I like playing with my new dildo

I like playing with my new dildo
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If you want to hear more just tell me, I have notebooks full of them. Katherine was an exceptionally good basketball player. She was 16 and a sophomore in high school. She made Varsity Co-Captain and landed on the first string after only the try-outs this year. Not only was she a great athlete, her academic performance was stellar. On top of it all, she was an exceptionally beautiful girl. She was about 5'6", had long jet black hair, bright green eyes, soft and smooth light skin, about full firm breasts, a nicely rounded hips, and a slim and slender body.

As soon as try-outs were over, she would stay after every practice.

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Even though she was the second fastest and most skilled girl on the team, she would still run five extra miles and take fifty shots from five different spots on the court after practice.

After practice on a Wednesday, Mr. Karl Sigmund, her coach, asked her to talk to him after the other girls had left. She agreed since she was staying after anyway. Mr. Sigmund used to play professional basketball until a knee injury took it from him. He was 37, tall; he had short light brown hair, and was very built. As Katherine Ran around the gym she wondered what her coach wanted to talk to her about. She loved her coach and would have done anything, within reason, for his approval.

After she saw the last girl leave, Katherine decided to skip her last mile and practice shots to go see what her coach wanted with her. She opened the door to the girl's locker room and walked in.

Someone grabbed her from behind put his forearm over her windpipe. Terrified, she could not scream for help or fight back, he was too strong for her and overpowered her easily. His forearm put more pressure on her throat and she started to see black spots. Is this how it ends? A couple more seconds her vision went dark and Katherine blacked out. Later she awoke inside a small bathroom only to find herself naked.

Immediately Katherine felt between her legs, praying it would not be sore or tender. She sighed with relief when it felt perfectly normal. She got up and looked around and the first thing she saw was a note on the sink. She picked it up and opened it. Katherine, Do not be afraid, you will not be harmed at all. All we want you to do is stall till the end of the week. Screaming won't help, as you are in a cellar, but you are welcome to try.

To your right, on the toilet, I have laid a robe and a towel out for you. Please take a shower and the door to the bathroom will be unlocked by the time you are done. Also if you are wondering if I touched you or saw you while you were out, I did not.


I had my daughter undress you and put you where you are now. Please, again, do not be afraid because you are in a strange place. I want you to be as comfortable as possible. Sincerely, K. K? Katherine knew at the very least thirty people whose name starts with a K. She did as the no said and stepped into the shower, it was a full shower with a very large bathtub, and closed the curtain.

The water felt great as it ran over her skin.

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She saw a bottle of Vitabath, the only body wash she used, so she picked it up and started spreading it over her body. As always she washed her breasts first, around, underneath, and for some reason she can't, explain she spent extra time around her nipples.

She closed her eyes and thought about Coach Sigmund, she did not even notice her hand fall to the feminine folds between her legs. Katherine started rubbing herself, not caring if the man outside heard her, she started to moan softly. Something caught her attention. She heard voices outside, she stopped touching and turned off the shower to see if she could hear.

She could only hear a girl's voice, but it sounded strangely familiar, she could not hear any other voice. It was faint but she said, "May I please go in wit her, she could be afraid? It is also possible she needs someone else with her, it could make her feel more secure." A pause…&hellip. "Thank you, I promise you nothing bad will happen to her.

She will be more comfortable with me I think." Katherine quickly turned the shower back on and acted like she had been washing herself the whole time. The door to the bathroom opened and closed, then a click, the door locking back Katherine assumed. She saw a hand reach from behind the curtain and turn off the water.

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The shower curtain was pulled back from the rear of the tub and what she saw she could not believe. The girl she saw made her temporarily stunned and speechless. Katherine looked at the girl in front of her up and down; it felt as though she was looking into a mirror. She was not looking into a mirror though, this girl had clothes on and she did not.

The girl decided to talk first, "Please do not be afraid, you are as safe here as you would be in your own home." "Who…who are you." Katherine said. "I am sorry, I am Alexis, but you can call me Alex." She motioned toward the shower, "May I join you?" "Do I have a choice?" "Of course you do, I will leave you to take your shower alone if you want me to." Alex replied calmly.

"No it's ok. Please help yourself." Alex removed her robe and folded it neatly next to the one Katherine was supposed to wear. Alex got into the shower with her and turned the water on.

Katherine now took a good look at her. She had long black hair, a slender frame, her breasts were very firm, and she was just as tall as Katherine. She moved her gaze lower and saw that Alex kept herself trimmed to the neatest extent possible, Katherine herself preferred to be completely shaven. She did not like the feeling of hair around or anywhere near her pussy. "Alex?" Alex turned around and looked Katherine in the eyes. She had the most beautiful brown eyes Katherine had ever seen.

"Yes?" "Do I know you?" Alex giggled and said, "Here, what do you think?" Alex put her arms around Katherine and kissed her. Katherine was surprised at first, but Alex was so passionate about it. She kissed Alex back and backed up against the wall on the opposite of the curtain. The warm water poured on them as they stood there in each others embrace. Alex broke the kiss but did not release Katherine. "Well Kathy, what do you think?" She said softly.

Katherine wanted nothing more than to have their lips locked together once more. She moved her hands to Alex's ass and kissed her again. In return, Alex moved one of her hands and started massaging Kathy's breasts. Katherine had never been touched by a girl before. Nor had she been so turned on in her life. Still locked in the kiss, Kathy put her hand between Alex's legs, put two fingers into her and curled them repeatedly.

It was how Kathy masturbated herself. As if reading her mind, Alex slowly edged backward and down until she was on her back with Kathy on top of her.

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Kathy broke the kiss and started to mover her hand in circles as she fingered Alex. Alex's pussy sucked on her fingers violently with each curl, rotation, and thrust. Her hips rose and fell as if with the rhythm of Kathy's insertions.

Kathy could not control herself anymore, she had to taste her. She removed her fingers and again as if reading her mind, Alex scooted backward as Kathy moved down to her legs. She lifted Alex's legs and put them over her shoulders. Before she started on Alex's pussy she looked at it, admiring it. Alex had no camel-toe, just like Kathy didn't. Her pussy was a very light shade of pink, it was soft, tender, and begging for Kathy to dive in and have a banquet.

Using her fingers Kathy opened the lips to Alex's pussy and put her mouth right between them, sucking and licking her like every moment of it was life or death. Starting to tremble, Alex screamed as she came.

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Even still, Kathy held on and didn't remove her lips from Alex's tender folds. Though her face was covered in Alex's fluids, she just kept going.

She loved her taste, Alex tasted just like she did.

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The spasms inside Alex became violent and she screamed again as she grabbed Kathy's head and held it hard to her pussy. All of a sudden her grip weakened dramatically and Kathy gently lowered her legs down and helped her up. Kathy washed them both making sure not to miss a spot.

Alex started gaining her strength back and was able to stand on her own. They got out of the shower and dried off, putting on the silk bathrobes that only came down to their mid-thighs. Alex's was purple and Kathy's was bright green, just like her eyes.


Alex opened the bathroom door to a very large room. Kathy just stared. It was like walking in to her own room except for the fact that the TV was in a different spot, the bed had black sheets on it (hers were blue), and it was much smaller than this one. Taking her hand, Alex brought her over to her bed and they laid down next to one another, looking into one another's eyes. Katherine felt like she had known Alex her whole life. She heard someone come into the room and she stood up and looked at the person.

She almost fell over when she saw who it was. Her basketball coach, Coach Sigmund stood in front of her. "COACH!!!!" "Hello Katherine, I see you have met Alex." "Are you the one that abducted me?" "Yes, but for three reasons." "And those are?" "One, your mother would never have consented to you coming to see me. Two, I wanted you to meet your twin sister.

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Three, I prefer you to call me Dad instead of coach." Katherine lost him at twin sister… she had just made love to her twin sister… the thought of that turned her on so much she felt herself get wet again.

"Coa…Dad…can you leave me and Alex for a bit, there are so many things I want to talk to her about." "Sure hunny…" He said and left, closing the door on his way out. Katherine turned to Alex, "You let me touch you knowing I was your sister?" Alex looked down, "I wanted to be closer to you and I thought you knew by how identical we are. I am sorry if you are mad." "Mad!! You must be fucking insane!!" Katherine got in front of her and pushed her on the bed.

She climbed on top of her and opened their robes, making sure Alex's was wide enough to see every aspect of her body.

Katherine kisses her quickly, "I'm just getting started sis." To Be Continued&hellip.