Wifey milks cock for cum after fucking

Wifey milks cock for cum after fucking
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Hurricane by TW, aka Ratfink Harry, a recently retired contractor that had done pretty well during San Antonio's housing boom, was fleeing his home on Mustang Island, a narrow barrier island on Texas's gulf coast. His truck was one of the last vehicles to squeeze on to the very last ferry making the run to the mainland at Aransas Pass. What a ride that was! He didn't know the Laguna Madre could get that rough.

He shoved the emergency brake pedal as far down as it would go and kept a foot on the brake as well he was so afraid he might get tossed off the back of the ferry. His respect for the power and furry of mother nature grew by leaps and bounds every second!

Initially he had planned to ride the hurricane out. But after the wind had picked up a large piece of debris, just missed his parked truck with it, then smashed it against plywood he had nailed up to protect his windows from the fury of the storm, Harry came to his senses. He called his friends, Mandy and Sam, in San Antonio, and they said "Hell yeah. Come on up. We're at the lake though. Power's out in SA. We're on the generator here". "Oh shit" Harry thought, "a one room cabin with just a kitchen and a bathroom.

It's gonna be crowded but I got to get out of here". No way was he going to go begging to his ex for a place to stay. It was still raining hard when he finally made it to the cabin. With hands that ached from gripping the steering wheel so hard, all the way up from the coast, Harry grabbed his overnight bag and ran for the door.

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Sam was holding it open for him as he dove through. Handshakes and hugs followed. Harry couldn't help but notice the way Mandy pushed her pubis into his crotch and pressed her stiff nipples so hard against his chest as she hugged him and kissed him affectionately on cheek. "What was all that about?" he asked himself with his dick swelling a bit. Unfortunately the storm was blocking the signal for the satellite TV so the only news he could get, as to how bad Port Aransas was getting it, was from his cell phone.

Harry had to accept the fact he'd just have to wait and see and be prepared to deal with whatever the damage there was once the storm was over. After a few beers and lots of story telling Harry began to notice that Sam and Mandy were injecting sex into the conversation every chance they got. After a bit he was kinda getting into that mood too. It struck him about then that there was only one bed in that cabin. King sized and shoved back into one corner of the room.

He figured they would just put a cot up for him to sleep on. Harry had been divorced for a couple of years, trading the house at Port Aransas plus his truck and boat for the house in San Antonio along with kids, car, etc. After that awful experience the last thing Harry wanted in his life was another woman. So a couple times a week he would use some porn and his hand to get the relief he needed. With the way he and his friends were carrying on he was sure he was going to need some of that kind of relief before he could go to sleep that night.

No way was he going to try sneaking one off while he was on a cot in the same room with them so he figured he'd just jump in the shower before bed and have himself a good wank.

Dinner was great. It was some oh so tender barbecued brisket from a local restaurant that was famous for that sort of thing. Yum! After a few more beers bed time came around. But still no cot, or even as much as a pad on the floor, had been set up for Harry. "Emm ah… so where am I supposed to sleep?" "On the bed there. With us. There's plenty of room. Do you mind?" Mandy asked. "Well ahh… no.

I guess not" Harry answered. It wasn't like there were a lot of choices. Right away Mandy pulled her top up over her head then reached behind for her bra snaps. While Sam was undoing the buckle on his belt he announced "We always sleep in the nude.

Hope you don't mind. It's healthy". "Well…ah. it's your house. And when in Rome, do as the Romans. So they say…" Harry said as he unbuckled his belt.

"I get the middle. Oh wow. A handsome man on either side of me. Oh and they're going to be naked too!" Mandy grinned with her eyes locked on Harry's crotch, waiting for his pants to drop. When Mandy's bra fell to the floor, exposing a perky pair of hard nippled C cup sized tits, Harry gulped.

"They're nice arn't they?" Sam asked laughing, amused by the look on Harry's face. "Yes they are. Very nice" Harry replied with a blushing grin. "Hurry up Harry. Get 'em off. It's the healthiest way to sleep" Mandy said as she shoved two thumbs into the waist band of her shorts and pushed them down. She was obviously impatient to see what Harry had swinging down there. "Well ok" Harry agreed with a big grin as he pushed his pants and underwear down together with his thumbs.

By now he had a pretty good idea how this thing was going to go. Well, not quite all of it though. Harry stepped out of his pants and underwear. "Very nice" Mandy mewed, checking out Harry's six inches of rather thick semi hard dick while Harry's eyes where captured by the inverted v at the bottom of the dark triangle of her pubic bush. It had been a long time for Harry.

Too long. "Yeah nice one Harry" Sam said. Harry looked over at Sam's rising boner and was a bit surprised by his own reaction. His libido surged and his dick began to swell too! Out of curiosity Harry had checked out a few bi type clips, well maybe a few more than a few, during his jack off sessions and had found some of the male male type action surprisingly stimulating. He had even gone so far as tasting his own sperm.

He couldn't help but notice how Sam was taking in his reaction. "Ever feel another guy's dick Harry? It's cool" Sam suggested. "Well no. but…" "Go ahead Harry. Grab it" Mandy encouraged. Harry stepped closer to Sam and wrapped his hand around Sam's shaft then felt it swell to a full hard as he lightly jacked it.

Harry's labido did surge at that causing his tell tale dick to rise the rest of the way. Mandy was elated. Things were going just the way she hoped they would. "Hey this is cool. I do kinda like doing this" Harry admitted gazing down at Sam's bulbous tip. "I like what your doing too" Sam said as he took Harry's in his hand to return the favor. Harry couldn't believe what was happening.

His heart was beating fast. He was so enjoying every bit of it. "Hey assholes! How about me?!" Mandy cried, sitting on the side of the bed, legs spread wide, sliding a finger up and down her juicy slit. "Do you eat pussy?" Sam asked.

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"Hell yeah I do. Hey if they hadn't meant for it to be eaten they wouldn't have shaped it like a taco! Been awhile though" Harry admitted. "Well there's your papas con huevos. Go for it. She's as tasty as can be".

Mandy laid back holding her knees high and her legs spread wide, inviting Harry to feast. He moved in between her legs, drawing in a breath of her womanly odor, before slipping just the tip of his tongue into her juicy crack then running it up and down teasingly before stabbing it deep into her pussy hole.

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He drew it up over her clit then with some pressure, sending her into her first orgasm. Yeah. Harry's a pussy mechanic from way back. "Go ahead. Fuck her now. Fuck her good and hard" Sam said.

"Are you sure?" "Yes" Sam answered with a vigorous nod from his head. "Hell yes he's sure!" Mandy exclaimed, "Fuck me!" Harry crawled on top, centered, then pushed in. With Sam's face right there at their point of union, watching and waiting, Harry banged her hard.

By lifting up at the bottom of each stroke to stimulate her clitoris and holding off his own eminent orgasm, she came twice. Then Harry came. And did he ever cum! This was the first pussy he'd had in years and he hadn't jacked off in several days either.

And she was oh so tight too! Mandy's cunt was used to Sam's slightly smaller dick.


When Harry pulled out Sam dove on her oozing hole sucking out the sperm Harry had just filled it with. Kneeling between her spread legs with his ass up in the air, there was something about his brown ring that reminded Harry of the guys in bi flicks he'd watched that were fucked.

It didn't look virgin. Again he felt a surge down below. "Hmm… I do wonder what that would be like" Harry thought to himself. The porn he'd been watching had really perked his curiosity about anal sex anyway. Especially if it was with another man. Like what's it feel like to fuck a guy's ass and what does it feel like to the guy?

He'd seen clips where guys were jacking themselves to squirts while being banged from behind. And so many clips of guys doin it back and forth with each other. Even one where the guy came without even touching himself. Had to be something too it. "Push babe push" Sam said. Harry's sperm, mixed with her cum, filled her crack. Sam lapped that up then shoved his tongue into her as deep as he could, trying to find more. "Ah… you mind if I cleaned you up too?

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You know. Like with my mouth?" Sam asked Harry. "Go for it. My tip's pretty sensitive now so go easy". Sam started on Harry's balls licking off Mandy's juices that had collected down there. Then up all over and around his shaft before tenderly taking his tip in to collect a little bit of sperm that was still oozing from his slit. Then down he went engulfing all of Harry's dick.

"My turn now" Sam announced as he crawled up on Mandy and entered her. Sam banged her hard until they'd both cum. Watching them fuck had really rekindled Harry's libido.

He was as hard as a rock again.

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"Ok. Your turn. Cleanup on isle nine" Sam said while watching Harry's face closely to see how he was going to react. "Well ah…emm… ok. What the hell. Here goes" Mandy pushed and her crack once again filled with pearly white semen. With his libido at a level it hadn't been at in years, Harry went down on her.

There was something about it. The distinctive taste of Sam's cum along with her flavor as well. Harry became fascinated by it. "Oh man! This so kinky. I love it!" Harry said to himself. And that was something that had been missing from Harry's marriage.

Any thing much more than the standard missionary position was out of the question there. It took him two years to even get her to let him go down on her.


"Wow" was all he could say when he had finished. "Ok. Now me. Clean me up" Sam said looking hopeful. "In for a penny, in for a dime" Harry said to himself as he lifted Sam's half hard to direct it into his mouth.

All the way down on him he went, almost gagging himself. Then up and down he slid his lips with his tongue sliding against the bottom of Sam's dick. It was like a previously unknown part of his mind was suddenly revealed! He loved the taste, the feel, the texture. "No wonder people like doing this so much" Harry thought to himself as he labored to bring Sam off. "We didn't know you were into this" Sam said grinning. Harry stopped what he was doing just long enough to say "I didn't either until just now".

"Watch your teeth and let my head rub against the top of your mouth. Push your tongue up and down against the bottom of my dick near my tip. You're doing great man. It really feels good. Keep it up and I'll reward you with a very nice present". Harry new now that that was what he wanted. Really wanted! Sam to cum his mouth. It wasn't long before that wish came true. Suddenly it was there. Sam's sperm gushed across Harries tongue filing his mouth with its salty spunky flavor.

Even after swallowing all of it that flavor remained. He loved it! After laying about for a while enjoying the afterglow of their orgasms while listening to the news and weather reports about the storm, that had just began to come through, they decided to take a quick shower before finally getting some sleep. All three of them squeezed together in the cabin's small fiberglass stall.

With their wet bodies sliding against each other Sam maneuvered himself around until his ass crack was over Harry's dick. Harry swung his swelling dick to upwards then humped up a few times into Sam's crack.

Sam got his hole against Harry's tip then pushed back. Harry's dick went to full hard. He was ready to once and for all find out what it would be like to fuck another man. He pushed several times but it just wouldn't go in. "Damn that feels good" Sam muttered, "but it'll never go in that way. Especially in this shower. We need lube". Mandy was out first retrieving a tin of lube from a drawer in the vanity.

Sam stepped out next then bent over steadying himself on the vanity. Mandy stuck two fingers in the lube then worked them into Sam's ass. Harry stepped out then, ready to enter Sam, but Mandy took him into her mouth going all the way down then off to replace the shower's hard water with a coating of saliva. Then she directed Harry's dick into the center of her husband's anal aperture.


She sat back then, with two fingers in her crack, to watch Harry begin to work it in. Harry was surprised by the fact that Sam was tight only at his entrance.

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All his life he'd heard that ass was really tight. Other than from the tight ring of Sam's sphincter there was little to no friction to get stimulation from. Ah but the illicitness of this act more than made up for that! "You ok man?" Harry asked as he began to slide his dick back and forth through the grip of Sam's sphincter. He was amazed by the way Sam's anus would roll out, hugging his dick on the out stroke, only to disappear again when he pushed back in.

"You're stretching things a bit but that's ok. I like that. You're hitting a spot way up in there too that just feels just so fucking awesome man. That's what I like the most". "Ah yeah man. I see how this works now" Harry said with his tip, and the sensitive area just below it, sliding back and forth through the tightness of Sam's sphincter.

Harry went to work then building up stimulation. With his hips slapping against Sam's ass as he worked himself toward his orgasm. Sam was jacking like crazy. With eyes locked on Harry and Sam's point of union, Mandy was really going after her clit with those two fingers. "Oh yeah man. Cum in me. Put it way up inside me man" Sam cried with his voice modulated by Harry's steady thrusting.

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And that's exactly what Harry did. Harry shoved in deep when went off. Sam went with him popping out a wad that hit the vanity door then ran down.

Mandy came too. At last their libidos were satisfied. After a quick re-rinse in the shower they were finally able to get some sleep. The news the next morning for Port A was bad. Very bad. Harry headed for Corpus Christi then crossed over the Portland Bridge to get onto the south end of Mustang Island.

Harry had had the foresight to bring a water bill and an electric service receipt with him when he left. He knew he'd have to prove residency to the troupers at that bridge before he could get back on the island. Harry's home was trashed and his boat was nowhere in sight.

The sight all but ripped his heart out. But at the same time it ignited a challenge to build it back again. Bigger,better, stronger this time!

His mind was suddenly awash with all kinds of different ways he wanted to do it. He checked on friends and neighbors then set to work shoveling up the debris and moving it out near the street. With great difficulty he was able to make contact with his insurance company and get on the long list for inspection and reimbursement.

He called Sam and Mandy and gave them the grim news. Harry slept in his truck that night. The next day he was able to use his credentials as a builder to get Sam and Mandy permission to be on the island.

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Mandy's father had offered the use of his motor home to Harry who readily accepted. Sam drove it down the next morning with Mandy following in their car. Harry had enough money saved away to get a good start on his new house while waiting for his insurance to pay out. Sam and Mandy spent their weekends helping Harry during the day and having a fuck fest with him at night. The end.