide open. Saki just slid forward and backward, massaging my dick with her hot little hole. She never made an attempt to try and take me inside her.

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She only ground her pussy onto me and made my dick slick and wet. I was loving the hell out of what she was doing. "He's ready," Saki suddenly said as she slowed her movements until she was sitting still. I turned my head just as Kayko stepped up to the side of the lounge chair. "Good job," Kayko replied while setting my glass down on the ground. Kayko then removed her kimono to reveal her tight tanned body.

"I'll bet," she said as she unlocked the support arms and lowered my head down, "that your uncle will give you a nice reward if you sit on his face." Saki didn't need to be told twice. Before you could say 'holy shit' she had her little pussy planted squarely on my mouth. With her knees spread out wide to the sides her hole opened up nicely to allow my tongue easy access. I didn't need any further encouragement and drove my tongue up into her, locking my arms over the tops of her legs.

Saki began moaning almost as soon as my lips touched her, making her grind her pussy down onto my mouth. It was right then that I felt Kayko slide down onto me, her soft warm body enveloping me inch by inch until she was sitting with her pussy pressed firmly against my pelvic bone. She began milking me the moment she reached the base, using a slow and deliberate rolling squeeze to massage me from the base of my shaft all the way up to the tip.

Kayko really knows how to please me, and she will stop at nothing until she has reached her goal. With her hands cupping her breasts she slowly sucked on my cock with her pussy while I munched on Sakis' sweet gash.

Could you think of any place you would rather be? I don't know how long we were at it, probably 4 or 5 minutes, before Saki began shaking. Her legs trembled at the sides of my head while I swirled my tongue around inside the entrance of her hole. When I moved up a little and began a direct attack on her clit, Saki gasped and began to jerk in sharp little movements, grinding forward and down at the same time. Kayko increased the speed of her pussy to match the movements of Saki, upping the intensity of what she was doing by volumes.

In addition, she started riding up and down at the same time and began cumming all over me. I was a goner. When Saki squealed really loud and began convulsing on my face I blew my load into my wife, soliciting a loud moan from her. Kayko quickly sat down and shifted her pussy into hyper-drive, sucking and pulling at my pumping shaft with her expert muscles. I couldn't move at all. Kayko had me pinned down by my crotch, and Saki was on the verge of going limp on my face.

I came really hard into Kayko while screaming into Sakis' pussy, pulling her forcibly down onto my mouth. The muffled sound was just barely audible to the two girls as they were both in their own throws of orgasmic bliss. I arched my back upward in an attempt to stick as much of my dick up into my wife while my nuts unloaded.

Kayko just let out a little grunt as my sperm surged into her. Everyone seemed to just freeze in place, for just a moment, before the whole pile collapsed.


Saki fell forward on to the top end of the lounge chair, gasping for breath while cupping her pussy with both hands. Kayko landed on my chest and bit my neck really hard as she continued to shake and shudder. I looked up at the twilight sky, half buried by the two beautiful women who had just serviced me, and had just been serviced by me, and I thought about how lucky I was.

They loved me. We all dozed off happy and spent. It was well into the late night when I woke up.

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Considering that it was pitch black it was still warm. Kayko was sound asleep on my chest with my cock still inside her. Saki was asleep on her chest with her pussy pressed against the top of my head and her legs spread out wide. It was a nice way to wake up, but we needed to get inside. As I began to move around both of the girls stirred. Kayko woke up and looked at me with her eyes only half open.

"Come on sweetie," I said, "Let's go in." Sleepily she climbed off me and headed for the door. I scooped up Saki and followed her in the house and up the stairs to the twin's room, carrying the still sleeping girl in my arms. When we got there Kayko pulled back the covers to reveal a naked sleeping Shiori. Half of the double ended dildo was sticking out of her between her legs. Kayko lifted the end of the dildo up and aimed it for Saki as I placed her between her sister's legs.

It took a little bit of maneuvering, but by the time I had her set in place the dildo was stuck well inside her and their pussies were almost touching. Kayko pulled the blanket back over the girls and led me to the bedroom.

Our day was now done. The End Pt10

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