Big hard dong for a naughty attractive girl hardcore blowjob

Big hard dong for a naughty attractive girl hardcore blowjob
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Poor Sonia worked as a Librarian at the local Library. She spent all day putting books away with her glasses half way off her face making sure everything is neat and correct and up to par.

She was 34 slender ample and slightly curvy mocha skinned Latina her black lake hair trapped in a bow ,But you could never tell with those nerd style glasses and plain dress covering every thing.She was very snobbish and anyone hardly ever said hi to her.

Very edgy and avoided most contact with people and when she did help she had that slide rude appeal as if you don't dare ask her again. So the day let on and there she was staling up the place with her bitterness.Across the way was the way near the window was the janitor Devontay a strong stud who cleaned up the mess in this crappy job.Under paid and pissed off about it,but he loved talking to the nerd girls that came by.Every now and then Sonia would see Devontay talking to the perky barley 18 teen year olds.She'd perk those glasses low and either spy through the books or peep around the corner.Her hand would quickly slip to her hidden c-cup breast but pull away quickly as she went back to work.

But something was boiling in her and it wasn't just anger, So After numerous times seeing this,One day she looked over at him doing his flirting and the young girl backed her ass into Devontay and he grinned with pleasure.This set her off and she quickly confronted him telling them both this is a Library and your making a disturbance.

Her finger flying in his face,he barked back "You need to mind your business with your ridge ass and she sighed in shock and went and told the manager.

Shit-The manager pulled him in and chewed his ass out and gave him third and final warning. So he went back and he walked passed her and she flung her snobby nose up at him,And with his deep tone he says I'm going to get you bitchy mamacita.

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She could have told but she stopped for a moment and this stunned her nipples hard and her pussy drip alittle,she grabbed her self and walked away.So as night fell and the place was closing up.There she was making every thing proper and he was doing his last cleaning when he saw her and she happen to look up and saw him, she attempted to run out but he was the last to lock up.She darted in and out of the book shelves and he stalked her like prey a he slashed in and out scared but excited in a strange way almost making it easy for him.

She reached the front only to be lion tackled at the door.Get off you brute she shouts as he presses her arms down."You fucking bitch you almost got me fired"she struggled and said "let me out"Spanish witch slang rolled off her tounge as she spit in his face.

He took some in his mouth and stuck his tounge down her throat mixing the saliva back into her mouth.She was trying to thrust up and could feel the bulge in his pants and go so fucking wet in her pantys and her screams turned to moans.He ran his dark fingers up her plain dress right around those granny panytys and stuck her latin pork pussy deeply,oh papi she shouts.he takes it out and taste it and tell her this pussy is bland and dry but tasty.Get up bitch.He grabs her by the neck and pushes her to the desk.

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Now find me some scissors. She looked for some with some haste and found some. He then picked her up over her shoulders with her moaning don't hurt me big daddy,and where are u taking me.Up to the mens room where he threw her on the sink turned side ways and ripped open her dress.

tears of repressed joy fell from her eyes but a small side of wanted to fight it. she tried to wiggle off the counter only to be slammed against the sink again and it broke her repressed spirit.He layed her flat and then ran the cold scissors across her skin up to her panty's and with a dangerous snip.

He then proceeded to cut her excess hair into a sexy cut that he liked and then he splashed water and spit on her Spanish cunt, she starts rocking her hips as his swishes his finger in a orgasmic whirlpool.Yeah my mocha slut have to wet this desert pussy.

He slides her down on her knee's and smothers her face in his cock and she comes up and gasp for air,that is what science calls oxygen slut.He takes his 10inch dark cock out and and spreads her brown sugar cheeks open and slams his cock down her throat,smashes her mouth base.Hay baby u like how your mucus membrain coats my monster cock and she nodds yes, he takes it out and slaps her across the face with the cock,she cries some and mellow out I'm sorry I almost got u fired-yeah your paying me back now.His cock enhancing her brown lips getting them more juicier.He noticed he was over powering her throat and he said the books on nutriution say u should exercise your muscles,he grabbed that black hair and shoved it deeper into his cock.pumping and thrusting making her stronger.

Now nuts are healthy for you baby they contain fatty acids and she shouts out protein as well my master,That's my smart nerdy bitch,she sucked on the sodium filled balls licking the electolyes she needed for her to sexually fuction and she says much better then a sports drink.Suck that cock baby.Then after 5 min.

she seemed weak till he throws her against the stall and this lights her up again-she seemed to want someone to break through her barrier of plain ways. He goes in sits on the toilet and whispers in her ear,Like the story Vlad the impaler-yes she says he was ruthless well I'm going to impale your pussy.He throws her on top and she screams with Latin day parade celebration energy.Her slender ample ass bouncing up and down,then papi my bladder is weak not used to your power.

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You nerd cunt, fucking piss on my cock and keep going this blew her mind as she came so hard and piss flew out her pussy mixed with Third world ripe Latin pussy milk.

He got up and told her clean that uric acid off my cock,she did as was told like my good little bitch as her spit built up falling down her creamy breast.

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Sit right here for a min on the filthy floor and then crawl down stairs we have some studying to do. He goes down and she sits there and caresses her breast and strips it off her body.

She crawls down stairs and see's her Janitor papi prince. She crawls to him cuffs the cock like a taco and spreads her sweetly infested mouth juices all over it, slirping and thrusting her face with her glasses half way off her face. Your new library chore is to satisfy my cock when I ask. Get up sexy mamacita,he kisses her with deep ethnic scare the Puritain type of passion and he see her curves wobbling and her titties bounce with that hot jungle flavor.

From now on don't fucking hide this blessing from the all mighty.He grabs her neck and says be professional but ready for my cock and hair down as he pulls back on it and lounges down to suck her beautiful perky breast.Now why u so upset with me and tell the truth-Papi I was so jealous of you and those girls and I've yearned for u to take me. Well now your mine and lets see if you can handle me.

They get up and he pushes her towards the book case naked and bare and then he takes her down the lane.


and he picks a book for her to read on cooking Spanish cuisine. She opens the book and begins to read,yet excited not know where he is at and then wack,giant scream from her juicy perked lips and he spanks her in the ass,getting it nice and swollen, read bitch well in a crying tone as you simmer the pork make sure u stuff (wack, wack wack) Nowwww marenate in lemon juice. Then he takes he cock and pounds her pussy from the back and tells her don't drop that book, slam bamn swish slop and pop fucking her sweet pussy stock her ass curved Latin fresh.

Roast about ummmm 4hours until ahahaha hours till crisp and ohhhhhoh shit-this proceeded to the next lane as the animals start ohh shit papi-to mate many times a day ahahah fuck me I'm sorry I'll keep reading you better bitch I'm trying to learn some shit.


Then he took her over the reading table and said you have to be quiet thats's the rules. He body slams her on the table and takes a dirty rag he whiped his cock with and stuffs it in her mouth and ties her to the table with some utility rope. Now bitch some sacrifice of tribal lessons. She squirmed and walks over and whispers that she will sacrifice her last hole to me.She shook her head no back and forth.

He walks over with a ruler and slaps the side of her theigh's and says stop fucking moving. He then slides his cock inch by inch into her anal cavity like a slow knife to a tribal murder. The head touched and he moaned and then each inch tearing her eyes ripping her juicy Latin ass open.

he pumps his dick inside and then takes the ruler and spanks her pussy senseless while thrusting his cock in her tight anal hole,now u are really anal now.

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Moans covered by a dirty rag twinkle out, and she has new life and would never be the same again.She knew this was here new lover. He fucked her ass deep and long that dark cock invading pink salsa pussy dip. Never ending party on her ass. Then he said time for your feeding,he removed the rag and said u ready and she oh yes feed me baby, and he shoved it slow and released his cum milk down her brown silky throat and pumped out his juice.

She milked his cock like an ancient cocanut. He untied her and said time to go and he takes her out in the night but naked and throws her in the back seat as she lays helpless and naked and spent. Now bitch now we go home to go over your home work-Yes Papi Dklover69 Hope you enjoyed cum to me lady's.