Video with out gf knowing

Video with out gf knowing
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A week later and I have a free night. "Ya, I'm available after 10. Will you come to my place again?" I drove across town and knocked on her front door. "I'm glad you came over, my roommate's not here, I." I narrowed my eyes and she stopped yammering. "OK" She grinned and shrugged and blushed like a girl. We locked the door, turned off the light and went into her bedroom.

She lit one, two candles, flicked the lights off and stepped towards me.

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"I…" My arm went around her waist, gripped, and spun her around 180 and pulled her against me, her back to my chest, her high ass into my groin. A contented sigh escaped her lips as I snaked an arm around her waist, up the center of her chest and gripped her tall throat in my hand. My other hand went for her breast, roughly, and felt for her stiff nipple. The hottest thing about this girl, even more than her incredible ass, her sleek legs, her spidery arms, her taut abdomen and the jutting chin that fired a special electrical spark for me, was the ability of her nipples, on those barely protruding tits of hers, the ability of those two strident raspberries to poke thru and make themselves known past three layers of halter top, t-shirt and tight polar fleece showing you just how glad she was to have your hands on her body.

I started pulling her clothes off, her thermal top, t-shirt up over her head as she raised her arms, thin tank top next and then the white skin of her bare back was against my chest. My hands worked her hard nipples and she sighed with my face held close to her cheek. She reached up over her head and bent her arms back to grip my head and rub her hands over my scalp. I pinched and pulled those nipples and then slid my hands down that taut belly and right under the waistband of her jeans.

I heard her exhale.

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She dropped her arms and submitted as I unbuttoned her jeans and tugged them down. She soon stood, facing away from me in just her tiny cotton undies, awaiting my next move. I divested her of her panties and as I cleared them of her ankles I nuzzled the sweet curve of her ass cheek and bit it lightly. I kept the warm panties in my hand and retrieved two pairs of long black knit stockings from her dresser drawer. Reaching around from my position behind her I tied both wrists together in front of her.

Next I balled the panties, so recently wrapping her tender snatch, and stuffed them in her mouth, wrapping another long stocking around her head to keep it in place. With my hips pressed into her naked ass I shuffled her towards the arm chair and thrust her against it. I slipped a hand up the back of her neck and pushed her head down, bending her over the back of the chair, her arms shot out and she rested on her elbows. I crouched and tied each ankle to the chair's feet. On my knees I sat back and admired my quarry.


Her smooth white buttocks, each little downy hair raised with goose bumps, the cleft between them leading down to the tops of her legs, held straight by her bent over position. And bent over left just what I wanted, just how I wanted it. I massaged her ass, licked up from her thighs across those firm cheeks and spread them with my hands to dip my tongue into her vaginal lips.

She was not wet. This was typical. This girl always took a lot of work and I started in on it. Slathering my tongue all over her thinly thatched mons, flicking up over her spicy asshole, I could hear deep appreciative moans, muffled by the panty gag.

Those moans would change soon, I was sure of it. I worked my tongue into her vagina, leaving lots of spit, getting her clenched twat loosened up and once in a while slurping up to her puckered hole and poking into it with the vigorous tip of my tongue.

I stood up and left her breathing hard, her chest heaving, stepped to the nightstand and found the mandatory condom and a bottle of astroglide. I got back behind her and began to free my cock which was bulging from the scent and taste of her slit and wrench tight rectum.

I got my pants down mid thigh and slid the underside of my shaft along the crack of her ass. I felt the heat of both her holes and my rod grew fully erect and ready to penetrate that spit slickened gash. I rolled the rubber over my cockhead and down to the base. I hated condoms. When we were dating she used to bat my hardon away until I got it wrapped. I squirted some lube on it and rubbed myself to an impressive rigidity, grinning at the thought of my girth spreading her out wide.

I drizzled some more on her ass, letting it drip down and fingering it into her cunt. Her asshole got good and slippery as a side effect. "You're going to take my cock deep inside your cunt and I'm going to give you the fucking I should have a long time ago." I got a favorable grunt and brought the latex wrapped cockhead to her folds and parted them. Fully lubed I had no reason for restraint and I slammed into her, ramming her hips into the chair back and hearing a satisfying moan, loud and long, even through the gag.

I didn't stay buried for long but drew out and thrust back in, slapping her butt with my hips. I fucked her hard, grinding her into the chair back. How had I not done this before, bent this legendary ass over and given it to her like a dog?

She pulled against the bonds a bit but couldn't move her legs which were locked straight. I rammed repeatedly feeling the grip of her vaginal walls as best I could through the condom. She was opening, accepting, and her own wetness finally flowing. I got a good rhythm and she released a little, resting her head on her tied wrists and turning so I could see the side of her face with the black stripe of the stocking across it.

A soft grunt with every thrust came through her nostrils, some slobber leaked out along her bottom lip as she tried to breathe through the cotton panty gag. I grasped her ass cheeks with both hands and looked down at her glistening pucker.


I pulled her back against me, impaling her on my cock and got ready for my next assault. I began pulling out before pressing in, fully out and deeply in. I heard a heightened urgency in her grunts. I reached in and fondled her clit and got more moans.

With one hand strumming her clitoris the other shucked off the hated condom in a swift movement. I buried my shaft in her wet pussy one deep time, then again feeling the texture of her canal for the first time and then pulling fully out.

I spread one cheek outward and gripped my shaft, aimed it at her brown bull's eye and speared her like a pig on a spit. The shriek of panic that forced it's way past the wet panty gag was the most energizing, erotic and exhilarating sound I have ever heard in my life.

My eyes and my lungs dilated, my head felt like it would burst apart as if I had done a fat line of cocaine. I forced my dick in to the hilt with a single stab and she writhed beneath me. She pushed with her arms and tried to straighten up but I moved my hands down her waist to her ribcage and put my weight on her, pinning her down as I withdrew halfway and then in a slow delicious depth finding, penetrated her incredibly tight anus.

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That ass was every bit as tense, virginal and agonizingly stimulating as I always thought it would be. She was raising hell down there as I slow fucked her in ecstatic bliss. Bellowing through the panty gag, twisting around and thrashing but my grip and my weight held her put. I stretched the tightest hole I had ever been inside, feeling the bare skin of my dick, freed of the constricting, deadening condom, sliding against the muscle walls deep in her rectum.

She twisted and looked back at me, her eyes wide and flashing pure pain and outrage. I locked onto her eyes and watched her mascara run as the excitement boiled in my cock. My tool felt like it was buzzing as I pistoned in and out of her ass.

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"I finally got my cock in your fine ass… you sexy bitch!" I growled, staring into her reddening eyes, her body still squirming like a worm on a hook. "You're getting my cum in you again bitch. My cum's gonna fill you up again." My chest constricted and my head felt fuzzy as my body locked up, buried in her rectum and I spasmed, injecting a jet of hot sperm up her ass tunnel.

I pulled out and drilled in with each contraction, pumping four or five streaks of cum into the sexiest ass I'd ever had my hands on. "Fuuuuuck!." I crumpled down onto her still thrashing body, gasping and tremoring.

I felt her slacken when I collapsed, just her heaving chest and sobbing breaths through the wadded cotton mass in her mouth.

I pressed down on her back to push myself up and drew my turgid cock out of her ass with an audible sucking pop. I stared down at the gaping violated hole.

My dick was red with blood and slick with cum. The smell was strong. I slapped her ass cheeks with my billyclub of a dick, feeling cold and numb after pulling out of her hot anal canal.

I squeezed a final drop of cum onto her upturned ass and pulled my jeans back up. I knotted my fingers in her hair and pulled her towards me but had to catch her like a broken ragdoll and hold her upright.

I cut the stocking around her head and yanked the soggy panties out of her mouth. I cut her hands free as well, held her barely standing in my arms. "Thanks Baby, you've got the hottest ass I've ever seen." I twisted her head around towards me, her eyes were narrow slits, lids sagging. I smeared my lips against hers, flicked my tongue out, tasted her tears and snot and mascara.

I let her slump down onto the chair.

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She'd get the ankle bonds loose eventually. I walked out the door. Don't think she'll be texting me this time.