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Hidden cam caught bigtits latina doggyfucked hardcore brunette
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I couldn't have been two minutes out of the drive and less than a mile down the road towards the train station when Ali caught sight of Marjorie coming up the drive.

She was looking out of the kitchen window and noticed that Marjorie had bounce in her step not the trudging walk of an ageing doyen. No walking stick either, although still the beetle crusher shoes, pop socks, tweed twin set and that awful black hat sat on top of her head with her massive hair all coiled underneath. Beginning of summer and she had the silly gloves on. Ali opened the front door. "Nice to see you Marge. Come on in." Ali walked back in the kitchen leaving Marjorie to close the door.

They had a different relationship now no longer the power plays and condescending attitude. Marjorie dutifully closed the door and stepped into the kitchen.

"Tea or coffee Marge I have both - freshly made and freshly baked Madeleines. "Oh that sounds lovely Allison." "Why don't you call me Ali all my friends do?" As she turned her linen shorty robe fell open exposing her breasts never did find that sash belt I had hidden it in my sock drawer.

I had only a few minutes before been playing with her breast sucking on her nipples. They were still hard and dark red - swollen to bursting and still moist. Marjorie's eyes were fixed on her breasts boring holes like a laser in her nipples.

"Okay … Ali." "What can I do for you Marge?" "I came by this morning to talk about yesterday." "Yeah … I wanted to say before you left yesterday you are a great fuck Marge." Ali could see the word had stuck in Marjorie's craw yet less than 24 hours ago she was screaming 'fuck me' - at the top of her lungs.

It wasn't in her nature to swear and she didn't tolerate it from others - especially other women. Ali came around the kitchen island with the cups and saucers her robe flowing open even more exposing her pussy in plain sight for Marjorie. Ali placed the china down on the counter and without notice she placed her hands on the sides of Marjorie's face and gave her a full kiss.

It took a little pressure - but she got her tongue into Marjorie's mouth and was exploring her throat. Ali unbuttoned Marjorie's jacket and cupped her breasts then reached down and took Marjorie's hand and placed it on her breast.

Marjorie instinctively kneaded Ali breast and played with her nipples. Ali pulled her tongue back and Marjorie put her tongue in Ali' s mouth while bringing her other hand up to cup Ali's other breast. Ali pulled back. "Your tongue is sweet Marge. But I see you have the same bra on and the same problem. Are you busy today?" Marjorie stammered to get the words out.

"No … no … actually I have cancelled todays' committee meetings. I have the day free." "Good I'll make a couple of phone calls pour yourself a drink - the Madeleines are on the stove top." Ali reached for the wall phone and made two calls.

"Excellent they can see us this morning." "Who can see us this morning?" "I go to a beauty salon on the way to Guildford and they have a private area. And there is a lingerie shop in the same parade.

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This man is a genius and he'll solve your bra problem he has a private fitting area for his exclusive clients. Let's face it Marge you are a local dignitary and need to be afforded the most discrete service." She played to Marjorie's vanity and it was working. "Vicar Adam won't miss you for a few hours will he?" "No we sometimes don't see each other for the entire day." "Good finish your tea and I'll get dressed be right back." She went into her dressing room and put on a wraparound Diane Von Furstenberg print summer dress.

A pair of hold up sheer stockings but no panties or bra. That was the beauty of a Furstenberg wrap it gave you the needed support for the breasts. The print pattern camouflaged her not wearing a slip or underwear.

A little make up, lipstick, a pair of low heels and her hair up in a scrunchie clip and she was ready to go. She had a shower when she first got up that morning. When Ali returned to the kitchen Marjorie was just finishing her tea. "Where is this salon Ali?" "It's a surprise and my treat don't worry you'll love it." Ali led the way into the hall and through to the garage. "Hop in Marge." I had given Ali a vintage BMW coupe a few years ago in an attempt to try and pull her out of her depression.

She now loves to drive the county roads and it has given her the freedom to travel wider than her old push bike - especially in this hilly part of Hampshire.

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Although the bike did develop a fantastic pair of legs I've got to admit. The bike was donated to the Oxfam Shop and she now uses her exercise equipment.

Absolutely a better cardio workout than the bike ever was yet still keeps her pins trim. They drove towards the Surrey border and stopped in a small village. Ali parked up by the green and walked to the parade of shops. She opened the door to the beauty salon and ushered Marjorie inside. The receptionist stood up. "Hello Ali." They embraced and kissed on the lips. I have the private suite all ready and Bethany is your therapist this morning.

"Thanks Kim let's go Marge." Ali led Marjorie down the length of the salon between all the stations. Young women working on young women cutting, colouring, highlighting and styling hair. Polishing nails giving facials.

Not the kind of salon that Marjorie frequented. 'Tony's Hairdressers' back in the village mostly did blue rinses, set and blow dry on a clientele that was predominately pension age. This was foreign territory the smells the products and mostly the noise of women chatting and the background rock beat. They passed through the double curtain into a very feminine space with soft lighting and mood music another alien space for Marjorie.

"Can we have the security door Bethany?" "Sure Ali." Bethany slid the partition closed and it snapped with a click. She offered Marjorie a duck egg grey smock. "You can change behind the curtain in the alcove." "What get undressed?" "Oh course ma'am." "This is Marge Bethany a good friend of mine none of this ma'am business okay?

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Come on Marge let's get you undressed." They walked into the alcove. "I'm not comfortable with all this Ali." "Of course you're not but you'll love it trust me." Ali went behind her and helped her off with her tweed jacket. Marjorie unbuttoned her blouse and Ali undid her skirt and dropped it to the floor. Then she pulled down her slip. "Oh Marge you dirty girl - no panties." Marjorie turned beet red and was obviously flustered. Ali helped her off with her blouse and then undid the clasp on her bra setting her large breasts free.

Surprisingly they didn't drop to her knees but it was obvious they needed support.


Ali put her hands under her arms and cupped her breasts. "Ali don't." Ali grabbed the smock and put it over Marjorie's shoulders and came around to tie the sash around her waist. She leaned down and took one of Marjorie's nipples in her mouth and gave it a loud suck while pinching the other nipple. The result was two erect nipples. The sash was tied and they went back into the suite.

Bethany gestured with her hand towards an outer space looking contraption. "Have a seat Marge. Now what do we have in mind?" Ali stepped up. "Short back and sides Bethany but let's keep the authentic sixties look okay - not too severe." Bethany untied Marjorie's sash as she was frozen in place.

Bethany then opened the smock. "Jesus Christ!" Marjorie looked down at her groin area. "What?" "I've never seen so much hair how long since your last wax?" "Wax what are you talking about?" Ali put her hand on Marjorie's shoulder and pointedly looked at Bethany.

"No wax today just a trim and maybe a little shave to tidy up." Bethany went over to the station and came back with a few hot towels and placed them on Marjorie's thighs. Bethany lowered the chair back and got her equipment. An hour later Marjorie's legs had been shaved all the way up to her groin.

Her pubic hair had been neatly trimmed into a nice V shape with a rounded top and shaved sides to make it neat. Her legs had been moisturised and massaged. Marjorie was completely relaxed. It had not been traumatic at all. She went to get up and discovered her underarms and upper lip had been shaved as well she might have been asleep.

Ali had gone out front and paid the cashier with her credit card and came back in and gave Bethany a twenty pound tip. "Thanks Bethany that was very professional." Ali went back in the suite. "Let's get you dressed Marge we have an appointment next door." They went into the alcove and Ali grabbed the industrial bra and threw it into the wastebin.

"You won't need that monstrosity ever again not when we finish next door." "And what is next door pray tell?" "Jerome is next door - a genius with lingerie - among his other talents." Marjorie was very self-conscience walking along without a bra on good thing it was only 50 feet to next door. Ali opened the door to the underwear shop and they stepped in.

Jerome's sister Germaine came up. She and Ali embraced and again kissed each other full on the lips. "Welcome Ali this way." She turned and headed to the private lower level fitting room.

Stepping through the door Marjorie was entering another totally alien space. Plush carpet with a wall of mirrors. They sat down on the seats that lined the walls opposite to the mirrors. The room was dominated by scarlet red. "Relax Marge we'll have a cup of camomile tea." Germaine left and a few minutes later returned with a gold coloured tray and two perfectly brewed camomile teas in vibrant coloured bone china cups.

They had hardly finished the teas when Jerome swept in the room and closed the door behind him. "Miss Ali and this must be your friend Miss Marjorie." His Jamaican accent was heavy combined with his arm gesturing Marjorie could have thought he was a circus performer.

In his mid-thigh length silk embroidered robe and Rastafarian hair he was a sight. It didn't take long for Marjorie to notice the bulge in his robe concealing his massive cock. He held Marjorie's hand and pulled her up and walked her over to the round raised platform in the centre of the room.

"First we must remove this walking attire." Without a protest from Marjorie Jerome had her naked in less than twenty seconds. He offered his hand and had her step onto the platform. As he stepped back he had a glaze come over his eyes. "What a magnificent figure woman." As he cupped her breasts in his hands he sighed. "40 triple D cup." He slid his hands down to her waist. "32 inch waist." Then his hands fell to her hips.

"38 inch hips." Then he smacked her on the ass cheek. "And the ass that Bob Marley would be proud to kiss. You will need support Momma." With that statement he was gone through the door. He returned a few minutes later with a corset like garment that encompassed a lovely bra. He held it up to her front and went around the back to fasten the Velcro clips. "No buttons, laces or hooks easy to put on by yourself. Not a corset only for support of these lovely breasts." He bent down and kissed each nipple taking them in turn into his mouth and sucking each one hard.

Then he flipped up the bra cups and adjusted her breasts into each cup.


He pointed at the mirror just a few feet away. "You see your nipples are aroused but they cannot be seen. Marjorie was pleased.

The bustier was gorgeous in satin silk and lace with cream ribbons and bows. It was slightly boned and completely supported her breasts without straps.

"Sit down lovely lady." Marjorie sat on the edge of the platform. "I shall return." And theatrically he breezed out of the room. Ali came over and sat next to Marjorie. "Lovely huh?" "Oh yes he is a bit eccentric though." "Eccentric!" Ali laughed. "He's Jamaican Marge." Just then Jerome came back in and stepped over to where the women were sitting. He had a few panties in his hand that matched the fabric and colour of the bustier. He stroked his cock through the silk robe.

Ali reached under his robe and lifted his cock with both hands. The robe fell away to reveal his manhood and Ali gently kissed his cock head and then put it in her mouth and began sucking. His cock grew harder and longer until she could not keep it in her mouth and she began licking the shaft up and down. She was moaning as she licked the length of his shaft when she felt Marjorie's hand wrap around his cock.

"Oh My God what a cock!" As she spoke Marjorie began to stroke his cock and Ali pulled her lips away. Marjorie placed her lips on the head and easily put his entire cock head in her mouth.

Then to Ali's amazement she took several inches down her throat and began sucking. She cupped his massive balls as she moaned and continued to suck more cock. Jerome kneeled on the platform shifting Marjorie's back down on the platform. Ali slipped between Marjorie's legs and spread her legs revealing the freshly trimmed and shaved pussy. She was already wet and her juices were flowing. Ali put her mouth to the opening of Marjorie's pussy to drink the elixir.

She spread Marjorie's pussy lips and began to lick her inner cavity. Then she came up and found her clit and began to suck. With that Marjorie arched her back and climaxed. Ali could taste the different juice cuming now from her aromatic pussy. As her legs began to quiver Jerome slid Ali over and he took her place between Marjorie's prostate legs.

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He took her thighs and lifted them to completely expose Marjorie's pussy and asshole. Bethany had done a very good job on Marjorie's pubic hair. Still it was long and matted with fluid sticking to the skin. As Jerome placed his cock head against the opening of her pussy, Marjorie took in a short sharp gasp.


"Oh yes fuck me you black bastard." This didn't offend Jerome it just made him thrust his cock in very hard. He pushed her legs back so her knees were at the sides of her head and he began to pump her wildly. Thrusting in and out Marjorie began to swear.

"Yes fuck me you black animal fuck me God Dam it Oh motherfucker what a cock!" Jerome was worked up and lasted more than 20 minutes pumping his cock into Marjorie. Ali lost count of the times she screamed in ecstasy one climax after another.

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The Vicar's wife was more of an animal than Jerome wrapping her stout legs pulling him in deeper. His balls were slapping against her ass hole and he trust in for the last time and began to cum. Marjorie screamed. "Yes - give me that black cum you bastard." As he pulled his cock out of Marjorie's pussy he was completely flaccid.

He stood up. "This white bitch has taken my seed and my soul." He threw the panties to Ali.

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Pay Germaine for the top the panties are free." Ali went to the sink and made a wash cloth wet with hot water and went over to Marjorie and wiped her pussy clean. Jerome's cum was still seeping out and Ali bent down to taste this black seed for herself.

My God it was pungent with a strong acrid taste.

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She put the wash cloth on Marjorie's pussy. "Let's get you dressed and I think you better keep that cloth down there you will be leaking for a while.

We'll go back to my place for a shower and a steam. You need to rest." "Rest are you fucking crazy I don't need to rest let's go to your place I need you to fuck me. That's what I need - not rest." Marjorie's bent up sexual frustration over the years had been released. Ali knew the feeling all too well.