Amateur Young Blonde MILF Squirt With Hitachi

Amateur Young Blonde MILF Squirt With Hitachi
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I've got a problem. I really love girls. This may not sound like a large problem to any of you, but in real life it is. The problem is that I like a lot of girls, heck, I still love all my ex-girlfriends - about 5 of them. The hottest scandinavian girls one could ever imagine.

Some tall, some low, some redheads, some blonds, some small-titted, some large-titted - and I can't get enough of them. This is a story about one of them - Susy. Big titties, redhead, 1,70 meters, lovely body, and she loved sex. Couldn't get enough of it, so she went a little further than just men.

Her best friend, her roommate. all her lovely girlfriends she could persuade into making out with her, she had sex with.

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Our story starts at a Danish boarding school. Now boarding school might sound rather boring to you, but this is liberal Denmark, and some boarding schools have girls and boys living in the same wings, but in different 2-person rooms. Small, but each with their own shower. Me and my girlfriend were both attending this school at tenth grade. Since we lived in the same wing, one of us would sneak into the other one room for the night, and our respective roommates (who claimed they were "only good friends") would usually sleep with each other.

But not always. My girlfriends roommate, Jessica, is quite hot. A bit thin, but her long, blonde hair and her perky tits match perfectly with her round-shaped ass, making her look like a foto-model.

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One day, when I shoved up in the middle of the night, when the teachers had gone to sleep, Jessica had had an idea. She wanted a nipple-piercing. Susy is quite good at that, so they were in the middle of preparing it, when I came in. They both noticed me, and asked if I wanted to look at them. Sure thing, since I've never seen her pretty breasts before. It was quite erotic. Susy was sitting in her nightgown with the clean needle, holding Jessicas tits in her hands, ready to push.

But her nipples needed to stick out to get pierced, so Susy asked me to help her. "John, would you please help Jessica, her nipples needs to be erect before we can do anything" "Erhm, sure" I said, taking my stare away from her tits "What do you want me to do?" "Well.

maybe you and Jessica could find out about something together." "What?" I stared at her, not quite sure I had gotten her message clearly "You want me and Jessica to." "Yeah" Jessica took over "come on John, I've always wanted to see what you look like.

please" "Come on John, give her you best shot" Susy said, with a wink in her eye. "Okay, sure, but how do we.

what do you want to do. we could." I stammered away, trying to overcome the sensation of being able to make out with Jessica.

It seemed a bit like something they had arranged already, but who cares? Jessice broke my stammering "would you like to like my nipples? You've been staring at them for a long time now anyhow" she giggled and moved over to me on Susy's bed. She kissed me lightly on my lips, and took my hand up to her breats.

Now I knew she meant this for real, and I didn't hold back. Susy grinned a bit at first, trying to see what we were doing in her bed, but after we started making really out, she stopped grinning and started caressing herself.

Jessica was all over me, like this was something she too had been waiting for. And I loved every bit of her, they way she bit my earloofs, kissed my neck, bit my nipples, kissed my chest, and finally held my cock in her hand. She was obviously a bit surprised by the size at first, a bit larger than she had imagined I suppose, but she quickly got down to business. "Uhm. You're really great at that", I moaned.

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She wasn't gonna be the only one giving, she wanted something too, so she changed in bed, allowing her legs to go on either side of my head, whilst still having my cock pressed in between her sweet, sweet lips.

Her shaved pussy smelled great, and after teasing her upper thighs a bit, I started lightly licking her vaginal lips. I could feel her moaning on my cock as I found her clit and started working on it. She moved so much in bed, that I was afraid she would wake the neighbours. "Ohm, ohm, ohn, ou'e ood! ah, ah, ahhh, aaaahhhh!!!" She came all over me, trying to scream my name into my cock, whilst really rocking the bed.

At this time, Susy was close to cumming too, so she came over to the bed, and changed places with Jessica. She deep-throated me, and I licked her really fast, loved the musk aroma of her love juices. I was alternating between licking her clit really hard, and once in a while sliding up and down her slit, each time making her try to move her clit on my tongue, trying to get more. Jessica felt a little left out now, but quickly got an idea.

She went over to my head, and used her tongue to lick her roommates sweet pussy out, at the same time as me. But due to her position, Susy's butthole was closer to her, than her pussy. So she tried licking it brieflt, and got another muffled moan from Susy.

Susy sat up, kissed both of us, and said to me "I want to feel you inside me, now, and go really deep, 'cause I'm really close to cumming" I sat up too, and leaned up against the wall behind me, this was our favorite position. She impaled herself on my, quite easily because we were so wet, and we started going at it, really fast.

Jessica was again left out, but didn't care. She stood behind susy and kissed her, holding her large breasts in her tiny hands, pulling out her nipples, squeasing them real hard, making her scream a little. Then she moved down, still standing behind her, to her banging ass.

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I felt her tongue briefly on my shaft, knowing she was licking away down there. But she didn't stop at Susy's pussy. She took her finger and started caressing Susy's sweet asshole. Then she moved her tongue from her pussy, up to her ass and started lightly licking her hole, whilst I was still giving her a good fuck.


Susy went wild as Jessica started licking her ass, finally putting her over the edge with her sticking to fingers in it. Susy came all over the place, really rocking the bed. "Ah, ah, ah, AHHHHH!!!" As she fell down from me, Jessica started licking my now free cock again. At this point, having had two girls cumming, and seen them making out in front of me, I was close to cumming. I let Jessice know. She didn't care, but waved Susy over to us.

She had only just re-gained her senses, but came over and sat besides Jessica, licking the side of my shaft, and my balls. Taking them in her mouth, rolling her tongue all over them, she made me fell so good I told them "I'm going to, uh, come any, uh, second now" Jessica took me out of her mouth, and continued to pump me with her hand.

She was aiming at breast-height, and made me come all over their breasts. "I love you, both of you", I said, exhausted form cumming so much.

My come had landed on their breasts, in Susys hair, on Jessicas cheek, and some on Jessicas hand. She licked the last drops of me, as Susy started licking her breasts, making her moan again. They made out in front of me, licking cum off each others breasts, cheeks and ended up french-kissing on the floor. All this was making me really hard again, so I went down to the floor with them. Jessica was on top, now in a sixty-nine with Susy, licking away. I positioned myself at her ass, kissed her cheeks, kissed susy shortly, licked her slit a little, and then moved up to her ass, giving her bum a little lick.

"Uhm, yes, do it John, lick my tight asshole for me, make me feel bad, uhm yeah" Jessica went wild, as I licked away. But I senses something more in her tone, the "bad" word. I tried a little slap at first, causing her to moan a little extra, apart from her obvious moaning already, due to Susys tongue.


So I tried again, this time a little harder. Slap!. "Uhm." I could tell she was loving it, so I gave her a good spanking on her tight ass.


"Oh yeah, give it to me, make me feel bad, oh yeah, slap me harder. oh yeah!" I felt she was ready for the next step, so it put one finger at her asshole, and easily wiggled it in. She moaned even harder. "Oh yeah, stick your fingers up my shitter, make me come you bastard!" So I took two more fingers and really made her moan into Susys pussy. I took them out, and inserted my cock instead, making my hand free for slapping again.

She really loved this, cock in her tight ass, and a warm hand slapping her at the same time, plus an experienced tongue on her clit.

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This was too much for her, and she came again, Susy trying to hold her screams back with her own pussy, only making herself come.

I didn't care though, so I kept on banging her ass away, making her moan againg, after she had finished panting. Susy moved away underneath us, and replaced her pussy with one her tits, which Jessice eagerly licked and bit on, whilst moaning hard due to my large cock in her ass.

Susy then started pinching her nipples, whilst looking me deeply in the eyes. "Fuck that bitch, make her scream. Make her fell like that whore she is, being sodomized by a real man, feeling the power of a dick.

Punish her for being bad, slap that ass harder!" All tis dirty talk made me come again, this time simultaneosly with Jessica, her feeling the warm seed inside her, combined with the nipple-pinching and the spanking, made her almost faint "Uh, ah, John, Susy, spank me, uh, fuck me, uuuh, pinch me.

AHHHH!!!". As we lay spent on the floor, Susy was the first to get up. "Where are you going" I asked. "To the bathroom, somebody left a bit up inside me" she smiled at me "Let me join you, I've gotta clean up anyhow." "Okay, you can use our shower if you like" "Thanks, I think that'd be good" "Hey, what about me", Jessica said "can I come too?" "Sure, it's your bathroom honey" I said.

She smiled at me, and followed us to the bathroom. It was quite small, but we didn't really mind standing close to each other in there. Susy turned on the shower, and we started washing each other up. Susy and me fondled on Jessicas breasts, whilst Jessica was taking care of Susy's pussy, somehow trying to clean It. "Hey, let me clean you too" Susy said to Jessica with a glimpse in her eye as she moved down.

She turned Jessica up against the wall, told her to bend over, and started licking her ass out, drinking all my cum out of the former tight hole, making Jessica squirm as she stood there. This was too much for me, I was all focused on the two of them making out, so I didn't notice my urge to piss. Suddenly it was there, a golden shower in the shower, all over Susy and Jessica. At first they were a bit surprised, but Jessica quickly turned around and sat down beside Susy, kissing her in the golden shower, taking my dick in her hand and pointing it towards their breasts, mouths, hair, necks, spraying my golden liquid all over them while they were kissing and pinching on each others nipples once again.

I soon stopped because I got hard, and Jessica started giving me a blowjob instead. But now Susy stood up, spread her legs, bent them a little, took her fingers down to her pussy, and started pissing all over Jessica as she was giving me a sloppy blowjob.

Jessica was loving it, her hands going over her body, feeling heself all over, taking her hand down to her ass and started fingering herself up her tight hole, whilst she felt the hot rays of Susy's pussy on her cheek, breasts and back.

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Susy too had started fingering her own ass, her pussy being occupied at the moment. I leant over and kissed her deeply as I started cumming down Jessicas throath. She swallowed everything, whilst cumming real hard for the third time this lovely night.

She took me out of her mouth saying "I think I'm ready for that piercing now." To be continued (provided your comments are positive ;-) ).