TS Tarynxo Loves Interracial Sex

TS Tarynxo Loves Interracial Sex
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You don't know me yet, this is my first story posted. Over time you'll find out that while I am a female, I can be just as sexually deviant at the most experienced male, but for now, I want to start you off slow and easy.

Everyone has that one person that enters their life and suddenly, all reason, all rhyme flies out the window and you become another person entirely. One that's driven by desire and a deep seated need that leaves us exhausted and ready to snap.

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Sometimes, we get pissy and gritchy, nothing pleases us and nothing satisfies that deep, gnawing craving that drives us to the brink of sanity. The amazing thing, nine times out of ten, it's not the person we are with a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife that does this to us, it's a complete stranger and it ramps up the danger level several notches.

Someone reading this right now has that very person in their life and it's burning a hole right through them if they haven't acted on their animalistic tendencies yet.

So, sit back and relax (for a little bit) and let me tell you how I handled mine. I work at a resort as the head housecleaner, we have several dozen motel rooms, condos, houses and suites that my crew goes through and cleans top to bottom. We have a maintenance crew that I work with closely, a couple of the men are former construction workers, and we also have an electrician and a plumber and two gardeners that works the grounds, headed up by their leadman my itch.

Every day, I'm in contact with that crew as we always find something wrong with one of the units and it's their job to fix the problem so the unit can be rented out. All the guys are fit, good looking men ranging from 20 to 45 and my itch, well my itch seriously puts the rest of them to shame. Not much taller than me at 5'6, he's a mean looking Hispanic, but one that makes me drool and causes my cunt to open up and continuously drool when I get in this vicinity.

He takes very good care of himself, buff, shaves his entire body including his head and always wears this amazing cologne that seems to linger well after he's left. His eyes, bright and a hazy green is curtained with beautiful lashes, even some of my girls on my crew have talked about taking him to bed.

I have to admit, I get mad when they talk about it, if anyone was going to bed that man it was going to be me one way or the other and I would do it long before the rest of them had their chance. He and I have always had that fun, bordering on a sexual harassment kind of relationship, which while I'm at it, I don't believe in sexual harassment, not like everyone else anyway.

If a guy notices what I'm wearing and tells me I look great, I'm taking the compliment and running with it, even if he's busy trying to look down my shirt, I have great tits, I like to get noticed. He on the other hand, has gotten into trouble a couple of times for harassing some of the women in the offices and one of the girls on my crew and for a brief time, I was pissed about it because he was told to either straighten up or he would get fired.

It changed him after that, he wouldn't play with me when I was in a particularly frisky mood until one day when we were in a unit alone and after several moments of trying to get him to loosen up around me, I flashed him my tits. He loosened up around me after that, but would stay reserved with everyone else. I cornered the market with a ten second flash and our relationship finally relaxed and went back to the way it was before. What can I say, I'm a calculating bitch and I freely admit it and proud of it.

As for me, well, not much can be said. I've been told I'm pretty but sometimes I don't see it. I keep myself well dressed, always looking my best and I have a knack for putting on my makeup in such a way that gets me noticed. One of my best assets are my eyes, a deep green with light gold flecks and I use only the best colors to bring them out. My green and purple smoky cat eyes gets people noticing quickly.

I'm only 5'4, overweight but healthy and I have a perfect set of 40DD tits that melts even the heart of stone and causes cocks to twitch and minds to whirl out of control with fantasies. My ass is always tight, partly because I have always held jobs that keeps me moving and on my feet for long hours, my hair is down to my waist and a deep mahogany.

My itch tells me that I'm exotic looking. While this sounds like a decent package that I have, I'm divulging a secret, one that I was told by my handler (which you will meet in subsequent stories, stay with me folks) I would be allowed to reveal to you, my readers. I work hard for my money, let's get that fact out in the open right now and I'm proud of that fact. Most women try to use their looks to get a foot up, I use my work ethics.

But I have always harbored a secret fantasy, one that few know. If you want to fuck me, you have to pay me. There, it's out. By day, I'm just a housekeeper with fifteen years management on my resume but if you want me in your bed, fork over the dough and smile about it. Now that we have established that piece of information, let me tell you what happened last year with my itch.

We are located in an area that sees a lot of flooding in the early spring once the heavy rains set in. It's a beautiful location really, mountains and trees, fields of swaying green grass and creeks but we are also nestled right against a lake that when the rains hit turns a part of our resort into a swamp.

It has been suggested for years that we do something to fix it and when we attempt to, the Corps of Engineers tells us no, it would ruin the natural landscape. Bastards, it's easy for them to say that, they don't have to mess with the cleanup every year. Last year was particularly messy, almost twenty straight days of rain, coupled in with the occasional severe storm that would drop buckets of water on us.

The resort hadn't been open for the season that long, thankfully we didn't have too many guests and they were all nestled up higher, nice and dry. On the rarest of occasions, the main road leading out of the resort would flood, causing all the crews and office personnel to become stranded, at which time the owners puts us up in various units throughout the resort at no charge to us, we are allowed to use all amenities and we stay however long it takes for the waters to recede.

My itch and I are always the first two on the property in the mornings, I have to wade through the listing of reservations and those staying with us, those that are checking out that day and he has to get his trucks fueled and check on the list of repairs to the units that I give him.

This particular morning was treacherous getting into work, the night before we had several severe storms that brought a couple of trees down and power lines to boot. When I woke up and saw the news, I double checked the bag that I always have in my car, a change of clothes for a few days, toiletries, spare makeup bag, etc.

and a small cooler of food, potatoes, boxed dinners, frozen hamburger, chicken and all the fixings for my famous chicken enchiladas.

I knew that if it I was going to get stuck at the resort, it would happen in the next day or so, the lake was already lapping at the top of its bank near us. I've learned to listen to my instincts and they were screaming at me the next few days were going to be dangerous.

I was sitting at my desk writing out my work orders for my girls when he walked into the door. I immediately inhaled, something I do each and every time he does and filled my lungs with his cologne as he walked quietly over to me. I looked up at him as I lifted my coffee mug to take a sip of coffee, waving at him with one hand while I winked at him. "Morning, sunshine glorious day isn't it?" I wasn't about to let the bad weather kill my mood, I was feeling particularly good that morning and nothing could bring me down.

"I wouldn't necessarily call it glorious, I got stuck out in the rain trying to get my wife's car running, I told the bitch to put it in the garage last night, but she didn't." He pulled his rain slicker off over his head and I got a brief look at his belly and went weak, he had begun to carry a little extra weight there when he was forced to stop working out when he tore a muscle in his shoulder and his doctor ordered him to lay off the weights until it healed completely, but the remnants of a glorious eight pack was still there.

And yes, the man is married, however they have an open marriage, they fuck who they want. "How was your drive in?" "Uneventful.

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Slow, but nothing happened. One of the creeks near me is about to blow its banks. If I can get out of here today, I'll have to take the long way home." It was then that a large clap of thunder followed by a blinding lightning flash lit up the office and shook the building and we were instantly in the dark as the power was lost. "Damn it." We both reached for our cell phones to light up the area around us and I grabbed my address book.

He walked over to the coffee and poured himself a mug before he slipped over to me as I flipped through my book and refilled mine.

"Oooh, thank you, you are my god." It was a statement that was true, I'll give anyone the time of day if they have a pot of coffee in their hand. In the light of our phones, he gave me a seductive wink and my internal organs all went to goo.

"Most of our guests won't be doing much today, the rain is going to keep them indoors. We have four units that needs cleaned, they left before I got here. Screw this, I'm calling my crew off." "You sure about that?" He sat on the desk and looked at my list in his phone light. "Positive, if the power stays off, we can't clean those units anyway, they can hold until tomorrow." I found the first housekeeper to call, I established a phone tree of sorts with them, I call her, she calls two, they call two and with one phone call, my crew is home safe and dry.

I punched in her number and waited for her to pick up. "I can't expect my girls to come in like this, you know that lake is going to go over the banks at the very earliest, today." She picked up in three rings and I quickly relayed to her that I wanted the crew to stay home.

She thanked me profusely, her and her husband spent the night worrying about a creek that ran not too far from their house and when the sun rose that morning, they knew they were going to get flooded.

I told her to be safe and not to forget to call her two, she said she would and I hung up the phone. We sat in silence for a few moments drinking our coffee when the power suddenly sputtered back on. "So, sexy, power's back on, looks like you get to clean by yourself." He smiled over the rim of his coffee, another seductive wink and I again grew weak.

"I can handle it, you beast." I did a half growl half purr that I knew always got to him and I watched him shiver. We both grinned at each other as we sipped on our coffee before I broke eye contact on purpose to go back to my lists and handed him his. "Here's yours. Hell, your day is light enough, you should consider calling your crew off, too. No sense in bringing them in, there's nothing we can do once that lake falls over the banks." "Good point." He picked up his cell and called his first crew member as my phone started going off with texts from my girls letting me know they got the message.

He went through his crew list in a few moments and when he finished, I was headed back to the coffee pot. He suddenly meowed as I walked past him and slapped my ass but good. "Just had to wear those pants, you know those are my favorite." I was wearing my light gray yoga pants with a deep plum colored t-shirt, my hair swept up in a bun on top of my head with wisps falling to my shoulders. Had to admit, I looked good and I appreciated the fact that he liked what I wore.


"It was the only clean pair I had." I grinned as I made my way back to my desk and I heard him laugh hard behind me. "Okay, I lied, I know my ass looks fantastic in them." "We both have time to kill now," he crept up on me so fast that I gasped when I felt him grab my hips and pull them back into his as he began to grind against my ass.

I almost spilled my coffee as he ground against me harder and I swallowed as I felt his semi-hard cock slip up and down between my cheeks. "No one is going to be in the office for another hour, what say you take that infernal shirt and bra off and let me fuck your tits again, got the sixty in my pocket, too. Or better yet, let me shred these god forsaken pants and sink into that hot, tight cunt I just know you've got." It was a very hot, very hard day the year before that I let him fuck my tits in a moment of weakness and it was then that I revealed my secret to him.

It turned him on fiercely when I told him it would cost him sixty bucks to fuck my mounds and when I expected him to step away from me when he realized he was dealing with a prostitute, he flipped out the money so quickly, my head started to spin. We found an unoccupied unit nearby, slipped in and I let him fuck my tits.

It was that moment that I knew I was dealing with a completely different breed of man as he slipped his cock between them, which was an impressive 9.5" and thick. His cock head was a large mushroom of tight, hot skin and as I closed my tits around it, he growled and began fucking them like a madman. I worried for my safety as his hips hammered away at me as he grabbed my hair in both hands and grunted hard as he fucked. His load was extraordinary when he blew, saturating my chest, neck and chin and to my surprise, he fucked harder and faster and kept fucking until he blew twice more.

My tits were sore for days after and in another heated moment when we were alone, he pinned me to a wall and explained that he was much like a knotted dog, once he slips in he makes it a point to stay there until the woman he's fucking begs him to stop and even then, there were times that he wouldn't, he'd just keep fucking. I knew then we were destined to fuck because that's how I like it, hard, fast and sweaty. I was tempted to do it, so tempted in fact that I caught myself turning around to face him when I suddenly stopped myself.

I wasn't about to risk the possibility of someone walking in on us and there was work we both had to do. "As amazing as that proposition is, keep it in your pants, you animal." I playfully swatted at him as I broke free from his grasp and moved to sit down at my desk.

Judging by the look on his face, I knew I was flush from the excitement but I kept my composure. I let my eyes purposely gaze to his crotch, purring over my coffee mug as I saw his meat which was now fully hard and giving me a rather amazing show. "Maybe later." "Fucking tease," he was grinning as he backed away from my desk and I grinned wider.

"Just a fucking tease." "If I were just a tease, I wouldn't have let you have my tits for twenty minutes, keep that in mind." I grabbed my cigarettes and looked out the window, noticing that the latest storm was already well away from us and the rain had briefly stopped. We both stepped outside and as I smoked, we kept our eyes on the sky. "You ever going to let me fuck you?" I gazed into his eyes and stifled a loud moan when I saw the promise of hours of intense pleasure lurking in them.

"You know I'll ruin you." "Oh sugar," I smiled as I playfully patted his hand when I caught my composure. "You know the drill. You want all of me in your bed, it's going to cost you big." "I'm well aware of that fact and I'm willing to pay it." "What would your wife say when your savings account is suddenly three hundred light? Let me talk to my handler, I'll get back to you soon. In the meantime," I stood straight as I took a long drag of my cigarette, listening to the gaggle of women coming up the stairs to the main offices.

"Time to act professional, gorgeous. Find me at lunch, I brought my version of tamales to eat and I made too many." "You know my wife doesn't give a shit about who I fuck in my bed." He kept his voice low but he was still grinning.

"Lunch it is, think about the tit fuck, I need it bad." With that, we straightened up and began our work day. I made quick work of cleaning the units that were empty, all the while turning on the TVs in each unit to watch the news.

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There was no mistaking that the worst of the storms were headed for us, predictions had tornadoes in the mix and due to hit us sometime in the late afternoon hours.

I called my best friend and reminded her that I would probably be stuck at work and to check on my kids two chocolate point Siamese cats to which she replied that they were in good hands, she would check on them and reminded me to call her if I got stuck. When lunch time came around, I radioed to my itch which unit I was in and as I slipped my tamales into the oven to warm, I made another call.

I waited nervously as I listened to the ringing, hoping that my itch was far enough away that I could have some privacy before he came in.

"Hello, my pet, are you well?" The sexy British voice that filtered in through my phone caused me to grow weak in the knees and I caught myself before I slipped to the floor.

My handler, which you will know him only as 'D' is a dark, sexy, handsome Brit I had met some years before when he graced our resort with his presence for two weeks' vacation.

I visited him regularly after work, something that we weren't technically supposed to do but I couldn't keep away from him. He did things to me that no other man has ever done, even my itch. I kept in touch with him since and our story, well, that's another one you'll just have to wait for.

Remember what I said, I'm a calculating bitch. "Soaking wet, but safe." I finally found my voice and I light up a cigarette as I relaxed. "How are you doing?" "More than well now that my pet has called me, I have been worried about the weather. But I sense that this isn't a normal 'how are things' phone call, you rarely call me during the day. What's troubling you, my pet?" His voice is so god damned sexy, I don't think he realizes just what it does to me when he talks.

It's deep and gravelly, and when he's turned on, he growls and sends electricity running through me from head to toe. I guess I let too much time pass before he spoke again. "Ah, yes, now I know. Your itch, I take it that it is troubling you again." "It would be so much different if he didn't turn me on like a fucking teenager, D." I sighed in the phone and relaxed even further. Something about my handler allows me to be myself, respectfully and I have only upset him once in the five years we've known each other, something I still kick myself in the ass for, it was stupid to do at the time, but a private matter that won't hit your ears.

He has said I am a natural born slave, submissive with respect and will do anything to please but it comes so easy to me that I don't think about it, I just do it. Because it's so natural for me, I'm allowed to be more myself around him than others that he has had in his presence, a distinction that I'm quite proud of. "You've seen the pictures I've sent you, the man is a living god on the resort, there's not a day that goes by that someone doesn't notice him.

Hell, you know I noticed him dead bang the moment I started this job, I can't keep my eyes off of him and being completely blunt, he's starting to star in more and more of my fantasies. I think if I were to tally it against you, he's coming up fast." He chuckled and I stifled a moan.

"You're not supposed to find this amusing, sir," I added with a grin, letting him know that while I was in turmoil, I could still be somewhat playful. "He's asking again for everything. I've kept him on a leash this long, but he's starting to fight me and I'm starting to lose." "The question to ask here is why you have not allowed it.

He knows the price we set, he's willing to dance. He's fucked your tits, he wants more. So give it to him already and ease the man's torture." I let his words sink in and I moved to the oven to check on lunch.

"What are you afraid of, my pet? Of everything you have ever done, of all the men you have fucked, all the women you have bedded, only this one causes you to stop." "May I speak freely?" My voice was starting to weaken and I leaned against the counter. "Of course, my pet always." "Thank you." I took a big inhale, let it out easily and blurted out what has been holding me back.

"Everything you have taught me, in the six years we have been together, I have always felt that I was in control, even when I wasn't. I guess you could say it's a safety mechanism, you've never tested me any further than you feel would jeopardize me. This guy…D, this guy scares me in that if we fuck, I may not have that control. "It also doesn't help that Itch could easily become a regular, he's very sexually driven - he's like your twin, I swear that to the gods above and below me.

While that would pad my finances very well, there's also a part of me that feels like if that happens, I'm going to be taking advantage of him." "I see your point, you are in a dilemma." He sighed soft in my ear and even that sent a thrill down my spine. I heard Itch's truck pull up and I gasped as I slipped into the bathroom.

"As your handler though, you know that I can force you to do this and while you do enjoy that immensely, as do I, you need to remember your place, my pet. You are a whore, deep down, this is your fantasy you are living day in and day out and a whore never refuses a client." "I had a feeling you would say that." He chuckled again and I looked in the mirror at myself.

"That's what makes you so unique and special, my pet. You have heart even when you aren't meant to have one. Do you want me to pull rank on you would that ease your burden?" I thought about it as I heard him slip into the door and call out my name. I stopped breathing for a second, then called out to him I was in the bathroom and I turned my attention back to my phone call. "Yes." "Then it's settled.

Fuck the man. And one more thing, enjoy it." I didn't say another word as I closed my phone, ending the phone call as I quickly flushed the toilet, ran the water in the sink for a few seconds and headed out into the kitchen. "Oh my god, those smell wonderful." He quickly opened the oven door and I laughed as he dug into it and pulled out the pan.

"We are going to eat like kings today." I watched him as he pulled a couple of plates out of the cupboard as I moved to the fridge and pulled out our sodas. I quickly reached out to him without thinking and grasped his arm. "First thing is first, fuck beast." I put our sodas on the counter and quickly shed my shirt, walking into the living area of the unit.

I slipped my bra off next, my tits freed from their constraint as I turned to face him, my nipples already rock hard and tingling. "You wanted a tit fuck, come get it." I positioned myself on the couch upside down with my head hanging off the end as he quickly rushed over to me.

I could hear him unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants, already he was breathing heavy as I grabbed my tits and slowly pushed them together. "Aw yeah, baby, that's what I'm talking about." He quickly positioned himself between my mounds, growling long as I pushed my tits together, trapping his cock effectively between them.

Thrusting heavily and deep once, he grunted as he settled himself in. He pulled his jeans down to his knees, freeing up his balls and I licked my lips at the sight of them hanging just a few inches from my mouth. Before he began to fuck, I opened my mouth wide and quickly sucked one of the hairless beauties in, swirling my tongue fast and hard. He groaned and pushed again, holding himself up on shaky legs. "Oh bitch, yeah suck my balls." With that began the onslaught, his hips pistoning his cock between my tits with the force of a jackhammer.

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As he gained speed and strength, he leaned forward to grab my knees which hung over the back of the couch, growling and grunting louder with each thrust forward as I sucked and licked on his balls. "Aw yeah bitch, your big tits are perfect for fucking. Take my cock, you whore." He growled out the words as his cock slipped in and out of my tits with lightning speed and I pushed on them harder, tightening my hold on his cock.

He growled again and I gasped loud when I suddenly felt his hand dive into my yoga pants. As his fingers slipped across my wet cunt, he groaned loud and fucked harder. "Fuck yes, the whore shaves her cunt. I'd eat you until you blacked out." His fingers flew across my clit just as fast as his hips pummeled me and I groaned heavy as I felt the tingling spread.

I licked his balls heavily as I spread my legs out as wide as I could, impressing him with my flexibility as my knees hit the couch cushions with little effort. The sounds of my wet cunt filled the room as he worked my clit faster before he shoved three fingers deep into my cunt and began fucking me just as hard as he fucked my tits. It didn't take long for either of us, in just a few short moments, we both were cumming, my hips flying off the couch as my body was racked with mind-numbing ecstasy as he slipped his fingers free and concentrated solely on my exploding clit.

I could feel his load begin to cover my stomach and just as he finished blowing, he pulled free of my tits and stroked himself to his end, effectively coating my tits as well. We stayed in that position for a long time, both of us catching our breath before he finally eased himself off of me and disappeared into the bathroom. I laid still, knowing he was going for a washcloth to clean me up and I allowed myself a few moments of blissful peace as I heard distant thunder.

He returned a moment later and cleaned me off before helping me stand and as we walked into the kitchen, he retrieved my bra from the floor and handed it to me. When we made it to the kitchen and I sat down, he handed me my t-shirt and opened his soda.

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"You are one hot bitch," he said with a smile as he divided up the still hot tamales into our plates and handed a plate to me as I slipped my shirt back on. "Whoever is your handler, the man is a genius." "Glad you enjoyed it." I smiled back at him as I dove into my lunch, suddenly famished from the workout just a few moments earlier.

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Another loud clap of thunder hit, this time much closer and it shook the building. I looked over at the TV which was still on from when I came into the unit originally and saw a nasty storm bearing down on us. I turned back to my lunch, noticing that he was flipping through his wallet. As the fifty and ten hit the counter, I stifled a moan and a hard shudder as a micro orgasm hit me. My cunt contracted deep and I held myself in check as my body threatened to come unglued.

It took several moments to settle back down and I prayed that he didn't see what the effect of the money on the counter did to me. We ate in relative silence after that, both of us devouring the tamales as if we hadn't eaten in days and when our hunger was satisfied, we leaned heavily against the backs of our chairs. I lit a cigarette and moved to the fridge to retrieve a couple more sodas when lightning fractured the sky outside and plunged us into darkness again. "Damn it." He growled as he stood up.

"I'm not moving for a few minutes, not until the storm passes. I have to call it in, want me to call in for you?" "Yeah." I sighed as I grabbed up our dishes and filled the sink with soapy water.

"Make sure to tell them what unit we are in so they know where to find us." "You had to say that, an afternoon stuck in a condo with a hot whore is my idea of heaven. If they know which unit we are in, they could come find us and if my head is buried between your legs, the situation would be rather awkward." He winked at me and I flipped a towel at him, even as my body exploded with promising orgasms as I imagined him eating my cunt.

I knew deep down he was an expert, no doubt the kind of man that would get his fill of eating wet pussy for hours on end, making the woman weak with multiple orgasms.

"That's not a threat, that's a promise." He slipped out into the rain briefly as he ran to the truck to retrieve his radio and slid back into the condo as his wet boots hit the tile. I laughed as he almost wiped out, but then he regained his composure before he slammed the door shut, cussing loudly. "Base, this is maintenance unit 2 and housekeeping unit 1, we are in 380, staying here until the storm passes, over." He slipped his wet t-shirt off and I groaned as I saw his muscular back, large angel wings graced his back in beautiful swirls.

The tattoo was exquisite and had to have cost him a pretty penny. He tossed his shirt into the dryer and tried to turned it on, cussing when he remembered the power was off as I felt my cunt begin to open up and leak again. "10-4 Unit 2. Just to let you know, the lake breeched its bank, main road is quickly flooding over. Looks like you guys are stuck for the night." The grin that crept across his face showed a mix of emotions, one of pure joy at being stuck in the resort and the promise of sex beyond my imagination.

My cunt contracted, my nipples hardened and my body exploded both in anticipation of a night that I would never forget and fear. "Unit 2, you can stay in 280, directly below your present location, unit 1, you can stay where you are, over." "Copy that." He replied as his grin never subsided as he stood stock still, looking like a wet stone sculpture of a god from long ago. His muscles glistened from the rain in the dark and seemed to twitch on their own as he gazed at me up and down slowly.

"Tell me your handler wants you in my bed or I just might have to rape you and take it anyway." I didn't stifle the moan as it escaped loudly from my mouth and I leaned heavily against the counter.

One way or the other, the itch was going to fuck my brains out and either direction, whether D told me to or he would rape me was a promise that I knew he would keep. I couldn't hold out much longer, I was fighting a losing battle and my sanity was being threatened the likes it never had before. I merely nodded, then turned slowly back to finish the dishes. I heard him move away from me and into the bathroom. I sighed with relief for only a moment as he returned, back to his normal self. "We should get your car up here, where you parked is in no danger of flooding, but it would be nice to get out of this stifling condo for a bit, even if it is raining." I knew he told the truth, the air in the unit had become somewhat unbearably hot since the AC wasn't running and it looked as if the power wasn't going to return for a while.

I finished up the dishes and turned back to him, watching him closely as he moved back and forth between the fridge and the counter. We didn't say a single word as we slipped out of the condo and straight to his truck, jumping in quickly as we tried in vain to not get too wet. He reached behind me and pulled out his bag, retrieving a dry t-shirt and started the truck.

As we drove down the road leading to my car slowly, we both watched as the lake poured over the banks, the color in our faces slowly washing away like the waters below us. "I've never seen it this bad before." I whispered and he shot a look at me, confirming that he felt the same way. We made it to the main offices a few minutes after and as I slipped out of the truck to head to the offices, a loud clap of thunder startled me bad enough that I practically jumped into his arms.

We both laughed as we made it up the stairs quickly, I retrieved my purse and keys as he went into the main lobby to find out more information. We met up a few moments later and as we began descending the stairs, movement to my left caught my eye and I screamed.

A black and white cat who had given birth to a litter of kittens was soaked to the bone and crying loudly. I ran down the stairs as he called out to me and when I hit the ground, I took off running. I scooped her up quickly and scanned the area around us, looking for her kittens. They were young, just a few months old and would be helpless in the downpour.

If the flood hadn't already killed them, the torrential rains would. "Take her to the truck!" I screamed as I shoved the cat into his arms. "We've got to find her kittens!" I frantically took off towards the area that I knew she had them at and started calling to them. A few moments later he joined me and together, we spent a half an hour looking for them. I had started to cry and panic, we hadn't found them yet and my heart was breaking when I realized we may have lost them.

When a pathetic little mew suddenly hit my ears between thunder claps, I screamed again and ran toward it, finding a completely soaked gray kitten shivering in the rain. "This is going to be close, we don't have a lot of time!!" The sound of his voice scared me as I whipped around, noticing that the lake was moving towards us at an alarming rate.

"She had six, if that one is here, the others are close!" I picked it up, holding onto it close as I continued calling out to the rest. A few seconds later, he found four of the little fuzz balls, looking scared but grateful. One more to go, I quickly handed him the one I had. "Get these little guys to the truck, I know that last one is here somewhere!" "Going to be damn close, woman!" He yelled at me and gave me a stern look that startled me. "Not worth it for a kitten!" He took off for the truck anyway, carrying his rescues as I started calling for the last one.

I found it a moment later, up in a small tree and judging by the way the water was moving, I was about to go for a swim if I didn't act. I ran for the tree, calling to the kitten as I did and as I reached it, I jumped up the trunk and scaled the five feet left to get to it. This one was my favorite, a pure white fluff ball with a splash of dark gray that graced its left ear and down around its eye.

When it saw I was coming to rescue it, it stood up and began meowing, trying hard to climb down the tree.

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Knowing that his little claws got him up there but his inexperience at coming down trees would be dangerous, I reached up quickly and grabbed him by the scruff. He went limp as I cradled him on my neck and together, we jumped.

I landed in water that was swirling around my knees and I looked up to see my itch standing on solid ground but was moving steadily backward as the water advanced on him. Knowing I had one chance, I kissed the wet kitten and yelled at Itch to get his attention as I moved forward the best I could.

There was only one chance at saving the wet little baby and I had to take the chance. "Trust me, little guy, he's got great hands." I kissed him again and with that, I launched the kitten the twenty feet between us and held my breath.

He stepped into the water a few steps, but effectively caught the kitten and held him up like a trophy. We both screamed in victory at the rescue and as I started to wade out of the water, I caught the glimpse of a wide smile on his face as he held the kitten close. Something brushed my legs, it had to have been a log and I suddenly found myself under water. I quickly got my head above it and instead of attempting to fight it to stand, I relaxed and let the current take me up close to where he stood.

He grabbed my hand as I reached him and with the kitten clinging to his soaked t-shirt, he hauled me up to my feet and quickly lifted me into his arms. I grabbed the kitten from his shoulder as we made our way up to higher ground and as he sat me down next to the truck, an explosion of cheers above us caught our attention.


All the office workers stood in the open doorway and clapped at the successful rescue. I held the kitten up so they could see him before Itch pushed me into the truck.


"You have some serious balls, woman. I wouldn't have done what you just did." He said as he climbed into the truck. In the back seat, mama cat who was still wet was drying off her babies and as I handed the last one to her, she meowed and pressed her head to my hand as if to thank me. "I have a soft spot for cats, even more so when they are in danger." I replied softly as I slipped out of the truck.

"One of the office workers made it out of the resort before the lake blew its banks. She bought quite a bit of food, steaks, hamburgers, pizzas, what's for dinner, Wonder Woman." I grinned at the comment and stuck my tongue out. "Not picky, just grab a little of everything, I have a few things in my car as well." I jumped as a clap of thunder rattled my brains and the rain started coming down harder.

"Make it fast, those little guys need to be warmed up. I'll be ready when you get back." "Ready for what!?! The cats, the food or me!!" I stuck my tongue out again and slipped into my car, grateful I was no longer getting rained on.

As he pulled away, he honked and flipped me off with a smile and I returned the gesture. This night would definitely be one for the record books.