Big Tits teen school girl Dildo Sex

Big Tits teen school girl Dildo Sex
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(This story is a piece of entertainment only. The author does not condone any illegal acts. All real life sexual encounters should be between consenting adults. Please leave your comments below and vote.) Strangers & Semen Part I ~Lana Lawrence~ Rosa slid her yellow lacy panties down past her knees and let them drop on the motel bathroom floor. She stepped out of them and the little blue eyed duck on the front looked back up at her with a little speech bubble that said "QUACK".

Then she rolled up her daisy yellow blouse and dropped it to the floor and unclipped her bra.

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Rosa stared at her soft brown breasts in the mirror and the hershey kiss colored nipples standing up like little mini thimbles. Her dark hair hung in her honey brown eyes and Rosa swept it back behind her head.

The man in the other room was waiting for her. She met him on the internet a few weeks ago. He said he was twenty and didn't mind that she was fifteen. Up close, though, Rosa could tell Charlie was closer to forty. "Why don't you get undressed?" He said after she sat next to him on the bed.

"I want to see that hot body of yours." The way he said it creeped her out but Rosa didn't want to make him mad at her so she went into the bathroom and did what he said. Now Rosa walked out barefoot, covering her titties with her arms.

Charlie was already naked on the bed, his clothes tossed in a messy pile in the middle of the floor. He had a lot of hair on his chest and back and his thick cock stuck up in the air, curved like a long sausage.

When Charlie looked at her he made this shuddering moaning sound and he patted the spot on the bed next to him.


Rosa sat beside Charlie and he put his big hands on her wrists, pulling her hands away to expose her breasts. "You look so beautiful." "I don't feel so good." Rosa said. Charlie leaned in and started kissing her nipples and they grew hard as his tongue ran over them. Then he started sucking on her breast and lowered Rosa on the bed.

The motel sheets scratched her back and Charlie's naked skin pressed on her as he pinned her under his weight. His hard cock slid across his thigh leaving a trail of precum like a slug. Rosa tried to closer her legs and turned her face away from Charlie's wet kisses. "Wait I'm not sure about this" she said. Charlie just chuckled, his beer gut shaking, and said "Well I am." He pulled Rosa's legs apart and threw them over his big broad shoulders.

Rosa tried to wriggle away but Charlie gripped her wrists and pinned them over her head. His ragged hot breath touched Rosa's face and then his cock head slid inside her soft wet pocket. Charlie stuffed his thick shaft deeper, leaning in until Rosa's ankles brushed her ears, and she squealed from the pain. It felt like being folded in half. Charlie started rocking back and forth, sliding himself in and out of Rosa's pussy, working himself in and out.

Rosa bit her lip and water ran from the corner of one eye. "That's right. Give it to Daddy." "You're hurting me," she whispered. Charlie either didn't hear or didn't care. He wasn't stopping. She glared up at his scrunched red face. Sweat dripped off his nose on her face, along with strings of drool running from the corner of his mouth.

He didn't look human.

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Rosa felt like she was being stretched out, felt something deep inside her shifting each time Charlie pushed his cock inside her. "Charlie please," she whimpered. He grunted and finally stopped, pulling his cock from her sore bruised snatch and leaning back on the bed panting. He was bigger than he was when they started, if that was possible. Precum oozed from the head, so much it ran down the side of his shaft and Rosa realized his cum was already swimming inside her.

She closed her legs and whimpered, hugging them against her chest. Charlie put his hands on Rosa's waist and rolled her over on the bed. Then she felt him moving behind her, spreading her ass apart and touching his cock head against her tiny brown sphincter. Rosa cried out and tried to pull away but Charlie grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back as he pushed her face down on the bed.


He climbed on top of her and groaned as he slid his hard grown dick into Rosa's tiny asshole. She felt his meat pushing through her colon, tight as a glove in sleeve. Charlie groaned. "Oh shit. You feel so good." "Please take it out! Please!" "When I'm done" Charlie picked up the pace, thrusting deep and sodomizing her harder.

Rosa felt his fingers clamp over her mouth. She felt her muscles constrict but Charlie groaned, lustfully moaning in her ear, "Yeah baby. Keep doing that." His muscles tensed up and Charlie blew his load inside her.

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Rosa felt his cum flooding her asshole and it made her feel like a slut. Charlie kept panting in her ear before rolling off. His dick pulled free from her ruined asshole with a pop and cum ran down Rosa's cunt onto the sheets. He climbed out of the bed and put on his boxers, jeans, and shirt. Then he snapped a couple of pictures with his cell phone, walking around the bed to get different angles on Rosa's naked teen body. "Anyone hears about this little shindig and these pictures get posted all over Facebook.

Got it?" Rosa nodded. "Okay." She felt dirty inside. Charlie smacked her bare ass so hard it stung before he left the room, shutting the door behind him. Rosa laid there, body aching, thick nasty cum leaking from her bruised asshole.

She walked into the bathroom, turned on the water, and sat in the bathtub. Everything from her knees to her breasts hurt. She thought the warm water would help but it didn't.

After about a hour, Rosa got out of the tub, dried off, and put on her clothes. The little short jean skirt and yellow blouse she wore for the date. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** After working, Jenny switched into her favorite black sweatpants and Grateful Dead tshirt before she put a Hungry Man TV dinner in the microwave. The kids were out god knows where. She could never keep track of her daughter.

Not since she started high school. And her son Jeremy, the little shit, was always out snorting coke with black guys. Jenny wondered if that sounded racist.

But all the kids Jeremy hung out with WERE black. For some reason, the boy never got along with kids his own race. Jenny turned on the TV while she waited for her dinner and some celebrity with perky fake tits advertised some putrid looking green diet drink.

Jenny wrinkled her nose. She could stand to lose a few pounds but she looked good for 40 years old. Her 34C breasts were still holding up well even without a bra. Her ass was round but had a nice curve to it and Jenny's stomach was flat as an ironing board.

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She heard the keys in the lock. Jeremy walked in with three friends, two tall dark skinned men and a muscular light skinned man. Jenny was about to ask if his friends wanted a beer when she saw the blood running from Jeremy's nose and his black eye. "Mom run!" Jenny stood up from the couch and asked, "Honey what's going on?" "Your Honey owes us some money" said the light skinned man.

"Tyrese leave her out of this!" shouted Jeremy. "How much does he owe?" Jenny asked. "I'll pay you." "$10,000" said one of the dark skinned men. Jenny's eyes became wide as plates. "Jeremy you spent $10,000 on coke." "He spent $9,000 on cocaine," Tyrese said.

"He paid for the rest with blowjobs." The microwave dinged. Jenny's mouth hung open and the men laughed, pulling at their groins and licking their lips. She looked to her son and his gaze fell to the floor. They were telling the truth. She knew Jeremy liked to party every once in a while but blowing black men for blow? She looked closer and saw there was a sliver of cum on his upper lip. Her stomach turned.

"Oh honey no." "Where's our money bitch?" Tyrese asked. "I don't have $9,000," Jenny said. "Can't you let this go? My son's a good boy." One man laughed and touched his groin again. "Yeah he's a real good boy." Tyrese walked up to Jenny, licking his lips. "I'm thinking you have something to trade." She shook her head.


"No. Not that." Tyrese looked back to his boys, then back at Jenny. "Then say goodbye to your boy." "No wait! I'll do it!" The men smiled and the two dark skinned men played rock, paper, scissors. The loser stayed with Jeremy while the other one stepped up with Tyrese. The two crowded closer and she felt real small under their stare, like a little girl. Tyrese took her hand and pulled her along. Jenny's legs moved without her thinking about it because if she thought about it, she might scream.

They made her tell them where her room was. "You're gonna be nice to me and Keith right?" Tyrese asked as he pushed her on the bed.

"Strip bitch." Jenny took off her Grateful Dead shirt and sweatpants. "This is rape," she said. "Panties too," Keith said. Jenny slid her underwear off and shook when the men started stripping, dropping their clothes on the ground and revealing their thick black muscles. Her second child's father was black but James's cock wasn't nearly as long as these two. Jenny felt scared and when they crawled in her bed, hands groping her big soft breasts and squeezing, she saw the other man drag Jeremy into the room.

Her son had a bandana stuffed in his mouth and the man pushed him down into a chair. "Get on your knees" Tyrese whispered. Jenny did as he said. Tyrese grabbed her hips and slid his hard black cock into her pussy. She was embarrassed how wet she was, how easily Tyrese slid into her. His dick filled her, pressed against her pink inner walls and she moaned. Damn it, Jenny thought, I'm getting turned on. Keith grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair and guided her mouth to his meat.

She sucked the head, milking it with her tongue as she took him deeper into her mouth, slowly giving up her throat. Keith's musty scent filled her nostrils and he pushed deeper. Behind her, Tyrese slammed away at her snatch.

He was thrusting deep and her his moved with his until he was ball deep inside. Even then, her greedy pussy slurped at his dark meat hungry for more.

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Slut, she thought of herself. Jenny hadn't been this wet since her sophomore year in college. At homecoming, she gave her pussy up to three defensive linemen all at once. They took Jenny's young body hard, using her like a piece of meat. Just like now. Her own juices ran down her leg as Tyrese pounded away. "Yeah girl. Fuck me just like that." Keith exploded in Jenny's mouth, cock squirting ropes of goo in her mouth. There was so much, cum spurt from her nose and landed on his belly.

She scrunched her face, about to spit, when Keith slapped her face so hard she saw stars. "Don't spit," she said. "Swallow it up, you nasty cunt." Jenny gulped his seed down and the slimy goo ran down her throat. Tyrese kept fucking her, ramming her, reaching into her hot wet insides until he burst inside her, shooting his load. Jeremy whimpered quietly in his chair. Jenny collapsed into a sweaty pile with the two black men in her bed, exhausted and stained with fluids.

She looked up and saw her daughter at her bedroom door, staring in. Then Tyrese saw her and smiled. "Mommy?" asked Rosa. "What's going on?" To Be Continued!